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So this happened over 10 years ago now. Its about time for me to get it out there. I'm now a 25yo woman. I was 14 when this happened.

So at my parents house they hired some builders to add a small extension to the house. It was partially done of the summer school holidays so i had some time at home alone while my parents worked. They were around for a couple of weeks at the start and at the end of the 6 weeks holidays. So i had a period of 2 weeks at home alone during the day until they came home.

I had only discovered porn several months earlier and i had gone in hard watching it. I loved it, i found it so hot. Anyway during my 2 weeks alone i found myself wanting to show off. I caught the builders looking at me now and again. I wore more and more revealing and skimpy clothes walking around the house, trying to be seen. I wanted them to watch me.

At the end of the two weeks i had home alone during the day I decided i wanted to tease them more. I asked the two of them if they would like a drink as it was a particularly hot day. They gladly obliged and followed me into the kitchen. I poured them their drinks and handed them the drinks. We then went into the living room and i asked if they wanted to sit and take a rest or anything.

They both sat on the sofa and we started chatting about everything and anything. With a slight flirty tone now and again. I'm sure they must have been aware of my age, maybe told by my parents early on?!

Anyway the chat got more and more flirty. Until one of them, the cute Nigerian man mentioned the clothing i had been wearing around the house. They had noticed me! My heart started pounding. I mentioned that i liked wearing very little but i also knew they were there. They told me i was hot, sexy, all the usual comments guys have like that. I had been watching porn all morning so i was pretty hot under the collar by now.

I stood up and walked over to clear their glasses but hesitated when i saw the Nigerian guys cock bulging through his shorts. He noticed me looking and asked if i had seen a black cock before. I shook my head and he pulled it out, right where he sat. I was shocked, turned on, mesmerised all at the same time.

Long story short. I ended up giving my first blowjobs ever right there to those two builders. Still easily one of the hottest experiences of my life!

I never got to do it again as my dad started his 2 weeks off work at home and all i could then do was flash the two builders every so often. I often wonder how it may have been had i done this earlier in my 2 weeks alone.




