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i’m a 36 year old mother with two sons. 6 and 14. we are a very open, hippie, and stoner family. my husband (40) and i openly masterbate in front of the boys. last night (it’s 1 am where i’m from at the moment) i was bored and really horny. my husband wasn’t home but on his way. i couldn’t wait any longer. my 6 year old was on the couch naked and watching tv. i had an idea. i went into my husband and i’s room and went to look for my strap on (12 inches) and put it on. i went back over to my son and told him to bend over. he was very confused but he bent over for me. before i did anything my husband texted me that he was 10 minutes away. the thought of my husband walking in on his wife fucking her own son turned me on. i put my phone down and rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole. “this might hurt sweetheart.” then i slowly eased the first 6 inches in. he was already crying but it didn’t stop me. i only eased the rest of it into his now stretched hole and move slowly. he kept crying and telling me how much it hurt. “it’s okay baby.” i told him and i started moving inside his cute tight hole faster. he stopped crying after he felt how good it was. finally i held his hips and started pounding into him as hard as i could. he started screaming “MOMMY!!” and i just couldn’t stop. seeing his small dick dangle from how much i was fucking his ass just kept turning me on! after 15 minutes my husband walked in. he looked at me and quickly started pulling his pants down to join me. “wait i wanna fuck him more first.” i said and my husband nodded. after about an hour i finally pulled out of his gaping hole. my husband smiled at it and quickly dug his mouth into his hole to tongue it. my husband couldn’t get enough. my husband’s cock (13.5) was leaking of precum. he quickly shoved into his hole and fucked him in every position even if he was screaming. even after two hours in he didn’t stop. my son’s hole was dripping of cum and it sounded like such a mess. i loved it. finally my 14 year old wanted a try with his little brother so his father pulled out. my youngest was begging for a break but my other son said “i want a turn. be a good bitch and arch that back.” my son wasn’t gentle on him. his cock (8.5) ravished his hole like it was his last. by the time everyone was done with him, his hole was a gaping cum filled mess. we never cleaned the cum out of him instead let it drip out of him.




My wife always said her ass was off limits to anything. After a few years of being married, I started rubbing her asshole when I fingered her and we masturbated together. She fucking love it. She has several intense orgasms and has admitted she likes it now and has let me insert my thumb in her ass a few times too when masturbating or having sex in doggy style.

Just a couple weeks ago, she was laying face down on our bed in just her panties. I was feeling pretty horny and turned on, so I pulled her panties off and spread her legs. I started eating her pussy out from behind, but was finding that a little uncomfortable, so I moved to basically over her and started eating her out again.

I was sticking my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could and licking around her and towards the back. I started playing with her clit between my finger and thumb while licking her. I decided to move back to her perineum to see how she would react and hit her asshole a little and she moved her hips in pleasure.

I decided to go for it and start focusing all my licking on her asshole while I played with her clit. She was clearly really into by the way she was moving her hips and lightly moaning. She rolled slightly to lift one side of her hips and grabbed her vibrator. I started moving back to her pussy and she pushed my head down to her ass again with the vibrator.

I licked all around her ass and also started pushing my tongue into her ass. I think she came at least twice. I stopped and she immediately got into doggy with her ass up. I wasn't quite sure if she still wanted me to eat her ass out or fuck her ass or what, but she NEVER goes immediately to doggy. I always have to ask. I lubed up my cock and fucked her pussy good and fucked her ass with my thumb going deeper than I ever have. I came fairly quick for myself and got her to cum again too and still had a hard cock since I was so turned on.

Next time she sticks her ass up after I rim her, I think I'm going to put my cock in her ass and see how she likes it. I've never done anal before, but am really turned on by the idea of it.




I have never bee so embarrassed in my life as I was last night! I had been out to a "friends" place to get a good fucking, I spent from around 8pm until about am pleasuring several cocks and allowed the group of 4 "friends" to do whatever they wanted to me.

Things went wrong at around 12:45am when someone put a can of monster into my ass!

