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Let me just start off with me and my boyfriend’s Daughter are both the same age. We are an age gap relationship and I’m bisexual recently. I’ve been wanting To have sex with a woman been watching lots of lesbian porn and his daughter just turns me on I go into her bedroom and sniff her old underwear and I hump Her pillow without my underwear on so my pussy juices go on her pillow I don’t know what to do But I would give anything to taste her just wait till she’s asleep and then walk in and start slowly trying to get in bed with her and then caress her boobs and hold her and squeeze her boobs with my arm and grab her pussy with the other. I start humping her from behind. But this has been going on for a while now anytime me and my boyfriend do anything after we get done he lets me hump his ass, and I fantasize about having sex with his daughter when that’s happening. I imagine myself walking in with her dead asleep, and then slowly, shoving my huge clit inside of her pussy mercenary style and just shoving my face in between her boobs with her and just fucking her pussy with my clit

Then turning her on our side, putting her face to the edge of the bed and then face fucking her rubbing my clit On her lips and face And then turning her over, putting her halfway on the bed, and then trying to shove my clit Inside her ass.

I know most likely never happened, but I fantasize about all the time.




I am a 27 y.o. petite, black female who has been sexually and physically abused through most of my twenties. I guess it stems from the fact that my mom and oldest sister were in odd relationships with guys that beat them up. By odd, I mean the guys they were seeing were much younger than them. My mom was 45 when she was seeing a 20 y.o. white guy who had beaten her up I think 3 times. My sister was 21 when she was fucking a Mexican boy who was only 15. I came home one day to see her naked and him on top of her punching her repeatedly in the face. He got off her when he saw me and ran out of the house but, I could tell he had been beating her for awhile. Her nose and mouth were bloody. She eventually had a black eye and bruises on her body.

My odyssey starts back when I was 18. I met a guy at my job and after a few months of hanging out together, we started officially dating. We dated for just short of 3 years when I found out he cheated on me. Then he left me for this other, older woman. I was incredibly heartbroken. He was my first true bf and I really loved him. At any rate, I went spiraling downward. I started drinking heavily to the point I would blackout, wake up the next day and not remember the night before. I also was talking to a lot of random guys to the tune that I would end up letting them get me drunk and then fuck me. This all came to a head one night that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

This happened a few months later of still basically "whoring around", I met this Mexican guy when I was working at a convivence store. He asked me for my number a few times and I finally gave it to him. We flirted on the phone a few times then he asked me to hang out with him on a Friday night. I went with him that night and we were really just driving around drinking and smoking some weed. Anyhow, we wound up at a park late and parked. We got out and was walking. He wanted to have sex with me but, I just wasn't to into him so I just said no. I just hung around to drink and smoke. But, he kept trying and then we started arguing about it as we were both high. He tried to hold me and I pushed him off me and then he got really mad and hit me in my mouth and knocked me down. He told me he was going to kick my black ass. He kicked me 2 or 3 times and then he got on top of me, pinned my arms to the ground and proceeded to start beating me up really good. After he was finally done kicking my ass, he got under my dress, pulled down my panties and started fingering my pussy. Then he pulled out his cock, shoved it inside and started fucking me. He hit me some while screwing me. He finished by cuming inside me. After he got off me, he spread my legs and kicked me in my pussy. He got in his car and left me there.

I don't remember how much time passed but, this grungy looking white guy came along. We looked at each other and then I asked if he could help me. I told him I had just got beaten up and raped. He just looked at me and said, nigger, this just ain't your lucky day. He then kicked me in my face and then my ass. After that, he got me on my stomach and then forced himself in and fucked me in my ass. He finished by cumming in my ass. After a few minutes, he got off me. He must have saw what happened to me earlier because he said, nigger, if you think that bean eating spic fucked you up, you ain't seen nothing yet bitch. He picked me up and slammed me to the ground. He stomped my stomach and then kicked me repeatedly in my body. Then he got on top of me and began hitting everywhere on my body and in my face. When he finally finish beating the shit out of me, I think he dragged me behind some bushes and left me there. I say I think because, the next thing I remember was waking up in that park when the sun was coming up. I managed to walk to a local store where the clerk asked what happened to me. I told her and they wanted to call the police but, I just asked them to get me a ride home and I will take care of it from there. My mom and I called the police and told what happened. They did arrest the Mexican kid and he was convicted of battery and rape.

