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I was at a party and went to find a bathroom. I walked by a bedroom where a really drunk girl was passed out. I checked to see if she would wake up, and she didn’t. So I took off her top and sucked her tits. Then I lifted up her skirt, took her panties off and fucked her raw. I came inside her and left. Best part is that I made a video of it on my phone. I love college.




I lost my virginity to my roommate Kayla while we were both really drunk in college, and got kinda aggressive with her. I have always found Kayla really attractive, which was not an unpopular opinion - she was always highly sought after by the boys. Huge tits and a skinny little waist, flat stomach, long brown-blond hair. And she has a beautiful face - brownish green large eyes, and cute pouty lips, a slightly recessed jaw. It’s hard to describe over text, but she is really cute and sexy. We had been friends in high school, and then I developed a real crush on her while we lived together as dorm-mates in college. She tried on a couple occasions to kiss me, but she had always been drunk and I wasn’t drunk so I didn’t want to because I genuinely liked her and wanted her to like me. I always just told her I don’t sleep with drunk girls, but she was always really persistent. I didn’t sleep with her until a year after the dorms, when we were renting a house with two other girls. I forget the occasion, but we were all really drunk, partying in the living room. Probably singing karaoke off our projector. I remember my other roommate, Tati, cuddling up next to me as I laid on the couch. She always would say she’s straight, but she loved to cuddle. She was beside me with her leg partially over me. I could feel her crotch pressed up against my hip. I really enjoyed her cuddles, and wish I had tried to take it further with her at some point before moving out - I think I could have turned her (eventually I think she did realize she was gay, but I would have loved to pop her cherry). I was getting really drunk, and Kayla was pouring us all more shots. At a certain point Kayla piled on top of us, and began straddling me. I felt the heat of her cunt on my lower stomach and I felt my clit twitch. There was this look in her eyes and the tension crackled between us. She pecked me playfully on the lips and rolled off us slowly. “Do you want to go lay down in your room?” She asked me innocently. I told her I did, and eagerly climbed over the back of the couch, following her to my room that was right next to the living room. When we got onto my bed, we just cuddled and rolled around drunkenly together. Neither of us initiated it, but as we rolled, our lips met. That was all it took. She was a wet kisser, her tongue swiped against mine and we drooled into each other. I offered to get us some more booze from the kitchen and I scurried out quickly to retrieve it. When I got back I gave her a double and I took a shot of water. I was already drunk but I wanted her to be even more willing, although she was already really fucked up. As soon as she had downed them, we were kissing again. I sucked her tongue and held the back of her neck, my other hand hungrily groped her sides and stomach. Between the kissing we both took our clothes off, but I hardly remember our lips leaving each other. She eventually broke the kiss and started pushing my head down. Her pussy was always shaved completely smooth, something I had forgotten until that moment. I nosed her slit and and lapped at her hole. It tasted so good, she was so wet. She was the first pussy I had ever tasted and I wanted to lick and suck her forever. I probed my tongue into her and ate up her sticky wetness. My nose nuzzled hard against her while I tongue fucked her as deep as I could. I was so horny I was grinding and humping against the bed. She stared protesting quietly, saying something like, she hadn’t gone this far before, and she wasn’t sure. I pinned her with one arm over her pelvis and one wrapped around her thigh and kept going. My mouth moved up to find her clit and I sucked it gently. She started pushing my head away weakly. My head was spinning and I couldn’t stop now. My pussy was so swollen and hot. I slipped a finger inside her and felt her squeeze down on me and she let out a desperate moan. I added more fingers and curled them inside her while sucking her off. I felt her tightening and she pressed herself into the mattress to get further away, but that just made me go harder. Suddenly I could feel piss gushing out of her as I fucked her hard. I opened my mouth to suck her piss and clit at the same time. Her hot piss tasted so sweet and I slurped up as much as I could as she now humped her bald pussy into my mouth. She pulled me up to kiss her again and I eagerly crawled up to her and feverishly kissed her - I wanted her to taste her own cum. I was still so horny and started straddling her leg while kissing her aggressively. I wanted to get off too. Again she squirmed under me but I held her tightly under me and started thrusting my pussy against her leg, and my knee into her pussy. Her expression looked kinda scared but she wasn’t going to stop me. I didn’t care that she didn’t like it, in fact it made me so hot that she was so pathetic against me. I caressed her face gently and kissed her, smashing her lips. I repositioned us so I was sitting up, hugging her leg against my body, and forcefully fucked my pussy against hers. I was way stronger than her and held her tight, she couldn’t get away in the slightest. I roughly pinched and pulled on her tit while I rode her. My large clit was so swollen and it felt so good to rub against her smooth slick pussy, it felt like I was really inside her. Soon I could feel myself orgasming and I bucked against her uncontrollably as my clit throbbed and I peed a little. I slowed and rubbed my pussy against her in soft circles, jerking slightly as I overstimulated my clit. I collapsed next to her, and held her tight against my sweaty body until I fell asleep. When I woke up I found her in her room. We didn’t talk about it the next day and everything stayed the same as before. She said she didn’t remember anything from the night before, but didn’t bat an eye when I returned the shirt and shorts she left in my room, so I think she was lying about blacking out. I still have her panties that she left in my room and sometimes stuff them partially inside my pussy when I think of her and jerk off with the material against my clit and urethra hole until I squirt into them. I can feel my clit throbbing as I write this and remember her.




