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So this is a true story and not a fantasy. I was about 12 years old and was constantly horny and hard and always wanking my cock. I was walking home from school one day and I saw this horse in the field near my house. It was a very quiet area with no houses or people around. The horse walked over to the fence and I suddenly noticed his massive black veiny cock was just hanging down and twitching. I was immediately turned on and got instant rock hard cock. I was desperate to touch the horses cock. I then noticed to the side of the field were some trees and bushes - so I walked the horse to them and jumped over the fence - I was so nervous but so excited too - I reached down and started rubbing his huge black balls and I could immediately tell he was enjoying it - I then slowly held the huge thick shaft in my hand it was so big and warm - I started to wank the cock up and down and it felt amazing as it twitched and jerked - I then pulled my rock hard cock out of my shorts and started wanking myself as I wanked the huge horses cock - I then got so horny and turned on that I bent down under the horses belly and pulled the cock into my face and licked the shaft and then quickly put my mouth around the tip and sucked it for about 10 secs - it was so horny that I shot my load all over the floor - I was hoping the horse might cum too but I think it got spooked by something as his cock started going up - I often wank thinking about it now - would love to do it again.




I have been a closet crossdresser my entire life, I have never had any cause to think anyone knew and only ever had sexual activity with my collection of dildos and to my eternal shame my dog and a family owned horse.

Recently though the family dynamic changed because of a divorce and we no longer have the horse and my dog has developed cancer and his treatment means I get no sex of him.

This is where my embarrassment come's from as I was celebrating my birthday with my wife and her family I was opening my gifts of which I had never received so many before, I opened my gift from my wife and it was a lovely blonde wig with a dress and some high heeled shoes,

My in-laws had got me a fuck machine and a horse cock dildo and her aunts and uncles had clubbed together and bought me a makeover day at a top crossdressing studio.

It turns out they had all known for some time and even though they thought it was perverted and gross they liked the fact that I had kept it to myself and had never gone and had affairs with other men.

So to keep me happy they have provided me with a substitute for the horse cock until we can afford another and have told me that if my dog loses his fight with cancer they will get me a puppy of any breed I want as long as I keep it to myself and don't go fucking other men.




Hi I (male 45) have been given an ultimatum by my wife of twenty years.

For context I have always crossdressed and my wife has always known, I had never had sex outside of our marriage and only ever voiced my fantasies to her while having sex together.

Two years ago now my wife's medical condition meant we could no longer have sex! my wife told me then that if I was horny she would be ok with me acting out some of my fantasies in front of her.

I now have several sessions a week where I crossdress and am either gangbanged by a local "gang" for want of a better description of black men sometimes as many as eight in a day.

I also have regular sex with our two male Rottweilers and sometimes our neighbour and his dog come around and spit roast me in our garden, my wife has watched and sometimes even enjoyed seeing me being used as a cum dump.

Recently however she has complained that I want to go too far as I have expressed the desire to both suck and be fucked by a horse cock and that I have too much sex, as Her carer as well as husband I doo care what she thinks but I have already arranged a weekend away for us in a country cottage with both our dogs, six well hug black guys and access to a horse and I AM going to spend the whole time dressed as a slut with as much cock in me and cum on me as I can take.

The idea is I will decide which I prefer Human, Dog or horse cock and just stick to which ever I choose after which will mean less sex but better enjoyment, I will write an account of my weekend and tell you the result later, XXX




I have always enjoyed anal stimulation especially when my fine tongues my ass good. We have been enjoying a lot of pegging also. Last weekend when she was away I really got into our 7 inch dildo. It's just 2 inches wide though. I had been eyeing the big huge black dildo we had . Often used on my wife and her wet cunt only. I was just too hot. I had to feel it break my ass open. At 3 inches wide it was huge . After my ass was ready I slowly got into it. It took a good 10 minutes before it burst into my hole.Once in it easly took the first 6 inches. My ass had been torn. It felt so fucking good. I relaxed and starting moving on it. Slowly and slowly. It rubbed my insides till pre cum formed on my cock. Now my mind went into another zone. In my head a Horse dick was in me and I was a submissive little boy getting fucked in front of his dominant wife. I imagined her pissing on me as the horse humped his cum into me.

