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i’m a 36 year old mother with two sons. 6 and 14. we are a very open, hippie, and stoner family. my husband (40) and i openly masterbate in front of the boys. last night (it’s 1 am where i’m from at the moment) i was bored and really horny. my husband wasn’t home but on his way. i couldn’t wait any longer. my 6 year old was on the couch naked and watching tv. i had an idea. i went into my husband and i’s room and went to look for my strap on (12 inches) and put it on. i went back over to my son and told him to bend over. he was very confused but he bent over for me. before i did anything my husband texted me that he was 10 minutes away. the thought of my husband walking in on his wife fucking her own son turned me on. i put my phone down and rubbed the tip of the dildo against his hole. “this might hurt sweetheart.” then i slowly eased the first 6 inches in. he was already crying but it didn’t stop me. i only eased the rest of it into his now stretched hole and move slowly. he kept crying and telling me how much it hurt. “it’s okay baby.” i told him and i started moving inside his cute tight hole faster. he stopped crying after he felt how good it was. finally i held his hips and started pounding into him as hard as i could. he started screaming “MOMMY!!” and i just couldn’t stop. seeing his small dick dangle from how much i was fucking his ass just kept turning me on! after 15 minutes my husband walked in. he looked at me and quickly started pulling his pants down to join me. “wait i wanna fuck him more first.” i said and my husband nodded. after about an hour i finally pulled out of his gaping hole. my husband smiled at it and quickly dug his mouth into his hole to tongue it. my husband couldn’t get enough. my husband’s cock (13.5) was leaking of precum. he quickly shoved into his hole and fucked him in every position even if he was screaming. even after two hours in he didn’t stop. my son’s hole was dripping of cum and it sounded like such a mess. i loved it. finally my 14 year old wanted a try with his little brother so his father pulled out. my youngest was begging for a break but my other son said “i want a turn. be a good bitch and arch that back.” my son wasn’t gentle on him. his cock (8.5) ravished his hole like it was his last. by the time everyone was done with him, his hole was a gaping cum filled mess. we never cleaned the cum out of him instead let it drip out of him.




with both parents working it gave us a lot of time at home alone with out our parents which led to lots of fun for us. i've talked before about my sister and me but haven't given all the details before now just for plausible deniability but she's 7 yrs younger than me, things started when she walked in on me looking at porn when i was 15 and asked what i was doing. after trying to claim i was doing nothing and her persistence i explained to her what i was doing and she only wanted to know more.

for whatever reason after she started asking more about things i asked her if she wanted to model some of our moms lingerie for me, with it making her feel like a big girl she loved it and did that for about 15 mins with numerous different items none of which really fit her 8 year old body but that didnt matter. after her little modeling routine became pretty normal we started some mutual touching and me letting her explore some things. this kept up for a year off and on with her becoming more and more curious and me teaching her new things. whenever she wanted pretty much i'd let her watch porn with me and she started wanting to try the things she'd see. after months of the usual she wanted to try oral sex to which i gladly agreed and started teaching her how to give and receive which was something she loved. in order for me to convince her to swallow the cum i told her she could kiss me with it and share to prove it was good which is still by far one of the hottest things i've ever done.

over the first year she had been developing and getting a great set of tits on her which were unbelievably perky and great to play with. about 6 months after this she came to me asking about sex and what it was like. after giving her some sparse details she was wanting to know what it felt like and those kinds of things that aren't the easiest to describe. now why things hadn't gotten to this before i don't know, it definitely wasn't because i didn't want to but most likely because i didn't want to scare her off. i beat around the bush a little bit hinting that maybe she should just try and see for herself how good it feels after the first time. since she wasn't on the pill i put on a condom and went slow and easy to start. once she got used to me being in her i started to go a little quicker which she almost immediately started fucking back and moaning like crazy. that first time we took lots of time and i showed her a few different positions. wanting to feel her without a condom i used the excuse of showing her how it felt when the condom broke and intentionally broke the condom and fucked her for a little bit like that. when i asked her which she liked better with out hesitation answered without the condom.

we continued fucking and fooling around whenever we could when our parents weren't home even sneaking in some fun when they'd take the dog for a walk. i'll never forget the first time we fucked with out parents home. it was Christmas Eve three years later and our parents had gone to bed upstairs and we stayed up for a little bit downstairs. we got in to the liquor and started feeling good, being drunk and throwing caution out the window i started playing with her which in turn made her slide down on to the floor inviting me down. i got my dick out and started to fuck her with out a condom, luckily i had some sense still and stopped and grabbed a condom and finished fucking her. after that we never really fucked with anyone else home but would sneak in some quick feels and fun.

one weekday during the summer about 5 years after it all had started i came home to find her tanning out on our back deck in her swim suit on a towel, faking the caring big brother card i put some sun block on her and told her she wouldn't want any tan lines and undid her top and rolled her bottoms and tucked them in to a thong for her and went back in. seeing her laying there in essentially just a thong drove me wild. i went back out about 15 mins later and told her she should come in and get some water, at this point she had gotten on the pill without our parents knowing. when she did i came up behind her and slipped my hand in her bikini bottoms that were still in a thong and started fingering her which in turn led to us fucking right there in the kitchen no condom and was the first time i came in her, it was the best feeling ever and i've never felt closer to her.

although there were other times that we fucked these were the times that were most memorable, we continued fucking and fooling around until i moved. we've talked about it since and neither of us have any regrets and wouldn't change a thing we did other than have more fun.




