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I started dating this hot little blonde. She has 2 girls a 3 month old and One 5 yr old. One night while sitting on the bed after a long hard fuck we started talking about our fantasy's. I told her I wanted to fuck a little girl around 8 yrs old. She got a strange look and left the room. I thought I blew it telling her I was a pedo. She came back holding her 3 month old and laid her down and said take off your underwear and come over here. I said I can't fuck her she is tiny. She said I have a fantasy too . I want you to straddle her . I did and she reached out and guided my dick to her mouth and she started sucking my dick. It was so nasty and my dick was throbbing. She sucked my dick so good I started feeling the cum building up and then I exploded shooting a huge load as she kept sucking. I broke up with her later. I sure miss her daughter sucking my dick




My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. He’s a really good man; respectful, loving and kind—including in bed, which had begun to bore me.

Once late in my pregnancy with our daughter, while having sex he asked if I thought the baby could feel it. I was immediately very turned on by the nastiness of the idea—he was instead concerned about being “proper” and he didn’t penetrate me with his penis for the rest of my pregnancy. When my daughter was a few months old, I was breastfeeding her in bed and my husband must have been unusually horny because he started grinding me from behind. I was super turned on and we ended up having sex with my daughter latched. I told him I was really into this afterward and he came up with some very scientific explanation about why my body would be responding as such. It was clear he was not into the taboo nature of the sex like I was. Still, we repeated this multiple times while my daughter was still breastfeeding and it’s one of the biggest reasons I continued as long as I did.

For a couple years our sex life went pretty stale , but one night I had the idea to shop online for panties in bed with him. He’s always been turned on by my panties and a little peek under my dress. While we were shopping I was talking a little dirty and stroking him with my left hand. It was fun and we did it again a few months later. Six months or so later I went shopping again with him in bed next to me and started stroking; he was hard and we were having fun when I got a terribly nasty idea to switch from buying panties for me to buying some for my daughter who had begun potty training recently. He immediately asked what I was doing when instead of adult panties we were now looking at adorable childish prints of Dora the explorer and Sophia the first; he caught my smirk and I asked him if he wanted me to stop…he said no but closed his eyes. I continued to stroke him while describing the details, little lace trim, a tiny pink bow, etc. he eventually came and I was quite pleased with myself that I got him to cum while being bad. We discussed afterwards how he wasn’t into kids (I knew this already) but how it was ok for me to feel turned on by him being naughty. He ensured I wasn’t into kids either (I may have more firmly denied it than is really truthful). In any case, this was deemed acceptable fun, and I sure was having fun.

When the panties came our daughter of course paraded them around the house as little kids are apt to do. Later while we were in bed and he was inside me I’d ask: “did you see how cute her little bottom was in those baby panties you picked out?” “did you notice the outline of her kitty today under those princess panties?” and so on. I don’t think he liked it at first, honestly I think he was upset with me that I wanted him to cum while I was saying such nasty things, but he fucked me perhaps a little harder than usual and I was very proud of myself. As she’s gotten older, we’ve pushed the limits more. Cute skirts at the park with panties on full display makes for nasty conversations at night about who else might have seen his little girl flashing her panty covered baby pussy. I started wearing more childish panties with cartoon prints and such and started calling myself his little girl. On more than one occasion I’ve sent pictures to him while he’s at work: just an innocent little girl sitting on mommy’s lap, oh what’s that, you can see little peeks of both our panties? Oops, a mistake ;)

I had teased him before by having him smell my panties before he could have sex with me; I’ve had him smell his little girl’s panties too in the last year or so. I’ve sniffed them too out of curiosity; they really don’t smell of much but that’s not the point. It turns me on so much to see my good and proper husband sniffing his little baby girl’s panties like a pervert. At this point, he’s come to like all of this too.

In the last two years, she has discovered her own body and will, from time to time, masturbate as any young child will do. We are rather liberal about this, so long as it’s at home without guests around, we aren’t going to say anything. We don’t want her to be ashamed of her body. My favorite is when we are all in the living room watching tv and she’s got her legs spread with her fingers under her panties and going at it. If my husband and I are seated next to each other I might rub his cock over his shorts, feeling him get hard to my touch (or is it the slightly obscene 8-year-old innocently pleasuring herself?). Once recently my husband and daughter were cuddling on the couch and she was at it again, legs spread, hand in panties. I placed a blanket over them “in case they were cold”. Later that night in bed I commented that with the blanket, I couldn’t tell if it was her hand or his that was stimulating her. He took a bit of offense and said of course it was hers. I know this, but oh how I love the thought of corrupting him even more and making him touch her.