I came home from the bar late one late my room had left the state for family stuff and later on his gf came home from a rave really drunk and fucked up. She passed out and didn't close her room door. I was drunk and high af on coke so I went in thinking I would just take pics or her and jerk off. She was still in her rave outfit. I went back out to the kitchen made a loud noise and she didn't wake up. I called her name and nothing. So I spread her legs and moved her panties and started eating her out she moan a bit no was still out cold. I went up pulled out her tits and started sucking then and kissing her all over. One thing led to another and I had my cock out and was slapping her pussy and rubbing my tip on her pussy. I spit on her lifted her legs and slid my dick in her. I was so scared and my heart was beating like crazy but still she didn't wake up so I started pounding her. I got crazy and started to kiss her lips she moved away and I freaked out and stood still but It was just a reaction so I kept fucking her. I decided to turn her over so I could grad her ass and fuck her doggy style. When I was close to Cumming I turned her over opened her mouth and shot my load in her mouth. I went thru her drawers and and dirty panties sniffing then. I snorted some coke off her titties and then stuff a pair of her panties in her pussy. Then I found her dildos pull out the panties and started fucking her with her 8 purple dildo while sucking on her tits. I again decided to try and kiss her and this time she didn't move. So I started making out with her and sticking my tongue in her mouth she hadn't yet swallowed my cum so stopped and again spread her legs and slid my dick in her. I came a total of 3 time after that and each loud went on her face. I wiped my cum off of her but left the dildo in her pussy. I got her phone and unlocked it with her face. Sent every nude I could fine to my phone and deleted the chat. And the went on her browser and looked up bbc porn and left it playing. I heard her wake up the next day and went out to get water. We talked for a bit but she didn't seem off.




I was travelling around for skiing a few years ago and my girlfriend (now wife) asked her sister if i could stay with her for a few days because she lived only 20 minutes from one of the mountains. Her sister lived in a studio apartment so we would have to share a bed. My girlfriend had no problem with this because "its not like youre going to hook up with my sister", and i didnt, on the first night that is. The second night however she came in from being out at the club and she was pretty drunk. She nearly fell over as she stripped down to her bra and panties and climbed in bed next to me. Without saying a word i just went down and moved her panties over and started eating her pussy. I knew she would be too drunk to care and would just go along with it. I ended up coming inside her

I told my girlfriend about it because i wanted to be the one to tell her. I was very surprised when she wasnt mad. I guess she kind of fantasized about something like that happening. She told me all about how they would play with each other as kids and how she might find it fun to go visit her soon. So yeah we still see her a few times a year and we have plenty of sex together when we get the chance




I grew up as the only child of a single mother, while she was not an alcoholic per say she certainly enjoyed having a drink on occasion and got fairy drunk about every other week or so. Late one Friday night when I was 14 years old she came home from a party quite drunk and possibly high, normally she was just a bit friendly or silly but this time she was really out of it. To the point I had to help her getting charged and into bed.

