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I was in high school when we got a new girl in class. she was from the rich part of the city. We became best friends and I was quickly invited to their house. They had a pool and soon I would be there at least once a week enjoying the pool with her and her family. We always went to her room to change into our bikinis. Our bodies were nicely developed and when he was around, her dad would always compliment us. To her it was a bit weird, but I always enjoyed the compliments.

A few months later her dad changed jobs and was home more often during the day time. At the same time my friend got more into sports and would be gone for a match during the day or in the weekend. I can remember we were in their kitchen having a snack and a drink, when I said I missed swimming, as her and I saw each other less at that point. Her dad's said I was welcome to swim even if my friend wasn't around. I was happy to hear that, so I came over a few times, even if she wasn't around.

Once or twice a week, when I went there, swimming, just the dad was around. He would invite me into the kitchen for snack and after a few invites, I finally started taking him up on it. The first time, while we talked, his hand slid over my legs. I was a little iffy about it, but he was sweet and didn't try anything. The next time, his hands migrated from my legs to my back. That's when I realized I liked the attention. He was a sweet, gentle guy, way better than the rough, horny boys at school, and he deserved way more than his prude, frigid wife. So I let him.

It took a few more visits before he let his hands go to my ass, but when he realized I didn't freak out, he moved them to the wet spot on my bikini bottom. He looked at me and I nodded that it was okay. Things had changed between us by that point, and I wanted to be around him, feeling his hand play with my privates.

The next time, he removed the fabric, and pushed his fingers inside me. Then he set me on the kitchen table and kissed me down there. I was too inexperienced to really know what to do, but I let him make me feel good. That was all he seemed to want to do that time.

The next time I came over, we both went swimming. His hands were all over my body, and he suggested nude swimming. I agreed, and that was the first time I saw a real, live dick, not just pics on the internet or from random snaps. It was also the first time I jerked anyone off, the first time seeing cum, and the first time I french kissed. The next couple times I came over, I had my first 69 and my first blowjob. God, I loved him and hated his wife for being married to him.

Things got messed up when I came over the next time. I started changing in my friends room like I did everytime and he came into the room naked and laid me in the bed. We kissed a little and then he took my virginity. However, we didn't knoe that my friends match was cancelled, and they came home while he still fucking me. We didn't hear them until they came in the door, and then it was too late to try to explain it away. They caught us red handed because while I might have been able to dress quickly, his clothes were on the other side of the house.

That was obviously the end of our friendship, and I still miss both my friend and my first love.




Back in the Craigslist days, I (female) was bored with my husband, so I was "cock shopping." I came across a gorgeous young, black guy with an amazing cock that only lived about a mile away from me. We met up and I knew something was off, but the sex was amazing. Afterwords, I found out he was in high school, and I kinda freaked a little, but he was cool about it.

Then he graduated and moved out of the state for college.

Two years went by with me back to “cock shopping” but now through Tinder because Craigslist no longer did personals. Covid hits, and I suddenly come across my old friend, who we'll call "Jerome."

He had to come back home and when I swipped right, we matched. We messaged and he was dtf. I checked with my husband and we made plans to have the kids out of the house for a few days, over at their cousins who were all vaxxed and willing to watch out kids.

Jerome pulled into my driveway around noon on a Thursday and as soon as he was in the house, I was on my knees sucking that huge cock. He wasn't a teen anymore, so all was good. But he was horny, and I barely had time to suck him before he literally picked me up off the ground and carried me to my bed where he fucked me in every way imaginable for hours until we passed out.

I woke him up in the morning with a blow job before he jumped in the shower because he needed to get back to his family and told me he'd see his way out. I was exhausted from the past 12 or so hours of him pounding every hole so I went back to sleep. When I woke up with Jerome's finger rubbing my pussy and his teeth gently pulling on my nipple, I realized it was almost 2:00pm. He whispered for me to come downstairs. I got up and followed him and that’s when I saw the two other guys sitting on my couch.

Jerome tells me not to get mad. He introduces them as his brothers, and he had told them how good I was at sucking big cocks that they wanted to see for themselves. By the time he finished saying that, they had already surrounded me and started playing with my boobs and ass. I was kinda stuck and knew they were both teens, but I was already naked, and they were already touching me. So I spread my legs to give the access to my pussy.

