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I am a crossdresser. I will wear a skirt, pantyhose, and high heels and with these new policies of trans able to use the women's restrooms, I will sit in a stall and jack off while i listen to the women pissing, farting, and shitting.

I get really excited when I hear her make a huge fart that resonates in the toilet bowl, or when I hear her turd drop in the water, I usually cum at that point.




I work at a farm and specifically I wash and deal with the horses mainly. Me and my friends were talking about my job and they asked if I'd ever played with one of the cocks and I told them the truth, yes. I used to jerk them off and get turned on by how much cum would shoot out.

A week or two later, two of my friends privately asked me if they could fuck the horses and, being quite drunk at the time, I said yes.

They got there after hours when it was dark and we snuck in and got to work. They sucked this horse cock together whilst I filmed them and were more than happy to get pretty dirty.

They invited me to join so i set up the phone on a table and joined them, sucking this thing until it exploded on us. They wanted another so i moved one of the smaller horses out and led its cock into my friends pussy. She came a hell of a lot and once it pulled out, I could see she was hurt but too turned on to care. They went on, letting the horse piss on them (even eating its dirty ass whilst I was letting it mount me).

Eventually that one came in me and they ate it out of me. Finally they wanted something big which is the real reason i made this prompt as I've got away with what happens next but need to tell people. My friend who was hurt begged me to get the biggest one and let her put it in her ass. My other friend was pretty high and watched, totally covered in cum and shit.

I led the largest horse to her and she forced the first few inches into her ass. Immediately she bled from her butt but kept saying it was gonna make her cum so i watched with my other friend.

Then... she stopped squealing as the horse totally hilted inside her and began to fuck her whole body. She went limp as the horse flooded her with cum and pulled out, totally coated in her shit and blood.

Because we were super high, we ignored it, climbed onto her and began eating the mixture coming out of her butt.

We fell asleep and once we woke up we realised she was dead so I cleaned the horses and her body and dumped it. To this day she's reported missing and her husband has no idea about it.

Since then I can't stop fucking myself to how good it must have felt just before she died. It's so evil but the video I have of us fisting ourselves as our friend dies is my favourite thing and I've sent it to so many people. I've also started sleeping with the other friend a lot more and we want to do it again but this time go crazier and let them kill us or even killing each other.

Meanwhile her daughter has seen the video but I've cropped us out and I just know that 16 year old slut fingers herself to it.




I have a weird fetish for mens assholes. I think it started when my husband got home from work and wanted a blowjob. He took his pants off and spread his legs with his feet up on the couch. So im going down on him and his balls are sweaty and so is his buttcrack but the smell was really turning me on for some reason. He started to cum in my mouth and let out a couple of farts and the smell drove me crazy. I loved it.

Since then weve tried a bunch of different things. I like it when he bends over so i can milk his dick until he cums so i can see his asshole quiver. I think his favorite is when i blow him while hes taking a shit. When he cums he holds my head down while hes cumming and shitting at the same time. A couple of times that forced cum out of my nose.




I confess I just went to a public park bathroom to shit and instead of using the toilet I shit in the trash can. It makes me so horny and nobody will ever know. I didn’t make a mess either but it was kind of runny.




It started out as innocent fun. I Met John during my second year at college. He was a Senior and took a liking to me. The first Frat party he invited me to was fun and nothing really happened. He seemed really sweet and courteous. We ended up fucking at the second party. We became a couple after than and a year later he asked me to marry him. As soon as I said yes he said to be his wife I had to learn to suck his cock. I had never done that but I really loved him so I did my best. He didn't make me swallow but shot on my tits then wiped it off with a towel. I thought it was okay even though it didn't turn me on. He did though have a pretty big dick and I came nearly every time we fucked.

Our wedding day finally came. It was a pretty small ceremony and we ended up in a motel a couple of hours away from home. We ate dinner and got back to the motel. He insisted I shower and shave my pubic hair off. When I said I didn't want to he slapped me, making me cry. Then he said that I was now his legal cunt and would do as he commanded. I started to protest and that pissed him off. I couldn't believe the difference in him and he scared me. He said he really loved me but demanded certain things from me. I thought it was just the excitement and newness of being married. He told me again "Either shave your cunt for me or I'll do it for you." Another new thing for me but I complied. When I came out of the shower he was standing right outside the shower naked. He gently dried me off and walked me into the room. He pushed me on the bed on my stomach and pulled me up on my knees. Without even saying anything he started to finger fuck me. He wasn't tender now and when his third finger entered me I told him it hurt and wanted him to stop. He shoved in even harder and said that he would fuck me anytime and any way he wanted. Then he said that I was now his property and he was now my master. With three fingers in my cunt he shoved a thumb in my ass. I told him that I didn't want him in my ass and he said that I better get used to it because before the night was over I was going to get ass fucked. When he said that I started to move away but he quickly grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me. He took his t-shirt and tied my wrists together behind me and pushed me face down on the bed.

