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I am a definite 36yo lesbian with a long term girlfriend. But in the dark, behind blackout curtains, there is a man that fucks me. It's intoxicating, being the favorite of a man in power.




My name is Marita. I grew up in the East End of Houston, the 'hood' where the 'Mexican's' lived. I lived with my grandmother, I have two sisters, one which went lesbian and the other got pregnant at fourteen. I graduated from high school, the first in my family and went to work at the food pantry as a clerk in the accounting department.

For a lot of reasons, I remained a virgin. It was important to me to never be touched. I had no desire to have a boyfriend or ever have sex. My sister's girlfriend kept introducing me to good girls, but I thought it weird to kiss a girl and the idea of kissing pussy turned me off, although I knew that's the way girls 'lose' it.

I did 'get' kissed and I did get 'felt' up and I did get my pussy 'fingered'. I tried to push her away from me but she slapped my legs and told me to lay back for her and let her eat me. I got up and was now her girlfriend, she had 'deflowered' me and she owned me. She worked as a security guard and put her 'mark' on me. A double linked lesbian 'female' symbol with our initials in them.

I went to community college and got a business associates degree. The college helped me get a job and a week after I got there the 'man' in the office put me down on a table and fucked me. I was spitting mad and all I got out of it was another fucking so I took my pussy and went back to my work station to lick my wounds. It was Friday and he came by and told me he was taking me with him. He fucked me again, this time on his bed in his apartment. He told me he was looking for a cleaning lady and I had the job.

I kept it from my girlfriend, and went to his apartment during the day twice a week to clean and do the laundry. He wanted me to leave him home cooked meals and to be there so he could fuck me. He never liked my tattoo and told me that he was going put his mark on me, a dick fucking the ring with my initials in it.

He did take me to the tattoo parlor and he had his initials tattooed on my breast and buttocks, right above the bra and panty line so anyone trying me could see he owned me. I got pregnant, I wasn't using anything and he refused to wear a condom. He told me he wanted my ass pregnant, so I would learn who I belonged to.

My 'man' is a good earner and I live a nice house with two bathrooms. My kids have their own room and I work two days a week with him. I help out my sister who had a kid in junior high, her daughter is now twelve and is a handful. No one thinks I have it bad, my 'man' is a college graduate. My lesbian sister is a mess, her latest 'woman' is a 'bitch' all the way around. She calls me a traitor because I gave up the sisterhood to suck a man's dick and do his laundry.




My sex life was early, thirteen with another female classmate. My second time was 23 with a female coworker. You would think that made me a lesbian. Yes I liked it, both times I submitted. Between a good looking girl, and a guy, I will take the good looking girl every time.

There is something about fondling their breast, about their soft face, their soft and sweet hot lips, their hidden sex. Yes, I dig in. I love to eat pussy and I have licked ass in the shower. If I have fallen in love it's been with a girl. OK, so I'm a lesbian.

During the shut down I lived with my roommate twenty four seven. She is shy and feels bad after I have sex with her. She 'never' wanted to be a lesbian. What do I tell her, tough shit you're a lesbian? I make love to her, hold her in my arms and play with her tits, and softly feel up her pussy before eating her. I make love to her, ever so gently so that she falls asleep in my arms. I love her. I want her to marry me and get it over with, come out and just be a lesbian twenty four seven. I bought rings and I call her my 'wife'.

She's scared, her parents will never accept her if she comes out, they are old school homophobic. Although you would think about gay men, not lesbians. Lesbians don't have dicks, they can't fuck each other. I'm homophobic when it comes to gay men. YUCK!!! But not about lesbians. I think it's totally natural for girls to love each other. If a man's fucking you that's in the tough shit world. you're born to be fucked, but that doesn't mean you want it or like it.

So my confession is that I love my roommate and I want to get married. I'm a lesbian and I know it. If a man takes me it's tough shit and I will deal with it. I don't like gay men, I can't stand them. I wish my roommate would just tell her parents. I hold her and love her and show her every night that she's the one I love. I tell her. So I love pussy, what of it?




Me(28M) and my friend(30F) are roomates and besides living together we also like to go out it town together etc.. So story is, we met this girl after a weekend bender in september 2022. She was 18 yo then, hot young girl, new in town, living in a student dorm and starting college.

