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The following is 100% true, recent, and secret from everyone in my life.

Brief background. I’m a recently divorced man in my 50’s. Secretly a bi-cocksucker. My X never knew about my occasional ventures out to gloryholes or to meet older men I met online.

Back up slightly further. My mother-in-law, a chubby not-so-attractive Greek woman, died about 2 years ago. We never really got along. She was dating an Egyptian man at the time, who I felt was out of her league.

A few months ago I ran across this Egyptian, that she used to date, and we talked. He was a huge guy, older, chubby, and very scruffy. In our talk over coffee, I confided I wasn’t too fond of my now-deceased mother-in-law, and he had a smirk on his face when I said that. He told me that he was only with her because she would do anything he said, no matter how vulgar, humiliating, or kinky.

This shocked me as I always thought she was conservative and straight-laced.

He said, “I have tons of pics of her as evidence.” My jaw dropped. I am a total voyeur and have seen many family members nude or engaged in sex, in pics and videos. I seek this stuff out. Seeing someone you know, naked and exposed, is far more erotic than seeing a stranger, even if that stranger is more attractive. I’d rather see my fat mother-in-law naked, than the hottest model in the world.

So he said he might consider showing me a pic or two and he saw me light up. I said that I would LOVE to see it. He said that he could only show me these pics if he could totally trust me. I begged and promised. He told me he would show me the first pic for free, and then after that, we’d have to make an arrangement.

So out comes a high-quality picture of my super conservative and religious Greek mother-in-law, sitting on the same couch I was now sitting on, with this Greek man’s fat hard cock in her hands. I was instantly hard and staring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My X-wife’s mom, holding a hard cock. I promise you, my heart was racing.

He saw me staring and readjusting my shorts and asked me if what I saw turned him on. I said, “Beyond words.” He said he has hundreds and hundreds of pics and videos and this was the tamest of them all.

I begged to see them. So he says, what are you going to show me? What can you do to guarantee me you will never tell anyone about these pics? I swore up and down I’d never tell a living soul.

He said, “I’ll tell you what. I need more than words. I see you staring at my cock in that picture and don’t deny it. I can tell that you’re impressed. If you hold my hard cock in your hands, while I show you another pic that will show even more of your mother-in-law, then I’ll show you.”

And that is how it started.

As he showed me hundreds and hundreds of XXX pics and videos he made me hold his cock, stroke him, suck him and take his cock in my ass. We both used the pics as an excuse to live out our deviant sexual fantasies.

This is still going on today. I visit him several times per week and he shows me more and more and I suck and fuck him, and now one of his even older Egyptian friends, on every visit. I have swallowed their cum, been fucked, and totally used.

They took several pictures of me with their cocks in my mouth so that I would always keep our arrangement secret. Genuine blackmail, but it was worth it.

This has been the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life.




Me(28M) and my friend(30F) are roomates and besides living together we also like to go out it town together etc.. So story is, we met this girl after a weekend bender in september 2022. She was 18 yo then, hot young girl, new in town, living in a student dorm and starting college.

My friend is one of those bigger lesbian girls with red hair and hate towards basic little bitches. Basic little bitches like our new friend. Not much time passed until we learned some things about her, she has a boyfriend but that is a weak highschool relationship waiting for someone to put end to it, someone like us.

Before end of that year her boyfriend left her after recieving pictures of his gf trying drugs with random people she just met. Before coming here she smoked we*d few times and thats it so i guess boy was shocked seeing her wasted drunk, doing lines, poping ex etc.. We were lucky enough to document everything and my hatefull friend made sure to make things even worse than they were.

In upcoming weeks, with her being hearthbroken and easy to manipulate we had a threesome with her, not only once but my friend was closer with her on regular days. Since our slutty friend was inexperienced and naive it wasnt hard to convince her to do some kinkier things, pushing it as normal. By middle of second semester she is almost our slave, she didnt hang out with her roomates in dorm or people from classes, not allowed to go anywhere except classes or do things for us.

