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For confessing, maybe my expectations are too high? Or I need more patience. Or I should not be sharing secrets.

Age 11 I began learning my body. Then one day I noticed my brother's erect penis. My body touching grew and I knew something was happening. I was attracted to my brother even though I knew family was wrong. I was too curious. And sometimes he was too open to showing and revealing more than he should. As it turned out, he was just horny and wanted to teach me how to suck me how to suck his dick. All to eager I enjoyed learning and in the end I love sucking cock. Swallowing pre-cum was part of it but when he shot the full load, I hated swallowing. But he loved it and would tell me I was even sexier when I swallowed. So I was determined to learn the best way to do it. Stop eating it and just suck it down. If the taste was not good, I'd swallow like bad medicine. Being his pupil and pleasing him was a turn-on. I mastered the art of penis oral and thanks to him. I would some day like to teach my techniques. Our sex was awesome until he told how I was deliciously blossoming and he was proud I gave him the best orgasms ever and oh, he was accepted to college and more. It was the longest sentence ever not allowing me to respond. I was shocked even though I knew the day was coming. Being positive, still a virgin, only 13, and attractive it was time I find a boyfriend. Now I am 17 and still looking for a good man. My brother and his size spoiled me. Back then I had no idea how big he was. I still gauge everything based on him even though we are now far apart. But always friends. Size does count when enjoying dick and giving the bj with pride in tonguing, sucking, stroking, teething, going deep on a fat head, long shaft, hard fat balls and tight sac, timing, what's pleasing, body language, noises, words, teasing, and finishing him off. Resisting intercourse was the hardest part. I will remain a virgin until I find the total package that's not family. Girls give or tell me where to find advice. The internet is getting me nowhere except hot horny and masturbating to past memories.




This happened September 13, 2022 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. My sister, Mary, will be 72 in a few days. We haven’t seen each other for at least 15 years due to long distances between us. She has aged really hard, but is small and petite and hasn’t changed as far as her kinky ways.

Sis met me at the door in her robe which was loosely tied. She hugged me, kissed me on the lips and frantically slipped her tongue in my mouth. She never calls me by my name when she is horny, but calls me “baby brother”.

When we pulled back from the hug and kiss her robe was completely open. She is 4’ 10” tall, weighs approximately 85 lbs., has big saggy tits, (used to be 38D), and a completely bald cunt.

Grabbing my crotch she said “let’s see my baby brother’s cock.” I had hoped for this reunion so I had only worn gym shorts and a t-shirt with no underwear. I made sis pull my shorts down and my hard cock sprung into her hand. She shrugged off her robe and just before kneeling and sliding my cock in her throat she said “I hope you don’t mind but Sue lives with me.” Sue is her 19 year old granddaughter.

I was totally shocked and asked is she here? As I was fucking sis’s throat out walked Sue.

Sue was completely naked. She is 5’2” weighs 95 to 100lbs. has short brown hair, green eyes, shaved cunt, and 36D tits. She is drop dead gorgeous. She calmly walked over to stand next to her grandmother and while stroking sis’s back said “nice to see you again Uncle Josh.”

Last time I saw her she was 4 and running around naked all the time. She placed her hands on the back of sis’s head and started forcing her grandmother’s throat further on my cock while she rubbed her pussy on her grandmother’s back.

She slowly leaned over her grandmother’s head and kissed me swabbing my tonsils with her long tongue. Point of importance, I’ve not been with anyone sexually for over 12 years, (my wife of 42 years, stopped all sex after our 30th anniversary so I’ve been jacking off for relief for 12 years.), so I immediately shot a load of cum down my sister’s throat.

When she felt me starting to cum, my sis grabbed both of my ass cheeks and pulled me into her throat. Sis held my draining cock in her warm throat. As I was finishing blowing my load Sue, while stroking her grandmother’s tits, softly said “Now piss.”

