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I was 18 (now 22f) when my niece (now 4) was born and still living with my step mom, step brother, and his wife. All three of them worked while I did online college, naturally I was the deligated babysitter. At first it was easy; feed her, change, burp, nap, some playtime, and repeat till they first of the three got off. Usually my step mom first but she always hid up in her room. Then my brother maybe two hours later, and his wife soon after that. On average we spent from 8am-5pm without any adult and until 7pm without a responsible one.

After a few months I started to notice she liked being wiped after a diaper I'd wipe her down and then use my fingers. She would coo and smile, scrunching her feet. So I started doing it every diaper change, even rubbing her little bum hole after the first few times.

By the time she was about 13 months, shed started walking; I'd tought her to walk over to the swing chair when she wanted touched, her parents never cought on. Id sit her in the bouncer, take off the diaper and rub her little bum hole and clit while the chair was on.

I moved out at 20, still within a hour of home so I still see my niece at least every other weekend, sometimes Thursday Sunday night. When she started talking I knew I needed a code word, something easy for her parents to dismiss as child's language. So I tought her we were playing with her imaginary friend Cookie Monster since she loves old Sesame Street. Id lay her out on a special blue cookie blanket I made to keep here and strip her down, opening her baby legs. Since she was a bit older I would use my tongue one her clit or bum hole; whichever looked juicer, while I gently started probing the other hole with my fingertip. It took about two months of visits before I was able to get my whole pinky in both her little holes...shes so sweet and tight...I cant get enough of that taste!

She's now four and her favorite seems to be a finger in her bum while I lick her clit! I'm gonna train her to be such a baby whore!




DD 1

I’ve always been into dog stuff since I was young. I’m very ashamed of it and did not tell anyone about it until last night. My gf and I are long distance at the moment and don’t have much time together intimately. We usually spend time with eachother on vr games and last night we had gotten a little hot with eachother. One thing led to another and I confessed that I wanted to see her get fucked by a dog. There was a long pause between us and I was really regretting saying that. When she had also confessed that she had dabbled into getting licked by her dogs as well. That she is also ashamed of it but it gets her super wet whenever she thinks about it. She’s out of town away from her dogs at the moment and tomorrow when she’s home. I’m going to make her fuck her dog for the first time. And she’s excited. Idk if I’ll post an update on it or not. I just wanted to do one of these because I’m a fan of the page and this is pretty good for a first post. We’ll see :)




I was about 9 years old when my friend told me about her sister being so gross and putting Mayo on her pussy and letting the dog lick it off ... that story consumed me .. day and night .. we had a rotttweiler dog but being at home in a full house all the time .. it was very difficult to get time alone to try experiment with the dog ..

Until one day .. I got home from school and no one was home ! I was so excited ! I couldn't find the Mayo ! So I grabbed peanut butter instead ! I called my dog to my room and closed my door. I dropped my panties .. lifted my school skirt and lay down on my bed. I used my two fingers to get a generous amount of peanut butter and I smeared it all over my pussy. I parted my lips and called ny dog.. he wasted no time at all! His rough tongue started licking and licking and licking and licking .. he licked my whole pussy clean .. and when it was clean he licked some more .. I was blown away at how he focused on my clit- he even nibbled it I saw his teeth and he licked roughly on ny clit bud. He repeated it. My legs were shaking and I couldn't believe that my dog was giving me such enormous pleasure ! I was making noises and was scared my dad or someone would come home . But I also thought to myself if someone walked in.. I couldn't and wouldn't stop! That's how good the orgasm was ! After I climaxed I came to realise what I was doing and I felt really dirty and guilty . I chased my dog out and went to wash my Pussy. I was scared of germs !

Later that night .. when I got into bed .. I couldn't stop thinking about ny dog and I was so turned on.. I wished that I could call him into my room but I couldn't ! Instead I took off my panties and played with my pussy .. I imagined the dog licking me again and I climaxed quickly and had the best sleep ever.

Whenever I was alone, I went to get my dog for him to lick !

