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My 20 year old daughter and I were out at the mall shopping for bathing suits. She picked out a few and said she thought they would look good on me. I told her that I need to wear a suit that has the skirt shorts underneath. When she asked me why, I paused before saying, “ well, I wear those because my pubic hair shows too much in a regular bottom. She said,” really mom? You have that much hair? “ I said, “ yes, I really like it. “ she then said,” wow, I’ve never seen a woman who has hair like that. “

We gathered a few bathing suits for each of us and brought them home to try on. Once home, I went to my room to change and my daughter followed me. I thought she would change in her room so it was odd that she didn’t. I didn't think much at first, but then I realized that maybe she wanted to see me nude to check out my pubic hair.

We put our bags on my bed and began to undress. I began to get nervous. I couldn’t remember the last time my daughter saw me naked. It was probably when she was an adolescent. As I took off my top and shorts, I could see my daughter looking at me through her bangs as though she didn’t want me to see her looking. I removed my bra and my tits fell out. The sensation of having them exposed for my daughter to see, suddenly gave me this weird feeling of excitement. I think it was the tabooness of the situation.

I now took off my panties. I made sure I was facing her. I’ll never forget hearing her involuntary whisper saying,” OMG, OMG.” I knew then that she was turned on, otherwise, she would have left the room. I stood there facing her pretending to fuss with my hair. I could feel my nipples growing and I could feel myself getting wet.

To break the ice, I said,” it’s ok, you can look.” I felt incredibly nervous but at the same time, turned on. My daughter just stared at my pussy. I took a step closer to the bed and I put one leg up on the bed pretending to scratch my leg. Now, my cunt was open for my daughter to see and she looked right up at it. I could feel myself shaking.

Nothing else happened, but from that point forward, we always tried on new clothes together in my room and each time , we would both get naked and get turned on. I’m wondering if one day, something more might happen. I would like for us to masturbate.




When i was 12, i was extremely hyper sexual and had a HUGE crush on my dad. Earlier on, my mom and dad separated and i stayed living with my father.

Ever since one day when my dad left his bathroom door open, i caught him peeing. His dick was so big and thick, i loved his brown cock ever since then. I would go in my bed every night, fantasizing about him, rubbing my little pussy to the thoughts of him pounding me hard.

One night i got too curious and horny, and decided to sneak into his bedroom while he was sleeping. He had his usual blue soccer shorts on, so i carefully pulled them back while taking his cock from his boxers.

I got on his bed and gently rubbed my little bare pussy against his bare dick. It felt so good. I thought it’d be ok to sit down on his waist now without him waking up, so i did so. I sat on his waist and rubbed my pussy against his cock faster, and i moaned a bit too loud..

He woke up, and pissed was an understatement. My dad is Mexican, so he started cussing tg at me in Spanish, and then when i tried to get off him, he pulled me by the waist and forced his cock in my pussy. It hurt so bad. I screamed but he slapped me and my ass and told me to shut up and take it like a good slut, that this was what I deserved for being naughty. He really pounded my cunt hard and i cried so much, after he was done, he pulled out and came on my tummy and face, and told me to go back to sleep.. next to him.

That morning, i woke up to him sliding his cock back in, i tried my best to move but he held me down and slapped my ass. I took him like 2 more times after.

After a few continuous nights of him forcing his cock in my pussy and pounding me, i let him. I enjoyed it. He would fuck my pussy every night afterwards. He told me he loved me and wanted to try it anal.

..i told him no, so the next night he came into my bedroom and fingered my pussy until I woke up. He then grabbed my waist, flipped me over, and forced his dick into my tiny, tight ass hole. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop because it hurt, but he ignored and hit me, yelling at me to shut up and enjoy it. He used all my holes when he pleased, and always emptied his load in my ass and mouth. Up until i was 16, he made me his cock loving slut. I let him use, abuse, and ruin me whenever, and i loved it…




When my step daughter was 5 she asked if she could sleep with me and her mom. Mom was sleeping so I had her lay next to me on my left side mom on the right. She had on a nightgown and tiny orange panties. We were both on our backs with our legs touching each other and she seemed to go to sleep.