Over the next 2 years, I really thought I had my life in order. I was 24, I stopped dating and went to school and got my AA in education. I then got a job as a tutor with a tutoring service. However, the next 2 years would find me in an abusive relationship.

I got an assignment to tutor a high school 10th grader named Eduardo. He was a 15 y.o. Mexican but, he was not your typical small Mexican boy. He was 6 2, about 185 pounds, very muscular and really good looking. When I saw him, I just said to myself why couldn't he be older. He was on his high school varsity football team. His grades were good already but, his coach didn't want him to become ineligible because he lost track of his school work. He was thought to have a very promising future playing football. He lived with his mother and his little sister who was 13. Anyway, we started our sessions that were twice a week. The first month or so it was a typical tutor/student interaction about the lessons. Little by little, we started having regular conversations. For being so young, he was very charming. To skip a lot of details, even though he was my student and only 15, I found myself attracted to him. He then asked me for my phone number and, against my better judgement, I gave it to him. But I just said he could only call me for education purposes however, we both knew why he asked for it. We started flirting over the phone and then one day after a tutoring session he asked me to go out with him to the movies. He had just turned 16 that week so, I said yes. So we made the date for that Saturday night as he had a football game that Friday night. I came that night to go out with him. I dressed up really nice, a nice white dress, stiletto pumps, nails done, etc. That's how attracted I was to him. When I got there, we were alone as his mom and sister were out. We were in his room and we started talking and then a little flirting and then we kissed for the first time and kept kissing. One thing led to another and we were in bed together and I let him fuck me for the first time. It was the first time I had been fucked since I had been beaten and raped. After he got done fucking me, we went the movies as planned.

Over the next 3 weeks, when I wasn't tutoring him, I would go meet him at his school after his practice and spend a little time with him. We would fuck when we got the chance. As time wore on, Eddie told me that his mom asked him is something going on between us. His mom was an alcoholic but, she paid attention to stuff. She actually texted me to come see her on a day when I wasn't tutoring Eddie and he was at football practice. I went there and sat with her and she was drinking. She asked me if I was dating Eddie. I said of course not but, I could tell she didn't believe me. Then she said "just because I like to drink don't mean I don't know what goes on under my own roof. I don't care if Eddie fucks you even if he is underage. You are pretty and my boy is very handsome so, I can understand why the 2 of you would want to date and fuck each other." She asked me if I knew that he fucks his sister and I was shocked that she knew. I knew he did because we had a 3some one time even though she was only 13. Then she told me she knew about our 3some as well. I was stunned when she told me she knew. She said she didn't mind because as long as he and her daughter were at home, she knew they were safe from harm out on the streets. While she was talking she was holding my hand. She then took me to her room and started explaining to me that Eddie can be very violent. That their family has a history of men beating women. Eddie's dad used to beat her up, his grandfather used beat his grandmother, her 2 brothers, Eddie's uncles, beat up their wives or gfs. Eddie had also beaten up his previous gf.

While this conversation was going on though, she was seducing me. She was feeling on my legs. She was aggressive. She asked me did I want to have sex with her, I just looked at her and she started kissing me and rubbing my pussy. I asked what if Eddie or Letty (that's Eddie's sister) comes in and she responded "either one would probably take off their clothes and join us, especially Eddie." I asked, you would let your own son fuck you? And she said under the circumstances, YES!!!!!!! She then laid me on the bed and went down and ate my pussy until I came. She then went to her drawer and got a strap on dildo and proceeded to get on top and fuck me. After we finished and I was leaving, she reminded me that Eddie can be really violent. That should have told me to get out of this relationship but, I didn't. Soon, I was about to experience the violent side of Eddie.