On another occasion, about 2 years later I was 11.. I was laying outside in the garden with my bathing suit - laying on my tummy on a towel catching the gorgeous sun rays.

I must have fallen asleep .. because I woke up with ny dog sniffing me - between my open legs whilst I lay on my tummy . I could feel the hot breath of my dog sniffing hard and deep, taking in deep breaths of my pussy. I guess my pussy smelled strong that day as I didn't shower plus I was pretty sweaty from the hot sun. As I lay on my tummy I moved my bikini bottoms to one side so he could get in with his tongue proper. My God he loved the smell so much.. this was the first time I didn't use peanut butter ! He seemed to love the strong smell of my pussy. His tongue was delving deep into my virgin juicy pussy hole and I loved it so much. But I needed more. I wanted to orgasm. So I lay on my back and took off my bottoms. I let him lick my whole pussy and he did such a good job lapping up my stinky pussy. He licked my clit so good.. he made me climax so quick.

I was so lost in my clit licking .. I looked up at the window which had a lace curtain and saw a shadow of someone watching me from the inside !!!!!!

From the shadow I could see it was my father !!!!! I got a massive fright and chased the dog away and quickly put my panties back on and wrapped myself with the towel . I was so scared to go back inside ! I waited about 2 hours and eventually I had to go in to pee. I went in and my dad was in the lounge watching tv. He never said a word and I obviously never did too.

I wonder to this day if it made him hard ..




My best friend and I had a sleepover two nights ago and we decided to go get in her hot tub. I told her I didn't bring a swimsuit and she said it was fine because we could just go skinny dipping. We walked outside with towels covering us and then she dropped hers and I saw her huge tit s and hairy pussy. She has the best body I've ever seen. Her nipples are huge and she has the biggest butt and a tiny waist. We got into the hot tub and sat across from each other. I started to lift my foot to where her pussy was and run my toes against her hairy mound. She asked what I was doing and then started to rub her feet against my pussy. I got so wet and creamy and decided to go sit next to her. I put my hand on her inner thigh and slowly moved to her pussy. I slipped my fingers in and fingered her super tight and set pussy. She said that we shouldn't do this and that she wasn't a lesbian, but I kept going and slipped three fingers in. She pushed my hand away and told me to stop. I just laughed and went under the water. Her legs were already spread open so I shoved my face right into her pushy and started licking it until I came up for air. She told me to stop but I couldnt, I was too horny now. I licked and sucked in her pussy until my jaw hurt and then told her it was her turn. She said that she didn't want to, and I started to get frustrated. I got out of the water and grabbed her head and forced it into my hairy pussy. I told her if she didn't lick it then I would leak all the pictures I have of her naked body, and huge pepperoni nipples. We went back up to her room and I pinned her into the bed and sat on her face. We scissors and then fell qsleep .




i have videos of my dog licking my teen pussy




I met her at a friend's house. we'd me once before and instantly fell in love. then we met at a friend's apartment. they were out of town for a few days and we had the apartment to our selves. We ate a nice dinner and went to bed. We kissed for a while and i moved down to lick her pussy. It was sweet and I loved it. Then she started to rub my cock. I got got ad she bent down to suck me. Before too long I said I was gonna cu. She swallowed it all. i Proceeded to eat her pussy and soon had her cumming. We spent the next few nights together and I asked her to marry me.

We've been married for 39 years now and she still sucks my cock like it was the first night we were ever together. She will pull my shorts over my cock and take me into her mouth and suck me until I fill her up. She loves my cum and takes it any time i give it to her. She will suck me any time I want and I married the perfect woman. I ove her dearly and relish the times I want her to suck my cock. and she is willling. Man, what a greAT FUCKING LIFE i LIVE.




My boyfriend was out of town for a couple of weeks so I hosted a lingerie party the night he left. It was a bit more than just lingerie but all sex things as long with the clothing. My friend Debbie took me to the side at the end of the party and said it was the sexiest fucking thing she ever bought. She pulled her t-shirt up and I was staring at a bra with holes in the middle with her nipples showing. She had me touch them to prove it was really her. She said there were several versions of it and all the men at the bar stared at them. She talked me into buying three of them and three pair of crotchless panties. When I asked about them she lowered her jeans and showed me. She didn't have me touch her pussy but I could clearly see what was exposed.

