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Insanely Taboo to think back on it but I’m wet thinking about some wild things I’ve done growing up.

• My first sexual experience was with my mums partners daughter, we were 10-11.

Not knowing what we were doing but I licked her nipples and pussy, I have a memory of us hanging out at a school playground one day in one of the tunnels and I licked it there too.

One of my primary school friends and I used to lick each others nipples as well, we didn’t even have breasts growing yet.

This was before I had even had my first boyfriend or kissed a boy.

• Another time I slept in my mums bed one night, she had a different partner at this stage and he was in there too. I was in the middle, she was asleep and I started to fall asleep until I felt him slowly pull my knickers down (I was 11) and he was starting to insert his cock into me but I could tell he was hesitant and he stopped. I was shocked, didn’t say nothing and mum never found out. (Sexually assaulted obv) but anyway,

He used to groom me heavily, loved taking me shopping, buying me things and treating me lovely. Like he was my dad.

He ended up passing away, but apart of me secretly wishes I knew exactly what he was doing when I was that young. I would’ve loved to surprise him when mum wasn’t around by spreading my legs open on his couch, the thought of him forcefully saying he needs to lick my little clit because I’m a good girl to him makes me feel drenched. The thought of him taking his cock out and throwing it towards my mouth..

Oh well.

• i used to live on farm land with my family. I had two horses, a dog, cats. Huge horse girl I am, at this stage I was 12 and feeling sexually active. I remember walking out to the paddock at night when everyone was asleep, I came across a naughty video on the internet one time of a girl licking a dogs cock and I wanted to try it on my horse. I was intrigued. My horse was peacefully standing, I led him to a tree where I wasn’t in view of any lights and started to feel underneath him, it slowly started to grow in my hand, expanding wider and wider and I reached under to open my mouth to it. I felt so nervous, scared to be caught in the moment so I licked it and tried my best to suck it for a quick few minutes then gave him a pat and ran back inside.

From this, I was at a family’s BBQ with their friends, obv still a kid and they had a big male dog. I went to go play in a room in the house and the dog followed me, I had naughty thoughts so I closed the door. I remember seeing the video of the girl playing with a dog cock so I started to rub him and I saw it slowly coming out. Red as ever, wet at the tip and rock hard. I knew there wasn’t a lock on the door, so I gave it a quick lick and ran out. (That’s a scary thought, imagine being a kid and adults find you sucking on a dogs cock?) I knew it was naughty.

Back at my farm house one night I took the dog out to the shed with me, I had peanut butter and I spread my legs open putting some on my pussy. I wanted to be licked, it happened. Not as much as I had wanted, I could have anything or anyone lick me for 24hours if they wanted to.

Yum. So long story short I have sucked a horses cock, a dogs and had my cunt licked by one.

I haven’t done this crazy stuff in YEARS, but the thought of playing around with a dog for a few mins gets me riled up. I wouldn’t have one fuck me, but I’d suck tf outta him.

I’ve given older boys bj’s when I was heavily underage and I lied about my age to them, 2 used to come to my paddock at night and I’d do it there.

I had two guys who were brothers both sexually play with me, they’d finger me and drive me around. I’d give one bj’s in the back of his van.

I have so many wild memories as a teenager and young kid.

My boyfriend now, who I deeply fucking love is never tell this to him EVER. But I always love telling him that I love to be nasty, maybe he still hasn’t caught on. The most I’ve done that’s dirty with him is eat his ass, I fucking love it, he doesn’t prefer it and says it doesn’t feel bad but loves the thought of me being dirty which turns him on with it.




I have wanted to taste little girl pussy for as long as I can remember. 3-7 preferred age but would go younger. Nothing to traumatize them, maybe a blindfold then open those little lips and eat that sweet cunt




So I was baby sitting my friends dog. He was really sweet and super cuddly wouldn’t get off your lap type dog! When I went up to bed he wouldn’t stop whining so I brought him upstairs in the end. Half way through the night he kept trying to get under the covers so I let him just thinking he wanted to get warm and he crawled straight up to my pussy and began trying to lick it at first I was like wtf no way!! But after a few attempts I just gave in and let it happen I pulled my panties down and let the dog tuck in, I would be lying if I said he was doing it for ages because it took me all of 5 minutes to cum! Dogs really do know how to make you feel good! After about a hour I let him have a second go and this type I used my dildo aswell and squirting all in his mouth he drank every last drop and it turned me on so fucking much! I really need to invest in a dog of my own because I would make it lick my pussy every night without fail!




