I was an auditor and I went on my first solo assignment for a regional office in St. Petersburg Florida. I got there early out of habit but the office was still closed so I stayed in the rental car until the office manager showed up to open. She let me in, put on the coffee, we sat in her office and I explained what I was there for. I wasn't her 'first' she told me, so don't get in her way, make a list of what I wanted and she would get it ready for me. Standoffish is what I would say she was to me.

He office was small and she had put up a small card table to work at. I heard every phone call and how she treated the customers. She was aggressive and assertive. Then out of nowhere, she leaned over to get a file out of the bottom drawer, her dress was too short and her naked womanhood was totally visible. No panties. Just her raw pussy.

She wasn't gentle with me, far from it. She said herself she was a dyke and she liked young pussy. She sat back in her chair and flashed her naked pussy at me. She grabbed me from behind and felt up my tits. She ate me while I stood resting against the wall. I found out how she dealt with auditors. She fucked them. I also found out that she had a standing order, no male auditors, she wanted pussy.

I did my job anyway and I showed her my findings, she noted on them with her excuses. The truth is that she ran the shop and the delivery men never walked into her office, she met them outside on the landing. She didn't like 'men' in general, found them unnecessary. Deep down inside she told me she always felt she had the balls to be a man, but not the dick to go with it. I didn't care, I was open to her completely. Girls like me want a dyke, a woman with balls and no dick, to be there 'pussy'.

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