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I love to hear their trauma. Only the girls. I love to hear all the details ofhow they were molested and raped. I get them to tell me over and over again, moment by moment, the memories of the assaults. I get them to reenact as much as possible with me or with dolls.

I am a child psychologist.

I love the hypersexual little girls - humping toys,stuffed animals, furniture, and sometimes even me (I love that) one girl Williston on my lap and suck her thumb and begin to rub her clit. Her mom never comes in with her. The girl is 5 years old. I ask her lots of questions about her masterbation. I teach her different places on ger pussy to touch and rub. I take over for her at times. I get her to hump my mouth so I can lick her bald cunt. I make sure to always stroke and lick her nipples. Tiny pink nipples.

Her dad used to get drunk and have friends over. Then he would get her from. Her room And all the mention turns locking her pussy. Her dad would jackoff watching.

She told me she liked how it felt. I asked her ifshe misses it being licked. She nodded yes so I told her I could if she would like.

I'm a 58 year old man. leaned down and pulled her panties aside and began licking her slit istartedicking that little clit w my tongue and she moaned. I asked her to tell me everything gshe remembers about her abuse and she tells me as I lick her sweet pussy or lick herlittle nipples. I jack off every session while licking her




I’m a mom with a four year old daughter. When the pandemic hit I started rubbing my daughter’s pussy to relax us both. I love us to be naked, her between my legs upright and I’m rubbing her pussy. Maybe even sliding in a finger. My son saw me doing this about a year ago bone he watches and jacks off as I finger his sister. One day I got my son, who was 13 at the time, start rubbing her pussy mound. His dick got hard immediately. I told him to rub her pussy lips and lick and suck on one of her tiny nipples. I was rubbing my clit watching. He slowly parted her pussy lips and gently eased a finger into her tiny hole. She loves it and always goes along with it. I urged him to lick her clit. He hesitantly looked at her pussy and leaned in. He licked her so slowly that first time, not knowing what to expect. Then he must have liked it because he hurried his face inbetween her legs and licked her a good long time.

One day a plumber came to work on the disposal. I was sitting on the couch with my daughter in my lap and my hand had found it’s way inside her little panties. The plumber saw me doing this. He told me, “ I’m real excited right now because the only way I won’t tell is if you let me play with that little girl too!”

I smiled and patted the seat next to me. He sat down quickly.

“Keep rubbing her “ he told me as he took out his large penis. He was stroking that thing and moaning as he watched me molest my four year old daughter. I really got into it. I took off all our clothes and began licking her nipples. He kept stroking. The I laid her facing him and opened up her lips so her could really see her pink pussy. I started rubbing her clit

“Oh yeah keep rubbing her little clit” he moaned. I masterbated my daughter as this dirty man ogled my little girl’s privates.

“Lick her” he grunted. I turned her around, picked her up under her knees to bring her pussy to my mouth. I stuck my tongue deep inside her and she squealed in delight.

“Oh my god” he moaned.

I licked her so hard as he watched and hacked off.

“ wanna touch her” I asked him

He quickly reached his hand to her chest and began squeezing her little nipples. He leaned forward and ran his tongue all over her flat chest. He got between her legs and opened her up. He looked longingly at her wet cunt.

“Oh yes. I like a little girl pussy. I like it very much. I’m going to use my tongue to taste all of your pussy. He licked and moaned and groaned. He made guttural sounds as he tongue fucked my baby girl. I started jacking him off as he molested her. His cock was big, and hard, and thick. Pre-cum was oozing out the tip of his dick. I rubbed it up and down his shaft twisting my hand and I pumped up and down. He stiffened up and jerked his head back

“Fuck, I’m cumming” he shouted.

He shit his load all over my daughter’s pussy. I immediately started rubbing it into her.

“Fuck woman, watching you do that for my dick twitching again. “. His dick was twitching and getting hard again.

“Fuck me” I told him

He climbed on top of me, my daughter next to us, and he slid his cock deep inside me. He started thrusting and pumping hard and fast into me. Huffing and puffing he was sweating on top of me just jackhammering away.

“She right there, why not finger fuck her as you fuck me?” I asked him. He looked over vac at her and got a devious grin. Her began fingering her tiny pussy and pumping into mine. He must have thrust 4 or 5 times and he shot his load inside me.

