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I'm a female. when i was 4 or 5 a girl named Stacy started babysitting me. she was 17. reddish/auburn hair, green eyes, petite, full tits, thin. she was pretty, but mainly she was sexy. she would lick food off my fingers. she showed me sex scenes in movies. i do remember watching porn with her a few times. even at my young age, i was attracted to her. i wanted to aggressively go up to her and grab her tits and suck them. i was only 4 but when we watched anything sexual my pussy would start to tingle. she flirted with me a lot. sometimes shed hug me and press her tits into my chest a kinda wiggle around. it was all i could do not to feel her up. she would graze and lightly rub my nipples and pussy lips during bathtime. eventually she had us start acting out the sex scenes we'd see in movies. i eagerly agreed. she told me which scene we were going to do. she walked over and began kissing my lips. she even put her tongue in my mouth. she was playing the husband and i was the wife. she stripped naked and undressed me as well. she took me to the couch and had me lay down. she continued kissing me as well as rubbing my nipples. she kissed down my neck and chest right to one of my nipples. she licked and kissed it over and over her other hand slid between my legs and she stroked the outer lips of my little pussy. then she got me to get on all fours. she humped my mouth then my butt

anothertime she licked and fingered my pussy. she broke my hymen. before long it stopped hurting and i loved the feeling of her finger inside of me. i kept wanting her more and more. i would play with my pussy and think of all she did to me.

soon we saw a porn and i quickly called being the husband so i could finally touch and taste her. she finally agreed. i told her to get naked and to touch herself the way the girl in the porn did. i watched her rub her clit and i then went to one of her strawberry nipples and put it in my mouth. my body was feeling so many intense sensations i never had before. i sucked on then for a while. then i slid my hand between her legs. slowly i approached her pussy lips and opened them. all of a sudden her skin became very very wet. i was just kinda feeling everything and then i found her pussy hole. i put 2 little fingers in she got even wetter. then i laid on her, grinding my pussy into hers. i even humped her. i was so worked up.

she babysat atleast once a week for 3 hours. the entire time was just us watching porn and masterbating and getting eachother off. i always was asking my mom when Stacy could babysit again.

i had another sitter who pretended to breastfeed my doll as i watched. i got closer and closer, eyes fixed on her tit. she asked me if i wanted to breast feed. i said yes. i sat on her lap and sucked her big tit. she'd rub my chest and pussy over my clothes while i was sucking her tit. she would let me do it a real long time. after i was done, she would rub her clit and get off while i watched.

there was this nice girl that came to babysit a few times. she always brought her guitar and sang me folk songs. she was very sweet and very pretty. i told her about the one sitter breast feeding my baby doll. i asked her if she wanted to. she laughed and politely said no. but then she said it would be ok with her if i wanted to look at her breasts. she was in a top that was off the shoulders. she slid down the sleeves revealing she was not wearing a bra. they were full. not big. she had this beautiful olive skin. i was in awe looking at her breasts. she said i could touch them if i wanted to. i was rubbing them and decided i was going to lick her nipples. i started to and she did not stop me. i licked and sucked on them. that only happened once with her.




My wife’s dad was made to slip his little four year old cock into his brand new baby sister. His mom had been sucking him since birth.

When she delivered her daughter she was so excited that she had a girl that she told her mid-wife, (back then they gave birth at home), to lay the new born little girl down beside her and then instructed the mid-wife to lift her son up and place his cock in his sister’s little cunt.

She hooked two fingers in his little asshole and started lifting his body up & down to teach him how to fuck his sister. Once he felt how wonderful fucking was she couldn’t stop him from fucking his little sis, and then eventually her, anytime he wanted.

As I’m sure you can figure out, that was the start of my wife’s family incest training. My wife experienced the exact same birth day welcome with her 3 year old brother.

She was sucking tits, clits, and cocks on day one.




I got a call from my 14yo niece the other day wanting to talk about some "girl stuff," seemed fine to me since my sister's first reaction to anything awkward is to constantly make fun of it. So I go and pick her up and we drive around for a bit, just hanging out.

Finally, she gets up the courage and asks if i "you know... shave?" Ah, grooming tips, that's no problem. We stop by the store and I bring her home. With a great deal of giggling, we get into the shower and I give her the rundown on being nice and smooth, though she does opt to keep a neat little soul patch just like her cool auntie (33f, btw).

I live alone, though I do have a good friend with benefits who comes by or I go over there and a couple other friends I like sexting with. I don't make a huge thing about it since it's really no one's business, but I'm one of those weird girls who's into other girls. The topic gets broached a little awkwardly because lately my niece has been peeking at the other girls in the showers at school and thinking about them at night when she's "alone." She's a little nervous about it since her mother leans pretty heavily to the right and they don't get along real famously with "the gays."

I tell her it's fine, a couple of her mother's best friends are super lesbians and she knows her little sister likes cooch smooching too, a bit of bi-curiosity isn't going to result in a massive blow up or anything. She starts asking me about what it's like, if it's really like it is in porn, the kinds of women Ive been with. I'm trying to be the helpful aunt and answering honestly and without any judgement. I mean, it's not like I waited until I was 18 to look at porn or have sex.

I did keep it outside the family though. It turned out that all these pointed questions, the two of us alone and naked in a steamy bathroom, all of it was to sucker me into a position for some hands on education. I did my due diligence, told her this really wasn't the way to go about it, but the little cunt just sat there grinning, naked and forbidden. I weakened.

We dried off and I brought her to my bed, she sat on the edge and spread her legs, offering the sweetest little pussy I'd seen since my own first time. I got down and started to eat her out, immediately that sensual little vixen melted away and she was just a 14 year old virgin enjoying the touch of someone else. That little underage peach was so sweet, freshly shaved not more than a half hour before. I can still feel those silky little folds against my tongue.

