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Submitted: Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:11:44 GMT

I'm 45 and my girlfriend Marsha whos 48 moved in with me 4 years ago. She's no knock out but is great in bed and the best blow job I will ever have. I live in a big but beat up old farm house (without the farm) about 20 miles outside Dallas. Its on 4 acres so when I get home from work around 3:30pm everyday I'm always filthy dirty. Theres an open shower out back where I strip down and shower, drop my clothes at the washer and rarely put much more on than boxers or a robe and lots of times just stay naked. Marsha is a barmaid at a saloon close to Dallas and works 5 nights a week and leaves about 5pm or sooner. Now, Marsha has a daughter Lily who is now 27 and has been in and out of rehab for the last 6 years. I met her a few times over the years before Masha moved in with me. Lily and Marsha didn't speak to each other for a couple years but in 2011 she was off the drugs and they became closer again. Thats when Marsha kept asking to let Lily move in with us. I kept refusing but after about 6 months of her begging me to, I finally let Lily move in. She only works at a fast food place a few days a week and can't get a decent job because she was in jail a few times, once for selling drugs. Lily is short a little heavy and not nearly as attractive as her mother. To be honest I didn't like her very much at first and I think for that reason I didn't care if she saw me naked or in my boxers or robe. Marsha was upset with me the first time Lily saw me naked out back showering but I just told her to tell her daughter not to look. As often as I am naked around my house I was never into exhibitionism and if friends come over I'm always dressed. Things changed quickly when I began realizing Lily tried to see me naked most of the time. I wear boxers around Lily sometimes and when in my bathrobe I never have anything else on and seldom ever tie it closed. I'm sure Marsha knew and still knows Lily sees me naked or exposed sometimes but now she never says anything about it to me. What Marsha doesn't realize is when she isn't home thats when Lily is around or near me the most. She talks to me more when Marsha is working and I truly believe she likes seeing me naked or with my robe open. Its not like I would or want to have sex with Lily but I began getting erections when she was obviously looking at me naked or stareing at my genitals while in my robe. At first I tried to turn away but after a month or so I just let her see me hard. Funny thing, she has never talked about me being naked around her. She didn't at first but as time went on she comes out back while I am showering and talks to me but only when Marsha is out shopping or has left for work early. When she started doing that I would dry off and just go in the kitchen naked and make a sandwich or get a drink while she sits at the table still talking to me. Marsha doesn't know this and I never tell her. I also never tell Marsha that Lily has her friend Cindy, who she works with, at the house a day or two a week. Cindy is a little 25 year old, ugly, fat girl, who I'm sure Lily brings over just to see me naked. Even though neither of them are good looking I still get erections and don't bother trying to hide it. Cindy started coming to the house well over a year ago and most of the time only saw me in my open robe at first. I just figured whats the difference if she did see me naked so now I am around her the same way as if its only Lily looking at me. Before Lily moved in I never had a need to jerk off because Marsha would take care of that. Now I can't help but jerk off a few times a week still having the same amount of sex with Marsha. It just gets me aroused that Lily and now Cindy see me naked and it seems like they are the ones who actually seek me out. Lily is almost obnoxious about it and even though my bedroom is on the other side of the house she has no problem walking over and looking in my room. Often she just walks in to talk to me mostly about stupid things. I hardly ever shut the bedroom door even when Marsha is home. I think it was last November the first time Lily saw me jerking off in my bed. Since then I know she has watched a number of times but always just peeks in at me. I'm sure Cindy has also watched me jerk off, not that I ever saw her peeking in but theres a loose floor board about 5 feet from my bedroom and I've heard it squeak twice a few times. Thats when I know Lily is headed towards my room. Most of the time I'm just watching tv but once in a while I start jerking off when I hear the board squeak. Lily is bold about all of this because she always just peeks in first and if I'm not jerking off she walks right in to talk to me not careing if Im laying there naked. I don't say anything about it and neither does she and its only small talk mostly about her stupid job. One thing is I'm sure she doesn't do drugs anymore although she does drink beer and has gotten heavier since she first moved in. As immodest as I am, I have never seen Lily naked. I do see her in night clothes but thats about it. Awhile back I snooped around in her room when both she and Marsha were working. Lily has nothing close to a sexy outfit or bathing suit, her bras are mostly white 34B and her panties are not the sexy kind and mostly cotton. The only thing I did see that I never expected, was a dildo in back of her bottom drawer. I'm sure she masturbates and wonder how often because even though she goes out some weekends I know she don't have a boyfriend. I'm possitive she plans on seeing me naked. She knows when I work overtime and by the time I get home Marsha has already left. Once I pull in the driveway and go back to the shower she is sitting on the back step right where the shower is. I just say hi to her then she begins getting into a conversation with me as I get undress and shower while talking to her. Once or twice a month even Cindy is with her so I guess I have turned into an exhibitionst by now. I almost always get a hard on while they watch me shower and when I go inside they still sit at the kitchen table and I'm still naked. I walk around the kitchen making something to eat and sometimes make a sandwich for them and sometimes Lily has already made one for me. You would think my nudity around them would be offensive but its just the opposite. I know Marsha is aware Lily sees me naked sometimes but I'm sure she doesn't know how brazen Lily is or how she plans on seeing me naked as much as she does. If Marsha is home when I get done work Lily is nowhere to be seen. If Lily is on the back step when I get home I know Marsha isn't. Marsha suggested a long time ago that I build an enclosure around the outside shower but I have no intention of doing so. I do at least wear my boxers when Marsha is home but when shes not the most I have on is my robe. I am naked more often now than anytime in my life. Even when I lived alone I was naked a lot but now even more when Marsha isn't here. The odd thing is we all get along well and Marsha seems much happier now that Lily lives with us. I'm sure thats because she knows Lily isn't on the drugs anymore. I know to that Marsha would not be happy if she knew how frequently Lily sees me naked. Especially if she knew Lily sees me with erections and watches me jerk off sometimes. Marsha knows Cindy visits Lily but also don't know how often or that I am also naked in front of her or that they watch me shower out back. I like them seeing me nude and by now I know they like looking at me that way. When Lily is sitting on the step my showers last longer than usual. I've become so anxious to expose myself I put my foot up on the bench to wash between my legs, bending over with my back to her exposing my anus. I do it even when Cindy is here and as I do they just keep talking nonsense to me. Never thought I would ever do this kind of thing but I look forward to it and find it stimulating. Lily or Cindy never say anything to me about my nudity and I always wonder if it excites them or if it arouses them at all. I guess I'll never know.