I was scared when he tied my hands. That was the first time he had ever done that and I started to cry. Then he got mean. He said "Quit crying cunt. I'll fuck you any time I want and in any hole I want and you're gonna take it or I'll make your life a living hell." When he said that I froze and decided to let him do to me what he wanted. When he felt me quit struggling his hand got more gentle and he was rubbing my clit while his thumb was rubbing in and around my asshole. He spit on my asshole and got it slippery. Then his finger entered me. It hurt a little and he said to relax. After a minute of him finger fucking my ass I was able to relax. Then he scooted up a little. He spread my ass cheeks and put his cock against my hole. He slowly pushed in and I thought this was the nastiest thing he could ever do to me. I was in pain and sobbing when he finally came in my ass. Ge finally pulled his cock out of my ass and turned me over. "Honey" he said. "You must have the tightest fucking ass I ever fucked." I didn't know he had any experience with this. Then he did even more unexpected. He took off a pillow case and wrapped it over my head so I couldn't see. My hands were still tied behind me. He unzipped his suitcase and a minute later I felt my nipples burning. He was using sandpaper on my nipples. I was thrashing about a little and felt him pull both of my nipples up. He said to just calm the fuck down and I would get the most pleasure I ever had. I tried to relax again as he sanded my nipples until they were nearly raw. I have pretty good sized tits with large nipples. When he finally stopped he said he had never seen my nips so large. They were both burning when he started to suck on one of them. It hurt like a fucking bitch but when his hand went down to my pussy he said I was wetter than he had ever felt. This was strange. My nipples were burning and my pussy was wet. By this time his cock was hard again and he spread my legs and shoved his cock inside me. His fingers and thumbs were pulling on my raw nipples and although it hurt I came harder than ever before as he fucked me. He kept fucking me and pulling on my nipples and I kept cumming. I nearly passed out but he pulled out before he came. Then I felt him straddling my chest and he pulled the pillow case off of my head and put his cock up to my lips. He pushed in until I opened my mouth to take him in. I could taste my own juices as he started to mouth fuck me. I was still tied up as he fucked my mouth. S few minutes later he came in my mouth for the first time. He held my mouth closed with one hand as he unloaded and said to swallow it all. I did.

When he was done he just crawled off of me and said "I'm gonna shower and you're gonna stay right the fuck there." I was scared not to move and a few minutes later ha game back in the room. He sat on the couch next to the bed and turned on the TV to watch a basketball game. I was really uncomfortable and every time I started to move he would say "Cunt. Stay right there." The game lasted about two and a half hours. When it was over he said it was time. When I asked him that it was time for what he replied "time for you to come over and suck my cock again. It was difficult to get off of the bed but I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. about 20 minutes later without warning me ha came in my mouth again.

This went on for nearly the entire week and he fucked every hole I had. by the time the week was over and we got back to his, our house my ass was stretched out and I was a broken woman. For the next 15 years he controlled me. He fucked my ass at least twice a week and had me suck his cock nearly every night. He was a good provider but was a controlling asshole. When I finally told my best friend about his controlling ways she asked if I wanted her to make him stop. It was something I never thought could happen and I finally told her it would be nice to be free of his control. That Friday night after dinner she and her husband came over. He was a big tall fat guy and looked very powerful. We were just visiting when my husband thought it was time for us to be alone. When he said it was time to break up the party, Marty, my friend's husband stood up and said "Terry, I know you've been abusing your wife and it stops now." My hubby Terry said that it was none of Marty's fucking business and thought they should leave. Marty just laughed at him and slapped him. Hard. Terry stood up and Marty slapped him again. Marty looked at me and asked what I wanted him to do. I defiantly looked at Terry and said "Break Him."

