Let me just start off with me and my boyfriend’s Daughter are both the same age. We are an age gap relationship and I’m bisexual recently. I’ve been wanting To have sex with a woman been watching lots of lesbian porn and his daughter just turns me on I go into her bedroom and sniff her old underwear and I hump Her pillow without my underwear on so my pussy juices go on her pillow I don’t know what to do But I would give anything to taste her just wait till she’s asleep and then walk in and start slowly trying to get in bed with her and then caress her boobs and hold her and squeeze her boobs with my arm and grab her pussy with the other. I start humping her from behind. But this has been going on for a while now anytime me and my boyfriend do anything after we get done he lets me hump his ass, and I fantasize about having sex with his daughter when that’s happening. I imagine myself walking in with her dead asleep, and then slowly, shoving my huge clit inside of her pussy mercenary style and just shoving my face in between her boobs with her and just fucking her pussy with my clit

Then turning her on our side, putting her face to the edge of the bed and then face fucking her rubbing my clit On her lips and face And then turning her over, putting her halfway on the bed, and then trying to shove my clit Inside her ass.

I know most likely never happened, but I fantasize about all the time.

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