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during high school I learnt to cook, it was at this time I began to masturbate into my mother and sisters food. I dont know if they ever tasted it, they never said anything, but when i remember those nights quickly rubbing my penis to get my magic sauce out for them, my dick starts to throb and grow. every time i made dinner my mother would smile knowingly at me, I am pretty sure she knew and loved my special sauce. she would beg me to cook for her and the girls.




I used to love to play with my pussy while I breast fed my son. I have cum many times without him knowing. I breast fed him until he was 3. When he got to be almost 3 one night he was drinking milk from me. His hand slipped over to my other breast. He began to rub on my nipple and groping my other beast as he sucked on the other one. I could feel my pussy throb. I'm not going to lie, I didn't stop him at first. I could feel his erection. I didn't want it to stop. I liked it.

I liked him feeding from me while he played with my breasts with a little hard on. I was so turned on and so horny I didn't want it to stop. But I began to feel guilty so I evenrually stopped him. He had no idea I was turned on. It's fairly common to get turned on while breast feeding. I do not do anything sexual with my son nor will I...but when I'm masturbating to my forbidden thoughts I think about not stopping and what would happen. I also get so wet thinking about giving birth to a little girl and having her do the same thing my son did, only this time I play with her little pussy, as I play with mine, and we have quality mother daughter bonding time.




The summer I graduated from HS. I was 18 and living with my divorced 34yo mom. I worked a 3-11 shift and when I came home my mom would come downstairs wanting to talk and wearing the most revealing teddy's and see thru lingerie which understandably got me quite turned on. Mom was athletic with a sexy well maintained body, 34a breasts with perky eraser size nipples. She worked out almost daily and would often go braless around the house. I think she did this on purpose to get my attention and was somewhat flirty at ties especially after a couple glasses of wine.

This one night as she was sitting across from me asking about my day etc she asked if I was dating anyone and how was my love life. Mom wasn't dating either and I would occasionally hear her moaning in her room at night masturbating.

I explained that it was hard to date working 3-11and I wasn't seeing anyone steady. She asked if there was anyone in particular who I had a sexual interest in and I stupidly said "you mom".

She kind of blushed and said " oh honey that's sweet but I'm your mother". She didn't know that I was sporting a raging hard on under the table and that I would often masturbate thinking about her especially after seeing her in her see thru teddy's night after night. It was such a turn on to see her erect nipples and the outline of her perfectly trimmed bush.

Then " You think I'm attractive? What exactly would you want do if I weren't your mother?" she asked teasingly.

"Of course I think you're attractive and I think you know that you turn me on. You're such a cock tease mom always wearing those sexy nighties. You drive me crazy." I stood up and the bulge in my shorts was evident. "See what you do to me mom."

"Oh dear, listen, go take a shower and come up to my bedroom and be quick before I change my mind. I think we can do something about this...IF you're okay with it"

I did what i was told and I found my mom in bed completely naked, she pulled back the sheet and motioned for me to get in.

" Promise me you will never ever tell anyone what we are about to do tonight"

I nodded and we proceeded to have the most intense sex imaginable. We kissed, french kissed, gave each other oral, 69'd and fucked while looking in each others eyes. She talked dirty while I was fucking her from behind and after we cuddled and fell asleep.

We did this a couple times a week all summer until I moved to attend college out of state.

Ever since I have had an incest fantasy fetish stemming from the summer with my mom




I don't know exactly how, but I when my Son is lying on his back and I am giving him a handjob, I can make him cum five feet into the air. If it's been a while, he can shoot about 6 to 7 feet straight up!




The trip was becoming a long one for all of us.

While my husband drove the RV and our Daughter slept, I text my Son to meet his DOM (Dear old Mom) in the back bedroom.

When he walked in, I took him by the hand to guide him over to the edge of the window seat.

I kneeled down in front of him I told him to stay quiet for me while I dropped my top.

I unbuttoned his shorts and reached in to pull his cock and balls out.

He asked me what I was doing???

I put my finger to my lips to shush him... and told him, "Your Mother wants to suck your cock, sweetie..."

-Oh, my Goodness, the look on his face!!!

With his cock and balls out of his pants, I started working him back and forth with my cold hand.

He seemed calm and quiet. I wondered what was going through that young impressionable mind of his.

I whispered to him, "Alright now sweetie, Mommy wants you to give her all of your hot boy cum soon, okay?"

My Son quickly grew big and hard enough for me to start sucking him.

I met his, "Oh, Mom..." with several successive, "C'h, c'h, c'h..." friendly quiet reminders.

"Your Father, honey... okay?"

"Right... Yeah, Mom."

I told my Son, "Not a sound now, sweetie... just stay quiet so Mommy can get this done for you..."

My Son quietly watched my red lips ripple up and down the shaft of his rock hard cock as I continued on blowing him.

Suddenly, I saw my Son's balls begin to retract and pull back.

I knew he was getting ready to cum for me.

I moved my lips to the head of his cock to increase my pressure on him and steady my blows so he could cum as hard and as much as possible in me.

Suddenly, under a few mumbled grunts and some heavy quiet breathing, my Son began blowing his huge load of hot boy cum in me just as hard as he could.

His throbbing, pulsing, ball draining shots of thick hot cum for his DOM... shot, after shot, after shot of his thick cum he delivered in me.