While I don't know that I was necessarily into her I was however a 14 yr old boy with hormones going crazy and would jack off every free chance I got lol. And she was not ugly by any means a relatively attractive 36 yr old woman. Had a cute face nice legs good tits that weren't to big or saggy, she had a little mummy tummy that was nice and up to this point she was the only woman I'd seen naked.....

I decided I wanted to have a cuddle in bed with her so I decided to join her.

She was a bit smelly from the alcohol, cigarette and whatever else but it was nice to hold her although she wasn't very coherent she seemed to like it. I knew enough to know that she probably wouldn't remember much of this tomorrow and I decided to feel her boobies.

They felt so good to touch I had felt one girl up before but mom's were bigger and I guess I just liked them more especially since I was not supposed to be doing it. She sort of responded semi pushing my hand away but didn't fight it much so I slipped my hand under her nightdress they felt soo good.

I decided to kiss her next so I brought my lips to hers and gave her a kiss upon the lips. We did kiss a lot in real life usually on the cheek and sometimes on lips but this was different. Longer and felt really weird good but weird.

My dick got sooo hard kissing her lips and I was curious to see what it would be like if I tried to tongue kiss her. I had made out with a girl before (same girl I felt up) so I knew about kissing to my suprise even though she wasn't really awake she was still returning kiss sort of. Not a hard passionate return but like her body was responding rather than her brain if that makes sense.

Her breath didn't taste very good from alcohol cigarette and I think sick but the kiss was an experience. It felt so wrong doing it but so hot at the same time. I continued feeling her boobs and decided I wanted to touch her pussy to.

I slipped off the panties she'd worn to bed, she put up no resistance to me taking them off her pussy was kind of hairy and her slit was bigger than I'd imagined and very wet. I was harder than I could ever remember being and enjoying touching her I slipped my fingers into her and she was very wet, I knew I wanted to slip my cock in her.

This was further than I'd ever been with a female but knew I wanted more I decided I was going to try to lick her pussy. I'd never done that before and didn't really know what to do I I put my mouth down there and stuck my tongue in. She smelled kind of bad and tasted what I can only describe as dirty, but I was enjoying doing it. She began to make moan noises and seemed to on some level like it but I didn't do it for very long I didn't like the taste. I think it would of been better if she was more clean.

I knew it was time to get inside her, I opened her legs and got between them, I positioned my cock in between her slit and felt myself slide in it was heaven.

I began to slide in and out of her very wet pussy I could not believe how good it felt I started to kiss her again which she kind of returned as she made strange moaning noises. I then felt my dick explode a gush of cum into her pussy I'd never felt so good ever, she let out a moan as I came.

I lay there for a bit with my dick inside her enjoying her warmth before I began to hump again this time slower and lasting longer before cumming inside her pussy again.

I rolled over and thought about things for a few minutes about how I'd just fucked maybe even raped my mom and how good it had felt and how I was going to explain if she remembered, then I thought what if she's pregnant or could I be ever able to do this again. After a while I got horny again and decided I was going to try something different this time. She was rolled with her back to me so I began to explore her bottom looking for her poo hole. It was definitely a lot tighter and drier than her pussy but i was curious to try. I had heard that you use stuff to make it more slippery when you do things down there so I used ooze from her pussy and my own spit as lubricant.

It was much harder to find the hole and tighter to slide in than her pussy and felt different. The sex was slower, felt much tighter and really dirty I loved it... her noises were different to I'm not sure she liked it the same as she had in her pussy.

I kissed her a few more times then went back in her pussy for another round this time I lasted longer and really enjoyed the process she seemed to still be semi conscious and had what I later learned was an orgasm I had one around the same time before I came inside her sweet pussy again.

