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It's a fact that niggers are the superior race. We whites all have such

tiny baby dicks compared to them. Mine is barely more than two inches long,

and on top of that, I'm a premature ejaculater. Niggers, on the other hand,

have massive cocks. Some go up to 12 inches long! I'm a firm believer that

niggers deserve everything we own and we would all be better off being

nothing but their slaves. Additionally, I think that all little, white,

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I was living a very happy life for a while. I had my two year old

daughter, Liz, and my wife Carol who was eight months pregnant with another

baby girl on the way...but something wasn't right. Something was missing.

I've never been permitted to see Liz naked. It was one of my wife's

golden rules. When it came time for baths or diaper changing, I had to

leave the house. The rule only really applied to me though. One time, at

my family's house, Carol asked if my dad and brother wanted to help give Liz

a bath, and they both agreed in a heartbeat. After they were all finished

up, and Liz was dressed, it was Carol who approached me with Liz's old diaper.

"Both your dad and brother came into this a few times as they were

watching the bath. I didn't permit them to touch because they both have itty,

bitty pee pee's like yours. I did get them to admit that their's is biggest."

She handed me the diaper, and I started to lick all the cum clean off. The

best part was that my wife, daughter, brother, and father were all watching as

I did this. All three of us were stroking our worthless dicks, and we came so

fast that a pool of cum from all of us spurted right onto the floor! It was

my responsibility to lick it all off the dirty floor, and it was one of the

best tasting experiences I have ever had. My brother and dad started to make

out with each other, they even stopped paying attention to what was happening

around us. Carol started to make out with Liz too, and she was just such a

good little learner. I stayed on the floor - completely mesmerized - and my

baby dick just couldn't stop cumming!

One day, I was on the computer looking for toddler pictures, and I found

a bunch of great ones. There was this one image of a girl, no more than a

week old, and right above her cunny was written "for nigger dicks only." Then

there was a three year old girl that was holding up a sign that read: "black

lives matter, white lives don't."

One of my favorites was of a little toddler girl with one nigger dick in

her mouth, one in her butt, and one in her cute lil' cunny. It was a true

nepi gangbang. I was hooked!

As I was looking into it more photos, I found something amazing. It was

this nigger who made a post advertising his services:

"I'll fuck any girl at any age for the right price!" It said - with a

picture of him going balls deep inside a little toddler girl!

There were so many comments saying how he was the master of fucking white

girls. There was this one comment that said:

"I knew I just had to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner at my family's

house. My two year old daughter sat on his lap all through dinner. The best

part was that, as my family was saying grace, my daughter was being cummed


Another comment said:

"I was once the father of two beautiful, twin girls. But now it's down to

only one. After he stopped fucking them, he asked me which one of my twin

three year old daughters was my favorite, or that I loved more. I answered

honestly and said it was my daddy's girl Ginger. He then asked me to draw

bath water, and once it was high enough, he drowned Ginger right in front of

me and my daughter! He told us to keep the dead body in my other daughter,

Madison's bed, and it's been there ever since. This man is the best!"

After reading that last post, I knew at that moment I needed to hire him.

I kept a picture of Liz being fucked like that and I so very needed it.

I was so worried that Carol would shoot me down, but the opposite


"Dear this is a wonderful idea! My old nigger math teacher used to rape

me and my sister practically daily."

She went on to say:

"The first time his dick was inside me, that was the happiest moment of my

life! It wasn't marrying you, or having Liz. It was being raped by a

nigger's dick!"

She started to rub her tummy...

"I wish this was a nigger baby inside of me and not another one your

worthless white ones."

We decided to do a little bit of home improvement before we called him.

We took away all of Liz's toys and just replaced them with one big, black

dildo. There was a picture Liz drew of her holding hands with daddy and

mommy. Carol ripped it up and replaced it with a "black lives matter"

sticker instead. We set every TV in the house to be playing videos of cute

little girls getting raped.

Within short order, it went from a house to a nice home.

Finally, we took Liz to a tattoo parlor run by a nigger sex offender. We

requested that Liz get a "property of Tyrone" tattoo right above her bald

little cunny.

I had to leave the shop while the job was being done and wait patiently.

But when I DID get to see it, it was a true work of art! And I couldn't wait

for more people to see it.

"That tattoo artist really wanted to rape her." My wife said. "So I

promised him that he could - AFTER she loses her virginity."

We both agreed that we should watch Liz getting raped together. We knew

it would the thrill of a lifetime for both of us, and if we didn't watch, we

would spend the rest of our lives regretting it.

