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Now that I'm in high school, I wanted to express myself in a different way, I wanted to dye my hair green.

Living alone with my Dad, he is the determining factor in me getting this done but I knew he wouldn't go for it.

I knew I needed to get creative with him, so I made him an offer I knew he wouldn't refuse.

We settled on the deal with a handshake, just not the kind handshake most Daughters do with their Dad.

Instead, my, "Handshake," was actually a handjob while I gave him his first Father/Daughter blowjob.

Before I knew it, I got him to cum for me and just like that, I had green hair the very next day.

Thanks Daddy!!!




About 6 months after my wife passed away from a surgical complication our daughter (19) came home to help me sort through her mother's belongings. It was a really emotional experience that left us both feeling pretty loopy by the end of the first day. At some point my daughter came into my room and immediately I could tell she was feeling uneasy. In her hand was a black satin bag.

She seemed a bit embarrassed but after some hemming and hawing she told me she had found a sex toy in her mom's things. She opened the bag and asked if she should throw it away. I looked inside and laughed.

I explained that a few years ago I was forced to work out of town for a few months and as a bit of a joke her mother and I bought a clone a Willy kit to keep her company while I was gone. I told my daughter that we had forgotten all about it and I don't think she had even used it. I pulled it out of the sack and shook it around to make it wiggle and swing. Both my daughter and I started laughing. It had been a rough day and this bit of silliness mixed with her embarrassment just made us bust up laughing.

I told her she can toss it. It was just a dumb joke and I didn't give it much thought after that. Later that evening I heard something I hadn't heard since my daughter was in highschool. The sound of muffled moaning coming from her room. She used to masturbate a lot when she lived at home. On more then one occasion I would use the restroom next to her bedroom so I could jack off to the sounds of her pleasuring herself. That night I did it right outside of her closed bedroom door.

The next day my daughter got up early to get us donuts and I decided to take a peak inside her old room. To my surprise and delight I saw my clone a willy laying on her bed, a telling white residue coating all but the final few inches. Like she couldn't quite take the whole thing.

When she got back I told her I had gone into her old room to grab some more of her mom's boxes out of the closet and I saw she had used her mom's toy. I set it on the table and she turned bright red. I just smiled and asked what made her decide to try it. She said she just wanted to feel what her Mom had experienced.

She then asked if it was really molded off of my "you know" and I said yes but to be fair mine doesn't vibrate. She said the toy was missing the vibrating egg anyway. Then she said something I wasn't expecting she said she had never cum so fast or so many times before with a dildo. That it just fits perfectly.

Then she hesitated and asked if I was listening to her last night. Like I used to in the bathroom. I told her I didn't know she knew. She said my breathing has always been pretty heavy. I didn't know if I should apologize or what so I just said, it's been a long time since your mom...

She picked up the toy and said "I want to compare how close this really is.." the thought got me hard immediately. She continued "cause if it's really the same I'm in big trouble"

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my fully erect 8 1/2 inch rock hard dick. Her eyes went wide and her mouth instinctively fell open but with a bit of a smile. She came close with the dildo and lined it up right next to the real thing. A small gasp escaped her mouth. The real thing was maybe a finger tip longer.

She grabbed my dick with her right hand and lead me to my bedroom. She pushed me to the bed and started stripping off her clothes. Her naked body was nothing like her mother's. Her mom has E cup breasts and an ass that you couldn't ignore. Our daughter was more like a surfboard, little A cups with long nipples. A cute little booty. Long slender legs and a hairless pussy.

I took the black satin bag the toy was in and used it as a blindfold on her. Then I pushed her down to the bed on her hands and knees. I told her she had to guess which was which. And if she won she'd get a prize. I slowly rubbed the tip of the dildo across her slit lubing it up with her juices. Then I slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly. No point trying to be quiet anymore. I gave it a couple of strokes and then pulled it out. She sounded disappointed with a little whimper.

Then it was time for the real deal. I again lubed my tip with her pussy and slid it in. This time she gasped and started pushing back. Humping my dick with a twerking motion. "That's real. That's real" is all she could say. "You win" I replied as I started thrusting. "Ooh what's my prize?" She said.

I took the dildo and slid the tip of it in her ass. She moaned again. With a little effort it went in fairly easily and I was DPing my daughter with a copy of my own dick. We fucked for awhile, her thin body wrapped around me. At the end she insisted on sucking me off to conclusion. Said she wanted to taste it. I came more than I have ever cum in my life.

We had sex a few more times that weekend and when she was ready to go home she made a point of showing me she was packing her Daddy Shaped Dildo and taking it with her. Every now and then when she's lonely she sends me nudes and we make plans for her next visit.




One day i was with my friend and we decided to go to the public pool as it was a hot day. We decided we were going to take the bus there but her dad offered to take us. Once we got there we got changed and hopped in the pool to start our fun. Only then my friend decided to go flirt with some guy so i was left on my own. Her dad came behind me and moved my bikini bottoms to the side and stuck his fingers inside me. I was so scared and didnt know what to do as he kept finger fucking me. I decided it was enough so i ran to the changing rooms and started to get changed to go home but he came there too and put his dick inside me and held me down. He kept fucking me so hard until he cummed inside of me . Never talked to that friend again.




When I was about 5, my dad had a sex talk with me. He was drunk I could smell it. He asked me to show him my clit, because I was trying to explain that I had a tiny penis. And didn’t know better. So he just took a nice look that day.