The oldest of the two came behind me, reached around to grab my throat, and growled in my ear, "You’re going to get on your knees and show me your head skills. And you’re going to swallow every drop of cum, then you’re going to do the same with Dante.” All I could do was whimper an agreement and then got on my knees. He came around in front of me and said, “Take my cock out bitch.”

I reached up and undid his pants. His cock was already partially hard and I took it in my mouth withou my hands and swallowed it whole. I sucked until it was hard, then I used my hands to start stroke the shaft while I sucked on his balls. I alternated between those while I felt myself getting wet despite the danger and the obvious issue with their ages.

Once I started deep throating, I felt both my hands being placed on the other two cocks so I started stroking them. Soon the older boy grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in all the way. He held it there as he flooded my throat with so much cum. Of course I swallowed it all before he let me go.

Dante stepped in front of me and shoved his cock between my lips. It was easily over 9 inches, which was crazy because he was probably only 14, and he pushed until his balls hit my chin. He pumped his cock in my throat, commenting to the others about how much better I was than another woman (or girl) he'd apparently been with. He could have been lying, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

Eventually, he pulled out and shot cum on my face, temporarily blinding me. While I was trying to clear my eyes, I was pushed onto the ottoman and Jerome grabbed my hips and pulled me up, then slid into my pussy. I cleared my eyes at that point and saw that the older boy was ready again, and he started fucking my mouth to keep me from screaming. They went back and forth between my pussy and mouth until I finally caved into being their slut.

Jerome had me climb onto Dante, who was hard again, Jerome slid into my ass. The older one watched and encouraged his little brother, and it became clear that the boy was actually a virgin despite talking a big game about getting a blowjob from someone else. Two of them pounded me hard and eventually the older boy came back "for more head game" and the three of them pounded into me until they filled me up. Not simultaneously, as Dante came sooner than his brothers, but I stayed on top of him until the other two were done.

Then the three just left me there, a mess of cum, in my living room. I was surprised and turned on by the fact they used all of my holes. Whe my phone chirped, I had a missed call from my husband and three messages on tinder from Jerome... they were his and his brother's numbers and he told me that they both wanted to use me again as soon as I needed more cock. When I replied, he commanded me to delete tinder because they had me "handled."

I deleted the app and called my husband to let him know he could come home. As I showered, I texted all three so that we could continue to meet up.

I know I'm going to hell for a lot of different reasons, but at least I have a few years with Dante before I have to start "cock shopping" again.




I (female) have a friend from my previous work place. I won't say where because it was a professional place, and the fact that she and I would hang out after work was just the wrong kind of thing to get us in trouble. Anyway, she had a son, who was 16 at the time of the incident described below (just before covid). I used to go over pretty regularly and hang out with her. She was a single mom so I tried to help her where I could with her kid, took him to games after his school etc. We celebrated holidays and everything together.

Anyways, one night I got message from her saying she was stood up and asked if I wanted to come get drunk with her so the bottle of wine she splurged on didn't go to waste. I don't drink wine but I was like 'hey okay, I'll come drink a glass with you and we can watch some trash tv'.

It was a chill evening. We smoked, another thing that would get us fired, and drank and watched tv and then I realized at about midnight I was a little to buzzed to drive home. She said I should just crash on her couch as she tossed me a blanket. She stayed up for about another hour before tossing in the towel and stumbling to bed. I heard her banging around before things went quiet and snuggled down into her couch to rest.

At about 4am I was woken up by someone coming into the room. The couch I was on you could see the hall leading to the bedrooms. I had fallen asleep and apparently slept wildly because when I was startled awake, I opened my eyes to see her son, standing there with slightly wide eyes just staring at me. I was confused at first until I looked down and saw my tits and eaten my tank top. I laughed nervously and fixed my shirt while he just shook his head saying something about his mom drinking again before turning back to head into the bedroom.

I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't. Laying there still too buzzed to drive I grabbed my phone, turned the volume super low and start watching porn. (I can explain), I wasn't getting laid at the time and it helped me to feel relax and get sleep, I was so into it with my fingers in my cunt that I hadn't realized I wasn't all the way covered up. I didn't think about the fact that if I could see down the hall, the people down the hall could see me. About ten minutes in, I'm soaking and like you can hear it when I thrust my fingers in and out. I happen to sit up to readjust and when I happen to glance up I see her son again. Standing in the hallway by the bathroom door like he was going in but stopped. My face immediately went red because like, how TF do you explain being knuckle deep on his mom's couch?