Never breaking eye contact with Sue I simply started pissing down my sis’s throat. She told her grandmother “swallow you fucking cunt.” Sis gulped and swallowed without spilling a drop of piss.

Obviously I needed a little recovery time so I took a seat on the couch. Sue spun her grandmother around and started rubbing her cunt on my sis’s face. It was so erotic watching a granddaughter face fuck her grandmother while talking nasty.

Because I had told my wife I was just stopping by to check on my sister my time there wasn’t very long. While Sue told her grandmother what a nasty, piss, sucking slut she was Sue came & squirted on her grandmother and then walked over and straddled my lap placing her wet pussy directly on my currently soft cock.

Sue started grinding on my cock and said “I think I know just the cure for your tired cock.” All of a sudden I felt a warmth on my cock and realize she was pissing on my cock.

As I felt this happening she told her grandmother to crawl over and tongue fuck her ass and make sure she gets her nasty tongue deep. I can feel sis tonguing that tight ass, but I was to preoccupied sucking those 19 year old tits.

I realized my time was getting way too short and mention that. Sue asked if I would please fuck her ass and dump some cum in it so her grandmother could clean it out later.

By this time after getting warm piss all over me and my sis sucking my cock I was absolutely ready to fuck a gorgeous 19 year old’s ass.

Sue laid down on the floor on her back. She had her grandmother sit on her face. Sue lifted her feet towards her head and ordered her grandmother to hold her knees so my cock would have a clear shot at her asshole.

I slammed my cock in all the way to my balls and started fucking her tight little asshole.

Sue was slurping my sis’s cunt like she was dying of thirst. I was pounding with all my might and just as I was cumming, Sue started thrashing around like she was having a seizure which caused my sis to cum and literally piss all over Sue’s chin & tits.

So as I pulled my very satisfied cock out of Sue’s ass I leaned forward and kissed Sue and sis. They started making out while I sucked sis’s piss off Sue’s tits. Sue ordered her grandmother to get off her face and go grab an apple from the kitchen.

Sis quickly ran to the kitchen and came back carrying an apple. Sue told her “well don’t just stand there plug it.”

Sis bent down and shoved the apple up Sue’s ass. Sue slyly smiled and winked at me and said “Grandma you can eat the apple and Uncle Josh’s ass cum in a few hours.”

Sis shivered while she stroked her own pussy and said “I can hardly wait.”

I slipped my clothes on, kissed both of them on their lips, tits, cunts, & assholes and then headed home.

About two hours later I get a FaceTime call. Sis and Sue, still naked, were standing there. Sis knelt down and Sue turned her ass towards the camera & her grandmother’s face. She said “grandma don’t you get anything on the floor bitch.” Sis leaned forward and sealed her lips around Sue’s asshole and then Sue began to push.

The apple popped out coated in cum and sis immediately removed it from her mouth. Then my cream pie gushed out and into sis’s mouth which she preceded to swallow. Sue continued to wipe her asshole all over sis’s face ordering her to get it spotless.

Both stood up and while Sue was pinching her grandmother’s nipples and clit she told her grandmother to enjoy eating the apple. Sis ate the apple like she was starving.