He started coming regularly to play with me and my daughter. Once he asked if he could bring two of his buddies. I let the three old men watch as I licked and masterbated my four year old daughter. The all jacked off watching me lick and finger her little cunt. I got infront oof my daughter’s face and began rubbing and bumping my crotch into her face and mouth. I laid her down and got over her, rubbing our nipples together. Then I leaned down and kissed her lips. I licked her lips a few times and kept rubbing my tits against hers. They loved it. I let each man lick her pussy for 15 minutes. They were each allowed to cum on my daughter and watch me rub it into her pussy. Then I let the men pleasure me. One on each nipple and one licking my pussy as my daughter sat on my face. I came so many times that night. It became a regular thing.




I love to see little boys get pleasured. I love to watch them getting their little cocks stroked and sucked and licked. I’ve been super lucky recently. I met a young woman that I’ve become quite close with. I help her out with money and in return I get sexual favors. I found out that she does methamphetamines and I realized this could be used to my advantage. I took some over to her house one night when we were to exchange favors. She was so excited. As she got high I told her I wanted us to get real freaky tonight. I told her I’d be giving her substantially more money than I usually do. She said we’d do anything I wanted. I got her to bring her 5 year pill son in her bedroom. I directed her to suck his little penis as I watched. He liked it. His little cock got hard right away. I told her I’d take over for her. I watched this boy a moment. Laying on the bed with his cock sticking straight up. I began by jacking him off softly. As I proceeded to gain speed he moaned. My dick was so hard. I started rubbing my dick against his. I can’t believe how good it felt. Before I knew it I was cumming all over his little cock. The next time I went over I sucked his penis. I have been going every week to pleasure and stimulate this 5 year old boy’s penis.




I’ve been forcing her. I touch her whenever I want. I feel her little titties as soon as I see her in the morning. I watch her shower and rub my throbbing cock. I yank her legs apart and get my tongue in her hairless pussy. I grab her hand and force her to rub my hard cock. I rub my cock all over her. I forced her to let me masterbate her and then forced her to do it to herself. Watching her rub her little nub and put her finger in her pussy while I rub one out. I take pictures of her and sometimes I film what we do. I can’t get her to take my cock in her mouth. But she will lick it for me.

I found a guy online who wanted to pay to see her.

First time I let him jack off while she stood naked in-front of him. Next time I let him only touch her but no penetration. He rubbed her pussy hole for so long. He’d taste his fingers periodically. The next time I let him lick her too. She has just tiny mounds with little nipples. He sucked them a long time. But when he ate her out he took longer. Now I’ll let him get her to stroke his cock and lick it. I am always there. Watching. Enjoying. Rubbing my cock as I watch this creep molest my kid. I like him to tell her he is going to molest her or he is molesting her. I like him to be real verbal. Tell her in detail what he’s gonna do or talk dirty while he’s molesting her. I always come, but sometimes twice.

This guy said he wants to bring me a girl. So the next week he showed up with a little girl younger than my daughter. She sucked her thumb while I was fingering her. I got her to suck my thumb and rubbed her little clit while she was sitting on my lap. I enjoyed molesting this little girl. She was four or five, I guess. He and I trade the girls back and forth. He got them to kiss and lick each other as we watched. I coaxed my daughter into rubbing the little girl’s pussy. I could tell she liked it. I asked her if she wanted to lick the little girl between her legs. She said yes. Me and this guy watched as my daughter fingered and licked his daughter’s pussy. We were both so horny. I wanted to see them rub their pussies together. I positioned them. I came so hard on their pussies watching this.

I told my daughter to get a girl from school to come spend the night. That Saturday a little girl in her class was dropped off at 4pm. They wouldn’t get her until 12noon the next day. I poured small amounts of an aphrodisiac in her drinks. I told my daughter to get her to undress and play with her in our living room where I could hide and watch. My daughter had her undressed quickly. The little girl enjoyed it as my daughter played with her titties. She moaned a little when my daughter started playing with her pussy. My daughter told her she wanted to teach her to have good feelings. My daughter started playing w her clit and pussy with her fingers. The little girl squirmed but let her keep going. My daughter was masterbating her so good. I ended up putting a sedative in the little girl’s drink. I really wanted to play with her myself. I even called the other guy to come play with her. All night we played with her sleeping the whole time. We got some good videos of my daughter touching and licking her.




