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Hi. I am 19(M).

When i was 10, my dad brought me to a water theme park. After we done swimming, we showered together at the public washroom. Me and dad shared a cubicle and showered naked together. I just remember being amazed at his very long dick and had a hard on but I don’t know what it was at the time. I guess dad realised that I had a boner so when he was soaping me, he spent a lot of time on my cock. I just had been circumcised the previous year so my dick was still pretty sensitive. He kept gently rubbing my cock with the soap and I still remember how ticklish it was as it was a new feeling for me. I told dad to stop as I felt more and more ticklish but he kept going and I accidentally pee on his hand. Dad said it’s okay since we were in a shower anyway so he just lets me pee while he was also peeing beside me. I just remember looking at the pee coming out of his cock and feeling so aroused but I still dont know what it was at the time so I just stare at it. We didn’t do much after that we just finish shower and get back home.

Then when i was 13, I finally learned how to jerk off and all I can think about is my dad’s cock. Being a kid, I was still amazed how a person can have a dick that long. Cant believe I came out of that dick. And I’m jerking off thinking about the very dick that made me. I discovered incest at an early age around the time I was discovering porn and also around the time i was exploring my body. Ever since, I only imagine my dad everytime I’m jerking off to an incest porn.

Now that I’m 19, I’m still jerking off to my dad. I always fantasize that he would just molest me when I was a kid. I always so turned on imagining about my own dad being a perved out pedo and molesting his own child. I wish he would’ve just rape me in that public shower when I was 10. The thought of my own dad introducing me to my sexual feelings at the young age is driving me crazy. I wish he would’ve just caress and play with my young boyish body to satisfy his needs when I was a child. I’ve always been small and skinny ever since I was a kid so its perfect for my father to just molest my little innocent body.

But I don’t think my dad is that kind of person so yeah thats a bummer.




I, 40F just Cheated on my husband with a 20 year old girl.

We met at hers and she wanted me to relax so I did some poppers and then she showed me what she'd be fucking me with. It was this 14 inch bbc strapon and I was drooling for it.

After she'd made me suck it she plowed me and then forced me to take it in my ass. I prolapsed every time she pulled out but it made me hornier. Ended up pissing myself she fucked me so hard and she made me lick it up.

Honestly one of the best nights of my life and I can still feel my ass gaping from it, my husband doesn't get to do anal cause he's too small so I feel amazing




Ive been letting my male friends have sex with me for as long as i remember. Mostly one at a time but there were some parties that the did me one after another. And im on birth control so they can finish insidr me if they want. I like it that way but some of the guys like it when i beg for it on my face.

I dont have a lot of girlfriends because most women thunk im a slut. Which i guess is true but group sex is always better when theres another pussy.

Once i was with a bunch of guy friends and we were all doing coke and it was like 5 of them and one other girl in the living room with me. She stared bragging that shes the best partner in bed and everybody what like whatever. And she started saying she'll do anything anybody wants sexually. Nothing was off limits. So i told her strip naked in front of everyone and stick her tongue up my asshole. And so she got naked and i got naked and the guys were all watching, some with their dicks out. I was fingering myself and i came whil her tongue was up my ass. She then started making out with me and she said see im a bigger slut than you. I told her ive taken loads of cum from every guy in this room and she told me to do it again. The guys lined up and fucked one after the other and the whole time she kept saying "fuck that nasty slut" "fill that sluts pussy with cum". It was hot. After the 3rd guy she sucked some cum out and made out with me. I passed out and woke up on the couch covered in dried cum. I looked over amd the other girl is passed out getting fucked by a guy and shes covered in vomit. I got up to pee and the guy fucking her says they all peed in her already and i should try it. So i squatted over her face and pissed on her while this guy is nutting in her pussy. Hottest fucking night ever. I want to piss on her face again.




I'm a lesbian and me and my girlfriend have been together since we were 13. We're now 25 and we've sexually developed a lot, including a discovery that we fucking love filth.

Anything taboo and makes people a bit afraid makes us go feral. We've done it all and I wanna list some things here to really tell people the sluts we are.

- We have pissed on each other and drank gallons of it

- used a dildo to make each vomit and covered ourselves in it

- had a threesome with a black girl and called her a nigger whilst degrading her

- had group sex involving incest from both our families before and even forced twins to fuck each other for our pleasure

- got so violent that we've played with our own blood to cum

- inserted toys so big they've actively damaged our holes

- had sex with Unconcious people a lot

- had an orgy with several underage girls at a party and made porn out of it.

- blackmailed our teacher when we were younger after we'd had a threesome with her so she'd keep fucking us

- made horses cum on us just for fun

- used so much female viagra once that we had sex so much that our bodies began to shut down




So I'm a 16 year old virgin, and lately I've been trying to find new ways to get myself off. For some reason, I find it so fucking hot when I talk to older men on websites and let them talk to me dirty, just telling me all the things they wish they could do to my little untouched body. Fucking and stretching my tiny pussy, playing with my boobs, having me pee on them, rubbing their cock between my ass... I even started texting this one guy regularly, we sent pics and I even went as far as to send him a picture of my tight virgin pussy and he went crazy over it haha, even though we don't talk anymore. He would have me send moaning audios and all sorts of stuff, even asked me to send a video of me peeing in the shower which I thought was really hot. But it makes me so horny that they're getting off to the thought of me. I usually masturbate by using a pillow or rubbing my clit, but I really need to find an older guy to talk to.

I even once tried seducing my neighbor, not into sex of course I'd never let him take my virginity, but he's such a fucking perv lol. I'll flash my panties to him sometimes and once when I stole my parents vibrator, I left the window wide open so he could hear me moaning. I know it sounds really dirty but it turns me on... He loves looking at my ass and sometimes I'll wear short skirts or tight shorts around him knowing he just loves looking at me. My mom knows he's a perv and tells me to stay away, but every time he's outside fixing his car or whatever I like taking a short walk just so he can see me. He calls me names like "pretty little thing" and it gets me so horny. I'd just love to feel an older guy touching my body and doing all sorts of dirty things...




I nearly always squirt when I cum. I think that’s why peeing turns me on. I hold my piss and will go and pee and while I do, I put a hand in it and rub it into my pussy, rub my clit, slide my fingers into my fuck hole, smear it all over my clit and pussy, but the thing I love most is rubbing it up onto my tummy and over my tits. If I don’t have makeup on and no one is home I smear it into my face. I also love laying in the bathtub and angling my ass so that I pee down onto my tits and into my face.




I’m living proof being raised by a mom like mine was extremely fun and sexually stimulating.

My very last sexual encounter with mom was the day before she passed away. She was 64 and I was 38. She was home on oxygen 24 hours a day and I stopped by to check on her.

When I walked in she was naked and bent over the couch. She said “Fuck momma’s ass and cum & piss in it please baby.”

Obviously I did as she asked and finished off having her suck my cock clean. The next day dad called needing help getting her to the hospital. I ran over helped put her in the back seat of our car.

Dad drove and I rode in the backseat with mom. She whispered “I still have your piss & cum in my ass.” She then pulled my cock out of my shorts and jacked me off on the way to the hospital catching the cum in her mouth.

Once in the hospital she passed away with in two hours.

The young nurse taking care of her asked to speak to me in the hallway. She said “I see lots of cum in her mouth & there is even some leaking out of her anus. Do you have any idea how that got there?”

I said “I confess it was me.” She said “Obviously I will need for you to show me exactly how you did that.” That my friend is another story and best yet the nurse had a 17 year old daughter…