Terry was bold with me but a wimp when it came to confronting a stronger man. Marty grabbed him by the throat with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other and squeezed. "Strip bitch" Marty said to him. Now Terry was scared. With Marty's hand still around Terry's throat Terry began to undo his clothes. A minute later Terry was naked and Marty told him to kneel down. Terry did and Marty told him to suck his cock. When Terry hesitated Marty slapped him hard across the cheek. Terry was starting to cry as I watched in disbelief. Before the night was done Terry had sucked Marty, swallowed his load and had gotten ass fucked by Marty's big cock. Terry was a puddle of shit by the time Marty god through with him. He Told Terry that if he ever laid a hand on me again Marty would not only fuck him again but beat him within an inch of his life.

Within a week I had the most attentive and kind husband any woman could ever wish for. For the next 10 years Terry was a perfect gentleman. I still enjoying sucking his cock and having him fuck me, but it is on my terms not his. Marty teaching him a lesson that night was the best thing that ever happened for us. Terry had apologized for being such an asshole. We are still very much in love and have come to have a mutually enjoyable marriage. It's just too fucking bad it took so long.




Growing up I had quite a normal life, my mum and my dad were still together and living happily. They ended up having 3 children, my older sister, me and my younger sister. After my younger sister was born, my dad "left to go get some milk", I dont think he could handle 3 kids. Right now I'm 16, my older sister is 18 and my younger sister is 12. A few years after my dad left, when I was about 6 or 7, my mum shouted for me and my sister to come upstairs, which we did. When we both walked in she was lying on her bed, fully naked, breastfeeding our younger sister. In a panic we both ran out, but she demanded for us to come back in. Worried incase we got in trouble, we both walked in. She told us to lock the door, which my sister did, but I couldnt stop staring at her pussy. I've never considered my mum attractive, but I couldnt take my eyes off of it. My mum noticed this and started to finger herself in front of me, this is my first memory of a boner. She told both me and my sister to take our clothes off of each other, and when we did, she told only me to put my sisters clothes on. I was so confused at the time but still did it, I kind of liked being bossed around. She told me to come over in front of her. As soon as I got there she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy, told me to lick it and smell it, and I did, and I loved it. She held me there for a few minutes, and I noticed something warm, it was her pissing in my mouth. It tasted bad but I didnt want to get in trouble so I kept licking. I noticed she had my older sister sucking on her other tit. She let go of my head and were told we could leave. My mum started walking around nude and getting us to bathe together. Eventually me and my sister were walking around nude and copying what we did with our mum. I would suck on her nipples and lick her pussy as she peed in my mouth. My mum caught on to what we were doing and invited us to sleep in her bed tonight. I remember her putting something on to watch as we layed in bed, there was a girl on all fours. Except I noticed, it wasnt a girl, it was a guy wearing girls clothes. A group of women came along, these all wearing strap ons, big ones too, atleast 10 inches and 4 inches in width. The "girl" was fucked senseless for an hour and all I thought was, I wish I was that guy. My mum got up and threw me some used panties. They were wet and had a blood stain on the front, but I still put them on. My mum opened a draw, only to pull out a dildo and a strap on, she told me to shove the dildo up my ass. I had no idea what the dildo was until she handed me it, and well I tried, I wanted to copy the guy on the TV, but I couldn't get it in. My mum took it back off of me, only to start shoving it violently up her pussy. She pulled it back out and started to suck on it, my sister was watching, she looked confused. I asked about it and she had no clue she could stick anything up there, she started trying to put her own fingers up until my mum told her to stop. She handed me back the dildo, and I sat on it, only for it to slide up my asshole. It was really painful, to the point I was almost crying, but I think my mam enjoyed watching it. I sat in pain for a bit, while I noticed my mum was putting the on the strap on. My mum faced my sister and pushed her down on the bed. She told me to watch as she positioned it right in front of her entrance. She pushed it in and my sister let out a yelp. She kept telling her it hurts, but she continued and eventually, she stopped saying it hurts and she seemed to enjoy it. I also stopped feeling the pain in my ass, and would try to go up and down, it was quite hard at first. My mum pulled out of her, some blood came out with it, and she moved on to me. She pulled out the dildo, it really suprised me but as it passed my sphincter it felt great. She started fucking me with her strap on, she was quick and aggressive, and I liked it. While she did she pulled on my hair, I loved being used by her. She told my sister to bend over infront of me, her ass was in my face. My mum pushed my head into her ass, telling me to lick it. My sister obviously hadn't wiped correctly, since it tasted really bad, but I also kinda enjoyed it. I think the constant moans we were all making woke up our little sister, who was sleeping in her cot. This queued us to stop. My mum pulled out and I gave my sister a few more licks. However it turns out it wasnt over. She had an idea that involved my 2 year old sister. She placed her head at my penis, that was still hard and she started sucking, I guess she thought it was a nipple. She kept doing this until I orgasmed, I obviously couldn't cum as I was too young. My mum then actually breast fed her and I took the other nipple as my sister fingered my ass. As we grew up this would happen more often, we all grew to be nudist and very sex open. My mum realised she could keep my behaviour in check as well as my grades high if she offered to fuck me with her big strap on as a reward. She would still end up doing it regardless anyways. If she didn't, she raised both of my sisters to be dominant and I'd let them fuck me. I liked it when my older sister fucked me since she had a horse cock strap on and a pink one that was covered in rubber spikes. They felt great.

