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I entered foster care at a reasonable young age related to systematic neglect, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by my biological birthgiver. I hope she dies and rots...

However, due to being sexualized at such a young age, I am hypersexual af. I cannot remember a time I wasn't grinding on something as a little girl. Grinding and tensing my pussy, until heat rose through out my body and I orgasmed and passed out.

I will share with you one of my earliest memories I have is of a family friend or my birthgivers uncle (unsure really... I never understood the relationship). I must of been no older than 5. I had a big t-shirt on with Tweety Bird, white panties, and ruffle socks. Oh and a head band. I had your typical little girl hair cut. Shoulder length hair with bangs. Fair skin... light eyes... pouty lips... you get the gist.

This man was sitting on our couch when my birthgiver shoved me into the living room. I remember it was an odd thing to do as I wasn't completely clothed. But eh... the man offered treats and sat me on his lap. He fed me the treats with one hand as his other hand ran up and down my outer thigh. He asked if I wanted to play a game. I ,of course, said yes. He then told me to stand on his knees and see if I could balance myself. If I couldn't he would catch me. We did this repeatedly everytime he would move his knees so that I would begin to tumble and he would "catch" me by picking me up and bring his face to my groin. At some point he said my tshirt was in the way and that came off. So now I'm balancing in just my headband, panties, and ruffle socks. When he felt I had "won" and balance very well, he said and now your reward and he laid me on the couch and began tickling me. Focusing on my chest and between my legs and inner thighs. I squealed and tried my best to fight off the "tickle monster" but eventually he lowered his face to my chest and began sucking on my flat nipples. I don't recall it feeling anything. But the pressure he was placing between my legs was different. That felt good. He told me eventually I would love my "pink rose buds" sucked like that when I was a big girl. I immediately shot back "I am a big girl!" To which he replied, "Not yet, but we can pretend." He then placed his mouth over my panties on my pussy and I don't know what he did but I instinctively opened my legs more. His mouth was so wet and hot against my little cunt. He then pulled my panties to the side and said "what a beautiful little girl slit, like a peach." He then said "I'm going to eat your peach honey nectar ,since we're pretending you're a big girl". He pulled my panties off and slid off the couch and placed my bottom on the edge of the couch. He spread my legs and placed my legs with my feet still in my ruffle socks on each shoulder. He lowered his hot wet mouth unto my pussy. I remember the first kiss made my thighs twitch. He told me to close my eyes. I did. He then placed his huge mouth over my hairless mound and ran his mouth along my slit. My legs kept twitching and my stomach felt almost painful. He began to lick and suck on my little pussy until he coaxed my clit out. I didn't know that at the time. He worked my tiny pussy till I began to struggle to breathe. My chest became unbearably hot. I felt a lot of pressure in my ears. My heart felt like when I would run really fast. He ate at my smooth pussy till my legs went straight, my butt lifted off the couch and he shoved his fat wet tongue in my hole. I orgasmed all over his face and went limp. Hazy eyes, almost a drunk feeling. Pussy popping. Wet between my legs like a river. He had jacked off into my panties and then put in his pocket. He put my t-shirt back on, kissed my forhead, told me what " a wonderful big girl you're going to be."

He then placed me on the couch properly and I fell asleep. I woke up to a dark living room and moans and grunting from my birthgivers bedroom. I don't recall much after that because I began to press my thighs together over and over till the heat rose again, I climaxed and fell back asleep. I still masterbate to being eaten that day. And he was right. I love my nipples sucked on. Men and women have been sucking on them, my favorite always older people when I was young. I've even gone out of my way to just allow a random man or woman pull my tits out and suck on them. Turns me on so much. But that will be a confession for another time.




I feel so guilty. I’m 37m I’ve never cheated on my wife… but I did recently. We’ve been married 8 years and I’m happy with her I am. She’s attractive and our sex life is great. We have 3 kids who are 8, 5 and 3. Well we both work. I’m off at 8pm as the kids are in bed and she’s off at 12am. It’s not ideal, but we make it work. We had to hire a babysitter. She’s 14f and I don’t know what it is about her but she’s just so… innocent? Or so I thought. This is a true story not like the fake junk on here.