They kissed and we signed off…




Newly divorced, I was 26 and working like a madman to pay child support. Six months into a carpet cleaning job, I met countless housewives who flirted with me, mostly innocent stuff, but some were very direct and tried their best to seduce me. It was maddening. They're advances pissed me off because my wife had cheated on me and ruined our marriage. She had the excuse of being drunk and having an affair with an old flame in the parking lot of a bar, but my sister had caught her in the act and that ended our four year marriage. I deserved better. So, I remained professional and never responded to even the most attractive housewives who made advances. Instead, I became more and more disillusioned with women. They were disgusting cheats, all of them. Yes, I was very attractive in my mid-twenties and only about one out of five women were flirting with me, but I was cleaning carpets for fifteen or twenty housewives a week. Do the math. I had to ignore or even forcefully reject two to five wives a week. It sickened me. Then I met Carol. This wife was not the type to flirt or throw herself at a carpet cleaner, and she didn't. When I arrived in her million dollar home she made it clear that all she needed was her carpets cleaned. She said she had tossed the last carpet cleaner out for flirting with her and she wouldn't tolerate bad behaviors. I liked her immediately, and agreed that kind of thing was disgusting. I cleaned her downstairs carpets, mostly, without paying attention to her or her two small children, both about the age of my kids, who I missed with all my heart. Then I heard her call out her son's name, and I was amazed. It was the same as my son's name. I said, "Excuse me, Carol, did you just call your son Edgar? That's my son's name, too. I named him after Edgar Allen Poe." She looked stunned. She asked me how old he was, and I explained how he was about the same age as her son, but how I couldn't see him enough. This led to a very long conversation. We were both aspiring writers, Carol and I, and we had so many things in common that it actually got a little weird. She started testing me by asking very specific questions about books we both loved and things we both enjoyed doing. We were both avid tennis players and swimmers. When we were both satisfied that the hobbies and interests we shared were strangely identical and genuine, not one of us just faking all these similarities, the chemistry between us became overpowering. At that point she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on in my life. She had huge, pale blue eyes, thick long blonde hair, an athletic and toned body with above average sized breasts and a smile as warm and brilliant as the sun. I was smitten. I could see in her beautiful adoring eyes that the feelings I felt were mutual. Awkwardly, I told her we had spoken for far too long and I had to finish my work. We had been talking for nearly an hour. I broke it off and went back to work, but couldn't help notice her checking me out as I cleaned the carpets. She had ignored me all morning. Now she watched my every move. The doorbell rang and I shut off my equipment so she could answer it and talk to her visitor. The neighbor wanted to babysit her kids from lunch until dinner so their kids could play together. Carol looked frantic and flatly refused to let her take the kids. She glanced over at me with fear in her eyes. We both knew that would mean we'd be alone in that house together for hours. I subtly shook my head, indicating my reluctance to be alone with her, but played it off like I was oblivious, wrapping up my hoses and cords. The neighbor kept begging for Carol to let her take her kids. Finally, I heard Carol give in to the request. "Sure," she said, "Why not. But get them back by dinner. My husband gets home at six." She called the kids, got them their coats and gave them to the neighbor. As soon as they were gone, Carol approached me and said, "Listen. I think this needs to be said. I love my husband very much. He's a good man and a great father. I know there was an attraction between us, but nothing is ever going to happen. Do you understand?" I actually felt relieved, and told her so. We laughed it off and I went back to cleaning. About an hour later, after all our chemistry had eased off, I was done downstairs and Carol took me upstairs to show me what rooms to tackle. She talked a nervous blue streak, moving furniture, picking up clutter and pointing out everywhere to clean. As she was bending over a bed on all fours, showing me how dust had built up behind the bed, I noticed her ass was barely covered. Her tennis skirt had hiked up and the snap crotch on her one piece gymnastic top was stretched to its limit. Her ass was gorgeous and I became transfixed by it. Suddenly, I became aware of complete silence. Carol had frozen in place and was staring back at me staring at her ass in wide-eyed horror. "I'm sorry!' I said, immediately humiliates for being such a pig. "I am so sorry!" I turned and ran out of the bedroom. Carol actually sped after me and shouted that it was okay. She caught up to me and stopped me on the stairs. She told me everything was fine and that it was her fault. She said she shouldn't have gotten into that position. Then she joked and said, "Hell, you're only human. Of course you'd look. What mortal man wouldn't stare at a Goddess like me?" She slapped my chest and said, "A little peek never hurt anybody. Now let's get back to work." Carol showed me the rest of upstairs and I grabbed all my equipment and went upstairs. In the master bedroom I moved some potted plants and exposed a cruddy buildup of dust on the baseboard. Carol was mortified. She stopped me and told me to wait while she ran to