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It was late November n it was my birthday but I had no reason to celebrate it since I was still single after my divorce. I came home from work n I took a shower n as I'm in the shower I heard my kids talking n laughing so I got dressed n came out to see what was going on n I saw my son with his gf n my daughter with her GF sitting at the kitchen table n when I came up to my daughter she stood up n all I could notice were her nipples pressed against her tight short n she walked up on me n put her arms around my neck n kissed me on my cheek n I held her in my arms n she told me happy birthday Dad n I told her thank you I love you too n as I let her go I saw her eyes look down at my crotch as I was already hard n she smiled n held my hand n told me to cause my eyes n my son walked in n placed the cake with all the candles already lit n when she removed her hands from my eyes she whispered to me in my ear to make my wish before I blew out the candle's, so I did I made my wish n then I blew out the candles n proceeded to cut the cake n serve everyone a big piece of cake n then my daughter gets up n stands besides me n tell me me she didn't get me no present but I stopped her n immediately said she n her brother were my best gifts I could ever get so we ate n said some jokes n story's n then they left with their friends n I went out n bought some 3 cases of beer n Lil bit of cocaine at that n I sat outside n started drinking by myself as the day turned into night my son returned with his gf n so did my daughter with her bf n they joined me where I was at drinking n listening to music n realizing I was now 38 yrs old n I was still single n free to do what ever I wanted . As the night weared on it started to get colder n late into the night n my buzz started to kick in n my son's gf asked him if they could leave cus she had to work the following morning so he told her to wait 30 minutes n all of a sudden my phone vibrated n as I look at the message to see who it was my daughter was sitting inside her bf car just looking at me n as I read the text message it said," daddy can I have ur permission to spend the night with my bf " I looked at her n I texted her n told her yes you can under one condition n I put a heart on the message to her n when she read it she text me back n asked me what is it n i texted her back n told her to let me fuck her first before she leaves with him n she texted me back with a heart , so we continued to drink n her bf told me he was ready to go home cus he had to work the next day so he sat in his car n turned it on to warm it up n i walked inside my house to the back room where she had her cloth n as she was looking what to take i walked up behind her n hugged her n she felt I was already hard when I pressed my crotch against her ass n she then told me not to take long cus her bf was outside waiting for her so I turned her around n unzip her pants n pulled them down n I unzip my pants n pulled them n my boxers down together n she was looking down at my cocok n made a remark " it's that hard already" n I told her yes for you it's always like this n she turned around n pulled her pantys down n bent over for me n I grabbed my cock n rubbed her pussy with it n she immediately got wet with my cock n I started kissing her all over her back n her neck n squeezing her titts n nipples as my cock was pressing into her wet pussy n as i felf her press her ass against my cock i knew she was ready to feel my cock inside of her wet pussy so i rubbed her one more time n i put it deep inside of her n she dropped even lowet as i startex fucking her pussy n as i was in the motion she staryed moaning n i could feel het pussy getting even wetter n I started squeezing n pulling on her titts n she picked her head up n told me that I was only fucking her cus she looked like her mom n I told her no it's not true it's cus of who you are n continue to fuck her n then out of nowhere her phone started ringing n it was her bf n she ignored it n continued moaning as I started fucking her harder then it rung again n she told me not to stop cus she wanted me to finish so I didn't stop but it rang the 3rd time n she told me to answer it n I did n as I was talking to him I was fucking her n I slapped her ass so she would be quiet n he asked me how much longer is she going to take n I told him she's in the bathroom so I don't know but I'll go tell her he hung up n she told me that I know how to lie for her n kissed her n continued fucking her pussy n after 45 minutes went by she was getting tired n asked me how much longer n I told her not too much long n she bent all the way down n put her hands on the floor n I knew she was going to feel my cock a lot better that way n all she was telling me was not to cum inside of her pussy so just over 1½ hrs I was ready to cum n when I did I pulled out n cm on her ass n she was breathing heavily n hard n as she stood up i pulked hetbtowards my body n she felt my cock against her ass n she turned around n looked at it n kissed me on my lips n told me i am the best shes ever had sobfar ni hugged her n i grabbed my cock n rubbed her pussy one more time n she stayed surprise that i was still hard even afyer we fucked for so long n i had already cum so i told her i loved her for who she is n i took my tank top ofg to wipe her clean n myself before she left n i made sure she gad het cloth on right n her hair was not in a mess n as i walked her to the front door she told me she was coming back again for more n I told her ok when ever she wanted me again I'll be there waiting for her n I asked her what are you going to telm ur bf aboyt u taking this long in the bathroom n she said she is telling him she was sick from her stomach n had to dry up her clith she was taking with her to spend the night n before I opened the door she turned around n kissed my lips n I hugged her n grabbed her by her ass n squeezed her n told her I would be waiting for her n she did continue to come n spend time with me after that night n we fucked once a week when she came home to visit me n not one time did I cum inside of her cus she would always remind me not to cum in her pussy or else I wasn't going to fuck her anymore.