College is free in our country but for right to dorm accommodation you need to meet certain conditions, lets say be sober.

One day after someone called dorm and reported seeing our friend doing drugs and taking drugs inside she was sent to drug test which she failed, her dorm was searched by dorm security, i guess 2 ex pills found its way into her purse somehow. She knew she will be kicked out, she also knew she cant tell she is being kicked out, more so she cant tell they found drugs on her to her mother and grandparents back home.

She came beging us to take her in for few months until semester is over, with promise to "be quiet and do as we say". She went back home for three weeks and came back early, telling her mom she is going to work before next year starts.

At least it wasnt a complete lie, she is still allowed to go to classes etc but she will also have to clean our flat, cook, go to store etc in her free time.




I'm in my mid fifties, living hand to mouth. I have a decent job, but also have alimony and child support. I live in an apartment close to work, the car I got is the old Honda and my wife got the SUV and house in the suburbs. Don't mess around, don't get caught, and you won't have to get divorced and lose everything.

My case was worse than most. It was an uneven marriage, I earned all the money, she stayed home and spent it. I messed around, first with a young girl at work but that got boring. Through her I met this young Mexican, he was working Valet parking cars. I got the urge, a real live urge to kiss him, to kiss him like a girl. I kissed him and he let me get his penis out of his pants and stroke him and kiss him.

I took him home with me and we got naked, his smooth Latino brown body and his penis fit in my mouth. I kissed him a lot, I couldn't stop kissing him, I spread his legs and licked his tight butthole. I had never done anything like that. Sucking his penis and rubbing my penis up and down his butt crack. He did his part holding onto my penis when it was hard, but he was passive and he wanted to get fucked. I fucked him, his ass was tight and it felt good to be on his back. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed fucking, I fucked him until I had no choice but to cum. It was over and he got up and got dressed and asked me to take him back to the bar where I had picked him up.

He was male prostitute and he kept pictures, he had set up his phone in the room and he blackmailed with them. A real pro, not all of the video was worth it, but there were some parts where there was no doubt it was me fucking him and kissing him. That's how he exposed me to my wife and I got divorced. I had to change jobs, that little girl was part of that clan, they didn't care, boy or girl, they filmed the encounters and held it over your head and you paid them.

My lawyer was pretty clear about it, going to court with him was going to open it up to the public. Pay the creep off, I should have paid him when he first asked. Now all I have is left is a desire for another 'boy' in to fuck, but I'm scared so I masturbate instead.




I'm a 36 year old married woman who has been having sex with her twin 15 year old stepsons ever since they caught me having sex with our local Rabb behind my husband's back and blackmailed me into it by threatening to tell their father and the Congregation.

I'm their father's second wife and he is much older than me. His sex drive is much lower than mine, so I think he's at least partially responsible for my infideity, but they don't see it that way, and I seriously doubt he would either.

I've stopped getting together with the Rabbi because of his fear of being found out, but when we were seeing each other sexually we regularly performed acts that are forbidden in the Torah and the Mishna. When my stepsons ask what kinds of things I used to do with him, under their threats I tell them, and they often want to try them with me too. Recently they've been using the internet to research new things to do with me, and that has given them even more salaciouis ideas of things for us to try together, including some things I've never even heard of before, let alone experienced.

As examples, last week they told me they want to bring some of their teen friends over and have me service them too, either one at a time or in multiples. They also want me to perform with a dog while they watch. If they order me to comply with those wishes, I feel like I'll have no other choice but to comply. They now have a large collection of damning pictures of me both solo and with them that would make a whore blush.

The truth is, I find that I've not only grown to deeply enjoy all this sexual attention, but have come to really need it as well, and I don't want it to stop any time soon. Even though my stepsons' sexual technique is unpolished, I'm trying to teach them to be better at it. Besides, no grown man can get hard or cum as often as a young teen boy, which suits my growing needs perfectly.

Jill C.