get a rag. She returned and began to try and clean the baseboard without bending over in front of me. It looked ridiculous, stooping at the knees and trying to wipe the baseboard. I chuckled at her efforts. I saw her shake her head and scoff at the awkward position she had used for the sake of modesty. She stood up and said, "Oh, the hell with it. Enjoy the show." Carol got down on all fours, her butt cheeks clearly viable under her hiked up mini dress and began scrubbing the baseboard. As she worked she smiled playfully and looked back at me as I enjoyed the show. I felt my penis go rock hard and the desire I felt for her, wiggling her ass and smiling back at me, was overpowering. Still, I never would have touched her, but then something unexpected happened. Carol's snaps on her snap crotch all let loose. The strain from her vigorous wiping and ass wagging had been too much. The stretch material snapped away, revealing her completely naked crotch. She didn't have panties on and I saw everything, her pink vagina with a crown of soft blond pubes, and her cute button of an asshole were both on full display. Carol froze in place, shocked at what had just happened. She slowly turned her head away with her eyes squeezed shut and shouted, "Oh my fucking God! Tell me that did not just happen!" But talking was the last thing on my mind. I hadn't even seen a pussy in six months. The sight of her glorious vagina was too much to resist and before Carol had finished her sentence my tongue was all the way up inside of it and my nose buried in her asshole. I remember her shriek of surprise and she definitely tried to get away, but the primal beast in me had been unleashed and there was no stopping it. By the time I began to have coherent thoughts, Carol had stopped yelling in protest or resisting in any way. Instead, she began moving her hips and moaning loudly in ecstasy as I ate the living fuck out of that pussy. Then, as we moved away from the wall and I turned her on her back to eat that pussy from a better angle, Carol pushed my head and hands out of the way and started frantically undoing my belt. In a gutteral voice she demanded, "Give me that big cock!" I helped her get at it and it was in her mouth as soon as she saw it. I never had a woman take it all the way in like that. I'm not huge, but it's over eight inches and very thick. So most women have trouble when it gets to the back of their throats. Carol only lunged three or four times, but my penis disappeared each time. She had engulfed the whole thing, making sounds like a starving animal devouring its meat in one giant gulp. Then she jumped back and pushed her pussy up in the air with her legs spreading wide. Grabbing the base of my cock and guiding it toward her pussy she growled, "Fuck me! Hurry! Fuck me now!" I grabbed a fist full of blond hair, looked into her eyes and shoved my cock into her. We stared into each other's eyes as my cock went deep and began fucking each other with long, warm delicious strokes. I said, "I'm going to cum in you." She said, "Do it. Fill me up!" I held off as long as I could, grunting with each deep pump. Then I saw Carol's eyes roll back in her head and felt her body stiffen. The pressure of an orgasm built up in my groin, grew in power as it surged through my cock until it exploded out of me in burst after burst of blissful release. Carol gyrated and shook in the throws of her own orgasm, both of us pulling with both of our arms and all of our might in a desperate effort to shoot all my cum inside of her vagina as deeply as possible. We collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted and fighting for air, both of us trying to catch our breath. Then she began to cry. I was softening, but still deep inside her. No words can describe how terrible I felt. Both of us were so intelligent, so moral and so full of ourselves that the idea we might succumb to such basic, primal instincts and fuck on the floor like two dumb animals was inconceivable... until we did it. I got off her and we sat there talking. We decided that we should never see each other or talk again. As we talked the connection we had and the genuine affection we felt was undeniable, so we gave in to them again and made love for the rest of the afternoon. We knew it was our last and only time together, so we explored each other's bodies and pleasured each other in every way we could. We were in a sixty-nine position when the phone rang and her husband's voice was leaving her a message about how much he loved her and how special she was to him. At that moment I blew my second big load in her mouth and Carol swallowed it all down. Her husband said, "So I'll see you at dinner, Sweety. Kiss the kids for me." He hung up and I turned his wife around on their bed and fucked her in the ass. It took me a very long time, after already cumming hard in both her pussy and her mouth, but after about forty minutes of pounding that tight ass, I ejaculated for a third and final time deep in Carol's bowels. She breathlessly thanked me for the ass fuck, saying her husband was too squeamish for anal, but I had given her two more orgasms because of my relentless pumping. She had thoroughly enjoyed how merciless I had been. We kissed, talked and held each other for a long time. Finally, I packed up and left. Carol handed me a check inside an envelope and after we said goodbye forever, she passionately kissed me. With tears welling in her eyes she turned away and went back into her house. Before I pulled out of the driveway, I opened the envelope. She had given me a check for five hundred dollars for a two hundred dollar job. And she had written a note. It said, "Thanks for the fuck of a lifetime. I think we both needed that and I will never forget you. Carol."