F (32) growing up I think I’ve always been hyper sexual. As far as I could remember I’ve been getting my young pussy and return the favor to my female cousins and aunts. All around the same age. It was one summer my aunt invited my sibling and I to spend the weekend at her apartment with her kids and her boyfriend. She had just had a baby so I was excited to just go to be around the baby.

Friday night was great did movie night and went to bed. Saturday morning came, after breakfast we were all in my aunts room in her bed so was her boyfriend. My siblings and her son had left out to go play while she ran out to get some groceries and I stayed on the bed with the baby watching a movie. Still in my pj shorts not tight very loose and matching top.

Not paying attention her moves himself in an angle where he could lay and look beneath my shots gap and my leg. Still paying the situation no mind I felt his fingers by pass my shorts move my panties to the side and inserted into my pussy. Is was 12 then and he was in his late 30’s. Shock and surprise everything happened so quick. I had already lost my virginity to my first floor neighbor he was 19 and I was 11 ,but he don’t know that, I enjoyed his finger feeling his finger in me. And then his tongue. Eventually I was so wet he pulled my pants and underwear more to the side and entered my cunt. Was hot knowing it’s other people in the house and we were fucking. He ended up releasing on my breast. We kept fucking for years after till I was 16. And still no one knows.




I am 42. have a niece. She is 10. Just an average girl to many. But she has an amazing butt.

I finally made a move and touched her butt. She didn't react at all so I kept going. After like 15 minutes my hand was in her panties and all over her. I don't know if she can get wet or it was her natural moist but it smells so nice.

She was just sitting there next to me and let me play with her lower parts for almost an hour.

We met some more times but neither of us mentioned anything. I think of maybe trying again.




I have a LDR with a woman. She has 3 kids, 9f, 7m and 3f. All her kids are very cute and I've grown very fond of them. The other day I was messaging my gf over WhatsApp and giving her dares. One dare was to climb in the bath fully clothed when she was washing her sons hair and send photographic proof she did it. She did and the photos she sent were angled in such a way that I saw her white top was see through because of the water with no bra, but also I saw her son completely naked with a little boner. I was immediately turned on.

Later on she was tidying and sent me a photo of the mess in the room and her 3yo daughter was in the photo completely naked and again I got immediately hard.

Now all I can think about is how I can arrange dares for her that might allow me to see the kids naked more and especially the older daughter.




First time I had sex with my mom. It was common for me to crawl into bed with my mom ever since I was little. My dad left when I was around 3. When I was around 10 when I first started playing with my dick. A couple years later when I was around 12 is when I first started to ejaculate. Ever since that first time watching cum spray out my dick I was hooked on cumming. One night I went to crawl into bed with my mom, she had her back against me as I snuggled up to her.

As I laid there I started thinking dirty thoughts trying to sleep and it was not long my cock came to life starting to grow. I still remember how my dirty thoughts turned to my mom's pussy and I remember thinking what it would be like to put my dick inside her pussy.

Her nightgown had risen up and all I had to do was pull her panties to the side. I still vividly remember reaching down taking her panty crotch and pulling it up off to the side exposing her shaved pussy. It was almost like my cock knew where to go and it seemed my cock went right to her warm pussy hole. Again I vividly remember when the head of my cock touched her pussy hole I thought; "Wow she is all wet down there". I pushed my cock forward and it slipped right into her pussy. I remember pushing more, felt the warmth of her pussy as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her body.

Once again it was almost instinct as I started slowing fucking her. I remember her ever so lightly moaning as my thrusts became harder and faster. Then as I started to cum, I thrust my cock deep in her. I felt myself spray cum deep in her with each thrust. It was the hardest I have cum ever in that point of my life.

The next night I waited enough time where I thought she was asleep and got in her bed. As I snuggled up to her back again it felt like my cock was in the crack of her ass and I didn't feel her panties, it was skin on skin. I reached down and she was not wearing any panties. So I scooted down a little so I could get my cock between her legs. Again she was totally wet and I pushed my cock inside her. I slow fucked her at first and she started lightly moaning as my cock slid in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. It was not long before I was full on fucking her and again I blew my load deep inside my mom.

I remember the following night when I went in she was laying on her back. I also remember thinking; "Shit now I can't fuck her". As I laid there thinking that I was not going to be able to fuck her she slowly reaches out taking my arm and lightly pulling toward her. I remember looking up at her and as our eyes made contact she whispered; "Come on baby, get on top of me".