I obviously go to cover up as quick as I can when I hear him go 'wait..' Kid was ballsy as fuck for a teenager. I hesitated, my fingers out of my cunt now, it still visible. He's looking at me with a super heavy look in his eyes and he's breathing a little ragged. I looked down towards his hips and notice a bulge. He asks if he can come sit down, and I just nodded. I was still sitting with my legs spread, my buzzed self not really having the reaction time sober me does. He sits down and looks over at me, the bulge in his pants super noticeable. He tells, in a very quiet voice because his mom is sleeping that that was really hot and asked me if I would let him watch. Once again, ballsy as fuck kid. I contemplated it for a second and decided why TF not. I was obviously way less sober than I thought. Plus... it's not like I was fucking him. He was just watching, and he had a phone with internet access. Shit, covid forced me into OF, so now I'm sure a bunch of 16 year old boys have watched me do this, but this time was the first and the only time I knew the kids age.

So I agree and as I'm laying back to go back to fucking myself and this ballsy fuck asks me to pull my tits out like they were earlier. I did, my nipples hard as fuck. I startES fucking myself again, but I'm buzzed and very horny. A bad combination. I started teasing him. 'I bet you've been jacking off to my cleavage in your room huh?' and other fucked up shit like that. Remember, I've been an aunt to this kid for a couple years now...

As I'm shoving my fingers in me, he stands up, and fucking Mr. Ballsy asks if it's okay if he touches himself. I mean, the kid asked for consent, so I was super impressed. I said yes, of course. And let's be honest, fucked up half-buzzed, half-cumdrunk me was wanting to see how big he was because that bulge was tremendous.

He unbuttons his pants and his dick kinda pops out. Its biggish, at least 7.5 and has proper girth. I felt myself get even wetter and watched as he started stroking to me. We went like this for a few minutes, mutually masturbating, when Ballsy Mr. Bigshot asks if he can touch my tits. Again, kid went for consent and I was like so turned on at this point I was like 'fuck it, go for it.' He starts pinching my nipples and in no time I'm fucking myself hard. I was at the point that I had no fucks left to give and he's starting to breathe hard.

That's when this fucking kid asks me to touch his cock. And I was so gone, I didn't even think about it. I just sat right up, grabbed his cock, and pulled him into my mouth. Of course, thinking now, that was illegal and wrong, but at the time, I wasn't not thinking. He inhaled super hard and slapped his hand over his mouth to keep from waking his sleeping mom just down the hallway. His other hand went to the back of my head. He must have learned that from porn because he later admitted it was his firs time. But he did it like a pro.

I gave him head for like five minutes before my jaw was like 'bitch this dick to thick you better stop' and I popped him out my mouth. He visibly twitched after seeing the drool on my tits. I am turned on I leaned back, spreading my legs open. Without thinking, I rubbed my clit and told him he could fuck me. I realize this was really where I crossed the legality line, but I'm sure you've been in my situation before.

He said absolutely nothing while he moved close and shoving his cock in my soaking pussy. It felt fucking amazing. He was thick and the kid was a fucking natural considering that it was his first time (admittedly). Granted, it didn't last long, just a few minutes of him pumping his cock into me, groaning and moaning, but I was so close already, I was done before he was. I had to clamp my mouth shut to keep from waking his mom, but he unloaded in me a moment after that, so we were good.

When we finished, he shuffled back to his room and I passed out. When I woke up his mom was still sleeping so I just left a note saying I had gone home and went home before anyone woke up.

And that was it for us. I saw her at work, of course, and we gossipped, but kid did not snitch and his mom never found out. Then covid happened and we both lost our jobs. I'm still friends with her on social media and now that kid is an adult, I've slid into his DMs. That's how I know I was his first, and he's confessed that he still thinks about how amazing it was.




Once every couple of weeks, me and a few other Dads get together in my barn and put some of our home-made porn on the big theater screen. We get comfortable and pass around the lotion and all begin stroking our cocks.