When I was about 8, my mom was out partying often as their relationship was tanking. She would go out for all hours of the night. My dad would sneak into my room…I woke up with his head in between my legs, licking my clit. It felt so good. I just laid there and let him…it happened quite often that summer.

After years I spoke to him about it. Told him I enjoyed it. He wanted to fuck me apparently. I think about him licking my pussy when I orgasm often…he admitted he would still like to eat my pussy and fuck me. The thought makes me squirm. It’s so wrong but I think watching him lick and cherish my clit like the master he is… fuck I’m so hot




i’m a 36 year old mother with two sons. 6 and 14. we are a very open, hippie, and stoner family. my husband (40) and i openly masterbate in front of the boys. last night (it’s 1 am where i’m from at the moment) i was bored and really horny. my husband wasn’t home but on his way. i couldn’t wait any longer. my 6 year old was on the couch naked and watching tv. i had an idea. i went into my husband and i’s room and went to look for my strap on (12 inches) and put it on. i went back over to my son and told him to bend over. he was very confused but he bent over for me. before i did anything my husband texted me that he was 10 minutes away. the thought of my husband walking in on his wife fucking her own son turned me on. i put my phone down and rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole. “this might hurt sweetheart.” then i slowly eased the first 6 inches in. he was already crying but it didn’t stop me. i only eased the rest of it into his now stretched hole and move slowly. he kept crying and telling me how much it hurt. “it’s okay baby.” i told him and i started moving inside his cute tight hole faster. he stopped crying after he felt how good it was. finally i held his hips and started pounding into him as hard as i could. he started screaming “MOMMY!!” and i just couldn’t stop. seeing his small dick dangle from how much i was fucking his ass just kept turning me on! after 15 minutes my husband walked in. he looked at me and quickly started pulling his pants down to join me. “wait i wanna fuck him more first.” i said and my husband nodded. after about an hour i finally pulled out of his gaping hole. my husband smiled at it and quickly dug his mouth into his hole to tongue it. my husband couldn’t get enough. my husband’s cock (13.5) was leaking of precum. he quickly shoved into his hole and fucked him in every position even if he was screaming. even after two hours in he didn’t stop. my son’s hole was dripping of cum and it sounded like such a mess. i loved it. finally my 14 year old wanted a try with his little brother so his father pulled out. my youngest was begging for a break but my other son said “i want a turn. be a good bitch and arch that back.” my son wasn’t gentle on him. his cock (8.5) ravished his hole like it was his last. by the time everyone was done with him, his hole was a gaping cum filled mess. we never cleaned the cum out of him instead let it drip out of him.




I tried coming out as asexual when I was 13 but my dad really really didn’t like that. At the time I didn’t understand why he was so offended but he at first would try to convince me it was a phase I just needed to go through more puberty. Eventually I noticed there would be porn left open on the family computer. When I didn’t watch them he got more physical, he brought in one of his best friends on a night my mom was out of town and had him take my virginity. From that point on my dad made it his mission to make me enjoy it. It started with his friends, then him, then multiple at a time. By the time I was 16 it was a daily occurrence. I’m 18 now and am genuinely addicted to sex, I guess his methods worked because I can’t imagine being asexual I just needed to be taught right. I love taking any chance I can and have found myself recently having the reoccurring thought of finding a young asexual teen and teaching them the same lessons.




When i was 12, i was extremely hyper sexual and had a HUGE crush on my dad. Earlier on, my mom and dad separated and i stayed living with my father.

Ever since one day when my dad left his bathroom door open, i caught him peeing. His dick was so big and thick, i loved his brown cock ever since then. I would go in my bed every night, fantasizing about him, rubbing my little pussy to the thoughts of him pounding me hard.

One night i got too curious and horny, and decided to sneak into his bedroom while he was sleeping. He had his usual blue soccer shorts on, so i carefully pulled them back while taking his cock from his boxers.

I got on his bed and gently rubbed my little bare pussy against his bare dick. It felt so good. I thought it’d be ok to sit down on his waist now without him waking up, so i did so. I sat on his waist and rubbed my pussy against his cock faster, and i moaned a bit too loud..

He woke up, and pissed was an understatement. My dad is Mexican, so he started cussing tg at me in Spanish, and then when i tried to get off him, he pulled me by the waist and forced his cock in my pussy. It hurt so bad. I screamed but he slapped me and my ass and told me to shut up and take it like a good slut, that this was what I deserved for being naughty. He really pounded my cunt hard and i cried so much, after he was done, he pulled out and came on my tummy and face, and told me to go back to sleep.. next to him.

That morning, i woke up to him sliding his cock back in, i tried my best to move but he held me down and slapped my ass. I took him like 2 more times after.

After a few continuous nights of him forcing his cock in my pussy and pounding me, i let him. I enjoyed it. He would fuck my pussy every night afterwards. He told me he loved me and wanted to try it anal.

..i told him no, so the next night he came into my bedroom and fingered my pussy until I woke up. He then grabbed my waist, flipped me over, and forced his dick into my tiny, tight ass hole. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop because it hurt, but he ignored and hit me, yelling at me to shut up and enjoy it. He used all my holes when he pleased, and always emptied his load in my ass and mouth. Up until i was 16, he made me his cock loving slut. I let him use, abuse, and ruin me whenever, and i loved it…