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I like the idea of dating an older guy who knows who to treat a girl im only 16 but the boys my age are so childish. I what to be spoiled with gifts and be able to go places and be loved for just me and not just my body. Not to say I wouldn’t mind him looking at me in that way I just want it to be someone I know instead of a stranger yk. It just gets me turned on when I think about meeting someone older and stronger than me gripping me by my arm and putting their hand down my panties feeling how they make me and making me suck on their fingers to shut me up .




I started dating this hot little blonde. She has 2 girls a 3 month old and One 5 yr old. One night while sitting on the bed after a long hard fuck we started talking about our fantasy's. I told her I wanted to fuck a little girl around 8 yrs old. She got a strange look and left the room. I thought I blew it telling her I was a pedo. She came back holding her 3 month old and laid her down and said take off your underwear and come over here. I said I can't fuck her she is tiny. She said I have a fantasy too . I want you to straddle her . I did and she reached out and guided my dick to her mouth and she started sucking my dick. It was so nasty and my dick was throbbing. She sucked my dick so good I started feeling the cum building up and then I exploded shooting a huge load as she kept sucking. I broke up with her later. I sure miss her daughter sucking my dick




At 13, I started something taboo I didn’t know I would turn into much more. It all started in the pool with my Mom and my Sister.

We had a private backyard pool and I wanted to go skinny dipping. Soon my Sister followed suit, or lack there of, while my Mother was hesitant and remained reserved.

We swam for the rest of the afternoon like always.

The next day, we went to edge of our pool and dropped our suits before jumping in. When I came up to slick my hair back, I saw my Mom drop her top.

Her big boobs rested much lower on her without the support of her wired bikini top and I noticed she was nipping out.

I suddenly found myself growing hard seeing my Mother’s sexy big boobs; much more so than my Sisters.

My Mom started to walk down the steps of the pool when my Sister questioned my Mom about her bikini bottoms.

My Mom hesitated at first, but then felt compelled to square up with us before getting in.

My Mom unsnapped the sides of her bikini and let them drop off her as she walked into the pool.

I swam down by my Mom to get her bottoms and sneaked in a peek at her lowers seeing a completely bald pussy.

I came up in front of her to hand them to her and she told me, “Well, thank you sweetie, but you may as well throw them away… I won’t be wearing them any longer.”

After swimming for a while my Mom said, “Well, I guess I should lay out to start evening out these tan lines.”

My Mom laid in the sun and then asked for some lotion so she wouldn’t burn. My Sister went to hand her the bottle when my Mom said, “Why don’t you let your brother do it.”

I straddled my Mom as I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the her back. I kept going as my Mom stayed quiet. I started lower on her and still, she stayed quiet.

I worked some lotion onto my Mother’s butt as my Sister watched on.

I rested back up on my Mom’s hips and butt as I leaned over her to smell the lotion I just put all over her.

I knew she could feel my hard on I had for her but all she did was thank me for caressing her.

My hard cock began to bead up some precum so I lubed her crotch up with my cock and noticed she wasn’t stopping me.

Before my Sister knew better, I found myself trying to enter my Mom as I started pressing her with the head of my slick wet cock.

I slipped my throbbing shaft into her balls deep as I heard my Sister whisper, “Oh, my God…” when she realized I would be fuck my Mom from behind at the side of the pool.

My Mom whispered, “Your Brother is fucking me, his own Mother, and you’re going to watch him do it… just please don’t stop him… let him do it… it’s what he wants… so just let him fuck me…”

I continued taking my Mom as my Sister watched on in disbelief; I could see it on her face…

After a couple of minutes of in’s and out’s in my Mom, I couldn’t take it anymore… I was getting ready to blow it in her.

My Mom knew I was getting close and stayed quiet. I thought if she didn’t want me to cum in her she would have warned me by now, but all quiet with my Mom.

Suddenly, I began to grumble and grunt as I launched shot after shot of my hot cum as deep into my Mom as I possibly could as I pressed her from behind with all of my might.

I felt like I was trying to get my Mom pregnant even though I didn’t want to.

My Mom, with clenched teeth, encouraged me to finish cuming in her as hard as I could as she told me, “That’s it baby, bring it home… fill your Mother with all of that hot young boy cum, baby!”

I kneeled behind her and pumped her full of everything I could before reluctantly pulling out of her.

My Sister asked to see our Mother/Son cream pie load I just left in her.

I sat back to recover as I heard my Sister say, “Oh my God… you really did it… you fucked your own Mother…”




Daughter and her boyfriend came to visit wife and I for a couple days. When they left and wife was driving them to the airport I went into the spare bedroom and found a used condom on the floor next to the bedside table. It was filled with cum, like almost half full, way more than I could ever hope to produce. I got one of my dildoes and inserted it into the condom, and sucked and slurped tasting my daughters pussy juices. AfterI had sucked it clean, I pulled it off and stated licking and sucking the cum covered dildo, while jerking my little 4 inch dick. Just as I was ready to cum, I squeezed everything out of the condom onto the dildo and swallowed a mouthful of her boyfriend’s cum. Can’t wait till they visit again!




