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I’m 46 my Niece is 15, she came to love with me after her Mom had to go to rehab . I treat her like an adult mostly . On Fridays when I drink etc if she wants to drink I allow it if she’s at home. I let her smoke meth with me to one night just so she could know what it was/did… she got spun out! We both did! We were being pretty touchy grabby and laughing etc and I kind of caught myself groping her occasionally pretending to tickle her and such. Before the night was over I had her in my ba k bedroom naked fucking her teenage brains out!!!




I'm 28 years old. My older sister is 31. She also has a daughter who is 14. My 14 year old niece is super cute and i have imagined myself fucking her since she was 12. Her best friend happens to be mine and her mothers younger sister. Our parents never planned it, but got pregnant by accident and our younger sister is only 13. She is also super cute and i reckon even cuter than my niece.

Last night my older sister came to visit for the evening, and she came with both girls in tow. By later evening, around 1 am, both girls had crashed out on the lounge and my sister was totally drunk and headed to the spare room to sleep. I was not drunk, but was feeling it. I had some bad thoughts and after 30 minutes i decided to act on them.

Due to some previous work i did, i had a bottle of chloroform that i stole in my cupboard in my room. I went and got it and a wash cloth. Seeing both girls asleep laying on each of the lounges was hot. I gently used the cloth and gave them both a dose.

I checked my older sister and she was out. I made sure both girls were now knocked out. I decided to use my little sister first.

I gently spread her out on the lounge and pulled her panties off from under her skirt. I held her ankles up, pushing them back to lift her hips. I wasted no time pressing my cock against her tiny 13 year old pussy. Just knowing i was about to fuck my little teen sister i thrust home inside her. I only lasted 5 minutes, but i held myself as deep inside her as i could while i pumped my entire load into her pussy. She was so tight i just couldn't stop myself, and when i cum, the only thought in my brain was how hot it would be to put a baby in my little sister.

I cleaned her and put her panties back on. I left her with her tiny hips resting up against to lounge arm, keeping her hips slightly lifted so my load would leak out during the evening.

I wait 20 minutes and when i was ready, i gave my niece another dose from the bottle. I stripped her completely so i could really check her out. I spun her so she was laying on her chest on the lounge with her knees on the floor. I slide in from behind. It was just a hot knowing i was fucking my sisters little baby girl. I was able to fuck her for almost 15 minutes till i thrust home and blew my second entire load inside her tiny pussy. I gave her a short top up dose and i kept fucking her. I ended up laying her on the lounge and i mounted her. I Went so slow and gentle. I was inside her for almost 45 minutes before i sped up and pumped my last load into her pussy again.

After i clean and dressed my niece and placed her the same way i did my sister, with her hips slightly up, i headed to bed. Neither of the girls said anything in the morning to me or my older sister. They both showered and dressed and headed out to the shops. I'm hoping that it means they have no idea or just maybe they think they are just feeling off. But since all 3 are staying again tonight, i'm gonna get my older sister drunk again and hopefully i can get a chance to fuck another few loads into both my little sister and niece.

The only thought i've had all day in my head is i want to send both girls home with my babies in their tiny bellies. I really want my little sister to be pregnant.




I, a 23yo (m) convinced my little 10yo sister that I hate when she farts in my face. (I fucking love it)

It started when we were watching tv and she farted and we laughed as usual. I always enjoyed smelling her farts. She’s a cute girl and is nice and thin.

So then I said that the worst thing she can do to annoy me is to fart in my face.

From then on she always climbed me or jumped on me to try and get her little ass as close to my face when she had to fart.

I remember telling her that with underwear and pants that the smell wasn’t that bad. So she started taking them off when she would fart in my face.

Now I get to enjoy my little sisters bare ass and butthole against my face while she farts.

One day I thought it’s time to reverse the rolls. So I pinned her down, dropped my pants and put my bare asshole right against her cute little face and let that biggest fart rip. Poor girl was coughing and gagging, but after she laughed so hard about it and said it was kinda funny.

