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I was almost 5 years old the first time I experienced something erotic, and which I remember as a thrilling experience. I was with my great-grandmother in a sleeping compartment on a train. There were bunk beds in the compartment, but my great-grandmother said I could sleep with her. This was in 1971, so I peed in a so-called pee bucket before we went to bed. So did my great-grandmother, who at the time was close to 70 years old and a fantastic lady, and whom I was very fond of. After we finished getting ready for the night, I became aware of how nice, smooth and beautiful the underwear she wore; pinup style. When we had laid down, I lay next to her bottom in a spooning position, and my pee got really stiff. "Do you like great-grandmother that much?" - she asked, while laughing lovingly and patting me on the side of the ass with her free right hand. I confirmed that it felt so good to lie like that. She positioned her ass in such a way that my pee slipped into her butthole, outside her panty fabric. I was naked. This is how I lay and felt this delicious and tickling feeling, and with instinctive jerking movements before I fell asleep. Great grandmother said nothing more, neither then nor later. At another time (I was still 5 years old) I lived for a while with my grandmother's sister (great grandmothers offspring), and while living there I got shingles. She got hold of an ointment from the doctor, which she was supposed to apply to me. I was completely naked when she applied the salve, and when she smeared my crotch my pee got really stiff. She grabbed it and massaged it while she laughed. Her husband was sitting nearby. He laughed too. I remember this as a nice and innocent experience. Later, when I had turned 7 and started school, I became friends with another boy in the class. He showed me porn magazines that his father had. He wanted to do what the people in the magazines did, and we took off our clothes. Suddenly we were in the 69 position and he took my stiff pecker in his mouth. It was so delicious that I started shaking all over. Suddenly he asked if I wanted to suck him too. I saw clear liquid oozing out of his pee and didn't know it was precum at the time. I tasted it and I remember it was just a little salty and smooth. I liked it. But it was hard to concentrate on his pee when it felt so good in my own dick. So we decided to take turns sucking each other. He could really suck that boy. It was so delicious. My whole body shook, and suddenly I almost fainted. Today I know I had my first (dry) orgasm. Afterwards I did as he had done. He also had a dry orgasm. We did this until the third grade. After this I moved to another part of the city I lived in. I was then 9 years old, and lost contact with my sucking and jerking friend. This was my first sexual experience of many. Maybe I'll write more later. Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




In the summer holidays of 1977, when I was a 9-year-old boy, I stayed with my aunt somewhere in the country I live in. She was married and at the time she had two small children, a girl of 4 and a boy of 2. Every morning I was allowed to be in bed with my aunt and her children, after her husband had gone to work. One of those mornings, her two children were playing on the floor by the bed, and I was lying alone next to my aunt. She pulled me close, and I got to lie on her shoulder. At the same time, she stroked my back with her right hand, while she took her left hand on my right hand and placed it on her lower stomach. I could feel her pubic hair with my little finger and I got a rock hard erection. My heart was pounding, and I was breathing heavily. She noticed this and suddenly I felt her right hand move around my thin body and she grabbed my boy cock. I was in heaven and both swallowed and breathed heavily. She jerked my cock so deliciously and gently, while talking sweetly to me. "Are you OK?" Does it feel good?" I couldn't say anything. I just nodded my head. As she caressed my cock, she brought my right hand down to her pussy. She took my index finger and middle finger together and placed them on what I today know is the clitoris. She used my fingers to massage herself while caressing my cock. It didn't take long for my whole body to shake and a powerful ecstasy hit me. My cock pumped in her hand as the dry orgasm waved through my body. She continued to rub my fingers in her pussy while I lay there in an orgasmic frenzy. But suddenly she stopped and her body went completely stiff and there was a sound I had not heard from a grown woman before. I was a little scared , and thought she was very ill. "Aunt, are you sick or in pain?" - I asked a little anxiously. "No" - she said smiling - "I'm just very, very well, and you're such a good boy" - she said smiling. I was so happy. I still had my fingers between her labia and she led my fingers further down. "Do you feel how wet it is?" - she asked. - "Yes, do you peed yourself?" - I asked. - "No" - she said while laughing friendly - "that's how it is when girls play with their pee" - she said. - "Its because a girls pee need to be smooth and wet before the man sticks his pee into the hole you can feel, but you should wait until you are bigger and have become a man before you do that to a girl" - she said. - "Okay" - I said, and didn't think about it any more. I was still euphoric after the cuddle time with my aunt. - "Now we're going to get up and wash ourselves, and after that we're going to have breakfast" - said my aunt, as she got up from the bed. She was naked and I looked at her body as she put on a dressing gown. She suddenly sat down on the bed again, and looked at me a little sternly, while putting her hands on either side of my face. Seriously, she said you can never tell anyone about this, because it was illegal for her as a grown woman to cuddle with me who was a little boy like that. And that there was going to be a lot of noise and nonsense if I told anyone about it. I promised her I would never tell (Which I never did either) Nothing more sexual happened with my aunt that summer, but she was good and kind. I received both the closeness and care that all children need. We never talked about what happened that morning, but for me it is a very good memory.

Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




When I was 12 my brother was 16 and I always looked up to him as far as I saw it he could do not wrong. One night I looked over at his bed and under the covers he was jerking off. I guess he was not coming and he was talking to himself. I asked him what was wrong and he said my balls are aching I can't seem to come tonight. I said I am sorry that you are in pain can you just go to sleep and it will get better. No, he said I just have to come that's all. I asked if there was anything that I could do to help. He said come over here and get it bed with me. I went over to his bed and he was naked and playing with himself. I got into the bed and he said put your hand on my cock and rub it for me. I did and after a few minutes of me rubbing it he said this isn't working put it in your mouth and suck it please my balls are killing me.

I have always done just what my brother had asked me to so I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on it. He said you are making it feel so good keep it up and I did and then he whispered I am going to come suck it deep in your mouth. He was right his juice started squirting into my mouth it was warm and I like that I was helping him.

I went back over to my bed and I felt good that I had helped my brother.

The next he needed help the next week and so I knew what I had to do and he liked it.

The next week he had a friend over and they were in our room and I was watching tv in the den and my brother came in and said I need you to come in here with me. I was a little surprised because most of the time when he has friends over they wouldn't let me in the room.

When I walked in after him he said my friend Billy has a problem his balls feel like they are going to burst and he is it pain and I told him how you helped me. Billy said can you help me my balls are giving me real pains. He took out his cock and it was hard and bigger then my brothers. I told him I will try to help so I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it.

He said you are doing a good job I need to come so keep sucking. Before long he was coming in my mouth and he did so much that it was running down my chin and he laughed.

It wasn't long after that my brother was having many friends over with the same problem.

The good thing was that now I could be in with the guys anytime they came over.




I love naked young white blonde or redhaired boys. Five to ten years old. No ugly body hair and they are so sexy and beautiful; sleek feminine bodies with lucious flat chests. No facial hair and no ugly pubic hair. Their dicks are perfect and so beautiful, and how they are so hard and bouncy like springs. To suck and make love to a boy’s dick is simply devine. To watch the pleasure on a preteen prepubecent boy that you are hopelessly in love with as you suck him to orgasm is worth a thousand words. Doing it for him because you as a man are so in love with him that you want only to make him feel the intense pleasure that he gives you when he sucks you to cum. You are so in love with him that were it not taboo, you would put the darling in a wedding dress and marry him. To have him all to yourself, never to cause him pain, but to give his dick the orgasms it deserves, and brush his long luxiurious hair with a brush. To message his shoulders and feet and to whisper words of love in his ear as you spoon with him. His body is slick with oil as your dick slides between his soft feminine butt cheeks. You cum in the spooning and as you hold your eight year old boy-wife to your chest, your heart is beating with love for him. He is the love of your life and would die for him, your precious little boy-wife.




