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I'm a female. I want to babysit 0-12month old girls and lick on their little pussies till I'm satisfied. I want their parents to love me. Ill smile and joke with them as I secretly suck on their baby girls clit behind their backs.




I am a 21 year old woman who has had sex ever since I can remember. I can remember people giving me pussy tickles when I was three. An eight year old girl used to get me naked, eat me out and make me squirt when I was four and five. I was allowed to run naked all the time at Uncle Owen’s manshion, and so the kids , mostly girls, used to take me into any bushes or secret place, and laying me back, would lick me like an ice cream cone. But I had to lick them back and I loved it.

Then came the boys with horny dicks! . One day when I was 7, Robbie took me naked into the pool shed and stripped. I saw a long hard shaft litteraly throbbing and bouncing up like a spring. I went to my knees as he put it onto my mouth. I sucked and sucked and rubbed my clit as I did , and soon I was cumming. He cried out that he was cumming. He was 13 and in puberty and so for the first time, I tasted a flood of cum. I drank it all down. Then he layed me down and licked me until I came, and I squirted all over his face. It was so fun.

I used to stay with uncle Owen a lot and that was where the kids molested me every day. He had always lusted for me and he knew what the kids were doing to my naked body. My parents were always away on business and so I stayed with him. As soon as I would get to his house, off would come every stitch of clothing I had, and I was always naked with him; sometimes for weeks at a time.

I remember so many times, bending over with my legs spread. He would rub the ridge of the head of his dick on my oiled pussy, back and forth on my clit. My legs would quiver! My tummy would burn with butterflies and as he edged my seven year old pussy into a squirting orgasm. We slept in the same bed with lots of oral sex, but no full intercourse, because I was to small in the pussy still.

Finally when I was ten, I was really growing. I already had B cup tits and that day came that I’d wanted for so long. I was laying naked at his private swimming pool. He came home and stripped down. He rubbed us down with oil, and then took me in his arms to the bedroom. He layed me down and I spread my legs as wide as I could! Omg! I was already masterbating as he pushed his dick onto the lips of my pussy! He laid down on me, and I yelped as I felt his hard long dick forcing its way into me! I bled the sheets as it tore my cherry, and soon I felt the head of it pushing onto my cervix. He laid there still as my entire vagina gripped his dick.

Then he started humping me! Next thing I knew, he had my legs back over my shoulders and just fucked the hell out of me. Then as he grunted, I felt hot sperm filling me up.

When he let me up, I grabbed hold of that dick and made him scream as I deep throated him.

I loved him and still do. Now I am in a lesbian relationship with Mindy, that same girl who has been doing me since she was eight.




When I was a toddler, my daddy started playing with my clit. I would sit on his lap and I remember his big middle finger resting gently on my clit and gently pulsating against it.. his big warm hand covering my lower abdomen felt so good while he did that. I would just lean against him and suck on my pacifier and I would suck faster and faster and he would gently pulsate my clit faster until I had an orgasm. I remember him sliding his middle finger lower until it reached my asshole and he would whisper “yes, my baby.” As he felt my holes and clit twitch.. my little legs were spread over his lap and I remember instinctively humping up into his hand while he just cupped my pussy. I think I fell asleep. I had trouble sleeping and that’s how he got me to sleep..

One morning I woke up crying, he took off my diaper and cleaned me up, he took me to the bed and he pulled me onto his torso. My mother was asleep next to him.. I felt his hand run over my ass and he slid a finger down to my clit and again started to stimulate my clit so gently… I remember looking at my mother as my eyes were rolling back from the pleasure as I sucked on my pacifier.. my daddy pulled my pacifier out and put his ring finger in my mouth to suck on so he can feel how I start sucking faster with the buildup of the pleasure… he slid his dick between my lips and spread my legs over him and he started to hump my lips gently. I remember my pussy lips gripping his cock while he slid me back and forth slowly. I had such an amazing orgasm on his shaft and he pressed me down to feel my holes twitch on his shaft.

When we took a bath I would sit with my legs spread while his hard cock stuck out beneath my ass and he would hold the shower head above our genitals. I would always go limp when he did this.. I could never really move when being stimulated.

Some night he would press his tongue on my slit and slowly and gently lick my pussy.. he always applied the right amount of pressure on my baby clit. When he hummed in his deep voice it would tickle.