My Son couldn't help but quietly whisper, "Oh, Fuck, Mom!" as he finished up cuming inside of me, all red faced and spent.

After getting the last drops from my Son, I let him see the large white pool of his cum he left in his Mother's mouth while he recovered from his intense Mother/Son ball draining blowjob experience.

He whispered, "Oh, my God, Mom... look at all of my cum I just gave you!"

I let him watch me swallow him down with one purposeful gulp and then I whispered in his ear, "Thanks, for the hot, my sweet baby!"




I don't know how to explain it very well. I know that both incest and foot fetishes are quite common nowadays, but even so I can't get rid of this guilt of wanting to fuck my own mother, and fill her feet with cum. It's something that interrupts my thoughts every day, even in the most tense and melancholic moments, I only think about how good my mother looks when she wears black pantyhose around the house, or when she walks around wearing heels after coming home from work.

Of course, countless are the occasions in which I have masturbated on her socks, heels, pantyhose and panties, I think there is no underwear of hers that has not been stained with semen in the last year. I love secretly taking her heels just when she comes home from work and leaving them in her room; I take them to my room, where I smell them until I cum completely on one of them.

I've gotten to the point of secretly taking photos of my mom's feet and legs, printing them out, and cumming on them when I smell her used socks or pantyhose. My fondest memory is when she, after returning exhausted from work, asked me to take off her heels and give her a foot massage. I swear I've never had a boner this strong until that day. The wet smell of her feet combined with the smell of the black cloth she was wearing on her…I just wanted to fuck her right there. I stayed for more than an hour massaging her feet without realizing that she had fallen asleep. As soon as I noticed it, I didn't think twice before starting to give them quick little kisses at her feet.

I have come to create false pornographic images of my mother, placing her face on top of actresses wearing pantyhose and heels getting fucked until cumming on top of them.




In my dream, Mother/Son incest dream, I feel my Son impregnating me. I've been having the same dream every night, month after month, and each time, it seems so real...

I hear a soft knock on my bathroom door.

I open it slightly; it's my Son wanting to talk with me.

I tell him, "Well, I'm putting on my makeup right now, sweetie... Your Father already left for work, so go finish getting ready so Mommy can drive you to school."

He said it's pressing...

"Honey, Mommy isn't dressed right now, can it wait?"

He insisted with, "I know, Mom... please?" He's seen me naked recently before so, after a patient motherly sigh, I invited him in.

While applying some eye liner in the mirror, my Son brought in a step stool and set in down behind me.

Before I could question him about what he was doing, he got up on the stool, grasped my waist, and pressed me from behind.

It was intense and with purpose.

He noticed the shocked wide eyed look on my face in the mirror but he kept advancing on me.

I asked him, "What do you think your doing young man?"

He told me, "I'm ready Mom..." as he grasped my waist tighter and began working his hips back and forth into mine. He began to press his wet rock hard head up against my lips, as if to spread them and get inside of me.

It all seemed so unreal and so sudden... I thought, with his own Mother?

I felt a sudden sexually charged shutter reverberate though my body. The sheer taboo of Mother/Son incest took hold of me.

I was shocked and mortified for my Son wanting this with his own Mother... So much, I just froze. I didn't know what to do.

I stared at my Son in the mirror; the sheer look of sexual trancendence he had on his face was so far beyond reach, he was so far gone out of mind, and so beyond reason. Again, the thought of naughty Mother/Son incest sex taboo racing though him.

All I could feel at this point was the sex my Son wanted with me, so I quickly decided to give into him and let him fuck me.

I told him, "Alright, come on, baby, let's do this," as I bent over the counter to lean on my elbows, spread my legs apart, and arched my back to allow my Son full access.

He asked, "Tell me where, Mom."

"A little lower, baby..."

I felt the head of his hard cock seat inside of me.

I told him, "That's it sweetie, now just push it all the way into me now... balls deep in Mommy"

I heard him moan, "Oh, yes, Mom, I want to be balls deep in you Mommy..."

My Son raised to his toes on the stool as he began taking me from behind; in and out, in and out... thrusting me balls deep.

I watched my Son's face in the mirror for a while as he continued fucking me. I just wanted to make sure this is what he was wanting with his Mother.

Convinced my Son was comfortable in fucking his own Mother, I rest my head on the counter and contunued let him have his way with me.

After a few of minutes more of him taking me, I raised my head to watch my Son in the mirror.

He looked so intense... like he was on a mission to cum in me... impregnate me...

He continued to watch himself fuck me as his thrusts rocked my boobs back and forth over the counter. I knew he always loved my big beautiful boobs; he glances at them all the time.

His hands moved from my waist to my hips in an effort for him to steady steady his blows into me.

He continued on with, "Oh, Mom, you're so sexy... so hot, Mom!"

Suddenly, he began to pulse faster and harder as he slowed his in's and out's of his Mother's pussy.

I knew he was getting close as he stopped to press as deep and hard as he could in me.

I told him, "That's it baby... don't hold back... cum for Mommy!

Oh, sweetie, do it... cum as hard as you can in me... cum in your Mother!"

A few rapid shallow breaths and then a few grunts, and I could feel my Son blowing his huge load of his hot boy cum into his DOM, (dear old Mom)...

Oh God, I could feel him impregnating me... his Mother to his new future brother.

Is it a dream? It seems so real!