One Saturday night, we went to one of his teammate's house where he was giving an unsupervised house party. It would be the first time he beat me up. There was underage drinking going on and Eddie was starting to get drunk. It was getting late and I wanted to get him home before he got too drunk. We were outside in the back yard and after a couple of times of asking to go, I told him that if he didn't leave with me now, I was going to leave without him and he could get his own ride home. He like grabbed my arm and said "bitch, you ain't going nowhere" and he slapped the shit out of me. So hard, I fell down to the ground. He got on top of me and started punching me in the face. A couple of guys finally pulled him off me. I got up and started running into the house but, he caught and tackled me to the floor. He started hitting me again. A few girls were saying stop hitting her but, nobody really did anything to stop him. I think everyone there was afraid of him. He then got off me, grabbed me by my hair, said "I'm gonna kick your black, mother fuckin ass" and pulled me into a bedroom, locked the door and he beat the living shit out of me. He slammed me against the wall face first. He threw me into a dresser. On the floor, he kicked me several times. He then got on top of me and hit me over and over and yelling at me. After he was finished, I was a bloody mess. He got a towel and cleaned me up a little, then he made me drive us to his house. His mom saw me and asked what happened and we said some girls at the party jumped me and beat me up. She looked at me and I knew she knew Eddie did this to me.

Every time he beat me up, he always apologized afterwards and said he wouldn't do it again but, like all abusers, he did. I actually was in love with Eddie, even though he was only 16 and I was 25 by this time. That's why I kept going back to him.

He was getting angry more frequently and quicker. One of his teammates told me that he was taking steroids and that was one of the reasons he so was violent. One time, him and his mom were arguing and I guess she told him that me and her had sex that time when she called me to come see her. One night after we went on a date, he beat me up because of that. Saying that I cheated on him with his own mother. One time, I let him and 5 of his teammates fuck me kinda to make up for having sex with his mom. He wanted me to do it again and I refused so, he kicked my ass for that. One other time he wanted me to fuck him and one teammate and I said no but, him AND his teammate beat me up and then fucked me. After about nearly 2 years and about 4 or 5 other beatings I took, I told him I was through with him, and like always, he said he would change. This time though I meant it. So, I guess as his parting gift to me, he really beat the fuck out of me one last time.

I never called the police on him because I didn't want them to find out I was having sex with a minor and I always hoped he would he see how much I really loved him. I haven't seen him in over a year now. He has graduated high school and in college now from what I heard. As crazy as this sounds, I miss him. I know I may sound pathetic but, I can't help how I feel for him. We had a lot of good times together. I don't really hold any resentment to his treatment of me. I just hope he's doing good. He is a really good young man with demons. I hope he doesn't beat up any other girls like he did me.




No one knows this except my step daughter, who is 34 and married with 4 kids, that her oldest child, a son, is mine. I got her pregnant when she was seventeen. I got with her mother way back when she was 5, her sister was 4 and her brother was 2. Me and her mom went on to have a child of our own, a daughter, about 2 years later who, btw, am having a father/daughter with sex benefits relationship now. She is 26 but that's another confession for another time.

I had sex with my step daughter for the first time when she was 13. We seem to have an unspoken attraction for each other. I took her shopping for an outfit for a mock court project she was doing for her 8th grade class. When we got home, it was just me and her. I was sitting out in my van drinking beer when she came out and showed me her two piece pant outfit with a pair of her mother's high heels. She looked great, just like a professional, hot lawyer. I knew then this was my best opportunity to fuck her. I came in the house and went to her room. I told her how good she looked in her new outfit. She just blushed so much. She didn't always have the most confidence in her looks. She was cute and her figure was developing nicely. Even a buddy of mine told me when she was 12 how nice her body was growing, particularly her tits. Anyway, we were sitting on her bed and I started to make my move. I told her I loved her, which I do still, and kissed her forhead, then her nose, then an eskimo nose kiss(rubbing our noses together)then lightly touching her lips with mine. I pulled back to see her reaction and, I saw her smile and blush. I knew then I had the green light. I kissed her delicatily on her lips. Skipping a lot of details, I told her I wanted to take a "special" bath with her. Before she could speak, I said "I'll show you what I mean when you come in." After a couple of minutes, I was in the tub and with the water running and my cock at high noon when she came in. I told her get in. Again, skipping a lot of details, I guided her body and placed her virgin pussy over my dick. I started to bring her down. I got my dick into her entrance and started pushing inward. I told her "I'm going to hit a certain spot in your pussy, it's going to hurt for a little and you may see a little blood but, that will go away soon enough, I promise. It's natural for a girl for her first time for sex." That's why I did it in the tub, along with kissing her, the water will sooth the pain a little and also wash away the blood. After we got through that initial ritual, we got out of the tub and I took her to me and her mom's room. That's where we fucked for real for the first time. I wanted so bad to cum in her pussy but, I knew she could get pregnant so, I pulled out and came on her body. After that I her suck my cock and I ate her pussy as well. I didn't get to fuck her again until she was 15. Her mom and I had gone our separate ways by then. One Saturday, while drinking with my buddies, the 2 of us had been talking on the phone off and on that afternoon. She was at home alone. I asked her did she want me to come be with her and she said yes. Again, not to get into too much detail, she was wearing braces at that time and not feeling good about her appearance. I told her she was still attractive and I would take her out if I were her age. Basically, I was setting her up. A few minutes later we were kissing and I told her to go to her room and change into a button blouse with it open showing her tits, skirt and a pair of her mother's heels. Also with no bra and panties. We were on the couch by the front window. I did that purposefully so she could look out to see if anyone was coming up to the door and we could stop quickly. I had my cock out and told her place her pussy onto my dick. We started fucking. Fucking her was like commiting incest. She was like a daughter to me and knowing that we were in a position that we could get caught made it so fucking hot.