She knew about her clit, between her parents and two siblings her options are just to rub out a quick one when she can, so I slid a finger into that hot little hole and gave her a good education on her g-spot as well as a deep vaginal orgasm. I'll never forget the sight of her squirming, going through an orgasm that blew her little head right off.

I told her to take a moment because she was going to learn how to eat pussy like a good girl. She was eager and enthusiastic, bordering on hyper, but with a few pointers she settled in and even gave me some fireworks of my own. Maybe it was a habit from the porn, but she sat back and told me how good my pussy tasted and I swear I almost came again.

Having had a fuck buddy or two, I've got a share of toys. I broke out the strap-on and laid her back, easing into her with a little lube just to be sure. I held it inside her to let her get used to a toy made for adults while I sucked on her perky little titties. She is going to be such a hottie one day. I gave her some slow, loving missionary for being such an awesome niece, then I flipped her over, grabbed her hips, and fucked her doggy style for being a bad little bitch who seduces her aunt who's just trying to help.

We rested a bit and got back in the shower together before getting dressed and ready to take her back home. She has my number though, just in case she wants to talk about "girl stuff" again.




I am a girl. When I was 12 I was in the hospital with migraines. I went off to do some test that required electrodes on my head. As the lady performing the test was adhering the wires I felt her pussy brush against the top of my hand My hand was on the arm of the wheelchair I was sitting in. She’s move and her pussy would rub down onto the back of my hand. She did this over and over. Then she moved to the other side and began somewhat bumping the back of my other hand. My 12 year old pussy was warm and tingling. She was blonde. Not bad looking. Big tits. Small waist. Nice big ass. I didn’t know what to do. I just let her rub. Then, all of a sudden, I turned my hand over under her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy over her pants gently. She took my hand and put it in her pants. I felt her silky panties. They were wet in the crotch. I just rubbed ever so lightly. I wasn’t sure what to do. She got my fingers inside her panties and I kept stroking her. She lifted her shirt. No bra. Super perky big tits. She put them in my face. I stayed still. She laughed and told me to start sucking one. I licked her pinkish brown nipple and started sucking. My pussy was going crazy. She guided a finger into her pussy and started gripping my finger and sliding up and down. She took her hand and played with my 32a titties. It felt so good. I wanted to explode. Then she put her hand under my hospital gown. I had white cotton panties on. She rubbed me over the panties then finally slid the to them side and stroked my clit. She rubbed it a few moments and I unexpectedly came. She let me suck and finger her a few moments longer and then she pulled her shirt down. She just went back to administering the wires on my head as if nothing happened. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.




We had a small get together at our home several months ago and invited all of the people that work in our small office. One of the ladies the came is a 60-65 year old lady named Myrna. She and my wife hit it off right away and have become very good friends. My wife is 47 and out sexlife is very active. I noticed that Myrna was taking off a lot in the afternoon supposedly to care for grandchildren. One day I have very little pending so I took off early and when I got home Myrna's car was in the drive way. I walked in my living room and found my wife, nude, splayed out on the couch and Myrna fucking her hard witha strap on. She kept saying "you love grandma's big dick dont you?". Needless to say I fuck them both.




47 year old female. My best friend is 10 years younger than I am She’s smokin hot. I decided I had to be with her. I got some of her Xanax and put it in a shake for her. She passed out 20 minutes later. I sucked her perfect tits. I licked her beautiful pussy. But then I fucked her with a strap on. It was so hot. I put the dildo in her mouth after I fucked her. My dad lives with me. He walked into my room as I was fucking her. I couldn’t stop. Dad is 78. He got up next to the bed and started jerking off as I rammed that strap on in her over and over. I was thinking how hot this could really get I stoped fucking her and got off of her. I told him to enjoy. He rubbed his cocky all over her mouth and tits. He fingered her hard and sucked her tities. I loved watching him eat her Pussy. His tongue is so long. Finally he crawled on top of her and slipped his cock in her pussy He fucked her so good as I watched.




I drugged my friend She’s 32 with a perfect body. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. 32D tits. Small waste. Nice ass. Cute legs. She’s sexy as fuck. But she’s not into girls. I gave her some ecstasy and a roach. She was up a while and horny as fuck. Very agreeable. I got her to take off all her clothes and do a strip tease for me. She makes a great exotic dancer. She was rubbing her tits into mine and grinding her ass on my pussy. Then she put her tits in my face. I took the opportunity and started groping her and sucking her tits. She let me. I rubbed her tits all over my face and licked them both. I had a great idea. I have a friend who thinks she’s really hot and is dying to fuck her. I called him to come over. When he got there he found me with my head between her legs. She was moaning as I licked her pretty pussy. I saw him and said - have fun.

He took off his clothes and got in bed with her. He kissed and licked her face. Stuck his tongue in her mouth. She kissed him back. He started fondling her tits. He licked down her neck to her nipple and started slobbering all over them. She loved it.

Mind you, my friend is not good looking. He’s quite fat and always seems sweaty. He always wanted to fuck this girlfriend of mine. As he sucked on her tits he finger fucked her. Hard. Really hard. Then he got on the side of the bed and shoved his dick in her mouth.she started licking it slowly taking the head in her mouth. Then she went all the way down on his hard cock. Deep throating him. He was juggling her tit as she did. He was getting close to cumming when he pulled his dick out and turned her on her belly bringing her legs over the side of the bed. He went down on her from behind- getting her good and wet. He stood up and rammed his cock in her pussy. He fucked her hard. Grunting and groaning. I was so turned on that I started rubbing my pussy watching. He’s about 53.

It was seriously one of the hottest nights of my life