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My neighbor and I had been playing around with each other for the past couple of years. He is a black man with a thick 9 inch cock. I am a white man with a thick 6.5 inch cock. My wife has gained a lot of weight since we got married and now would be considered a SBBW. She basically stopped having sex when she hit the 300 lb. mark. So, instead of cheating on her with another woman, I decided to start having sex with men on the down low. Besides women are so needy and clingy it is a lot easier to find a guy that wants to have "no strings attached" (and mean it) sex than it is to find women. I am not gay in the sense that I want a relationship with a man, I am just attracted to their cocks and asses. I don't want to kiss or hug or rub bodies with other men, only his cock going inside me or mine going inside him. His wife is very attractive and has a perfect body. I know this because he shares pics and videos of her with me. My wife won't let me take any sexual pics or videos of her, which I don't know if he would want to see them if she did.

Anyway, since I can't talk to anyone about my "secret" bi side, I wanted to tell about our latest hook-up.

We were in my detached work shop, I was bent over leaning on my workbench with my shorts and underwear around my ancles, and he was behind me with is big hard cock buried balls deep in my ass. He has fucked me a few times in the past but this time was different.

This time he was fucking me bareback, and was going to breed me for the first time. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt as he pumped in and out of me. He was hitting my prostate and it was making me feel like I was going to cum without even touching my cock, which was sticking straight out hard as a rock.

He was telling me how tight and hot my ass was and that he was going to be cumming real soon. I told him to breed my white ass, that I wanted to feel his cum filling me up. He was holding my hips and was fucking me in short to half strokes but after I told him I wanted to feel is cum he reached up and grabbed a hold of my shoulders and started fucking me with long

hard strokes that would almost lift me off the ground when he would hit bottom. I was in heaven.

Him fucking me like this was pushing me toward the edge of cumming from my prostate. He started moaning and said here it cums just as I heard my wife call my name. I could tell by the loudness of her voice she was just outside of the shop. My neighbor didn't hear her because he kept moaning and was lifting me up onto my tip toes as he unloaded inside me. He shot with such force I could feel it inside me and it made me start shooting my cum all over the work bench and that's when my wife opened the door and saw us.

I can only imagine what she was thinking, she sees our neighbor fucking me so hard that he is almost lifting me off the floor while my cock is shooting stream after stream of hot cum onto the work bench.

I turned around to look at her, she was standing there her eyes were wide open and her mouth was hanging open. Bob, my neighbor saw me looking toward the door and turned to see what I was looking at. When he saw her he pulled out of my ass real quick and the cum gushed out of my ass like a river. She didn't move. He reached down and pulled up his shorts as I turned around reaching down to do the same.

As I looked at her, her face changed like she was someone else, she said, "don't stop for my sake, I want to watch you finish." I started saying something like, "honey, I can explain"; when she cut me off and said in a commanding voice, "I want to watch you finish!"

We both froze for a few seconds, then Bob said, "well, we had pretty much finished." My wife said, "he hasn't sucked your cock clean yet." I looked at her with a questioned look on my face. She said, "remember when we used to fuck you would always want me to suck your cock clean and make sure I sucked all of the cum out of it. Now get down on your knees and clean his cock!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but it was turning me on too. When I finally moved, I reached out and spun Bob around. She said, "no, turn him so I can see his cock as you take it into your mouth."

I moved around and dropped to my knees giving her a really good angle and said, " come on over here closer so you can see better."

She walked over to us as I pulled Bob's shorts down, his cock sprung out as the waist band went past his cock head and almost hit me in the face. It looked like he was getting hard again.

I didn't waste anymore time and started licking the head of his cock, then started taking him into my mouth, as I did this I looked up at my wife. With our eyes locked I slowly took his cock all the way down my throat and was fucking my throat with it. When I pulled back off of it, it was rock hard and sticking straight out. My wife's eyes got big and said, "wow, that is a big black cock isn't it?" She reached out and grabbed it by the base and started squeezing it as she said, "now, I want to watch Bob fuck your face until he cums in your mouth." She said it like it was punishment for getting caught, but I guess she didn't realize that I loved it when Bob fucked my face or ass.

Bob put his hand on the back of my head and started pulling me onto his cock as my lips got close to her hand she released his cock to allow my lips to go all the way up to his pubic hair.

He started fucking my mouth with short fast strokes, I was loving it, I looked up at my wife and she was licking her lips as she pulled one of her big floppy titties out of her shirt and was pinching her nipple. She moved over close to Bob and told him to suck on her nipple while he fucked my face.