I got to fuck her maybe 2 more times after that until she got to be 18.

I had started frequenting this swingers club that was for 18 and over but, they didn't serve alcohol. I got to know some of the staff and I worked it out where I could bring my step daughter in even though she was only seventeen. Skipping a lot of details, that's where I introduced her to couple swaps, 3somes, gangbangs, DPs and lesbian sex as well. That's when I got her pregnant too. She explained it away to her mother that she met some random guy from out of town and got roped into a one night stand. Didn't know where he was from, blah, blah, blah.

During her pregnancy, we had a few sexual exploites with this white couple we met at the swingers club(we are black). She was 6 months pregnant when we met. We all fucked that night there. He fucked my step daughter, I fucked his wife, the girls fucked each other and then we gangbanged my step daughter. turns out she really likes sex. I DO NOT FUCK MEN. Draw the line there.

This couple swing with 4 or 5 other couples and so one other time we got together at their home and we all just made my step daughter the pregnant cum dump. We just gang fucked the shit out of her, men and women. Although there were a couple of women who were concerned about her condition, meaning we may induce her into early labor, we treated her like she was less than human. We MADE her suck cocks and eat pussy, fucked her pussy, her ass, pulling her head by her hair hard, slapping her face, cumming inside her, on her, in her mouth, the women used strapon dildos to fuck her, men calling her derogotory names, bitch, slut, whore, even nigger. I didn't care in that setting. It was just in the heat of the moment of hard core fucking as far as I was concerned. I never subjected her to that again. I loved her way too much but, it was a fantasy of mine to in a situation like that and it was fun.

After she had the baby, our sexual activity rapidly decreased and then completely stopped She was now a mother and had to tend to her motherly duties. For a long time I wanted to fuck her again but, no opportunity ever really arose and plus she had since gotten with her now husband. Now I have no desre to fuck her. After 3 more kids, she's not very appealing to look at now as she's kinda let her self go, mostly due to being a wife in an unhappy marriage and a mother to four but, I still have those vivid memories of our sexcapades way back when.

As I mentioned earlier I, am now in a father/daughter with benefits relationship with my biological daughter. She does not know about me and her sister but, I may share that with her in pillow talk one night. Who knows, we may get a family threesome!!!!!!!!

(BTW, my son still does not know that I am his father)




I was an auditor and I went on my first solo assignment for a regional office in St. Petersburg Florida. I got there early out of habit but the office was still closed so I stayed in the rental car until the office manager showed up to open. She let me in, put on the coffee, we sat in her office and I explained what I was there for. I wasn't her 'first' she told me, so don't get in her way, make a list of what I wanted and she would get it ready for me. Standoffish is what I would say she was to me.

He office was small and she had put up a small card table to work at. I heard every phone call and how she treated the customers. She was aggressive and assertive. Then out of nowhere, she leaned over to get a file out of the bottom drawer, her dress was too short and her naked womanhood was totally visible. No panties. Just her raw pussy.