I had taken one before but this idiot pushed it completely in, as he struggled to retrieve it as the last two guys sprayed cum onto my face.

No matter what he tried the can wasn't coming out so I had to go to a local A&E to get it removed, I was basically rushed out of the flat while still wearing only lingerie with cum dribbling down my face straight to the hospital.

I am a 42year old crossdressing slut but I still would have preferred not being paraded into the reception looking the way I did, to make matters worse a family fried was in the waiting room and my sister in law is the receptionist,

I had to have somebody shove their hand up my ass and position the can so it could be griped with forceps and removed, I am now sitting at home waiting for my wife to find out and will probably be getting licked out later! FML!!!




When i was 12, i was extremely hyper sexual and had a HUGE crush on my dad. Earlier on, my mom and dad separated and i stayed living with my father.

Ever since one day when my dad left his bathroom door open, i caught him peeing. His dick was so big and thick, i loved his brown cock ever since then. I would go in my bed every night, fantasizing about him, rubbing my little pussy to the thoughts of him pounding me hard.

One night i got too curious and horny, and decided to sneak into his bedroom while he was sleeping. He had his usual blue soccer shorts on, so i carefully pulled them back while taking his cock from his boxers.

I got on his bed and gently rubbed my little bare pussy against his bare dick. It felt so good. I thought it’d be ok to sit down on his waist now without him waking up, so i did so. I sat on his waist and rubbed my pussy against his cock faster, and i moaned a bit too loud..

He woke up, and pissed was an understatement. My dad is Mexican, so he started cussing tg at me in Spanish, and then when i tried to get off him, he pulled me by the waist and forced his cock in my pussy. It hurt so bad. I screamed but he slapped me and my ass and told me to shut up and take it like a good slut, that this was what I deserved for being naughty. He really pounded my cunt hard and i cried so much, after he was done, he pulled out and came on my tummy and face, and told me to go back to sleep.. next to him.

That morning, i woke up to him sliding his cock back in, i tried my best to move but he held me down and slapped my ass. I took him like 2 more times after.

After a few continuous nights of him forcing his cock in my pussy and pounding me, i let him. I enjoyed it. He would fuck my pussy every night afterwards. He told me he loved me and wanted to try it anal.

..i told him no, so the next night he came into my bedroom and fingered my pussy until I woke up. He then grabbed my waist, flipped me over, and forced his dick into my tiny, tight ass hole. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop because it hurt, but he ignored and hit me, yelling at me to shut up and enjoy it. He used all my holes when he pleased, and always emptied his load in my ass and mouth. Up until i was 16, he made me his cock loving slut. I let him use, abuse, and ruin me whenever, and i loved it…




Been reading here for a while and I just want to get my fantasies and shit out there.

I’ve always wanted to fuck animals for as long as I can remember. I love beastiality porn, especially ones where a woman plays with a dogs clit and gets the dog to buck, or when sex toys are used on the dog. I’ve seen a few videos of people using pocket pussies on a dog cock and watching them push the knot in and out is so hot.

My parents have a dog and he’s neutered, but it’s never stopped me from getting his little cock out and playing with him. It’s so hot making him twitch and whine, holding him down while I force his little cock out. I take my time with it and enjoy sexually torturing him. One time I even stuck my finger in his ass. He’s too small to really fuck, but it was an interesting experience. While I love the idea of sexually torturing animals- meaning, I want to see animals with vibrators and dildos in them while they have multiple orgasms- I don’t ever hurt animals. With my parents dog, I’m very gentle but firm when I hold him in my arms. If he starts to cry, I put him down and give him a break. The hottest thing I’ve ever done was jerk his cock out of its sheath while my partner was asleep in the bed next to me.

My aunt has this big dog that she’s never gotten spayed, and I want so badly to finger the hell out of her. I want to use my vibrator on her clit and force her to cum over and over. I’ll put a toy in her ass and enjoy touching her over and over. Best part is she’s a velcro dog, so no matter what I do to her she’ll never treat me weirdly or avoid me, so I’d never get caught.