I lost my virginity to my roommate Kayla while we were both really drunk in college, and got kinda aggressive with her. I have always found Kayla really attractive, which was not an unpopular opinion - she was always highly sought after by the boys. Huge tits and a skinny little waist, flat stomach, long brown-blond hair. And she has a beautiful face - brownish green large eyes, and cute pouty lips, a slightly recessed jaw. It’s hard to describe over text, but she is really cute and sexy. We had been friends in high school, and then I developed a real crush on her while we lived together as dorm-mates in college. She tried on a couple occasions to kiss me, but she had always been drunk and I wasn’t drunk so I didn’t want to because I genuinely liked her and wanted her to like me. I always just told her I don’t sleep with drunk girls, but she was always really persistent. I didn’t sleep with her until a year after the dorms, when we were renting a house with two other girls. I forget the occasion, but we were all really drunk, partying in the living room. Probably singing karaoke off our projector. I remember my other roommate, Tati, cuddling up next to me as I laid on the couch. She always would say she’s straight, but she loved to cuddle. She was beside me with her leg partially over me. I could feel her crotch pressed up against my hip. I really enjoyed her cuddles, and wish I had tried to take it further with her at some point before moving out - I think I could have turned her (eventually I think she did realize she was gay, but I would have loved to pop her cherry). I was getting really drunk, and Kayla was pouring us all more shots. At a certain point Kayla piled on top of us, and began straddling me. I felt the heat of her cunt on my lower stomach and I felt my clit twitch. There was this look in her eyes and the tension crackled between us. She pecked me playfully on the lips and rolled off us slowly. “Do you want to go lay down in your room?” She asked me innocently. I told her I did, and eagerly climbed over the back of the couch, following her to my room that was right next to the living room. When we got onto my bed, we just cuddled and rolled around drunkenly together. Neither of us initiated it, but as we rolled, our lips met. That was all it took. She was a wet kisser, her tongue swiped against mine and we drooled into each other. I offered to get us some more booze from the kitchen and I scurried out quickly to retrieve it. When I got back I gave her a double and I took a shot of water. I was already drunk but I wanted her to be even more willing, although she was already really fucked up. As soon as she had downed them, we were kissing again. I sucked her tongue and held the back of her neck, my other hand hungrily groped her sides and stomach. Between the kissing we both took our clothes off, but I hardly remember our lips leaving each other. She eventually broke the kiss and started pushing my head down. Her pussy was always shaved completely smooth, something I had forgotten until that moment. I nosed her slit and and lapped at her hole. It tasted so good, she was so wet. She was the first pussy I had ever tasted and I wanted to lick and suck her forever. I probed my tongue into her and ate up her sticky wetness. My nose nuzzled hard against her while I tongue fucked her as deep as I could. I was so horny I was grinding and humping against the bed. She stared protesting quietly, saying something like, she hadn’t gone this far before, and she wasn’t sure. I pinned her with one arm over her pelvis and one wrapped around her thigh and kept going. My mouth moved up to find her clit and I sucked it gently. She started pushing my head away weakly. My head was spinning and I couldn’t stop now. My pussy was so swollen and hot. I slipped a finger inside her and felt her squeeze down on me and she let out a desperate moan. I added more fingers and curled them inside her while sucking her off. I felt her tightening and she pressed herself into the mattress to get further away, but that just made me go harder. Suddenly I could feel piss gushing out of her as I fucked her hard. I opened my mouth to suck her piss and clit at the same time. Her hot piss tasted so sweet and I slurped up as much as I could as she now humped her bald pussy into my mouth. She pulled me up to kiss her again and I eagerly crawled up to her and feverishly kissed her - I wanted her to taste her own cum. I was still so horny and started straddling her leg while kissing her aggressively. I wanted to get off too. Again she squirmed under me but I held her tightly under me and started thrusting my pussy against her leg, and my knee into her pussy. Her expression looked kinda scared but she wasn’t going to stop me. I didn’t care that she didn’t like it, in fact it made me so hot that she was so pathetic against me. I caressed her face gently and kissed her, smashing her lips. I repositioned us so I was sitting up, hugging her leg against my body, and forcefully fucked my pussy against hers. I was way stronger than her and held her tight, she couldn’t get away in the slightest. I roughly pinched and pulled on her tit while I rode her. My large clit was so swollen and it felt so good to rub against her smooth slick pussy, it felt like I was really inside her. Soon I could feel myself orgasming and I bucked against her uncontrollably as my clit throbbed and I peed a little. I slowed and rubbed my pussy against her in soft circles, jerking slightly as I overstimulated my clit. I collapsed next to her, and held her tight against my sweaty body until I fell asleep. When I woke up I found her in her room. We didn’t talk about it the next day and everything stayed the same as before. She said she didn’t remember anything from the night before, but didn’t bat an eye when I returned the shirt and shorts she left in my room, so I think she was lying about blacking out. I still have her panties that she left in my room and sometimes stuff them partially inside my pussy when I think of her and jerk off with the material against my clit and urethra hole until I squirt into them. I can feel my clit throbbing as I write this and remember her.




I was little, only 7. my grampa came to visit for the summer and he took a special interest in me. He bought me toys, and pizza and shit like that. Always had me sit in his lap, and rub against me. I felt special and really liked the attention. I would show off and flirt, even tho I didn't know what it was.

One night, he came in my room, I pretended to sleep but it didn't matter, he laid down against me in the spoons position. He was rubbing me and breathing heavy, I could smell the beer on him. I knew something wasn't right, I felt the fear in my belly even though I didn't understand what was wrong. He was whispering against my neck that I was such a little tease, wearing my dress and letting my panties show. Making him think dirty things about me. That it was obvious what kinda girl I was, and that I made him think of me in naughty ways. He said I was one of those girls that wants the boys to look at them. And there were 2 kinds of girls, those that liked what the boys did and those that were teases. Nothing is worse than a tease. If you go around wanting attention you better expect to get it.

