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Before my just divorced sister-inlaw arrived for the weekend, I put my favorite rocket vibrator in a bathroom drawer thinking she might find and need it. When I heard it and her getting off I imagined her hot little body going through the moves and then I thought cunnilingus. So aroused that I had to masturbate. Once I got off I came to my senses. I am here to confess my mind needs healing. Why did it get bad with lesbian desires? A first for me. I pray for a believable practical sane reason! My husband had recently mentioned that he wondered if his lil sis was bi. But that is no excuse.




This happened September 13, 2022 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My sister, Mary, will be 72 in a few days. We haven’t seen each other for at least 15 years due to long distances between us. She has aged really hard, but is small and petite and hasn’t changed as far as her kinky ways.

Sis met me at the door in her robe which was loosely tied. She hugged me, kissed me on the lips and frantically slipped her tongue in my mouth. She never calls me by my name when she is horny, but calls me “baby brother”.

When we pulled back from the hug and kiss her robe was completely open. She is 4’ 10” tall, weighs approximately 85 lbs., has big saggy tits, (used to be 38D), and a completely bald cunt.

Grabbing my crotch she said “let’s see my baby brother’s cock.” I had hoped for this reunion so I had only worn gym shorts and a t-shirt with no underwear. I made sis pull my shorts down and my hard cock sprung into her hand. She shrugged off her robe and just before kneeling and sliding my cock in her throat she said “I hope you don’t mind but Sue lives with me.” Sue is her 19 year old granddaughter.

I was totally shocked and asked is she here? As I was fucking sis’s throat out walked Sue.

Sue was completely naked. She is 5’2” weighs 95 to 100lbs. has short brown hair, green eyes, shaved cunt, and 36D tits. She is drop dead gorgeous. She calmly walked over to stand next to her grandmother and while stroking sis’s back said “nice to see you again Uncle Josh.”

Last time I saw her she was 4 and running around naked all the time. She placed her hands on the back of sis’s head and started forcing her grandmother’s throat further on my cock while she rubbed her pussy on her grandmother’s back.

She slowly leaned over her grandmother’s head and kissed me swabbing my tonsils with her long tongue. Point of importance, I’ve not been with anyone sexually for over 12 years, (my wife of 42 years, stopped all sex after our 30th anniversary so I’ve been jacking off for relief for 12 years.), so I immediately shot a load of cum down my sister’s throat.

When she felt me starting to cum, my sis grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled me into her throat. Sis held my draining cock in her warm throat. As I was finishing blowing my load Sue, while stroking her grandmother’s tits, softly said “Now piss.”

Never breaking eye contact with Sue I simply started pissing down my sis’s throat. She told her grandmother “swallow you fucking cunt.” Sis gulped and swallowed without spilling a drop of piss.

Obviously I needed a little recovery time so I took a seat on the couch. Sue spun her grandmother around and started rubbing her cunt on my sis’s face. It was so erotic watching a granddaughter face fuck her grandmother while talking nasty.

Because I had told my wife I was just stopping by to check on my sister my time there wasn’t very long. While Sue told her grandmother what a nasty, piss, sucking slut she was Sue came & squirted on her grandmother and then walked over and straddled my lap placing her wet pussy directly on my currently soft cock.

Sue started grinding on my cock and said “I think I know just the cure for your tired cock.” All of a sudden I felt a warmth on my cock and realize she was pissing on my cock.

As I felt this happening she told her grandmother to crawl over and tongue fuck her ass and make sure she gets her nasty tongue deep. I can feel sis tonguing that tight ass, but I was to preoccupied sucking those 19 year old tits.

I realized my time was getting way too short and mention that. Sue asked if I would please fuck her ass and dump some cum in it so her grandmother could clean it out later.

By this time after getting warm piss all over me and my sis sucking my cock I was absolutely ready to fuck a gorgeous 19 year old’s ass.

Sue laid down on the floor on her back. She had her grandmother sit on her face. Sue lifted her feet towards her head and ordered her grandmother to hold her knees so my cock would have a clear shot at her asshole.

I slammed my cock in all the way to my balls and started fucking her tight little asshole.

