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i’m a 36 year old mother with two sons. 6 and 14. we are a very open, hippie, and stoner family. my husband (40) and i openly masterbate in front of the boys. last night (it’s 1 am where i’m from at the moment) i was bored and really horny. my husband wasn’t home but on his way. i couldn’t wait any longer. my 6 year old was on the couch naked and watching tv. i had an idea. i went into my husband and i’s room and went to look for my strap on (12 inches) and put it on. i went back over to my son and told him to bend over. he was very confused but he bent over for me. before i did anything my husband texted me that he was 10 minutes away. the thought of my husband walking in on his wife fucking her own son turned me on. i put my phone down and rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole. “this might hurt sweetheart.” then i slowly eased the first 6 inches in. he was already crying but it didn’t stop me. i only eased the rest of it into his now stretched hole and move slowly. he kept crying and telling me how much it hurt. “it’s okay baby.” i told him and i started moving inside his cute tight hole faster. he stopped crying after he felt how good it was. finally i held his hips and started pounding into him as hard as i could. he started screaming “MOMMY!!” and i just couldn’t stop. seeing his small dick dangle from how much i was fucking his ass just kept turning me on! after 15 minutes my husband walked in. he looked at me and quickly started pulling his pants down to join me. “wait i wanna fuck him more first.” i said and my husband nodded. after about an hour i finally pulled out of his gaping hole. my husband smiled at it and quickly dug his mouth into his hole to tongue it. my husband couldn’t get enough. my husband’s cock (13.5) was leaking of precum. he quickly shoved into his hole and fucked him in every position even if he was screaming. even after two hours in he didn’t stop. my son’s hole was dripping of cum and it sounded like such a mess. i loved it. finally my 14 year old wanted a try with his little brother so his father pulled out. my youngest was begging for a break but my other son said “i want a turn. be a good bitch and arch that back.” my son wasn’t gentle on him. his cock (8.5) ravished his hole like it was his last. by the time everyone was done with him, his hole was a gaping cum filled mess. we never cleaned the cum out of him instead let it drip out of him.




At 13, I started something taboo I didn’t know I would turn into much more. It all started in the pool with my Mom and my Sister.

We had a private backyard pool and I wanted to go skinny dipping. Soon my Sister followed suit, or lack there of, while my Mother was hesitant and remained reserved.

We swam for the rest of the afternoon like always.

The next day, we went to edge of our pool and dropped our suits before jumping in. When I came up to slick my hair back, I saw my Mom drop her top.

Her big boobs rested much lower on her without the support of her wired bikini top and I noticed she was nipping out.

I suddenly found myself growing hard seeing my Mother’s sexy big boobs; much more so than my Sisters.

My Mom started to walk down the steps of the pool when my Sister questioned my Mom about her bikini bottoms.

My Mom hesitated at first, but then felt compelled to square up with us before getting in.

My Mom unsnapped the sides of her bikini and let them drop off her as she walked into the pool.

I swam down by my Mom to get her bottoms and sneaked in a peek at her lowers seeing a completely bald pussy.

I came up in front of her to hand them to her and she told me, “Well, thank you sweetie, but you may as well throw them away… I won’t be wearing them any longer.”

After swimming for a while my Mom said, “Well, I guess I should lay out to start evening out these tan lines.”

My Mom laid in the sun and then asked for some lotion so she wouldn’t burn. My Sister went to hand her the bottle when my Mom said, “Why don’t you let your brother do it.”

I straddled my Mom as I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the her back. I kept going as my Mom stayed quiet. I started lower on her and still, she stayed quiet.

I worked some lotion onto my Mother’s butt as my Sister watched on.

I rested back up on my Mom’s hips and butt as I leaned over her to smell the lotion I just put all over her.

I knew she could feel my hard on I had for her but all she did was thank me for caressing her.

My hard cock began to bead up some precum so I lubed her crotch up with my cock and noticed she wasn’t stopping me.

Before my Sister knew better, I found myself trying to enter my Mom as I started pressing her with the head of my slick wet cock.

I slipped my throbbing shaft into her balls deep as I heard my Sister whisper, “Oh, my God…” when she realized I would be fuck my Mom from behind at the side of the pool.

My Mom whispered, “Your Brother is fucking me, his own Mother, and you’re going to watch him do it… just please don’t stop him… let him do it… it’s what he wants… so just let him fuck me…”

I continued taking my Mom as my Sister watched on in disbelief; I could see it on her face…

After a couple of minutes of in’s and out’s in my Mom, I couldn’t take it anymore… I was getting ready to blow it in her.