I dated this guy named Ron about 2-3 years ago; I cheated on Ron a couple times, and that's how I ended up with my current boyfriend. Things between Ron & I started fine, I actually liked him but towards the end, my feelings changed and I started acting cold towards him & that's when the cheating began. Everything is fine with my current boyfriend, but I can't help but get off to the thought of Ron dragging me back into the house we shared together for a year and raping me in the bed we used to share. Or taking me out back, in between the house and the other trailer (they're only separated by a foot & that space in between is enclosed), and throwing me on the muddy ground in between the house and the second trailer, and ripping my asshole apart as he rapes my ass dry. There's a bed in the second trailer; no pillows or sheets or blankets, just a mattress. God, I'd love for him to tie me to that bed and keep me as his permanent rape victim. I'd love for him to punch me and slap me around, telling me what a useless and pathetic whore I am. I'd love it if he got his neighbor Robbie in on it too, both of them raping each of my holes. Wish Ron would force me to use hard drugs and get me addicted to not only his cock but the drugs. get me so addicted that I'd let the dog knot me just to get high. Let his little brother Will put a gun in my mouth and rape his cum deep into my womb. want them to fuck me with the blade of a knife and stand there and laugh at me while I'm in pain. nothing gets me more hot n bothered than thinking about being Ron's perfect rape victim




I work at a farm and specifically I wash and deal with the horses mainly. Me and my friends were talking about my job and they asked if I'd ever played with one of the cocks and I told them the truth, yes. I used to jerk them off and get turned on by how much cum would shoot out.

A week or two later, two of my friends privately asked me if they could fuck the horses and, being quite drunk at the time, I said yes.

They got there after hours when it was dark and we snuck in and got to work. They sucked this horse cock together whilst I filmed them and were more than happy to get pretty dirty.

They invited me to join so i set up the phone on a table and joined them, sucking this thing until it exploded on us. They wanted another so i moved one of the smaller horses out and led its cock into my friends pussy. She came a hell of a lot and once it pulled out, I could see she was hurt but too turned on to care. They went on, letting the horse piss on them (even eating its dirty ass whilst I was letting it mount me).

Eventually that one came in me and they ate it out of me. Finally they wanted something big which is the real reason i made this prompt as I've got away with what happens next but need to tell people. My friend who was hurt begged me to get the biggest one and let her put it in her ass. My other friend was pretty high and watched, totally covered in cum and shit.

I led the largest horse to her and she forced the first few inches into her ass. Immediately she bled from her butt but kept saying it was gonna make her cum so i watched with my other friend.

Then... she stopped squealing as the horse totally hilted inside her and began to fuck her whole body. She went limp as the horse flooded her with cum and pulled out, totally coated in her shit and blood.

Because we were super high, we ignored it, climbed onto her and began eating the mixture coming out of her butt.

We fell asleep and once we woke up we realised she was dead so I cleaned the horses and her body and dumped it. To this day she's reported missing and her husband has no idea about it.

Since then I can't stop fucking myself to how good it must have felt just before she died. It's so evil but the video I have of us fisting ourselves as our friend dies is my favourite thing and I've sent it to so many people. I've also started sleeping with the other friend a lot more and we want to do it again but this time go crazier and let them kill us or even killing each other.

Meanwhile her daughter has seen the video but I've cropped us out and I just know that 16 year old slut fingers herself to it.




