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My sister and I shared the same bed growing up and during this time she 5 and I was 7. On a school night we did our usual routing of bath time and then straight to bed. When we were laying down my sister was hyper and trying to get me to sniff her finger. Eventually she wiped it across and then I immediately started laughing and did it back.

After a few minutes of this I turned around and was laughing while covering my face to stop her from doing it again. She pulled my shorts down and put her finger around my butt hole and then tried to make me sniff it.

I turned around to do it back to her and while struggling I seen her vagina and ran my finger across her vagina. At that point my shorts are pulled down and her pajama pants are to her ankles.

After this we both got back in bed and she asked if she could touch my cock. I let her and then I asked if I could touch her down there. So we both don't know what we are doing and then eventually cuddle and fall asleep.

Then a few nights go by and we both were watching TV in my grandma's room. Then a movie came on called "All For Lust" and we both eventually look at the screen and see a lady sucking the guy off and then fucking. It was soft core so we didn't know about penetration.

That night after our routine we ended up trying some of the stuff we seen out. The very first thing we did was 69 with her on top. We would do it for a long time. Due to a scene in the movie Scary Movie 2 (a guy gets jerked off and cums) she kept telling me I had milk.

At this point I couldn't cum yet and also at some point we started penetration with no protection because we didn't know how it worked.




My sis put me in girls panties and a training bra and her old school uniform from Jr high did my makeup and sent me to do my chores and homework

Watching TV after I got done she came into the living room with a robe on asking if I can change she told me to remove the panties, bent over and had them to my knees she lifted the skirt up and grabbed my hips and pushed something into me I screamed cause of the pain feeling her hips against me she held it there for a minute telling me what a good sissy boy I am crying she slowly pulled out then pushed back in telling me to relax as she grabbed my hair pulling me upright and whispering how sex I was as she noticed my dick making the skirt pop up mom walked in the door as I cummed making a wet spot on the skirt

Sis pulled out of me and I collapsed onto my knees as mom stopped her from retreating to her room and made her bend over the couch and spanked her, after pulled me to my feet and had me remove the skirt then had me bend over the couch and spanked me

Telling me to pull my panties up she had us sit on the couch until dinner




When I was about 7 (m) me and my sister (5) had just gotten home from church and were playing doctor like young kids do. We were playing in a fort that we had made and something came over me and I pulled down her pants and started playing with her tiny little pussy. First with my fingers just exploring that tight little cunny slowly I worked up the courage to start licking it tasted so good I licked it for almost 10 mins until she wanted to touch me my little cock got so hard. She slowly stroked it until pre-cum started cumming out. I then layed her on her back and thrusted as hard as I could inside her I didn't last long before I started to feel my lil cock start to pulse then what felt like forever I came so deeply inside her tiny little pussy. I still think about it all the time. We continued until I was 15 best sex I've had mainly because of how taboo it was




Me and my sister had boyfriends in high school. Once when our parents were gone for the weekend we had them over and we all had sex. At first we just had sex in seperate rooms but eventually we were having sex in the same room. The guys said it would be hot if me and my sister kissed so we did.

At first we just swapped boyfriends. Then the guys came on my face and my sister started kissing me again. I was so in the moment i started fingering her.

At one point my sister was eating me out while her bf fucked her and i sucked my boyfriend.

At the time i just thought we were horny teenagers but now i know it totally was incest. Its kinda hot knowing my sister has licked my pussy though. If i could do it again Id want to lick cum out of her pussy.




I Love wearing my sisters panties and pissing all over them. I’ll just sit in the bathtub with them on and piss myself. Especially love it if people piss with me. Use them as a cumrag as well. Take photos of her ass and cover her panties with my cum.




I literally am laying in bed next to my drunk wife after a date night that put her, me, and her brother in same sex club. It was threesome night, so everyone saw us and assumed she was taken for the night. No one knew that they were brother and sister...

I gave him all the signals and watched as he touched her and she danced by one of the stripper poles seductively. Eventually, she started sucking my cock and he started spanking her. Then he came up behind her... I restrained her as he went in, and people watched because we werent in a private room. He kept going until he came inside her.

To clarify a little, he was a bit molsety with her when she was younger, and that has turned into a kink. This was the first time they actually fucked, but only the three of us knew their connection.




The first time I had my cock in my sister’s pussy was before I can remember. Mom had my 4 year old sis lay on her back and stuck my one week old cock in her little cunt. Lots happened early on but I wanted to share the below because of who was there.

When I reached 8 my sister was 12. She had been disrespectful to our mom and was being disciplined. As always while in the house we were naked. Our minister & his wife had stopped by for a visit. Mom brought sis in the living room and had her tell the minister what she had done.

I was standing there with my cock as hard as it’s ever been because the minister’s wife kept staring at it. Mom had sis get on her hands & knees and had me slip my cock in her ass.

It was wonderful, as usual, feeling her warm bowels sucking on my cock. The minister & his wife were totally silent and their eyes never left our fucking. Mom told sis to crawl over closer to our company so they could get a better look. My cock never left her ass and I noticed the wife now had pulled her husband’s cock out and was stroking him. Her other hand was buried up her skirt.

Mom laughed and asked the minister’s wife “what do you want Bill to do with his cock?” The wife, Beth, said “fuck her mouth.” Mom said “if his cock goes in my daughter’s mouth then my son’s cock goes in yours.” Beth said “but it’s in her ass.”

Mom said “I know that’s what nasty sluts do.” Bill said “please Beth do it.” I slipped my cock out of sis’s ass and quickly into Beth’s soft lips.

Mom yanked Beth’s skirt and panties off exposing a completely hairless cunt. Mom started sucking her clit and Beth stopped sucking me long enough to screamed “Bill fuck that cunt.” After I exploded in Beth’s mouth I sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Bill pulled his cock out of sis’s cunt and Beth sucked it clean. He then took over fucking sis’s ass while my mom pushed Beth’s face into sis’s cunt telling her to “suck that cunt slut”.

Sis immediately started cumming and pissed all over Beth’s face. Bill couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled out of sis’s ass and straight into his wife’s mouth. All the time my mom was still locked on to Beth’s clit and had three fingers up her ass.

I thought Beth was dying the way she screamed when she orgasmed. Mom asked Beth where Kate, their 6 year old daughter, was and Beth said home with my mother. My mom said “next time you eat my daughter’s cunt I get to eat your Kate’s cunt. Deal?” Both Bill and Beth nodded “yes”.