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In my dream, Mother/Son incest dream, I feel my Son impregnating me. I've been having the same dream every night, month after month, and each time, it seems so real...

I hear a soft knock on my bathroom door.

I open it slightly; it's my Son wanting to talk with me.

I tell him, "Well, I'm putting on my makeup right now, sweetie... Your Father already left for work, so go finish getting ready so Mommy can drive you to school."

He said it's pressing...

"Honey, Mommy isn't dressed right now, can it wait?"

He insisted with, "I know, Mom... please?" He's seen me naked recently before so, after a patient motherly sigh, I invited him in.

While applying some eye liner in the mirror, my Son brought in a step stool and set in down behind me.

Before I could question him about what he was doing, he got up on the stool, grasped my waist, and pressed me from behind.

It was intense and with purpose.

He noticed the shocked wide eyed look on my face in the mirror but he kept advancing on me.

I asked him, "What do you think your doing young man?"

He told me, "I'm ready Mom..." as he grasped my waist tighter and began working his hips back and forth into mine. He began to press his wet rock hard head up against my lips, as if to spread them and get inside of me.

It all seemed so unreal and so sudden... I thought, with his own Mother?

I felt a sudden sexually charged shutter reverberate though my body. The sheer taboo of Mother/Son incest took hold of me.

I was shocked and mortified for my Son wanting this with his own Mother... So much, I just froze. I didn't know what to do.

I stared at my Son in the mirror; the sheer look of sexual trancendence he had on his face was so far beyond reach, he was so far gone out of mind, and so beyond reason. Again, the thought of naughty Mother/Son incest sex taboo racing though him.

All I could feel at this point was the sex my Son wanted with me, so I quickly decided to give into him and let him fuck me.

I told him, "Alright, come on, baby, let's do this," as I bent over the counter to lean on my elbows, spread my legs apart, and arched my back to allow my Son full access.

He asked, "Tell me where, Mom."

"A little lower, baby..."

I felt the head of his hard cock seat inside of me.

I told him, "That's it sweetie, now just push it all the way into me now... balls deep in Mommy"

I heard him moan, "Oh, yes, Mom, I want to be balls deep in you Mommy..."

My Son raised to his toes on the stool as he began taking me from behind; in and out, in and out... thrusting me balls deep.

I watched my Son's face in the mirror for a while as he continued fucking me. I just wanted to make sure this is what he was wanting with his Mother.

Convinced my Son was comfortable in fucking his own Mother, I rest my head on the counter and contunued let him have his way with me.

After a few of minutes more of him taking me, I raised my head to watch my Son in the mirror.

He looked so intense... like he was on a mission to cum in me... impregnate me...

He continued to watch himself fuck me as his thrusts rocked my boobs back and forth over the counter. I knew he always loved my big beautiful boobs; he glances at them all the time.

His hands moved from my waist to my hips in an effort for him to steady steady his blows into me.

He continued on with, "Oh, Mom, you're so sexy... so hot, Mom!"

Suddenly, he began to pulse faster and harder as he slowed his in's and out's of his Mother's pussy.

I knew he was getting close as he stopped to press as deep and hard as he could in me.

I told him, "That's it baby... don't hold back... cum for Mommy!

Oh, sweetie, do it... cum as hard as you can in me... cum in your Mother!"

A few rapid shallow breaths and then a few grunts, and I could feel my Son blowing his huge load of his hot boy cum into his DOM, (dear old Mom)...

Oh God, I could feel him impregnating me... his Mother to his new future brother.

Is it a dream? It seems so real!




I am Emma, I am 37 years old, of Slavic origin (my English is not good) I am married to a man who works in the merchant navy who spends a lot of time away from home and who I suspect is cheating on me with other women. I have two sons, 13 and 8 years old. I spend a lot of time at home and money is not a problem. I have a good physique and I do a lot of sports. I'm not short of suitors but I'm not interested.

A couple of months ago our family life changed. Accidentally, I think, my eldest son (Zlatan) saw me naked and something changed in him.

Normally I help my youngest son (Andrik) in the bathroom since he is 8 years old, at that age I stopped bathing the eldest. Andrik had an erection, at which point I took the opportunity to take off his glans to check once more if everything was fine. It is a practice that they taught me and I also did with Zlatan to verify that there is no phimosis. Zlatan saw me do it and I don't know what went through his head when he saw his mother kneeling with her brother's penis in my hands. Minutes later I had to give a lot of explanations to Zlatan.

Ever since Zlatan saw me naked, he became obsessed with seeing my private parts. Every time I go to the bathroom or change my clothes it suddenly appears.

It happened that by chance I was sitting and my robe was a little open and I surprised him staring between my legs and I was not wearing underwear. I turned red with embarrassment because I noticed his boner in my pajamas. It had been a while since he trimmed and trimmed my pubic hair and for some reason I felt the urge to do it that night. Now I know that I did it because I needed that if Zlatan looked there again he would see something nice and arranged.

A month ago Zlatan wanted to sleep with me. He hasn't done it for years since Andrik is the one who does it most often when my husband is not around. That night Zlatan ejaculated on my buttocks while I was sleeping. I didn't say anything even though we both knew what had happened. The next day at bath time I helped Andrik in the shower one more time and when I finished Zlatan came in and asked me to help him shower while Andrik lay on my bed. I guess it was my fault and it got out of hand and Zlatan squirted into my hands.

