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I am a 27 y.o. petite, black female who has been sexually and physically abused through most of my twenties. I guess it stems from the fact that my mom and oldest sister were in odd relationships with guys that beat them up. By odd, I mean the guys they were seeing were much younger than them. My mom was 45 when she was seeing a 20 y.o. white guy who had beaten her up I think 3 times. My sister was 21 when she was fucking a Mexican boy who was only 15. I came home one day to see her naked and him on top of her punching her repeatedly in the face. He got off her when he saw me and ran out of the house but, I could tell he had been beating her for awhile. Her nose and mouth were bloody. She eventually had a black eye and bruises on her body.

My odyssey starts back when I was 18. I met a guy at my job and after a few months of hanging out together, we started officially dating. We dated for just short of 3 years when I found out he cheated on me. Then he left me for this other, older woman. I was incredibly heartbroken. He was my first true bf and I really loved him. At any rate, I went spiraling downward. I started drinking heavily to the point I would blackout, wake up the next day and not remember the night before. I also was talking to a lot of random guys to the tune that I would end up letting them get me drunk and then fuck me. This all came to a head one night that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

This happened a few months later of still basically "whoring around", I met this Mexican guy when I was working at a convivence store. He asked me for my number a few times and I finally gave it to him. We flirted on the phone a few times then he asked me to hang out with him on a Friday night. I went with him that night and we were really just driving around drinking and smoking some weed. Anyhow, we wound up at a park late and parked. We got out and was walking. He wanted to have sex with me but, I just wasn't to into him so I just said no. I just hung around to drink and smoke. But, he kept trying and then we started arguing about it as we were both high. He tried to hold me and I pushed him off me and then he got really mad and hit me in my mouth and knocked me down. He told me he was going to kick my black ass. He kicked me 2 or 3 times and then he got on top of me, pinned my arms to the ground and proceeded to start beating me up really good. After he was finally done kicking my ass, he got under my dress, pulled down my panties and started fingering my pussy. Then he pulled out his cock, shoved it inside and started fucking me. He hit me some while screwing me. He finished by cuming inside me. After he got off me, he spread my legs and kicked me in my pussy. He got in his car and left me there.

I don't remember how much time passed but, this grungy looking white guy came along. We looked at each other and then I asked if he could help me. I told him I had just got beaten up and raped. He just looked at me and said, nigger, this just ain't your lucky day. He then kicked me in my face and then my ass. After that, he got me on my stomach and then forced himself in and fucked me in my ass. He finished by cumming in my ass. After a few minutes, he got off me. He must have saw what happened to me earlier because he said, nigger, if you think that bean eating spic fucked you up, you ain't seen nothing yet bitch. He picked me up and slammed me to the ground. He stomped my stomach and then kicked me repeatedly in my body. Then he got on top of me and began hitting everywhere on my body and in my face. When he finally finish beating the shit out of me, I think he dragged me behind some bushes and left me there. I say I think because, the next thing I remember was waking up in that park when the sun was coming up. I managed to walk to a local store where the clerk asked what happened to me. I told her and they wanted to call the police but, I just asked them to get me a ride home and I will take care of it from there. My mom and I called the police and told what happened. They did arrest the Mexican kid and he was convicted of battery and rape.

Over the next 2 years, I really thought I had my life in order. I was 24, I stopped dating and went to school and got my AA in education. I then got a job as a tutor with a tutoring service. However, the next 2 years would find me in an abusive relationship.

I got an assignment to tutor a high school 10th grader named Eduardo. He was a 15 y.o. Mexican but, he was not your typical small Mexican boy. He was 6 2, about 185 pounds, very muscular and really good looking. When I saw him, I just said to myself why couldn't he be older. He was on his high school varsity football team. His grades were good already but, his coach didn't want him to become ineligible because he lost track of his school work. He was thought to have a very promising future playing football. He lived with his mother and his little sister who was 13. Anyway, we started our sessions that were twice a week. The first month or so it was a typical tutor/student interaction about the lessons. Little by little, we started having regular conversations. For being so young, he was very charming. To skip a lot of details, even though he was my student and only 15, I found myself attracted to him. He then asked me for my phone number and, against my better judgement, I gave it to him. But I just said he could only call me for education purposes however, we both knew why he asked for it. We started flirting over the phone and then one day after a tutoring session he asked me to go out with him to the movies. He had just turned 16 that week so, I said yes. So we made the date for that Saturday night as he had a football game that Friday night. I came that night to go out with him. I dressed up really nice, a nice white dress, stiletto pumps, nails done, etc. That's how attracted I was to him. When I got there, we were alone as his mom and sister were out. We were in his room and we started talking and then a little flirting and then we kissed for the first time and kept kissing. One thing led to another and we were in bed together and I let him fuck me for the first time. It was the first time I had been fucked since I had been beaten and raped. After he got done fucking me, we went the movies as planned.