And so the deal was made.

Tyrone, the man from the add, told us it would cost $5,000 to get him to

come out, and another $2,000 for both of us to watch. We had to cut deep

into Liz's college fund, but we knew it would be worth every penny.

Finally, it came time for Tyrone's visit.

Without knocking, he walked in like he owned the place.

"Where the fuck is your baby slut?" He asked - as he walked closer to my


"She's playing outside sir. I'll get her." My wife replied.

A few minutes later, our baby girl walked in - wearing a white sun

dress, and a beautiful pair of Huggies disposable diapers!

Tyrone instructed me to undress her.

As I hiked up her baby dress and peeled open the tiny velcro tabs of

her "Little Princess" diaper, it hit me in that moment. It occured to me as

I was looking at her virgin cunny...

"This is my flesh and blood! I should be protecting her -

or even taking her virginity for myself.

Tyrone spoke up:

"Just so you're aware, if you get cold feet now, I'll kill all three of

you without losing any sleep over it."

My tiny dick got so hard after hearing that.

I kept Liz's diaper in my hand as I joined my wife on the sofa. The

sweet, sexy smell of baby powder and the odor of Liz's stale "wee wee"

accident was both obvious and quite pungent.

Tyrone pulled her roughly by the hair so that she would be closer.

The huge man wasted no time as he licked every inch of Liz's small body.

I was using Liz's wet diaper to jerk myself off as I watched intently.

He slapped her face with his monster nigger dick. Then he spanked her

soft, little butt.

It was amazing!

Finally, she was nice and wet enough. So Tyrone pulled out his monster

of a nigger cock. He set little Liz squarely on his lap and placed his huge

dick right on top of her pussy.

This was too much for me, and I came inside her adorable Huggies diaper!

"You have got to be fucking kidding!" Said Tyrone. "Congratulations, you

just got the opportunity to see your daughter lose her precious virginity.

Now step into that other room and wait. I'll call you back in when she's


I have never been so humiliated. Yet I loved it! My baby cock was

getting hard again as I left the room.

I started to hear little Liz cry for help...

"Daddy help...daddy!"

I knew this was the moment she was being raped, and I couldn't hold it

in. I came all over the floor. I got on my hands and knees to lick it all

up, and I kept hearing Liz's cries for me. She wanted her daddy to save her

so bad.

About half an hour later, I was called back into the room.

Liz had never looked more beautiful!

She had cum all over her face, tummy, and (most importantly) her cunny!

The cum was oozing out of her so fast and sloppily.

Tyron said:

"Eat my cum out of your baby slut's pussy!"

Of course I did as I was told.

Liz was crying as I lapped up so much white, hot, and sticky nigger cum.

She was trying to push me away, but I wouldn't have missed this chance to

savor her sexy, defiled body. And so just kept sniffing and licking her all

over. I licked every part of her that had cum on it. It tasted so much

better than my own nepi cum!

When I finished, Tyrone said he would rough Liz up for us, and all it

would take was another $2,000 dollars.

Before I could answer, Carol spoke up:

"Yes! yes!"

That was all Tyrone needed to hear as he grabbed the little tot by the

neck and slammed her into the wall. He didn't let go as he spit on her

cute, little face!

"This is your mommy's and daddy's fault!" Tyron bellowed as he sucker

punched Liz right in her baby belly. The stupid little cunt gasped in pain

as the wind was clearly knocked right out of her.

By the end of her sweet, sexy ordeal, Liz was crouched up in the corner

crying her little eyes out.

Tyrone walked up to Carol and said:

"You're a good mom."

Then he started to slap her pregnant tummy. The slaps were so hard

and loud, they echoed throughout the house.

Finally, he ended it with another sucker punch to her face and Carol

fell to the floor - writhing in pain.

"Don't worry you stupid whore." He teased. "If the little shit is dead,

I'll knock you up with a new one."

He laughed as he walked out the door.

I looked at the two girls I loved more than anything in the world -

both crying on the floor. Deep down, I knew I did the right thing.

I started to rub my baby cock again as I looked at my daughter's

raped, stretched open cunny.

I've never had a better orgasm in my entire life!

A few weeks later, my wife finally gave birth to our beautiful,

white newborn.

Just minutes before her birth, we got a nigger janitor to cum deep

inside my wife, so the first thing our daughter would ever know in this

world would be the taste and feel of a nigger's thick semen.