This is the first confession of many more to come. I am going to make a series of them (nothing it's real, it's just fantasy). The names are going to be changed. I have a lot of them and I need a place to write them down. Again, nothing that I write about it's true.

Fantasy Confession #1 - Miss Emily

Miss Emily (not her real name) was my english teacher from 10th grade until my final year of highschool. She had dark red-ish colored hair, not really tall and she was just a little bit on the chubby side, but that made her even hotter for me. She had a really nice and friendly personality. I had a crush on her, whenever I would see her, especially since she had a big chest, or so it seemed. Everytime I would ask myself how big they were, because sometimes they would giggle when she would move. And her ass was really good looking, not too fat nor skinny. She would always wear red lipstick and nice perfume. She was married, but from what I was hearing she and her husband would argue a lot. After i finished highschool, I left to another country to work and after three years I returned. I was in the centre of the town when I randomly saw her on the street. Before I left, she was 32. I went and spoke to her:

- Hi, Miss Emily!

She looked at me for 2-3 seconds until she realised who I was.

- Oh, hi! Sorry for not recognizing you faster. Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it ? How are you doing ?

- Not a problem. I'm doing great actually! How are you Miss Emily ?

- I'm ok. I was just shopping a little.

Outside it was really cold, since it was winter so I wanted to go drink something warm.

- Miss Emily, would you mind if I invited you to drink some coffee ? That is, if you don't have something more important to do.

- Yes, I think a coffee would be amazing!

- Perfect, let's go, there is a cafe nearby.

As we were walking, I kept glancing at her and she didn't change a bit. We arrived, and ordered some coffee.

- Miss Emily, please tell me, what is bothering you. You don't look so happy.

- Well, maybe it shouldn't tell you this, but I got divorced, since my husband was cheating on me.

I know that getting divorced was not a good thing, but I think it was for the better. She needed better than that.

- Wow, what and idiot! To have such a good looking and beautiful woman besides and to cheat on her. Loser!

She blushed.

- Oh, thank you, you're really sweet! Do you think I'm good looking or are you just joking around ? (she said while smiling)

- I mean it! I could even say that you are really hot, Miss Emily! You know, it's kinda funny, that in my last 3 year of highschool I had a crush on you.

She blushed again, only this time she was quite surprised.

- Really ? Wow, that's... new! I've never been told that I was somebody's crush before.

Our coffee arrived and we both took a little sip. My hand was resting on the table and she put hers on mine.

- So, tell me, do you have a girlfriend ?

- No, I don't really like girls my age, I prefer mature women. I find them interesting and sexy at the same time. And I feel that they know so much more than the young girls. But I'm still looking.

I felt her hand near my groin area.

- I think you found her.

She then leaned and we kissed. I didn't for the other people in the cafe. I was so surprised and happy. I felt my penis started getting hard.

- It looks like your friend wants to have some fun. Let's go to my place!

- Ok, miss Emily!

- Please, call me Emily.

While she was driving she would sometimes move her hand up and down my shaft. It was driving me crazy. We finally arrived at her appartment, We took our shoes off and went in the living room. We then started kissing, like we were teenagers. Really slow, she was touching my penis through my pants and I was touching her groin area and chest. Our tongues were dancing with one another. We then took our clothes off. She took her bra off, and I was finally seeing what I was wondering about for three years. She had nice big boobs, a bit saggy, but man they were amazing. And then she took her panties off, revealing a trimmed vagina and a nice big round ass.

- Let's go to the bedroom.

I just nodded and on the way there the only thing I could think about was that I was about have sex with my crush.

- Just stay on the bed, I'm going to take care of you.

And with that she started sucking on it. She was licking the head and then she would introduce the whole penis in her mouth. She was looking at me while she was doing it, which made it so much sexier. I still couldn't understand why her husband cheated on her. After like 5-6 minutes I couldn't hold anymore.

- Emily, I'm gonna cum!