When I was 14 (I am now a 22F) , my mom's friends would come over and I would have to stay in my room because I couldn't look at 'Mommy's secret meetings' but I snuck to her room once and looked in. She had about 5 of her friends over and they were hosting an orgy but it was easily the most hardcore thing I have seen.

Firstly, everyone was doing coke, like loads of it and evidently it was just making them more excited. I watched my mom snort a line off her dresser before bending over and letting one of her friends ram a 9" strapon into her ass. The room smelt of cum and I only got to watch a little before I got caught. Initially they stopped but my Mom was so high she asked if I wanted to join one day and I said yes. So a few years go by, I am now 16 and for my birthday we turned our house into an orgy with her friends. We started at 6pm and got straight to the coke, I lost my virginity a month before but this was totally different. 40 year old women were passing me around and fucking me all whilst I kept cumming over and over.

By the end of the night I had done everything you can do with a group of women high and horny. My ass had been used till it had prolapsed, I had got to fist my mum and ate her dirty ass, my godmother had smacked me around the room until I was dizzy. After it was all over it was 2am and we wanted to do more. Since then I have joined and invited my girlfriend (who wants to start having regular threesomes with my mom). I have also started seeing one of my mom's friends on her own so we can do some stuff the others wont like drink each others pee and watch depraved teen porn.

Overall I have become a major slut and for my Mom's most recent birthday, I took us to a couple's hotel where we had sex every day with random men and women and have decided to become a throuple with my girlfriend. We decided on that when we were sucking a black dude who had just fucked me in the ass.




Ive been letting my male friends have sex with me for as long as i remember. Mostly one at a time but there were some parties that the did me one after another. And im on birth control so they can finish insidr me if they want. I like it that way but some of the guys like it when i beg for it on my face.

I dont have a lot of girlfriends because most women thunk im a slut. Which i guess is true but group sex is always better when theres another pussy.

Once i was with a bunch of guy friends and we were all doing coke and it was like 5 of them and one other girl in the living room with me. She stared bragging that shes the best partner in bed and everybody what like whatever. And she started saying she'll do anything anybody wants sexually. Nothing was off limits. So i told her strip naked in front of everyone and stick her tongue up my asshole. And so she got naked and i got naked and the guys were all watching, some with their dicks out. I was fingering myself and i came whil her tongue was up my ass. She then started making out with me and she said see im a bigger slut than you. I told her ive taken loads of cum from every guy in this room and she told me to do it again. The guys lined up and fucked one after the other and the whole time she kept saying "fuck that nasty slut" "fill that sluts pussy with cum". It was hot. After the 3rd guy she sucked some cum out and made out with me. I passed out and woke up on the couch covered in dried cum. I looked over amd the other girl is passed out getting fucked by a guy and shes covered in vomit. I got up to pee and the guy fucking her says they all peed in her already and i should try it. So i squatted over her face and pissed on her while this guy is nutting in her pussy. Hottest fucking night ever. I want to piss on her face again.




I was 16 and my little sister was 13, she used to always wear boots shorts around the house and she had small tits so she never had a bra on. She would drive me crazy how she would bend over and her shorts would ride up her ass. She had to know I would stare at her. My parents went out for their anniversary one night and we stayed home. I was high watching a adult comedy that showed tits so I was already horny. My sister came in the room with her boots shorts on being a tease. She knew i was high and kept asking and begging me to get her high. I finally gave in and got her high, she started acting goofy and starting playing around so I held her down and poked her sides because she's ticklish. She was squirming around and my had slid across her nipple. She looked up at me and we made eye contact for a few seconds and I couldnt help myself I grab on her tits as I slid my other hand down her shorts and started playing with her before I made her suck my dick until I came in her mouth




A struggling mother is deep in debt, and the only way she can pay it off is through her daughter. Alison is pleasured before being brutally ass fucked

Ashley’s drug habit had become a serious problem. It was the reason her husband left her, and now it had plunged her into significant financial debt. Despite promising herself that she would stop, it didn’t take long for her to find herself snorting cocaine every weekend. This time, things were different. Each time she purchased from Viktor, he reminded her of the thousands she owed him. She was surprised he continued to supply her with more and more cocaine. Surely, he would want payment, right? So she thought, but it didn’t bother her as long as her addiction was being satisfied. Today, she was about to discover why he allowed her to have so much.