He said I needed to be grateful for all the things he did for me. He said I would really like it when I was older, he could tell, I was gonna be that kinda girl. But I didn't like what he was saying, it scared me and I just wanted him to like me. But he said I do like you, and this is gonna show you just how much I really do.

He pulled my panties down and started rubbing my slit. He said my slit was what all men wanted, if I wanted boys to like me I had to give it up.I started crying and asking him to stop. He said shhhh it's gonna be ok your a big girl and I feel you getting slick, it's ok to be afraid but this is how you get to be a big girl. He slipped his finger into me and oh God did that hurt!! I cried out and he said it's ok, be a big girl, it will only hurt the first time. he then turned me over, put his hand over my trembling mouth, climb between my shaking legs and forced himself inside me in one well measured stroke. Not brutally forceful, but enough to fully sink into my tender pinkness. The white hot pain ripped through me, I thought I would be tore open it hurt so bad, I was sobbing. the burning pain was immense, I felt the sticky wetness of my blood as my innocence was ripped open. He was going slow and and his breathing was barely controlled as he told me I was being such a good girl and so brave, I was sobbing. He told me men had to have this from girls, they needed it like food or water and it wouldn't hurt only the first time. That it was good he was the one to make me hurt because who else would do it right ? Girls like you love it, it may hurt now but someday you won't want anything else. But as he was telling me how brave and good I was, the pain started to become a little more tolerable. My hysteria was down to shuddering sobs. He said that's it, be a good girl, your so soft and tight I'm almost done. His voice got husky and he stopped going slow, and started to hurt me again, I felt him growing thicker in me and he got a little rough I cried out and grabbed his back, he plunged hard into me I thought he would go through me! But he stopped and shook a little. I thought he was dying. But he grunted and I felt a hot wetness fill me, I thought I was bleeding ever worse. He got up and told me I should go clean myself up, and that he wouldn't tell anyone what a naughty girl I was for making grampa do that. I had blisters after that, I was so sore.

He came in my room again about a week later and for the rest of the summer he was fucking me most nights. I started to enjoy it and when he first ate my little girl pussy I had an orgasm. I had no idea what was happening to me but I knew I liked it .

He was right, I do like it and I am a naughty girl




After my mom moved in her boyfriend, I grew attached to him very quickly. He was fun to be around and very sweet and attentive to me and my sister. In spite of the difference in our ages (I was 11, he was 35) I just loved him and thought he was wonderful. I was careful about it then, but ever since, I have called him Daddy. I always will.

During the summer of that year, my sister went away for two lengthy stays at art camp and with a friend. Momma worked in the daytime. That left me and Daddy alone all day.

One morning, I awoke and heard momma leave. I got up and went to their room. Without a word, I pulled the covers back, got into bed with him, and snuggled close. He was warm and I felt very safe and cozy next to him. I honestly wasn't trying to start anything. I only had the vaguest notion of what sex was. It was the feeling of attachment and protection that attracted me that morning.

We spooned together, him in his boxers and me in my pajama top and shorts. Before long came the inevitable "hard thing" poking me in the butt and the slow, soft humping. I had a pretty good idea what it was. I had seen pictures of a cock but had never encountered one in the wild. Not knowing what to do, I froze and let it happen. Freezing at critical moments became a lifelong habit.

The humping got a bit more intense and the strokes longer. I could feel his excitement and his breathing get deeper. After a bit, he rolled away from me, lifted his hips off the bed, and pulled off his underwear. He put his arm around me and rolled me over onto his chest.

There it was. Wow. I was eye to eye with my first cock. It was my turn for deep breathing and a racing heart. Along with the sight of it all came my first feelings of sexual excitement. That was a fun feeling, even if I didn't quite understand what it was. I was totally intoxicated by that and fascinated by Daddy's hard cock.

He put his hand on it and stroked it. Then he grabbed it and pulled on it, faster and faster. My head was on his chest, so I could feel him breathing hard and moaning very quietly. This went on for a while as I watched, frozen in place, both too scared to move and too fascinated to look away.