She didn't say anything, she just kept sucking until I came. She swallowed.

- My God Emily, this was so good. Now let me take care of you. Just lay in the bed.

I began by biting her buttocks and then licking her asshole. She was moaning and she was enjoying it

- Oh, yes, this feels so good. Yes.

I then made her turn so her vagina was facing me. I started by kissing her legs from her toes to her vagina, and I began eating her out. She was so wet and had such a sweet taste. I was hypnotized by it. She would take my head and thrust it deep in her vagina.

- Oh my GOD baby, it feels so good. Yes, yes, yes, more, I want more!

And so I complied. I ate her for like 20 minutes. It was heavenly. Then she came, splattering her juices all over the bed.

- Oh my God! That was amazing! You know what you're doing.

- Thank you Emily.

- Now it's time to put it in!

- Ok, are you ready ?

- Yes, I am!

I began pushing my penis into her vagina. She was quite tight. But it felt so good. I felt like I was absorbed by her.

- Fuck! You feel so good Emily. Holy fuck!

- Oh my God yes, yes, yes, yes give it to me!

Then we switched positions. While she was riding me, I would hold her ass and keep pushing myself into her. At the same time I would suck on her nipples. It felt so good and I was hornier than ever.

- Emily ?

- Yeah ?

- I love you! You are so fucking hot and wanna fuck you all the time!

- I.. love you...too! When you're ready, cum inside!

- Oh, you bet I will!

I just couldn't get enough of her. I was intoxicated by her curves, her body, her perfume, by the way she was moaning. After 10 minutes I finally couldn't keep going and I came inside her.

- Oh yes, give me everything!

After we were finished, we just sat there besides one another.

- That was amazing Emily. I love you!

- You're welcome. And I love you too!

After that we just made out real slow, using our tongues. That day we had sex on the kitchen table, in the shower cab and the days that would come would only bring pleasure for both




Two years ago my dad died in an auto accident coming back from a fishing trip with his buddies. Obviously 4 guys drinking and being distracted was a recipe for disaster.

When i was 17 years old my mom was concerned that without a male role model in my life that I needed some guidance in matters of the birds and the bees. She was a little uncomfortable about bringing up the topic in conversation, but she was determined that she could handle it. One night at the dinner table she told me that we had to have a serious talk about my relationship with my girl friend. She wanted to know if we were having sex and did i always have a condom available . I was a little nervous at first but as the conversation advanced I really felt that mom was not being judgmental and that she wanted to be helpful. She told me that she knew that i masturbated a lot and that i was leaving semen stains on my sheets. She told me that she was going t give me a box of tissues and a waste basket just to keep the sheets clean. I was surprised when mom said that she masturbated as well and that she thought it was about time that she started dating again as she had sexual needs that were not being fulfilled.

A few weeks later she told me that she was going on a date and she hoped that I would not look on it as a betrayal of dad. i had no problem and told her so. When she returned from the date she seemed rather down. She told me that the guy talked all night about himself and she found him an absolute bore.

The following night mom was still down. She asked me if it was possible that she might not be attractive enough to attract a nice guy. i have no idea why she might think that as mom was a cyclist, a yoga instructor and spent 3 days a week at the gym. She was 39 years old and told me that she weighed the same now as he did when she graduated from high school. Mom was gorgeous and had the body of model from Victoria's Secret.

I complimented mom and tried to make her feel confident of her beauty. I don't know what made me say it but I blurted out that if I was a guy dating her that I would really be turned on by her.

Mom got a big smile on her face and thanked me for making her feel good. For the rest of the evening she was really up beat and happy.

