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Once my ex brought her female friend over. I was horny so I push them both to drink. I drugged my gf drink but not her friend. My gf was high and drunk in not time and her friend was drunk. With music playing, they both ended up stripping and dancing naked. My gf eventually passed out on the couch. While I kept talking to her friend. There came a point that she kept fingering herself and telling me she missed her bf's cock. I was already touching her whilst next to my passed out gf. We ended up fucking next to my gf's face. I came in her. she then went sleep in the guest bed room. I woke my Gf up and had her suck my cock until I was hard again. Eventually she passed out again. So I went to her friend who was now a sleep and didn't want anymore cheating as she felt bad. I fucked her anyway. Later found out she was pregnant. It's been now 2 years since then. Not sure if it's mine or not..




My girl friend and I did drugs with two college guys. We were high school girls looking for fun and free pot. I remember they must have spiked our drinks while smoking we both ended up clothless and forced into sex in the same room. I remember watching my girl friend getting her pussy eaten out with a dick in my mouth. Couldn't figure out why she was enjoying it so much till Iater found out she had been there before and peeped me out for his friend.




I have a fantasy of being tied over a bench with my pussy exposed. Blindfolded and recorded. Throughout the day I have many visitors, I have no indication of who is putting their dick inside me apart from the sounds and smells, how big it feels, and whether I feel something furry hunched over me panting. It could be anyone, any age, using me as a cum receptacle.

My attendant collects the cum that runs off after each session and cleans me up a bit, but leaves me tied for the next guest. All day long I'm fucked over the bench by strangers, maybe relatives, maybe people I would never fuck in a million years. Dirty old men, curious little boys, horny dogs, crazy bums.

At the end of the day, I'm untied and the collected run-off is funneled back into my pussy as I lay on my back with my hips up. I'm not allowed to watch the video.

The process is repeated weekly until a pregnancy is confirmed, and only then am I allowed to watch back the carefully edited video. I watch in disgust as I see all the potential fathers ejaculating inside me. None of them have any business fucking me! Some of them probably couldn't be the father, some definitely couldn't be the father, but the ones that could give me a sick feeling in my stomach. I'm carrying their child now and not allowed to terminate.

The feeling of disgust makes my pussy tingle and get wet and my attendant sees me starting to touch myself. He immediately starts fucking me while admitting that he jerked off into the cum bucket several times during this experiment.




I (F) was 16 (29 now) and I got kinda raped by my friends dad. I had messaged my best friend a few times that day to see what she was up to, but she never answered and me. More time passed and I started to get a little worried so I decided to just go to her house and see what the deal was. It wasnt like her to never answer so I was worried.

So I got there and knocked on her door and her dad answered. I asked him if everything is okay and he told me that she was spending a few days with her mom (they are divorced) and they were out somewhere. I guess they didnt have good cell signal, so that made sense to me.

Well, her dad asked me what I was up to (he's known me since I was in kindergarten and I've grown up around him) these days and I said "nothing new" which was a lie because I had just lost my virginity. He says to me "Well, I was thinking about working out" (he had a home gym in the basement) and asked if I wouldnt mind being a spotter. My first thought was like.."hmmmm." I never (even now) say no to watching a man working out, but he lifted weights heavier than me so I knew I was going to be a terrible spotter. Sooooo I kinda had an idea things might be happening and maybe I shouldnt.... which is why I say I kinda got raped. My teenage slut brain took over because he was a pure dilf and so I say "yeah sure i can spot you."

I go into his basement, and I realized hed just gotten new equipment so I say "oh wow this gym is fucking amazing!" And then I apologized for saying the word "fuck" because like I said hes known me since it was little and we have a fatherly thing going...but he says "oh you can say it as much as you want. I dont give a fuck". That's when I really knew something was up because literally a week before, he heard us say it in her room and he chewed us out. But then he says to me "I just need to go change. I'll be right back," and my mind starts thinking about whether hes gonna come back wearing nothing or whats about to happen. But I didnt leave because my slut brain was working, but then he came in wearing shorts and one of those workout tank tops guys wear when they wanna show off their arms. He starts showing me around the gym and we get to his squat stand and hes like "this squat stand is my absolute favorite. It lets you work out so much of your body with the one movement. You wanna try it?" and I agreed but I'm not super strong. I used to run a lot and I didnt do weights, so we decide to just have me squat with a bar.