When my younger sister turned 8, I got the pleasure of taking her virginity. On her birthday, we let her be the one in control of everything, and well it turns out my younger sister is really kinky. I was tied to the bed, unable to move, she made both my mum and my sister shit in their pants and leave them on. My sister kept giving me little scratches and bites, usually biting my nipples. She drew blood from a few scratches but it was alright. She let my sister and mum take off their panties and left them on the floor. She demanded that I let them sit on my face as I eat their asses out. I didnt really want to taste their shit but i still did it anyway. I havent really mentioned but my sisters and mum are quite chubby. They let their full weight on my face and I proceeded to lick the shit off of both their asses. While doing this my sister pulled out my cock which is currently hard as nails. She opened up her lips and slid down my cock, I popped her cherry and had her moaning and screaming for the first few minutes. After we finished I was the "toilet for the day" I wouldnt eat their shit but let them all piss in my mouth.

Sometimes when I really need to be fucked, I like to get in bed with my sister or my mum, play with them while they're asleep, let them wake up and "punish me". At these points they're really aggressive when it comes to fucking me, sometimes I get fucked in my ass while getting throat fucked. Sometimes they just piss on me. Sometimes I'll just be walking around my house and they'll come along, push me down and fuck me right then and there. I regularly make out and fuck my younger sister, or she fucks me. We tend to sleep together since I really like her kinkyness. I guess I'm also into the fact shes pretty dirty as in unhygienic. Shes doesnt shave very often as well as showering. But I kinda like the fact that she stinks and is always sweaty. I enjoy licking the sweat and burying myself in her pubes and armpit hair I like the piss and shit stained panties which she likes to shove in my mouth.

On my 16th birthday, I was taken to a nudist resort for a few days, I enjoyed getting fucked by my family. One day we went in public, my mum used her strapon on my ass and started fucking me really hard. It caught the attention of a few people. Some were disgusted but some stood around and watched, the majority were women. Some wanted to try me, and I let them, my mum loaned me her strap on (They wouldnt have known it was my mum) and I got fucked by two other women, one was quite slow but strong and rough, while the other one was really fast and aggressive. I think I enjoyed being watched by a crowd, especially knowing their were kids nearby, but for some reason nobody seemed to care about that. I think a little girl noticed but that was it. We left that day and in the car journey back, I let both my younger and older sister fuck me and use me, if they needed the toilet, that's what I was there for.

This is still a regular thing, I'm probably gonna try getting fucked by my older sister tonight.




I've always wanted to feel what it was like to cum in my pants. I've been married almost 40 years now and my wife has bowel issues. She uses adult diapers and one day I wore one to work. It was amazing how free I felt It took a couple of times before I felt comfortable enough to jerk off in my diaper driving home from work. It felt fantastic. One day at work I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and pissed in my diaper. Not a drop on my trousers. That got me thinking - what if I shit in them. I tried it on a long drive one Saturday and felt the squishy all over my ass but no smell. I told my wife about it and she said that was sick, but she soon warmed up to the idea of us taking long trips in our diapers to see how long we could drive without pulling over to a bathroom. The longest we've gone so far is 13 hours with only one gasoline stop. I paid at the pump so there was no problem. I pissed four times that day and shit once. If we didn't have to be home to sleep we could have gone another six hours.

Since I now wear my diapers to work I often piss or shit in my pants during the day and nobody is the wiser.

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