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I am Davy. I am grown now and have never had sex with few girls. Here is why. For as long as I can remember I was the sex toy of men and boys. I can remember as far back as age three and all of those memories are of sex with my Dad. So he was sucking me before I could talk. I was addicted to the feelings of being sucked and messaged by him. My dick was always hard at that age and sometimes it was hard to pee because of my contant or near constant erections. It was that that my wonderful beautiful Dad, as he later told me, that he could not help but take advantage of. I got weenie tickles even when I peed. It was orgasmic and when Dad would suck me off I would shoot pee like sperm. I had creamy white skin and long red hair and as I grew older I developed girlish curves. Sometimes he would dress me as a girl. Mom knew all about it and when it sometimes was uncomfortable at being hard or near hard all of the time, she would use olive oil to masterbate me, and it always worked to get me down a bit. But my little boy dick would later start to itch and get tickly under the head. I learned that if I complained about it, mom or dad or both would give me a good hard jack off secession and some oral sex. I loved it. From age four on, Dad taught me to suck back and so I did and I loved it because I knew how good it felt. My Mom used to spoon me and jack me off in their bed. Yet when I would wake up naked and roll over on my back, my corcumcised weenie would be as hard as ever and Dad took care of it for me.

So when I was six, the older boys in the neighborhood began to notice. It was summer and I was in the back yard wearing white boxer shorts only and a girl’s tank top with my long hair loose over my shoulders. A ten year old boy named Scott came over and he saw the buldge in my shorts. He said, “You have a woody don’t you Davy”? I nodded yes and he said, “Can I see it”? I flushed red and said, “But only Dad and Mom see me with a woody”. He smiled and said, “Wow! What does your Dad do to it”? I said , “He sucks it to make me weenie tickle and I do him too. We play weenies”.

That was amazing for him.

So he took me out of the yard to his back yard and into the shed. “Lets play weenies, you and me Davy”. I got a burning in my tummy and my dick now poked out of the boxers. He got horny! Oh my did he ever! He got naked in front of me! He took hold of my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles. My large erect dick shot up like a spring when it became free of the shorts. He was ten, yet my dick was bigger than his and very fat. So we started rubbing them together and kind of humping with the two undersides of our gay dicks rubbing and well he made me weenie tickle in a minute, so sensitive was I at that age and I cried out like a girl. Make dick do that Davy! Please I need you to”.

So I laid the bigger boy down and began sucking him. I sucked him for a long time and rubbed the under side of that sexy dick with my tongue. Then he was face fucking me and cried, “Oh crap I’m getting it! Dick tickle oh fuck me in the weenie I’m cumming”! He had gone into early puberty, and although he didn’t have any hair, my mouth filled with cum and I drank it like I did with my dad’s dick.

So then I stood up and said, “Now you suck mine Scott”. He got on his knees and he began to give me a wonderful blow job and my hard dick needed it. I hugged his head as he loved me and soon he had me cumming hard in his mouth, but without shooting sperm.

So I told him to leave and come back with some oil. Scott got dressed and left me naked in the shed. In a few minutes he came back with crisco. “Get naked with me and lay down”, I said. So when he was naked on the floor, I rubbed oil all over our dicks. We lay there jacking each other off. Then I had a thought. Why not fuck him like Dad fucks Mom. So I told him to get up on all fours. I came around behind him on my knees and pushed my hard woody up his butt. It was heaven as I, a six year old boy had complete control over a ten, almost eleven year old boy. I leaned across his butt and wrapping my small arms around his waist, I grasped his dick in both fists and began jacking my new boyfriend off as I pump fucked him up the butt!! I came hard again and I heard him in an almost whimper saying, “ I’m fucking cumming Davy! Jack me off”! He came in my hands and they were sticky with white semen. We were lovers from then on.

