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To start yes this is a true and actual account of what i did five years ago today 20/08/20.

I had seen a video on Luxuretv called "The Record" and decided to beat it, The woman known as Stray X set a record for having sex with eight dogs in one session one after the other.

I knew someone who works at a kennels for grayhounds and after a few drinks hit him up with the idea! a few drinks more he he agreed to let me do it.

two days later I went to the kennels and found out there were twelve dogs who were not neutered and who were used for breeding, I thought great enough to break the record and more.

This is when my "friend" told me he had approached the owners of each of the dogs and they had all replied "as long as we can watch and video it"

The next day was sunday 20/09/15 and I again made the journey to the kennels where i was greeted by eight men two women my friend and the owner of the kennels, Now I am a male who loves to cross-dress so i was wearing black lingerie and heels and was nicely made up wearing a long blonde wig.

for the next few hours i was in heaven as i sucked and then fucked each dog in turn twice, as well as sucking the eight male owners while their dogs were knotted into my ass, The owner of the kennels was both sucked off and fucked me as well as filming the entire thing and i found out later that my friend had fucked me and cum into my ass twice.

i was so full of both dog and human cum as well as covered in it that i couldn't put my clothes back on over it to go home, my "friend" suggested walking through the fields between the kennels and my home, now as i live in the countryside this was an option.

on the way home i could feel more cum dribbling from my gaping asshole as well as feeling it tighten which is when i got to the feild next to my house, in this field there were four pony's two male two female one of which was in heat so the males were showing their cocks, i needed no second thoughts and immediately started sucking on a pony cock as soon as it began to twitch i hurriedly pushed myself onto it and felt his warm sticky spunk gush into me.

I ended my day of depravity in my garden repeatedly sucking and being fucked by my two male Rottweilers which included being spit roasted by them

so my own personal "Record" is fourteen dogs at least twice each ten men and a pony.

And yes I am planning on beating that as soon as Covid is gone I had planned it for this year and had arranged twenty dogs with male owners and my new neighbour has two male pony's and a full breed horse if I can I will follow that lot with avisit to a local dogging spot as i plan to spend from eight am until midnight possibly longer either being fucked or travelling between locations... wish me luck




This morning (22-05-23) I was doing my usual Monday morning routine when my phone rang, it was my mother calling to see how I was.

I was enjoying myself and told her I was dealing with a huge cock up at the moment so she said "explains why your out of breath then" I laughed at that and said "yes it is"

She said she'd call back later and left me to finish what I was doing, Well what I was dealing with was literally a huge cock up, My wife goes out on Monday mornings and I get to be a slut.

I get changed into Lingerie and heels and do my makeup and put on a wig before my neighbour comes around with his dog ( Irish wolf hound) so they can both give me a good fucking, I was already knotted and taking a huge load of cum into my ass from the dog while licking and sucking my neighbours cock when the phone rang, My neighbour answered the call and passed me the phone with a huge grin on his face.

He struggled to hold it together when I said I was dealing with a huge cock up and before The call ended he sprayed his cum onto my face just before the dogs knot pulled out, I turned and was busy licking and sucking the dogs cock clean and my neighbour took a turn using my well stretched ass by inserting his fist and then his cock and actually wanked himself inside my ass.

That was what drove me over the edge and I emptied my balls onto the floor, the dog moved and began licking up my cum so I got my neighbour to re-insert his dogs cock back into my ass before sliding his cock in alongside it, I was soon given another load of spunk into my ass and to finish I licked and sucked them both clean.

They left and I got changed and cleaned up before my wife came home but we have made plans to do a video call with someone next time.




The first time I had my cock in my sister’s pussy was before I can remember. Mom had my 4 year old sis lay on her back and stuck my one week old cock in her little cunt. Lots happened early on but I wanted to share the below because of who was there.

When I reached 8 my sister was 12. She had been disrespectful to our mom and was being disciplined. As always while in the house we were naked. Our minister & his wife had stopped by for a visit. Mom brought sis in the living room and had her tell the minister what she had done.

I was standing there with my cock as hard as it’s ever been because the minister’s wife kept staring at it. Mom had sis get on her hands & knees and had me slip my cock in her ass.

It was wonderful, as usual, feeling her warm bowels sucking on my cock. The minister & his wife were totally silent and their eyes never left our fucking. Mom told sis to crawl over closer to our company so they could get a better look. My cock never left her ass and I noticed the wife now had pulled her husband’s cock out and was stroking him. Her other hand was buried up her skirt.