I get in position and I go down for the first squat and as I come back up, he was shaking his head. I asked him "whats wrong" and he says "your form is really bad, you need to close your legs a little bit and bring them shoulder width." I moved my legs out a bit and ask if thats about right and he says yes. so I go down for another squat and again he was shaking his head again. "oh no what did i mess up this time?" He tells me "Your form is bad and if you were lifting anything heavier you could throw out your back, here let me show you." He stands behind me and puts his hand on my hips and starts to guide me down into another squat..hands on my hips the whole time and, as I could see in the mirror, eyes glued to my ass. "Much better" he said and then "go for one more" while his hands were still on my hips. I go down for one more squat and this time, as I went down...his hands didnt go down with me...they slide up my side and down my back... He had me repeat that a few times, his hands sliding up and down my back. After a few times his hand goes under my shirt as I go down and he grabs my boobs.

I didn't know what to do so I stood there. He tells me "go again" and I do, but when I came up this time, he hand snagged my shorts and pulls them down. Fatherly figure out the window. But then he says "again" this time more growling and commanding and so I squat one more.

As I came up he pulled my shorts down around my ankles... he tells me "again" but takes his hands off me. When I went down he pulled down his shorts and reveals his hard cock as he rubs it agains my panties. But I wasnt able to go all the way back up and he pushed me down. With the weights I fell kinda pinned but the bar fell to the side a moment later.

He grabbed my head and forces me to start suckint his cock and I felt dirty because its the cock of someone Ive known almost as long as I can remember, but the salty precum quickly made me forget about that. He says with a little smile "You suck better than you squat." I looked up kinda scared but all I could say was "mmm" with his cock in my mouth.

After a few minutes of him forcing me suck him, I started going a little faster, thinking if he comes, I can leave. He takes his shirt off and then he pulls back a little bit until hes out of my mouth. The he grabs my shirt and pulls it over my head and throws it on the floor. He stared at all 97 lbs of me and all of a sudden he just picks me up and slams me on my back against the bench.

I didn't know what to do but he did and he grabbed my thighs to part them. My shorts got in the way, so he tore them off me and threw them somewhere in the room. The he grabbed his cock and slides the head up and down my pussy before he slowly guided it in. I let out a kinda terrified cry because this was only my second time...I think it might have given him some extra motivation because he pushed the rest of his cock in hard. feeling him thrusting inside me felt amaaaaazing and I stopped fighting him. I think he asked me if I liked being a little whore and I think I said yes because he started thrusting hard into me rocking the weight bar with probably three times my weight that he had sitting above my head.

In between thrusts he started to pick up his pace slamming into me harder and harder. it was starting to feel so fucking amazing and I felt like a huge slut. He was like basically my dad too but I was conflicted because it felt good. Better than my first time.

well...when I get close I start to close my legs a bit...I guess its my instinct. This time was no different and he started hitting it hard thinking I was fighting him. I tightened my legs around him because I was could feel something I had never felt really up to that actual orgasm. He growled at me to stop being a fucking bitch and pinned me to the bench with his huge hands while he destroyed me. The harder I came the more he pounded me into the bench cushion and that sent him over the top. All I remember was "fuck....aaaaaaarrrghhhh" and then he stopped. I remember feel the throbbing inside me and I knew what that meant.

I guess he never intended to cum inside me because you know that could be evidence but because he thought I was fighting him he kept pushing. He threw me onto the floor and then stood there over me looking me up and down before he finally said "You need to go take a shower and wash out whatever you can. After that we need to take you to " I did what he said and then took the plan b pill after because he was worried he knocked me up and then he dropped me at my house.