But word got around and the teen boys in the neigborhood were all over me. They always wanted to see the little femboy who always had a woody. I would never turn them down and by the time I was twelve and in puberty, I had been the desired object of many gay gangbangs, sucking and fucking and being left naked and sticky with sperm all over my femboy body, up my butt, down my throat and in my hair. And although I quit fucking mom, sex with dad was a nightly thing. I used love to edge him, bringing him to the brink with my small femboy fingers, and then stopping. It was torture for him and finally I let him cum, I would put the dick that made me into my mouth and suck down hard on the circumcised head and take his load of sperm into my mouth a drink. He would do the same to me and still does. It was a joyful erotic childhood, simply because I always had a woody.




I have a 10 year old daughter. I’m a 48 year old make. My father is 70. When I was growing up I frequently saw my father molesting my little sisters. He didn’t hurt them, in fact they seemed to enjoy it. I would walk in on him licking and fingering their pussies almost daily. My sisters are 5 and 7 years younger than I am. When I was 10 dad got me to help him molest my sisters for the first time. I had never touched a girl, or even thought much about it. But this day dad showed me their little nipples and pussies and I was ready to lick them. I helped him molest my little sisters until I was 20. By then I was fucking both my sisters, Age 15 and age 13. My wife finally gave birth to a girl 10 years ago. I was so happy. I never touched her until she turned 10. One afternoon my father and I were watch my daughter while my wife was at an all day conference. Dad said it was time to introduce my daughter to our family secret. I’d never considered molesting my daughter until that moment. But as soon as dad brought it up my dick started twitching. And I was surprised my dad was even still interested in sex.

Dad, can you still get hard? Can you still cum?

I asked him

Oh yes, son. When it’s a young girl I stand at attention.

He said and laughed.

Dad and I went to her playroom down the hall.

Honey, grandpa and I have a game we want to play with you. I told her.

Ok daddy. I love games.

She said with a smile.

My dad got on the floor and told her to lay down. She was wearing a short skirt and a little shirt. When she laid down I saw her white, cotton panties.

I couldn’t stop looking. My mouth was watering.

Dad got right next to her and told her this was a touching game and it was all to make her feel good. She smiled.

Dad started lightly stroking her crotch over her panties. I got down next to them and started sliding my hand up her shirt. She had small, puffy nipples. I started to suck on one as my daughter giggled. Dad moved down between her legs and pulled her underwear down. Immediately he started strobing her clit.

That feels good doesn’t it sweetie?.

I asked her.

It feels strange daddy.

Don’t worry honey it will start to feel really good just relax and give it a chance.

I went back to sucking her pussy tits. I grabbed her hand and moved it onto my crotch to get her to rub my throbbing cock. I took out my hard cock and placed her hand around it. Then I started jerking my cock, my hand over her hand. It felt so damn good. She just went with everything. Dad was sucking and licking and slobbering and slurping all over her clit. It made me horny to hear that. He slowly began to insert a finger into her

It may be uncomfortable for a moment but it will start feeling good again. He told her

He broke her hymen and began fingering her pussy slowly and gently. I told dad to move so I could lick her. I stuck my tongue in her juicy wet pussy. Dad got his dick out and had my daughter start licking and sucking it. It was hot. He came pretty fast. All over her tits. My did was twitching. I wanted to cum. I got us in the 69 position so I could lick her little pussy while she sucked my cock. Just like dad I finished pretty quick. I came in her mouth though. She took it in stride and just swallowed it all.

It’s been about three months that dad and I have been molesting my daughter. We even started fucking her. I love when she goes down on dad’s cock while I lick her clit and finger her hole.

She told me the other day that grandpa took her for a ride in his old Cadillac. It has bench seats. He fingered her as they drove. After a while she said they were in a vacant lot where grandpa put her pussy on his dick and he came rubbing her lips on his hard cock.

My wife once told me her dad got stuck when she was about 7 years old and came into her room and molested her. That story makes my dick get hard. Next time her dad comes over I’ll have a nice young treat for him.




This is Weenie Tickle Boy. When I was eight years old, and loving a life of gay sex with my lover, 12 year old Rodney, I got horney for my Dad.