Her mom is a meth head. I paid the mom to suck my cock a few times. It was really good. I noticed she was hyper sexual one day. She kept asking if I liked really young pussy. She said if I paid double she’d bring me really young pussy. She came back shortly and said I needed to pay first. I gave her $150. Then she brought in her little girl. She must have been five years old. Her mom said it’s the best to get high first, then play with her little girl. I’d done meth once, and I remember it made me fucking horny as hell. Me and the mom got high. Real high. I started sucking the mom’s tits and playing with her pussy over her clothes. My dick was so hard. Then she told me to start playing with the girl. I am a 58 year old man. I have only been with 2 underage girls on two separate occasions. I got the mom to undress her daughter and rub her crotch. I watched this 21 year old mom molest her kid in front of me. She started kissing her daughter and rubbing her chest. She licked the little girls nipples with long strokes. Then she started licking the girl’s crotch. I went over and was fingering mom while watching her tongue this kid. I pushed her out of the way and got in between the five year olds legs and started licking her. I licked her up and down, in her pee hole, in her pussy. I was so hard I was almost ready to come. I got mom to start licking her daughter again and I fucked mom from behind. I shot a big load in her pussy and she freaked. She’s not on birth control. I hope and pray she is pregnant and that it’s a girl. To be able to have my own fresh little pussy to lick any time I want. And to have a mom so wild sexually that I can get her to do anything I want. What a dream come true.




this may sou d silly, but i really want to learn how to hypnotize people. I thought i could say i learned it as a party trick, but actually use it to my advantage. i want to especially try it on one of my friends. she is so hot. so sexy. she has real nice fake tits. 34C. she keeps her body really nice. I want to play with her so bad. I want to hypnotize her and see if i can actually play with her. i was masterbating earlier fantasizing about this.

I would start by having her undress. i would get her to come on to me really hard. Putting her tits in my face and getting those pretty nipples of hers in my mouth. I want her to be eager to lick my pussy.

oh so I'm 35. she is 38. and I am a woman by the way. i want to have her ask me to bathe her. Oh to have her naked and soaking wet.

There are several of my girlfriends I would want to take advantage of in this way. I have another friend. she is 28. she is very petite, maybe 5' tall. she has fake boobs too, and an itty bitty waste, and i nice bubble but. she does very dramatic hair colors and makeup, and she is covered in tattoos. i want to grind her face into my pussy

but i think this could be something i share with one of my cousins. He is cousin through marriage. he's about 68 years old. When I was 16 he offered me free coke and said we could drive around in his van and get wired. I didn't know him very well, but i figured since he is family it would be ok. he poured me a crown and coke and then cut me up 2 fat lines. after about 15 minutes i felt strange. not bad at all. just very relaxed and agreeable. and i noticed that i felt aroused for some reason. I told my cousin Juan how I was feeling. He put one hand on my upper thigh and told me not to worry, i was fine, and he'd take care of me. things got wild. Somehow i ended up topless and braless. my perky big tits just out. I'm a 36DD. Juan said that he thought my boobs were the prettiest he'd ever seen. He asked me to start playing with them. I did, and it felt really, really, really good. He asked if i could lick or suck on my own nipple. I got my left nipple in my mouth and was licking the nipple and sucking away. My pussy felt really tingly. He asked how good it felt. I told him it made my pussy tingle to do it. he asked me if I liked guys to suck my tits. i told him i loved it. he placed a hand on my left tit and started playing with it. he said, since my pussy felt so good, I should start rubbing it. as I did, my older cousin Juan started licking and sucking my tits. it felt so damn good. i was rubbing my clit w one hand and holding his head down with the other. he suddenly stopped and said he had an idea. he wanted to snort coke off my big tit. it was so fucking hot to watch him do it. i was more horny than I'd ever been. i told him I wanted him to make me cum. He agreed, on one condition. I had to jack him off for a few minutes and i had to suck the tip of his dick for a minutes. i started jacking him off. I was a little surprised that he had a pretty big dick. and it could still get hard. as i rubbed his cock with one hand, i rubbed my breasts with the other. he started playing with my pussy. i was wearing a short skirt and he was playing with me over my panties. Then i started rubbing the head of his dick on one of my nipples. He was going crazy. i would alternate between licking the tip and sucking the head. I ended up sucking more and more of his dick till it was all in my mouth and down my throat. He yelled out that he was about to come. I took his dick out of my mouth really quick and he shot his load all over my tits. I started rubbing it in. He seemed to like that. He told me to lay down in the back of the van. He came over to me and said he had wanted to taste my pussy since i was a real little girl. I didn't know him well, but I have caught him looking at the young girls in my family a lot. Once, I caught him jacking off in the backyard while looking at my cousin nursing through the window. He saw me. I just stood there, shocked, I didn't know what to do. He just went back to rubbing himself. I walked off. I never told anyone. I knew he was a big pervert since I was young. Whatever he put in my drink made me not care. He slid my panties off and started running his hand over the outside of my pussy. Then he finally started liking my clit. My orgasm rose up really quick. I must have started coming just a few minutes after he started. He licked me so good. He made me another drink and another line. the rest of the night is really hazy I have only a few memories of the rest of the night. I remember vaguely that he pick up a male friend of his. Juan had me sit on his lap. I remember dancing on his lap, the friend. He was about 50 to 55 years old. I also kinda remembered him licking my pussy. Other than that, it's a big blur. That was the one and only time I was with Juan sexually. Ever since that night I get off thinking about Juan doing things to me or a young cousin.