Also recently, she was sick (poor thing) and fell asleep on the couch. We carried her up to bed and I commented on how cute she was completely passed out in her nightgown and sweet heart print panties. I got on my knees and started to suck him off while she was fast asleep but this was too much for him I guess; he said we should move to the bedroom and left. This is why I love him so much, I’ve turned him into a pervert who gets hard over his little girl, but he’s still moral enough to keep my dirtiest fantasies at bay. At least…for now.




Hi. I'm 24. And I'm a pedophile. Although I prefer pedosexual because I believe it should be allowed as a genuine sexuality. Hell, back in the 80's homosexuality was just as taboo as pedo sex is now, so who knows how far or close we are to having full and open acceptance in the LGBTQ+ community. The thing is, from what I can tell from some of the confessions on this site, and the pictures and videos I have bought from the deep web, alot more people are into this then most would care to admit. Sometimes I fantasize about unloading in a little 6 or 7 year old boys tight butthole; watching his little dick flop around as I fuck his ass. Maybe sometime jerk him off while doing so. Then wrap my mouth around it and suck him until he cums. But my true passion is little girls ages 3-10. Preferably white ones. However although the black ones are more open to it, they are more proned to tattling. I love them, sooo much. Anytime I see one my dick is hard almost instantly.

I love bouncing them on my knee while I tickle their little tummies, using all my strength not to finger them right there in public. I want so bad to have at least one, or maybe even two or more all to myself ranging in age and be able to do anything I want with them. I would get them all naked then fuck all their tight toddler sex holes and fill them with my cum.

According to common opinion, fucking a child is the worst possible thing you can do, meaning a death sentence if anyone finds out. But it seems so right though. They're so innocent, with no concept of evil or hatred, full of nothing but love. And so playful about everything. Most people say that a child of that age could never understand sex how adults do, and while that's true, that doesn't mean they aren't capable of asking for, and even enjoying it.

I think it's a positive outlet, giving them a opportunity to learn about sex as it should be. People like us actually love children in the same way God loves the rest of us, with agape or true and unconditional love. Sex is called "making love" for a reason ya know. The feeling I get when I can finally rub my cock against one of their bald little cunts is the most amazing thing on the planet. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to force myself on them, raping them relentlessly, but there is a right and a wrong way. The ones they call "pedophiles" are those that are sick and demented that rape and then kill them. A "pedosexual" truly loves children and would never do anything that doesn't make them feel good. Yes sometimes it does hurt a bit, but that's part of it. I think it's better that they did it with me, someone with no evil intent that will love them and give them the best time of their Iives, versus a rapist that doesn't even care that it's a child, they just want to fuck and hurt someone. Sex education these days is mediocre. They show nothing but facts, diagrams, and gross pictures of STD"s. I'm sorry, but no kid wants to see that crap. They want to see the real thing. So why not show them in a safe and loving environment? Everyone ignores it but kids, especially girls, DO get horny and experience spontaneous arousal. Accompanied by lewd thoughts about older men and their cocks, even if they've never seen one before. Their first instinct is to kiss it, then to suck the tip, then suck fully and deepthroat If they can. They love it when I rub my hard adult cock on their little pussies. And when they squirm and giggle it makes me even hornier. Most of the ones I've fucked have come to me first. And others I just got to hump have exposed themselves to me in public. One I met during a pool party and she had only turned 9 that day, but she lured me into the public restroom only to strip naked then took my cock out all by herself and sucked until I came in the back of her throat. Then she jumped into my arms while we were standing and rode my cock like a pro. She had obviously done this before. Several times in public little toddlers have walked up to me innocently lifting up their little sun dresses in some attempt to impress me just because they saw me looking. Their parents were like "OMG, put your dress down sweetie!" and I would pretend to be discusted by it, but secretly I was hard as fuck. I also love the way some of them look at me as they walk by, and nine times out of ten they look back at me over their shoulder. I started out at 11 years old by molesting this little black girl that lived next door to me. Me and her other two sisters and brother would always watch each other play with the others. One day I took the youngest sister who was only 3 into my closet and fucked her but I didn't know I was suppose to put it in her pussy yet so I just fucked her butthole, but I still came inside her, she did shit on me a little though. The thing I love the most is their smell. If I'm ever in the same room as one the smell of their preteen hormones is intoxicating. One more thing. Why do you think most parents put off or are even afraid of giving their kids the "sex talk"? My theory is that they know that would mean them asking questions, most likely about how it's done, which would mean having to show them. Then the next logical step would be them wanting to try it because it looks fun. Subconsciously the parents know that there is a possibility that they may actually end up enjoying it and become pedos themselves. Thousands of years of indoctrination and brain washing have brought people into forgetting the truths of human sexuality. To be honest the world would be a much better place if everyone were pedo or at least accepted it as a genuine sexuality. Don't get me wrong, I AM also attracted to girls my own age or older. But not in the same way as I am to the littles. I always become good friends with them and they tell me that we are just friends and that they would never fuck me. Even when there was one that did, my dick wouldn't do anything. However, now I want nothing more than to meet a family that is accepting if these ways so I can fhxk their little girl whenever I want, then I would marry her when she turns 18. But even more so do i want to be able to see one I want in public then approach them and they be allowed to choose to come with me. Or be allowed to openly date one in public and do all the fun things on dates that I never got to do as a kid. And if we get horny we can fuck wherever and other kids can join in too. But this is all too much, I'm not tryna go to jail, and everything I did was when I was still a minor, so I have just accepted the fact that it's not gonna happen and decided to just be gay. Maybe some day I will find a little angel that has accepting parents. But until then, all I can do I jerk off.