I’m obsessed with the videos I’ve seen of people docking with their dogs, shoving their cocks into the sheath and rubbing against the dogs cock, cumming inside the sheath. I wish the video would continue with the dogs cock coming out of the sheath drenched in human cum and the owner deep throats the dogs cock to clean it. Never see enough videos of people being desperate dog cocksuckers, it’s always people being too slow or nervous to get into it. Though, the Russians know how to do it. There’s a blonde bitch that eats the dogs ass while jerking its cock, amazing video.

I’ve seen videos of someone getting a cats cock out, and it was so hot. She sucks it a bit, but it’s mostly her getting the cock stimulated and out of the sheath. I want to touch it so bad, jerk it off and feel the spikes on my finger tips. Watch the little streams of cum shoot out.

I’m adopting a dog within the next few months. I know it’s gonna be spayed/neutered, but that will never stop me from enjoying myself. I’ll force that cock out and play with it while I get off, or I’ll play with that clit until the dog can’t stand up anymore. I just wish the cock would be able to fuck my ass, but oh well. I’ll finger that sheath for sure though, maybe get a bullet vibrator and stick it in the sheath and see if the dog will still have an orgasm.

I want to fist a horse so bad, too. Male or female, I just want to get my fist inside them and feel the heat. If it’s a male, I wanna get a horse dildo and ram it in his ass and make him my bitch, then put my fist in the gape. I’d love to sound his urethra while I jerk him off, see the power behind that orgasm. With a female, I’d fist her ass, then her pussy, and just keep switching back and forth. I would absolutely give them huge enemas, and then use their shit as lube, too. I think it’s so hot to fist a horse pussy while my hand is covered in its own shit. Oddly enough, I don’t have a shit fetish, but there’s just something about getting so desperate and depraved that you don’t care; it’s so hot to me.




I met my stepdaughter when she was 6, and i was in my 20s. shes now 12. She started puberty early (a few years ago)

We've always had an amazing bond, we have the best father-daughter relationship anyone could ask for.

We used to read stories together, watch movies. Now we watch horror movies and have a heap of common interests that nobody else really gets. We've always cuddled up to each other and told each other how much we love eachother. It was always a normal, healthy , platonic relationship.

For years now, we will be watching a movie or something and she will wrap her legs around mine or intertwine with my legs. There was nothing abnormal about it to us. It made me feel loved and i figured it gave her a sense of security.

We are basically best friends. Theres more than a 15 year age gap between us, but somehow we are just on the same wavelength.

Oneday, i cant even remember how long ago, she reached down with her foot and pulled my leg up into her crotch and just held it there. The next time she did it, she squeezed my leg between her thighs. The third time she rubbed against my knee, pulling my leg deeper and deeper. I should have stopped her, but i didnt. Shes a very attractive girl, and we are so close. It caught me off guard and i kind of just let it happen. I saw what she was doing and thought "ok, i guess we are doing this".

And then i let it happen again. And again. And the more it happened the more i started finding myself attracted to her. Sometimes i look at her across the room and cant help but think "fuck you're gorgeous"

At some point i started doing it back. She would pull my leg in and id roll into it, maybe even switch legs, and rub my knee against her. Then it developed into me grabbing her leg or ass to get better leverage. Oneday i just shoved my hand up her shirt.

Then she started sending me nsfw things in a provate chat. Not like, photos of her or anything. Stories, chat transcripts, role playing shit, kinky things that she reads while masturbating. Then i started sending the same sort of shit back.

Eventually she got to a point where she would masturbate right next to me. She didnt let me see or anything, but she made it obvious what she was doing under the blanket. Sometimes ill be right next to her, see what she is doing, and think "fuck it" and start stroking my cock.

Most of the time when we are together, just to make this clear, we are just watching videos and hanging out. These things happen like 0.05% of the time.

The other day i had my hand resting on her stomach, and she moved it down to her crotch. I just stayed still because i was thinking "does she realise where she just put my hand". After 10 minutes or so i shifted my hand slightly just to remind her where my hand was, expecting her to move it away. She didn't.