Well that’s all I was waiting for and I put my left hand down her panties. I put my middle finger right between the puffiest lips. I’ve ever felt. This little six-year-old pussy was like I never felt anything in my life. I thought she was sleeping, but as my finger got closer to the entrance of her body, her legs spread a little more than before. I was in ecstasy. I had my cock in my right hand and my left finger entering the body of a little six-year-old girl. I poked a tip of my finger into the entrance of her hole. It felt a little bit wet so I left my finger there And massaged up-and-down that beautiful pussy until I exploded all over myself. About five minutes after this her mom woke up and said hey what are you doing? Sleeping in here to her she grabbed her hand and brought her back to her bedroom.

Well, I fell in love with this little girl that day. I have never had a better orgasm. That was the greatest sex of my life. Now I was fixated on my little stepdaughter.

Soon after we moved into a new apartment, but the beds weren’t there yet so her and her brother had to sleep on the living room floor. I had great sex with my wife that night and she went right to sleep. All I could think about was my little stepdaughter, so I snuck downstairs and she was sleeping on her side. I pulled the sheet off of her and there was her beautiful little ass in a white pair of panties. I pulled her panties down very carefully and got them low enough so I could even see her pussy underneath . What a gorgeous sight. I have always loved girls pussy when they lay on their side like that. All I wanted was her asshole. I sat back staring at a naked little six-year-old and I was like fuck it. I have to eat her ass. I got down on the floor , and pulled her little butt cheeks apart in there it was the most beautiful little ass hole I have ever seen. So freaking tiny. It even looked a little bit moist. I could feel the heat coming out of her body, and I said I will never get a better opportunity than this to suck on a little six-year-old girls asshole . That’s just what I did. I started out by leaving her ass cheeks together while I licked the line. Basically my nose was in her pussy, and my tongue was licking her ass crack. And I reached over with my hand and open her skinny little ass. First, I kissed it with my lips, then I cleaned her ass with my tongue. I would never imagine how good she tasted. I even slipped my tongue in her little pussy hole. Couldn’t take it anymore, so I just put my lips on her asshole until I fucking exploded. I have a few more sexual stories about her has a little girl but to this day 24 years later, she is still the love of my life




I met my stepdaughter when she was 6, and i was in my 20s. shes now 12. She started puberty early (a few years ago)

We've always had an amazing bond, we have the best father-daughter relationship anyone could ask for.

We used to read stories together, watch movies. Now we watch horror movies and have a heap of common interests that nobody else really gets. We've always cuddled up to each other and told each other how much we love eachother. It was always a normal, healthy , platonic relationship.

For years now, we will be watching a movie or something and she will wrap her legs around mine or intertwine with my legs. There was nothing abnormal about it to us. It made me feel loved and i figured it gave her a sense of security.

We are basically best friends. Theres more than a 15 year age gap between us, but somehow we are just on the same wavelength.

Oneday, i cant even remember how long ago, she reached down with her foot and pulled my leg up into her crotch and just held it there. The next time she did it, she squeezed my leg between her thighs. The third time she rubbed against my knee, pulling my leg deeper and deeper. I should have stopped her, but i didnt. Shes a very attractive girl, and we are so close. It caught me off guard and i kind of just let it happen. I saw what she was doing and thought "ok, i guess we are doing this".

And then i let it happen again. And again. And the more it happened the more i started finding myself attracted to her. Sometimes i look at her across the room and cant help but think "fuck you're gorgeous"

At some point i started doing it back. She would pull my leg in and id roll into it, maybe even switch legs, and rub my knee against her. Then it developed into me grabbing her leg or ass to get better leverage. Oneday i just shoved my hand up her shirt.

Then she started sending me nsfw things in a provate chat. Not like, photos of her or anything. Stories, chat transcripts, role playing shit, kinky things that she reads while masturbating. Then i started sending the same sort of shit back.

Eventually she got to a point where she would masturbate right next to me. She didnt let me see or anything, but she made it obvious what she was doing under the blanket. Sometimes ill be right next to her, see what she is doing, and think "fuck it" and start stroking my cock.

Most of the time when we are together, just to make this clear, we are just watching videos and hanging out. These things happen like 0.05% of the time.

