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The following is 100% true, recent, and secret from everyone in my life.

Brief background. I’m a recently divorced man in my 50’s. Secretly a bi-cocksucker. My X never knew about my occasional ventures out to gloryholes or to meet older men I met online.

Back up slightly further. My mother-in-law, a chubby not-so-attractive Greek woman, died about 2 years ago. We never really got along. She was dating an Egyptian man at the time, who I felt was out of her league.

A few months ago I ran across this Egyptian, that she used to date, and we talked. He was a huge guy, older, chubby, and very scruffy. In our talk over coffee, I confided I wasn’t too fond of my now-deceased mother-in-law, and he had a smirk on his face when I said that. He told me that he was only with her because she would do anything he said, no matter how vulgar, humiliating, or kinky.

This shocked me as I always thought she was conservative and straight-laced.

He said, “I have tons of pics of her as evidence.” My jaw dropped. I am a total voyeur and have seen many family members nude or engaged in sex, in pics and videos. I seek this stuff out. Seeing someone you know, naked and exposed, is far more erotic than seeing a stranger, even if that stranger is more attractive. I’d rather see my fat mother-in-law naked, than the hottest model in the world.

So he said he might consider showing me a pic or two and he saw me light up. I said that I would LOVE to see it. He said that he could only show me these pics if he could totally trust me. I begged and promised. He told me he would show me the first pic for free, and then after that, we’d have to make an arrangement.

So out comes a high-quality picture of my super conservative and religious Greek mother-in-law, sitting on the same couch I was now sitting on, with this Greek man’s fat hard cock in her hands. I was instantly hard and staring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My X-wife’s mom, holding a hard cock. I promise you, my heart was racing.

He saw me staring and readjusting my shorts and asked me if what I saw turned him on. I said, “Beyond words.” He said he has hundreds and hundreds of pics and videos and this was the tamest of them all.

I begged to see them. So he says, what are you going to show me? What can you do to guarantee me you will never tell anyone about these pics? I swore up and down I’d never tell a living soul.

He said, “I’ll tell you what. I need more than words. I see you staring at my cock in that picture and don’t deny it. I can tell that you’re impressed. If you hold my hard cock in your hands, while I show you another pic that will show even more of your mother-in-law, then I’ll show you.”

And that is how it started.

As he showed me hundreds and hundreds of XXX pics and videos he made me hold his cock, stroke him, suck him and take his cock in my ass. We both used the pics as an excuse to live out our deviant sexual fantasies.

This is still going on today. I visit him several times per week and he shows me more and more and I suck and fuck him, and now one of his even older Egyptian friends, on every visit. I have swallowed their cum, been fucked, and totally used.

They took several pictures of me with their cocks in my mouth so that I would always keep our arrangement secret. Genuine blackmail, but it was worth it.

This has been the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life.




My godfather started to fondle, wank and suck my dick when I was around 7 years old, and I still let him, even in my late 30s. He is in his mid 70s today.

I'm married to a beautiful lwoman, but the way he treats my penis and swallows my load is out of this world, and I don't want it to end. I didn't like his sucking as much back when I was 7. It kind of tickled too much. It felt good and unpleasant at the same time. But I have always been special to him, so I didn't complained and I loved him very much then, and I still does. From time to time I sucked his penis too, but only if it was my own choice. He never forced me. His precum and sperm was salty and sticky, so I didn't felt any needs to swallows as he did. Actually I didn't liked it that much, but I did it because I knew he loved it, and I liked the way he responded when I took his cock in my mouth. He was married to a nice woman (she died 8 years ago), but she never wanted to give him oral pleasure. He eventually swallowed my first ejaculation when I was 11. I didn't understand what actually happened, but my body sort of exploded in heavenly spasm. I saw tears in his eyes when I looked at him right after, and thought I had done something wrong. But he just smiled at me and said he was the luckiest man on earth.

I don't know how many gallons of my sperm he has been eating during the years, but his throat is always willing to receive more of my juice. The worst day of my life will be the day he dies. I will miss him badly.

As a note - I have never considered to report him to anyone. And I have never told a soul about this. This is the first time I confess about my gay experiences with my godfather - anonymously of course. And I have never felt any shame, guilt or harm about this long lasting secret.




I constantly fantasize about having a group of men just fucking my mouth and letting me worship their cocks with my tongue. I love the taste of cum on my tongue and the feeling of a nice pair of balls just filling up my mouth. I fucking love cock and crave it 24/7. I was made to worship cock with my tongue and mouth. I love feeling a big throbbing cock just grow in my mouth and twitch as I pleasure it. I wish all the men in my life would just group up in a room and use my mouth to make themselves cum. I'm literally such a fucking cock slut I would suck any cock that asked. There's no better feeling that a mouth full of man meat.




I’m living proof being raised by a mom like mine was extremely fun and sexually stimulating.

My very last sexual encounter with mom was the day before she passed away. She was 64 and I was 38. She was home on oxygen 24 hours a day and I stopped by to check on her.