I don’t remember when I lost my virginity, but when my father impaled me for the first time… my eyes rolled back and my 4year old pussy came instantly.. I’m not even kidding. It hurt so bad, but my pussy was cumming and I was almost hanging off of his shaft while he held my hips up and I was shaking and he was laughing with excitement as my pussy kept cumming as he thrusted in a short and fast rhythm. I can’t cum now without thinking of my father’s hands on my belly and his big cock making me feel so full and forced to cum. I still hear him in my ear “cum on your daddy’s dick” “yes, my baby, give me your pussy” “I’m going to put a baby in this pussy”

I’m pretty fucked up now…. But it feels so fucking good to remember my father making my body shake like that and stretching my child pussy to extreme orgasms. “Who’s your daddy?” My father is my daddy… my father is my fucking daddy… I still want him to force that baby into my pussy




I want to molest little girls.

I want to get a few of them and play with them. I want to get two little girls to lick my cock while I finger them.

I love burrying my face in pussy ages 3 to 13.

I got a little girl in my car the other day to help me find my puppy. As soon as she was in the car I started touching her chest and crotch. She must have been 7. I went to an alley and yanked her panties off. I stuck my tongue in her little pussy. I couldn’t stand how yummy she tasted. I licked her good a few minutes and I got her to come sit on my lap. I rubbed my hard cock against her little crotch and played with her clitty. I was about to cum when I decided to fuck her. I held her down with a hand over her mouth and started guiding my cock into her tiny cunt. She cried. It made me hornier. I pumped in and out two times and exploded in busts of cum inside her tiny pussy. I wanted to lick her more so I licked all my cum out of her. I was hard again in second. I stuck my cock in her little mouth and told her to just suck it and lick it. As she did I had my hand on her pussy. I started building up but I got my phone out in time. I videotaped my cum spewing out of my cock into her tiny mouth. I just rubbed my cock on her face and chest for a while - videotaping. I got some footage of her naked. Even got a decent shot of me tonguing her hairless cunt.




As far back as I can remember I would stay with my grandma 2 weeks every summer. Every day she would give me a bath. I remember being 4 or 5 and feeling her play with my pussy in the bathtub. She played like it was a game. She’d kiss her fingers and then rub her fingers over my pussy lips and call me little sweet pet names. She always washed me up for a long time. After my bath she’d lay me on her bed naked. She would get oil and rub it into my skin all over my body. Especially on my chest and between my legs. She would rub and rub and rub oil inside my pussy lips and put a bit of her finger inside me. Whenever I’d pee she’d take me to the counter and lick my pussy clean. She was constantly touching my privates. One day she said we were going to play a game where we licked each other. She did this so she could lick my little, hairless cunt. She would do it for long periods of time. I remember once my cousin was with us. She is one month younger than me. My grandma got me to rub oil all inside her pussy. I remember feeling super tingly between my legs. I loved rubbing my cousin’s cunt. I eventually began licking her cunt, too as grandma watched. She’d get us to 69 and to scissor as she played with herself or us. I remember having a diaper rash once and she just took forever rubbing the cream all over me. One day my youngest cousin came over. She was 4. By then I was 9. My grandma coaxed me into licking and touching her everywhere. That day I came for the first time. Grandma rubbed my clit while I licked my cousin’s cunt. It felt so good. I’ve never told anyone about these experiences. But ever since I was 9 I started to love young, little girl pussy. I’m 42 now. I am a pussy lover. I love them pussy’s from the ages of three to eight years old. I have found many, many opportunities to play with little girl’s pussy’s. I would say I’ve licked dozens of underage girls throughout my life. Friend’s kids, neighborhood children, kids I’m babysitting, nieces, cousins, my own daughters. I once went to a park and was pushing my 5 year old niece in the swing. I saw a mother and four year old daughter across the park. The mom didn’t pay any attention, just on her phone the whole time. The little girl came over and talked to us. I started pushing her too. I took every chance to feel her chest and butt. Then I said it was potty time to my niece and I invited the little girl to join us. The mom literally never looked up. As soon as I had them in the bathroom I started the games. I tickled her lips as she peed and felt her little nipples. I got my niece to lick her nipples while I kept stroking her 4 year old pussy lips. I asked her if my niece could show her a neat feeling. She said yes very eagerly. She liked what we were doing. I guided my nieces hand to her pussy lips and rubbed. The little girl giggled. I asked if I could show her something that felt neat too. She said yes. I got between her legs and poked my tongue in her little slit. She inhaled sharply and held her breath. I liked her with long, slow strokes as I flicked her nipples between my fingers. After a few moments I straightened everyone up and we went back out to play. And a new family moved in next to me with three little girls. I’ll make sure to have fun with them very soon.