My Mom knew I was getting close and stayed quiet. I thought if she didn’t want me to cum in her she would have warned me by now, but all quiet with my Mom.

Suddenly, I began to grumble and grunt as I launched shot after shot of my hot cum as deep into my Mom as I possibly could as I pressed her from behind with all of my might.

I felt like I was trying to get my Mom pregnant even though I didn’t want to.

My Mom, with clenched teeth, encouraged me to finish cuming in her as hard as I could as she told me, “That’s it baby, bring it home… fill your Mother with all of that hot young boy cum, baby!”

I kneeled behind her and pumped her full of everything I could before reluctantly pulling out of her.

My Sister asked to see our Mother/Son cream pie load I just left in her.

I sat back to recover as I heard my Sister say, “Oh my God… you really did it… you fucked your own Mother…”




First time I had sex with my mom. It was common for me to crawl into bed with my mom ever since I was little. My dad left when I was around 3. When I was around 10 when I first started playing with my dick. A couple years later when I was around 12 is when I first started to ejaculate. Ever since that first time watching cum spray out my dick I was hooked on cumming. One night I went to crawl into bed with my mom, she had her back against me as I snuggled up to her.

As I laid there I started thinking dirty thoughts trying to sleep and it was not long my cock came to life starting to grow. I still remember how my dirty thoughts turned to my mom's pussy and I remember thinking what it would be like to put my dick inside her pussy.

Her nightgown had risen up and all I had to do was pull her panties to the side. I still vividly remember reaching down taking her panty crotch and pulling it up off to the side exposing her shaved pussy. It was almost like my cock knew where to go and it seemed my cock went right to her warm pussy hole. Again I vividly remember when the head of my cock touched her pussy hole I thought; "Wow she is all wet down there". I pushed my cock forward and it slipped right into her pussy. I remember pushing more, felt the warmth of her pussy as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her body.

Once again it was almost instinct as I started slowing fucking her. I remember her ever so lightly moaning as my thrusts became harder and faster. Then as I started to cum, I thrust my cock deep in her. I felt myself spray cum deep in her with each thrust. It was the hardest I have cum ever in that point of my life.

The next night I waited enough time where I thought she was asleep and got in her bed. As I snuggled up to her back again it felt like my cock was in the crack of her ass and I didn't feel her panties, it was skin on skin. I reached down and she was not wearing any panties. So I scooted down a little so I could get my cock between her legs. Again she was totally wet and I pushed my cock inside her. I slow fucked her at first and she started lightly moaning as my cock slid in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. It was not long before I was full on fucking her and again I blew my load deep inside my mom.

I remember the following night when I went in she was laying on her back. I also remember thinking; "Shit now I can't fuck her". As I laid there thinking that I was not going to be able to fuck her she slowly reaches out taking my arm and lightly pulling toward her. I remember looking up at her and as our eyes made contact she whispered; "Come on baby, get on top of me".

As I was getting between her legs she raised them up and I took a hold of her legs holding them up as my rock hard cock started poking the entrance of her pussy. Once again this is so vivid in my mind, as I looked down at my cock slowly sliding in and out of her pussy she whispers; "Come on baby, fuck mommy's pussy". That was the first time ever I heard my mom say fuck and that's what I exactly did, fuck her pussy hard. That was the hardest I've ever come at that time in my life but oh there was more to come.

The next morning when she was giving me my breakfast before school she tells me I can never tell anyone and I remember telling her that I knew that already. Then she asked if I wanted to stay home from school because she had the day off work. That day was the first time my mom sucked my cock. I remember her saying that she wanted me to cum in her mouth and when I get hard again I'll last longer in her pussy. I had to fuck her 10 to 12 times that day! I think the best time that day was when she was bent over the arm of the sofa and I was behind her holding her hips as I plowed her pussy.




hi, this is my second confession. i wanna tell you, how is it started my "mom incest Fantasy". when i at university age i was surfing on internet and i saw sex stories. i started reading those stories. i was aware that's lie. but i was so horny while reading. then i started incest mom fucking stories. i had cum with read these stories every day. then i started watching milf,incest videos and reading confessions. now i am 33 and i am masturbating sometimes with this website. i am addicted to this fantasy. i fuck my wife like mom. we did roleplay like mom and son one time. ı want her to take age and become milf and gilf. ı fucking her ass. she's curvy ass gain weight constantly. ı send my dick photo with texting" hi mommy" . she get horny. ı fucking her pillow with her sexy panties, then ı recorded as a video. and ı send her with text "your pervert son mom" she liked it. ı improving that fantasy. ı seen she get horny like that. ı wanna more