As he got more and more excited, Daddy said, "I'm going to show you how to cum." In my naivety, I thought, "Where are we going?" Shortly after, he turned his hips toward me, thrust toward me, and let out a groan. Milk shot out of it! It looked like milk anyway. It felt hot when it splashed on my leg and my pajama shorts. I had no idea what that was or than any of that even happened. In a deep down instinctive way, I knew it was something special though. Indeed, it was.

Daddy relaxed and almost immediately said, "You are such a good girl, D. I love you so much." Those were words I would hear again and again, every time he came. All of these new sensations had my head spinning.

As I lay there, watching the milk begin to "cry" down my leg, Daddy said, "Rub it in." I had no idea what that meant and laid there motionless. After a moment, he took my wrist and put my fingers in the Daddy milk. He guided my hand in circles until the milk began to dissolve into my skin. I was fascinated by that too. It was the first time I took a man's love into my body. Looking back, it was beautiful moment.

After a bit, he said, "Go clean yourself off with a washcloth." I went to the bathroom, ran some warm water, and washed away the residual mess. Like a good girl, I hung up the washcloth and went back to my room, then sat on my bed and tried to process all the exciting things I had seen. The scene replayed in my head along with images of Daddy's cock and the hot, squirting milk. I wondered when we might do it again. As it turned out, about an hour later...




From my travels through the South as a salesman. Oh, the sweet young girls I meet and take advantage of.

I’m a successful salesman selling a broad range of products to local stores in the southeastern United States. My clients are predominantly in small, rural towns and as a result, I try to travel very modestly, despite the success I have had. I drive a modest American car that is 10-years old and typically stay in budget motels. As I have traveled extensively throughout the South, I have seen how poor and often desperate people are in these rural areas.

One day I had stopped for gas and a cold drink at a convenience store – which seems like every other day for me. But on this particular day, as I came out of the store, there was a young woman and a little girl who seemed to be waiting for me. The little girl could not have been older than 10, she wasn’t super cute and honestly, a little on the pudgy side, but there was something about her that I liked. As I turned toward the older woman, she asked me if I could spare some money for her and her daughter. I realized this was a perfect opportunity for me to have a little fun. I said, “Perhaps,” and asked the woman, “Is there somewhere we can talk in private?” She said “Yes, there is a picnic table behind the store that noone ever uses.”

The three of us walked behind the store and sat down. I asked, “What are your names?” She replied “Daisy and this is my daughter, Savannah.” I replied, “Nice to meet you, my name is John.” (by the way that is not my real name) I told Daisy that I would give her $50 – with these stipulations – “There were no questions asked and you let me take Savannah for the night.” I added, “She’ll get a nice meal, get some new clothes, have a bath, and sleep in a comfortable bed.” Daisy looked at me in disbelief. I can only imagine that she was thinking – who is this guy and he really thinks I will let him take my daughter for the night?” I showed her the cash and her eyes opened wide. I told her I would give her $25 now and $25 when I returned her daughter tomorrow. I could tell she was desperate for the money. And I was right, she agreed to the deal. I reiterated – no questions, no boundaries. And she confirmed as she nodded her head yes.

We walked back to my car. Daisy explained to Savannah that she was going to have a sleep over and for her to behave and listen to Mr. John. And if she were a good girl, Mr. John was going to really help the family. Daisy gave her a kiss on the forehead and with that, I took Savannah’s hand, walked to the back door and had her get in the back seat. I buckled her in and off we drove.

The first stop – dinner! We went to a fast-food restaurant and I let her order whatever she wanted. She was super excited and said that this was the first time time at a restaurant. I could see that she was getting comfortable with me and being around me. She got a burger, french fries, a soda and an ice cream. I made some small talk as we ate so I could get to know her better and to continue to make her comfortable around me. She told me about her family – school – what she liked to do and her friends. Soon we finished dinner and went to my hotel – where i had already checked in, so we just need to go up to room.