Submitted: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 4:23:31 GMT

Back in 1989 there was this 16 year old female who lived nearby. She was friends with my step daughter, so she would come to visit occassionaly. She got pregnant by an 18 year old who disappeared when he learned she was pregnant. She was hot, and let me know I could have my way with her. My wife worked weekends, so one day I told the step daughter I was going shopping and her friend was going along. Instead, I took her to a motel. We went into the room and quickly undressed. She wanted to 69, so we did. She was expert at sucking, and soon we came in each others mouths. I pumped a tremendous load of sperm into her mouth. She told me she had so far sucked off 15 guys, but no one came that much in her mouth before.
We stayed there a few hours, fucking and sucking, but finally left and went home an hour before my wife came home, showering together first to wash off the smell. I stopped at a store to buy a few items to show the step daughter I went shopping, but returning home she was asleep. The 16 year old went home, giving me a passionate kiss first. My wife came home, and I was still worked up from my experience that I had sex with her.
Nearly every weekend for six months I took the girl to a motel.


Submitted: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 4:55:56 GMT

Im a 21 year old guy. When I was younger, around 12/13 I started fantasizing about sucking off full grown men. Like normal middleaged men like my friends dads.(along with being attracted to girls my age)I even tried meeting guys online but they thought I was the police lol idk why I was so sexual at that age but I used to walk home from the bus and go down back roads (I live in a crazy dense development) and pull my dick out my zipper and walk around like I didn't know and watch peoples reactions. This one guy started a random conversation one time while my dick was hanging out. I guess he started watching for me because every time I did it down that road he would start conversation with me, but behind his bushes where neighbors wouldn't see. He would just stare at my dick. I stopped because I got scared of getting in trouble. Awhile later, when I was def 13, I went to his house one day for something, I don't remember. He anwered the door and let me in he must have been wearing pajama pants because while he was talking to me he casually pulled his dick out. I remember it really well it was the first adult dick I ever saw. At some point he told me I could play with it so I did for a while then he taught me how to blow him and made me swallow. That's my first real sexual experience


Submitted: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 4:59:39 GMT

I can now give raspberries with my asshole, learned the hard way that it IS an exit only.


