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I’m ftm, 23, and for weeks I haven’t been able to stop thinking about my partner getting me pregnant. I’ve been so tempted to stop taking my birth control and just let it happen - they love giving me creampies. I love when they fill me, and I can’t help but wonder if they secretly want to breed me for real too. These thoughts have been getting distracting and I can’t help but zone out when I’m supposed to be doing work or paying attention to things, and sometimes I will have to stop what I’m doing to relieve myself. I know it’s not practical to have a baby, especially with the stage in life we’re at, but it’s just such a hot fantasy.




No one knows this except my step daughter, who is 34 and married with 4 kids, that her oldest child, a son, is mine. I got her pregnant when she was seventeen. I got with her mother way back when she was 5, her sister was 4 and her brother was 2. Me and her mom went on to have a child of our own, a daughter, about 2 years later who, btw, am having a father/daughter with sex benefits relationship now. She is 26 but that's another confession for another time.

I had sex with my step daughter for the first time when she was 13. We seem to have an unspoken attraction for each other. I took her shopping for an outfit for a mock court project she was doing for her 8th grade class. When we got home, it was just me and her. I was sitting out in my van drinking beer when she came out and showed me her two piece pant outfit with a pair of her mother's high heels. She looked great, just like a professional, hot lawyer. I knew then this was my best opportunity to fuck her. I came in the house and went to her room. I told her how good she looked in her new outfit. She just blushed so much. She didn't always have the most confidence in her looks. She was cute and her figure was developing nicely. Even a buddy of mine told me when she was 12 how nice her body was growing, particularly her tits. Anyway, we were sitting on her bed and I started to make my move. I told her I loved her, which I do still, and kissed her forhead, then her nose, then an eskimo nose kiss(rubbing our noses together)then lightly touching her lips with mine. I pulled back to see her reaction and, I saw her smile and blush. I knew then I had the green light. I kissed her delicatily on her lips. Skipping a lot of details, I told her I wanted to take a "special" bath with her. Before she could speak, I said "I'll show you what I mean when you come in." After a couple of minutes, I was in the tub and with the water running and my cock at high noon when she came in. I told her get in. Again, skipping a lot of details, I guided her body and placed her virgin pussy over my dick. I started to bring her down. I got my dick into her entrance and started pushing inward. I told her "I'm going to hit a certain spot in your pussy, it's going to hurt for a little and you may see a little blood but, that will go away soon enough, I promise. It's natural for a girl for her first time for sex." That's why I did it in the tub, along with kissing her, the water will sooth the pain a little and also wash away the blood. After we got through that initial ritual, we got out of the tub and I took her to me and her mom's room. That's where we fucked for real for the first time. I wanted so bad to cum in her pussy but, I knew she could get pregnant so, I pulled out and came on her body. After that I her suck my cock and I ate her pussy as well. I didn't get to fuck her again until she was 15. Her mom and I had gone our separate ways by then. One Saturday, while drinking with my buddies, the 2 of us had been talking on the phone off and on that afternoon. She was at home alone. I asked her did she want me to come be with her and she said yes. Again, not to get into too much detail, she was wearing braces at that time and not feeling good about her appearance. I told her she was still attractive and I would take her out if I were her age. Basically, I was setting her up. A few minutes later we were kissing and I told her to go to her room and change into a button blouse with it open showing her tits, skirt and a pair of her mother's heels. Also with no bra and panties. We were on the couch by the front window. I did that purposefully so she could look out to see if anyone was coming up to the door and we could stop quickly. I had my cock out and told her place her pussy onto my dick. We started fucking. Fucking her was like commiting incest. She was like a daughter to me and knowing that we were in a position that we could get caught made it so fucking hot.

I got to fuck her maybe 2 more times after that until she got to be 18.

I had started frequenting this swingers club that was for 18 and over but, they didn't serve alcohol. I got to know some of the staff and I worked it out where I could bring my step daughter in even though she was only seventeen. Skipping a lot of details, that's where I introduced her to couple swaps, 3somes, gangbangs, DPs and lesbian sex as well. That's when I got her pregnant too. She explained it away to her mother that she met some random guy from out of town and got roped into a one night stand. Didn't know where he was from, blah, blah, blah.

During her pregnancy, we had a few sexual exploites with this white couple we met at the swingers club(we are black). She was 6 months pregnant when we met. We all fucked that night there. He fucked my step daughter, I fucked his wife, the girls fucked each other and then we gangbanged my step daughter. turns out she really likes sex. I DO NOT FUCK MEN. Draw the line there.

This couple swing with 4 or 5 other couples and so one other time we got together at their home and we all just made my step daughter the pregnant cum dump. We just gang fucked the shit out of her, men and women. Although there were a couple of women who were concerned about her condition, meaning we may induce her into early labor, we treated her like she was less than human. We MADE her suck cocks and eat pussy, fucked her pussy, her ass, pulling her head by her hair hard, slapping her face, cumming inside her, on her, in her mouth, the women used strapon dildos to fuck her, men calling her derogotory names, bitch, slut, whore, even nigger. I didn't care in that setting. It was just in the heat of the moment of hard core fucking as far as I was concerned. I never subjected her to that again. I loved her way too much but, it was a fantasy of mine to in a situation like that and it was fun.