I put the check in my shirt and threw away the note. Carol was also a writer. I often wonder if she ever wrote this experience down and what that story might be like. Only Edgar's name was changed for this memoir. Maybe Carol's story is floating around the internet somewhere. I doubt it. She's probably still married and wouldn't want to hurt her husband. But she taught me something. Even good girls can cheat. Carol was a good girl. Shit just happens in life and sometimes the stars align against our best efforts. We all do bad things sometimes. Even the most civilized among us can find themselves fucking on the floor like a dumb animal.




I moved out of my parents house when I was 19. I got a job at the local grocery store. It was enough to rent an apartment in a nice complex. I had been there about three weeks when I met Tom out at the pool. He said he was hosting a small party on Friday and invited me. He was in his 50s and quite large. His belly stuck over his bathing trunks so I figured it was innocent enough so I accepted his invitation. I asked if I needed to bring anything but he said just dress comfortable and be there at 8. I arrived precisely at eight and there were three other guys there. I noticed there were no girls there but was too shy to say anything. A few minutes later two more guys showed up. He put on an action flick and for the next two hours we drank and watched the movie. I was getting pretty drunk by then. I thought it was pretty lame for a party but as the movie was ending Tom sat next to me on the couch and put his hand on my thigh. I told him I wasn't gay and he responded that it was time I learned. He moved his hand up a little and grabbed my cock through my jeans. I started to get up but two of his friends stood in front of me and turned me around. They grabbed my arms and Tom started to take my pants off.

Ten minutes later was naked with my hands tied behind my back. They were much bigger and stronger than me and I was stuck. I was hoping they were just playing around but when they pushed me to my knees and bent me over the couch I knew I was in trouble. I felt someone licking my asshole and a hand was playing with my cock. I was surprisingly getting hard. I tried to get up but they were too strong. While my asshole was being eaten Tom sat on the couch straddling me with his big cock at my mouth. He said to suck him. I thought about it for a few seconds then he pushed his cock into my mouth. It was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. About the time he shoved his cock in my mouth I felt a cock poking into my asshole. It hurt a little at first but the alcohol seemed to dull the pain. Then he started to fuck my ass as Tom was mouth fucking me. I could barely get my lips around his cock as he got harder and harder. Before I knew it the guy behind me was cumming inside me. He got done and pulled out and I felt another take his place. And then another after he was done. Just before the fourth guy came inside me Tom said it was time for me to take his load. He started cumming and he plugged my nose and I had no choice but to swallow. It was disgusting and oddly exciting at the same time. I found that I liked his cum as I swallowed it all. His cock was still hard when he pulled out and as the fourth guy finished in my ass he pulled out and Tom knelt behind me. He shoved his big cock inside me. It felt so fucking good by this time that I was moaning and saying to give me more. Tom finally came inside me and pulled out. I nearly collapsed hen they turned me around and sat me on the floor. They all took turns shoving their cocks into my mouth until they came. I swallowed so much cum my belly was full. I ended up staying in Tom's bed that night and a month later I gave up my apartment and moved in with him. His cock is so bit and yummy that I suck him nearly every fucking night. He fucks me about three times a week and on occasion his cock hits my prostate just right and I cum with out even being touched. He won't suck my cock as he says that is for sissy fags but makes me suck him often. I guess I'm just a little sissy fucking fag but that's okay with me as long as he keeps fucking me.




