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I have to admit its with a bit of shame that I write this as I have pedo fantasies. It happened after a family gathering when I was 20 years old. one of my autns was covering one of my cousins with a towel so she could change. She must have been 9 at the time. Then she must have lost her grip and dropped the towel and my cousin was naked. I remember turning over as she screamed and seeing her perfect lil body naked and dripping water. At first I would avoid thinking about it but one night I couldnt stop dreaming about it and actually came in my sleep. After that I would masturbate while looking at family photos and I even managed to steal one of her panties. Im ashamed to admit that I would cum harder and would last longer while I thought about her than with any woman. Today I am married and have a daughter of my own. I would never hurt her as I love her like a father would a daughter however sometimes i do wonder if her naked body is like my cousins and I touch myself. I know this makes me a monster however its something I cannot control but the pleasure I feel from masturbating fantasizing about my daughter is a lot better than when I fuck my wife.




I'm the manager of a RV park. One night a old pick up pulling a old camp trailer pulled up wanting to rent a RV spot.i could smell whiskey on her breath. I also noticed a pretty little girl sleeping in the front seat. I had to fill out the paperwork because she was to hammered and I backed her trailer next to me. It was only her and her 8 yrs daughter who was laying in the seat of the truck wearing panties and a night shirt. I tried not to notice but I could see her underwear slipping in her little pussy..the next morning I was sitting at the table drinking coffee when I saw the new neighbors little girl sitting on my porch playing with the puppy our rottweiler had 9 weeks ago. I had one left so I kept him. the little girl was still wearing the same things she wore the night before. I walked out and ask her about her mom and was she awake yet no she said. I asked her to come in and I would fix her a bowl of cereal. She came in she asked if Cain my puppy could come in I told her he could.. she sat down and ate her cereal and I could see her little bold pussy because her underwear was way to big and I could see everything even her asshole. My dick was throbbing and I was wanting to climb down and lick her sexy little pussy . I watched as she got down on the floor playing with Cain her legs were spread apart Cain went straight to hear pussy licking her. she started giggling as he drove his tongue inside her pussy. I pretended not to notice as she gave out a little moan.cain was going crazy on her little pussy. she laid back and the next thing she did almost made me cum. She opened her legs wide and with one hand pulled her pussy open for Cain. My dick was leaking cum like crazy but I didn't want to cum at that time but I couldn't stop Cain ether. I told her I had to go outside for a few minutes.i had to cool down. I stood just outside when I heard the floor squeak I had for got about pam my wife. I walked in and pam was sitting on the floor asking who she was.i told her about last night and her mom was sleeping. That's when I noticed Pam's eyes looking down at her pussy. Pam moved back letting Cain back in the picture. He went straight for her pussy. Pam's eyes got wide looking at me but I pretended not to notice Cain eating her little pussy. I looked for my coffee cup and Pam's eyes went back to watch Cain licking her pussy. I watched Pam's hand slide down to her pussy and start fingering herself forgetting I was in the room as I was grinding my dick on the kitchen table watching pam watching Cain licking the girls pussy. Pam's face turned a lite shade of red as she had a quiver I knew she was cumming. Suddenly she came back to earth as she looked at me with a strange look on her face. I knew what she was thinking she wanted to eat her little pussy and she could tell by my dick almost bursting through my pants I wanted to fuck her..I remembered I didn't even know her name. I told pam to take her home and have a talk with her mom. She did and they both came back holding hands. she walked up told me her mom was sleeping on the couch naked and she put a blanket over her and we left. So I wrote a note telling her she was at my house. We did find out her name it was jenny . Pam said she was going to give her a bath and she took her to the bathroom. After a few minutes I snuck up to the bathroom door and I could hear pam talking real low I cracked the door open just a little a pam was washing Jenny's little pussy actually she was fingering her. The look on Jenny's face said she loves it so I kept watching then I heard pam asked jenny if she likes it she said yes mommy does it different that gave pam to go ahead. She asked how she does it she said she licks me here and pointed to her clit. Pam said like this and stuck her tongue in her little pussy. I had my dick out and stroking hard when I heard a knock at door. It was Jenny's mom stumbling trying to stand up I told pam she was at the door. Pam dried her off while I answered the door. She asked if her daughter was here. I told her she fell in the mud and pam was cleaning her up. . She said she was sick and could I send her home later. I said she was fine just go lay down and get some rest and we would watch her. So she did just like that.i told pam she was gone and then I said Carrie on she gave me a look like she was busted. I told her I saw you and keep going if I can help. She said give me five minutes.i walked in pam had her naked and on the bed eating her little pussy. I stripped and moved over her face and guided my dick to her mouth and asked if she ever sucked a dick she said no.i put it on her lips but she didn't know what to do I moved away from her face and told pam I wanted to eat her pussy for a minute.she did move I started eating her little wet pussy and pam jumped on my dick. It was so hot to lick a little pussy like that. I didn't last long when I knew I was about to cum I moved up and squirted my cum all over her pussy. That's when pam moved over and cleaned my cum off her pussy. That's the first time with a little girl. True story




