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35f here. I want have sex with my husband and my neighbors kids. They have a nine year old boy and a 15 year old girl. I want to suck the little boy while my husband fucks the girl. Then i want the girl to eat me out while my husband fucks the boy. Id love to watch the two kids have sex too. We've had a threesome with their mom before and it was super hot. Shes the one that kinda got me into incest. She asked if we wanted to role play and so we all acted like we were siblings. It was so hot. She forced my head down on my husbands dick and told me to swallow my brothers cum. While my husband was fucking her she said cum in your sisters pussy, ill make the baby suck your dick every day. My husband must have came like 7 times that night. It was all over my face and i even let him fuck me in the ass and he came in there. While he was fucking me me she would tell me how much she liked fucking her brother and sister. She said she wanted to have sex with her dad while her mom watched. She wanted to taste her dads cum and lick the pussy she came out of. She told me she loves baby pussy and little boy cum.




Male here. Last night with my wife asleep upstairs I invited a guy over who had a bbc. I sucked him off for a little then got up and let him rub his cock on my ass probing me but not entering me. He reached around and started to jerk me I was so turned on I was about to cum and I quickly turned around had him sit down and I came all over his cock I then went down on him and sucked his cock as much as I could eating my cum at the same time until he came in my mouth and I swallowed that too.




I want to watch my husband buttfuck a gay guy and cum in his ass. I really want him to make him his bitch. Hes fucked men before but Ive never seen him do it. He says he likes to dominate them and i think thats hot. Hes fucked other women in front of me and dominated them before. He dominates me in the bedroom too. I do anything he tells me to do. I sucked his cum out of my friends pussy. Watching him screw her from behind and bust inside her was so damn hot. But id really really love to have multiple guys fuck me. After they cum in me my husband can buttfuck them and then suck his dick. Id love to get fucked while watching my hisband get his dick sucked by some cute little fem boy. And after he could fuck my used pussy and top it off with his cum while the other guys finished on my face and in my mouth. Ive got to go masturbate right now. Im gonna stick multiple toys in my pussy and ass hole. I cant wait for my husband to get home and fuck my used pussy.




I work at a farm and specifically I wash and deal with the horses mainly. Me and my friends were talking about my job and they asked if I'd ever played with one of the cocks and I told them the truth, yes. I used to jerk them off and get turned on by how much cum would shoot out.

A week or two later, two of my friends privately asked me if they could fuck the horses and, being quite drunk at the time, I said yes.

They got there after hours when it was dark and we snuck in and got to work. They sucked this horse cock together whilst I filmed them and were more than happy to get pretty dirty.

They invited me to join so i set up the phone on a table and joined them, sucking this thing until it exploded on us. They wanted another so i moved one of the smaller horses out and led its cock into my friends pussy. She came a hell of a lot and once it pulled out, I could see she was hurt but too turned on to care. They went on, letting the horse piss on them (even eating its dirty ass whilst I was letting it mount me).

Eventually that one came in me and they ate it out of me. Finally they wanted something big which is the real reason i made this prompt as I've got away with what happens next but need to tell people. My friend who was hurt begged me to get the biggest one and let her put it in her ass. My other friend was pretty high and watched, totally covered in cum and shit.

I led the largest horse to her and she forced the first few inches into her ass. Immediately she bled from her butt but kept saying it was gonna make her cum so i watched with my other friend.

Then... she stopped squealing as the horse totally hilted inside her and began to fuck her whole body. She went limp as the horse flooded her with cum and pulled out, totally coated in her shit and blood.

Because we were super high, we ignored it, climbed onto her and began eating the mixture coming out of her butt.

We fell asleep and once we woke up we realised she was dead so I cleaned the horses and her body and dumped it. To this day she's reported missing and her husband has no idea about it.

Since then I can't stop fucking myself to how good it must have felt just before she died. It's so evil but the video I have of us fisting ourselves as our friend dies is my favourite thing and I've sent it to so many people. I've also started sleeping with the other friend a lot more and we want to do it again but this time go crazier and let them kill us or even killing each other.

Meanwhile her daughter has seen the video but I've cropped us out and I just know that 16 year old slut fingers herself to it.




