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Last year, I (24f) fucked my uncle. Blood uncle. My family decided to host a party at my grandfather's house in the country. We went there the day before and slept there. That night, many of the family members had not yet arrived. So it was only my dad, mom, two brothers, sister, 2 cousins, uncle, aunt, grandpa and grandma.

That night, after dinner, we all just went to do our things. I was talking with my sister and cousin for a while and telling each other stuff. My cousin made some jokes about her dad and I actually felt intrigued. He is a bit chubby and bald but he was so charismatic and fun. I didn't have any feeling for him, but I was horny as hell, so her joke about her dad being a dilf had me thinking. During the night when we were all sleeping, I had to go to the bathroom and get some water. He was still awake and watching TV with my dad, his younger brother. I was wearing some black shorts and a large black shirt and he got up to follow me to the kitchen.

He joked that I was trying to tease him and before I could respond, he moved his hand on my ass and fondle it. I didn't really move, just told him I was not doing anything and I had the glass of water on my hands so I had to be still. Some of the water fell to my shirt when he got so close. He said he was sorry. He went to watch TV back again and I went back to bed, but I was thinking about him touching me now.

The next day at night after the party and talking with a lot more family members. I saw him looking really weird. He had the balls to sit next to me on the table while we ate dinner. And he kept moving his leg close to mine and his hand up and down my leg when others were looking away. I always put his hand back on his. That night I decided to get my vengeance.

After dinner, we had a small party until midnight. After midnight I tried to play him and make like a scene with him. When everyone was sleeping I sent him a pick of me naked with no face in the bathroom. We came inside, and once he did, I closed the door. I was standing there full naked seeing my uncle looking at me. I tried to be dominant since I thought he would try to just go out. I got close to him and rubbed my body on his. I made him sit on the toilet and did a little seductive dance for him. I was doing it for fun, but once he started to touch my ass and waist, I knew he was not going to back off.

I got carried away and I kissed him and sat on his lap. He pulled me to a side and took his pants off. He rubbed his dick on my ass cheeks and called me all sorts of names, including slut and tease. I got on my knees and looked up at him, then the horniness took over and I kissed his balls and licked his cock until it was really slippery. I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow and he came like in 5min.

After that we decided we should get in the shower in case someone came in. The door of that bathroom can only be closed not locked. We started the shower and hid his clothes. We fucked like crazy while he covered my mouth with his hands. I was against the cold wall getting pounded like crazy. He told me he wanted to have more kids, and since his wife was dead, I'd do. I thought he was kidding but he was not. After like 20min, he came in my pussy.

After that, he just left me and went to sleep without saying a word. I took an actual shower and went to sleep like at 4am. I was taking the pill and glad I was.

It was a really great experience, but a bit weird. Some parts good, some parts bad... but then, I did fuck my uncle.




I was in high school when we got a new girl in class. she was from the rich part of the city. We became best friends and I was quickly invited to their house. They had a pool and soon I would be there at least once a week enjoying the pool with her and her family. We always went to her room to change into our bikinis. Our bodies were nicely developed and when he was around, her dad would always compliment us. To her it was a bit weird, but I always enjoyed the compliments.

A few months later her dad changed jobs and was home more often during the day time. At the same time my friend got more into sports and would be gone for a match during the day or in the weekend. I can remember we were in their kitchen having a snack and a drink, when I said I missed swimming, as her and I saw each other less at that point. Her dad's said I was welcome to swim even if my friend wasn't around. I was happy to hear that, so I came over a few times, even if she wasn't around.

Once or twice a week, when I went there, swimming, just the dad was around. He would invite me into the kitchen for snack and after a few invites, I finally started taking him up on it. The first time, while we talked, his hand slid over my legs. I was a little iffy about it, but he was sweet and didn't try anything. The next time, his hands migrated from my legs to my back. That's when I realized I liked the attention. He was a sweet, gentle guy, way better than the rough, horny boys at school, and he deserved way more than his prude, frigid wife. So I let him.

It took a few more visits before he let his hands go to my ass, but when he realized I didn't freak out, he moved them to the wet spot on my bikini bottom. He looked at me and I nodded that it was okay. Things had changed between us by that point, and I wanted to be around him, feeling his hand play with my privates.

The next time, he removed the fabric, and pushed his fingers inside me. Then he set me on the kitchen table and kissed me down there. I was too inexperienced to really know what to do, but I let him make me feel good. That was all he seemed to want to do that time.