Mom laughed and asked the minister’s wife “what do you want Bill to do with his cock?” The wife, Beth, said “fuck her mouth.” Mom said “if his cock goes in my daughter’s mouth then my son’s cock goes in yours.” Beth said “but it’s in her ass.”

Mom said “I know that’s what nasty sluts do.” Bill said “please Beth do it.” I slipped my cock out of sis’s ass and quickly into Beth’s soft lips.

Mom yanked Beth’s skirt and panties off exposing a completely hairless cunt. Mom started sucking her clit and Beth stopped sucking me long enough to screamed “Bill fuck that cunt.” After I exploded in Beth’s mouth I sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Bill pulled his cock out of sis’s cunt and Beth sucked it clean. He then took over fucking sis’s ass while my mom pushed Beth’s face into sis’s cunt telling her to “suck that cunt slut”.

Sis immediately started cumming and pissed all over Beth’s face. Bill couldn’t hold back anymore and pulled out of sis’s ass and straight into his wife’s mouth. All the time my mom was still locked on to Beth’s clit and had three fingers up her ass.

I thought Beth was dying the way she screamed when she orgasmed. Mom asked Beth where Kate, their 6 year old daughter, was and Beth said home with my mother. My mom said “next time you eat my daughter’s cunt I get to eat your Kate’s cunt. Deal?” Both Bill and Beth nodded “yes”.




I’m a 48 year old man for the last year or so have been thinking of my wife getting fucked by another man while I watch we’ve been talking about it and she finally agreed. I told her only one way I pick the guy and she has to stay blindfolded the thought excited her! I don’t need to see his face because I love you but I sure as heck want to feel his cock and suck it. If it really excites me I’ll let him fuck my asshole I said deal we fuck like crazy after that conversation, I don’t really want to fuck somebody that I know of anyway I was doing some work on my computer lo and behold I found naked pictures of my stepson my wife’s kid 17 years old naked masturbating close-ups asshole dick and balls. Got a nice looking dick good size then it hit me he’s the one I got so fucking hard thinking about it that I sent my wife a dick pic and told her I found the guy and she was so excited. She said she was gonna go to the bathroom at work and masturbate so I set it up for the weekend got a room, when it came to the time, I tied her to the bed knees down ass in the air arms tight in front of her, then came to knock on the door and motion him to come to the bed his eyes almost popped out of his head I told him to takeoff his clothes his dick was hard as a rock told my wife he is here and he is hard as a rock. She spread her legs as she was kneeling down and put her ass in the air so I could get a good look. I told her he wants to eat your ass hole. She said please do sir you can do what you want to me to the kid woke up and just starts eating her ass and pussy from behind reaching them touching your tits. My wife says you feel great and he started fucking her. Should’ve seen the smile on his face with his cock with inside his mom she started screaming fuck me stranger fuck me he pulled it out of her pussy and slammed it in her ass she jumped and had a low, muffled scream. She said that’s it fuck my ass as he was fucking her ass. I came so hard my cum shot about 6 feet across the room and I could tell he was getting ready to come I said don’t come in her ass pull it out and make her swallow lol, he pulled out go to the front of her grabbed her by the back of her hair, pulled her hair up, slammed his cock in her mouth and shot the hugest load Ive ever seen in his mothers mouth. I came again hard I said, don’t spill it and swallow it all which she did and just started going crazy, sucking his cock. Thank you sir thank you please fuck me some more I untied her and told him to 69 her which she did sucking away on his cock don’t know what it was. Her own son is a turn on. He buried his face in his mom‘s pussy and he got up and started fucking her pussy and squeeze her tits played with her nipples started choking her. She yelled out nonstop fuck me like a whore. He came hard inside his mom. then she yelled out to me. DP me which we did and continued all night. She said thank you sir for your cock in your cum can I lick your ass hole before you leave that was hot watching her lick her sons asshole. which got him hard again and he fucked her ass one last time and made her come. He looked at me with a smile on his face when she screamed out that she was coming that she called me and asked if it would be all right if she could fuck him again anytime I said of course and he left my wife said if your friend younger, I said yes bye she said he fuck me hard older guys. Don’t get hard like that she said used to fuck me like that when we were younger, then proceeded to tell me that his dick and cum tasted good , I said you could have it all you want she said really I said yes after the fourth time she yelled out I think I’m getting addicted to your cock sir will I ever know who you are he turned to look at me? I told her if you want to take off your blindfold he looked scared I said stick your cock in her so you could be fucking her while she sees you are he started going to town on her she said I’m coming I said take off your mask and she saw her son. She said Thomas this is so fucking nasty and wrong don’t stop Fucking me shoot your cum deep in me fuck you’re mother like a whore he said shut up you fucking whore I’m coming she said I changed my mind come in my mouth she sat up, took his cock and swallow every drop of it. She said I love your cock son I’m hooked on it I love it. taste the smell of it and I love the taste of your cum, now you know what I look like naked you’ve seen my ass all my pussy and tits I give them all to you should I didn’t mean to thank you so much I don’t know what to say. It’s wrong to fuck your own kid but I’m glad you’re fucking me. She spread her legs wide She said take a look at where you came from , fuck my ass and they were at it again she just kept saying fuck my ass fuck my ass fuck my ass came again in our ass hole this time she said I’m coming when he pulled out she say up and cleaned up his dick got every drop a cum and told her son your dad said that you can fuck me anytime when we’re at home and nobody else is around I want you naked so I could see your nice cock you’re still a kid and it’s wrong but I love your cock and balls and I want you cum in me it’s been over a year now and they still fuck pretty much every day yesterday she told him when you get married make sure you marry a woman that lets you fuck me! And she looked at me and said, you made it all happen and so start fucking my little sister whenever you want I told her she said OK her son always told her I love your pussy mother and kissing your ass hole I get so hard when I see you naked you’re the best looking woman ever I love your big nipples. Can I tell my best friend Joe he said bring him home and he could fuck me too.