It turned me on to be able to put my ass on a little girls face.

I can’t wait to see where I can take this.




Im a 26y (m) and I have had the best deal with my 12y (f) cousin for the past year. She’s a little nerdy girl, short, thin, fit as she’s an athlete.

It all started when I accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom. The door was closed but I didn’t realize the light was on. The door was unlocked so I just opened it. She was pooping and she had this scared face when I saw her. She looked so cute, pink panties around her ankle, bare bum on the toilet, and her cute face making eye contact with me.

I apologized to her after and she said it was okay, that she didn’t mind that I saw her.

Since then we started joking about that occurrence and she said she had to see me take a shit now.

So I told her that next time I go I will let her know so she can walk in. I didn’t think she actually would.

Next time we saw each other I mentioned to her I had to go take care of business and only 5 minutes after she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

We started talking and laughing because it was pretty stinky. I told her I was sorry for the smell and she said that hers were worse.

So I bet her she was wrong.

She asked me to hurry and wipe so she could go poop to prove hers stunk worse.

So I did and flushed and she was up next. She pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. After a minute or two she started farting and I heard her drop some logs into the toilet.

Hers did stink pretty bad but I was breathing in deep because I enjoyed it.

I was soo hard and turned on that I couldn’t help but ask her if she needed help wiping when she was done.

She said she would love to be treated like a princess and said yes.

So she bent forwards and I reached down and saw her poo logs in the water, her lightly dirty butthole, smooth white butt cheeks and I wiped. It was an unforgettable moment.

Ever since then, I have “helped” her whenever she goes to the bathroom, and she now “helps” me when I need my butt cleaned up.




I have a stay at home Mom who waits for me to come home from school for some Mother Son bonding, as she calls it.

When I get home, I announce I'm home.

If my Mom says, "Hi, sweetie, I'm upstairs..." I know to lay low and not get excited. Someone might home.

If my Mom says, "Hi, baby, I'm upstairs..." I know I can go up to join her.

Usually, it's, "Hi, Baby," I get so excited because I know my Mom is going to do something to me or let me do something with her.

I usually start getting hard as I walk up the stairs to my Mom.

Today, she took me by my hand to lead me into the master closet.

She started to ask me about school as she kneeled down infront of me to unbutton my pants.

After pulling me out, she told me to have a seat on the step stool.

I got situated and started to tell her about my day when she took me in her mouth and started blowing me.

I gave up talking to my Mom to focus on her working my cock up and down.

I quietly watched my Mom's red lipstick lips tightly ripple up and down my cock while she moaned, "Mmmm..."

Before I knew it, she was getting me close to cum for her.

I sat up on the edge of the stool to get ready to blow it in her.

My Mom breifly made eye contact with me as if telling me she wanted it and that it was okay for me to let it fly.

Knowing my Mom wanted it, I didn't hold back.

My Mom began sucking even harder as she grasped my now throbing cock with her hand (to keep it from getting away from her) while I started to unload for her.

Shot after shot, my Mom continued on with her, "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm's..." as she continued to take all I could give her.

After I finished, I wispered, "Oh, my God, Mom..."

Then she sat up on her knees to slowly open her mouth so I could see my large white pool of cum she took from my balls.

She closed to swallow and then told me, "Shhh, baby, Mommy knows..."

Before I could say anything else, my Mom told me if I had homework to go do it and if I wanted another blowjob, after I finished my homework, to come find her.

I love my stay at home Mom...




I don't care anymore.

I finally let someone record how I remember my mom and grandma.

I've told my mother I want to fuck her.

I just sent vids of me jacking off and cumming to my grandmother.

There's one more video I want to send...

Along with a final really hot confession while I cum.

I'm a naughty boy. And I want to fuck my grandma's pussy




My hubby and family have no idea that for the past year my son and i have been getting spun and using my young daughters and i love watching my son rape them with his pedo cock