I figured i would have him waiting in the other room while i get my friend hypnotized. Once she is, I'll bring Juan out and have her start hitting on him, being seductive and slutty with him. Just watch him lick and suck her all over and her like it.

I want to turn my 38 year old girl friend into my own personal little slut. I want to get her horny for men she would never look twice at.

Oh, and another turn on of mine is when people(women/girls) tell me their stories of being molested. It gets me so wet to hear the details. Then, later, I masterbate to what they told me. I heard my 38 year old friend's stories of being molested. I could barely keep still as she recounted the various times and people who molested her growing up. She crying as she told me. I sat as still as i could and said supportive y

things while inside I was picturing all this and imagining I was watching. She had a neighbor, an old plumber, that got her, her siblings, cousins, and a couple neighborhood kids to start hanging out in his basement. As he gained their trust, he began providing them with different drugs, alcohol, porn(even child porn). He would casually talk to them about sex and see if they had any experiences. When they first started going over, my friend was 7 or 8. The old man eventually got the kids playing doctor in his basement, spin the bottle, 7 minutes in heaven, and so on. My friend's older brother got her as his partner for 7 minutes in heaven. He had been drinking and was acting unlike himself. He was very aggressive with my friend and made her suck his cock and finally fuck him. She thinks she was 8 or 9. before long they were basically having orgies in this old dude's basement. The old man would stay and watch, but that was it, for a while. My friend said it was an incest fest. Brothers, sisters, cousins - all kissing and feeling eachother up, goiving eachother oral, and so on. My. friend said she began to really like what was happening She began fucking her brother regularly. One day the old man gave my friend a lemonaide and asked her to help him. He said he needed a plumbing assistant. well, he slipped a drug in her drink. She ended up in his bathroom totally naked as he fondled and molested her preteen body. She remembers it all. She said that whatever he gave her made her really horny. She always felt gross because her body reacted so much when the old man stimulated her. And there were other men who molested my friend, but you get the gist of it.

I want her, under hypnosis to tell me, in detail, all that happened to her. as she doe, i will be rubbing my pussy and watching my cousin Juan do to her everything she recounts to us of her molestation. I will be telling her that she loves it and it feels so good. That she see's the old man when she looks at Juan. Get her to start getting off to those memories.

I would be so excited if this works. I have a list of friends I'd do this to. I would also be really open to the idea of getting an underage hooker, or just a slutty young teen that will do anything. i want to watch Juan molest an underage girl. I don't know if he ever has, But i wouldn't be surprised to hear he has. I don't know ifI'd touch her. Maybe. I would want to , for sure. But I really want to watch a young, preteen girl getting licked, and sucked, and fucked by Juan.




I am a Female in my early 40s. I am just now coming to terms with my sexual preferences and the things that turn me on. I have a wild fantasy life. I love to masterbate fantasizing that I am an old man, a pervert, sometimes a pedophile. Sometimes I fantasize I am very young, 5 or 6 years old, and I am being molested. I really have been wanting to have a girl on girl experience again. But i really want it to be w a girl no older than 18. I love the idea of getting a hooker. a young hooker. I want to fuck her with a strap on dildo. Oh My God. I fantasize about it all the time. I want a slutty, dirty girl who will do everything I want. I want to experience a threesome with two teenage girls. I, of course, want an old man or two to come and lick their pussy's and fuck them. I realized that what i really want are two girls. Hookers. Between the ages of 11 and 16. I watch a lot of loli hentai depicting young girls. I love to put on a loli hentai porn or a porn with Japanese grandfather licking his teenage granddaughter's pussy. Forced, ofcourse. For the last 3 months I have found my age preference going down even further. The hentai site I look at previewed an animated gif of a grandpa sucking a 6 year old girl's nipple while he played with her pussy. It was really hot. I watched it over and over on a loop and came so fucking hard. I wish I had a dick sometimes. I want to fuck a young girl and feel her tight pussy wrapped around my shaft. I want to feel an 11 year old girl's mouth wrapped around my cock. I even sometimes think that having a toddler lick and suck the tip of my dick would be mind blowing. I find a lot of loli hentai that depict what I'm fantasizing. Fuck. I am just so horny for young girl pussy.