After we both took our showers and went to bed, we both followed our usual routines of reading a little before going to sleep. About 15 minutes after crawling into bed there was a knock on my door and mom asked if she could come in. Mom said that she really loved the fact that we had good channels of communication open between us and she wanted to know if I would come into her room and get in bed with her so we could talk about things we had in common. We talked for a while and mom said that she wanted to cuddle with me like we used to when I was little. She put her arms around me and pulled me close and cradled my head in the crook of her neck. I had always admired how sexy my mom was and have to admit that I had had some thoughts about sex with her. As we cuddled I started to get an erection. When mom slid over to get closer to me my cock was pushing against her thigh. I could feel mom starting to tense up and she started to breath faster. I could also feel the increase in her body heat. Mom then started moving her hips and before we knew it she was dry humping my cock.

I was kind of surprised at first and didn't know how I should react. After about a minute of mom humping my cock mom stopped and sat up in the bed. She started to cry and told me that she was ashamed of her self and could I please forgive her. By now I was pretty turned on and told mom that it was okay and she had nothing to be sorry for. I then pulled her back down on the bed and started humping her. It was only a matter of minutes before we both stripped off our bed clothes and were locked in passionate kissing. Mom was so sexually charged that she took complete control of the situation. It was very obvious that mom was into oral sex and nothing was held back. I loved licking moms pussy and when she final orgasmed it was like her head was going to explode. She screamed out, 'I'm cum'n, I'm cum'n, I'm cum'n." Please fuck mommy, put your cock in me, right now.

I climbed on top of mom and buried my cock in her juicy lubricated cunt and began pumping my cock in and out of her. Mom begged me to cum in her and I didn't disappoint her. I exploded in the most intense orgasm that I had ever had.

We spent the night licking, sucking and fucking to the point that we both felt drained of all our bodily fluids.

The next morning we got up, showered and sat down for breakfast. Mom told me that i reminded her of my father and that our night of passion was the most beautiful experience of her life. It was for me as well and for the past year we have been having one massive orgy with each other. Mom is incredible and nothing is off limits. Mom loves it when I lick her ass while I'm also licking her pussy. Our love making is so intense that i have broken up with my girl friend. My girlfriend is a good Catholic girl who goes to confession every weekend and although we did some heavy petting, we never actually did anything more.

Mom and I can't get enough of each other and there isn't anything that we haven't tried or done to each other.

What does the future hold for us. I don't know, but for now we are letting it all hang out.