The other day i had my hand resting on her stomach, and she moved it down to her crotch. I just stayed still because i was thinking "does she realise where she just put my hand". After 10 minutes or so i shifted my hand slightly just to remind her where my hand was, expecting her to move it away. She didn't.

The next day she pulled my knee in again and i started rubbing it against her and i could tell it wasnt working very well. I grabbed her ass, i stroked her thigh. Eventually i touched her gently, just above her vagina. I expected her to move my hand away, but she didnt. My knee was still between her legs. before i knew it she had her legs spread and i was rubbing her pussy through her pants. She spread her legs wide, i could tell she wanted more. I put my hand inside her pants and rubbed her through her underwear. I knew we had already gone too far and that at this point we have definitely crossed a line. We already had crossed a line, but if there was ever any doubt that we had gone too far, this was it.

But i kept going, and i could feel how wet she was through her underwear. eventually i reached down further and felt her wet (really, really wet) pussy. There was a hole in her underwear. She wasnt phased or anything. We were already at the point of no return, so i reached inside her underwear and started rubbing her. It felt amazing. She felt amazing. I wanted to keep going forever.

Obviously afterwards i felt pretty shitty about myself. I wasnt sure how she felt, so i messaged her. She said she didn't really know either, but that it felt good. I figured we'd probably forget we did it and move on.

Fast forward a few days, we've now done it i think 6 times. She gets in bed with me in her underwear and puts her leg over mine, making it obvious that shes presenting herself.

I've lost control. I wanted her so bad tonight i tried to rub her with my cock so she could feel it. We were on a bad angle because we werent totally alone and didnt want it to be obvious what was happening under the covers if someone walked in. So i barely made contact, but i made enough contact to make my tip wet, and she was basically dripping.

We are both confused. I think we need to stop. I know we need to stop. I still love her like a daughter. I want to protect her, i want to give her everything. 99.5% of the time thats all we are. I just, also want to rail her until we both explode sometimes, and sometimes has become multiple times a day. I sit there thinking "i could bend her over and ream her ass, fill her up". I havent came for her, but i know if i did it would be explosive.

We are both apparently really fucking good actors. we can switch it off in the blink of an eye and act like we werent doing anything.

I know what this is. I know what this makes me. I know this is the worst possible thing i could do. I know what i deserve.

But i also know this is an exclusive thing that is every bit about her, and not her age. She acts like an adult. We feel like two halves of the same apple.

I have zero interest in anybody else her age. I see some kid and i think "thats a kid". I see some of the other confessions on here where people see a kid as a sex toy and im the one thinking "you're a fucking pig. Theres something wrong with you. What the fuck. Thats a kid you creep". I think its gross. I see some kids obsessing over some man online and i think "that guy could be your dad, the fuck is wrong with you".

But then my stepdaughter comes to me in her underwear and gives me a look and i just want to bend her over right there. Sometimes. A small fraction of the time. Most of the time im actually thinking "you want some food?". But it should be 0% of the time, and im not sure what to do about it.

I'm actually coming to terms with the fact that im not really attracted to anyone. It seems to be just her. I can see other people, male or female, and be like "thats an attractive person", but im not attracted to them.

I dont want it to be like this. I dont want to want her like this. I dont know how to stop, and i dont know if she does either. If anyone ever found out, it would destroy so many lives including our own.

I dont want to have fucked everything up. But i have. Here we are. I'll probably send her this, she'll see how ashamed i am, and then in a few days ill ask her to ride me like a bull anyway because ive gone crazy.

I've lost control. I love her so much.

The fuck is wrong with me




I am a long time Crossdresser. I want to dress up for my adult daughter and have her do my make up, she is very good at it. Then I want to have hot horny kinky sex with her. To kiss and hug her and tell her how much I love her. Suck on her tiny titties and finger her pussy getting her nice and wet. Then drop to my knees and eat her pussy till she cuts. Then mount her and fuck her hard till I explode in her juicie shaved pussy. I want her so bad and want her to know just how much of a cross dressing sissy I am. That for the past 20 years I have been dressing up and sucking guys cocks and being fucked up the ass and loving it. That she is the only woman I want to be with and have sex with. In fact I want so much to be her bitch. For real! I think a large reason is because she is so small, about 5 ft. Has real tiny titties and with a shaved pussy looks so much like a little girl

It would help satisfy my fantasy of being a pedophile. I would love to have sex with little girls 10 and 11 years old. But one thing I would never tell her is how much I love sex with large horny male dogs and be a true bitch. I love her so fucking much. I have a plan to get her naked and get her slutty with me. She is my little apple head.