My friend is one of those bigger lesbian girls with red hair and hate towards basic little bitches. Basic little bitches like our new friend. Not much time passed until we learned some things about her, she has a boyfriend but that is a weak highschool relationship waiting for someone to put end to it, someone like us.

Before end of that year her boyfriend left her after recieving pictures of his gf trying drugs with random people she just met. Before coming here she smoked we*d few times and thats it so i guess boy was shocked seeing her wasted drunk, doing lines, poping ex etc.. We were lucky enough to document everything and my hatefull friend made sure to make things even worse than they were.

In upcoming weeks, with her being hearthbroken and easy to manipulate we had a threesome with her, not only once but my friend was closer with her on regular days. Since our slutty friend was inexperienced and naive it wasnt hard to convince her to do some kinkier things, pushing it as normal. By middle of second semester she is almost our slave, she didnt hang out with her roomates in dorm or people from classes, not allowed to go anywhere except classes or do things for us.

College is free in our country but for right to dorm accommodation you need to meet certain conditions, lets say be sober.

One day after someone called dorm and reported seeing our friend doing drugs and taking drugs inside she was sent to drug test which she failed, her dorm was searched by dorm security, i guess 2 ex pills found its way into her purse somehow. She knew she will be kicked out, she also knew she cant tell she is being kicked out, more so she cant tell they found drugs on her to her mother and grandparents back home.

She came beging us to take her in for few months until semester is over, with promise to "be quiet and do as we say". She went back home for three weeks and came back early, telling her mom she is going to work before next year starts.

At least it wasnt a complete lie, she is still allowed to go to classes etc but she will also have to clean our flat, cook, go to store etc in her free time.




My boyfriend is 72. His 15 year old granddaughter lives with him. I’m 56. My boyfriend introduced me to meth. He likes to put some in my drink and get me real turned on. One night I was going down on him when he started talking about how hot it would be to see me with a younger girl. I loved the idea. I immediately began to think of his granddaughter. She is medium height. Fit body. She’s a cheerleader and in track. Her boobs look to be a c cup. Not too hippy but a nice bubble butt. After he came I told him I’d get us drinks and be right back. I decided I’d stop in and check on his granddaughter. I was feeling extremely horny and even somewhat aggressive. I was only in a short nightie with no panties. I saw her on her headphones facing the opposite direction. I slide in bed next to her and pulled up her shirt and started licking one of her pretty nipples. I couldn’t stop myself. I started sucking those nipples hard as I kneaded her other breast with my hand. She was shocked and crying and trying to push me off of her. I put my leg over her two legs and started rubbing her pussy over her white cotton panties with Her nipple still being licked and sucked. I felt her pussy start to get wet through the fabric. She didn’t want it but her body was responding. I slid my hand in her panty and started lightly stroking her clit.

No, please stop Imelda, she kept crying.

I was moaning and sucking and pulsating her swollen clit. I slide down her tight body until I was between her legs. I took a long whiff of her pussy through her panty and then licked her with one long stroke. I wanted that pussy. Bad. Real bad. 15 year old pussy was foreign to me. So I had to get the panties off. In a swift movement I got them down to her knees. She cried out

No Imelda. You have to stop. She cried

I yanked them the rest of the way off and got between her legs. I looked lustfully at her small, wet, pink little pussy. How delicious it looked. I opened her lips and leaned in and began licking the sweetest taste I’d ever experienced. Oh god it was good. It made me almost cum. But like I said, I felt aggressive. So I started fingering that tight little pussy. Pretty hard, too. She cried out in pain. It only spurred me into more desire. The more she squealed and whined and cried the harder I thrust my finger into her. I started sucking her nipple again as I rammed my finger in and out. Ooo yes in and out of an underage pussy. I kept exciting myself thinking of how I was molesting an underage girl. How hot it made me. My pussy started to tingle. I climbed over her and pushed my pussy on top of her mouth. Lick me Ashley I told her. Lick me now or I’ll get your grandfather in here to make you. She started licking. She cried out and whined some more. Just then her grandfather did walk in.

What’s wrong sweet pea, are you ok? Her grandfather asked

He walked in and his eyes widened as much as they could. He stood there for half a second before his hand started rubbing his crotch. His dick popped to attention. I guess between viagra and the meth he did and the sight of his granddaughter licking my pussy, his dream was coming true.

He came closer and started stroking Ashley’s nipples.