ı am 34(m) and married. ı love taboo sex and fantasies. ı don't know why am ı like this. normal sex is comes so routine for me. ı wanna hot heart beating. ı love all ladies. especially mature,milf,mom,,granny. their fat ass,big tits attracting me. their body come like soft and fatty. like pillow. and ı wanna drink their milk like her son. and fucking her. ı seen my wife's mom in my dream.she's a chubby mature woman. she was sucking my dick in my dream. ı was touching her big and fat ass. and my underwear filled up with my load. ı liked it. ı look every ass in around. ı like incest mom. every woman know should this. we wanna fuck you like mom,sister, aunt,grandma. you should try that. act like mom

and you will see how to fuck you as a mom.




My 20 year old daughter and I were out at the mall shopping for bathing suits. She picked out a few and said she thought they would look good on me. I told her that I need to wear a suit that has the skirt shorts underneath. When she asked me why, I paused before saying, “ well, I wear those because my pubic hair shows too much in a regular bottom. She said,” really mom? You have that much hair? “ I said, “ yes, I really like it. “ she then said,” wow, I’ve never seen a woman who has hair like that. “

We gathered a few bathing suits for each of us and brought them home to try on. Once home, I went to my room to change and my daughter followed me. I thought she would change in her room so it was odd that she didn’t. I didn't think much at first, but then I realized that maybe she wanted to see me nude to check out my pubic hair.

We put our bags on my bed and began to undress. I began to get nervous. I couldn’t remember the last time my daughter saw me naked. It was probably when she was an adolescent. As I took off my top and shorts, I could see my daughter looking at me through her bangs as though she didn’t want me to see her looking. I removed my bra and my tits fell out. The sensation of having them exposed for my daughter to see, suddenly gave me this weird feeling of excitement. I think it was the tabooness of the situation.

I now took off my panties. I made sure I was facing her. I’ll never forget hearing her involuntary whisper saying,” OMG, OMG.” I knew then that she was turned on, otherwise, she would have left the room. I stood there facing her pretending to fuss with my hair. I could feel my nipples growing and I could feel myself getting wet.

To break the ice, I said,” it’s ok, you can look.” I felt incredibly nervous but at the same time, turned on. My daughter just stared at my pussy. I took a step closer to the bed and I put one leg up on the bed pretending to scratch my leg. Now, my cunt was open for my daughter to see and she looked right up at it. I could feel myself shaking.

Nothing else happened, but from that point forward, we always tried on new clothes together in my room and each time , we would both get naked and get turned on. I’m wondering if one day, something more might happen. I would like for us to masturbate.




I'm a 38-year-old single mom and I have a 14-year-old son, we live together in a small apartment with 1 bedroom. We were used to sleep together since he was small and up to now, we're still doing so. It all started last year when we were sleeping... It was in the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up and felt something hard was rubbing against my butt. I pretended I was asleep and wait for his next move. It went on for about 15 to 20 minutes getting faster and faster until I heard a soft moan behind me. Then I felt something hot wetting my panties from behind. That's the time the rubbing stopped. I didn't bother to get up for I was so sleepy. The next day, I didn't talk about it and just acted normal like any other day. When he left for school, I began to think about it. I didn't see it but I imagined it was big and a little thick for his age. My hand went inside my panties and to my surprise, I was wet. I stopped thinking about it knowing it will just happen once, but it did not. It happened several times, and in some few times he would slide it between my thighs rubbing against my pussy while he slips his hand under my nightie to feel my breast and play with my nipples while humping until he finished. Sometimes I wear thongs and some nights I don't wear undies so his hands were free to touch and rub me. I know he can feel my wet pussy during those times.

It wasn't right but the sensation I felt was so good that I almost guided him inside me.

The last time that happened was a few weeks ago, I wasn't wearing any undies, I got so wet and while he was humping, he almost got inside...good thing I moved a little and he missed my hole while he was cumming all over my pussy.

We haven't talked about it up to now. I'm waiting for what's about to happen next.