I was 13 when I started to notice girls. Whenever I looked at a girl's tits y dick got hard. I really never noticed my mom before but all of a sudden it seemed like every night she would put on an almost see through nightgown and sit to watch TV. Dad was in the army and overseas and I figured mom missed him quite a bit. One night after we watched TV for a while I noticed my dick was starting to get hard so I went into my bedroom to jerk off. I was naked on top of the covers when mom walked in. I was so fucking embarrassed I didn't really know what to do. I could tell mom was pretty drunk by the way she was swaying, just standing there staring at my cock. Then she said "Oh honey, you have such a nice looking cock." She didn't seem to care that I was jerking off.

My cock was sticking straight up and she said that she thought even at 13 my cock was bigger than dad's. Then she came over and sat on the bed. She was still staring at it when she reached out and put her hand around my cock. She said she had the nicest cock she'd ever seen and began to stroke it up and down. She told me to just lay back and enjoy it. I did. Two minutes later I felt myself about to cum. I tried to push her hand away. I was embarrassed but she said to just let it cum. I started to cum and felt it hit my belly as she continued to stroke me. Just about the time I was on the last spurt she leaned down and took me in her mouth. I couldn't believe it, my mom was sucking my cock. I stayed hard. I knew I could cum twice because I usually do when I jerk off and her mouth was un-fucking-believable. It wasn't three minutes later and I was ready to cum again. She sensed it and mumbled to fill her mouth. I said "what?" and she took her mouth off my cock long enough to say "that's it honey fill momma's filthy fucking mouth with your sweet cum." I had never heard her talk like that before but when she put her mouth back on my cock I exploded again. She swallowed every fucking drop.

I thought we were done. She left but a few minutes later she came back with a drink in her hand. She sat back on the bed and said the nobody could ever know what had happened. I assured her I would never tell, then as she finished her drink she stood up and took off all of her clothes. Her tits were big with large nipples. She mounted me and put a tit up to my mouth and said to feed on it. I could feel my dick getting hard again. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples she said she had a special treat and scooted up so her cunt was on my mouth. She said to tongue fuck her. I did the best I could and finally tasted her juices as she came. Then she scooted down and put my hard cock at the opening of her cunt. She plunged down in one motion and started to fuck me. I thought I was too young for sex but mom proved me otherwise. She ended up sleeping in my bed that night and I woke up to her sucking my cock. After she took my cum I said I had to pee and she said to let her have it. I didn't understand but she said again "Go ahead honey, fill mommy's mouth with your piss. This was really weird but she kept sucking me until I couldn't hold it any longer and started to pee. She swallowed most of it but my bladder was so full I ended up pissing all over her, me and the bed. She said not to worry, that the sheets were washable.

For the next three years mom taught me all about sex, even to the point of pegging me with a strap on. I loved every minute of her teachings and when dad finally came home from the service I knew my time with mom was done. But the second night he was back they were both pretty drunk and she came in and said she had a really big surprise for me. It ended up with dad sucking my cock until I came in his mouth then he turned around and mom made me suck him until he came in my mouth. What a couple of fucking pervs I had for parents. But through it all I learned to eat pussy, get ass fucked and suck cock and now I can't go three days without a cock in my mouth. I guess I'm the biggest perv of all.




My mom and sister died in a car wreck when I was 10. By the time I was 13 and had pubic hair and whiskers my dad was a full blown alcoholic. He drank every night but on Friday nights he drank all too much. I stayed home most nights to help him into bed. One Friday night he had actually showered and put on a robe before he came into the living room and started to drink. By 9:00 he was pretty much passed out on the couch. I was watching some stupid movie and kept glancing over at him. The more I glanced over at him the harder my dick got. I always wondered how big his dick was and felt this was my chance to find out. Before I could do anything he rolled over on his back and his robe fell open. He wasn't wearing anything underneath and his cock was fully exposed.