I came home after work one night knowing the kids were in bed. Her dad wasn’t off work yet, so he would be late to pick her up. I told her that was fine. We sat and watched a movie. She cuddled up to me at some point, I thought nothing of it. But I was rubbing her back. She kept slowly kind of moving up, and eventually my hand was on her ass. I should’ve stopped right there, but my dick started to get hard. She looked up at me with her sweet, innocent little face and my cock was rock hard. I tried to pretend it wasn’t, but she knew. She moved her head to lay on my lap, and I knew she could see my boner. She adorably asked “you okay?” And I told her yes of course. Now she was making a point to “accidentally” touch it, but my god you guys, she’s so fucking cute. Tiny little thing with HUGE tits as ducked up as that is, her nose and belly button pierced, cute little bubble butt. Idk wtf possessed me to do this, I should not have and belong In jail, but I slid my fingers down to her pussy. She was so fucking wet and let out the cutest moan I’ve ever heard. So I started playing with it. Before long, she was grinding into my hand. I almost came in my pants just from the cheating alone, from her age, the cute look on her face… omg. I pulled my pants down slightly and my cock sprang out fully hard. She wasted zero time sucking it. I could barely contain myself honestly you guys. I reached down and played with her nipple and moaned for her. She pulled off my cock long enough to tell me she loved sucking cock and she was gonna cum, and I blew in her mouth so hard it came out her nose while she came all over my hand.

Her dad came to pick her up, and I haven’t heard anything about it. This was 2 nights ago and she’s babysitting again tonight. God I hope we get some alone time, I’d love nothing more than to cheat again and fuck that jail bait slut. I fucked my wife so hard when she got off work picturing that little girl, my wife has no idea.

I think I need help but I wanna fuck her so bad, I can’t stop thinking about how good she felt and how hot she is. Should I fuck her? Or will that damage her forever? Should I care if it damages her? Because I really don’t.




I am a women 27 now but When I was young teen I used to hang around in the woods alot with friends getting up to no good mostly. One day I remember doing something really naughty but it still turns me on till this day …. My friends little 3 year old sister came with us on a walk one day and we wanted to have a picnic in the woods so she ran back home to grab some food and left me with her little sister. I really had the urge to pull her knickers down and look at her little pussy. I’m not even sure why I think it was mostly curiosity and my urges just took over and I pulled her pants to the side and the site of her tiny pink puffy pussy was just staring straight at me and it looked so cute I really wanted to touch it but I was scared the little girl doesn’t speak much yet so I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. She was so wet and juicy I just had to try stick my finger inside her I wanted to see what she would do. Having recently discovered my own holes and clit and I knew it felt nice I thought I was going to give her the same experience. But when I stuck my finger in she cried. But for some reason I didn’t stop and her crying turned me on more so I told her to shhh and stuck my finger in harder till it was all the way inside her I carried on for about 5 minutes before stopping and putting her pants back on she had stoped crying by the time her sister had come back just she did see that her knickers and legs was wet and she told her off for wetting herself. She didn’t wet herself at all I made that girl cum even if she didn’t like it. I never got the chance again unfortunately. The family moved away not long after that but I still have the memories.




I’m young f. I babysit for this guy, he’s 30 and has 4 kids. He walks around the house shirtless and he’s toned. He has his nipples pierced a bunch of piercings and tattoos. He has a goatee and blue eyes. I notice his dick print a lot. I lost my virginity two years ago. He’s hot so hot I wanna fuck him so bad. He has the kids mother by a lot though. How can I get him? I masturbate and pretend my bf is him all the time. How can I get him to fuck me? Him fucking the babysitter would be so hot. I’m 5 feet two inches 140 pounds brown hair blue eyes double d and have a big butt but I’m underage.




Oh Gosh! how do I even describe the best feeling in the world. So I have a neighbor she is a single mother and I am a girl she leaves her 1 year old with me on days she needs to show up to work on weekneds. One such was yesterday and I was at a party hosted by my friend I was drinking when I got a call from the child's mother who asked me to take care of her daughter as she had to run errands. I agreed to keep the child in company, a few minutes later I was at their place we spoke for a minute or two and she left.

When I walked inside the house, the little girl was watching something on her ipad I usually play fruit ninja with her as soon as I came in I saw her she settled on the carpet and insisted we play the game. Just a few minutes into playing the little girl started to itch between her legs... I saw it once she was wearing a pink underwear and a faded patch was there. I asked her what happened there and she told it was itching her, I called her and lifted her skirt up she giggled at me and pushed her dress down I told I would only check it and leave she agreed.

I was wet when I saw her panties, and obviously not in such a great state of mind I pulled her panties down and stared at her pussy.

Oh gosh! what a joy it was she giggled and I bought my face close to her pussy and smelled, the arousal of her pussy was smelling so good I kissed her pelvic region and asked her to take a seat on my lap and open her legs wide.