The next time I came over, we both went swimming. His hands were all over my body, and he suggested nude swimming. I agreed, and that was the first time I saw a real, live dick, not just pics on the internet or from random snaps. It was also the first time I jerked anyone off, the first time seeing cum, and the first time I french kissed. The next couple times I came over, I had my first 69 and my first blowjob. God, I loved him and hated his wife for being married to him.

Things got messed up when I came over the next time. I started changing in my friends room like I did everytime and he came into the room naked and laid me in the bed. We kissed a little and then he took my virginity. However, we didn't knoe that my friends match was cancelled, and they came home while he still fucking me. We didn't hear them until they came in the door, and then it was too late to try to explain it away. They caught us red handed because while I might have been able to dress quickly, his clothes were on the other side of the house.

That was obviously the end of our friendship, and I still miss both my friend and my first love.




[F18] Yesterday I met up with this older Tinder guy at a local club I love going to. I was not super fan of his face but he looked pretty in shape and I needed to have some fun. After a few drinks he started to get closer to me. He was barely hidding his intentions.

He wanted to fuck, right there and then. I could feel his pleasure growing in his pant as he was dancing with me. When he asked me to go in the bathroom with him, I knew he wanted to get this done. So I said "Fuck it." If we was gonna bang it out and then take off, I might as well spend the rest of my evening in one of my favorite places.

Once inside, he literaly pushes me to the floor. He did not want to waste any seconds. I was sitting with my back against the stall wall when he pulled his dick out of his pant to stuff it in my mouth. I could barely move, but it was exciting AF.

He started to go higher so I can put his balls in my mouth. Then even higher until I my tongue reached his asshole. The feeling was exhilarating. For him as well I guess because not more than 30 second later, he came all over the top of my head.

Then he just kinda ditched me to clean myself up. Fortunately, a couple of girls who also come to the club regularly came in a little later and helped me out. Overall, it wasn't a bad night, but I wished he would have done a little more to me than just come on my head and take off, but I'm guessing he was just fetishizing me as a petite asian girl.




I want to know what it's like to fuck a young girl. Any age as long as I can fit inside her.

I want to use her. Abuse her body. Fill her full of cum.

I need to do it.




She came to my house last week and started crying about how her step-dad (my friend 38) had been getting her high and using her. She is always wearing shirt skirts and skimpy outfits so I asked her if she told him, "No". She put her head down and said she didn't. I asked her if she came and she said she didn't understand why she did. I told her it was because subconsciously she wanted his dick to be inside of her... I asked her if she thought about anyone else like that. My dick was rock hard and I made sure she could see it through my sweat pants .. She looked at me and said she wanted to have sex with me but was always afraid I would tell... I asked her to pull her skirt up and show me her pussy. Her hands quickly moved and I got down and started eating that little pink pussy.. I had sex with her until there was cum dripping from her. I asked her if she rather fuck a bit her age or a man and she just started sucking my dick, begging me to fuck her again. I have so many videos....




When i was 13 , i had a girfriend . She always had her friend with her . I had felt both of thier boobs . One morning i went round , and another girl was there . I knew who she was . She was only 11 . We sat talking , then they wanted to go upstairs . I will call my girlfriend Linda , her friend polly , and the young girl pam . When we were upstairs we sat on Lindas bed talking . Then without any warning they moved . Pussing me on my back , and holding each of my arms , and my legs . At first i struggled . Then i let them do it . Linda was holding my legs . She pulled my pants down , and showed the other girls my dick . Then she stroked it . I moved one of my arms , and put my hand up Polly's dress . Feeling her pussy through her panties . Then i slipped it in to her panties and fingered her pussy . She let me do it . She was telling Linda to wank me and make me cum . I pulled polly's panties down , so i could rube her pussy . Polly was enjoying it and making moaning sounds . Linda asked her what i was doing . When she said rubbing her pussy . Linda stopped wanking me , and wanted me to do it to her . I told them both to lay on the bed . And take their panties off . I sat between them fingering their pussy's . Pam moved and started to feel me . I told her to stop and undress . Both Linda and polly had orgasms . Then they got up and told Pam to lay down and let me fuck her . I struggled to get in to her pussy . So they told her to kneel on the bed . Then Linda guided my dick in to Pams pussy . I was fucking her . Linda and Polly were watching and touching my balls . This made me cum . When i pulled out . They watched my cum leaking out of Pam . The following day . All 3 were there again . No messing , up to the bedroom and we all undressed . This time Linda wanted me to fuck her first .but not cum . Then it was Polly , still they did not want me to cum . They told me to fuck Pan and cum in her . When i had , they wanted me to lick their pussys , and give them an orgasm . Linda first , then Polly . When they Both had orgasms . Pam wanted me to lick her to an orgasm . Every few days we would have sex . I wanted to see them lick each other . They agreed to do this giving each other orgasms . I got one of them to wank me while i watched . Later i got to fuck them . Then i got Linda and Polly to go do a 69 . So i could watch while i fucked Pam . I finished with Linda and went out with Polly . I was only getting to fuck her .




