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Im a 26y (m) and I have had the best deal with my 12y (f) cousin for the past year. She’s a little nerdy girl, short, thin, fit as she’s an athlete.

It all started when I accidentally walked in on her in the bathroom. The door was closed but I didn’t realize the light was on. The door was unlocked so I just opened it. She was pooping and she had this scared face when I saw her. She looked so cute, pink panties around her ankle, bare bum on the toilet, and her cute face making eye contact with me.

I apologized to her after and she said it was okay, that she didn’t mind that I saw her.

Since then we started joking about that occurrence and she said she had to see me take a shit now.

So I told her that next time I go I will let her know so she can walk in. I didn’t think she actually would.

Next time we saw each other I mentioned to her I had to go take care of business and only 5 minutes after she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

We started talking and laughing because it was pretty stinky. I told her I was sorry for the smell and she said that hers were worse.

So I bet her she was wrong.

She asked me to hurry and wipe so she could go poop to prove hers stunk worse.

So I did and flushed and she was up next. She pulled down her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet. After a minute or two she started farting and I heard her drop some logs into the toilet.

Hers did stink pretty bad but I was breathing in deep because I enjoyed it.

I was soo hard and turned on that I couldn’t help but ask her if she needed help wiping when she was done.

She said she would love to be treated like a princess and said yes.

So she bent forwards and I reached down and saw her poo logs in the water, her lightly dirty butthole, smooth white butt cheeks and I wiped. It was an unforgettable moment.

Ever since then, I have “helped” her whenever she goes to the bathroom, and she now “helps” me when I need my butt cleaned up.




I’m going to turn 18 soon and I’m gonna miss being a underage slut for men. I’m a chubby hispanic boy who just loves pleasuring men ever since I was 15(I wish I started sooner). I’ll still continue pleasuring older men but I’ll miss the illegal factor of it all. It made it so fucking kinky and I’m sure the pervy men were happy to have a young slut to use. I just wanna make older men happy




My hubby and family have no idea that for the past year my son and i have been getting spun and using my young daughters and i love watching my son rape them with his pedo cock




I love fantasising about my cousins especially when they were younger (11-16). In the past, I've given some of them hugs which I know made them uncomfortable and it gets me so hard thinking about it. Whenever they post pictures on social media I make sure to zoom in and find some time to myself to "fully appreciate" them.

When they were 11, 14, and 16, I fantasised about kidnapping them all, and making the older two torture the younger to absolutely destroy their relationship. Psychological torture, like starving the youngest whilst forcing the others to eat.

If I ever get a chance with any of them, I would definitely take it. The middle one especially, I'd love to drug her, bind her tits, whip her cunt until it bleeds, and then break her holes leaving her outside in winter as a naked piss-soaked cumrag. I'd keep myself unknown, and then every time I saw her at family gatherings, I'd know I had a part in the broken shell she would become.




When I was younger growing up ,I took advantage of having a younger sister. I would do a lot of touching , naughty games like dr and things of that nature. I had a lot of fun and got to explore a lot of things that really turned me on ! Fast forward to being an adult now I am still in contract with my sister , she has been recently letting me watch my niece who just turned 7 , I would love to start exploring things of that nature with her and find her very attractive. I am wondering if my sister knows what will happen given how we had naughty fun growing up. I have to would

Love to share my niece and have all kinds of “adventures “




This is probably the worst confession on here, but my husband is a registered sex offender, and it makes our sex insanely hot.

He’ll tell me about the vile, disgusting things he did while I use my vibrator on my pussy. He’ll jerk off while he tells me he has no regrets.

When we met he was in prison.

A couple things he did were: sexually touching a 15 year old girl. Providing alcohol for the purpose of touching a 14yo girl. He got forced head from a 12 year old girl, and had an ongoing sexual relationship with a 16 year old slut.

The 15yo, he groped in public. He waited until she was distracted, then reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She flailed to get away, but he touched her tits first and whispered to her she’s a slut. God that gets me off so hard when I hear it.

The 14 year old girl, he lured her online and gave her weed and alcohol. While she attempted to fight but was too weak and drunk, he sucked her tits, used her hand to jerk him off, licked her pussy, took photos, and then came all over her stomach. She doesn’t remember it happening.

The 12 year old was a friend of the family. He caught her with her cousin playing with their pussies, so he threatened to tell everyone if she didn’t swallow his cock. She cried the whole time while he told her she was almost done and doing great.

The 16yo he groomed for years. He wanted that pussy bad. He told me he fantasized about her from 11 until he finally got her at 15. She was convinced she loved him, the dumb whore. He’d get her drunk and she’d pounce on him. She fucked him constantly, no condom. She called him daddy and would act even younger. He said that clueless sluts pussy was worth going to prison for. He said he jerked off to her constantly in prison. It only ended because he beat her and then raped her. Hard. I get off so hard hearing she cried while he spit on her, yanked her hair, told her she was nothing but worn out pussy to him. She was about to turn 17 and was simply too old for him. He forced her to hear what he wanted to do to her 14 year old little sister while he violently raped her, and made her lick his cum off her own sisters picture. The slut was so desperately in love with him she never phoned the police. He was caught because of the 15yo he groped.

He’s done plenty of other things, but those are my favourite. We have no children as I’d be worried for them, but our sex life is so hot. I love telling him to fuck me like I’m his teenage whore. I love when he points out one of our friends sexy daughters. I love when he stares at young girls in public and I find every opportunity to let him. I love knowing he strokes his cock to their trauma.




I started staying longer at work and taking extra shifts so my hubby spends more time alone with our teen babysitter. I’ve purposely hosted pool parties so he can see her in two pieces, I’ve seen him try to conceal his hard ons for her around me. She flirts with him and I love it. He drives her home every night at 1am and as soon as they leave I’m furiously rubbing my pussy because I know they’re fucking. He’s tasting her tight teen pussy, he’s getting hard for her, she’s getting manhandled and groomed and manipulated and used for her perfect little body by my grown husband who’s willing to risk it all for that tight forbidden pussy. I found a cum stain in his back seat and as soon as he’s home I suck her sweet juices off of him, I always tell him how good he tastes that night. He never says a word but he always cums fast. Probably because he’s thinking he’s getting away with it and I’m the dumb wife who doesn’t suspect a thing. God I hope he always cums in her. I bet shes so tight. I love this it’s like she’s my own little sex toy and doesn’t even know. She doesn’t know how hard I get fucked if I bring her up in bed. She doesn’t know how hard I cum thinking about my husband using her, or how humiliated and wet I get when I hand money to the whore secretly milking my husbands fat cock, she doesn’t know how bad I want him to fuck her in our marital bed, maybe they already have. She doesn’t know how much she turns me on and she doesn’t even realize my husband is breaking the law just because of her little body and stupid nature. God it’s so hot to me that this is happening.