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I just ordered my wife a new life like dildo off-line, but what she doesn't know is that I use the dildos that I get for her on myself. I am 52 and have been having down low gay sex with men since I was 19. We have been married for 25+ years and she has no clue.

Since we started dating I have sucked off approximately 175-200 different cocks. Some of the guys I have sucked off multiple times, so all in all, I would estimate I have given around 500 blow jobs to completion and swallowed all of that cum.

When I first started my DL activities, I only would do oral. That all changed about 20 years ago when I met a guy that wanted to eat my ass out. I was hesitant at first, but when he spread my checks and touched my ass hole with his tongue and started to twirl it around I thought I had died and went to heaven. He made me feel so good that I was begging him to fuck me.

That started me getting fucked by DL men. I would say I have been fucked by at least 100 different cocks, so counting the guys that have fucked me multiple times, I would guess that I have been fucked at least 150-175 times.

Even though ever cock I suck I will let them cum down my throat or in my mouth and I will swallow it, I haven't let but a few guys fuck me bare and cum inside my ass. Don't get me wrong, if I wasn't afraid of diseases I would let every cock that goes into my ass breed me, because it is the best feeling in the world when a big cock, 7 inches or better, is fucking me from behind, sliding in and out of me and then he slams his swollen cock all the way in me as his cock pulses and pumps his cum inside me. I can't even explain how that feels to me.

My dick gets hard as a rock whenever I think about a hard cock pulsing as it shoots me full of cum.

Anyway, my wife's new dildo will be here tomorrow and it will be buried all the way inside my ass about 10 minutes after it arrives. I will probably get to use it on her within the next couple of weeks.

I think I am going to go out tonight to get a drink with the guys... which really means I will have at least one cock inside me and hopefully two before I come back home.




I (F 34) have been sleeping with my husband's (M 39) nephew (M 29) for the last 7 years.

It started off when he came over to help me with the lawn when my husband was away. I made dinner for us after and I had a few drinks with him. However, it ended being a few too many and I woke up naked with him the next morning, his penis still in my vagina.

At that time, my husband had been away for over 2 months. It was probably my pent up urges but I ended up going two more rounds the morning after before he left. I don't remember the first night at all, but the morning after was some the best sex I've ever had so I wanted to keep it going with him, and he agreed.

Fast forward 7 years, I see him 3 - 4 times a week when my husband is away and once a week otherwise. I've definitely fallen for him but I do still love my husband. I'm sticking with my marriage for the sake of the kids now. I'm a mother of 3 so I don't want them to have to deal with a divorce.

However, not all the kids are my husband's. The second one is the product of that first night with his nephew. We've been using condoms regularly save for special occasions since. We were fortunate that she came out looking like me. Same thing happened with my current youngest child, but we planned for her that time. At the time of writing, I'm two weeks into my third pregnancy with his nephew.

Regarding our age gap, his nephew is my husband's eldest sister's son. He has an age gap of 10 years with her and she married early. My small age gap with him is definitely a reason I felt comfortable with pursuing a relationship with him.

As of 2 years ago, I've been his secret fiance. We've been falling more and more in love with each other since the beginning and now he's even proposed to me. I kept the ring and I only wear it when I meet with him. We've been cuddling up after sex for years now and he takes me for secret dates occasionally, when our schedules allow.

He's even bought me an underwear set and a sports bra, but the sports bra was a bit out of necessity. The way we meet every Saturday is telling everyone that we go 'jogging' together every Saturday morning. What really happens is that I jog over to his house, get in his car and we drive down to the beach. Then we have sex there, in a secluded spot.

The reason he had to get me a new sports bra was because he ripped my old one while we were having sex. It was a complete accident because he's always gentle and romantic with me, even in our love making. However, he has introduced me to things he likes. We've since incorporated some light spanking, anal and semi-public sex into our meet ups.

Of course, we don't always have sex in public places. Usually we meet at my house or his. We only live a few streets apart so it's convenient for us. At my house, the sex is usually in the living room or the bathroom because I need to be able to clean up quickly before my kids get home, and changing the sheets takes too long. When we're at his house, we do it in his bed.

It's in his bed that we've had most of our pillow talks. The thoughts of running away together and starting fresh elsewhere have been brought up, but with my kids, I can't do it. He's been very sweet in understanding that and choosing to continue to love me despite us potentially never ending up together. I think us having kids helps us to pretend we are really husband and wife.

In his room, there's a photo frame with us together the day he proposed. It's a really precious photo for us because we don't have any other photos that is just the two of us. He also keeps a photo of me with our two daughters. He really has become a man that I sometimes wish I met instead of my husband, but we would never have been together otherwise.

That's all I can think about putting down. The reason I decided to confess it all is because I go from feeling awful to not minding at all from day to day. Awful because I'm cheating or because I can't give my lover the life he wants. It's really complicated now, I know. Yes, I do still love my husband and we still make love when he's home. However, I think my heart belongs more to my secret lover now.