I'm the youngest out of 4 kids, my older brother was 15yo and I was 6yo at the time. My brother and his friends had a club house in the woods. He told me I could join if I sucked their dicks until they squirted cum. There was three of them that day including my brother and I sucked all three of them off. The next day they told me I almost can join if I sucked them all off again and there was five of them including my brother.

As I'm sucking my brother's dick another boy was rubbing my butt and started sticking his finger up my butt hole. Then I felt him rubbing his dick up and down my butt hole. All of a sudden I felt his push his dick in my ass and the pain was sharp. He started pulling his dick out of my butt and plunging it back in all the way down to his balls. It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything because I wanted into the club and didn't want them to call me a sissy.

They all fucked me that day, one after the other, and they all cum in my asshole I remember is leaking out of my asshole when I stood up, and then running down the inside of my legs. The following day they told me I can join but I'm their servant and I'm to service their cocks if I want to join their club.

I became a full fledged member and I serviced their cocks daily and then on the weekends I serviced their cocks several times a day. Then they started bringing other high school boys over and I serviced their cocks too. One day they brought a older man and I serviced his cock like a good boy. Then that guy brought over a couple other guys and they all fucked me.

One day that man asked me if I wanted to go with him to his house and told me he had a swing. When we go to his house there was a whole bunch of men in his house and they all were naked. After I got naked that's when I found out the swing was a sex swing and they soon had me swing. Seven years old and I was in a sex swing being gang banged by at least ten men. They all fucked me more then once that day.

Right now I'm 36yrs old and a gay bottom.




I have never bee so embarrassed in my life as I was last night! I had been out to a "friends" place to get a good fucking, I spent from around 8pm until about am pleasuring several cocks and allowed the group of 4 "friends" to do whatever they wanted to me.

Things went wrong at around 12:45am when someone put a can of monster into my ass!

I had taken one before but this idiot pushed it completely in, as he struggled to retrieve it as the last two guys sprayed cum onto my face.

No matter what he tried the can wasn't coming out so I had to go to a local A&E to get it removed, I was basically rushed out of the flat while still wearing only lingerie with cum dribbling down my face straight to the hospital.

I am a 42year old crossdressing slut but I still would have preferred not being paraded into the reception looking the way I did, to make matters worse a family fried was in the waiting room and my sister in law is the receptionist,

I had to have somebody shove their hand up my ass and position the can so it could be griped with forceps and removed, I am now sitting at home waiting for my wife to find out and will probably be getting licked out later! FML!!!




Well I have once again been caught doing what some would call "unnatural" sexual behaviours,

As it is a Monday and my wife goes out with our youngest daughter every Monday now I get to let out my perverted side, I start by showering and shaving my whole body before dressing in sexy lingerie doing my makeup and putting on a wig and heels.

I the put a sign o the front door that reads "All delivery drivers if you want to be sucked off for a tip just knock and walk in" this has been my thing now for almost six months and I get to do it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, today I was watching a bestiality porn film when two delivery drivers walked in together, long story short I was soon being spit roasted balls deep in my mouth and ass and was given a huge facial ad a load in my ass, I was just getting started though and when they left I called my dog into the lounge and began sucking him to get him aroused, I soon had him ramming himself into my ass so deep and hard I hardly noticed him knotting me.

I had been knotted before but never when the free blowjob sign was up, the postman was not our usual female today but a young black man who knocked and walked in to find me on all fours with a Rottweilers cock filling my ass, I never missed a beat and beckoned him over for me to suck his cock, it didn't disappoint and lived up to the stereotype in both length and girth.

I struggled to take his whole length into my throat but loved it as he began fucking my face, this is when my oldest daughter walked into the room, she stood in silence and watched as the dog pulled free from my ass and the postman switched places which is when I saw my daughter my ass clenched and this made the postman deliver a huge cumshot into my bowels

He quickly left and my daughter started a conversation about what I was doing, I was nearly in tears when another delivery arrived, this driver was a regular and sometimes brought friends with him and today it was a group of four, my daughter simply said pay your bill and sat down.

She watched as for the next forty five minutes I was pounded relentlessly in both ends before taking all four cumshots onto my face and tongue, the group left and as I began to rise my dog again mounted me I simply allowed it and was again knotted.

My daughter is threatening to tell my other children about this as she now knows my wife already knows and accepts it and even watches on Fridays as I usually get to pleasure several drivers over the whole day.

To keep quiet my daughter wants me to have a gangbang with her boyfriends dogs and some of her friends at her house and she wants to film it to post on the internet to earn money from it.

I really don't want video of me being fucked and sucking dogs but I don't want my other children to know either so what the fuck should I do???