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when my daughter was born my husband was very absent. he worked a lot which wasn’t his fault but i was very alone with my daughter. intimately and emotionally. i was trying to masterbate one day but my daughter was crying. i tried to ignore it but i couldn’t. she was 7 months old by this time so i walked over the crib and picked her up. i wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear at the time and i was still trying to satisfy myself. after she calmed down i laid her next to me and i started rubbing myself again. it wasn’t enough even after i came. i know i’m going to hell for this but i took her diaper off and just stared. finally after a couple of minutes i licked her slowly. no reaction. i slowly started eating her pussy and it felt so good to do it. i made sure to lick her clit good. after an hour i grabbed my dildo and put some lube on it. i rubbed it against her pussy and slid the tip in. she started crying and i slowly got two more inches inside her. her pussy was basically sucking in it. i fucked her pussy in it a good hour and then i cleaned her up. her father still doesn’t know. she’s 2 now.




When we find ourselves alone, which is quite often, I take him by the hand and quickly guide him to a private location in our house so I can hand him off. He gets so excited and can hardly wait!

He likes it when I drop my top to let my girls out. I think it makes him cum faster and harder.

I love to look at his face when he starts to blow it all over my boobs. He gets so worked up! He grumbles and grunts with each shot of his cum. Sometimes he cums so hard for me I think his knees might buckle!

I would let him do more with me, but I don't like condoms and I don't want him to accidentally knock me up since I'm his Mom.

The older he gets, the harder and more he seems to cum. Things are getting a little messy at times. It's crazy... I didn't know a young boy could make so much cum and so often!

As much as I hate the taste of cum, I might have to start blowing him to speed things up and control all the cum spatter.

I'm a little reluctant on blowing the little beggar because once I start giving him blowjobs, he won't want anything else. Oh, God... what's a good Mother to do?




I am 22 and I have no real relationship with my mother other than calling her time to time to tell her how I’m doing. I am a woman, and I am infatuated with her to the point where I want to date rape her I want to surprise my mother take her out on a fancy dinner on a fancy trip her get her back into the hotel room and do whatever I want with her. I know This feeling is wrong but I miss when I was little she would be fast asleep and I would start humping her feet her leg or if she was laying on her stomach, I’d get behind her and start humping her butt And she was a hard sleeper, and occasionally when she was laying on her side, I would sneak a squeeze over her boob and just hold it until she woke up. I’ve always been Intrigued by women at a very young age it’s horrible, but true I want to feel her against my skin I want to get a giant dildo and slowly pull it out of her I want to sit on her face and slowly grind back-and-forth as my juices drip down her face. I wanna suck on her tits again. I want to feel and bite her Skin.




At 13, I started something taboo I didn’t know I would turn into much more. It all started in the pool with my Mom and my Sister.

We had a private backyard pool and I wanted to go skinny dipping. Soon my Sister followed suit, or lack there of, while my Mother was hesitant and remained reserved.

We swam for the rest of the afternoon like always.

The next day, we went to edge of our pool and dropped our suits before jumping in. When I came up to slick my hair back, I saw my Mom drop her top.

Her big boobs rested much lower on her without the support of her wired bikini top and I noticed she was nipping out.

I suddenly found myself growing hard seeing my Mother’s sexy big boobs; much more so than my Sisters.

My Mom started to walk down the steps of the pool when my Sister questioned my Mom about her bikini bottoms.

My Mom hesitated at first, but then felt compelled to square up with us before getting in.

My Mom unsnapped the sides of her bikini and let them drop off her as she walked into the pool.

I swam down by my Mom to get her bottoms and sneaked in a peek at her lowers seeing a completely bald pussy.

I came up in front of her to hand them to her and she told me, “Well, thank you sweetie, but you may as well throw them away… I won’t be wearing them any longer.”

After swimming for a while my Mom said, “Well, I guess I should lay out to start evening out these tan lines.”

My Mom laid in the sun and then asked for some lotion so she wouldn’t burn. My Sister went to hand her the bottle when my Mom said, “Why don’t you let your brother do it.”

I straddled my Mom as I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the her back. I kept going as my Mom stayed quiet. I started lower on her and still, she stayed quiet.

I worked some lotion onto my Mother’s butt as my Sister watched on.

I rested back up on my Mom’s hips and butt as I leaned over her to smell the lotion I just put all over her.

I knew she could feel my hard on I had for her but all she did was thank me for caressing her.

My hard cock began to bead up some precum so I lubed her crotch up with my cock and noticed she wasn’t stopping me.

Before my Sister knew better, I found myself trying to enter my Mom as I started pressing her with the head of my slick wet cock.

I slipped my throbbing shaft into her balls deep as I heard my Sister whisper, “Oh, my God…” when she realized I would be fuck my Mom from behind at the side of the pool.

My Mom whispered, “Your Brother is fucking me, his own Mother, and you’re going to watch him do it… just please don’t stop him… let him do it… it’s what he wants… so just let him fuck me…”

I continued taking my Mom as my Sister watched on in disbelief; I could see it on her face…

After a couple of minutes of in’s and out’s in my Mom, I couldn’t take it anymore… I was getting ready to blow it in her.