Over the next 3 weeks, when I wasn't tutoring him, I would go meet him at his school after his practice and spend a little time with him. We would fuck when we got the chance. As time wore on, Eddie told me that his mom asked him is something going on between us. His mom was an alcoholic but, she paid attention to stuff. She actually texted me to come see her on a day when I wasn't tutoring Eddie and he was at football practice. I went there and sat with her and she was drinking. She asked me if I was dating Eddie. I said of course not but, I could tell she didn't believe me. Then she said "just because I like to drink don't mean I don't know what goes on under my own roof. I don't care if Eddie fucks you even if he is underage. You are pretty and my boy is very handsome so, I can understand why the 2 of you would want to date and fuck each other." She asked me if I knew that he fucks his sister and I was shocked that she knew. I knew he did because we had a 3some one time even though she was only 13. Then she told me she knew about our 3some as well. I was stunned when she told me she knew. She said she didn't mind because as long as he and her daughter were at home, she knew they were safe from harm out on the streets. While she was talking she was holding my hand. She then took me to her room and started explaining to me that Eddie can be very violent. That their family has a history of men beating women. Eddie's dad used to beat her up, his grandfather used beat his grandmother, her 2 brothers, Eddie's uncles, beat up their wives or gfs. Eddie had also beaten up his previous gf.

While this conversation was going on though, she was seducing me. She was feeling on my legs. She was aggressive. She asked me did I want to have sex with her, I just looked at her and she started kissing me and rubbing my pussy. I asked what if Eddie or Letty (that's Eddie's sister) comes in and she responded "either one would probably take off their clothes and join us, especially Eddie." I asked, you would let your own son fuck you? And she said under the circumstances, YES!!!!!!! She then laid me on the bed and went down and ate my pussy until I came. She then went to her drawer and got a strap on dildo and proceeded to get on top and fuck me. After we finished and I was leaving, she reminded me that Eddie can be really violent. That should have told me to get out of this relationship but, I didn't. Soon, I was about to experience the violent side of Eddie.

One Saturday night, we went to one of his teammate's house where he was giving an unsupervised house party. It would be the first time he beat me up. There was underage drinking going on and Eddie was starting to get drunk. It was getting late and I wanted to get him home before he got too drunk. We were outside in the back yard and after a couple of times of asking to go, I told him that if he didn't leave with me now, I was going to leave without him and he could get his own ride home. He like grabbed my arm and said "bitch, you ain't going nowhere" and he slapped the shit out of me. So hard, I fell down to the ground. He got on top of me and started punching me in the face. A couple of guys finally pulled him off me. I got up and started running into the house but, he caught and tackled me to the floor. He started hitting me again. A few girls were saying stop hitting her but, nobody really did anything to stop him. I think everyone there was afraid of him. He then got off me, grabbed me by my hair, said "I'm gonna kick your black, mother fuckin ass" and pulled me into a bedroom, locked the door and he beat the living shit out of me. He slammed me against the wall face first. He threw me into a dresser. On the floor, he kicked me several times. He then got on top of me and hit me over and over and yelling at me. After he was finished, I was a bloody mess. He got a towel and cleaned me up a little, then he made me drive us to his house. His mom saw me and asked what happened and we said some girls at the party jumped me and beat me up. She looked at me and I knew she knew Eddie did this to me.

Every time he beat me up, he always apologized afterwards and said he wouldn't do it again but, like all abusers, he did. I actually was in love with Eddie, even though he was only 16 and I was 25 by this time. That's why I kept going back to him.

He was getting angry more frequently and quicker. One of his teammates told me that he was taking steroids and that was one of the reasons he so was violent. One time, him and his mom were arguing and I guess she told him that me and her had sex that time when she called me to come see her. One night after we went on a date, he beat me up because of that. Saying that I cheated on him with his own mother. One time, I let him and 5 of his teammates fuck me kinda to make up for having sex with his mom. He wanted me to do it again and I refused so, he kicked my ass for that. One other time he wanted me to fuck him and one teammate and I said no but, him AND his teammate beat me up and then fucked me. After about nearly 2 years and about 4 or 5 other beatings I took, I told him I was through with him, and like always, he said he would change. This time though I meant it. So, I guess as his parting gift to me, he really beat the fuck out of me one last time.