When we walked into the room you would have thought we entered a palace by the look on her face. I told her I had some surprises for her, but we needed to get cleaned up first. (I should note – I’m always prepared when I travel and I bring a separate bag with little girls clothes in all different sizes.) Savannah was pretty dirty and it didn’t look like she had bathed in several days (maybe weeks) nor had her clothes been cleaned recently. I escorted her into the bathroom and said it was time for her shower, that she needed to get cleaned up for bed. I also told her that I was going to make sure she was clean and that we were going to shower together. She look somewhat worried and I quickly reminded her that “Remember, your mom said to obey me and that she was relying on you to be a good girl so that she would get the extra money.” And I added, “I could take you back right now and see how your mom reacts to the news?” She looked down and said “I’ll be good and obey you Mr. John”

I then lifted her t-shirt up and over her head. She had small little tits (mainly due to her pudginess) and tiny little nipples. Next I pulled her shorts down, revealing her purple cotton panties with cartoon characters on them. Even her underwear looked like she had been wearing them for days. I pulled her underwear down exposing her smooth, bare pussy and cute little bubble butt. My cock was rock hard at this point. (On a side note, I took her panties and put them in a plastic bag so I could sniff them in the days to come.)

I then took my clothes off – giving her a look at my hard 7-inch cock. I assured her it was natural and that it was ok for a girl and boy to see each other naked. I turned the water on, let it get hot, and guided her into the shower. I began washing her slowly – washing her arms, then her back, then her hair, and then moving to her legs. I ran my soapy hands up and down her legs, then slide my finger between her plump pussy lips and began rubbing her little clit. She flinched a little, but continued to let me play with her with her pussy. I then washed her cute butt, gently massaging her little hole. When I had finished washing her, I told her it was time for her to wash me. She started washing my chest, arms, back and then legs before I grabbed her hands and had her wash my cock, balls and ass. I was in heaven. I was ready to fuck her little pussy hard, but wanted to savor every minute I had with her.

I dried her off, making sure I got every inch of her body and then had her dry me off. I picked her up and put her on the bed with her legs spread wide opened. I wanted to taste her sweet little pussy. I put my head between her legs and licking her smooth pussy. Soon my tongue was parting her plump pussy lips and I moved it in and out of her pussy. Her pussy was so sweet and delicious. I can’t imagine how long I was down there and probably could have eaten her pussy all night long. I made sure to also give her butt hole some attention as well. My tongue was ravishing both of her holes.

At this point I knew I was about to explode! I didn’t know how she was going to react – so I grabbed the duct tape I had next to the bed, taped her mouth shut, and taped her hands together. She was mine for the taking. I began to rub my cock against her pussy and could feel her squirming, trying to move away, but I held her firm in place. I lined my cock up to her virgin hole, and without hesitation, plunged my cock deep inside her. She screamed as loud as she could, but her screams were muffled by the duct tape. I could feel the warm blood on my cock as I tore through her hymen. I loved how tight she was and could feel my cock tighten with each plunge into her pussy. I could not hold it any longer and shot a massive load deep into her young, virgin pussy. I collapsed on top of her, enjoying this hot moment.

After a few minutes, I cleaned her up and gave her a pink princess nightie and matching panties to put on. She looked so sweet and innocent in her nightie. I told her she could watch whatever she wanted to and that we could stay up late. There were no rules here. We watched a couple of cartoons and one of those teeny sitcoms. Watching those tweens and teens and having this sweet young princess next to me, got me hard again.

I told her that now that she was a big girl, it was time for her to learn other big girl things. I opened my robe, exposing my hard cock and told her she needed to lick it. She reluctantly licked it quickly and pulled her head back. “Princess, that’s a good start, but you’re not done until the magic juice comes out!” I grabbed her head and said, “Open wide and suck on it.” She put my cock in her mouth and I proceeded to move her head up and down on it. “Now that’s a good girl.” I could hear her gag every once in awhile, which got me harder. I loved watching her sweet lips move up and down my cock. I could feel my cock begin to tense up. “Now, get ready and make sure you swallow all the magic juice princess!” I grabbed the back of her head and made sure she wouldn’t pull off and began shooting my load in her mouth. “Be a good girl and swallow it all!” She licked my cock clean. It was time for bed, so off we went to bed where she fell asleep immediately. I cuddled her young body until I fell asleep as well.