Back in the Craigslist days, I (female) was bored with my husband, so I was "cock shopping." I came across a gorgeous young, black guy with an amazing cock that only lived about a mile away from me. We met up and I knew something was off, but the sex was amazing. Afterwords, I found out he was in high school, and I kinda freaked a little, but he was cool about it.

Then he graduated and moved out of the state for college.

Two years went by with me back to “cock shopping” but now through Tinder because Craigslist no longer did personals. Covid hits, and I suddenly come across my old friend, who we'll call "Jerome."

He had to come back home and when I swipped right, we matched. We messaged and he was dtf. I checked with my husband and we made plans to have the kids out of the house for a few days, over at their cousins who were all vaxxed and willing to watch out kids.

Jerome pulled into my driveway around noon on a Thursday and as soon as he was in the house, I was on my knees sucking that huge cock. He wasn't a teen anymore, so all was good. But he was horny, and I barely had time to suck him before he literally picked me up off the ground and carried me to my bed where he fucked me in every way imaginable for hours until we passed out.

I woke him up in the morning with a blow job before he jumped in the shower because he needed to get back to his family and told me he'd see his way out. I was exhausted from the past 12 or so hours of him pounding every hole so I went back to sleep. When I woke up with Jerome's finger rubbing my pussy and his teeth gently pulling on my nipple, I realized it was almost 2:00pm. He whispered for me to come downstairs. I got up and followed him and that’s when I saw the two other guys sitting on my couch.

Jerome tells me not to get mad. He introduces them as his brothers, and he had told them how good I was at sucking big cocks that they wanted to see for themselves. By the time he finished saying that, they had already surrounded me and started playing with my boobs and ass. I was kinda stuck and knew they were both teens, but I was already naked, and they were already touching me. So I spread my legs to give the access to my pussy.

The oldest of the two came behind me, reached around to grab my throat, and growled in my ear, "You’re going to get on your knees and show me your head skills. And you’re going to swallow every drop of cum, then you’re going to do the same with Dante.” All I could do was whimper an agreement and then got on my knees. He came around in front of me and said, “Take my cock out bitch.”

I reached up and undid his pants. His cock was already partially hard and I took it in my mouth withou my hands and swallowed it whole. I sucked until it was hard, then I used my hands to start stroke the shaft while I sucked on his balls. I alternated between those while I felt myself getting wet despite the danger and the obvious issue with their ages.

Once I started deep throating, I felt both my hands being placed on the other two cocks so I started stroking them. Soon the older boy grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in all the way. He held it there as he flooded my throat with so much cum. Of course I swallowed it all before he let me go.

Dante stepped in front of me and shoved his cock between my lips. It was easily over 9 inches, which was crazy because he was probably only 14, and he pushed until his balls hit my chin. He pumped his cock in my throat, commenting to the others about how much better I was than another woman (or girl) he'd apparently been with. He could have been lying, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

Eventually, he pulled out and shot cum on my face, temporarily blinding me. While I was trying to clear my eyes, I was pushed onto the ottoman and Jerome grabbed my hips and pulled me up, then slid into my pussy. I cleared my eyes at that point and saw that the older boy was ready again, and he started fucking my mouth to keep me from screaming. They went back and forth between my pussy and mouth until I finally caved into being their slut.

Jerome had me climb onto Dante, who was hard again, Jerome slid into my ass. The older one watched and encouraged his little brother, and it became clear that the boy was actually a virgin despite talking a big game about getting a blowjob from someone else. Two of them pounded me hard and eventually the older boy came back "for more head game" and the three of them pounded into me until they filled me up. Not simultaneously, as Dante came sooner than his brothers, but I stayed on top of him until the other two were done.

Then the three just left me there, a mess of cum, in my living room. I was surprised and turned on by the fact they used all of my holes. Whe my phone chirped, I had a missed call from my husband and three messages on tinder from Jerome... they were his and his brother's numbers and he told me that they both wanted to use me again as soon as I needed more cock. When I replied, he commanded me to delete tinder because they had me "handled."

I deleted the app and called my husband to let him know he could come home. As I showered, I texted all three so that we could continue to meet up.

I know I'm going to hell for a lot of different reasons, but at least I have a few years with Dante before I have to start "cock shopping" again.