She wasn't gentle with me, far from it. She said herself she was a dyke and she liked young pussy. She sat back in her chair and flashed her naked pussy at me. She grabbed me from behind and felt up my tits. She ate me while I stood resting against the wall. I found out how she dealt with auditors. She fucked them. I also found out that she had a standing order, no male auditors, she wanted pussy.

I did my job anyway and I showed her my findings, she noted on them with her excuses. The truth is that she ran the shop and the delivery men never walked into her office, she met them outside on the landing. She didn't like 'men' in general, found them unnecessary. Deep down inside she told me she always felt she had the balls to be a man, but not the dick to go with it. I didn't care, I was open to her completely. Girls like me want a dyke, a woman with balls and no dick, to be there 'pussy'.




I lost my virginity to my roommate Kayla while we were both really drunk in college, and got kinda aggressive with her. I have always found Kayla really attractive, which was not an unpopular opinion - she was always highly sought after by the boys. Huge tits and a skinny little waist, flat stomach, long brown-blond hair. And she has a beautiful face - brownish green large eyes, and cute pouty lips, a slightly recessed jaw. It’s hard to describe over text, but she is really cute and sexy. We had been friends in high school, and then I developed a real crush on her while we lived together as dorm-mates in college. She tried on a couple occasions to kiss me, but she had always been drunk and I wasn’t drunk so I didn’t want to because I genuinely liked her and wanted her to like me. I always just told her I don’t sleep with drunk girls, but she was always really persistent. I didn’t sleep with her until a year after the dorms, when we were renting a house with two other girls. I forget the occasion, but we were all really drunk, partying in the living room. Probably singing karaoke off our projector. I remember my other roommate, Tati, cuddling up next to me as I laid on the couch. She always would say she’s straight, but she loved to cuddle. She was beside me with her leg partially over me. I could feel her crotch pressed up against my hip. I really enjoyed her cuddles, and wish I had tried to take it further with her at some point before moving out - I think I could have turned her (eventually I think she did realize she was gay, but I would have loved to pop her cherry). I was getting really drunk, and Kayla was pouring us all more shots. At a certain point Kayla piled on top of us, and began straddling me. I felt the heat of her cunt on my lower stomach and I felt my clit twitch. There was this look in her eyes and the tension crackled between us. She pecked me playfully on the lips and rolled off us slowly. “Do you want to go lay down in your room?” She asked me innocently. I told her I did, and eagerly climbed over the back of the couch, following her to my room that was right next to the living room. When we got onto my bed, we just cuddled and rolled around drunkenly together. Neither of us initiated it, but as we rolled, our lips met. That was all it took. She was a wet kisser, her tongue swiped against mine and we drooled into each other. I offered to get us some more booze from the kitchen and I scurried out quickly to retrieve it. When I got back I gave her a double and I took a shot of water. I was already drunk but I wanted her to be even more willing, although she was already really fucked up. As soon as she had downed them, we were kissing again. I sucked her tongue and held the back of her neck, my other hand hungrily groped her sides and stomach. Between the kissing we both took our clothes off, but I hardly remember our lips leaving each other. She eventually broke the kiss and started pushing my head down. Her pussy was always shaved completely smooth, something I had forgotten until that moment. I nosed her slit and and lapped at her hole. It tasted so good, she was so wet. She was the first pussy I had ever tasted and I wanted to lick and suck her forever. I probed my tongue into her and ate up her sticky wetness. My nose nuzzled hard against her while I tongue fucked her as deep as I could. I was so horny I was grinding and humping against the bed. She stared protesting quietly, saying something like, she hadn’t gone this far before, and she wasn’t sure. I pinned her with one arm over her pelvis and one wrapped around her thigh and kept going. My mouth moved up to find her clit and I sucked it gently. She started pushing my head away weakly. My head was spinning and I couldn’t stop now. My pussy was so swollen and hot. I slipped a finger inside her and felt her squeeze down on me and she let out a desperate moan. I added more fingers and curled them inside her while sucking her off. I felt her tightening and she pressed herself into the mattress to get further away, but that just made me go harder. Suddenly I could feel piss gushing out of her as I fucked her hard. I opened my mouth to suck her piss and clit at the same time. Her hot piss tasted so sweet and I slurped up as much as I could as she now humped her bald pussy into my mouth. She pulled me up to kiss her again and I eagerly crawled up to her and feverishly kissed her - I wanted her to taste her own cum. I was still so horny and started straddling her leg while kissing her aggressively. I wanted to get off too. Again she squirmed under me but I held her tightly under me and started thrusting my pussy against her leg, and my knee into her pussy. Her expression looked kinda scared but she wasn’t going to stop me. I didn’t care that she didn’t like it, in fact it made me so hot that she was so pathetic against me. I caressed her face gently and kissed her, smashing her lips. I repositioned us so I was sitting up, hugging her leg against my body, and forcefully fucked my pussy against hers. I was way stronger than her and held her tight, she couldn’t get away in the slightest. I roughly pinched and pulled on her tit while I rode her. My large clit was so swollen and it felt so good to rub against her smooth slick pussy, it felt like I was really inside her. Soon I could feel myself orgasming and I bucked against her uncontrollably as my clit throbbed and I peed a little. I slowed and rubbed my pussy against her in soft circles, jerking slightly as I overstimulated my clit. I collapsed next to her, and held her tight against my sweaty body until I fell asleep. When I woke up I found her in her room. We didn’t talk about it the next day and everything stayed the same as before. She said she didn’t remember anything from the night before, but didn’t bat an eye when I returned the shirt and shorts she left in my room, so I think she was lying about blacking out. I still have her panties that she left in my room and sometimes stuff them partially inside my pussy when I think of her and jerk off with the material against my clit and urethra hole until I squirt into them. I can feel my clit throbbing as I write this and remember her.