(24 F) I was never molested when I was little, prolly cause my mom was insanely overprotective & I grew up chubby, but I was very hyper sexual but not due to being abused. I was exposed to sex really early on at 6-7 years old by my cousin, who told us (me & my cousin) about what sex was, after that I’d look for movies on tv that had sex scenes, cause I was curious, or masturbate.

At least I tried too, I didn’t really know what it meant to masturbate so I’d just wait until bedtime before I’d slip down my shorts & let my baby clit rub against my blanket. After that, me & my cousins (F) would talk about sex in secret while we played outside & eventually we started experimenting with each other.

We’d kiss, suck on each others flat nipples, rub our baby pussies together, we were really horny kids. Every time I’d sleep over or they would, we found any way to play with our bodies. I remember finding pics of my dad cheating on my mom in his old flip phone, it was a woman sitting on his face, I got to see his long, thick cock too.

Ever since then, I’d fantasize about my dad abusing me. I never had a good relationship with him till this day, & he’s not the type to sexually abuse but growing up, I wanted so desperately for my dad to sneak into my room while my mom was sleeping & slip under my covers to eat out my chubby lil girl pussy & force me to take his thick cock. I remember as a preteen I’d rub my clit raw thinking about us sneaking around my mom & fucking. About my mom watching tv in the living room while my dad face fucks me in the kitchen, or him fucking me on their bed while she’s away.

I wish my mom wasn’t so overprotective of me growing up, it would’ve been hot to have been molested by my uncles or family friends. I still fantasize about fucking my dad, a part of me says I wouldn’t actually indulge but honestly? If there was an opportunity to let him fuck me? I’d take it, I bet fucking your dad feels amazing.




My daughter was 10 years old she wanted to go out on the road with me during the summer. I let her go. She had the top bunk and I had to buy them and it was nice to spend time with her she was growing up fast.

At the time I pull flatbed and as any truck driver can tell you that's a dirty business. But she got there and help me too. So on the way out I stopped in a truck stop for us to take showers. She was afraid to go go in one by herself so I told her okay I would get one and we would work it out.

Basically I turned around while she got undressed and got in the shower to wash, however, about 3 or 4 minutes in she stuck her head around the wall and said I have a problem. The shower head is too high and I can't get the soap out of my hair.

Being stupid and having to take a shower next, I told her to close her eyes and I would help her. So I got undressed and got in the shower and got behind her and lifted her up to where she could rent her hair. My hands were around her stomach only.

I put her down and moved her to the edge of the shower where she could go out and told her to open her eyes when she got outside which is what she did.

I proceeded to take my shower and when I was done I told her to face the door while I got dried off and dressed in she did and nothing happened.

Later that night in the truck she started giggling I asked her what was so funny. She said her mom would kill us both if she ever knew that we took a shower together and started a horse laughing. I told her that there was nothing wrong with it she didn't see a thing. She laughed even harder and said that's the problem you did.

I tried to do the right thing and explain to her that nudity is nothing wrong unless you make it wrong. She asked me very seriously then why did I have her close her eyes. Was I ashamed of my body. I told her no that it's no big deal, I was trying to do the decent thing. She popped her head off the top bunk look down at me and said well you owe me a good look one day.

I asked if she was serious and she replied yes. If there's nothing wrong with it, fair is fair, I got to see her naked so she gets to see me. I figured she was joking around so I told her you just named the time and the place little lady. And I started to roll over and go to sleep. About 5 minutes later she quietly said hey dad. I asked her what, not annoyingly but kind of sleepily, and she says now, here. It didn't comprehend to me what she meant and I asked her what she wanted. She said that she wanted to see me naked. I told her that to be honest I didn't really look at her so let's think about it and talk about it later. About 10 minutes later I'm almost asleep and I hear a thump as she gets out of the top of. I roll over to ask her what she is doing up and she is standing there naked

The curtains were closed so I know no one was looking inside is she turned on the light. I asked what she thought she was doing and she said that she's making it fair besides there's nothing wrong with it as I told her. Sitting up in my bunk and looking at her I could see that she was dead serious. I told her that we could get in a lot of trouble for her just doing that. She rolled her eyes and said duh do you think I'm ever going to tell anyone. Knowing that I would not get her to shut up I said fine. There's nothing wrong with it and I got off and under the covers and told my underwear off and stood there.