When I walked in she was naked and bent over the couch. She said “Fuck momma’s ass and cum & piss in it please baby.”

Obviously I did as she asked and finished off having her suck my cock clean. The next day dad called needing help getting her to the hospital. I ran over helped put her in the back seat of our car.

Dad drove and I rode in the backseat with mom. She whispered “I still have your piss & cum in my ass.” She then pulled my cock out of my shorts and jacked me off on the way to the hospital catching the cum in her mouth.

Once in the hospital she passed away with in two hours.

The young nurse taking care of her asked to speak to me in the hallway. She said “I see lots of cum in her mouth & there is even some leaking out of her anus. Do you have any idea how that got there?”

I said “I confess it was me.” She said “Obviously I will need for you to show me exactly how you did that.” That my friend is another story and best yet the nurse had a 17 year old daughter…




My wife’s dad was made to slip his little four year old cock into his brand new baby sister. His mom had been sucking him since birth.

When she delivered her daughter she was so excited that she had a girl that she told her mid-wife, (back then they gave birth at home), to lay the new born little girl down beside her and then instructed the mid-wife to lift her son up and place his cock in his sister’s little cunt.

She hooked two fingers in his little asshole and started lifting his body up & down to teach him how to fuck his sister. Once he felt how wonderful fucking was she couldn’t stop him from fucking his little sis, and then eventually her, anytime he wanted.

As I’m sure you can figure out, that was the start of my wife’s family incest training. My wife experienced the exact same birth day welcome with her 3 year old brother.

She was sucking tits, clits, and cocks on day one.




Find an unexpected limp cock. Surprise your target by taking him and it. BJ it hard. Make and take it to cum as fast as possible. Swallow, thank, and be on your way asap before you get him and you (me) caught and in serious trouble. I am a 26 lady that loves dick (young and old). I have done strangers, family, friends, and friends of friends. It's a rush but want to quit before I cause a problem.




I dated a 13 year old girl, she said she was 16, while in the Air Force. I was 18 at the time.

She really wanted me to buy her a Polaroid camera which produced pictures immediately, but they were expensive and I didn’t have much money.

She kept promising I would be glad I bought it for her.

She let me fuck all three holes and finally I got her the camera. The next date she was really excited and once in my car said look what I got you. She handed me several pics of her mom completely naked. She said I want you to fuck me while we look at momma naked.

I was shocked but extremely turned on so hell yeah I fucked her and she started talking nasty about what “we” were going to do to her mom.

I dropped her off home and we had a date set a few days later. Immediately upon entering my car she said “Please look at these.” Again more nudes of dear old mom but a few had fingers stuck in her mom’s cunt & ass.

I asked whose fingers are those and she pointed to a ring on her finger and then to the same ring in the pics and started laughing.

I Finally asked is your mom allowing you to do this and found out her mom was passed out drunk.

She said my mom is going to let you fuck her while I watch. I’ve always wanted too see some one fuck mom’s holes and make her my slut mom.

The next day I went to pick Deb up and she motioned me in from her front door. When I walked in Deb ordered her mom to stand up and strip. Her mom begged her not to make her do this.

Deb said look what this drunk ass pedo did to me last night and handed me another pic. In it Deb’s mom had a whiskey bottle hanging from her cunt and was face down on Deb’s bed eating Deb’s cunt. Deb winked. It was all staged.

So Deb blackmailed her mom. Deb informed me that I was going to fuck every hole her mom had and could from now on.

I remember her mom was crying and asking Deb to please not let Sue, her 7 year old daughter in the room to watch. Well, Sue was already sitting there naked stroking her little cunt while I plowed her mom’s cunt.

The mom had to beg me to fuck her holes while Sue watched.

Once I started fucking her, she told Sue to come closer to momma so she could get a better look. Sue raced over and started playing with her mom’s tits.

Deb now keeps her mom basically as her sex slave. I introduced the idea of their Golden Retriever fucking her mom and the mom actually got excited about being “made” to suck a dog’s cock.

Well, she took to that like it was her last meal. When I left that day Deb was guiding Sue’s arm into her mom’s cunt while she was laying underneath the dog sucking it’s cock.

Deb confessed in mid-fuck she had just turned 13 and immediately dumped my load of cum into her cunt. I had many adventures with that 13 year old cunt eventually fucking her mom’s mom & sister.

Full disclosure, this 7 year olds ass is the youngest ass my cock has EVER been in. Her mom was a complete slut once her daughter Deb destroyed all her inhibitions. I was standing there cock hard watching the mom suck the dog’s cock while her 7 year old fist fucked her cunt.

Deb said “fuck my little sister’s ass right now.” Her mom said “stretch that baby’s asshole and I’ll suck her shit off your cock and tongue your cum out of her ass.”

I just got caught up in the moment and slammed my cock dry into her ass. At first she screamed and started to cry and her sister slapped her and said “stop crying you little bitch. When he’s done you get the dog’s cock.”

We both immediately came.