I cannot express the pain I felt as it popped out. But I had sprayed my load all over.




I'm a male and back when I was a teen, a neighbor asked me to watch their girl pony when they were out of town. It meant me going over to their barn a couple times a day, letting the thing roam free for a while and feeding it, come back a little later, putting it away, feeding it again, giving it a brush down and then rinse and repeat the next day. She was about as tall as my waist and relatively small, but she was cute and fun.

On the third day, I was brushing her out and realized that she was super comfortable with me. I could be standing there behind her and she wouldn't care. That's when I noticed her big, hot vagina. And I mean hot. I could feel the heat coming off her before I even got close.

So she kept swishing her tail and I could see this thing. So I stuck my hand up and rubbed it. She didnt move or react. I kept it up until I slid two fingers in, then three... she just kept standing there. So... undid my belt.

To say it was the hottest, slickest pussy is an understatement. To this day, I've never encountered anything close to the feeling. It was like a slick, wet sleeve around my cock. I just kept going and she didnt seem to mind. I loved the feeling of my balls slapping against her soft fur. I knew she could take hard stuff because she was a horse, but I didnt want to spook her. She spooked me a couple times, lifting her hind legs once or twice. I thought she would kick me. Instead, she had an orgasm. I didnt understand that at the time, but now I know that's what happened. Her pussy clamp down on my two or three times and she neighed.

The clamping sent me over and I came inside her. When I pulled out, I realized I was covered in juices that smelled like fresh hay, but that was fine. My family didn't suspect anything because I was messing around in all kinds of hay feeding this horse.

The next day was the final day and I spent an hour with her in the barn. She loved my fist in her and danced around after she nearly crushed my wrist. I took her super hard that night and she squirted some juices on me when she had her orgasm.

To this day, when I smell fresh hay, I think of that white pony.




I am a married male in my fifties, I am also a crossdressing slut whenever I get the chance, that said I have done some things that have even amazed me at how perverted they were.

Well a couple off months ago the Stable's next to my home were knocked down for a new house to be built, I am quite sad about this as I have had many sexual experiences in those stables.

They include a couple of gangbang sessions where I was used by up to six men, being caught sucking and being fucked by a pony when it's owner (a friend luckily) turned up unexpected and several sessions with my dogs fucking me.

Now as I said I am very unhappy they have gone but for my wedding anniversary my wife has given me a large black dildo and my mother has given me a new dress and a horse cock dildo, when I asked why she had got me those she simply said that she thought I would like them.

So it may not be the real thing but if I get a fuck machine it wont be far off. xx




Well I have made several confessions about my exploits with various family animals,

Well I now have a regular schedule for visiting both family and friends place's to satisfy both my and their pets needs.

Mondays are spent at my brothers place seeing to his 3 dogs and any of his friends who are wanting to use me, the best day by far I was fucked by all 3 dogs repeatedly while sucking and being fucked by my brother and three of his friends between dogs, I had a cock in each end for around five hours (06-12-21)

Tuesdays are at my wife's Aunts house sucking and fucking two dogs and three horse's as well as sucking her Uncles cock. the best day here was awesome as there were several family members there for me to suck as well as the animals and I took a total of ten different cocks.

Wednesdays are spent at my mothers house being fucked by her dog and her ex-boyfriend and his two brothers (all big Black cocks) while being watched by my Mom who sometimes films it.

Thursdays are spent at a local dogging spot where I will take any cock I can get and have spent an entire day servicing too many cocks both human and K9 that I lost count (14-10-21)

Fridays are my favourite as it's at My wifes Aunts again and her son and his friends run a train on me after I am finished with the Horse's and dogs cocks and there is usually around six of them to use me (05-11-21 started at 09:45 ended at 22:30) before I suck off My wifes uncle as he drives me home.

Saturdays are spent at home sucking and being fucked by both of my Rottweilers along with any one who turns up wanting to use my hole's.

Sundays are usually spent allowing my arse to close a little so I can feel myself being stretched for the rest of the weeks activities, or a return visit to the dogging site