She said they're looking at me and kind of sparked and goes I figured it would be bigger than that. I told her that the only time it gets bigger is when it is aroused and this is not arousing. I asked her if she was done and can we go to sleep now. She got back in her bank and I would be lying if I said I didn't look as she swung her leg over and I can very well tell that she was moist. That plus let's face it when a young lady is aroused you can smell it that close.

Nothing else happened the rest of that night in the next day it was like nothing had happened. It's a matter of fact the next two days it was like nothing had happened.

On the last night we were out I'm almost asleep and a folded up note is tossed down on me. I turn on my little side light and read it and she said that she's bored. Laughingly I asked her out loud what did she want me to do about it. She said she wants to see it again. But bigger. I laid there stunned. After a couple of minutes she asked if I was mad at her and I told her no that I just didn't know what to say right now.

She popped her head over the top bunk and said when we first started you said whatever happened on the truck stays on the truck right in which I replied right. She asked if she could talk to me and not get in trouble.

Wondering what was on her mind after all of this I stupidly said for the next 1 hour you have 100% immunity and le laughed about it.

She proceeded to tell me that one of her friends, who is the same age as her by the way, got to play Truth or Dare with her brother and his friend who spent the night with him. She said that they kissed, flashed, but when it comes down to doing any more she got scared and stopped. I told her I was proud of her for knowing her limits because I really didn't know what else to say. She then said that she wanted to but she's afraid. She has no clue about anything, that her mother said that she's not even going to let her date until she's 18 so she don't have to worry about it.

Trying to be the good parent, me and her mom are divorced, I said well you got 50 minutes left of immunity. Ask away. She then got down off the top bunk and sit down on the edge of mine.

Scooting to the back of my bunk and I'm getting up on my elbow where I can lay there and see her. I kept quiet and let her proceed. She said I was the coolest person that she knew even if I was her dad. And I was the only person in the world that she trusted 100%. I thanked her and let her continue. She was quiet for a moment and then she goes please don't think this is weird. I'm like no I'm not going to think anything's weird you're being honest. There's no stupid questions. Only stupid answers.

Seaside and said since the shower and then back in the truck it is about drove her crazy wanting to know more about sex. I told her at her age with hormones running through her body and the change is going on but that's understandable. I like to point out that even though she was petite, she was already a large b cup, pretty much like her mom on her way to being a d by 18. And I did notice the other night that although she's not shaving or anything, she had a natural landing strip coming in.

She started to say something then said never mind and started to stand up to get back in the top bunk. I looked and said you got 40 minutes left if you got questions ask them.

Turned around and looked at me and goes what if it's not a question. I kind of got worried where this was going but I was in too deep. I just nodded my head and said continue.

She goes don't think it's weird or nothing, I'm not into you, but, and she kind of stalled there. I looked at her and kind of arched my eyebrows and said continue. She goes can I practice on you.

After stunned minute I asked her what she meant by practice. She said that she didn't want to go all the way or nothing like that, but, could she lay with me and be able to touch me down there so did she can learn how to do it. And what I basically teach her.

I was floored even though I could see it coming. I sat there looking at her and how serious she looked and how scared she looked. After about 2 or 3 minutes she started talking again about how that she's almost a teenager and she want it a boyfriend eventually and she didn't want to be some stupid girl that didn't know what she was doing and ended up pregnant because she let the boy take control and show her what to do. And then she knew that I would not teach her wrong or take advantage of her.

Then she said that she wouldn't go to her grave and never tell anyone because what happened on the truck stayed on the truck.

I sighed and told her that I was not interested in her in that way. She immediately almost broke out crying and I quickly told her stop. But she was my daughter and I loved her to death and this one time I would say yes.