Sue was slurping my sis’s cunt like she was dying of thirst. I was pounding with all my might and just as I was cumming, Sue started thrashing around like she was having a seizure which caused my sis to cum and literally piss all over Sue’s chin & tits.

So as I pulled my very satisfied cock out of Sue’s ass I leaned forward and kissed Sue and sis. They started making out while I sucked sis’s piss off Sue’s tits. Sue ordered her grandmother to get off her face and go grab an apple from the kitchen.

Sis quickly ran to the kitchen and came back carrying an apple. Sue told her “well don’t just stand there plug it.”

Sis bent down and shoved the apple up Sue’s ass. Sue slyly smiled and winked at me and said “Grandma you can eat the apple and Uncle Josh’s ass cum in a few hours.”

Sis shivered while she stroked her own pussy and said “I can hardly wait.”

I slipped my clothes on, kissed both of them on their lips, tits, cunts, & assholes and then headed home.

About two hours later I get a FaceTime call. Sis and Sue, still naked, were standing there. Sis knelt down and Sue turned her ass towards the camera & her grandmother’s face. She said “grandma don’t you get anything on the floor bitch.” Sis leaned forward and sealed her lips around Sue’s asshole and then Sue began to push.

The apple popped out coated in cum and sis immediately removed it from her mouth. Then my cream pie gushed out and into sis’s mouth which she preceded to swallow. Sue continued to wipe her asshole all over sis’s face ordering her to get it spotless.

Both stood up and while Sue was pinching her grandmother’s nipples and clit she told her grandmother to enjoy eating the apple. Sis ate the apple like she was starving.

They kissed and we signed off…




When I was six years old my sister was 12. She was already developed she has beautiful tits. Anyway we would play house sometimes she was the wife other times I was.

When I was being the wife one day she made out she was going out work and she said husbands kiss the wives before they go work. Thinking I was just going to get a kiss on the cheek I agreed. But she pulled me close and kissed my lips forcing her tongue in my mouth. I was shocked but we were playing.

About ten minutes later she made out she came home work and she grabbed me kissing me hard again pushing her tits against my chest.

We made out we had dinner and she said bedtime. She told me husbands and wives sleep naked so we both got naked. I couldn't stop staring at her tits my god I fucking loved them it was at that moment I fell in love with tits. She stared kissing me again I was enjoying it. She the rubbed my budding nipples she said husbands kiss their wives vaginas. I knew I wanted her too so I told her it was ok. She kissed down my little chubby body and just pushed her tongue between my cunt lips. She just licked and licked I loved it so much.

She then said I should do it back to her. I kissed her beautiful tits she told me I was a good baby, pushed my head down and told me how to lick cunt. I just lapped and lapped like a hot little dog. I now know I made her cum. I loved the taste and can still remember her pubic hair




Growing up, we lived across from two women. This was when lesbians weren't too highly thought of in our town. Both Tiffany and Deb were in their mid to late thirties. They had a nice two bedroom house with a built-in pool in back. They said we could come over and go swimming anytime we wanted. My brother was three years older than me, and when he was 18 he joined the Army right out of high school. Shortly after school was out I put my trunks on and decided to go swimming. It was hot out and the water felt great. After a bit I got out and was heading home when Tiffany called me over to the back door. I didn't even know she was home. She was in her bra and panties. They both walked around in their underwear quite often, and I often saw them sunning in the back yard when I went over to swim. I walked over to where Tiffany was and she said, "I've been watching you for a while. I recently had a hysterectomy, so if you ever want to practice fucking, just let me know." I was shocked, and pretty sure I turned several shades of red as I hurried home to jerk off.

Both ladies were a little heavy but had big tits. For the next few weeks I jerked off every day thinking about what she said, and made sure I went swimming when they weren't there. Then as June turned into July I was over there nearly every day. One day I must have stayed in the pool a little too long, and before I could get out both ladies came out the back sliding door. They looked at me and unhooked their bras at the same time. As they approached the pool, each stopped and took their panties off. I couldn't help but stare and my cock started rising. How embarrassing for me. I did notice, though that each had a triangle of hair neatly trimmed above their pussies.