I found out my ex is cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. I already told him about it, but I want to set up a second phone for her to find with the proof and a caption saying the punishments for adultery and telling her to come negotiate my silence.

I then imagine her sending me a nude with the caption "We both know the only thing you'll accept, come here." I then go down there to find her on her back legs spread. I then proceeded to have my way with her, despite her protests. All the while she tells me how much she hates it, hates me, and can't believe we're doing this. Then, as I pump her full of cum, I whisper in her ear "he already knows."




Next door to my apartment complex there is a convenience store where i go frequently to get gas and but junk food. Almost every time I go there, i see a young, extremely pretty girl standing outside, asking strangers to buy her a pack of cigarettes. I used to watch her as I pumped gas, and saw that hardly most of time people refused or just ignored her. If they did buy them, she gave them back their cash and left, only to return a day or two later.

There was just something about this girl's strawberry blonde hair and tight little body. Even though she looks to be about 16, I couldn't stop thinking about her, so i came up with a plan a week ago, and can't believe it worked.

I stopped in to get some fuel as usual, and sure enough, she was out there begging for someone to buy her smokes. Working up the nerve, i approached her position by the doors, and this time when she asked me, I agreed to get her a pack. I normally just shake my head and walk on.

Inside, I bought an entire carton rather than one pack, and when I gave it to her (as planned) she told me she didn't have the money to pay for a whole carton. I told her she could keep them, if she let me see and feel her tits. She seemed a bit shy and awkward about this, and I was afraid she was going to refuse and possibly tell someone.

Instead, she agreed to meet me in the woods behind the apartments so no one could see what she was doing and made me promise not to tell.

I showed up at the place we agreed on with the cigarettes, thinking there was no way she would be there, or there would be someone else there and I would be busted. Instead, she was there, nervous and alone.

After asking me if she could just pat for one pack, and telling me she was only 13, i finally convinced her it was okay to go through with it and no one would ever know.

She reluctantly raised her shirt and little bra to show her perfect, B-cup breasts with swollen, puffy nipples. They were amazing and beautiful!

But, instead of touching them (as was the deal), i pulled out my phone and quickly snapped a couple of pictures. She immediately got scared and begged me to delete them. I told her I would, but only after she left me fuck her. Otherwise i was going to post them online.

After a little pleading and whimpering with me about how she was too young and still a virgin, she finally agreed, making me promise to delete tham.

She cried as she slid her jeans and panties down, revealing the sweetest bald pussy i have ever seen. It was absolutely perfect, and her tears made me even harder as i dropped my own pants and laid her down in the leaves and grass.

God she was so tight, and she squealed and begged me to stop, saying that it hurts, as I plowed and wrecked that beautiful little mound with my cock. I was so excited and she felt so good, I only lasted a few minutes in her cunt before exploding all over her belly. Then i held her for a bit as she sobbed and composed herself.

For this past week, I have been scared there was going to be an angry knock at my door by a father or police, but there was nothing. I finally saw her yesterday evening, walking through the apartment complex with another girl. She saw me, smiled broadly, blew me a kiss and waved. The tow girls walked off, giggling and looking back at me playfully.




I've been a teacher for almost 20 years. I got into teaching really to satisfy my need for being around young girls. I love teens between 11 and 15. They just look so fresh, sexy and still that youing girl cuteness.

In class one morning, i noticed one of my 13, almost 14 year old students sitting with her legs slightly spread under the desh. I could see up her skirt from my vantage point at the front of the class. I was surprised that instead of seeing underpants, i could see pink and purple stripes of a padded pants. At this stage i was guessing, but either a waterproof pants or a pull up. Due to being excited i quickly sat down at my desk in front of the room. I gave the students a task and got my phone out as if checking messages. What i was actually doing was taking photos and video's of her, zooming in and making sure i got plenty of footage. Over the next 3 days i had her i noticed the same and made sure to get more shots and video.

