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I (40f) had sex with my son (19m). I don’t regret it now as long as my son won’t in the future (it seems like he won’t)

My son and I did the deed recently, I have never been married. I had my son at an extremely young age. His father wasn’t around for anything. I feel horrible for him. He knows the father wasn’t even there for his birth. He is an only child. Which is good in some ways and bad in others. We are at least financially stable in a world that’s becoming increasingly expensive…that’s a good thing.

I am 40 years old, very white almost pale, I got double D’s, really no butt (or at least it’s medium at best but still on the smaller side) and I got a beautiful face according to my son. His friends all sort of hit on me but in a way that they won’t offend my son. I,e hugs last way to long, they stare at me kind of weirdly. And make a lot of compliments lol It’s pretty obvious… oh and I’m 5’4 tall..

One night when it was just him and I he brought up how attractive I was. He had taken me to the beach earlier and I think that sparked him to push things. He opened up to me on his depression, the fact that his girlfriend leaving him a year or so ago hurt him. He started rubbing my legs and told me “I’m the most attractive person he knows and he would like to kiss me”. I felt a taken back by this but he went for it. I too went got into it and he picked me up and carried me to my room (i have a nice queen bed he still only has a full size). Well we made love, I didn’t hold back. I told him mid way through I can tell he’s had all these pent up hormones.

You see incest has never been wrong in my eyes. I don’t believe in the cultural norm about most things. Not to mention my son is very lean and attractive. We didn’t go sleep till almost 4 am that night. We laid there talking then he went to his room.

I don’t regret it and I know right now he enjoyed it and doesn’t either. That was part of our discussion. It was beneficial and if anything helped our bond. He said “that was amazing and the best experience he’s ever had sexually”.

I don’t think we’ll do it again. I can’t risk anyone finding out either since we’ll it’s VERY illegal… but it does feel good talking about it on here.

I’m not gonna give out to many details but I will say since he has made me confident about legs now. That is what turns my son on so much about me other than my face. He said and I quote “I’m a legs man and you have the most attractive soft legs”. Lol he was very into those much more than my breast. This was actually his first time sucking on my boobs since he has only been been bottle fed.

Some of the things he said I think were a little to far during intercourse but I understand he was horny… like “your p**sy is mine“. When the reality is it’s mine and I didn’t have to agree to having sex. I helped him out and his confidence though and went with it “yes honey it’s yours, it’s yours! Not to mention it felt so freaking good.

I haven’t been laid in forever so I borderline screaming when he got into it…. It’s been so long since I’m working alot I don’t have time and none of my friends have introduced me to anyone.




My mum Is a slut or what we call in Britain a hoe. She likes young men and has pics and videos of her have been leaked (not online though).

At a new years party, she lived up to her image she was chatting with all my mates and letting them buy her drinks and flirt with her. One of my mates went for it and pinned her against the wall in the loo while I watched from the other stall.

She has no idea I saw her melt against the wall. My mate saws next time he'll leave the door open for me.




This happened last year on Thanksgiving. My mother was staying with us for Thanksgiving and she decided that she wanted to cook. My wife working overnight so it was just me and her. I had some blow and a bottle of wine so me and her started getting fucked up, basically just drinking all night.

Out of nowhere she starts telling me how my wife told her about our sex life. My mother is black, obsessed with white men, and I guess because my skin is light enough, she started thinking. She wondered if my dick was "white" or "black" in her words.

Since we were both under the influence I took a chance and I asked her if she wanted to see it. She hesitated at first but then said yes. I whipped it out and started stroking it to get it hard for her so she could judge. I asked her if she wanted to touch it and surprisingly she didn't hesitate.

She started playing with it so I said fuck it and I started feeling up on her ass. My mother was wearing a night gown so I lifted it up and started really feeling up all over her. I pulled down her panties and turned her around and she was too drunk to really protest.

I put it in and started fucking the shit out of her. Keep in mind that my mother is a little overweight, so she has a fat ass. I was gripping her ass cheeks and ramming it hard, clapping those cheeks. I've never heard my mother moan before so that shit was turning me on like crazy and that's when I noticed something. When I'm about to cum, I start shaking, and my mother started doing the same thing. I thought about pulling out, but I took too long to consider it, and I came inside her. It felt fucking awesome.

2 hours later she came in my bedroom while I was coming down, and she wanted to talk about what happened. I guess it was a little fuzzy for her. I realized she had gotten rid of the cum soaked panties, so she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

This time, I pulled her into the bed started sucking on her big, floppy titties. We both knew that my wife was going to be home soon, so we didn't waste any time. I climbed on top of her and pounded away until I came again and she was a hot fucking mess.

We had to change the sheets quickly before my wife came home, but it was the best Thanksgiving ever!!!




13f, i'm a massive slut. i spend at least an hour every day on omegle showing my boobs to strangers. it's an addiction at this point lol. I wish i had some friends like me who lived close, but I'm homeschooled and weird :/ I'm pretty much a virgin irl aside from a few things that happened when I was 5 and 9 (and something that recently happened with my mom) but nothing too major id say. i only have occasional visits with my mom but id really love to seduce her. last time I visited her she gave me 2 of her bras and (used!) panties but that's about it




Ive met many people from here and most are as perverted as they seem....

My confession is. I want to meet a perverted lady who loves beastiality and other tabboos. Someone that wants to be a house wife and / or breesing mare for myself and the fam. She wouldnt have to work a day in her life... the catch? Im pretty good l9omijg so finding someone equally good looking is hard lol




I watch my husband molest my daughters all the time. Theyre 2 and 4 and he basically just has sex with them when im not around. I love when he cums inside them and i get to suck him after. I wish we had a boy for hin to play with. It would be so hot to watch him put the little boy penis and balls in his mouth while jerked off my husband and fingered his butthole.




I want to fuck a little girl so bad, just thinking about them makes me wet, I wish I had a cock so I could feel their tiny pussies squeezing me. I have a daughter but I don't want to scare or hurt her, so it'll just stay a fantasy