Every two or three days Zlatan lies on my bed and satisfies himself on my body. There is no intercourse because I do not remove my underwear. He ejaculates on me and then falls asleep. I have spent several weeks in a permanent excitement difficult to explain.




My 4 year old son made me cum so fucking hard! He grabbed hold of my vibrating wand while I was masturbating and I let go and he held it on my Clit for a few minutes and I just exploded! It’s making my pussy twinge right now just thinking about it.




So where do I begin. I was masturbating on my bed one night and I didn’t hear my son come into the bedroom he was only 5 at the time but he was already put to bed so I wanted some mummy time to myself. It was dark in my bedroom and he somehow managed to sneak inside my bedroom and climb up onto my bed before I knew it he grabbed hold of my vibrating wand that was on full blast on my Clit. I guess it was the vibrations he was drawn to because they tickled but I suddenly let go of my wand and he kept going on my Clit for a couple of minutes. I say minutes because it didn’t take long and I literally cum so hard it was unbelievable. I looked at him and said omg you’ve just made mummy cum everywhere. My bed was soaked I still can’t believe my son made me cum like that. I instantly felt ashamed after and it all happened so quickly I didn’t know what to make of it. All I know is that it felt amazing and I think about it all the time he’s older now and I don’t look at him like that at all. It was just a magical moment from ages ago that I really wanted to share.




I'm 21m, and my mum is 51f. She's just been broken up with. She's always been a bit prude but is very dirty minded with jokes. I have a girlfriend so I'd need to keep it secret but I really want to fuck my mum.

I can tell she kinda wants it but I don't think she'd let herself. Can anyone help give me advice in the comments? If it's a success I will tell you all everything.

She's always been okay with my seeing her naked and she's mentioned how I've got stronger over the years so I think there's a chance, it'll just be hard, and I also need to hide it from my girlfriend




I am a kinky mom (47f) of 3 boys. I have been secretly reading stories this site for a while. I know most of it is fake and most people will say this is fake, but I really enjoy the mother son posts. I am a mother myself with three boys and my husband turned me onto incest a few years back, when one of our sons started high school and his buddies started noticing me as a "milf." I am pretty kinky and love the taboo nature of incest. I love hearing stories about boys spying on, touching, and teasing their moms. My boys have been caught many times, but up until my husband started talking about it, I just discplined them and didn't think twice. I'm regretting that now. The thought that I am a sexual goddess walking around my house with the attention of 4 cocks makes me wild. Now, I leave the bathroom door open when I shower, I leave bedroom the door when my husband fucks me, and I wear the most revealing outfits so my boys and their friends can talk about me when they think I can't hear them. My husband loves it when I tease the boys into a frenzy.

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories. It has been an inspiration to me. One day, hopefully soon, one of my boys will "get curious" and well see how far I can take it.




I (40f) had sex with my son (19m). I don’t regret it now as long as my son won’t in the future (it seems like he won’t)

My son and I did the deed recently, I have never been married. I had my son at an extremely young age. His father wasn’t around for anything. I feel horrible for him. He knows the father wasn’t even there for his birth. He is an only child. Which is good in some ways and bad in others. We are at least financially stable in a world that’s becoming increasingly expensive…that’s a good thing.

I am 40 years old, very white almost pale, I got double D’s, really no butt (or at least it’s medium at best but still on the smaller side) and I got a beautiful face according to my son. His friends all sort of hit on me but in a way that they won’t offend my son. I,e hugs last way to long, they stare at me kind of weirdly. And make a lot of compliments lol It’s pretty obvious… oh and I’m 5’4 tall..

One night when it was just him and I he brought up how attractive I was. He had taken me to the beach earlier and I think that sparked him to push things. He opened up to me on his depression, the fact that his girlfriend leaving him a year or so ago hurt him. He started rubbing my legs and told me “I’m the most attractive person he knows and he would like to kiss me”. I felt a taken back by this but he went for it. I too went got into it and he picked me up and carried me to my room (i have a nice queen bed he still only has a full size). Well we made love, I didn’t hold back. I told him mid way through I can tell he’s had all these pent up hormones.

You see incest has never been wrong in my eyes. I don’t believe in the cultural norm about most things. Not to mention my son is very lean and attractive. We didn’t go sleep till almost 4 am that night. We laid there talking then he went to his room.

I don’t regret it and I know right now he enjoyed it and doesn’t either. That was part of our discussion. It was beneficial and if anything helped our bond. He said “that was amazing and the best experience he’s ever had sexually”.

I don’t think we’ll do it again. I can’t risk anyone finding out either since we’ll it’s VERY illegal… but it does feel good talking about it on here.

I’m not gonna give out to many details but I will say since he has made me confident about legs now. That is what turns my son on so much about me other than my face. He said and I quote “I’m a legs man and you have the most attractive soft legs”. Lol he was very into those much more than my breast. This was actually his first time sucking on my boobs since he has only been been bottle fed.

Some of the things he said I think were a little to far during intercourse but I understand he was horny… like “your p**sy is mine“. When the reality is it’s mine and I didn’t have to agree to having sex. I helped him out and his confidence though and went with it “yes honey it’s yours, it’s yours! Not to mention it felt so freaking good.

I haven’t been laid in forever so I borderline screaming when he got into it…. It’s been so long since I’m working alot I don’t have time and none of my friends have introduced me to anyone.