It was the summer and school was out. Daddy ran a gas station and I was at work with him. I was wondering about his dick and my tummy was burning. My dick was rock hard in my red shorts and I was desperate for sex. Rodney wasn’t there and if I had been at home in the back yard, he would have already had me bare naked in the shed on that throw rug sucking me hard and then butt fucking the shit out of me like a girl with my legs over his shoulders. So I decided to risk coming on to my Dad.

We were sitting in the office and I was hard in my shorts. He saw that. I asked, “Dad, can I suck your weenie”? He asked calmly, “Where did you learn about doing that”? I replied by telling him, not about Rodney, but about when I was 4 years old when Bobby took me into that garage and made me lay down so that he could pull my shorts down and sucked my dick and then how he made me get naked and on my knees, suck his dick. It was fun and I got my first orgasm from eight year old Bobby when I was four. I called it a weenie tickle.

So my Dad said, “You can suck me Pat, if it is really what you need. I see your weenie sticking up hard under your shorts. But it looks like you need me to do you first”. I was so pleased and happy that he was agreeable and I said, “Yes Daddy. And I swear never to tell mom because she’ll get us into trouble”. We pinky swore on it.

So he closed the station and locked the doors. We went into the supply closet, and he turned on the lights and closed the door. I took hold of his pants and opened them up. Out came a big hard dick! Omg it was giant compared to mine! My mouth went onto it and I sucked him and slurped away on my knees.

Then he took me by the arms and stood me up. He stripped me naked! A bare, prepubucent hairless bodied little boy. First came my shirt. Then he had me stand on a chair. Once I was on the chair, barefooted also, he took hold of my shorts and undies and pulled them down over my knees and to my feet. I stepped out of them and was naked. My long blond hair hung over my shoulders like a girl. When the shorts went off of my weenie, it went down and then sprang back like a spring. It was right in Dad’s face. He looked at my naked body and took pictures of me in girl poses. Omg it was fun. My dick was so fucking hard and my tummy was full of butterflys.

He finally took hold of my butt cheeks and he opened his mouth and gently closed it around my throbbing, desperate weenie. He sucked me for what seemed like an hour. Omg I began to cry as he kept making me cum. Over and over I was crying out loud screaming, “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle Daddy! Oh fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee!!” I was face fucking my Dad at that point. He wrapped his arms around my waist in an incredible hug with my weenie tickling in orgasm in his throat.

So when I colapsed into his arms he hugged my naked body saying, “Oh I love you baby. I love you so much baby boy. I am so in love with you precious boy.” He picked me up in his arms and I felt so safe, warm and loved.

So I said, “Its my turn to suck you Daddy. But out in the shop”. He said ok. So I ran naked out of the supply room and out into the shop. He followed with his dick sticking out of his pants. He took dozens of pictures of me and I loved it. Then I went to my knees. He came in front of me and I pulled his pants and undies off of him as I giggled in joy. I took that giant hard dick into my mouth and gave suck. I knew what I was doing! I rubbed the bottom of his dick right under the head in the tickle spot. He grunted and moaned as I worked on him! I felt the muscles in his hard on contract! The rim of the head contracted as I sucked hard! He took me by the back of the head and cried, “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming”! A flood of semen filled my mouth! He gagged my throat with the head of his dick and I swallowed pulling sperm down into my stomach. He pulled out so I could breath and cried, “Oh shit here it is again baby”! He squirted again and the load hit my eyes and ran down my lips to mingle with the saliva I had gagged out while he face fucked me. What a wonderful day that was.

After that, we fucked any chance we got! When Mom was gone to visit aunts out of town, I slept with Daddy in bed. We fucked and sucked our brains out! I had sperm all over me! In my face and in my hair. He greased me up and butt fucked me hard like a bitch! I loved it. I actually wore him out that week! I fucked my Dad more than Mom ever did and I intiated all of it!

I was careful about it, not wanting to get Dad into trouble. But I wouldn’t let him alone! He didn’t molest me, I molested him! I even fucked him in the shower!