My neighbor and I had been playing around with each other for the past couple of years. He is a black man with a thick 9 inch cock. I am a white man with a thick 6.5 inch cock. My wife has gained a lot of weight since we got married and now would be considered a SBBW. She basically stopped having sex when she hit the 300 lb. mark. So, instead of cheating on her with another woman, I decided to start having sex with men on the down low. Besides women are so needy and clingy it is a lot easier to find a guy that wants to have "no strings attached" (and mean it) sex than it is to find women. I am not gay in the sense that I want a relationship with a man, I am just attracted to their cocks and asses. I don't want to kiss or hug or rub bodies with other men, only his cock going inside me or mine going inside him. His wife is very attractive and has a perfect body. I know this because he shares pics and videos of her with me. My wife won't let me take any sexual pics or videos of her, which I don't know if he would want to see them if she did.

Anyway, since I can't talk to anyone about my "secret" bi side, I wanted to tell about our latest hook-up.

We were in my detached work shop, I was bent over leaning on my workbench with my shorts and underwear around my ancles, and he was behind me with is big hard cock buried balls deep in my ass. He has fucked me a few times in the past but this time was different.

This time he was fucking me bareback, and was going to breed me for the first time. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt as he pumped in and out of me. He was hitting my prostate and it was making me feel like I was going to cum without even touching my cock, which was sticking straight out hard as a rock.

He was telling me how tight and hot my ass was and that he was going to be cumming real soon. I told him to breed my white ass, that I wanted to feel his cum filling me up. He was holding my hips and was fucking me in short to half strokes but after I told him I wanted to feel is cum he reached up and grabbed a hold of my shoulders and started fucking me with long

hard strokes that would almost lift me off the ground when he would hit bottom. I was in heaven.

Him fucking me like this was pushing me toward the edge of cumming from my prostate. He started moaning and said here it cums just as I heard my wife call my name. I could tell by the loudness of her voice she was just outside of the shop. My neighbor didn't hear her because he kept moaning and was lifting me up onto my tip toes as he unloaded inside me. He shot with such force I could feel it inside me and it made me start shooting my cum all over the work bench and that's when my wife opened the door and saw us.

I can only imagine what she was thinking, she sees our neighbor fucking me so hard that he is almost lifting me off the floor while my cock is shooting stream after stream of hot cum onto the work bench.

I turned around to look at her, she was standing there her eyes were wide open and her mouth was hanging open. Bob, my neighbor saw me looking toward the door and turned to see what I was looking at. When he saw her he pulled out of my ass real quick and the cum gushed out of my ass like a river. She didn't move. He reached down and pulled up his shorts as I turned around reaching down to do the same.

As I looked at her, her face changed like she was someone else, she said, "don't stop for my sake, I want to watch you finish." I started saying something like, "honey, I can explain"; when she cut me off and said in a commanding voice, "I want to watch you finish!"

We both froze for a few seconds, then Bob said, "well, we had pretty much finished." My wife said, "he hasn't sucked your cock clean yet." I looked at her with a questioned look on my face. She said, "remember when we used to fuck you would always want me to suck your cock clean and make sure I sucked all of the cum out of it. Now get down on your knees and clean his cock!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but it was turning me on too. When I finally moved, I reached out and spun Bob around. She said, "no, turn him so I can see his cock as you take it into your mouth."

I moved around and dropped to my knees giving her a really good angle and said, " come on over here closer so you can see better."

She walked over to us as I pulled Bob's shorts down, his cock sprung out as the waist band went past his cock head and almost hit me in the face. It looked like he was getting hard again.

I didn't waste anymore time and started licking the head of his cock, then started taking him into my mouth, as I did this I looked up at my wife. With our eyes locked I slowly took his cock all the way down my throat and was fucking my throat with it. When I pulled back off of it, it was rock hard and sticking straight out. My wife's eyes got big and said, "wow, that is a big black cock isn't it?" She reached out and grabbed it by the base and started squeezing it as she said, "now, I want to watch Bob fuck your face until he cums in your mouth." She said it like it was punishment for getting caught, but I guess she didn't realize that I loved it when Bob fucked my face or ass.

Bob put his hand on the back of my head and started pulling me onto his cock as my lips got close to her hand she released his cock to allow my lips to go all the way up to his pubic hair.

He started fucking my mouth with short fast strokes, I was loving it, I looked up at my wife and she was licking her lips as she pulled one of her big floppy titties out of her shirt and was pinching her nipple. She moved over close to Bob and told him to suck on her nipple while he fucked my face.

Bob did as he was told and started sucking her tit, as he did this he stopped fucking my face, so I started bobbing up and down on his cock. It wasn't no time and I felt his balls tighten up and his cock swell letting me know he was about to cum again. I looked up at my wife and backed off of his cock so she could see the first rope of cum going into my mouth. I then deep throated him while he pumped the rest of his cum straight down my throat. My wife had an orgasm right then and there just from watching me take a load down my throat and Bob sucking on one nipple.