Bob did as he was told and started sucking her tit, as he did this he stopped fucking my face, so I started bobbing up and down on his cock. It wasn't no time and I felt his balls tighten up and his cock swell letting me know he was about to cum again. I looked up at my wife and backed off of his cock so she could see the first rope of cum going into my mouth. I then deep throated him while he pumped the rest of his cum straight down my throat. My wife had an orgasm right then and there just from watching me take a load down my throat and Bob sucking on one nipple.

I couldn't believe what had just happened but couldn't wait for her to tell me what to do next...




Male here. Last night with my wife asleep upstairs I invited a guy over who had a bbc. I sucked him off for a little then got up and let him rub his cock on my ass probing me but not entering me. He reached around and started to jerk me I was so turned on I was about to cum and I quickly turned around had him sit down and I came all over his cock I then went down on him and sucked his cock as much as I could eating my cum at the same time until he came in my mouth and I swallowed that too.




My girlfriend and i of 3 years had gotten into 3somes with other girls and had lots of fun but i always knew she was cock hungry but i didnt want any other men to go near her because shes mine. We decided that a girl with a cock isnt the same as another man so i let her fuck a trans girl with an 8 inch cock and i ate the cum from her pussy. The next time i got to suck the girls dick and i let her come on my face. After a few trans girls had ran through her i was a little less jealous and decided we could do a 4way with another bi couple so i could suck his cock too. It was hot taking turns on each others girlfriends and then sucking their pussy juice off our cocks. Sucking a dick and having him cum in my mouth while tasting like my girlfriends used up pussy was so hot




The following is 100% true, recent, and secret from everyone in my life.

Brief background. I’m a recently divorced man in my 50’s. Secretly a bi-cocksucker. My X never knew about my occasional ventures out to gloryholes or to meet older men I met online.

Back up slightly further. My mother-in-law, a chubby not-so-attractive Greek woman, died about 2 years ago. We never really got along. She was dating an Egyptian man at the time, who I felt was out of her league.

A few months ago I ran across this Egyptian, that she used to date, and we talked. He was a huge guy, older, chubby, and very scruffy. In our talk over coffee, I confided I wasn’t too fond of my now-deceased mother-in-law, and he had a smirk on his face when I said that. He told me that he was only with her because she would do anything he said, no matter how vulgar, humiliating, or kinky.

This shocked me as I always thought she was conservative and straight-laced.

He said, “I have tons of pics of her as evidence.” My jaw dropped. I am a total voyeur and have seen many family members nude or engaged in sex, in pics and videos. I seek this stuff out. Seeing someone you know, naked and exposed, is far more erotic than seeing a stranger, even if that stranger is more attractive. I’d rather see my fat mother-in-law naked, than the hottest model in the world.

So he said he might consider showing me a pic or two and he saw me light up. I said that I would LOVE to see it. He said that he could only show me these pics if he could totally trust me. I begged and promised. He told me he would show me the first pic for free, and then after that, we’d have to make an arrangement.

So out comes a high-quality picture of my super conservative and religious Greek mother-in-law, sitting on the same couch I was now sitting on, with this Greek man’s fat hard cock in her hands. I was instantly hard and staring. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My X-wife’s mom, holding a hard cock. I promise you, my heart was racing.

He saw me staring and readjusting my shorts and asked me if what I saw turned him on. I said, “Beyond words.” He said he has hundreds and hundreds of pics and videos and this was the tamest of them all.

I begged to see them. So he says, what are you going to show me? What can you do to guarantee me you will never tell anyone about these pics? I swore up and down I’d never tell a living soul.

He said, “I’ll tell you what. I need more than words. I see you staring at my cock in that picture and don’t deny it. I can tell that you’re impressed. If you hold my hard cock in your hands, while I show you another pic that will show even more of your mother-in-law, then I’ll show you.”

And that is how it started.

As he showed me hundreds and hundreds of XXX pics and videos he made me hold his cock, stroke him, suck him and take his cock in my ass. We both used the pics as an excuse to live out our deviant sexual fantasies.

This is still going on today. I visit him several times per week and he shows me more and more and I suck and fuck him, and now one of his even older Egyptian friends, on every visit. I have swallowed their cum, been fucked, and totally used.

They took several pictures of me with their cocks in my mouth so that I would always keep our arrangement secret. Genuine blackmail, but it was worth it.

This has been the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life.