Like when I was ten, Mom was gone again! Dad was in the shower that night. I stripped, got cooking oil and went into the shower with him. We rubbed each other down with crisco oil and made love in the shower. Omg he made me cum hard! I sucked and got a facefull of sperm. At 12 I hit puberty and as my Dad rubbed his giant dick over top of my now larger dick as he lay between my hairless legs, I shot sperm onto my sleek hairless boy belly. I was moaning like the twink I was as Daddy said, “Let it out baby boy. Let the cum out baby doll”. “Oh yes Daddy! Weenie tickle Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Weenie tickle! Oh I love you Daddy”. As we lay there I knew I was more his wife than Mom was. I was so madly in love with him and we still do it to this day.




Hi I'm Skyy I'm eighteen years old six two rock hard chest wash board six pack abs blonde hair blue eyes my cock uncut thick but not too thick nine half inches long

I have a identical twin brother Skyyer with the same measurements hair eyes

Our dad is also a identical twin brother dad stands six three rock hard chest wash board six pack abs blonde hair blue eyes his cock uncut also thick but not too thick eleven inches long

We lived in a mansion at a gated community with swimming pools in every backyard

Skyyer and myself sleep in the same room with twin beds it's a brother thing

It was a hot humid Saturday afternoon Skyyer and myself were laying out by the pool talking when Skyyer pull a joint out saying let's get high

He lite it took a big drag then passed it to me when we were finished smoking the joint we were flying higher then a kite

Skyyer got up pulled off his swim wear and divided into the pool saying bro cum on in the water is nice

I stood up pulled off my swim wear then divided into the pool

We started splashing each other witch turn into a wrestling match our cocks kept touching each others cock until both of us were getting rock hard we stopped

I got out of the pool sat down and started masterbating

Skyyer gets out grabbed my hand pulling me saying bro were going to try something new

He pulled my naked body to our bedroom throw me on the bed dropped to his knees grabbed my cock slowly started putting it in his mouth and started sucking it

Bro what on earth are you doing Skyyer replied want to try sucking your cock rock hard then your going to fuck me

I got rock hard Skyyer stopped got on all fours so got on my knees grabbed my cock started sucking it until it was rock hard

He stop got on all fours I got on my knees behind him grabbed the lube put some in his ass then my cock

I slowly started sliding it in his very tight ass as he's screaming it hurts in the pillow

After about six-seven minutes he said it started to feeling real good so started fucking his brains out when our father walked in

We both frozen in time dad saying boys I see your exploring new horizons together

We both sat on the edge of the bed he said boys my brother and I fucked each other and still do today can I join in

Both of us looking at each other not knowing what to say when he grabbed my cock got on his knees put it in his mouth and started sucking it I leaned over grabbed my brothers cock and started sucking it

Four minutes later he stopped saying boys what happens in this bedroom stays in this room

Dad grabbed me bent me over started sliding his cock in my ass then started fucking me

Skyyer got on his knees in front of me he put his cock in my mouth I started sucking it.

Dad slapping my ass saying boy I'm going to breed your sexy bubble ass as he fucking my brain out until he shot his load of male seed deep into my ass as im swallowing his load of male seed

Boys you are now my cum storage as I fuck your boy pussy

Even to this day when mom leaves for the day we get naked and fuck our hearts out