I took a chance and knelt in front of the couch and just stared at it. My right hand had hole of my cock and I was nearly hard now. I had heard about guys sucking other guys' cocks but had never really given it much thought. Not until that night. I watched is cock for about 20 minutes and he hadn't moved other than the occasional snore. Even flacid his cock was large. It was almost five inches long and when I finally reached my hand out I could barely get my hand around it. I lifted it up. I sniffed it. I felt his nuts. Then I had the wild idea of putting it in my mouth. Immediately knew I wanted to suck it. I put more in my mouth moving his foreskin back and forth. His cock started to get bigger and before I knew it his seven inches was pointing at the ceiling every time I took my mouth off.

I wanted to know more so I got on my phone and looked up blowjobs and cock suckers. Most were women with big cock in their mouths but I eventually found some gay porn that basically showed me how to suck a man's cock. I took it all in and an hour later I was kneeling in front of him again with his cock in my mouth. I got him hard again and kept sucking. He was moaning and whispering "That's it honey, take it like you did on our wedding night." He thought it was my mom sucking his cock on their wedding night so I kept sucking until he unloaded in my mouth. I thought it would be nasty but I was so fucking turned on I loved every drop of it.

As time went on I sucked him off nearly every Friday and Saturday night. Those were the nights he got plastered and passed out. It eventually even got to the point that I would get him hard and sit on his cock. I loved being fucked by him and one night I thought he was passed out drunk and I did my thing and when I was bouncing up and down on his cock he opened his eyes and said he knew had been bey for a long time now. I jumped off but he tried to assure me it was okay. But I ran into my room and slammed the door. A minute later he was in my room sitting on my bed. He told me it was natural to experiment but that he also knew about my need for his cock and that it was okay. To prove it he sucked me until I jizzed in his mouth.

From that night until I left home at 19 we spent nearly every Friday night either sucking each other off or him fucking me. I have a full-time boyfriend now and we are planning on getting married as soon as we can get to Connecticut. I love him dearly. He's the alpha in the relationship but that's okay. I do most of the cooking. We both work and his big cock fills me up nearly nightly. Man, what a fucking life I have.




I grew in a house of perverts. I didn't know it at the time as they made it seem normal. When I was about nine my dad sat me down and told me about the birds and bees. Only his version involved sons sucking their daddies dicks. When I asked him what he meant he pulled his cock out and showed me how big it was compared to mine and said that if I wanted a cock as big as him that I had to put it in my mouth. I did and I ended up sucking him off that day until he came in my mouth. He said it was normal and that the more I sucked him the bigger my cock would get. And if I sucked him enough I might even be bigger than him and girls liked really big cocks. For the next two years I sucked his cocks tow or three times a week.

Then one night when I was 11 my mom caught me playing with myself. She said it was normal and I shouldn't be embarrassed. She pulled up a chair next to my bed and said to continue until I was done. I really didn't cum but had the feeling of an orgasm. he said that she wanted to help me and the next night she came into my bedroom and stroked my cock until I had an orgasm. By the time I was 13 my cock had grown a bit and it was at that point that on the night I wasn't sucking my dad off mom was sucking me off. I could cum a bit by then but now I stared at her tits when she was stroking or sucking me. I wasn't sure if they knew what each other was doing with me because my door was always closed but I was enjoying every fucking minute of it.

Then one night when mom was sucking my cock I felt her finger start to play with my asshole. She said that dad really liked it when she did that and ended up finger fucking me with two fingers until I came harder than ever before. I figured she must have told dad about it because the next night dad said it was time for me to have another man suck him. He did and his big fingers found their way into my asshole. He moved from fingers to having his cock in my ass and fucking me like a twink. I came to love it and to this day, now 35 years old, I can't seem to cum unless I have another cock in my ass fucking me like a cheap whore. Man I love them both and sove every kind of sex with other men.