I woke up relatively early, as usual, and with a hard on, as usual. I knew what I wanted next – her ass. So grabbed the tape and as she was waking, taped her mouth shut and rolled her over. I took some lube, rubbed it on my cock, and then her tight little hole. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole and pushed it in hard. I could feel her body tense up and hear the muffled scream as I violated her ass. Tears rolled down her cheeks as I pummeled her ass. I was a dog in heat, rabidly fucking her tight little hole. I couldn’t take it any more and pushed deep inside her, unloading my cum deep in her bowels.

When my cock softened up a bit, I pulled out of her. Then grabbed a butt plug and put it in her. I told her she had to keep it in until tomorrow or else her mother wouldn’t get the extra money. I wanted her to feel my cum in her ass all day. I then put a tight thong on her, which would help hold the butt plug in place. Finally I had her put on a new pair of black leggings and gave her a Princess T-shirt to wear. Thoroughly satisfied, it was time to take her back to the convenience store and back to her mom.

Savannah didn’t say much on the trip back. I told her she was a good girl and that her mom would get the extra money. We were there before you knew it. She got out of the car and hugged her mom. I gave Daisy the additional $25 and a bag of clothes. I told her these were for Savannah and hoped she would wear them. (They were some pretty slutty outfits – a lacy nightie, a pair of short shorts, a tank top, a mini skirt, a tube top and a couple of thongs.) If her mom plays her cards right, she should dress Savannah up and have her make some money for the family. With that I drove off in search of my next little slutty princess.




Howdy I'm Zack 66 years old and have never had told anyone about this until now


It all started when I was eight years old when my mother passed and my dad want to move to Michigan where he was born

We lived in a mansion at a gated community with swimming pools in every backyard

We lived with my half sister she had two daughters April twelve Mary eleven and one son Rusty thirteen

One evening I was taking a bath would play with my cock it would get semi hard haven't had a full rock hard cock

I stepped out of the bathtub with my semi hard cock when April walked in she stopped stared at my cock for a few seconds then said nice and walked out

Couple days later April said would you like to go babysitting with me I said sure

Two days later April had to babysit I went with her

The parents left I was setting on the chair April standing in front of me she said have you ever seen a naked girl before I replied no

She slowly started undressing when she was totally naked I had my first rock hard cock witch I quickly tried to cover my bulge when April said don't be shamed it's suppose to do that I'm going to show you what it's made for

Why don't you stay up and take your clothes off so I stood up pulled off my t-shirt then unbuttoned unzipped my pants they dropped to the ground pulled down my underwear

April's mouth dropped to the ground saying it's so big

I was probably close to six half inches maybe close to seven inch uncut thick but not too thick my dad was eleven half inches long like father like son

She laid down on the floor spread her legs and said get on top of me

Sp got on top of her she grabbed my cock slowly started sliding it in her tight wet pussy

Then she said now make it go in and out without pulling it out of my pussy

Slowly started fucking her after a few she started softly moaning by this time I was getting the hang of this and started fucking her brains out until she started screaming im cumming and laid there

I asked her what cumming meant she said it's the greatest feeling you can ever imagine you should start cumming in a couple of years

Started cumming early in life started cumming and masterbating the following year

April noticed she was bleeding and said you busted my cherry she went into the bathroom to clean herself up

Few days later I was walking down the hallway and April's door was cracked open April was telling her best girlfriend Kay about my cock left before I was caught

Three days later April had to babysit again I went with her

The parents left I was setting on the couch about five minutes later the door bell rang it was Kay

April introduced us then Kay sat next to me staring at my crouch

Fifteen minutes later April said is it hot in here Kay replied yes it is both girls got up stripped off their clothes my cock screaming to be released from the tight panties

April said Zack stand up and take your clothes off so I stood up pulled off my t-shirt then unbuttoned unzipped my pants they dropped to the ground pulled down my underwear then stepped out of them with my cock standing at full staff

Kay's mounth dropped to the ground and said it's bigger than my dad's or bothers when April said would you fuck Kay liked we have

