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I have a stay at home Mom who waits for me to come home from school for some Mother Son bonding, as she calls it.

When I get home, I announce I'm home.

If my Mom says, "Hi, sweetie, I'm upstairs..." I know to lay low and not get excited. Someone might home.

If my Mom says, "Hi, baby, I'm upstairs..." I know I can go up to join her.

Usually, it's, "Hi, Baby," I get so excited because I know my Mom is going to do something to me or let me do something with her.

I usually start getting hard as I walk up the stairs to my Mom.

Today, she took me by my hand to lead me into the master closet.

She started to ask me about school as she kneeled down infront of me to unbutton my pants.

After pulling me out, she told me to have a seat on the step stool.

I got situated and started to tell her about my day when she took me in her mouth and started blowing me.

I gave up talking to my Mom to focus on her working my cock up and down.

I quietly watched my Mom's red lipstick lips tightly ripple up and down my cock while she moaned, "Mmmm..."

Before I knew it, she was getting me close to cum for her.

I sat up on the edge of the stool to get ready to blow it in her.

My Mom breifly made eye contact with me as if telling me she wanted it and that it was okay for me to let it fly.

Knowing my Mom wanted it, I didn't hold back.

My Mom began sucking even harder as she grasped my now throbing cock with her hand (to keep it from getting away from her) while I started to unload for her.

Shot after shot, my Mom continued on with her, "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm's..." as she continued to take all I could give her.

After I finished, I wispered, "Oh, my God, Mom..."

Then she sat up on her knees to slowly open her mouth so I could see my large white pool of cum she took from my balls.

She closed to swallow and then told me, "Shhh, baby, Mommy knows..."

Before I could say anything else, my Mom told me if I had homework to go do it and if I wanted another blowjob, after I finished my homework, to come find her.

I love my stay at home Mom...




My Son has the perfect shaped penis and he's always ready to have sex with me.

I know his favorite position with me is cowgirl because he loves watching my boobs bounce around when I am riding him to climax.

After I finish, I keep riding him until he starts to blow it in me.

I'll sit down on him all the way and watch his face strain when he starts to cum.

Watching his face when he's blowing it in me is such a turn on I usually cum again.




Every night after my 8yr old daughter goes to sleep, I sneak into her room and slide her panties off so I can lick and finger her little pussy, it's so fucking sweet and soft and cute

I wish I was a man so I could rub my cock on her and cum on it, sometimes I imagine her dad or another man fucking her and it makes me cum even harder

I want to see it for real, but just touching is fine for now




I just turned 18 I'm m Iv always been attracted to older women mainly cuz of my mom but I haven't had a close relationship to her since I was a kid but she had lots of boyfriends and I would hear her alot and I liked it one time I walk in on her riding one of her boyfriends and I always thought about it and I've seen her nude a couple time when I was a kid she has nice d maybe c tits a lil ass she's tall n beautiful and I've never really been with anyone and im really into older women I want to be groomed by milf gilf have a good time I just don't know how to put my self in those situations I want a mommy




Im male 43, good looking,above average height, earnings etc...I posted here before saying I want to fuck my Mom and Im going to see if I can on holiday this year.

Well get this, the holiday is coming up and I have got my Mom texting me saying she wants to "do it" (always in indirect ref to going away but still very specific language), that she cant wait for me to come and that the place is all fixed up for when we want to come. Well, I got a bit bold and said "I think we need to cum as soon as possible in my opinion" and she said "Yes you just need to tell me when. Xxxx"

She followed it up with "I want you to have a good time. Xxx"

Now it could be the silent perv in me reading into things.....

I think I might be fucking my Mom this holiday! And I think she is as excited about it as I am!

Well.....either that or I have missread the situation and this will end up very funny indeed...




28 YO working as a line technician for a local chevy dealer. Gal about my age dropping in around the shop every couple of days. Over the next month or so we got to talking. She was more than friendly. Giving her address to stop by after work one day left me excitingly curious. Living a couple streets away I knocked on the door.

She greeted me at her apt door with her daughter. Cute thing about 6-7 YO wonderful smile. We sit i the living room and mom excuses herself. Daughter come over standing by my legs telling me her name is Cindy. Her short yellow sundress with loose straps exposed her young flat chest. Looking up at me giving an incredible seductive look ask if I'd like to see her panties.

My heart skipped a beat. So hard believing this moment just opened up. Voice shaking, asking where her mom is she told of her taking a long shower like she normally does when inviting guys over for a visit. Cindy placing her chest to the outside of my leg with her arms over top her hand come to my lap two fingers pressing in on my bulge. Fingers holding pressure on my shaft my cock does an involuntary couple of pumps. Giggling saying, she thinks my penis would like to see her panties. My breath sucks in as she turns her back to me sliding her panties off in one smooth move. Cutely laughing about showing her panties trick leaned from mom as see holds them up.

I'm speechless bringing them to my face asking if I'd like to sniff them. Telling most guy's mom invites like to smell them telling she doesn't know why. Declining the offer asking her if mom knows about guys sniffing and seeing her private underthings. No hesitation answering about mom knowing while telling her how to act so she can ask to see my penis. Frozen I can barely move as she cutely turns pulling up her short dress asking if I like her naked butt.

Smiling with a wonderful, wicked gleam in her eyes she come returns to my lap her eyes fixed on my bulge. She softly asks if she can see my penis now that I've seen her butt. A voice comes from the hallway as mom come walking out naked. Smiling saying "go ahead let's see if your penis is up to our standards". As if on que Cindy chimes out 'Yes us ladies do have our standards'.

My mind is blown as naked mom comes and sits beside me while Cindy is fumbling with my zipper and belt. Not overly hung but 6 1/2 - 7 inches depending on phase of the moon, begins to stand. Look at mom with a bit of panic not used to this sort of scenario. Her telling me to relax, she loves having fun with her daughters' young curiosities just makes my excitement level spring higher.

Telling me to take my clothes off or leave. I confess being torn in two. Go home to wife and dinner or let the fantasy game begin. I stood up as my laundry fell to the floor mom lifting my shirt over my head. Naughty side taking over while looking down seeing my waving cock being idolized by a sexy 6 YO now naked little lady. Mom grabbed my hips turning me toward her daughter's face telling her she knows what to do. I can' believe seeing her little hands take my cock. A memory I still masturbate to 50 years later...




I am a 30 year old mom of 3. Recently my oldest who is extremely autistic(12) has been touching me. He loves rubbing my pierced nipples and plating with my clit if I open my legs in front of him. God what I wouldn't give to have a pervy nasty man as my partner. I want another baby.