My Mom knew I was getting close and stayed quiet. I thought if she didn’t want me to cum in her she would have warned me by now, but all quiet with my Mom.

Suddenly, I began to grumble and grunt as I launched shot after shot of my hot cum as deep into my Mom as I possibly could as I pressed her from behind with all of my might.

I felt like I was trying to get my Mom pregnant even though I didn’t want to.

My Mom, with clenched teeth, encouraged me to finish cuming in her as hard as I could as she told me, “That’s it baby, bring it home… fill your Mother with all of that hot young boy cum, baby!”

I kneeled behind her and pumped her full of everything I could before reluctantly pulling out of her.

My Sister asked to see our Mother/Son cream pie load I just left in her.

I sat back to recover as I heard my Sister say, “Oh my God… you really did it… you fucked your own Mother…”




My wife's kinkyness gets the best of her bless her, she always had something for our daughters, Cindy 9 and Laura 11, and knows I find them exciting too.We do silly games like she has asked me before to smell our daughters panties to "check if I think there's anything wrong" with a knowing smile and a glance down at my crotch.

But things have moved on and I am soooo happy...after catching our daughters playing doctor (innocently, just pretend to hear etc) she has asked them why not play all together ?

So, last weekend we played exploring our bodies.

My wife had this planned out and we are starting out slowly, she had me wear a lab coat as "chef doctor" to hide my boner for now, everyone else in underwear.

We went over all parts non explicit, feet, bellybuttons, hands, tickling and massaging, comparing (they love finding the similarities between mom and dad and themselves, like that little tear drop shape at the tip of the fingers mom and the girls share, or being able to roll the tongue like daddy), it was really fun...and I was hard as a rock, and mom, well she was really really wet.

Mom told the girls of exercises that her doctor physiotherapist has her do and suggested she show them and they do the same, which thankfully for me they found a great idea...

My dirty minded wife of course showed them splits, back arches with bums up as much as possible, crouches and had them do them like her, with Dad to supervise and check its done right of course. I had to really keep a grip on myself to not let my hands wander where they should not..

My wife chose tight underwear for the girls for the day, the panties would ride up between their lips on splits and crouches and reveal the side of their bare little lips...

My wife would touch my crotch and smirk when they were not watching...She had the mind to end the game before we lost control and freaked the girls out thankfully.

After the game my wife gave me a a wonderful blowjob, talking how hot she found them which drives me even crazier. She got the girls to change panties before bed and brought over the sweaty little panties of the day for me to smell while she blew me... I came so! fucking! hard!!

We are both so excited about playing again and taking it further....the girls had fun, they requested we do this again, they really liked playing all together, we kept it light hearted and fun and funny for them.

I leave the planning to her. She is thinking of introducing applying cream..maybe something along me showing how I massage mommies back and butt... see if they want to try massaging mommy too or daddy massage them...




I (13m) have been having sex with my own mother since I was 11. It started when she was drunk and I was playing with her boobs. At first I was just exploring her, as I started getting more turned on I wanted more and went farther with her each time. Till I was pulling her shorts down and tasting her. My first time I lost my virginity to my mom she was asleep passed out in her car. I laid her seat back and climbed all over her. I didn't last long. Just a few pumps maybe 5 minutes. I just finished inside her and laid there. It felt too good to pull it out so I fell asleep just like that. I woke up humping her. This time she was sobered up and humping back. Making noises. I kept saying oh mom, oh mom, oh mom till I was Cumming.. then I pulled her closer and called her mommy. Ooh mommy I plead as I was Cumming. That's when she verbally said yes! cum inside mommy baby! Afterwards she pushed me back a little bit to look in my eyes. And said she loved me but next time I should ask.

So now I'm 13 and we have a baby together ❤️ incest is great I feel like everyone should try it.

I especially like the incest talk during sex. My daughter/sister will know her mom is also her grandmother and she's open to take that how she feels




When my daughter was still young my wife and I caught her watching us fuck.

We thought she was in her bed asleep but there she was at the foot of our bed naked and rubbing her clit.

She was nowhere near puberty yet. Years she was only 7 yrs old.

She was watching me getting ridden by her mother.

I have a extremely large penis and my wife is a size queen.

I tried to use the comforter to hide what we was doing from her eyes and her mom told me “No, Let her see..”

I fucked my wife as I noticed our daughter was actually having orgasms and with no shame we continued.

My wife was always a screamer and I figured her noises woke our daughter..

Every time I tried to hide our fucking from our daughter my wife got her way.

She turned around and told me to fuck her ass from behind as I stood and guided my 12 1/4” incher into my wife’s ass I realized my daughter had never seen me erect before. Though she had seen me naked.

I worked into her mother and she was really noisy because she loves my thick long cock all the way in her ass.

Our daughter was staring with eyes as big a saucers at us as we continued.

Any attempt to cover my wife only enraged my wife and she hissed “ Let her watch !”