After she had the baby, our sexual activity rapidly decreased and then completely stopped She was now a mother and had to tend to her motherly duties. For a long time I wanted to fuck her again but, no opportunity ever really arose and plus she had since gotten with her now husband. Now I have no desre to fuck her. After 3 more kids, she's not very appealing to look at now as she's kinda let her self go, mostly due to being a wife in an unhappy marriage and a mother to four but, I still have those vivid memories of our sexcapades way back when.

As I mentioned earlier I, am now in a father/daughter with benefits relationship with my biological daughter. She does not know about me and her sister but, I may share that with her in pillow talk one night. Who knows, we may get a family threesome!!!!!!!!

(BTW, my son still does not know that I am his father)




I am the daughter of the housekeeper and he is the son of the lady of the house. We got together, in sex, at fourteen and that resulted in a pregnancy. The lady of the house was so unamused about it and my mother was so 'go girl' about it. He was so, well he got to fuck, so he was ok with it.

I went through my pregnancy, including having to do home schooling after I was showing and had my baby which I brought home. The father of the baby was interested all through the pregnancy as to how my body worked, and he spent some time exploring around in my vulva with both his finger and his tongue and his dick. My mother was all 'go girl' about it, keep him interested, let him fuck you and let him fall in love with you.

I got pregnant soon after the first baby was born, I had two a little more than a year apart. There was no longer any discussion about it, he 'had' to marry me, much to his mother's disappointment. He sat with me while I nursed and he liked to hold and change the babies. We were a cute little couple and my mother was 'go girl', let him fuck all he wants to.

Well I'm 27 now with two preteens who are little rich kids and my husband is 27 and he likes to explore strange new pussy. He is very handsome and has a way about him, he targets younger women of lower income levels to fuck, what they don't know is that I had him 'snipped' before he went to college. I really don't care, the more he fucks them the more he fucks me. After a night out hunting for pussy, if he is successful, he comes home ready tell me and show me how he fucked her. Just don't bring them home, that's all I ask. Not because of me, but because my kids don't need to be involved with this. I learned this from his mother and agree with her, they don't need to be exposed to their dad catting around for strange pussy.




Every night I go online and I look for men or women who like to force women. I get so turned on by the thought of multiple men stretching my ass and pussy at the same time making me scream. Forcing me to bend over while my ass is taken by multiple dry cocks. I fuck my pussy every night fantasizing about men choking me and leaving me passed out in a public space with my legs spread so everyone can see that my fertile womb has been bred against my will. Waking up to a group of men abusing my unconscious body while there’s videos already going viral online for everyone to see. Going home and finding out that one of the men branded my ass while I was asleep with the words slut and whore across my ass cheeks. Finding out I’m pregnant with a strangers baby and carrying it to full term knowing the father is a stranger.




I have a fantasy of being tied over a bench with my pussy exposed. Blindfolded and recorded. Throughout the day I have many visitors, I have no indication of who is putting their dick inside me apart from the sounds and smells, how big it feels, and whether I feel something furry hunched over me panting. It could be anyone, any age, using me as a cum receptacle.

My attendant collects the cum that runs off after each session and cleans me up a bit, but leaves me tied for the next guest. All day long I'm fucked over the bench by strangers, maybe relatives, maybe people I would never fuck in a million years. Dirty old men, curious little boys, horny dogs, crazy bums.

At the end of the day, I'm untied and the collected run-off is funneled back into my pussy as I lay on my back with my hips up. I'm not allowed to watch the video.

The process is repeated weekly until a pregnancy is confirmed, and only then am I allowed to watch back the carefully edited video. I watch in disgust as I see all the potential fathers ejaculating inside me. None of them have any business fucking me! Some of them probably couldn't be the father, some definitely couldn't be the father, but the ones that could give me a sick feeling in my stomach. I'm carrying their child now and not allowed to terminate.

The feeling of disgust makes my pussy tingle and get wet and my attendant sees me starting to touch myself. He immediately starts fucking me while admitting that he jerked off into the cum bucket several times during this experiment.




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way backin 73, my mom was age 30, i was age 11 years old then. that day she'd told me she was going to have a baby, my dick had wiggled a little in my short shorts, i'd covered the wiggling bulge in my shorts with my teeshirt. there she was, in short shorts, a real sheer seethrough top, i sure was aroused by how the top of her short shorts had stretched over her still flat tummy, had my heart beating. my mom was ready to start up the washer when she said 'hey sweety how about putting your shirt in the washer, i'm doing the laundry.' when i pulled off my shirt and put it in the washer, my mom had looked down at the bulge in my shorts, and said 'are you staring at my tummy love?' i'd said 'kind of.' she said 'it's allright if you are.' then i said 'yea i am.' then she'd pulled her top up her bra, and there was her tummy, my dick had wiggled hard at how tight her shorts were. after she'd started the washer, we both were in the house, and went to her room, my mom had invited me to feel her baby, my dick had wiggled hard in my shorts , then i'd just stood there, stared at her tummy just over the top of her shorts.