The next day she pulled my knee in again and i started rubbing it against her and i could tell it wasnt working very well. I grabbed her ass, i stroked her thigh. Eventually i touched her gently, just above her vagina. I expected her to move my hand away, but she didnt. My knee was still between her legs. before i knew it she had her legs spread and i was rubbing her pussy through her pants. She spread her legs wide, i could tell she wanted more. I put my hand inside her pants and rubbed her through her underwear. I knew we had already gone too far and that at this point we have definitely crossed a line. We already had crossed a line, but if there was ever any doubt that we had gone too far, this was it.

But i kept going, and i could feel how wet she was through her underwear. eventually i reached down further and felt her wet (really, really wet) pussy. There was a hole in her underwear. She wasnt phased or anything. We were already at the point of no return, so i reached inside her underwear and started rubbing her. It felt amazing. She felt amazing. I wanted to keep going forever.

Obviously afterwards i felt pretty shitty about myself. I wasnt sure how she felt, so i messaged her. She said she didn't really know either, but that it felt good. I figured we'd probably forget we did it and move on.

Fast forward a few days, we've now done it i think 6 times. She gets in bed with me in her underwear and puts her leg over mine, making it obvious that shes presenting herself.

I've lost control. I wanted her so bad tonight i tried to rub her with my cock so she could feel it. We were on a bad angle because we werent totally alone and didnt want it to be obvious what was happening under the covers if someone walked in. So i barely made contact, but i made enough contact to make my tip wet, and she was basically dripping.

We are both confused. I think we need to stop. I know we need to stop. I still love her like a daughter. I want to protect her, i want to give her everything. 99.5% of the time thats all we are. I just, also want to rail her until we both explode sometimes, and sometimes has become multiple times a day. I sit there thinking "i could bend her over and ream her ass, fill her up". I havent came for her, but i know if i did it would be explosive.

We are both apparently really fucking good actors. we can switch it off in the blink of an eye and act like we werent doing anything.

I know what this is. I know what this makes me. I know this is the worst possible thing i could do. I know what i deserve.

But i also know this is an exclusive thing that is every bit about her, and not her age. She acts like an adult. We feel like two halves of the same apple.

I have zero interest in anybody else her age. I see some kid and i think "thats a kid". I see some of the other confessions on here where people see a kid as a sex toy and im the one thinking "you're a fucking pig. Theres something wrong with you. What the fuck. Thats a kid you creep". I think its gross. I see some kids obsessing over some man online and i think "that guy could be your dad, the fuck is wrong with you".

But then my stepdaughter comes to me in her underwear and gives me a look and i just want to bend her over right there. Sometimes. A small fraction of the time. Most of the time im actually thinking "you want some food?". But it should be 0% of the time, and im not sure what to do about it.

I'm actually coming to terms with the fact that im not really attracted to anyone. It seems to be just her. I can see other people, male or female, and be like "thats an attractive person", but im not attracted to them.

I dont want it to be like this. I dont want to want her like this. I dont know how to stop, and i dont know if she does either. If anyone ever found out, it would destroy so many lives including our own.

I dont want to have fucked everything up. But i have. Here we are. I'll probably send her this, she'll see how ashamed i am, and then in a few days ill ask her to ride me like a bull anyway because ive gone crazy.

I've lost control. I love her so much.

The fuck is wrong with me




I was 12 when my parents separated and my mother took me and my sister with her to live with her sister and her family. Her husband, my uncle, was a fireman and insurance salesman in a small beach town. We were there for the summer.

I went walking on the beach one afternoon, it was late and I kept going until after sunset. I ran into a homeless guy, a beach bum, and he asked me to walk over. He grabbed at my dick in my pants and told me to hold still and sucked me. He finished fucking me in the dunes before letting me go home.

That's all there is to tell about that, it happened when I was twelve, I got my ass fucked by a beach bum near Fort Lauderdale.