She jumped and hugged me saying thank you thank you thank you. Did she stood back up turn the light out and I could hear her getting undressed. Knowing what was about to happen I went ahead and slipped my underwear off and kicked them out to the floor. I stayed under the covers held him open for her to lay down

I let her take the lead. And at first all she did was lay there and hold me with her head on my shoulder. For a moment I was kind of hoping that's as far as she went. She looked up the towards me and said I've got 30 minutes right and I'm like, honey take your time. I don't think there's going to be a time limit tonight.

I know most of you and would like for me to say we have mad passionate sex at night. But we didn't.

After about a minute she just lightly started rubbing my chest and eventually worked her hand down to my dick. I thought it was kind of sweet and funny the way it took her forever to go from just barely touching it to lightly running her hand across it to holding it to lightly starting to masturbated it.

She must have done that for about 30 minutes and I will be lying if I said that I didn't get hard. Who wouldn't. Eventually she felt the precum on the tip of it and ask what that was and I told her. She said her friend had said her boyfriend did that too, and then she surprised me by saying her friend licked it off. I told her that that's called oral sex. And that's what a lot of girls do to where they don't have to have actual sex and that way they don't get pregnant.

All the while I'm explaining that her thumb is smearing it around the tip of my dick. Looking at me sheepishly she either self under the covers and made her way down towards my dick. My heart started racing because I knew what she was going to do. And she did. I felt her tongue go across it and then I felt a kiss on it and then she'd come back up. She looked at me and goes that wasn't really that bad. I laughed and said that part usually isn't. She looked at me kind of cock-eyed and said what comes after that. And I explained what a girl does to a guy when she's giving him oral sex. She punched me lightly in the ribs and goes dead that's a blowjob. It sounds stupid you calling it oral sex. Without thinking I said okay smarty pants you don't need my instructions then.

She smiled and just disappeared and next thing I know she is literally got my dick in her mouth. She's not taking much of it only about an inch or two but she's trying. After a few minutes she pops her head up and goes how does that feel, I told her the truth that it felt amazing. She asked how long to hit usually lasts, and I said usually to the guy comes. She went back under the covers and continued. I told her that it would be faster if she used a couple of her fingers wrapped around at the bottom and moved it up and down at the same time. It literally only took about 4 minutes and I came.

She come back up towards me and she had a little bit on her face and a lot on her hands. I couldn't help but laugh a little bit when she goes I swallowed some of it. When I told her that some girls swallow it all others spit it out and others just like it splattered on their face and chest. She told me that it would be better in a towel. It didn't taste that bad but it's just gross.

I couldn't help it then I started laughing. She reached over and got my shirt, my last clean shirt, and wiped her face and hands off with it. Then she just smiled real big at me. She laid back down in the crook of my arm stretched out next to me and actually laid one of her legs over mine and I could feel the heat between her legs. I know she had gotten horny. She asked me, how she done and I said honestly, it was awesome. She goes so what is the boys do to the girls. I froze. She said her friends boyfriend licked her once or twice between her legs but said it was gross and wouldn't do anything for her unless he could fuck her. She wouldn't let him so he went home.

I told her honestly that usually after a girl does that to a guy, the guy usually gets the girl off with his mouth down there then sometimes it's fingers too. She just kind of went oh and then laid there quietly.

After about 10 minutes I thought she had went to sleep when she looked up at me and said would you show me. I was so horny at that time, and ashamed of myself, but I couldn't stop myself and said sure baby girl.

I won't go into all the details, because I don't consider myself an expert, and this ain't a porn story. I will say that she did have an orgasm, and no it wasn't her first, she later confessed to masturbating a lot the last few months.

But I will say that even though the guilt ate at me I tried my best. I sucked on her very small clip gently. I flicked my tongue across it, and I tried to put my tongue up as far as I could at her very tight hole. When I was done I laid back and she curl back up to me and laughed and said my face was wet. I leaned over and nosed kissed her and rubbed it on her face and said yeah it's you. She told me that it really wasn't that bad, she tasted herself before because her friend had done it to herself.

I asked her if her and her friend had done anything to which she replied you know I'm not a lesbian.

I would love to say she fell asleep in my arms that night but she didn't she got up put her panties on and then crawled into the top bunk. She left her shirt laying there.

Nothing else happened for the next few years and it was never brought up.

When she hit 14 though that's where the regret happened. But that's for a different post