When they all left I put on my new items and ended up playing with my nipples and masturbating twice. Two days later was Friday and Debbie said her and a couple friends were going out and wanted me to come. When I said okay she said I had to wear my new underwear and a nice skirt. I was a little scared but excited at the same time. They took me over to the next town to a bar. There were quite a few people there and we started drinking. About an hour in a good looking guy picked up Jan, one of the other girls and they started dancing and soon were making out on the dance floor. I noticed that my new bra made my nipples constantly hard. I had on a silk blouse with my skirt and it felt really fantastic. Several times that night Debbie mentioned how good my nipples looked standing out like that. A little while later another man came over to us. He asked me to dance. I was pretty drunk so I accepted. We were on the dance floor and about halfway through the song he had a hand on my tit. I didn't stop him but when he pinched a nipple and said "I bet you're a nice little slut aren't you?"

I pushed him away and left. I was sitting in the back seat of the car when Debbie opened the door and sat next to me. "What the fuck happened?" she asked. I was still pretty upset and said that guy mauled me on the dance floor. She scooted over toward the middle and pulled me to her, hugging me. I was sobbing a little and she said that it was okay, that I didn't have to let anybody grab her like that if I didn't want them to. Her embrace was gentle but very comforting. I told her that he had called me a slut. She suggested that maybe I just didn't like my nipples pulled. I told her that wasn't it. It was just that I didn't give him permission and he took advantage. Then she said "Do you like them gently caressed like this?" She was rubbing a nipple with her palm through my blouse. The silk blouse felt really nice so I nodded. She said "You know, you have a really nice body?" Then she turned my head toward her and gently kissed me. I was still drunk so I didn't push her away. I was actually pretty turned on with my open tips and crotchless panties. Then her tongue parted my lips and we were passionately kissing. Her hand moved off of my tit and she was rubbing my belly. I wasn't thinking that this would go farther but when I felt her hand on my thigh I said "What are you doing? I'm not gay." She said "Neither was I until another woman made me cum. Here, just relax and let me show you." I didn't know how to respond so I did nothing. Then her hand was rubbing my pussy and she was flicking my clit. "You like that, don't you?" she asked. I had to admit I did like it.

Then I felt a finger enter me. I was already wet when she started to finger fuck me. She made me cum. She was so much softer and tender than my boyfriend. She kissed me again and said that she would take me to her apartment when the others were dropped off. A little while later we hopped into the front seat as the other two women got in the car. Debbie dropped off one, then the other. She drove straight to her place. Se were sitting on the couch and stripped each other. She said she was going to eat my pussy now. She laid me on my back and knelt over me. Her cunt was hovering right over my mouth and her fingers were playing with my pussy again. Then she leaned down a little farther and started to lick me. At the same time she lowered herself down onto my mouth. I had never even came close to licking a woman's cunt before but since it felt really good I just let her lick and tongue fuck me. A hand was playing with my nipple while she was tonguing me. After a short time she had two fingers in my cunt and I was now tongue fucking her. I had another orgasm. It was more intense than ever. She kept at it and I came again. That's when I fell asleep. I woke up next to her naked in her bed. She was playing with my cunt again and when I stirred she kissed me. We kissed for a long time as she made me cum. I was a little embarrassed but when she pulled her hand out she said we should talk about it.

W not only talked about it but decided we could be with both men and each other for sex. It didn't mean I was a lesbian but just liked the feel of a woman's body. My boyfriend followed me and found out what Debbie and I were doing and left me. He said he couldn't be with no fucking lezzie and split. I wished him a fucking good-bye and spent the next six years as Debbie's lover until the day I asked her to marry me. Now we're like an old married couple and I can't even remember what a cock feels like. But really, I couldn't give a fuck.