They made dozens of films of kids as young as 5 getting fucked by men, women and other kids. I wish I could find a way to see those films! I would have loved working at Color Climax back then. Incest, Bestiality, Pedo, Scat and regular fucking are all turn ons for me.

I started having sex with my younger sister when we were barely in double digit ages. I watched my mum and dad having sex (both alone and with their girlfriend!) I just wish that mum had let me have a go with her. I did suck her dildos after she had used them so I know what her cunt tasted like at least!

I love talking to female perverts who like scat, piss, bestiality and incest. I would love to get into a relationship with one of them and just fuck like crazy!




growing up my parents were pretty neglectful and they’d never pay much attention to me and much less my little brother. we have a 10 year gap. since i took care of him more than our parents i was closest to him and i was comfortable and would walk around with no bra or underwear during summer break while our parents were at work.

one time my parents were asleep in their room and the door was open, meaning if they woke up and walked around their bed they would see into the living room. i was in the living room with my little brother, i was 13/14 ish at the time. we had a back scratching stick and I had the idea to get on the floor and arch up while scratching my pussy through my clothes with the stick.

my curious little brother came and began poking my clothed pussy asking why I had that between my legs. i told him that it was a secret but that he should use the stick to scratch it. he did so until i almost came. he asked to see the “secret” and i pulled my pants down and rubbed my clit til i came.

i don’t think he understood what happened. after that sometimes i would sit on the couch with him and teach him how to kiss, or more like practice with him. i’d stick my hand into my pants and rub my pussy while our kiss got sticky.




I 31F in a relationship with 18M found out that he met and likes an 11F on a mobile game. He told me when he found out she was 11 & in 5th grade he got really hard and stroked his cock while they were playing. When he told her his age, she begged him to keep talking to her so he did. I got so hot and turned on that we ended masturbating virtually while he played with her. I'm encouraging him to chat and flirt more with her and hopefully get her to play with her little pussy and eventually send pics.




Today while i was at work, my prego wife decided to look through my old phone. She found lewd pictures of underage girls.

To be honest im attracted to 10-15 year old girls. Before me and her met, i had kept thousands of pictures, when we got together i thought i deleted them i thought...

I came home and she showed me the pictures that she found, she was very upset, but the pictures she was showing me got me hard as a rock. I had not seen a young girl that way in 3 years.

Needless to say, she is extremly upset, as she has a 6 year old daughter that is not mine, and a baby on the way. She is worrked i woll do something to our kids.

I will adimit, im really attracted to her 6 year old daughter, but dont see myself doing anything with her. I jerked off in her bed to a picture of her while nobody was home, and told myself i wouldnt take it futher.

I do have fantasies about her letting me fuck her daughter, being a pedo mom and let me do whatever do her little girl. I just cant bring myself to it. Her little girl calls me dad, sits on my lap, cuddles with me and lets me rub her back. I always get hard... lord help me