I had a meeting with a new vendor. The man showed up with his two minions, a girl with the powerpoint and a guy with the tight sweater. She was proficient, he was all about himself, he had been a tennis player at a major university. There was nothing straight about him.

My instincts were to let it pass, but I called and asked for another meeting. The party of three came again, the powerpoing girl with her techy look and the tennis queer. This time he was wearing pants two sizes too small, accentuating the bulge in his pants. I asked myself, do I fuck him, or do I fuck her. Which is more important.

I wanted to fuck him really bad, get that bulge in my hand, his cock in my mouth. But at the right, or wrong moment, I turned and looked at the powerpoint girl. Small girl, but her tits stood out from her chest, and her legs were crossed and her thing stretched. Maybe her I said. I put the move on her and asked her out. If she wanted to close the deal she had to be nice to me. She was more than just a decent fuck, there was something about her. He naked tits, her girl hips, her deep pussy. I have her the account, made sure her boss understood who was to get the credit.

Tennis boy came around from time to time, he made sure his bulge was always visible. He flexed in his thin sweaters and showed his guns. He had this mystical look, I had to fight the temptation. I was fucking the girl. I asked her one day, or night really, what's with the tennis boy. Oh he's gay, she said. He's no a threat to you. I'm a Daddy's girl, can't you tell. And wrapped herself around me one more time.




I always knew I was bi. I grew up with my sisters under the careful teaching of our father on how to pleasure each other and him. My two sisters and I grew up doing everything together. I are an ass for the first time at age 6. It was my oldest sister who was nine at the time. I thought it was fun immediately and she just gasped and moaned while I did it.

We are all married now and are all still quite active with each other. My sisters are married but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the taste of their sweet kisses and asses. Earlier in the month my youngest sister and I were going at it pretty hard and loud. She is amazing and literally feels like a virgin every time.

I’m walks her husband and catches me balls deep in my sisters ass as she is lying their moaning my name. He was shocked to say the least and started screaming yet his cock was noticeably getting hard because we hadn’t moved and I was still slowely sliding in and out of her tight ass. He finally stopped yelling and saw me still inside my sister going at it. His look changed and he smiled at us and said he had wanted to try something for a long time but was afraid to admit it. He said he’d been wanting to be with a man for a while. My sister was floored yet so happy we could continue to be with one another. He got naked and walked over and leaned down while looking in my eyes. His cock was dangling above my face and I knew exactly what he needed. So as I continued to be inside her she watched as I slid his cock in my mouth.

She had loved watching my dad and me so I wasn’t surprised. I worked him pretty good and had him so close I could taste his precum. He pulled away and told me to get out of my sister I did and he asked if he could try it. I was surprised but said ok. He looked at it while he played with it then suddenly sucked it into his mouth. If his mouth was a virgin I couldn’t tell because he was like a vacuums. My sister crawled under him and began sucking him again till he shot in her mouth. I was close anyway and followed suit. My sister got up on her knees and sucked me hard again then told her husband she wanted me to fuck him while she watched. He was very hesitant till I stuck my tongue on his dark hole. He gasped and then just obediently bent over so I had easier access. After about five minutes I stopped and he had his eyes closed and was in heaven. My sister had been fingering herself and just smiled at me. I put my hard cock to his dark chur and pushed. It faced some slight resistance but then slid right in He gasped but I slowed down till he could take it and get used to it. Within minutes I had my balls slapping against his small tight cheeks. My sister was under him watching as his cock flowed to and fro. I told him I was gonna cum then shoot a huge load in his ass. We collapsed on the couch with my cock in him till it shrank. He told me he loved it and was what he hoped. Now he is always there videoomy sister and I. Then him and I.




When I was 15 stoned off my head I was asleep in the back room of his place, a guy late 20's, I woke up as he was playing with my Cock,  it was dark I kept my eyes closed and just let it happen, soon he had my hard teen Cock in his mouth, I had been sucked of maybe 50 times already since I was 8,  but this was different, like you I came the hardest and most I ever have in my life and he swallowed every last bit, I actually thought something was wrong with me I just kept pumping my teen cum into his warm mouth and he kept sucking and wanking me squeezing every last drop from me, I had tensed up so much from it that my hands were to my side gripping the bed sheets as I hung on for dear life. OMG it really was/ Is the best blowjob I've Ever had to this day. But when he finished he whispered in my ear Do you want to suck my Cock now. Ewww no thanks. I pretended to be still asleep and just rolled over, in the morning he was gone to work. 100% true, Thank you Glen.