Ashley you are licking my clit while your grandfather strokes your nipples.

She whimpered. I climbed on gf her face and kissed my boyfriend as she watched horrified. “Taste her, you’ll love her” I told him.

He got a devious grin and went down licking her with a fervor I’d never seen. He sucked and slobbered and licked at her tiny pussy as I sucked her tits. He started jacking off while licking her. I went over and got beside him and took over jacking his cock for him. He took both free hands and started playing with those nice titties as I jacked his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. I felt him building and building, quickly. I went down on him taking his large cock in my mouth. As I brought my lips up and down over his hard shaft I felt the veins bulging and swelling and I knew he was close. He plunged his tongue deep inside her and she cried out. Just then he erupted inside my mouth, spewing cum down my throat. He got up and started sucking on one of her tits.

“You are excited baby, aren’t you?” I asked him.

He grunted and climbed on top of his granddaughter. He lined himself up and thrust his dick inside her virgin pussy. She screamed and it made him delirious with lust. He thrust in and out of her while ducking her tits and even kissing her. I went over and I started kissing her and tweeking her nipples so he could watch as he ruthlessly fucked his granddaughter. I started rubbing my pussy as I sucked her tits. Then I grabbed her hand and put it on my crotch.

“Rub me Ashley. Rub my clit. Make sure I like it.” Slowly she started stroking my clit w one finger. It felt so good. I started cumming before I realized I would. As she rubbed my swollen, aching clit I was humping her hand. As her grandfather watched he began to orgasm. I started kissing her as he spewed his sperm deep inside her underage pussy. When he was done he made her lick the cum off his dick as I watched, one finger in her pussy, one of my fingers inside my own pussy. I came again. Her grandfather came to me and bent me over her. From behind he thrust his again hard cock inside of me. He pumped in and out grunting as he fondled one of her tits.

“Baby you just fucked your granddaughter. Do you realize that? We are molesting your granddaughter babe!”

“Uh, uh, uh” he muttered as his body shook and exploded inside me. After he was done we just walked out of the room. We went back to the bedroom and fucked all night.

I secretly hope she’s pregnant. To molest an underage, pregnant girl pregnant w her grandfathers baby. Ooo. And then once the baby comes we molest them both.




I babysit a brother and sister both under the age of 5. One day they told me their other babysitter molests them. I can’t stop thinking about it. I know the other babysitter. She is a 16 year old lesbian I go to school with. Real butch. I asked her to go out with me and my friends to a party last weekend. I got her drunk and got on the topic of the kids. I started saying things to prompt her to tell me what she does to them. As she recalled story after story of molesting these kids I suggested we should babysit together. The next week we showed up on Wednesday evening for my regular night at the kids house to babysit. I watched this 16 year old girl molest the kids all night. Kissing. Touching. Licking. Sucking. Fingering. Omg it was hot. I didn’t want to join. Just watch. I suggested we play house. The other babysitter would be the husband. I got the 4 year old daughter to let the other babysitter sick her little flat nipples and lick her tiny pussy. All night I watched the 16 year old licking this tiny pussy. I was so wet by the time we got the kids to bed. I told the other babysitter how wet it all made me. She reached over and put her hand between my legs and started rubbing me over my panties. I laid back and spread my legs. This Lez slid my panties down and started licking my wet wet pussy. I came so hard. I told her I want her to be my babysitting partner from now on. I babysit for 7 families. Almost all have daughters. There is one family with twin girls. My partner gets them to trib infront of us. Sometimes she tweaks their nipples as they do. It so hot




I am a mother and grandmother about to turn 45 this month. I am marrying a man who just happens to have the thing I crave most. An extremely affectionate prepubescent daughter

I've really given her father every real warning I can without coming right out and telling him I'm going to be raping her on a regular basis. I told him how my grandmother molested me practically from birth. I've told him how I molested both my little sisters. I even told him the only thing that stopped me from regularly molesting my own daughters was fear of prison. I did in fact molest them both until they were about 4 years old. I make him RP incest and rape all the time and I made it clear that my favorite is mother/daughter nepiophilia. His daughter is already 7 but she has several good years of pedo fucking left in her then she can lure younger girls to me.

I am hoping that my husband secretly wants to fuck her too.

I want him to get her pregnant as early as possible and her have the baby in secret so we can all freely molest the infant