I couldn't believe what had just happened but couldn't wait for her to tell me what to do next...




I keep going to this one girl thats transitioning to MTF, but I have a long-distance girlfriend. We are simply fuck buddies and she lets me use her whenever and however I want no matter what I ask of her. I feel so bad at the fact that im cheating but the repetition of free sex and my fantasies being fulfilled are just too good. My girlfriend does not know and I never go raw. I also took this girl’s virginity as she is transitioning. I do not plan on staying with her after she looks more like a dude not gonna lie. I just love being able to use her like a sexdoll and to throw her around like a cumdump whore because honestly she is.




My ex used to tell me I was his property and that he could make me do anything he wanted. And he did. He used to live stream in his home and I was not allowed to wear clothes. There was not a minute in the day that I didn’t have a dildo, anal plug, or someone’s cock inside my holes.

He used to wake me up with 12 inch dildos in my ass and pussy, all while live streaming it to his followers. They could make requests and he’d stick anything and everything in me. It was humiliating, but my pussy would get so fucking wet and swollen and sensitive.

All his friends had access to my holes wherever they needed. Some of them even had keys to his house and would come over on their lunch breaks or when their gf’s were pissing them off and take out the days aggression on my pussy or ass. In fact, he gifted me to his best friend on his wedding morning to calm his nerves. I remember congratulating his wife while feeling her husband’s cum drip down my leg.

My ex even gave me to people he didn’t know. I remember the first time I cried, feeling two strangers deep in my pussy and ass at the same time, roughly fucking me while my ex just sat across the time not even looking, just scrolling on his phone. When they were done he told me to get dressed, I thought we were leaving but no. The two men left, and two different men entered.

My pussy was so sore when they were done but my ex decided it was his turn. Not only did he roughly use every hole, but he used toys too to make sure I was stuffed the entire night.




I dated this guy named Ron about 2-3 years ago; I cheated on Ron a couple times, and that's how I ended up with my current boyfriend. Things between Ron & I started fine, I actually liked him but towards the end, my feelings changed and I started acting cold towards him & that's when the cheating began. Everything is fine with my current boyfriend, but I can't help but get off to the thought of Ron dragging me back into the house we shared together for a year and raping me in the bed we used to share. Or taking me out back, in between the house and the other trailer (they're only separated by a foot & that space in between is enclosed), and throwing me on the muddy ground in between the house and the second trailer, and ripping my asshole apart as he rapes my ass dry. There's a bed in the second trailer; no pillows or sheets or blankets, just a mattress. God, I'd love for him to tie me to that bed and keep me as his permanent rape victim. I'd love for him to punch me and slap me around, telling me what a useless and pathetic whore I am. I'd love it if he got his neighbor Robbie in on it too, both of them raping each of my holes. Wish Ron would force me to use hard drugs and get me addicted to not only his cock but the drugs. get me so addicted that I'd let the dog knot me just to get high. Let his little brother Will put a gun in my mouth and rape his cum deep into my womb. want them to fuck me with the blade of a knife and stand there and laugh at me while I'm in pain. nothing gets me more hot n bothered than thinking about being Ron's perfect rape victim




I am an older, divorced a long-term relationship but living on my own. About a year ago I randomly bumped into a woman from my past whom I had dated for several years. It started pretty innocently as over a few months we caught up on each others lives and just reconnected our friendship. Not sure where the leap was made, but it turned out she was having some intimacy issues in her marriage as well as some real-life stressors with work and her grown children. We somehow agreed on an arrangement of sorts. She has to drive into a different city a couple days a week for her job. A few times a month, on those days, instead of going to the gym after work, she will stop at my place. With very little lead-up, I will put a blindfold over her eyes and lead her to sit in a chair in my living room. I will then undress for her. Though she can't see anything, she enjoys hearing my belt unbuckle, my jeans unzip and the sounds of me taking my clothes off. I will stand in front of her and then she will take me in her mouth and proceed to make love to my cock with her lips, mouth and tongue. This is truly all about her. Everything she does as she relaxes and explores (thought I am definitely on the receiving end of things) is for *her*. She she has gotten what she needs from this, she will ask me if I'm ready, and then SLOWLY make me come in her mouth. She swallows every drop. When finished, she will take a deep breath and exhale, lick her lips, and lean back in the chair for a few moments to soak in the energy from that session. She'll then remove the blindfold, and I'll sit and talk with her for a couple minutes. And then she will thank me, get up, grab her things and go home. I have asked her several time if she is alright with this...making sure she's getting what she needs from it, that she's not feeling like I'm taking advantage of the situation. Nope. She is getting exactly what she wants and needs. Not sure I understand everything that she's getting from the dynamic of it...but know that I'm happy to be helping out a friend. LOL