Ashley had just finished work and, after making dinner for her daughter, she sat down to watch TV. Before she could decide on what to watch, she was interrupted by a loud knock. She went to see who could be knocking this late.

“Who is it?” she said.

“It’s me, Viktor,” he replied in a Russian accent.

She was confused. Why is he here? She thought to herself. She just saw him a few days ago. The curiosity got the better of her, and she opened the door.

“Hello, is there something wrong?” she questioned.

“Yes… I’m afraid there is a big problem,” he replied.

“Oh, come in,” she replied, worried about the reason for his unexpected visit.

He walked in and took his shoes off before heading to the living room. He sat on the sofa across from Ashley’s daughter, Alice. She smiled at him, and he smirked back in delight over what he was about to do to her. She was dressed in her pink pyjamas with her hair tied back in a ponytail, she did what any 12 year old would do and went back to her phone. She was a shy girl, at just 4’6, she was the shortest in her class, and so she kept mainly to herself at school, not picking fights, not trying to be popular, not causing trouble, and just spending time chatting with her close friends and browsing social media.

“So, what is the issue?” Ashley said.

“Well… it is like this. How long have you taken from me and refused to pay? It has gotten to a point where…” she cut him off.

“Sweetie, go upstairs,” she said to Alice, interrupting Viktor mid-sentence not wanting her daughter to hear what Viktor was about to say. She thought she had managed to hide her habit from her Alice, but she knew…

“No stay!” he yelled at Alice before she could make a move.

“You are in too much debt, and you cannot afford to pay me. I know this, you know this” Viktor said to her as he adjusted his erection.

“I’m sorry. I’ll start paying back. I’m sure we can work something out”

“Yes of course. You are now at $5000, and there is daily fine of $100” he took out his phone and began calculating.

Her face dropped as she heard him say $5,000. Her savings were no more than a few hundred, it was impossible for her to pay back this amount. Her face dropped further as he started to read the numbers out aloud as he tapped away at his phone calculating her total debt.

“So, it has been three years…he paused, I’ll tell you what, I will knock off one whole year for you because I’m nice” he said with a mischievous grin. She let a small sigh of relief upon hearing this.

“so…one year is 365 days, two years is 730 days, $100 daily fine for no payment. So $73,000 plus the original amount of $5000. So the total amount you owe is $78,000”. He said probing her facial expressions with his gaze.

She was speechless, her lips trembled, and her hands began to shake. “I….I don’t have”

“So do you want to get the money” he said cutting her off.

“….yes” she replied, knowing full well her purse only had $100. She returned with her purse, she drew $100 from her purse, and handed it to him while trembling with fear.

“Thank you, that’s today’s fine paid off. The rest?” he said.

“I don’t have any more” she said as she began to weep.

“Well…that is not my problem. You need to get me the full amount today or otherwise there will be a problem!” he shouted.

“Please…I don’t have the money” she said while sobbing

“You fucking bitch!” he said as he slapped her. He grinned, he knew from the start she would struggle to pay even one percent.

Her daughter screamed but before she could run, Viktor grabbed her and covered her mouth. “If you try anything, I’ll cut you and your mother” he said as he showed her his knife.

“It looks like we can work out a different form of payment” he said as he unbuckled his pants and threw off his t shirt. He stuffed his sock in Alice’s mouth in case she wanted to scream.

Ashley got the hint and immediately stripped in front of Viktor. She had an amazing body, she was only 30 but could easily pass as a teenager.

“You’re eager” he snickered at Ashley.

“Then you will forgive my debt?” she asked with misty eyes.

“Perhaps” he chuckled. “but I’ll tell you what, I will cancel any further fine for you, you just have to pay back the amount you owe, okay?” he added

“Y…yes” she replied

“Very good, but it’s not you I want” he said, “Well, not yet” he added.

“You!” he said pointing to Alice, startling her. “Strip! Right now! I will not ask again” she did what he asked and took off all her clothes.

“No…please not her, take me” Ashley begged and pleaded.

“I mean if you insist but remember, if I fuck her, she is worth ten times as much as you, and the arrangement for removing the fine only works if I get to fuck her” she looked down in defeat knowing there was no way out.

“Okay” she replied with sadness.