As we get turned on, partly by the homemade porn of our girls made by the other guys (the girls have no idea we share these videos) and partly by being in the company of other like minded men, we lose all inhibitions.

Sometimes we invite a nearby prostitute over, but once we brought one of the neighbor girls into the barn. She was a confused 14 year old pretending to be 18 on tinder, but we knew... Eventually her hands cupped my neighbors balls and we encouraged her to stroke until he unloaded.

The first one to shoot tried to get as much of her face as coated as possible. Before long, thick jets of creamy spunk were flying through the air and hitting her arms and thighs.

We all left quietly until next time. Our Daddy's secret club is even secret to our girls, but as time goes on, we are starting to talk about actually bringing one of daughters to the barn...




A few years ago, when I (f) was 17, a new neighbor moved in down the block. Single black man, very friendly, veteran. My dad, also a veteran, became friends with this man who was younger than him, but still close to 20 years older than me. Like, I think he was my age when I was born.

Well there was a day where my father asked our neighbor to check the AC system while I was supposed to be at work. I worked at a starbucks in the summer. But early in the morning I had decided that I didn’t want to work and called out so I could just relax all day. The AC closet happened to be near my bedroom.

I had my noise cancelling headphones on, so when he walked in, I didn’t hear him. I had just gotten out the shower and had started to fuck myself on the staircase, thinking I had the whole house to myself for the day, and he walked up. He saw me with my legs open wide playing with my pussy and didn't turn away or stop. I didn’t noticed how long he’d been standing there but once I opened my eyes, I saw how hard his cock was.

I had just cum, so my mind was all kinds of frazzled, so I waited for him to say something. He waited for me. Eventually, I asked, "what are you doing here?" To which he responded, "I was gonna look at the AC. Now I'm thinking about tearing up that pussy." I told him I was 17 and he said, "Yeah, but you ain't a virgin, right?" I wasn't...

I gave in and let him try my cunt out. He was my first BBC and man did I struggle taking his dick. I tapped out a few times to recover from how thick he was, but he opened me up so much that I felt it for days after.

For about 3 months, I would sneak over to his place and let him fuck me for hours. He wanted to record it a few times when he realized he was being transfered for work, but I had to remind him that I wasn't 18.

Every time I go to my parents house now, like the holidays, I’m reminded about my first BBC. Sometimes I even get wet as I drive by his old place.




I (F) was 16 (29 now) and I got kinda raped by my friends dad. I had messaged my best friend a few times that day to see what she was up to, but she never answered and me. More time passed and I started to get a little worried so I decided to just go to her house and see what the deal was. It wasnt like her to never answer so I was worried.

So I got there and knocked on her door and her dad answered. I asked him if everything is okay and he told me that she was spending a few days with her mom (they are divorced) and they were out somewhere. I guess they didnt have good cell signal, so that made sense to me.

Well, her dad asked me what I was up to (he's known me since I was in kindergarten and I've grown up around him) these days and I said "nothing new" which was a lie because I had just lost my virginity. He says to me "Well, I was thinking about working out" (he had a home gym in the basement) and asked if I wouldnt mind being a spotter. My first thought was like.."hmmmm." I never (even now) say no to watching a man working out, but he lifted weights heavier than me so I knew I was going to be a terrible spotter. Sooooo I kinda had an idea things might be happening and maybe I shouldnt.... which is why I say I kinda got raped. My teenage slut brain took over because he was a pure dilf and so I say "yeah sure i can spot you."

I go into his basement, and I realized hed just gotten new equipment so I say "oh wow this gym is fucking amazing!" And then I apologized for saying the word "fuck" because like I said hes known me since it was little and we have a fatherly thing going...but he says "oh you can say it as much as you want. I dont give a fuck". That's when I really knew something was up because literally a week before, he heard us say it in her room and he chewed us out. But then he says to me "I just need to go change. I'll be right back," and my mind starts thinking about whether hes gonna come back wearing nothing or whats about to happen. But I didnt leave because my slut brain was working, but then he came in wearing shorts and one of those workout tank tops guys wear when they wanna show off their arms. He starts showing me around the gym and we get to his squat stand and hes like "this squat stand is my absolute favorite. It lets you work out so much of your body with the one movement. You wanna try it?" and I agreed but I'm not super strong. I used to run a lot and I didnt do weights, so we decide to just have me squat with a bar.