.I said sure

Kay laid down on the floor spread her legs got on top of her started sliding my cock in her tight wet pussy

So started fucking her after a few she also started softly moaning so I started fucking her brains out until she started screaming im cumming and laid there

I pulled my cock out of her very wet pussy stood up

April noticed Kay was bleeding and said he busted your cherry also and took Kay into the bathroom to clean herself up

We fucked each other when the girls had to babysit until I moved back to Colorado

I had another sexual encounter with four of us boys were naked in the steam room jacking each other off when we were dared to put their cock in your mouth and swallow their load and no one back out


Im eighteen years old stand six two rock hard chest wash board six pack abs blonde hair blue eyes my cock uncut thick but not too thick nine half inches long

It was a hot humid Friday afternoon April and myself when she started telling me she doesn't know if Rusty is bi or gay

I asked her what she meant she replied he's always with males never females

As April was talking I was looking at one hot beautiful foxy lady wearing a string bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

I was only wearing a par of 501s cut off that were cut to short

I noticed April staring at my crouch looked down seen the head of my cock plus some sticking out of my shorts

April said could I ask you a question I said sure whats up

She replied could I see what your cock looks like today

I told her we weren't kids anymore and this is wrong

She stood up walked behind me rubbing my chest down to my crouch saying please

I couldn't take it anymore my cock screaming to be released so stood up unbutton my 501s they dropped to the ground going commando

April's mouth dropped to the ground and said O'shit it's a monster cock your going to fuck me with

I told her I didn't have any condoms she replied that's okay im on the pill

Sh was quickly untried her bathing suit they straddling over me was setting on a pool lawn chair

She grabbed my cock slowly started sliding my cock in her very tight wet pussy she softly saying it hurts

She finally got it in all the way and started bouncing up and down until she started bouncing up and down faster and faster until she started screaming im cumming

I had to cum also I tried to pull it out but she stopped me saying I want to feel you filling me up with your load of male seed

I couldn't hold it any longer than shot my load of male seed deep into her pussy

We laid out nude sunbathing the rest of the afternoon

That night April asked me if I would like to see Kay again I said sure

She called her saying Zack is in town you really need to see what he looks like today and kept talking

The following day it was hot humid Saturday afternoon April and myself were laying then Kay started walking through the fence gate then walked up to me

I thought April was hot but Kay is enough hotter

She gives me a big kiss on the lips stepped back saying now let's take a a look at you and yes you are one hot looking stud April said you haven't seen anything yet.

Half hour later April got up untied her bikini they dropped to the ground and sat back down saying let's nude sunbath

Kay said not a bad idea she stood up untied her bikini they dropped to the she laid back down

My rock hard cock just a screaming to be released when both girls said dich the shorts

Wasn't going to say anything stood up unbutton my 501s they dropped dropped the ground going commando

Kay's mounth dropped to the the and said O'shit it's a monster cock your your to fuck me with

I told her I didn't have any condoms she replied that's okay I want to have your babys

Now I wasn't really comfortable with with she is so beautiful and said sure

She straddling over me grabbed my cock slowly started sliding it in her very tight wet pussy

I noticed April was masterbating herself while watching us

She slowly started bouncing up and down after a few she started bouncing faster and faster until she started screaming im cumming

I had to cum tried to pull her off me but couldn't hold it any longer than shot my load of male seed deep into her pussy

As she saying fill me me your baby making seed as I was shooting my load of male seed deep into her pussy.

We were laying out nude sunbathing when Rusty walked up


We were laying out nude sunbathing when Rusty walked up said what the fuck are you doing April quickly replied what does does look like were doing if your staying dich the shorts

The whole time April was talking Rusty was staring at my my licking his lips

Rusty unbutton unzip his shorts they dropped the the ground going commando also

Rusty doesn't have anything to be ashame of his cock maybe seven half inches long rock hard chest wash board six pack abs red hair hazel