I was a young child Brin, my father and mother use to play with me sexually. My mother would rub my little pussy and Dad would lick me . As I got older he would finger me mum would help him when I was about 3 yo I would suck dads cock and lick mums pussy . I use to love dads cum. This went on for years mum always wanted him to get me pregnant . When I was 15yo mum got her wish, i got pregnant . A few of his male friends use to play and fuck me as well I am not real sure if the baby was my fathers or one of his friends. The little girl was born and dad and mum treated her like it was dads baby.

A few months after the baby girl was born I moved to my own place . Mum and dad use to come over and fuck me I still enjoyed that. After a little while they started to play with my little girl . She seemed to like what they did to her. She was still breast feeding so she loved to suck as much cum out of dads cock as she could get. Buy this time she was about 12 mths old . a couple of dads friends use to come over and she loved sucking there as well. Eve became a real cum slut. It was Friday i thought I take Eve shopping It was a small shopping centre . I walked for a while wheeling the stroller and looking at the shops. I noticed a large black man following close behind. He looked dishevelled and his clothing was very dirty he looked in his forties . We looked at more shops . People were looking at him he looked a little out of place. I could see he was looking at Eve.

I thought I take Eve to the change room at a quiet area at the back of the centre. We entered the change room I could see he was still behind us. It had a lockable door on the change room but I never locked the door I just left it a jar. I could see he moved closer to the door , I laid Eve on the change table with her pussy facing the opening in the door. I removed he nappy and her cotton panties they were a little wet. I opened her little legs exposing her little pink cunny. I looked through the opening in the door i could see he was close now his eyes were affixed to her sweet cunny. I moved to the door and opened it a little and said to him come in.

He moved in though the door I closed the door behind him. He looked at me and I just nodded at him, he moved close to her and put his large finger on her cunny. I could see he was hard he rubbed his finger up and down her lips she was giggling and then he moved to her clit . She stopped giggling and started to coo. My cunt was so wet I was ovulating at the time which made more juice coming out of my pussy. he moved his head down and started to lick her cunny. I looked at him and said would like to come to our place? He just nodded, I said I will pick you up at the back of the centre. He left the room and I put Eve clean pants on and headed to the front car park. I drove to the back of the centre he was standing there with a large bag on his shoulder. I could see he was still semi hard. No one could see him get in the car . I said to him it will take about 10min to get to our place, he just nodded. I was starting to think he couldn’t talk. I arrived at my place drove into the garage and rolled the door down no one would be able to see him. I looked at him as he got out of the car he was still semi hard his cock looked quite large. But it was hard to tell in his pants.

We went up stairs he put his bag down I moved close to him and rubbed down his pants with my hand. Fuck it was a large cock! He pointed at Eve? I knew what he wanted. I said i will put her on the change table in her room to give you better access to her sweet cunny. He looked at me and nodded again. We went to the room put her on the change table removed her panties. He was so close behind me I could smell him. I could hear him breath heavy as I pulled her legs apart. I stepped aside and he move close to her his head went straight down to her little cunny. He was licking her so hard her eyes were wide open and she was moaning cooing. I reached in and unzipped his fly and undid his pants. He turned sideways to give me better access to his cock as it dropped to the floor I could not believe it his cock was at least 10.5ins and 3 ins round fuck me. As I moved closer to his cock it had a strong smell it was black as ink and had huge veins and was un cut. I put my hand near the to of his cock and pulled the foreskin down . Fuck! it had large amounts of dried white cum under his cock flange very strong smell. I don’t know why all I wanted to do was suck it. A large black hand came to back of my head and pushed down , so I had no real option but to suck it.

The taste was unreal like cum but much stronger and now I had a large amount of pre cum as well. The taste was like nothing I had before. His cock was so clean now I just wanted that huge cock in me. I pulled my pants down I had so much juice running out of me I looked into the gusset of my undies and there was a large mound of dry pussy cum. I backed up against his huge cock I held his cock to my wet cunt hole. I pushed back on it ,a small amount of cock and the head went in. I t was so fucken huge he started to push I hurt a bit . He pushed a bit more I was taking most of it. He just slowly pumped away at it I had a few orgasms in 3 or 4 mims. I have never had a cock like it before. I hear Eve she was like whimpering. I looked over at her and she had a look of ecstasy on her face. He was doing it to both of us.