As I was getting between her legs she raised them up and I took a hold of her legs holding them up as my rock hard cock started poking the entrance of her pussy. Once again this is so vivid in my mind, as I looked down at my cock slowly sliding in and out of her pussy she whispers; "Come on baby, fuck mommy's pussy". That was the first time ever I heard my mom say fuck and that's what I exactly did, fuck her pussy hard. That was the hardest I've ever come at that time in my life but oh there was more to come.

The next morning when she was giving me my breakfast before school she tells me I can never tell anyone and I remember telling her that I knew that already. Then she asked if I wanted to stay home from school because she had the day off work. That day was the first time my mom sucked my cock. I remember her saying that she wanted me to cum in her mouth and when I get hard again I'll last longer in her pussy. I had to fuck her 10 to 12 times that day! I think the best time that day was when she was bent over the arm of the sofa and I was behind her holding her hips as I plowed her pussy.




My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years. He’s a really good man; respectful, loving and kind—including in bed, which had begun to bore me.

Once late in my pregnancy with our daughter, while having sex he asked if I thought the baby could feel it. I was immediately very turned on by the nastiness of the idea—he was instead concerned about being “proper” and he didn’t penetrate me with his penis for the rest of my pregnancy. When my daughter was a few months old, I was breastfeeding her in bed and my husband must have been unusually horny because he started grinding me from behind. I was super turned on and we ended up having sex with my daughter latched. I told him I was really into this afterward and he came up with some very scientific explanation about why my body would be responding as such. It was clear he was not into the taboo nature of the sex like I was. Still, we repeated this multiple times while my daughter was still breastfeeding and it’s one of the biggest reasons I continued as long as I did.

For a couple years our sex life went pretty stale , but one night I had the idea to shop online for panties in bed with him. He’s always been turned on by my panties and a little peek under my dress. While we were shopping I was talking a little dirty and stroking him with my left hand. It was fun and we did it again a few months later. Six months or so later I went shopping again with him in bed next to me and started stroking; he was hard and we were having fun when I got a terribly nasty idea to switch from buying panties for me to buying some for my daughter who had begun potty training recently. He immediately asked what I was doing when instead of adult panties we were now looking at adorable childish prints of Dora the explorer and Sophia the first; he caught my smirk and I asked him if he wanted me to stop…he said no but closed his eyes. I continued to stroke him while describing the details, little lace trim, a tiny pink bow, etc. he eventually came and I was quite pleased with myself that I got him to cum while being bad. We discussed afterwards how he wasn’t into kids (I knew this already) but how it was ok for me to feel turned on by him being naughty. He ensured I wasn’t into kids either (I may have more firmly denied it than is really truthful). In any case, this was deemed acceptable fun, and I sure was having fun.

When the panties came our daughter of course paraded them around the house as little kids are apt to do. Later while we were in bed and he was inside me I’d ask: “did you see how cute her little bottom was in those baby panties you picked out?” “did you notice the outline of her kitty today under those princess panties?” and so on. I don’t think he liked it at first, honestly I think he was upset with me that I wanted him to cum while I was saying such nasty things, but he fucked me perhaps a little harder than usual and I was very proud of myself. As she’s gotten older, we’ve pushed the limits more. Cute skirts at the park with panties on full display makes for nasty conversations at night about who else might have seen his little girl flashing her panty covered baby pussy. I started wearing more childish panties with cartoon prints and such and started calling myself his little girl. On more than one occasion I’ve sent pictures to him while he’s at work: just an innocent little girl sitting on mommy’s lap, oh what’s that, you can see little peeks of both our panties? Oops, a mistake ;)

I had teased him before by having him smell my panties before he could have sex with me; I’ve had him smell his little girl’s panties too in the last year or so. I’ve sniffed them too out of curiosity; they really don’t smell of much but that’s not the point. It turns me on so much to see my good and proper husband sniffing his little baby girl’s panties like a pervert. At this point, he’s come to like all of this too.

In the last two years, she has discovered her own body and will, from time to time, masturbate as any young child will do. We are rather liberal about this, so long as it’s at home without guests around, we aren’t going to say anything. We don’t want her to be ashamed of her body. My favorite is when we are all in the living room watching tv and she’s got her legs spread with her fingers under her panties and going at it. If my husband and I are seated next to each other I might rub his cock over his shorts, feeling him get hard to my touch (or is it the slightly obscene 8-year-old innocently pleasuring herself?). Once recently my husband and daughter were cuddling on the couch and she was at it again, legs spread, hand in panties. I placed a blanket over them “in case they were cold”. Later that night in bed I commented that with the blanket, I couldn’t tell if it was her hand or his that was stimulating her. He took a bit of offense and said of course it was hers. I know this, but oh how I love the thought of corrupting him even more and making him touch her.

Also recently, she was sick (poor thing) and fell asleep on the couch. We carried her up to bed and I commented on how cute she was completely passed out in her nightgown and sweet heart print panties. I got on my knees and started to suck him off while she was fast asleep but this was too much for him I guess; he said we should move to the bedroom and left. This is why I love him so much, I’ve turned him into a pervert who gets hard over his little girl, but he’s still moral enough to keep my dirtiest fantasies at bay. At least…for now.