The weirdest thing occurred before my very eyes the other day. My daughter is 13 but she already is a full D cup. She was changing as I walked by her room. I kinda sneaked a peak when my mother walked into her room. My mother is 91. She started kissing her fingers then putting her fingers on my daughter’s pussy - only covered by cotton panties. My mom started rubbing her little crotch and making kissing noises at my daughter. My daughter was frozen in shock, as was I. I watched a bit longer. Mom took her other hand and started rubbing my daughter’s tits with one hand and her little pussy with the other. Mom started moaning and saying she liked how my daughter’s body felt. Then, she actually started sucking my daughter’s 13 year old nipples. She kept saying she was sorry but she couldn’t help it. She was furiously rubbing my daughter’s crotch. She leaned down and licked her crotch over the cotton panties. She started telling my daughter how good she smelled. Then she pulled the panties down and inserted a finger inside my daughter. My daughter winced and said ooow grandma you are hurting me. Mom just muttered an apology and kept finger fucking my child. She got between her little legs and started licking her clit. I was in shock. She licked her a few minutes and then she turned to walk out. I went to my room and masterbated - hard. I replayed all I had just seen over and over again till I came with such a force I almost blacked out. I want to see this again. Many, many, many times. I want to watch my mom molest my 13 year old daughter.




i have a 20 year old sister. she already has 3 kids. all girls. 6 months, 2years old, and 3 years old. my sister is beautiful - and naive. Im a 45 year old man and i also do meth. meth makes me desire taboo situations. so about a year ago i started talking to my sister, to convince her to do meth with me. she agreed after promising her we would just do it a few times and that i would totally take care of her. i went to her apartment shortly after, and we got high. right away I got horny. it didn't take long before I noticed she was getting horny too. i told her that it was normal to experience intense arousal. I also told her it was really important she experienced sexual release to prevent physical problems. she believed me, of course. i suggested to her that she should masterbate. she just went along with everything i said. before i knew it she was on the bed with her skirt up. she was rubbing her clit, and enjoying it. i put some porn on for her to watch. i started with brother sister porn. As she was watching and rubbing her clit, I began to fondle one of her nice tits. God I was so hard. she asked me to change the porn to something else and I put on some cp with mother and daughters. this time as she rubbed I yanked her shirt up and pulled a tit out of her bra. I put it in my mouth and she moaned. she liked it. i asked her if she liked what she was watching and she giggled and said she did. That night we watched cp and i fingered her and licked her young pussy so good. i made her come so many times with my hands and tongue. when i was ready, I got her and bent her over. i shoved my big, fat cock in her tight little pussy. i pumped in and out a few times before i unloaded inside of her.

the next time i got her high i told her she should breastfeed her daughter, that shed trip on how good it felt. right away that kid was sucking her tit and i started rubbing my sister's crotch. she got loud quick. moaning and groaning, saying over and over how good it felt. i ate her out and she came in my mouth, squirting her juices all in my mouth. i took the baby so she could enjoy her orgasm. of course the first thing i did was start playing with her pussy. i took her pamper off and started diddling her little hairless pussy. i laid her on the bed and just rubbed and caressed the little girl while my sister laid on the bed, eyes closed, just enjoying her after glow.

it wasn't long before i was licking the one little girl in front of my sister. and it wasn't long before she started licking her daughter. in fact, every time we got high, i'd push her to do more with her girls.

now we both are molesting all three girls. we diddle them constantly. rubbing their nipples and bald pussies. sucking the nips and licking their hairless slits. i like molesting them. i really love to get them watching cp porn and coaxing them into doing what is happening in the porn. i've got these girls sucking my sister's tits and licking her cunt, and my sister does the same to them. the girls have started playing with my cock a lot more. they lick it and suck it till i come.

i molest them all daily. some days i want to fuck them, but my sister says they are too little still. i crave molesting them. i crave touching them. i crave licking them. i desperately want to find more girls to diddle. maybe some young teens just hitting puberty. Ooo, to feel little puffy nipples in my mouth. i'd fuck an older girl for sure. maybe 12 or 13.

i've thought of making some videos with my sister and nieces to show a couple guys i know. i'm going to find a way to get some friends of mine to come play with me and my sister and the girls. i want to watch them be molested. molested by various older men ages 45-85. i want to video their molestation. i am desperate to see men molest them. maybe even watch a guy drug and fuck my sister. then he can move on to the girls.

i found a butchy 16 year old sitter that i feel certain will diddle them. i'm anxious to find out.