Submitted: Fri, 25 Jul 2014 10:00:42 GMT

My friends mom is the definition of a milf. Tall, thin, long legs, big fake tits, and a pear of the best dick sucking lips in the world after a few botox treatments.
She is also a pill popping cock sucking whore who will do anything and anyone to get what she wants.
For 2 oxys she will suck your cock and swallow. For 8 she will take it up the ass and then lick her own shit off of your dick before sucking you dry. For a bottle of 40 she will spend the night and even let her own son cum down her throat along with 5 or 6 other guys.


Submitted: Thu, 24 Jul 2014 0:22:39 GMT

I've fucked with my male cousins, uncle, brother, and 25 other guys over the span of eight years. I'm 18


Submitted: Sat, 19 Jul 2014 21:43:29 GMT

My girlfriend, Linda, and I went to a party a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know any of the people, but she said she partied with them before. The party started innocent enough. Then the booze started flowing. About two hours into the party a nice looking young woman came up to us and asked us if we liked to party with three. I said no, but my girlfriend said she had always wanted to try it with another woman. We were pretty drunk, so my inhibitions were rather low. We stood up and the other woman led us upstairs to a bedroom. We walked into the bedroom, and she said to my girlfriend, "So, just like we planned?" "Yep," Linda replied. I was a little surprised, and when I looked at her, she said, "Don't worry, honey, this is what you've been looking for." She pushed me on the bed and crawled on top of me. We started making out, and I felt the other girl, Janis, unzip my pants. Before I knew it she was sucking my cock. This was better than sex with one, that's for sure. Linda stripped and straddled my chest. She then scooted forward so her cunt was right at my mouth. I started to tongue fuck her. I was getting into it when Janis started to play with my ass. I raised up a little to give her more access. I really like my asshole played with when I'm getting my cock sucked. "You like this, honey?" Linda asked. "Oh, fuck yeah," I replied. "Good. Then you'll like this even more." I felt Janis raise her mouth up off of my cock and kneel between my legs. Before I knew it I felt a cock being pushed into my ass. I had never been fucked, so it was painful at first. The pain subsided and as she/he started to fuck me it was getting to feel pretty good. "Oh, fuck," I said. "Surprise, honey," Linda said. "Janis is really Jimmy," a T friend of mine. He just loves it when I bring my boyfriends around for him to fuck. Jimmy was getting into it, and I must admit I was too. A cock up my ass and a pussy at my mouth. What a fucking rush. Just then the bedroom door opened and another man walked in. He stepped in the room and started to strip. "Another surprise for you," Linda said. "This is Larry. He loves getting his cock sucked by another man. Larry finished stripping and walked over to the bed and knelt on the bed by my head. I didn't even hesitate, but turned my head toward him and he put his cock up to my lips. Linda rolled off of me and started to play with herself. "This is the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen," she said. "My cunt is dripping just thinking about you and these two men. Oh, fuck," she said as she started to make herself cum. I was sucking a cock for the first time and being fucked for the first time. All the while watching my girlfriend masturbate to orgasm after orgasm. "Oh, fuck, fuck," I moaned as I started to cum. "Oh, yeah. That's it, honey, let it fly." Jimmy was stroking my cock to orgasm, and as soon as I was spent I felt him tense up and announce he was cumming, too. He flooded my ass with his cum, then he pulled out, bent down, and started to lick the cum out of my ass. That felt almost as good as him fucking me. "I'm getting ready," Larry said. He grabbed my head and started to cum. I struggled, but was able to take most of it. He pulled out as the last drips of cum landed on the bed next to my head. He got off the bed, grabbed his clothes and left. Jimmy also got off the bed and left. Linda rolled back on top of me and started to lick the cum off of my face, then started to kiss me. My dick was already hard again, and when she sat on it, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. "Oh, fuck, baby, that was the greatest thing I ever felt." "That's great, honey," she said. "Just wait till next week. There's more surprises for you." I went to sleep smiling, not able to hardly wait for next week.