They both walked down the stairs into the pool, but didn't approach me. They were in about four feet of water when I saw them start kissing. I had never seen two girls/women kissing before, but it excited me. I was staring at them when they broke the kiss and Deb winked at me. I was more embarrassed. I was a 15 year old horny teenager watching two lesbians making out naked in the pool I was swimming in. I wanted to get out, but couldn't have them see the boner in my trunks.

Tiffany then waded over to me and stood in front of me. She looked down at my bulge and said, "Yes, honey, I like pussy, but I like cock too." As she said that she reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts. "Shh," she said, "It's okay. I had my first fuck when I was 13, so it's okay." She squatted down and pulled my trunks down and stood back up. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. I felt her tongue part my lips and my cock sprung straight forward. While we were still kissing she reached down and squeezed the base of my cock, all the while exploring my mouth with her tongue. "Today, we're gonna teach you about sex. Let's go." She grabbed my hand and led me out of the pool with Deb following us.

We walked inside and Deb went to the bathroom and came back with a few beach towels. They told me to just stand there and they would take care of me. They dried me off from head to toe, then dried each other off. They then led me to their bedroom and told me to lay on the bed. I did and Tiffany mounted me in a 69 position, pushing her pussy down on my mouth. I could hear Deb by my ear telling me how to eat her pussy. My cock was rock hard, but she knew how to suck me so I wouldn't cum yet. After a few minutes, without even realizing it, I was in a 69 with her on my side. That's when I felt a slippery finger penetrate my ass. I was a little shocked, but it didn't hurt. Deb asked me if that was okay and I mumbled that it was. Then I felt a second finger enter me, and Deb started to finger fuck my ass as I ate Tiffany's pussy.

Being a 15 year old horny teenager I didn't last too long. I tried to tell Tiffany that I was cumming, but her pussy muffled my words. I started cumming and she started swallowing. She didn't miss a beat. After I was spent she kept sucking until I started to get hard again. She finally got off of my cock and turned to Deb and said, "Your turn." Deb straddled my belly and reached down and started kissing me. While we were kissing I felt one hand on my balls and another playing with my asshole. There's nothing like two women working in unison taking care of a horny teenager. Then lifted up and put her pussy on my cock and plunged down. Holy fuck that felt good. I didn't have to do a thing. She began to fuck my cock, and because I had just cum, It took a while until I was about to cum again. I told her I was ready and in a flash she was off my cock and had turned around into a 69. I came and she swallowed it all, just like Tiffany. I could also taste her cum in my mouth as she orgasmed.

That was the first of hundreds of time we fucked until I left for the Navy. I learned many tricks and techniques from them, so by the time I got an actual girlfriend I knew how to please her until she couldn't take it any more. Now I'm married for eight years, and still have a fantastic sex life. I owe it all to the two lesbian bitches across the street.




I wish my mom would teach me how to feel so good… letting me suck on her nipples as she fingers my tight young hole. Then moving to taste my pussy before teaching me how to ride her pussy with my own, my little hips moving to grind over her mommy pussy. She would make me feel so good




the video feed from Tara's bedroom was perfect and with Mary getting licked by Sonia and Madeline toying Tara and I told the women to be quiet and we heard Mal sayget her knees under her hips and I heard Mal saying get her pussy up and move it back to meet the dildo going in. Linda whispered look at the size of that dildo Mal is using on Tara and I said that when Tara moved in she had six dildos and she loves pounding her cunt with one at night I opened a live feed to Judy and texted her that she needed to watch her friend tear up that pussy up. I facetimed Judy's house and I said call me later.

Mal was toying Tara's cunt and saying that she's getting the strapon for the second part of the training to know how to fuck another woman. Tara asked Mal to ask Al to come to her bedroom at six and Lisa and Penny

be there ready to do anything for him.

I zoomed in on the dildo gucking in and out of that small body and I texted Judy look at the cum squirting from Tara's cunt each time Mal pushes the big dildo in .




I'm 32f bi and my kids are 10f and 6m

I have a girlfriend, and everytime we have sex we force my kids to watch us.

I scream at them, call them names, tell them I hate them.

I hurt them physically, punch them, pull their hair, slap them, choke them.

When my son was younger, three years olds, I carried him to my room by his hair, layed him on top of me, and just started to beat on him while I got ate out.