When I was twelve years old, and in the seventh grade, my gym coach, Mr Thomas was gay for me. One day, he said he needed to talk to me after school about my P.E. Grade. So after school, I went to the locker room and met him in his office. I was a small petite boy with girlish hips, blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. I was not very athletic and my gym grade was bad. He said as much, and I said that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make the grade. He said, “Their might be a way, if you can keep a deep secret. If you can, I’ll give you straight a straight A”. I was all in for that and agreed. “I’ll do anything to get an A”.

So he said, “Well, it means that we need to go to the shower and let me take all of your clothes off.” My heart was beating 1000 kph and I didn’t know why I had to be naked. I said so, and he said, “Trust me. It will be fun. Have you ever jacked off”? I was embarrassed but nodded yes. He replied, “Do you get off? Do you get a weenie tickle and shoot sperm”? I was so stunned! I nodded yes and he said, “When you are naked, I will jack you off and make you weenie tickle and shoot sperm. It feels so much better when someone else does it to you.” I couldn’t help it! My dick was rock hard and my tummy was burning with butterflies. I nodded yes, and the fun started.

He made sure all of the doors were locked. Then he took a bottle of baby oil out of his desk. He stood up, walked around the desk, and gently took me by the hand and led me to the shower.

Once in the shower, he turned on all the hot water and steamed up the entire room. I was waiting with a beating heart and a throbbing hard dick.

So now he comes to me and takes hold of my blue T-shirt and pulled it up. I raised my arms and let him pull it over and off of me. He was panting with lust as he messaged by breasts and shoulders. Then, taking me into his arms, he began kissing me like a girl. It was then that his hand went inside of my pants and I felt strong fingers wrapping around my hard weenie. I was putty in his arms.

He then went to his knees and unbuttoned my levis and slowly took them and my undewear down and around my butt to my ankles. My dick popped up stiff and hard like a spring and the next thing I knew, his mouth was on it and sucking. OMG it felt so good. I had gone into early puberty at age ten, and had hair all over my groin. He deep throated me and soon he made me cum freaking hard! I shot puberty sperm down his throat as his tongue rubbed the tickle spot under the head of my circumcised seventh grade weenie! I cried out, “Gimmie weenie tickle! Milk my weenie tickle coach! Fucking weenie tickle”!

The next thing I knew, he had my pants, shoes and socks off of me. He got naked and I saw his huge massive hard dick. “Now it’s your turn Mike. Lets fuck in the hot shower baby dove”.

So he led me into the hot water and I went to my knees. He rubbed the head of his dick over my lips! I opened my mouth and began to suck him. He told me how to use my tongue under the head of his cock, and soon I had him moaning and groaning. I felt the head of his dick expanding and contracting as I sucked! He moaned, grunted and I tasted a mouth full of sperm for the first time. I was jacking off as he came and was burning with butterflies. I was having the best time of my life!

So now he rubbed my entire naked body down with the oil and sqeezed jacked my dick as he did, making me cum a second time! Since he was on his knees and I was standing up, my boy cum shot into his face. The hot shower water washed it down onto his shaved chest.

