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When I came home to my hometown after the summer holidays with my aunt, I was going to start third grade at a new school. There I quickly became friends with a girl my own age. She and I hung out both at school and in our free time. We lived in what is called a drabant town with lots of blocks of flats. In the basement of these blocks there was a living room and common area for the residents. There it was possible for us kids to hide a little away from our surroundings, and it didn't take long before me and my girlfriend found ourselves in such a basement room. We were completely alone and could play undisturbed.

Like most nine-year-olds, we were curious, and I asked her if she used to play with her pee like I did. She grinned and blushed, but nodded eagerly. - "It's great" - she said - "but mom and dad get mad if they see me doing it. But sometimes, when I'm alone, I rub my cunny with my fingers, but then I just get scared that mum or dad discovers it, and then I don't dare to continue" - she said. - "The adults are just stupid" - I said a little cheerfully. - "Can I cuddle with your cunny, then you can cuddle with my dick?" - I asked. She became a little skeptical. Looked around nervously, looked down at my crotch and got even redder in the face and breathed fast. "OK" - she said - "but you can't tell anyone" - "of course not" - I said - "I never gossip about anything secret".

We took off our pants and underwear. Then we stood there and looked at each other. Me with a hugely stiff, hairless boy's cock pointing at her, and she with her cute cunny without pubic hair, which she a little shyly tried to cover with fumbling hands. I remembered what Auntie had done with my fingers, so I gathered my index and middle fingers and placed them in the place Auntie liked so much. Then I started moving my fingers gently back and forth in her slightly wet crack. Not as wet as I remember my aunt being, but wet so that my fingers slipped easily.

She reacted almost immediately and her legs began to numb. - "I have to sit down" - she said.

There were some old mattresses there, which I quickly put on the floor. Then we lay down. I continued to gently massage her in the crack, as aunt had done with my fingers, and her body trembled more and more. I paused and took her right hand down to my cock, telling her how to hold around it and move her hand up and down. - "I know", she said - "my uncle likes me to do that with his dick, and other things." - "Okay" - I said, and didn't think about it any more. I continued to massage her crack and she jerked my dick. She did it a little harder and more intensely than my aunt had done, but it was delicious. - "Won't you lick me then, so I can suck your dick afterwards?" - she asked suddenly. I thought back then that only boys sucked each other's cocks, and I didn't understand how I could suck a crack like girls have. Lick..? What was I supposed to lick? I asked how to do it, and then she spread her legs apart while lying on her back, spread her pussy lips and pointed to a small lump in the crack. - "You can lick there like when you lick a lollipop" - she said. I did as she said, and it tasted quite similar to when I sucked my friend's dick. I liked it. I licked and smacked, while she became very restless and herself in her body. She moaned and I had to ask if everything was okay. I remembered my aunt... - "YES! JUST KEEP LICKING LIKE THAT!" - she moaned quite loudly. - "Don't shout like that. We have to be quiet so no one hears us" - I said, and continued to lick. I could see that she was gritting her teeth, and her eyes were rolling and she was grimacing. Suddenly, her whole body arched as she shook. She stayed in that position for a few seconds before laying back down. - "My God, so delicious!" - she said, and was completely red in the face. I smiled and was happy that she thought I was good. - "Do you want to fuck?" - she asked, while I was on my knees between her legs with my stiff pecker straight at her. - "Just stick it in here while you lie on top of me" - she said, pointing to the hole in her crack. I fumbled a little, but suddenly my cock slid inside her, and I felt a delicious and warm feeling that was indescribably good. I moaned in pleasure as I instinctively moved up and down. It was so good that very quickly I saw stars and my dick throbbing uncontrollably. I lay over her for a while and just breathed fast.

I pulled out of her hole and knelt a little in front of her. We giggled and laughed a little shyly as we looked at each other. My dick was completely wet. - "Look how wet it is" - I said. - "It will become wet when it has been in there. You can just wipe it off with your sweater" - she said. I did as she said. - "When my uncle fucks me it gets a lot wetter" - she said - "and then white spray comes out from his dick, and what he sprays comes out of my hole afterwards, and then I use to wipe it away with paper. And sometimes he squirts in my mouth, and then I just swallow it down. It's not dangerous" - she told me while I listened with interest. - " Can we do it again some another time, if you want?" - I asked as I looked at her. - "Yes, we can" - she said. Then we put our clothes back on and went out to play with other friends.