Officially, we named her Lilac. But we only called her that in the

hospital. We later changed her name to "NiggerSlut" and it would be the

name we would call her for the rest of her life.

We also agreed that, because she was my daughter and white, she

didn't deserve a bedroom. Instead, her "bed" would be the cat's litter

box - the very same one that the cat pisses and shits into. It was

definately the home she deserved.

My wife also got into the habit of using the litter box too. She

just loves pooping into our infant daughter's adorable little mouth and

making it look (and SMELL) so nice, sweet, and sexy for the camera!

During this time, Carol found a nigger infected with AIDS on his dick.

She let him rape little Liz, and she even let him rape her!

As Liz got a bit older, she started to let little white boys and

girls in her class to lick her sweet little hiney hole and pink, puffy

cunny! Thanks to this, there was a whole preschool class that had AIDS


My wife also fucked my father and brother to share the AIDS with them.

Indeed, the two girls I loved the most had become AIDS ridden whores.

It was perfect!

The final lesson of this story is a simple one: as a white person, it

is your responsibly to do EVERYTHING for niggers. If your child doesn't

lose their precious virginity to a nigger dick, then you are a bad parent!

The End




I smoke meth and love edging my cunny to incest taboo. I love ageplay cuz I wish my uncles corrupted and molested me when I was younger. I wish I was still a 6-7 year old little girl and wish my uncle decided to smoke meth in front of me and I get curious and ask him what it was. And he would ask if I wanted to try and he makes me puff and I imagine all the things that would run through his mind, then he plays porn on tv and watches how I react. His cock gets hard while he watches me curiously sitting on my big teddy bear jumping up and down and not stopping cuz it feels so good while he pulls out his cock without me seeing and we both orgasm at the same time. Then I want him to get dirtier and leave meth around the house for me to find not knowing he’s hiding in the corner waiting to see what im going to do. He leaves a vibrator around too and incest or cp porn already playing for his good little niece. So he watches me smoke it like uncle taught me and find the vibrator and turn it on in shock at feeling it vibrate then I giggle like a curious girl and put it on myself until it reaches my little cunny and he sees my face change cuz it starts to feel so good so I go in front of the tv take a good puff of meth again and pull my little cotton panties down and start rubbing my little cunny with the vibrator while uncle jerks his big pedo cock watching me in secret. Ughhh I smoke with my uncles now but I tell them how I wish they showed me how to do it when I was little. I wish I could show all my little classmates how to smoke meth and bring them to uncles how’s so all of us little horny meth girls slide out little wet cunnys all over my uncles bodies I want to have a little playroom full of little meth girls for uncle to play with. imagine !!!




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i have a 20 year old sister. she already has 3 kids. all girls. 6 months, 2years old, and 3 years old. my sister is beautiful - and naive. Im a 45 year old man and i also do meth. meth makes me desire taboo situations. so about a year ago i started talking to my sister, to convince her to do meth with me. she agreed after promising her we would just do it a few times and that i would totally take care of her. i went to her apartment shortly after, and we got high. right away I got horny. it didn't take long before I noticed she was getting horny too. i told her that it was normal to experience intense arousal. I also told her it was really important she experienced sexual release to prevent physical problems. she believed me, of course. i suggested to her that she should masterbate. she just went along with everything i said. before i knew it she was on the bed with her skirt up. she was rubbing her clit, and enjoying it. i put some porn on for her to watch. i started with brother sister porn. As she was watching and rubbing her clit, I began to fondle one of her nice tits. God I was so hard. she asked me to change the porn to something else and I put on some cp with mother and daughters. this time as she rubbed I yanked her shirt up and pulled a tit out of her bra. I put it in my mouth and she moaned. she liked it. i asked her if she liked what she was watching and she giggled and said she did. That night we watched cp and i fingered her and licked her young pussy so good. i made her come so many times with my hands and tongue. when i was ready, I got her and bent her over. i shoved my big, fat cock in her tight little pussy. i pumped in and out a few times before i unloaded inside of her.

the next time i got her high i told her she should breastfeed her daughter, that shed trip on how good it felt. right away that kid was sucking her tit and i started rubbing my sister's crotch. she got loud quick. moaning and groaning, saying over and over how good it felt. i ate her out and she came in my mouth, squirting her juices all in my mouth. i took the baby so she could enjoy her orgasm. of course the first thing i did was start playing with her pussy. i took her pamper off and started diddling her little hairless pussy. i laid her on the bed and just rubbed and caressed the little girl while my sister laid on the bed, eyes closed, just enjoying her after glow.