My husband was the macho alpha type guy who hung out all the time with his buddies watch sports drink beer and come home drunk want to be fed and have sex.When we met he had a steady job as a CPA but after being married only a few months he got laid off and that’s when he started this alpha BS and hanging with his deadbeat friends.About two months ago while he was in the shower his phone rang and when I answered there was no one on the other end but the phone was unlocked and there was videos of men getting fucked in the ass with a strap on and all of them looked docile and submissive.That very day I went out and made several purchases at a store called the dudgeon and at the local Walmart.He came home drunk as usual and wanted me to suck him so I told him to go into the bedroom and get undressed and when I entered the room he was laying there naked snoring away.I was wearing just my bathrobe but when I took it off hanging between my legs was eight inches of hard cock.I rolled him on his stomach lubed up his hole and then I slapped his face as hard as a could waking him up. I was already positioned and when his eyes opened I entered him and I took him roughly forcing all eight inches deep inside him.At first he was screaming and cursing but this soon turned to crying and begging and then no more begging just him sobbing as I fucked him for over an hour.When I pulled out and he rolled over I seen the gooey mess it looked like my little bitch had cum a couple of times.Since that day I am now the Alpha in the house. He now has a job as an accountant and works from home.He no longer hangs with his friends as his wardrobe consists of skirts blouses and lingerie and for all intents and purposes he is my wife very docile and obedient all because of the power of pegging.




Not too long ago I wrote a series of confessions about my rather perverted sex life and called it Weekly Confessions I'm not sur how many I wrote but got fed up with comments calling the "stories" but here I am again as I loved writing my experience's down for others to read,

Now a catch up I am an early fifties married male, I'm also a crossdressing slut who loves incest, bestiality, dogging, and most other things considered perverted by most.

My wife and I moved into a cottage on her aunt's property which gave me regular access to her horse's and dog as well as my own, well since then they have added a few extra animals just for me to suck and fuck with, I can now have any or all of the following on a daily basis.

Dogs x 3, Horse's x 3, Alpaca x 1, Pig x 1, Donkey x 1 & occasionally the neighbours Bull, I also have on average six men that will let me suck & get fucked by them, now not a day passes where I dont have animal cock in my ass & due to my wife's medical condition preventing me having sex with her I get to fuck her aunt whenever I want as well.




I’m living proof being raised by a mom like mine was extremely fun and sexually stimulating.

My very last sexual encounter with mom was the day before she passed away. She was 64 and I was 38. She was home on oxygen 24 hours a day and I stopped by to check on her.

When I walked in she was naked and bent over the couch. She said “Fuck momma’s ass and cum & piss in it please baby.”

Obviously I did as she asked and finished off having her suck my cock clean. The next day dad called needing help getting her to the hospital. I ran over helped put her in the back seat of our car.

Dad drove and I rode in the backseat with mom. She whispered “I still have your piss & cum in my ass.” She then pulled my cock out of my shorts and jacked me off on the way to the hospital catching the cum in her mouth.

Once in the hospital she passed away with in two hours.

The young nurse taking care of her asked to speak to me in the hallway. She said “I see lots of cum in her mouth & there is even some leaking out of her anus. Do you have any idea how that got there?”

I said “I confess it was me.” She said “Obviously I will need for you to show me exactly how you did that.” That my friend is another story and best yet the nurse had a 17 year old daughter…