When she showed up the next week in my class and i could see she again had them on, i decided i would have to inquire with her. I Waited till the nextday as i had her for a class right before lunch. I told her i wanted to speak to her at the end of class and she needed to stay back for a minute. After the bell, th erest of the students left and i went over and sat next to her desk. I very carefully told her i accidentally saw up her skirt since she was sitting with spread legs and i saw the pants. She got teary and told me she was wearing teen pull ups cause she had a really bad UTI not long ago and she has had a couple of small accidents after wards. She said the doctors told her it might take a few weeks or even up to a couple of months to fully heal, so she decided that rather than having any accidents at school she would wear them under her skirts since no one could tell. I thanked her for being honest.

I better describe this girl. She is almost 14, not too tall, but very slim and athletic. She is on the school running and dancing teams. She has small, but nicely growing breasts and should length sandy hair.

Taking a chance i decided to go for it. I know it was risky and could even backfire badly, but i just couldn't past it up. I have always wanted to and this was my best chance yet. I told her i had a proposal for her. I explained that i had taken video and photo's of her, showing her in the pull up and that i would keep them hidden if she agreed to my terms. While she sat there sobbing i told her i wanted to see her in the pull up and bra only. Being on the second floor i told her no one can see so now was a good time. After a couple of requests she stood up and undid her shirt and took it off. She had a cute little white lacy bra over her small mounds. She begged a couple of times for me to not say anything or make her, but she worked out i was serious. She undid the small zip in the back of the skirt and slowly lowered it to the floor. She was left standing in her pull up and bra. I told her that i was going to pull her pull up down and take some photo's. She again tried asking me not too. I still reache dout and pulled her pants down her legs to her ankles. My god was i shocked how much i was turned on seeing her almost bald slit. I made her turn and lean over her desk so i could get pictures for later. I took a short video and a few photo's of her. I didn't even say anything as i dropped my pants and got behind her. She hadn't noticed this until i took hold of her tiny hips. She started crying even more as she once more asked me not too. She even got me more excited whens he told me she wasn't safe. She even asked me to please put a condom on.

No way was i passing this up, i tried to slightly calm her and told her i had the snip and she was safe. Not going to lie, i sunk into her tiny pussy. Took a few good shoves, but i only lasted 4 or 5 thrusts before my first load burst out of me, blasting balls deep into her tiny pussy. She squirmed as i did, so i knew she could feel me cumming in her. I held her firm as i finished. I never even went soft as i started to work into her again.

She left for the final 10 minutes of lunch, after i had unloaded my second load into her teen body. I pulled her pull up back on firmly, telling her to not take it off until she gets home as our mess stays hidden from her friends here at school. As per our agreement i would keep her secret and she let me fuck her almost everyday for just over 3 months. She took a couple weeks off school and when i saw her next she explained that she had been sick and the doctor had confirmed she was pregnant. She was turning 14 next month, and had a pool party arranged with her friends. I was excited knowing she might even have a small bump just starting to form by then. Turns out she was about 10 weeks at this point, so 14 by the party. I made sure she knew our deal meant she couldn't terminate yet, or until i say so. I told her i wanted to fuck her while she had our baby growing inside for a while, then i would help her get the abortion done. She agreed to my terms, as long as she didn't have to have the baby. Not that i was going to tell her, but i just needed her to pass 14 weeks and it would no longer be possible to legally have an abortion. I had full intention of making sure she had to keep our baby. I made sure she understood that if she agreed to this and told no one then after she has the abortion i would hand over all the pictures and video's and she would be free, other than one video to make sure she stays quiet about our involvement. She agreed.

I had dropped past her place during her pool party and while speaking to her mother about her grades could she she had a tiny belly lump. I made a comment to her mother and she said she had already spoken to her daugther about not eating too much as she was starting to gain weight which would affect her dancing and running. I was laughing inside when i left, after confirming she hadn't told her parents.

At about 18 weeks she worked out i had been lying to her and she was no longer able to have an abortion. She was starting to show nicely and i doubt was going to be able to keep it quiet much longer.