Today I shake my head at how little knowledge she and I had. We had sex several times in that basement, but I moved on after a year. Anyway, she was the first pussy for my dick. I lost contact with her, and don't know where she is now, or how she fared. I still hope her uncle was kind to her and didn't force her to do anything she didn't wanted to do.

Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




I was almost 5 years old the first time I experienced something erotic, and which I remember as a thrilling experience. I was with my great-grandmother in a sleeping compartment on a train. There were bunk beds in the compartment, but my great-grandmother said I could sleep with her. This was in 1971, so I peed in a so-called pee bucket before we went to bed. So did my great-grandmother, who at the time was close to 70 years old and a fantastic lady, and whom I was very fond of. After we finished getting ready for the night, I became aware of how nice, smooth and beautiful the underwear she wore; pinup style. When we had laid down, I lay next to her bottom in a spooning position, and my pee got really stiff. "Do you like great-grandmother that much?" - she asked, while laughing lovingly and patting me on the side of the ass with her free right hand. I confirmed that it felt so good to lie like that. She positioned her ass in such a way that my pee slipped into her butthole, outside her panty fabric. I was naked. This is how I lay and felt this delicious and tickling feeling, and with instinctive jerking movements before I fell asleep. Great grandmother said nothing more, neither then nor later. At another time (I was still 5 years old) I lived for a while with my grandmother's sister (great grandmothers offspring), and while living there I got shingles. She got hold of an ointment from the doctor, which she was supposed to apply to me. I was completely naked when she applied the salve, and when she smeared my crotch my pee got really stiff. She grabbed it and massaged it while she laughed. Her husband was sitting nearby. He laughed too. I remember this as a nice and innocent experience. Later, when I had turned 7 and started school, I became friends with another boy in the class. He showed me porn magazines that his father had. He wanted to do what the people in the magazines did, and we took off our clothes. Suddenly we were in the 69 position and he took my stiff pecker in his mouth. It was so delicious that I started shaking all over. Suddenly he asked if I wanted to suck him too. I saw clear liquid oozing out of his pee and didn't know it was precum at the time. I tasted it and I remember it was just a little salty and smooth. I liked it. But it was hard to concentrate on his pee when it felt so good in my own dick. So we decided to take turns sucking each other. He could really suck that boy. It was so delicious. My whole body shook, and suddenly I almost fainted. Today I know I had my first (dry) orgasm. Afterwards I did as he had done. He also had a dry orgasm. We did this until the third grade. After this I moved to another part of the city I lived in. I was then 9 years old, and lost contact with my sucking and jerking friend. This was my first sexual experience of many. Maybe I'll write more later. Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