My friend has this medium sized dog that is so sweet and chill but has separation anxiety so sometimes he follows people into the bathroom when we go in and we laugh about it.

There was one time he followed me in and I laughed and let him, closing the door behind me. I gave him a pat but then when I sat down to pee the way he stared I got curious and pushed my panties to my ankles and spread myself open to see what he would do and sure enough he buried his face and sloppily lapped at my pussy.

It felt so incredibly good I leaned back and let him eat me out while my friends sat in the livingroom close by. I came so fast on his big tongue. I wish I could visit to do it again soon.




Several years ago, I was at the beach with my boyfriend. My best friend came to stay one night at the condo we were renting. I got really drunk and I have always wanted to lick some pussy, so I hit on my friend. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy and she did not have to do anything to me if she did not want to just as long as she let me eat her pussy. She turned me down. She is completely straight, not bisexual like me. Next morning beside the pool, I apologized. I told her I was not sure what came over me. I told her I was not attracted to her and was just shit faced. She forgave me, and years later, we are still best friends, and the incident is never mentioned. The thing is, I lied to her that morning beside the pool. I still want to eat her pussy and I always admire her big tits. She is often who I fantasize about while I masturbate. I have this fantasy where she has not had a man in a long time and so she is really horny. She’s kind of a slut, so she is dying for attention. This time she does not turn me down (only in my fantasy). I take off her top and press her big titties together and suck and lick her nipples until she is positively squirming. She is still wearing a skirt and panties. I pull up her skirt and her panties are wet. I run my finger up and down her wet slit teasing her pussy through her panties. All the while she is moaning. I take off her skirt and panties. Finally, my sweet reward is before me. She opens her legs so I can get to her juicy pussy. I kiss her outer lips and tease her until she is half crazy with lust and that pussy is dripping wet. Finally I taste her sweet juices as I lick and suck her erect clit as she writhes and moans and soon she cums with my face buried in her lucious snatch. Then I play with her pussy, fucking it with toys and making her cum some more. I dream of doing this while I rub my clit to a massive orgasm. Maybe some day.




once while staying the night at a friends house in the guest room, one of the dogs wanted to sleep in that room with me. for some reason i was really horny that night and i took off my pants and underwear and laid down waiting for her to jump on the bed.

when she did she immediately started sniffing in between my legs and took a small lick and it felt amazing. she was one of those dogs that is always licking something so she went to town all over my pussy and my clit.

i was getting so wet and she liked how i tasted i think because she was especially licking my hole and her tongue even felt like it slipped inside me at some points with how hard she was licking me.

she was doing it for so long that i got overstimulated and had to move her away, but she wanted to keep licking. i wish i had let her. i want to do it again.




I’ve never told anyone this before, but it feels ok to do it now.

When I was 13 and 14 I babysat a little girl that was the daughter of a woman my mom worked with. She was a little terror - 3 and still in her terrible two’s. I would be so tired when she’d get dropped off at 7a.m. I just wanted to go back to sleep.

So, I’d do things to stay alert - read her stories and put on tapes for her to watch and things. One morning I was just horny and I wanted to sneak off and rub my clit and then go back to watching her. I went into the bathroom and stuck a hand in my little gym shorts and tried to be as fast as I could. But it wasn’t happening, so I grabbed one of my makeup brushes I kept in the drawer and liked to play with. I’d rub the soft head of it on my clit and then put the handle in my pussy.

I leaned back onto the counter to get a good angle and was tickling my clit, lost in how good it felt before I realized the little brat had walked in on me.

She was blond, tiny even for 3. She said all excited and loud, “makeup!”

And I had been so close to cumming, so wet, so fucking horny, the kind you get only when you’re a teen and just want to rub yourself on any and everything to see how it feels - I just said, “Yes, makeup - do you want some?”

She said yes, so I rubbed the brush I’d had on my pussy against her face, and then I told her to come in. I locked the door this time. I told her we were going to put make up on our pussies. She looked confused so I explained - she called her privates her “bobo”. “It feels really good to put makeup on your bobo.” I pulled my shorts totally off, panties too and sat back onto the counter, my pussy about eye level with her. “Ever seen a big girl’s bobo?” She shook her head no. She looked at me then. “I call mine ‘pussy.’” She looked more and I slid the brush slowly down my clit so she could see. I shuddered. “It feels good, but really only big girls can do it, if I let you, you can’t tell anyone, you’ll get in trouble.”