I’m a 45 year old woman. My dad used to molest me when I was 4 years old until I was 16 years old. He would come in my room early in the morning before he got ready for work. My mom would never wake up. He would wake me and say it was daddy daughter time. He would kiss me and lick my nipples. He loved to play with my pussy, he especially loved to lick my pussy. He started fucking me when I was 10 years old. When I was younger he’d only make me jack him off or give him head. When I turned 16, my parents divorced. I would never spend the night at daddy’s place, so everything stopped. About 2 years ago daddy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and it quickly got worse. He lives in a long term care facility and I visit him regularly. About a year ago he stopped recognizing me. Once he did, I would pretend I was a nurse and I would ask him lots of questions about his daughter(me). I got him to recount what little he remembered about his daughter. Then I started talking dirty to him as he’d talk. I would ask him if he ever touched her boobs or her pussy. Sometimes he’d remember and tell me what he did. I started getting really turned on. One time I told him that his stories made me hot. I asked if he minded if I rubbed my clit while he told me stories. He didn’t mind at all. He was eager to watch. I hiked up my skirt, I had no panties on, and I gave him a full view of my pussy as I opened my legs. I began rubbing my clit and asked him to tell me more. He said he loved when she was 12 and started growing breasts. He said he just loved to suck on them and rub his dick on them. I came listening to him. I came as my daddy watched me masterbating to stories of him molesting me. I asked him if he wanted me to bathe him about 6 months ago. He said yes. As I was showering him I told him I needed to take my clothes off so I wouldn’t get them wet. I’m standing naked, in front of my father, in a shower. He immediately reached for my breast and started fondling it. I went back to washing his body. I finally got to his penis. I told him the cloth was too rough for his penis and I would just soap up my hands and clean him without a cloth. I started soaping up his dick. Then his balls. I started jacking him off. He was loving it. He put a finger down n my pussy as I jacked him. I leaned closer to him with my breast in front of his face. He took a nipple between his lips and started sucking. It felt amazing. He was sucking my nipple and finger fucking me as I jacked him off. I asked him if he could still have sex. He was getting hard, but it took a while. He said to try. I sat on his lap facing away from him and moved my pussy up and down on his cock. He was moaning and playing with my breasts. I started tripping his dick with my pussy and he came inside of me almost immediately. Sometimes, when I’m fucking him, I tell him I’m his daughter. It makes him come. Sometimes he talks to me about what it was like fucking his young daughter while we are fucking. I have never been as aroused with anyone as I am with my father. I lay with him in bed and play with his dick. Sometimes I suck him off. I want to get him to lick my pussy more. He has a long, pointy, skinny tongue. He loves to stick it deep in my pussy. Daddy is the best lover I’ve ever had. He’s 78 years old now.




I am a Female in my early 40s. I am just now coming to terms with my sexual preferences and the things that turn me on. I have a wild fantasy life. I love to masterbate fantasizing that I am an old man, a pervert, sometimes a pedophile. Sometimes I fantasize I am very young, 5 or 6 years old, and I am being molested. I really have been wanting to have a girl on girl experience again. But i really want it to be w a girl no older than 18. I love the idea of getting a hooker. a young hooker. I want to fuck her with a strap on dildo. Oh My God. I fantasize about it all the time. I want a slutty, dirty girl who will do everything I want. I want to experience a threesome with two teenage girls. I, of course, want an old man or two to come and lick their pussy's and fuck them. I realized that what i really want are two girls. Hookers. Between the ages of 11 and 16. I watch a lot of loli hentai depicting young girls. I love to put on a loli hentai porn or a porn with Japanese grandfather licking his teenage granddaughter's pussy. Forced, ofcourse. For the last 3 months I have found my age preference going down even further. The hentai site I look at previewed an animated gif of a grandpa sucking a 6 year old girl's nipple while he played with her pussy. It was really hot. I watched it over and over on a loop and came so fucking hard. I wish I had a dick sometimes. I want to fuck a young girl and feel her tight pussy wrapped around my shaft. I want to feel an 11 year old girl's mouth wrapped around my cock. I even sometimes think that having a toddler lick and suck the tip of my dick would be mind blowing. I find a lot of loli hentai that depict what I'm fantasizing. Fuck. I am just so horny for young girl pussy.




My girlfriend is a tweaker. She has an 8 month old baby girl. The other day she was jacking me off while holding the baby. My dick was rock hard. Then, out of nowhere, she lowers the baby to my cock and the baby started sucking the tip of my cock. I didn’t know what to do. A part of me was so turned on by the sensation. Another part of me was like no this is wrong. I let her keep suckling. I started playing with my girlfriend’s tits and I came so hard. For days nothing else happened. Then, finally, I got my turn. My girlfriend asked me if I’d bathe and dress the baby. I quickly agreed. As I bathed her I got to touch her all over. But the best part was when I took her to the changing table and finally got to lick her little pussy. I licked it so good. Then I got her to suckle the tip of my cock till I came.