“Okay what?” he retorted

“Okay you can have her”

“Very good, let me get more comfortable, let’s go to the bedroom. I might as well make myself at home” he said, prompting Ashley to walk up the stairs. He picked Alice up and carried her to the bedroom, and threw her on the bed. “I want you to watch” he said while looking at Ashley. He spread her legs apart and gazed at her perfect pink pussy.

“Wow, what a lovely little cunt!” he exclaimed as he stroked her rosy slit.

“Please be gentle with her” Ashley said quietly, as he positioned himself on her bed.

He buried his face between her legs and slowly began licking her pussy. His tongue glided from the bottom of her pussy right to the very top. She moaned in pleasure and became increasingly wet and horny as his tongue gently skimmed her labia. “Hmmmm” she quietly moaned, while gently tousling his hair. She wanted to hate him, she wanted to beat him, but she couldn’t, especially not with how gentle he was being with her. He continued exploring her pussy with his tongue, licking her labia, and pushing her apart pussy with his two fingers. He picked up the pace, and stiffened his tongue, making sure he was tasting as much of her sweet pussy as possible. “Delicious!” he shouted as he took a breath before diving back on her tasty slit. He nibbled her labia, causing her to squirm. He could taste her sweet juices as he continued licking her tight cunt.

“Yess…yes…” she moaned audibly.

He moved his way down her body, licking her thighs and legs as he moved towards her feet. He grasped her foot with one hand, and guided the other foot on his cock, he rubbed her foot on cock, and she got the hint to carry on. He licked her heel and slowly, made his way to her arches, causing her to shiver and giggle and his tongue tickled her soles. He placed her toes into his mouth, and started to suck each toe.

“Mmmmm” she giggled.

Her other foot was stroking his cock, occasionally causing the release of pre-cum. Her mother sighed with relief, thinking to herself this is all it would be, but she was soon to be proven wrong. After sucking her toes, he ordered her to lie on her back. He spread her cheeks apart, and spanked her for good measure. He began licking her tight rosebud. Her anus was incredibly tight, and it was tough for him to force his tongue into it. After fondling her little anus with his tongue, it began to loosen and wink. It didn’t take long before his tongue was deep in her anus causing her immense joy.

“ahhhh….d….don’t stop” she cried in pleasure.
He was enjoying rimming her, and it she was loving it too. He’d spank her ass every now and again, but not hard enough to cause pain, and from her moans, it she seemed to be a big fan of getting her ass slapped. He slowly inserted his fingers into her pussy and began curling them, “hnggggg” she muttered as she felt a rush of ecstasy travel up her body, she grasped the bedsheets tightly as he began fingering her and eating her ass.

“Please…..please” she cried as he finger fucked her tight cunt.

The occasional spasm turned into strong quivers as she came close to orgasming. She hadn’t felt this sensation before, and she was loving it, even her mother was jealous of how she was wriggling and squirming as her sweet anus was being licked. Alice did masturbate on occasion but this feeling…it was unlike anything she had experienced.

“I’m….I’m gonna come” she said ecstatically crying as her pussy gushed.

He twitched and squirted over Viktor’s face, as he continued fingering her. “No…don’t” she said as her orgasm reached its peak. “Please no more…I’m going to pee” she said but Viktor laughed it off and continued fingering her. She released her bladder and gushed all over his face.

“Ahhhhhh” she sighed with relief as she let off her stream into his mouth. She tried controlling it but the orgasmic sensation overpowered her, causing her bladder to let go.

“See, that wasn’t bad” he said as he looked at Ashley.

“Are you satisfied?” he said to Alice, she didn’t speak but nodded her head affirmatively.

“Very good” he replied. He adjusted his penis and grasped Alice by her pony tail and dragged her towards him.

“Now that I’ve pleasured you, you’re going to pleasure me”. Had he said this half an hour ago, she would be trembling in fear, but after her intense orgasm, she was excited to see what he would do.

He guided her head towards his cock and jousted his throbbing cock down her throat, he backed away to gain momentum before thrusting it deep down her throat. He could see the bulge in her throat as he held his dick there before releasing it. Saliva, tears, and snot covered her face as he relentlessly shoved his penis and in out of her mouth. All Ashley could do is stare in horror as her daughter was being used. Alice gasped for air as he removed his cock from her throat. The asphyxiation was making her wet, each time she gasped for air, the wetter her pussy got and the hornier she became.
“Ghhhhhghhhh” she garbled as his balls slapped her chin.