I never called the police on him because I didn't want them to find out I was having sex with a minor and I always hoped he would he see how much I really loved him. I haven't seen him in over a year now. He has graduated high school and in college now from what I heard. As crazy as this sounds, I miss him. I know I may sound pathetic but, I can't help how I feel for him. We had a lot of good times together. I don't really hold any resentment to his treatment of me. I just hope he's doing good. He is a really good young man with demons. I hope he doesn't beat up any other girls like he did me.




I was a young child Brin, my father and mother use to play with me sexually. My mother would rub my little pussy and Dad would lick me . As I got older he would finger me mum would help him when I was about 3 yo I would suck dads cock and lick mums pussy . I use to love dads cum. This went on for years mum always wanted him to get me pregnant . When I was 15yo mum got her wish, i got pregnant . A few of his male friends use to play and fuck me as well I am not real sure if the baby was my fathers or one of his friends. The little girl was born and dad and mum treated her like it was dads baby.

A few months after the baby girl was born I moved to my own place . Mum and dad use to come over and fuck me I still enjoyed that. After a little while they started to play with my little girl . She seemed to like what they did to her. She was still breast feeding so she loved to suck as much cum out of dads cock as she could get. Buy this time she was about 12 mths old . a couple of dads friends use to come over and she loved sucking there as well. Eve became a real cum slut. It was Friday i thought I take Eve shopping It was a small shopping centre . I walked for a while wheeling the stroller and looking at the shops. I noticed a large black man following close behind. He looked dishevelled and his clothing was very dirty he looked in his forties . We looked at more shops . People were looking at him he looked a little out of place. I could see he was looking at Eve.

I thought I take Eve to the change room at a quiet area at the back of the centre. We entered the change room I could see he was still behind us. It had a lockable door on the change room but I never locked the door I just left it a jar. I could see he moved closer to the door , I laid Eve on the change table with her pussy facing the opening in the door. I removed he nappy and her cotton panties they were a little wet. I opened her little legs exposing her little pink cunny. I looked through the opening in the door i could see he was close now his eyes were affixed to her sweet cunny. I moved to the door and opened it a little and said to him come in.

He moved in though the door I closed the door behind him. He looked at me and I just nodded at him, he moved close to her and put his large finger on her cunny. I could see he was hard he rubbed his finger up and down her lips she was giggling and then he moved to her clit . She stopped giggling and started to coo. My cunt was so wet I was ovulating at the time which made more juice coming out of my pussy. he moved his head down and started to lick her cunny. I looked at him and said would like to come to our place? He just nodded, I said I will pick you up at the back of the centre. He left the room and I put Eve clean pants on and headed to the front car park. I drove to the back of the centre he was standing there with a large bag on his shoulder. I could see he was still semi hard. No one could see him get in the car . I said to him it will take about 10min to get to our place, he just nodded. I was starting to think he couldn’t talk. I arrived at my place drove into the garage and rolled the door down no one would be able to see him. I looked at him as he got out of the car he was still semi hard his cock looked quite large. But it was hard to tell in his pants.

We went up stairs he put his bag down I moved close to him and rubbed down his pants with my hand. Fuck it was a large cock! He pointed at Eve? I knew what he wanted. I said i will put her on the change table in her room to give you better access to her sweet cunny. He looked at me and nodded again. We went to the room put her on the change table removed her panties. He was so close behind me I could smell him. I could hear him breath heavy as I pulled her legs apart. I stepped aside and he move close to her his head went straight down to her little cunny. He was licking her so hard her eyes were wide open and she was moaning cooing. I reached in and unzipped his fly and undid his pants. He turned sideways to give me better access to his cock as it dropped to the floor I could not believe it his cock was at least 10.5ins and 3 ins round fuck me. As I moved closer to his cock it had a strong smell it was black as ink and had huge veins and was un cut. I put my hand near the to of his cock and pulled the foreskin down . Fuck! it had large amounts of dried white cum under his cock flange very strong smell. I don’t know why all I wanted to do was suck it. A large black hand came to back of my head and pushed down , so I had no real option but to suck it.

The taste was unreal like cum but much stronger and now I had a large amount of pre cum as well. The taste was like nothing I had before. His cock was so clean now I just wanted that huge cock in me. I pulled my pants down I had so much juice running out of me I looked into the gusset of my undies and there was a large mound of dry pussy cum. I backed up against his huge cock I held his cock to my wet cunt hole. I pushed back on it ,a small amount of cock and the head went in. I t was so fucken huge he started to push I hurt a bit . He pushed a bit more I was taking most of it. He just slowly pumped away at it I had a few orgasms in 3 or 4 mims. I have never had a cock like it before. I hear Eve she was like whimpering. I looked over at her and she had a look of ecstasy on her face. He was doing it to both of us.