After I finished I rolled over and put my arms around her I kissed her a few times before going to sleep. I had decided I wanted her to wake up next to me in her bed with us having had a night of crazy sex. I knew everything would be different tomorrow but not sure exactly how but it would be an adventure finding out.

The next morning the first thing she did when she woke up was throw up lol then said I think we need to talk.

Things were indeed different.




Once my ex brought her female friend over. I was horny so I push them both to drink. I drugged my gf drink but not her friend. My gf was high and drunk in not time and her friend was drunk. With music playing, they both ended up stripping and dancing naked. My gf eventually passed out on the couch. While I kept talking to her friend. There came a point that she kept fingering herself and telling me she missed her bf's cock. I was already touching her whilst next to my passed out gf. We ended up fucking next to my gf's face. I came in her. she then went sleep in the guest bed room. I woke my Gf up and had her suck my cock until I was hard again. Eventually she passed out again. So I went to her friend who was now a sleep and didn't want anymore cheating as she felt bad. I fucked her anyway. Later found out she was pregnant. It's been now 2 years since then. Not sure if it's mine or not..




Over 10 years ago, while drinking with a buddy at home while my fiancée was out, I confessed to him that I was curious what it would be like to share her. We joked that it would be fun and he’d be willing to help out but I never expected anything to actually happen. Then she came home; very drunk and because of which, very horny. I still didn’t really think anything of it because even as we made out, she asked when he was leaving so we could do more. In my own alcohol coated brain, I started to wonder what could happen.

So, what started as us making out quickly became wandering hands and strategic removal of her bra, quickly followed by a lifting of her shirt. Now we’re making out while my friend got a great view of her bare breasts. I pushed further, little by little, gettin gym hands down her pants, then inside her panties all while we kissed and my friend sat right next to us watching it all but mostly staring at her tits.

It’s all a little fuzzy now but after talking her into losing the pants too, at some point my friend pulled his dick out and wanked while he watched. I made another move, guiding her hand to him. She grabbed hold and after a seconds pause, just kissed me more as I felt her shoulder moving while she stroked him. Taking the queue, when next I moved up enough, he kneeled beside us; his hands fell to her naked breasts and his lips met hers.

She completely went with it. Her chest arching up into his hand and her mouth opening, her tongue meeting his. I used the moment to remove her panties and she lifted her ass to help. Now off I began eating her, fingering her and watching as best I could while my friend groped, licked and sucked at her tits before kissing her again. After moving on to full sex with her for a while, I tapped my friend to trade places.

I’d asked her several times, including then, if she was ok or if she wanted to stop. She would just shrug and pull me into another kiss each time. So, in the same order between kisses, I watched my friend move from fingering her, to eating her shaved pussy and finally, slowly sliding his full length inside her. She moaned like crazy for both of us and I saw her hips gyrate under my friends attention, most of all as he thrust in and out of her.

We switched a few more times that night. Each time taking a turn to feel everything, lick and kiss everything and of course, feel how hot, wet and tight her pussy was around our cocks. I lost count of how many orgasms I heard/felt her have from us and as for myself, I finished twice. Each time pulling out just in time to cum on her pelvis/stomach. He claimed he never came (too much switching) but I did note my friend never once pulled out before I opted to switch.

But that’s not my confession. My confession is I’ve been DYING to repeat it ever since! It’s become nearly an obsession. And I’m embarrassed to admit, I’d do nearly anything to make it happen again. I catch myself hoping she’ll drink too much again on some outing and we’ll run into a random stud she likes. Maybe add some weed in too and she’ll be down for anything! I want to see her pussy stretched for another cock, hear her moaning as he rails her and gropes her body. I want to see her mouth wrapped around his member while her hand strokes him, her ring prominently visible. And most of all, I want to see her filled as he finishes deep inside her, filling my wife’s pussy with his load as she moans beneath him.

I’ve hinted at what I want several times but she’s made it pretty clear she’s not interested. She was once upon a time and I don’t know what changed. All I know is it would be amazing to see/experience again.