After what seemed like a very long time but was probably about a half hour I told her I was ready to cum and my wife simply says. “ show her..”

I pulled out and holding my hard Dick I cummed all over my wife’s backside and her cunt and ass.

Then my wife spun around and started sucking on my cock head to keep me hard .

Our daughter was still fingering herself and intently watching us ..

My wife went to her and helped her to get in bed with us

All of us naked and she told our daughter to do what she was doing to me. Which was stroking my shaft and licking and sucking on my cock.

Our daughter reached over from her side and grabbed my cock in her hands which made my look incredibly bigger and watched as they took turns working my cock..

She explained what she was doing and why to our daughter .

Then as my wife watched she took my hand and put it on my daughters bottom and told me to see how wet our daughter was.

I was amazed at how wet my little girls pussy was!

I finally got brave and slid one finger inside her and as my daughter gave me head I was finger fucking my daughters cunt deeply.

My wife smiled and kissed me and kissed our daughter .

My daughters cunt clamped down on my finger and she moaned and said “ Yes daddy!”

I slowly stopped and withdrew my finger and licked it clean as she watched and her mom.

She did not bleed.

As it turned out, And I later learned our 7 yr old daughter had already been fucking her hair brush!

We snuggled up and my daughter in the middle we talked and she fell asleep.

My wife kissed me and as our daughter snored away gently my wife said she wanted to see me teach our daughter how to fuck my big cock.

I was so worried that my daughter would say something but learned her mom and her talked about how if she kept it a secret she could start sleeping with us every night.

No more standing at the foot of our bed spying.

At first it was awkward.

Our daughter loved to play

Her orgasms quite powerful and her mom knowing my cock was way to big for our daughter began fingering her and stretching her out and they would both play with me.

The lube I use for my wife she would use on our daughter .

My wife has a huge dildo that’s like my cock but she bought our daughter a smaller one about 8” inches long and not as thick and she gave it to our daughter as hers and showed her how to really fuck it good..

I was allowed to suck on her nipples and lick and suck her pussy and play with her clit and she would cum thrusting her young cunt into my face repeatedly and hold onto my cock with both hands as she did this. My cock was her personal handle.

She would watch me fuck her moms mouth, cunt and ass as she pumped her hairless pussy and learned to let herself moan just like her mom.

I grabbed it once and did it for her as she and her mom kissed.

One the times my wife was on her period my daughter and her would lick and suck me off

I then began using the lube and our daughter wanted me to try to enter her ass like I do her mother.

I was so gentle and the lube helped but just the head entered just inside itself she screamed in pain but her mom said to relax as I held still.

Slowly she relaxed and I just used only my head and pumped her gently and listened to my daughter start moaning and was so glad she was not hurt but was shocked when she started asking for more!

Her mom was using her big dildo and watching as our daughter started cumming

Before it was over I had managed to get almost all of my monster up my daughters ass and lost count how many orgasms she had.

She slept good that night.

Every night she played and slept with us.

My wife told me that her father used to fuck her at our daughters age in all holes, But her fathers not got a horse cock like mine.

This was never forced or rape in any way.

Mother and Daughter seemed inseparable.

Slowly things we did only once became routine and our daughter was always willing.

But I never tried doing things without her mom being there..

She would slide my lubed cock up her ass and ride me just like her mom and play with herself or let mom or I play with her pussy ..

Watching her and her mom eating each other out always got me going.

I never tried to get inside her pussy right away

Yet her ass was always ready

Then one night when our daughter was turning 9 years old she told me she wanted me inside her pussy

She was growing tits and already had a bit of bush growing and she mounted me by lubing up my cock and herself with her fingers and started working my horse inside little by little.

Just like her ass hole she stopped when my cock head flared back out inside of her vagina and held me there squatting on it.

Her mom wide eyed watched as she slowly rubbed her clit and then inch by inch got my fucking cock most of the way inside

She was telling mom and I about how it felt and I knew she was cumming even before she did .

My wife whispered “ fuck her daddy..”

I was amazed at how she rode me and before I cummed in her she had many multiple orgasms as her bunny tail bounced on my cock.

I seen the clock said she rode me for over a hour…

I cummed all the way in inside her with no condom and she was too young yet to be on the pill…

I was worried I might have knocked her up on our first pussy fuck..

She let me roll her over as I slowly pulled out and she let me kiss her and she held onto me the rest of the night.

Every time I tried to move she would grab me harder and not let go of me.

My wife snuggled up to her behind and held me too.

She said she was sore but was now considered a true woman in her mind.

Every night she and her mom took turns fucking me.

Her periods soon started and I resumed using condoms.

All along we kept having sex.

Her breasts grew to be like her mothers. But she has smaller nipples and areolas

She only trusted mom and I and we trust her.

We still fuck often

She is 34 yrs old now.

Had a daughter of her own with a deadbeat boyfriend and moved back home with us.

Now the granddaughter is starting to show interest in fucking

We don’t hide our bodies from her and she knows grandpa has a big cock.

She’s seen me fucking her mom and grandma and rubs herself just like her mom did..