I heard him groaning I knew what he was going to do. His cock fell from my cunt it was covered in white pussy cum. He held on to his huge cock and guided it to Eve’s tinny cunny and stroked it gently. And then rubbed his huge head on her cunny and drops of pre cum run on her pussy lips. Then he started to shoot his load he filled her cunny lips and then the last spurt of thick cum he shot in her mouth . She licked and licked Eve loved it and said after nice cream. John smiled at what she said . We will call him John we don’t know his name because he never spoke the hole weekend. Brin moved over to her little girl and cleaned all of John’s thick cum off Eve’s cunny lips. John looked on and smiled. Eve and I took several loads of Johns cum in me and in Eve's mouth over the weekend.On Monday I dropped him back to the rear of the shopping centre . I said to him we could meet again next week around the same time. He nodded.

To be continued




I started watching porn when I was 4. My father had some on 8mm film he probably got underground in Germany somewhere off base. It was all pretty graphic that at 51 yrs old now I can still remember vividly. But nonetheless it's given me an obsession to suck cock. Some days it's all I can think about and control. I can suck my own cock an inch or so but that just frustrated me. I did it to my younger cousin a few times when I was 11 or 12 and I think he was 8 or 9, but that came after an older boy named Arthur had sucked me off a few times before i did it to him.

I'm not gay. Gay in the sense of attraction to men, anyway. I love women and hell they bring into my life. I've only sucked two cocks as an adult and those were in glory holes. I was so nervous I came too fast and didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted. I've never felt a dick cum in my mouth and I need to. I love eating mine but the thought of someone else's is amazing.




The following is 100% true, recent, and secret from everyone in my life.

Brief background. I’m a recently divorced man in my 50’s. Secretly a bi-cocksucker. My X never knew about my occasional ventures out to gloryholes or to meet older men I met online.

Back up slightly further. My mother-in-law, a chubby not-so-attractive Greek woman, died about 2 years ago. We never really got along. She was dating an Egyptian man at the time, who I felt was out of her league.

A few months ago I ran across this Egyptian, that she used to date, and we talked. He was a huge guy, older, chubby, and very scruffy. In our talk over coffee, I confided I wasn’t too fond of my now-deceased mother-in-law, and he had a smirk on his face when I said that. He told me that he was only with her because she would do anything he said, no matter how vulgar, humiliating, or kinky.

This shocked me as I always thought she was conservative and straight-laced.

He said, “I have tons of pics of her as evidence.” My jaw dropped. I am a total voyeur and have seen many family members nude or engaged in sex, in pics and videos. I seek this stuff out. Seeing someone you know, naked and exposed, is far more erotic than seeing a stranger, even if that stranger is more attractive. I’d rather see my fat mother-in-law naked, than the hottest model in the world.

So he said he might consider showing me a pic or two and he saw me light up. I said that I would LOVE to see it. He said that he could only show me these pics if he could totally trust me. I begged and promised. He told me he would show me the first pic for free, and then after that, we’d have to make an arrangement.

So out comes a high-quality picture of my super conservative and religious Greek mother-in-law, sitting on the same couch I was now sitting on, with this Greek man’s fat hard cock in her hands. I was instantly hard and staring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My X-wife’s mom, holding a hard cock. I promise you, my heart was racing.

He saw me staring and readjusting my shorts and asked me if what I saw turned him on. I said, “Beyond words.” He said he has hundreds and hundreds of pics and videos and this was the tamest of them all.

I begged to see them. So he says, what are you going to show me? What can you do to guarantee me you will never tell anyone about these pics? I swore up and down I’d never tell a living soul.

He said, “I’ll tell you what. I need more than words. I see you staring at my cock in that picture and don’t deny it. I can tell that you’re impressed. If you hold my hard cock in your hands, while I show you another pic that will show even more of your mother-in-law, then I’ll show you.”

And that is how it started.

As he showed me hundreds and hundreds of XXX pics and videos he made me hold his cock, stroke him, suck him and take his cock in my ass. We both used the pics as an excuse to live out our deviant sexual fantasies.

This is still going on today. I visit him several times per week and he shows me more and more and I suck and fuck him, and now one of his even older Egyptian friends, on every visit. I have swallowed their cum, been fucked, and totally used.

They took several pictures of me with their cocks in my mouth so that I would always keep our arrangement secret. Genuine blackmail, but it was worth it.

This has been the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life.