Then, he handed me the bottle! I oiled him down from head to toe and was jacking his hige circumcised, twelve inch long dick with both hands. I was grinning and giggling and having so much horny fun. My dick was still so hard and sex swollen that I came again, hands free. My load shot onto his belly button and the water washed it down over his nuts.

My legs went weak and I went to the shower floor. He layed on top of me! He started rubbing his entire oily dick across my oily dick! I was still so hard and after five or six minutes of dick to dick sex, I was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck I’m getting another weenie tickle”! He replied gently,”cum now baby boy! Let it go love and cum for me Mike”. I came again hard and my body was quivering with sperm all over my tummy.

Then the next thing I know, he put my small hairless legs up over his shoulders and rolled me back onto mine! That huge dick began pressing into my virgin butt hole. I cried out from the pain as he forced that oily dick up my twelve year old butt! He was soon all the way inside, and then he stopped, to let my spincter muscle get used to penetration. I laid there whimpering, but let him have me. He was panting and could no longer hold back. He began stroking and fucking, fucking and stroking. While I was crying, it made him fuck me harder. My own dick was hard again and then, I came again, hands free! The orgasm made me cry out, “fuck me I’m getting a weenie tickle! Fucking weenie tickle! Oh fuck me do the pee pee! My sperm shot all over my hailess little chest and hit my own mouth! I tasted my own cum for the first time because he had me rolled over onto my shoulders with my naked legs wrapped around hus huge muscular torso! I was his girl bitch and he was like a dog in heat! Just then, coach cried out, “Me too!! Oh you bitch you made me cum”! I felt my butt fill with a crawly flood of semen.

He turned me sideways and we spooned, with his dick still full inside my butt. It didn’t hurt anymore. He messaged my little dick from behind as we lay under the hot running shower water.

A long time later, he let me up as his dick plopped out of my ass. He dried me with a towel and got me dressed. He got dressed and brushed out my hair, kissed me full on the lips and said, “Come over to my house on Saturday for more loving time. I agreed, and as I left the locker room, my butt was sore and so was my dick.

I was at his house the next day by noon, on my bike. As soon as I got inside, he was on me. It was like a whirlwind he was so fast! I was stripped naked, picked up and taken straight to bed. It was a big waterbed. This time, he cut to the chase! He greased up my butt and his dick with vaseline, got me on all fours, and fucked the hell out of me doggy style, all of the while jacking me off with botn hands! Omg he made me cum! I shot sperm down onto the sheets and felt him cumming inside of me.

Then it was the 69. I was under him in the 69 and he drank my semen up in a vacume like suck. I felt butterflies in my tummy as he sucked me! The butterflies went from my tummy down into my balls! Then they shot up the shaft of my dick as he sucked, hitting the head of my throbbing boy cock. When it hit that tickle spot under the head where the top of his tongue was rubbing, I had a huge weenie tickle inside his mouth! My hips were pumping as I mouth fucked him!

Later on he shaved what little public hair I had off, and gave me a deep body message. So for years I was his boyfriend, until I was 17. By then he had a new nine year old boyfriend. I loved being molested and enjoyed every bit of the sex’




I watch my husband molest my daughters all the time. Theyre 2 and 4 and he basically just has sex with them when im not around. I love when he cums inside them and i get to suck him after. I wish we had a boy for hin to play with. It would be so hot to watch him put the little boy penis and balls in his mouth while jerked off my husband and fingered his butthole.




Im 19f and i want to watch guys have sex with young kids. Boys, girls, doesnt matter. Then after theyre done i want them to use me too. I want to watch cum leaking out of them while i get treated like a slut. Maybe i could join some parents molesting their own child. Like the mom would make me go down on her while the dad cums on their kids face. Then later he'd buttfuck me while the mom sticks her tongue up the kids butthole.

Ugh i just love all this perverted shit. Ever since i was 14 and my friend showed me incest porn and we mastubated together all i can do is try and find filthier stuff. Maybe ill see if i can have sex with one of my cousins. Oh my god id love to lick cum off of my cousins pussy. Shes 12 but super hot. Now im super wet thinking about her fucked from behind while another guy cums on her face. My aunt is super sexy too. Maybe i can get her drunk and finger her while shes passed out.