Kay pulled out a joint saying let's get high

She lite the joint took a big drag then passed it to me

We finished smoking the joint we were flying higher then a kite

For some reason I was starting to get hard when April noticed my cock rising she got up run over straddling over me grabbed my cock slowly started sliding it in her tight wet pussy when Rusty screaming what the fuck are doing April quickly replied shut up we been fucking each other since we were kids and kept bouncing

I noticed Rusty starting to get hard then Kay noticed it quickly run over got on her knees grabbed grabber cock started putting in her mouth as Rusty screaming what the fuck are you doing Kay quickly replied shut up and take it like a man and kept sucking his cock

April started bouncing faster and faster faster she started screaming im cumming I had to cum also so we both cum at the same time

You could see Kay swallowing his load of male seed Rusty's head leaning back enjoying the milking

That night I was laying on my bed naked because the air conditioner went out their flying a part in the morning

Started thinking about fucking the girls started getting hard again I started masterbating noticed Rusty naked leaning on the door masterbating himself while watching me

I finger him to cum to me he walk up said will you fuck me with your beautiful cock

Now I love sex willing to try new things even going outside my comfort zone this is passed my zone


Started thinking about when in the steam room and said well let's try it

.Rusty quickly crawled on the bed laid on his back spread his legs

I grabbed the put some in his ass then my cock started sliding my cock in his not so tight ass he's been fucked fucked few few before

I started getting ready to cum and shot my load of male seed deep into his ass

We were laying there when Rusty said would you like me fuck you

I was caught off guard thought about it told myself gone this far and said sure

I laid down on my back spread my legs he lube my ass then his cock though me a pillow saying you'll need this it's going hurt for a few started sliding sliding sliding his seven half inches cock into my very tight ass as I'm screaming it hurts

Scream for about five minutes later it started feeling real good told him to fuck fuck boy boy Rusty started fucking my brain out shooting his load of male seed deep into my ass

He asked me if I liked it and I replied loved going to do this again soon

The next morning I was setting at the breakfast table when April walked in she grabbed a bowl reached for the cereal cereal some in the bowl poured the milk then set next to me

I leaned over told I know something you don't know she said what

I said Rusty is gay she said how do you know I replied we fucked each last night she said no way I said yes way

We fucked each other until I had to go back home




I am 15 and I lost my virginity by raping my physics teacher after school. He is a nice looking guy, 23yo recent graduate and he turned out to also be a virgin. I basically stayed after class, it was a a friday afternoon already, to ask some question and be tutored a bit. I then drugged him by slipping rohipol or smthn that I got from a friend of mine into his coffee.

I then lied him down and take his keys to lock the door. Then I started to get naked and touch myself as I was becoming quite horny from the thought of getting caught there.

I gradually wanted to see more of his body while I was working on myself next to him and got him naked.

Then I decided to put his soft penis in my pussy to basically get the feel of it, but as I sat on him it started to be getting hard inside me perhaps from the warm wetness.

I did not really plan to go this far and started to panic but when I tried to get up my body sorta took over and my hips got down again.

It felt so good that I started to repeat it... but it slowly started to begin to hurt a bit from the pressure as he got really hard by then, however, I could not stop at that point.

After about 7 more sit ups I made on him I felt my legs to trouble and I collapsed onto him. I screamed because he now got fully deep inside me, I clenched my legs together and felt him pulsating inside me. At that moment it sorta felt like a being inside a human heart and hearing the deep *dum dum* sound, while trying to catch my breath. Ngl I pretty much lost sight in my eyes for the second when I fell.

Honestly I thought it was just my orgasm at that moment. I lied there for some time and then started to feel like I had wet myself. It wasn't untill few moments later I noticed sticky fluid dripping from me now onto my thigh.

I got scared and and tried to get it out with my hand and things got even messier, I literally had no idea what was going on. After basically accidentally getting it all over my body and unable to do anything while smelling terribly I dressed up and ran away, home.

I then googled what was going and realised my teacher 'came' inside me.

I mean... I was 15, I did have some idea about the stuff I wasn't complete idiot, but experiencing it like that with none instruction was terrifying.

I never saw him again and next week we had sexual abuse awereness and sex education workshop at school.

I never told anyone what happened.