I get in position and I go down for the first squat and as I come back up, he was shaking his head. I asked him "whats wrong" and he says "your form is really bad, you need to close your legs a little bit and bring them shoulder width." I moved my legs out a bit and ask if thats about right and he says yes. so I go down for another squat and again he was shaking his head again. "oh no what did i mess up this time?" He tells me "Your form is bad and if you were lifting anything heavier you could throw out your back, here let me show you." He stands behind me and puts his hand on my hips and starts to guide me down into another squat..hands on my hips the whole time and, as I could see in the mirror, eyes glued to my ass. "Much better" he said and then "go for one more" while his hands were still on my hips. I go down for one more squat and this time, as I went down...his hands didnt go down with me...they slide up my side and down my back... He had me repeat that a few times, his hands sliding up and down my back. After a few times his hand goes under my shirt as I go down and he grabs my boobs.

I didn't know what to do so I stood there. He tells me "go again" and I do, but when I came up this time, he hand snagged my shorts and pulls them down. Fatherly figure out the window. But then he says "again" this time more growling and commanding and so I squat one more.

As I came up he pulled my shorts down around my ankles... he tells me "again" but takes his hands off me. When I went down he pulled down his shorts and reveals his hard cock as he rubs it agains my panties. But I wasnt able to go all the way back up and he pushed me down. With the weights I fell kinda pinned but the bar fell to the side a moment later.

He grabbed my head and forces me to start suckint his cock and I felt dirty because its the cock of someone Ive known almost as long as I can remember, but the salty precum quickly made me forget about that. He says with a little smile "You suck better than you squat." I looked up kinda scared but all I could say was "mmm" with his cock in my mouth.

After a few minutes of him forcing me suck him, I started going a little faster, thinking if he comes, I can leave. He takes his shirt off and then he pulls back a little bit until hes out of my mouth. The he grabs my shirt and pulls it over my head and throws it on the floor. He stared at all 97 lbs of me and all of a sudden he just picks me up and slams me on my back against the bench.

I didn't know what to do but he did and he grabbed my thighs to part them. My shorts got in the way, so he tore them off me and threw them somewhere in the room. The he grabbed his cock and slides the head up and down my pussy before he slowly guided it in. I let out a kinda terrified cry because this was only my second time...I think it might have given him some extra motivation because he pushed the rest of his cock in hard. feeling him thrusting inside me felt amaaaaazing and I stopped fighting him. I think he asked me if I liked being a little whore and I think I said yes because he started thrusting hard into me rocking the weight bar with probably three times my weight that he had sitting above my head.

In between thrusts he started to pick up his pace slamming into me harder and harder. it was starting to feel so fucking amazing and I felt like a huge slut. He was like basically my dad too but I was conflicted because it felt good. Better than my first time.

well...when I get close I start to close my legs a bit...I guess its my instinct. This time was no different and he started hitting it hard thinking I was fighting him. I tightened my legs around him because I was could feel something I had never felt really up to that actual orgasm. He growled at me to stop being a fucking bitch and pinned me to the bench with his huge hands while he destroyed me. The harder I came the more he pounded me into the bench cushion and that sent him over the top. All I remember was "fuck....aaaaaaarrrghhhh" and then he stopped. I remember feel the throbbing inside me and I knew what that meant.

I guess he never intended to cum inside me because you know that could be evidence but because he thought I was fighting him he kept pushing. He threw me onto the floor and then stood there over me looking me up and down before he finally said "You need to go take a shower and wash out whatever you can. After that we need to take you to " I did what he said and then took the plan b pill after because he was worried he knocked me up and then he dropped me at my house.

I didnt really know what to tell my friend or my family. He had obviously raped me but I could have left and I enjoyed it. He said that to me when he dropped me off too that it wasnt rape if I kinda wanted it. I am still conflicted about it but I know he had no intent to make it about me so it was obviously all about him and therefore rape but I've been with guys consentually now that have made it all about them so there's no difference.

Fwiw Im not mad at him at all. It was scary at the time but Im over it now and the fact that he kinda thought he knocked me up is really hot to me now.




Everytime I see a girl 13-17 post how they want to be fucked by an older guy I just wish I could be the one to do it. I'm 27