In the summer holidays of 1977, when I was a 9-year-old boy, I stayed with my aunt somewhere in the country I live in. She was married and at the time she had two small children, a girl of 4 and a boy of 2. Every morning I was allowed to be in bed with my aunt and her children, after her husband had gone to work. One of those mornings, her two children were playing on the floor by the bed, and I was lying alone next to my aunt. She pulled me close, and I got to lie on her shoulder. At the same time, she stroked my back with her right hand, while she took her left hand on my right hand and placed it on her lower stomach. I could feel her pubic hair with my little finger and I got a rock hard erection. My heart was pounding, and I was breathing heavily. She noticed this and suddenly I felt her right hand move around my thin body and she grabbed my boy cock. I was in heaven and both swallowed and breathed heavily. She jerked my cock so deliciously and gently, while talking sweetly to me. "Are you OK?" Does it feel good?" I couldn't say anything. I just nodded my head. As she caressed my cock, she brought my right hand down to her pussy. She took my index finger and middle finger together and placed them on what I today know is the clitoris. She used my fingers to massage herself while caressing my cock. It didn't take long for my whole body to shake and a powerful ecstasy hit me. My cock pumped in her hand as the dry orgasm waved through my body. She continued to rub my fingers in her pussy while I lay there in an orgasmic frenzy. But suddenly she stopped and her body went completely stiff and there was a sound I had not heard from a grown woman before. I was a little scared , and thought she was very ill. "Aunt, are you sick or in pain?" - I asked a little anxiously. "No" - she said smiling - "I'm just very, very well, and you're such a good boy" - she said smiling. I was so happy. I still had my fingers between her labia and she led my fingers further down. "Do you feel how wet it is?" - she asked. - "Yes, do you peed yourself?" - I asked. - "No" - she said while laughing friendly - "that's how it is when girls play with their pee" - she said. - "Its because a girls pee need to be smooth and wet before the man sticks his pee into the hole you can feel, but you should wait until you are bigger and have become a man before you do that to a girl" - she said. - "Okay" - I said, and didn't think about it any more. I was still euphoric after the cuddle time with my aunt. - "Now we're going to get up and wash ourselves, and after that we're going to have breakfast" - said my aunt, as she got up from the bed. She was naked and I looked at her body as she put on a dressing gown. She suddenly sat down on the bed again, and looked at me a little sternly, while putting her hands on either side of my face. Seriously, she said you can never tell anyone about this, because it was illegal for her as a grown woman to cuddle with me who was a little boy like that. And that there was going to be a lot of noise and nonsense if I told anyone about it. I promised her I would never tell (Which I never did either) Nothing more sexual happened with my aunt that summer, but she was good and kind. I received both the closeness and care that all children need. We never talked about what happened that morning, but for me it is a very good memory.

Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.




When i was around 9, me, my brother and my mom went to my godmother's house for a party. We stayed late, and they stayed in the living room. I, however, was in the closet, balls deep in my godsister who was the same age as me.




I confess that as a five year old child, a voluptuous, blonde, haired girl, with pigtails, I absolutely enjoyed being molested and licked. Bobby was a horny little eight-year-old boy who took me by the hand into its secluded dark garage and gave me my first oral orgasm.

Are used to play with the boys in the backyard, and I’m on the street of our hometown in Texas, and I did not know what it meant when the boys were squeezing my butt all of the time. I’ll let them touch me and it felt good. I would been over to pick up the ball and Bobby would squeeze my butt and it felt good.

So one day, eight, he took me by the hand and let me through the side door into a dark garage. He asked me if I he could squeeze my butt again, and I said yes, he wrapped his arms around me and squeeze my butt and it felt good; like a muscle massage, and my pussy was tickling. I had long blonde hair with pigtails and ribbons. I was wearing red shorts, extremely short shorts, anything T-shirt tank top and was barefooted.

So then he said, “Lucy, lay down”. I said, “but Bobby , I don’t want to lay down! I always have to take a nap when I lay down please Bobby, I don’t want to lay down.“ He said, “please lay down Lucy, I will lay down with you”. And he said, “please lay down Lucy I want to show you a game called sex”. I said, “I don’t know what sex is”. He said, “ I promise you, it will feel really good, even better than when I squeezed your butt.” But I was afraid, so he quickly locked all the doors where I could not get out and then he was upset because I did not want to lay down. He said, “Lucy! Lay down right now or I’m gonna make you lay down! Get down on that rug to Lucy right now! You are going to have sex, whether you like it or not, just like my brother does to me in here every day! Get down on the floor, Lucy right now! You are going to get fucked right here, where do you like it or not! And you’re going to go out of here, a big girl, instead of a little girl because big girls always fuck! And I like you and want to give you a PP tickle!” “A PP tickle?” I asked. I actually knew a little bit of what he was talking about because my little pussy was already tickling and I could feel my panties getting wet. I did not know at the time, but I was horny for him! I lay down for him. Then he laid beside me, lifted up my shirt, and started rubbing my tummy when he started doing that, I got tingly all over my little body, and my pussy started to get wet and tickle, even though he was not touching it, I said, “that feels really good Bobby. Is this sex? It’s making my PP tickle.” And you are going to make. My boy pee pee get really tickly also, and we need to be naked.” I protested, “but Bobby, I don’t wanna be naked in here.”. He said, “okay, but you’re a PP is going to be naked, Lucy! Your PP is going to be naked, whether you like it or not! It’s the only way you can get a pee pee tickle like the grown-ups, and my boy PP is hard and needs to be naked too!” I started to get up, but he pushed me back down saying, “No Lucy! You’re not going anywhere, and this is our private secret forever!”