I, 40F just Cheated on my husband with a 20 year old girl.

We met at hers and she wanted me to relax so I did some poppers and then she showed me what she'd be fucking me with. It was this 14 inch bbc strapon and I was drooling for it.

After she'd made me suck it she plowed me and then forced me to take it in my ass. I prolapsed every time she pulled out but it made me hornier. Ended up pissing myself she fucked me so hard and she made me lick it up.

Honestly one of the best nights of my life and I can still feel my ass gaping from it, my husband doesn't get to do anal cause he's too small so I feel amazing




I work at a farm and specifically I wash and deal with the horses mainly. Me and my friends were talking about my job and they asked if I'd ever played with one of the cocks and I told them the truth, yes. I used to jerk them off and get turned on by how much cum would shoot out.

A week or two later, two of my friends privately asked me if they could fuck the horses and, being quite drunk at the time, I said yes.

They got there after hours when it was dark and we snuck in and got to work. They sucked this horse cock together whilst I filmed them and were more than happy to get pretty dirty.

They invited me to join so i set up the phone on a table and joined them, sucking this thing until it exploded on us. They wanted another so i moved one of the smaller horses out and led its cock into my friends pussy. She came a hell of a lot and once it pulled out, I could see she was hurt but too turned on to care. They went on, letting the horse piss on them (even eating its dirty ass whilst I was letting it mount me).

Eventually that one came in me and they ate it out of me. Finally they wanted something big which is the real reason i made this prompt as I've got away with what happens next but need to tell people. My friend who was hurt begged me to get the biggest one and let her put it in her ass. My other friend was pretty high and watched, totally covered in cum and shit.

I led the largest horse to her and she forced the first few inches into her ass. Immediately she bled from her butt but kept saying it was gonna make her cum so i watched with my other friend.

Then... she stopped squealing as the horse totally hilted inside her and began to fuck her whole body. She went limp as the horse flooded her with cum and pulled out, totally coated in her shit and blood.

Because we were super high, we ignored it, climbed onto her and began eating the mixture coming out of her butt.

We fell asleep and once we woke up we realised she was dead so I cleaned the horses and her body and dumped it. To this day she's reported missing and her husband has no idea about it.

Since then I can't stop fucking myself to how good it must have felt just before she died. It's so evil but the video I have of us fisting ourselves as our friend dies is my favourite thing and I've sent it to so many people. I've also started sleeping with the other friend a lot more and we want to do it again but this time go crazier and let them kill us or even killing each other.

Meanwhile her daughter has seen the video but I've cropped us out and I just know that 16 year old slut fingers herself to it.