My brother and his wife died a true South African death. The were killed in a hijacking. I dont know why the mother fuckers just didnt take the vehicle and leave them. But one good thing did come out of it which I now want to confess. As a result of their death, their 12 year old son came to live with my husband and I who have been childless for years. Its made my husband a bitter man and despite all his beatings and abuse, I have lived in the hope of him changing. When my nephew came to live with us, he did. He wanted to be involved in his life and be a father finally. He takes him to the gym with him, attends every rugby game and even spends the time to help him with homework when he is around. My husband works for a prominent accounting firm and goes away on business trips quite often. I think it was because we didnt have the responsibility of a child. I must admit, I too started to enjoy my role of being an adopted mother. Yes, the courts declared us his legal guardians. For almost a year, my husband never beat me or verbally abuse me which made me realise that he was still the man I loved and married. One weekend he returned from a business trip and as I unpacked his bags, I found a box of condoms. I found it strange but knowing his temper, I decided to go through his phone bills. I found that there was one number that appeared quite often so I called it only to discover it was a black prostitute. I confronted him and that night my nephew watched me getting a beating. He rushed to my aid which made my husband stop. He got into the car and left me with my nephew. He helped me to the bathroom where he helped wash the blood of my face. He then took me to bed and sat there holding me while I cried. Then the strangest thing happened. As I had my head on his lap, I felt his cock grow harder. I then realised that my pj top buttons were undone and my boobs were visible. At first I wanted to quickly butoon up but the thought he deserved a reward to being there for me. So I did nothing but I started to feel aroused knowing that I was turning him on. Finally I fell asleep and as gently as he could, he got of my bed because I donnt remember him leaving my room. My husband didnt come back that night, so the next morning I woke up all battered and bruised. My nephew got himself ready for school and tried not to disturb me. He came to tell me he was off to school and I tried to hide my face and told him I didnt want him to see me like that. He walked over to me, kissed me on the cheeks and told me i was the most beautiful woman in the world. I got up to hug him and forgot about my unbuttoned pj. So my exposed bood brushed against his hand as I tried to hug him. I felt my nipple get hard and I could feel him hug me tighter like he didnt want to go. Finally when he did leave, I lay in bed thinking about all the feelings that I had in the last day. How could he have called me beautiful yet my eyes were swollen, my lip cut and face swollen. Ang how could my sagging boobs make hi hard. And his touch make my nipples hard. Then the tingling sensation started, I could feel myself get wet in my cunt. Without knowing what I was doing, I closed my eyes imaging my nephew fucking me. He was only 13 and yet I was so aroused by the thought that he may be attracted to me. My husband finally came home and acted like nothing happened, not even an apology. He called work and told them that he was running late. When the phone rang later, he was the last person I expected to hear from. I thought he was going to apologise, but simply told me to pack his bags as he needed to go out of town for a few days. He would be home in a bit to pick it up. When he came, I said nothing. So he just left. Fuck him, i thought. I then started thinking about my nephew. But I couldnt just tell him what i was feeling so I decided that i was going to see far it would go. I changed into a far sexier outfit before he got home, one that revealed the contours of my body. I greeted him as usual with a kiss on his cheek but this time I hugged him and thanked him for last night. As he sat at the table eating his sandwich, I could feel his eyes on me. I bent over at the fridge a bit longer so that he could get a view of my panty. I could feel me getting wet again. My game went on like that all afternoon. As he watched tv, i asked him to masssage my feet making sure that he would be able to see under my dress. I knew he wasnt concentrating on tv because my foot could feel his hard cock. Thats it, i made up my mind that i was going to fuck him that night. At bedtime, I asked him to come sit with me in my room for a while. I asked him about school and then if he had a girlfriend. Hee said no and I made him promise that he would never do to a woman what his uncle did to me. He did and I hugged him but this time instead of kissing him on his cheeks, I kissed his lips. He apologised thinking he may have bruised my cut lip but I told him it was fine. In fact it made it better. I then told him that maybe he should kiss it better again. He stared at me thinking I was joking but when I leaned forward he knew I meant it. The next thing I knew was that our tongues were wrestling with each other. I felt his hands go straight for my boobs. I pushed him back.. He apologised but I told him that I wanted him to enjoy it and not rush. I pushed him back onto the bed removing his shirt and started sucking his nipples. I then worked my way down to his shorts which i ripped off. There was his 13 year old cock as hard as ever. I stuck it in my mouth and I felt hi jump. I pushed him back on the bed and continued to suck him harder and harder. The next thing i knew was that i felt a load of cum going down my throat. I would usually spit it out but I swallowed it. The taste of young come was divine. I went up to kiss him but could see he was reluctant because he just shot a load in my mouth. I told him it was fine and we started kissing again. In a minute he was hard again. I finallt took of my clothes and saw that he seemed fascinated by my hairless cunt. I then told him I wanted to suck it. He didnt know what to do at first but he was a fast learner because soon he was licking pussy like a pro. That night we fucked at least three times. We woke up in the morning and fucked again. I didnt let him go to school and we spent the day together like lovers. He was so gentle and loving. Its been over a year now and we still do it every chance we get. Whenever my husband is away, he spends the night in bed with me. He has assured me that he has told no one about our relationship. Sometimes we go shopping alone and when we park undercover, i let him suck me. He seems to love the taste of pussy. We have one problem now. We are in love. Yes I love him, I can see me spending my whole life with him. He also loves and not like the way a nephew loves an aunt. We have come up with a crazy plan. We are going to India in December. Yes alone because my husband thinks that it would be a great present for both of us. Little does he know how much fun we are going to have. Yes, our plan. We can find a temple in India to marry us with no questions asked then we will be husband and wife. No one will ever know in our family just us. My little lover.