The next thing I know he was up on his knees he took hold of the waistband of my shorts and panties with his fingers and around the waistband of my pink panties, and pulled them down around my knees to my feet and then pulled them completely off me, and threw them across the room! I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do, but my PP was naked now and feeling so tickly; and he wasn’t even touching it yet. He was not naked yet, but I could see under his blue gym shorts, something very stiff and hard, making a tit in his pants. I knew it was his boy PP, but I did not understand at that time that a girls pussy is supposed to make a boys dick very hard. I was soon very glad that his dick rockhard as you will see.

“Spread your legs right now, Lucy!” He ordered, so I opened my legs as wide as I could, and the next thing I know I was feeling the most wonderful sensation that I had ever felt in my entire life! He put his head down between my legs, and started licking my pussy! He was licking and sucking, sucking and licking, and I felt wild wonderful sensations all through my body. He sucked hard on my tickle spot(clit)! Bobby put his hands under my butt and lifted me up and my pussy was mashed into his face! The next thing I know, I felt a tongue going up inside of my pussy and darting back-and-forth. It was so freaking wild. Now I know, that it was multiple orgasms that I was experiencing almost from the first time that his tongue touched my pussy, and then I felt a rush and I could not help, but I let loose with a bunch of pee and squirted all over him, and on the rug under us. I was panting and breathing hard saying, “my PP tickle! My PP tickle! Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! You make my pee pee tickle.!”

He lifted up, his face was wet and he was smiling. I set up, and then he took the whole of my shirt and pull it completely off of me. There I was a naked little five year old girl, enjoying every minute of having her first sexual experience.

He said, now it’s your turn to give me a weenie tickle! You’re a PP is called a pussy, and my PP is called a dick.”. He took his shirt off, and his chest was just as flat as mine was, but then he took off his pants and underwear, and standing naked there in front of me I saw the long, hard wiener, sticking straight out like a stick. He stepped around me with both legs on either side of me, grabbed me by the back of the head and said open your mouth Lucy. “ he put his dick into my mouth, and it actually tasted very good, salty, and I like salt. “ Now Lucy, I want you to suck on it and do not use your teeth! Do not bite my dick! I did not bite your pussy when I gave you a pussy tickle, so do not bite my dick! Just suck it like we do a lollipop!” so I started sucking Bobby’s dick. He told me to wrap my arms around him and hug him around the waist. I did so compliantly. He taught me how to suck, but the rest came natural to me as a girl, because boys dicks are supposed to be in a girls mouth, I know that now. He was moaning and groaning, and I knew I was making him feel very good. The next thing I know he was crying out real loud, “oh, Lucy make me weenie tickle! I’m getting a weenie tickle Lucy!” I felt the muscles of his dick contracting in my mouth, as he was saying it, and I felt red helmet of his dick expanding and contracting between my tongue in the roof of my mouth! He fell to the floor after pulling his dick out of my mouth onto his back with me on my knees beside him! His dick was wet with my saliva, and it was standing up straight, and then bouncing back-and-forth, like a spring! He was panting in breathing hard.

I lay down beside him, and we cuddled against each other naked. We were making a whole lot of noise, and I’m glad that there were no adults around, or anyone else at the time to interfere with our sex. No one heard us and no one came looking for us, and naked five-year-old girl, in a naked eight-year-old boy, having the time of their lives.

So I asked him where he learned about this sex game from, and he said that his brother and sister taught him when he was four years old, and they do it every day; and also, with his dad taught him how to suck dick. We swore to keep it a secret forever and so we have until now 45 years later. More about our incest with our children in a minute.