He clutched her throat with one hand, and dragged her head until her head was dangling off the bed, he then shoved his cock in and out of her mouth, making sure each thrust went deep into her throat. Puke dripped from her mouth and went into her nose as he continued face fucking her.

“Ghhhgghhhh….Ghhghg” she babbled as the face fucking continued. It went on like this for a while before Viktor took his cock out and dragged her further back. He placed his ass right on mouth and sat down, her lips kissed his anus as he pressed his weight further on to her face.

“Just like I pleased you baby” Viktor said as he began grinding on her face.

Alice was all too happy to comply, a bit too eagerly one might say. She swatted away his hairy asshole with her tongue, and forced it down as deep as it could go. Viktor helped her out by gaping his anus as much as he could, ensuring her tongue fully coated his rectum.

“Ohh yeah” he cried out as she eagerly licked his anus. He made sure to face Ashley so he could see the look on her face as her daughter ate his ass.

“Keep going” he encouraged Alice, causing her to dig her tongue as deep as she could. He slapped her pussy with his palm, causing a mixture of pain and pleasure. “You’re such a good girl!” he said as she furiously ate his ass, and there was no stopping her. Even her mother was shocked and appalled at her enthusiasm. After the long rim job, he decided it was time to ream her tight ass.

He pressed the head of his penis against her sphincter and began pushing, she screamed in pain as the first few inches entered her.

“AGHHHHH!!! PLEASE STOP….IT HURTS. MUMMY!!!” she cried over and over again, but there was no stopping her.

Her mother was glad it pained her, at least now she’ll think twice about being enthusiastic.

“Get over here!” he barked at Ashley.

“Eat my ass” he ordered.

She complied, she was disgusted at first, but soon she accepted her fate, and she too was tonguing his rectum as deep as she could, all the while her daughter’s anus was being torn apart. He picked Alice up and threaded his arms over her thighs, and behind her arms. She was only 4’6 and 70 lbs and so putting her in a full nelson was easy. He guided her towards his throbbing cock and shoved in her tight little ass. Her arms were stuck, and her legs didn’t have the energy to loosen his grip, let alone break it. He mercilessly pounded her ass, using her like a fleshlight. He ignored her screams, and focused on the sensation of getting his ass rimmed, and fucking a 12 year old. She was his toy, his very own anal fleshlight to use as he pleased.

“This is what happens when you don’t pay”

After using Alice like a fleshlight for what felt like hours to her, he was close to ejaculating. He pulled his anal fleshlight close to his body and ejaculated deep inside her, coating her rectum with his hot semen. He had been taking supplements, and hadn’t fucked for an entire week in order to ensure when he fucked one of his buyer’s, he’d empty a week’s load of cum in their ass. He didn’t release her after he ejaculated. Instead he thrusted himself further into her, and continued using her until every last drop was inside her ass. After he emptied himself, he discarded her on the bed like a cheap toy.

Alice collapsed face down from exhaustion. She signed in relief. A small part of her war proud. She didn’t think she’d be able to handle this level of fucking. She gulped down her own saliva from thirst, which Viktor took notice of immediately.

“You need something to drink honey?” he asked in a fatherly manner
She nodded affirmatively. He forced her onto her knees and pinched his penis and began pissing in her mouth. “Open wide” she snickered. She felt disgusted, but she was so thirsty, she filled her mouth and gulped it down, barely wasting a drop.

“You are a thirty girl” he chuckled as he finished releasing the last few drops.

Alice slumped back on the bed from exhaustion after slurping the last of his piss. Ashley looked at him as he looked towards the door.
“Are we done?” Ashley asked

“HAHAHA!!, are we done?” he repeated back sarcastically

“I said your daughter is worth ten times your amount, you are worth $100, and she is worth $1000. You still have $77,000 remaining”

“What? No” she cried as she fell to her knees in defeat.

“Change these bedsheets, and turn on the shower for me and Alice, it looks like I’ll be here a while” he said while winking at Alice.