I didnt really know what to tell my friend or my family. He had obviously raped me but I could have left and I enjoyed it. He said that to me when he dropped me off too that it wasnt rape if I kinda wanted it. I am still conflicted about it but I know he had no intent to make it about me so it was obviously all about him and therefore rape but I've been with guys consentually now that have made it all about them so there's no difference.

Fwiw Im not mad at him at all. It was scary at the time but Im over it now and the fact that he kinda thought he knocked me up is really hot to me now.




I want to molest little girls.

I want to get a few of them and play with them. I want to get two little girls to lick my cock while I finger them.

I love burrying my face in pussy ages 3 to 13.

I got a little girl in my car the other day to help me find my puppy. As soon as she was in the car I started touching her chest and crotch. She must have been 7. I went to an alley and yanked her panties off. I stuck my tongue in her little pussy. I couldn’t stand how yummy she tasted. I licked her good a few minutes and I got her to come sit on my lap. I rubbed my hard cock against her little crotch and played with her clitty. I was about to cum when I decided to fuck her. I held her down with a hand over her mouth and started guiding my cock into her tiny cunt. She cried. It made me hornier. I pumped in and out two times and exploded in busts of cum inside her tiny pussy. I wanted to lick her more so I licked all my cum out of her. I was hard again in second. I stuck my cock in her little mouth and told her to just suck it and lick it. As she did I had my hand on her pussy. I started building up but I got my phone out in time. I videotaped my cum spewing out of my cock into her tiny mouth. I just rubbed my cock on her face and chest for a while - videotaping. I got some footage of her naked. Even got a decent shot of me tonguing her hairless cunt.




The weirdest thing occurred before my very eyes the other day. My daughter is 13 but she already is a full D cup. She was changing as I walked by her room. I kinda sneaked a peak when my mother walked into her room. My mother is 91. She started kissing her fingers then putting her fingers on my daughter’s pussy - only covered by cotton panties. My mom started rubbing her little crotch and making kissing noises at my daughter. My daughter was frozen in shock, as was I. I watched a bit longer. Mom took her other hand and started rubbing my daughter’s tits with one hand and her little pussy with the other. Mom started moaning and saying she liked how my daughter’s body felt. Then, she actually started sucking my daughter’s 13 year old nipples. She kept saying she was sorry but she couldn’t help it. She was furiously rubbing my daughter’s crotch. She leaned down and licked her crotch over the cotton panties. She started telling my daughter how good she smelled. Then she pulled the panties down and inserted a finger inside my daughter. My daughter winced and said ooow grandma you are hurting me. Mom just muttered an apology and kept finger fucking my child. She got between her little legs and started licking her clit. I was in shock. She licked her a few minutes and then she turned to walk out. I went to my room and masterbated - hard. I replayed all I had just seen over and over again till I came with such a force I almost blacked out. I want to see this again. Many, many, many times. I want to watch my mom molest my 13 year old daughter.




This happened 8 years ago me and the girl I was dating were at one of her friends places. There was 7 of us partying having fun, all open minded and kinky., Well I had let my girl tie me up to the coffee table and two of the guys had fucked me and my girl and two other girls had pegged me a bit. A few of them went to go smoke and I was left tied down, someone didn't close the door properly when they went outside and the home owners shepherd/rott mix got in the house and found me. I tried shouting as he started licking my ass and before I knew it he mounted me and I kept shouting till he finally found his mark and rammed in me. It was uncomfortable at first and his claws hurt, but the longer he went the better it got. Finally everyone came back in and saw what was going on but they didn't stop it instead one of the guys made me blow him while I was getting fucked. The rest recorded and took pics and watched, when the dog finally came it swelled so big in me and was stuck in me for almost 20 minutes. Before the night ended I took a round two with it for everyone but the second time I wasn't tied up and after it knotted me and was stuck my girl decided to shove a dildo in me with it.