Our sexual relationship continued between us at every opportunity that we could get. When I was nine years old, I was already going into puberty; early puberty and I already had breasts. That made him even more horny for me, and the hormones pulsing through my body made our daily sexual encounters extremely intense.

In the very same spot, when I was nine years old, he broke my virginity, humping me, doggy style. They’re on that rug in that cosy little garage.

Funny thing, I had gone into early puberty, but he had not come in so his body was still bare and sexy. Two years later, he did going to puberty finally, and as we were fucking missionary style on that rug, he screamed out that he was cumming, and for the first time I felt the warm flow, flood of sperm and semen deep inside my pussy. Right after that, he stood up and I got on my knees, Imogen sucking him hard, and for the first time I felt sperm and semen shooting into my mouth, and I swallowed a heavy load of new cum. It was the best thing I have ever tasted, because it came from the body of the boy that I loved and still love.

By age 14 I was pregnant, I had the baby, and we got married when when I was eighteen. When our son was five, we took him into bed and fucked his brains out so that he would go and find another little girl, just like I was when Bobby shared with me, the joy of sex, and take her into the same garage of joy. We later had three daughters and they were getting licked from the time they were two years old. Not humped or hurt! Just licked. When my husband, Bobby put his dick into our babies mouths, I’m never seen him cum so hard and the babies always swallowed all of the sperm like milk. Like me, all of our daughter were pregnant (from their Dad) by the time they were 14, and all of them had the babies and the tradition continues.




I love to see little boys get pleasured. I love to watch them getting their little cocks stroked and sucked and licked. I’ve been super lucky recently. I met a young woman that I’ve become quite close with. I help her out with money and in return I get sexual favors. I found out that she does methamphetamines and I realized this could be used to my advantage. I took some over to her house one night when we were to exchange favors. She was so excited. As she got high I told her I wanted us to get real freaky tonight. I told her I’d be giving her substantially more money than I usually do. She said we’d do anything I wanted. I got her to bring her 5 year pill son in her bedroom. I directed her to suck his little penis as I watched. He liked it. His little cock got hard right away. I told her I’d take over for her. I watched this boy a moment. Laying on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. I began by jacking him off softly. As I proceeded to gain speed he moaned. My dick was so hard. I started rubbing my dick against his. I can’t believe how good it felt. Before I knew it I was cumming all over his little cock. The next time I went over I sucked his penis. I have been going every week to pleasure and stimulate this 5 year old boy’s penis.




When I was a preteen, I was molested into gay sex by my gym coach in the shower where he pinned me in the corner, rubbed my body down with oil and sucked and fucked me. He taught me how to suck his dick when I was eight and to drink cum. So after that I loved to fuck boys.

When I was thirteen I hit puberty and next door to my Dad’s appliance shop was a house with a big shed. It was here that I used to take the little boy that lived in the house for sex. He was seven years old with long curly blond hair and feminine curves. The first time I saw him my dick went rock hard and I knew I had to have his dick in my mouth and mine in his. I soon fell in love with him. Here is what happened the first time I fucked Pat.

I began by making friends with him and soon we were besties. I had to make sure he would keep secrets and not go tattle tail when I made my first move to get into his shorts. After a month or more, he was ripe for the taking.

His sister was baby sitting that hot saturday, and she ignored him as long as he was in the big fenced in back yard. Pat and I were playing catch with his football, and I suggested that we take our shirts off because of the heat. He threw me the ball and pulled off his muscle shirt. He was wearing red gym shorts. When his long curly hair fell over those shoulders of creamy white skin, my dick was so hard that it was making a tent in my yellow gym shorts. He saw it and smiled. Little did I know at the time that he had already been broken in for sex by the time he was four in a garage by an eight-year-old boy in the town that he and his family had lived in before they moved here. Pat was already expecting what was about to happen, because I saw that his dick was hard in his shorts also.