I'm a trans f (MtF) and my gf is a regular f. My ultimate fantasy is for someone to kidnap us both and then rape & breed her over and over, and raise her offspring to become new sex slaves. I'd even help train her kids. It turns me on so much thinking about it. I want it to become real so bad, but I know we'd spend the rest of our lives as sex slaves if it happened. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad though




I’m a mom with a four year old daughter. When the pandemic hit I started rubbing my daughter’s pussy to relax us both. I love us to be naked, her between my legs upright and I’m rubbing her pussy. Maybe even sliding in a finger. My son saw me doing this about a year ago bone he watches and jacks off as I finger his sister. One day I got my son, who was 13 at the time, start rubbing her pussy mound. His dick got hard immediately. I told him to rub her pussy lips and lick and suck on one of her tiny nipples. I was rubbing my clit watching. He slowly parted her pussy lips and gently eased a finger into her tiny hole. She loves it and always goes along with it. I urged him to lick her clit. He hesitantly looked at her pussy and leaned in. He licked her so slowly that first time, not knowing what to expect. Then he must have liked it because he hurried his face inbetween her legs and licked her a good long time.

One day a plumber came to work on the disposal. I was sitting on the couch with my daughter in my lap and my hand had found it’s way inside her little panties. The plumber saw me doing this. He told me, “ I’m real excited right now because the only way I won’t tell is if you let me play with that little girl too!”

I smiled and patted the seat next to me. He sat down quickly.

“Keep rubbing her “ he told me as he took out his large penis. He was stroking that thing and moaning as he watched me molest my four year old daughter. I really got into it. I took off all our clothes and began licking her nipples. He kept stroking. The I laid her facing him and opened up her lips so her could really see her pink pussy. I started rubbing her clit

“Oh yeah keep rubbing her little clit” he moaned. I masterbated my daughter as this dirty man ogled my little girl’s privates.

“Lick her” he grunted. I turned her around, picked her up under her knees to bring her pussy to my mouth. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and she squealed in delight.

“Oh my god” he moaned.

I licked her so hard as he watched and hacked off.

“ wanna touch her” I asked him

He quickly reached his hand to her chest and began squeezing her little nipples. He leaned forward and ran his tongue all over her flat chest. He got between her legs and opened her up. He looked longingly at her wet cunt.

“Oh yes. I like a little girl pussy. I like it very much. I’m going to use my tongue to taste all of your pussy. He licked and moaned and groaned. He made guttural sounds as he tongue fucked my baby girl. I started jacking him off as he molested her. His cock was big, and hard, and thick. Pre-cum was oozing out the tip of his dick. I rubbed it up and down his shaft twisting my hand and I pumped up and down. He stiffened up and jerked his head back

“Fuck, I’m cumming” he shouted.

He shit his load all over my daughter’s pussy. I immediately started rubbing it into her.

“Fuck woman, watching you do that for my dick twitching again. “. His dick was twitching and getting hard again.

“Fuck me” I told him

He climbed on top of me, my daughter next to us, and he slid his cock deep inside me. He started thrusting and pumping hard and fast into me. Huffing and puffing he was sweating on top of me just jackhammering away.

“She right there, why not finger fuck her as you fuck me?” I asked him. He looked over vac at her and got a devious grin. Her began fingering her tiny pussy and pumping into mine. He must have thrust 4 or 5 times and he shot his load inside me.

He started coming regularly to play with me and my daughter. Once he asked if he could bring two of his buddies. I let the three old men watch as I licked and masterbated my four year old daughter. The all jacked off watching me lick and finger her little cunt. I got infront oof my daughter’s face and began rubbing and bumping my crotch into her face and mouth. I laid her down and got over her, rubbing our nipples together. Then I leaned down and kissed her lips. I licked her lips a few times and kept rubbing my tits against hers. They loved it. I let each man lick her pussy for 15 minutes. They were each allowed to cum on my daughter and watch me rub it into her pussy. Then I let the men pleasure me. One on each nipple and one licking my pussy as my daughter sat on my face. I came so many times that night. It became a regular thing.