it wasn't long before i was licking the one little girl in front of my sister. and it wasn't long before she started licking her daughter. in fact, every time we got high, i'd push her to do more with her girls.

now we both are molesting all three girls. we diddle them constantly. rubbing their nipples and bald pussies. sucking the nips and licking their hairless slits. i like molesting them. i really love to get them watching cp porn and coaxing them into doing what is happening in the porn. i've got these girls sucking my sister's tits and licking her cunt, and my sister does the same to them. the girls have started playing with my cock a lot more. they lick it and suck it till i come.

i molest them all daily. some days i want to fuck them, but my sister says they are too little still. i crave molesting them. i crave touching them. i crave licking them. i desperately want to find more girls to diddle. maybe some young teens just hitting puberty. Ooo, to feel little puffy nipples in my mouth. i'd fuck an older girl for sure. maybe 12 or 13.

i've thought of making some videos with my sister and nieces to show a couple guys i know. i'm going to find a way to get some friends of mine to come play with me and my sister and the girls. i want to watch them be molested. molested by various older men ages 45-85. i want to video their molestation. i am desperate to see men molest them. maybe even watch a guy drug and fuck my sister. then he can move on to the girls.

i found a butchy 16 year old sitter that i feel certain will diddle them. i'm anxious to find out.




I gave them some meth one night. Turned them into total sluts. I loved it. There are 4 of them. Their no m is 36. Daughters are 13, 8, and 7. I go to the mom first. Barbie doll. Totally sexy. Got her naked and in bed quick. I was sucking her big titties and pushing 3 fingers in her pussy as she moaned. Then I started fucking her with a dildo and licked those perfect, light brown nipples. She came a few times. I went down on her for a while when I started hearing the girls in the other room. I got mom to start masterbating and told her I’d be right back. I walked into the next bedroom to find the younger girls sucking the 13 year olds beautiful budding breasts. Then the 7 year old reach down and started playing with her oldest sisters pussy. I started sucking their tits, licking their pussies, playing with their clits. I watched them eat each other out It was so hot. About once a month I give them meth just so I can lick all their pussies as long as I want. I’ve let a few men join from time to time. I like watching older men lick and fuck them. I had this butch dike come last week. She ate the moms pussy for 2 hours. Then she got me friend licking her. They even scissored. I just masterbated and watched. I get the girls to help me get off.




I’m a 52yr old man divorced I live alone I have my granddaughters whole life on my laptop she’s four well I don’t know what I did but they disappeared. After two days I started panicking and purchase an app that recovers all pics on a computer, I didn’t recognize half of what was on there a lot of me and my ex fucking a lot of younger women I didn’t recognize naked and then I came across pictures of my former 17 year old stepson totally naked close ups of his cock balls asshole legs spread it caught me off guard Especially the one close up I was just hypnotized I guess staring at it head the shaft the balls I stared at it for hours couldn’t get enough I’m a marine corps vet straight not gay butt all I can think about was his cock I want to suck it stick a finger in his asshole taste his cum lay on my back spread my legs and have Thomas fuck me 69 him fuck his young asshole repeatedly I have any pictures of his mother and I fucking asshole blowjobs close-ups of your pussy asshole tits my dick in her my dream is this get them to the house get a couple of drinks in them and tell them I have an older woman who wants me to show him naked pictures of her and film him while he’s watching I would have both of us get naked tell him it’s his mom and she wants to fuck him she wants his cock in her ass while I film it! I want for him to get a hold of our former neighbors kid and have a threesome are used to get high early in the morning 123 get naked and wet around the backyard masturbating fucking my ass I know you saw me a couple of times I shine light on my cock so he can see me I want him to fuck my ass hard I want the three of us to fuck my ex Melissa I want to see Thomas fuck his mother I want to see his cock go in and out of her I want to watch her swallow his come and I want her to watch him fuck my asshole! I want to drive around at night and early morning naked with him his mom in the car fucking and sucking I don’t know how to go about telling him that I need his cock deep in my ass hole whenever he’s horny I would suck his cock and swallow every drop of his Precious cum I would pay him to stay in bed with me smoke meth and fuck each other while strangers watched




I want to be dressed in pink silk nylon nylon panties .with a pink tribute vibrator in my ass.given poppers and meth for 2 hours .have men let me suck them and cum all over me every 30 min hit meth. And the poppers till i have the Cum of 100 men on me. the money i make from the vibrator in my ass will pay the meth and poppers .