He and I ran around throwing the football and playing chase until I was able to move up behind him and wrap my arms around him, or upon he dropped the football into the grass. I was about a foot taller than he was, and so I wrap my arms around his bare naked chest to see what he would do. To my delight he leaned his head back into my chest and let me take him in my arms. I was rubbing his stomach and slowly I put one of my hands down into his shorts and wrapped around a very hard little dick, and he giggled and cooed as I squeazed it. Soon I had both of my hands in his shorts and I pulled them down just enough to get his dick to pop out like a spring from under them. For a while I just started stroking and jacking him off and he was enjoying every bit of it. Little did he know that I had already made plans for this by putting in bottle of cooking oil into the shed. So we look to make sure that his sister was looking and then I let him by the hand into the shed.

I was burning hot and had to have him once we got in the shed come in so I closed and locked the door behind us and turned on the light. There was a throw rug on the floor. He was standing there waiting for me, and I turned around and as fast as I could I pulled his shorts down along with his underwear all the way down to his ankles where he stepped out of them. I got naked and layed him down. Then I lay down beside him on the rug and his hands are all over my dick playing with it. Then I raise the pin spread his legs, and took his dick into my mouth and begin sucking him for all it was worth. He was a small boy but one with a very long circumcised dick for a seven year old, and as I deep throated him, he began bucking in fucking in my mouth and cried out , “weenie tickle! Weenie tickle!” Over and over and by that I knew that he was trying to say that he was cumming. Although he hadn’t reached puberty, he was still having an orgasm. When he finally relaxed and let me breathe, I looked up his glorious naked body to that wild long hair and saw it look of pure contentment on his face.

Now it was his turn to reciprocate and he knew it. I stood up and he got up on his knees and put his hands on my hips, and took my long hard waiting Dick into his mouth and begin to suck like an expert. He already knew what he was doing in later on he told me where he learned it from. He deep throated me over and over when was gagging on the head of my dick going down the back of his throat and his mouth was gushing with saliva. I took him but the head and face fucked him and soon I was cumming harder than I ever had before, filling his mouth with a flood of oozing semen. First you wanna do poorly but I would not allow him to take his mouth off of my dick and just told him to swallow, which he did, still sucking as he swallowed.

He was about to find out that I was only just getting warmed up. I started rubbing his body down with cooking oil from head to toe. Then I had him take the oil and rub me down from head to toe. Then I put him on all fours, and again I was a bit surprised but he already knew what to expect. He was no virgin. I got down behind Pat and pressed the head of my oily dick up into his butt hole, and then wrap my hands around his stomach and begin jacking him off as I started pumping into him. I started fucking him so hard that he dropped his elbows. He had never taken a dick is big as mine into his ass and began crying. I slowed down a bit and as I did, he began to try and crawl away, but I had my arms firmly wrapped around him with one hand on his dick, and as he crawled through the corner I simply followed his moves with my Dick still all the way up inside his ass. The movement of his legs were sending me into wild heaven. He finally made it to the corner and there was no place to go in so the top of his head one in the corner and he went down on his elbows again as I fucked the hell out of him. Sooner with crying out like a girl that I was cumming and I had still been jacking him off pretty hard and the next thing I know is I was cumming I heard him crying out, “Oh Rodney! Fuck me do the pee-pee!”! He was dry cumming and we were both panting like dogs. I pulled out of him and as he stood up, my sperm ran down his butt and between his legs. I Took him into my arms like a girl and begin making out with him with my arms around him and I told him out of French kiss. After a break we were soon at it again. He became my boyfriend from then on and we kept humping and fucking for years after that in that shed and other places well into his teen years. About a year after that we even shared an eight year old girl in that shed, one whom he had previously fucked on that same rug. I had explained to him what he had to do when it came to fucking a girl. She was one that her parents always used to let her run around without a shirt in public even when walking down the street. Pat was horny for her from the start, and she was his first girl sex; in with her consent a few days later we both shared her. Pat had busted her cherry, but when I fucked her, she was small and tight never having had a dick as big as mine in her come in fact the only one that has ever been in her was Pat’s. I came deep in her is the head of my dick hit her cervix, and she was crying out, “oh my pee-pee! Oh my pee-pee tickles!” Those were the best days of our lives.