She was very shy and closed her feet, I spread her legs on my lap and stared at her pussy she too stared at her pussy and told it was itching again I asked her to suck two of her fingers and rub it on her pussy she immediately felt good and relaxed. Her pussy was hairless and soft I tell you, a pink potent bud and pink folds of her pussy tempted me I removed her hand and lick sucked her fingers she told it felt so good and if she can continue I told I would help her and spat on my two fingers and rubbed it on her small pussy, and massaged her twat her insides were a little pink and a stroke of brown on her labia turned me on. I opened her pussy spreaded it well and she puckered her cunt several times I asked her to suck her fingers once more and rub it on her spread pussy I was so turned on by her wet pussy sounds the arousal could be smelled in the air.

Using my one hand I held her pussy lips apart with my index and middle finger and then asked her to press her clit she pressed it and jumped immediately then laughed about it. I asked her if that felt good and she nodded, I picked her up and placed her on the couch before undoing her dress and her nipples were soft like erasers, I pinched her folded dots on her nipples which didn't develop.

I undressed myself and she looked at my boobs I bought her close to my chest pinching my nipple I slapped my boobs on her face and asked her to suck the nipples she suckled it hard and log. I squeezed her ass and asked her turn away and bend her.

I knelt before the couch and had a view of her butt, I nuzzeled on the brown hole which puckered everytime she breathed. She jolted in fear I spat on her pussy and rubbed it like a lub and asked if her itch was fine and she wouldn't keep her legs open.

I pulled my phone out and clicked close up pictures of her butthole and her saliva coated pussy then sent it to my friends who were still at the party.

They all were so interested in her and asked her to send a picture of her clitoris. I sent them a few erotic dirty pictures of her clit and nipples. Soon they had asked me to video call them and show her puckering tawt as she breathed her pussy puckered and puckered soon she started to cry I massaged her clit and kissed it to soothe her.

My friends arrived at our location seeing them the little girl was clinging to me fearfully. They were patient with her at first but soon I was sucking my friends cock and watched them spank her small ass who reached for me, my friend pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked the little one to suck she shook her head in disagreement. Soon they all pulled out their cock and me and my friends stroked each cock the little girl had stayed by my side refusing to lick their cocks my other friends had lifted her hands up and placed their cock in her armpits and nipples rubbing on it I filmed videos of their cum oozing through her nipples and belly button. Soon they had laid her on couch and opened her legs very wide all fingers were on her slutty pussy she cried and screamed as they all drilled her hole big.

Her pussy was red and they took turns each eating and licking some sucking her clitoris hard until it turned sensitive which left her crying my friends and I shashayed out our breasts at her face, they took her innocence away one fucked her butthole while the other ate her pussy, I clicked such golden moments of tasting her pussy lips they had started to suck her nipples and pushed cum filled fingers in her mouth.

Basically they raped her and I enjoyed watching them take turns and fuck her, she got a double too. They suspended her and fisted her pussy to a point she passed out. We left her quaking by the kitchen.

And morning we all left before her mother could come.

I just came to know her mother filed a complain against me for rape she has been trying to get the police to arrest me and also my owner to get me out of the apartment and make me homeless I threaded her to leak pictures of her daughters small pussy.

She had been struggling to get me out of the community somehow and all her plans are going vain because the ultimate footage is with me. I did show her how slutty that child's body was put to use and how much cum was drippled over her.

Now everyday I masturbate watching the little girls videos, sometimes I would invite my friends to watch it together and we all would gangbang and have sex.

I even sold a few pictures illegally but that's the best thing I ever witnessed I wish I wasn't drunk that night so I could recall everything but I vaguely remember every sexy things like one of my older male friend spitting on her clitoris and massaging it with his index and thumb asking another friend to suck that wetness out of her pussy, all the boys stacking at her pussy and rubbing their cocks on that spread open pussy while she cried. slapping her face with the cocks, spitting on her butthole, sucking her nipples that it looked like large hickies. I just can't imagine why that day had to end.... I wish we could do that to many more and many often I love that childs pussy smell she was the very few kids who had good arousal smell.




I’m 13f and last night I lost my v card to my sisters 27m bf he told me he thought about me while he fucked her and loves me so I am gonna keep doing it because I love him too I hope we get married he said we will while he made love to me and came in me with no condom. My sister is 15f next month. Our dad doesn’t know he’s our older brother 26m friend.




I’m young I’m 12f and I wanted to say that we kids love to be touched and know it feels good. We’re not scared and I touch myself all the time I shouldn’t be on this website but I would like to talk to a older man or I would love to be one of the girls in these stories I play with myself online for older guys a lot and send pics I shouldn’t I guess