“No telling!” She agreed. She pulled her little shorts down and I picked her up and sat her on the counter, kneeling in front. I painted that little baby pussy with my brush while she talked.

“Feels good,” she said over and over.

I took the tip of the slim handle and barely pressed it inside her hole. “It feels really good when you can fit something in here but you can’t yet.”

I told her I was going to use my fingers now. She was pretty wet, visibly so, as I rubbed a finger tip on her clit, pressing down a little. She actually fucking moaned and I nearly came. “Now, I want to lick it and make it clean ok?”

I realized what I was doing was wrong, but it was like she was a sex toy or something. A fun little addition to all the masturbating I did.

She said ok to my licking her and I went to town. I licked that tiny, hairless, slippery cunt until my tongue hurt and she was moaning in what may have been pain even. She seemed to cum though. She tried to back away and told me she needed to pee. My own orgasms were sometimes that intense and I spoke with my lips against her bald pussy, “it’s ok, if you pee, just do it in my face, sweetie,” and then she let go and started to shake a bit. It was a little extra wet. She might have squirted some - a thing I didn’t know existed at the time.

Then I asked her if she wanted to see what her bobo tasted like. She eagerly agreed. I told her to lick my face, and she licked her own cum off me. I opened my mouth and she took the hint, sticking her tongue on mine and wiggling it, then pulled back giggling. “That’s like my mommy and Mike.”

“Yes we can kiss like them, but that’s more grown up stuff. Nobody can know.” She kept kissing me, sloppy and then I grabbed her little face, and jammed my tongue down her throat, slurping, spitting into her. I felt kind of aggressive, I didn’t want to hurt her but I kind of did. I picked her up off the counter now, her bare wet pussy warm through my tshirt against my waist.

“Can I see your boobies?”

“Yes, but I want to see yours too, ok?”

We both took our shirts off. Her flat chest and tiny rosy nipples were so cute. She touched mine. Her eyes were kind of glassy as she stroked them.

“Do you have milk?”

I explained I didn’t but then told her I wanted her to suck like I did. She put both her little hands on one tit and clamped onto my nipple, sucking so dutifully, moaning a little. I guess it reminded her of nursing. I lazily stroked my clit while she sucked and I cradled her blond head. I shifted her around a little and played with her pussy while she sucked. She nuzzled in, eyes closed and legs flopped open while I played with her. She had this total relaxed look on her face. Like bliss.

“You’re a good girl, only the best girls get to play like this. Only good girls get to play with their pussies together.” She smiled as she sucked and I was so turned on watching her suck and smile and tapping a finger on her clit I was fighting the urge to cum hands free.

I was trying to decide how I wanted to cum. I wanted to have her tongue on me. I laid back on the bath rug and spread my legs. “Will you lick me clean?”

“Yes, like a big girl. Your pussy is pretty!”

She crouched down and began licking, just as feverishly, as excitedly as I’d licked her. I watched her blond curls bounce between my legs. Her tonight was tiny but she was right on my clit like she knew. I didn’t have to direct her. “Suck it into your mouth like you did my nipple, honey.” When she did that, my legs shook. “Suck my pussy, you are such a good girl!”

I grabbed her head as I was about to cum and smashed her face hard against me, grinding my clit into her face…”lick my fucking pussy….I love your baby pussy, play with your bobo while you make me cum…”

I exploded into the best orgasm ever.

I fucked that kid until she was 12, offering to babysit free even. We did everything there is to do together - I even had my boyfriend fuck her once while I sat in her face. I can’t believe she never told anyone, but then she had a good time. I was always a little forceful with her. It always makes me smile when I think about how annoying she was until I taught her to be good. I would literally tell her to sit still or I wouldn’t lick her, or to pick up her toys so we could do big girl things and she’d immediately do what I asked.

She wanted it. Whoever says that kids can’t consent is wrong. She wanted it. She even asked for it. She’d finish breakfast or a cartoon and sit next to me and rub one of my tits and ask, “Can we play with our pussies?” Or “Will you lick me clean?” After she’d peed. Her favorite thing to do was to lay in my lap and suck nipples while I rubbed her bald baby pussy. It seemed comforting to her and I sometimes wondered if her mom did that to her.