I heard him groaning I knew what he was going to do. His cock fell from my cunt it was covered in white pussy cum. He held on to his huge cock and guided it to Eve’s tinny cunny and stroked it gently. And then rubbed his huge head on her cunny and drops of pre cum run on her pussy lips. Then he started to shoot his load he filled her cunny lips and then the last spurt of thick cum he shot in her mouth . She licked and licked Eve loved it and said after nice cream. John smiled at what she said . We will call him John we don’t know his name because he never spoke the hole weekend. Brin moved over to her little girl and cleaned all of John’s thick cum off Eve’s cunny lips. John looked on and smiled. Eve and I took several loads of Johns cum in me and in Eve's mouth over the weekend.On Monday I dropped him back to the rear of the shopping centre . I said to him we could meet again next week around the same time. He nodded.

To be continued




I'm a single father. My 10yo daughter has just started taking interest in boys. We're white. I was on the computer we both share and searches came up such as "cute black boys", "how to impress a black boy", and "black boy and white girl". I talked to one of the moms at her school, and apparently she's crushing on a black boy there two years older. There's also a popular girl in her grade having a pool party where the grade ahead is invited, and I didn't even realize until I found all this out that that boy will probably be there. I already took her shopping for a swimsuit for it, and I allowed her to get one with skimpy bottoms that leave her cheeks exposed before I knew boys would be at the party. Since she's fairly thin and hasn't developed much I felt it didn't expose that much. She's also very pale and blonde.

I'm embarrassed to say but I'm honestly a bit turned on. Her mom (who is my ex-wife) was actually a major snowbunny before we met. All her boyfriends were black, and she never made them wear condoms. She loves creampies. In fact she has a biracial son from a one night stand with a black guy from before we met. Hearing about her past experiences always turned me on, but we never tried any cuckold stuff. Part of me hopes my daughter goes to this pool party and becomes a snowbunny like her mom. I can't stop thinking about her showing up there with her pale white ass cheeks exposed, and the older black boy approaching her and taking her inside where he painfully pops her cherry with his black cock and creampies her. It makes me feel gross, but the idea of her being claimed by black seed just like her mom is hot to me.




Wife has 2 BBC dildos. My wife is my best friend and ur sex life is amazing! Even though I have only been inside her about 4 times this year. Sex consists of either her with her vibrator and her bbc dildo while she sucks me off or she has me eat her out while she gets stretched while riding it. This only happens a handful of times. The majority of times she locks me out of the room and we role play her being a hotwife while she’s out. She will send me vids and text of how her night is going with her bbc “bull” which is obviously her dildo. Some nights she’s in there for as long as 4 hours. She also uses a pussy she bought me for role play and uses it to role play herself having a ffm threesome with the BBC . I love seeing her pussy dripping with cream and swollen after getting her pussy stretched and fucked by those huge cocks. She sometimes uses both and simulates and mmf threesome while I either watch or get texts. It’s obvious she loves big cock inside her as she also has told me this. She was never a squirter until she Used these real replica bbc dildos. She has squirted all over my face while I eat her out as she fucks these huge dildos. I have been obviously cucked by her and her dildos without the humiliation aspect. She pretty much uses me as foreplay to get her turned on then proceeds to get her pussy destroyed sometimes to the point where she tells me her cervix is bruised. She loves putting my hand on her belly while she’s getting pumbled so I can feel how far deep and big the bbc dildo feels inside her.




I own a daycare and no one knows that I’m sexual with the kids in my care. I babysit ages 2-6. I’m a blk 37f. I make the boys suck my tits and sometimes I suck their tiny dicks or lick their asses. With the girls, sometimes I rub our pussies together or I lick their pussies and ass. It’s the best o in the world and my babies love me so much! My favorite is the skinny blonde, she’s 4 almost 5 and she’s so sexy! She moans and giggles when I’m licking her, and tries to hump my mouth also she get so wet! She’s always horny I often wonder if she being licked at home too. She wants me to lick her every time and she love to suck my dark nipples and she giggle when I lick her little pink nipples. I won’t ever stop




Back in the Craigslist days, I (female) was bored with my husband, so I was "cock shopping." I came across a gorgeous young, black guy with an amazing cock that only lived about a mile away from me. We met up and I knew something was off, but the sex was amazing. Afterwords, I found out he was in high school, and I kinda freaked a little, but he was cool about it.

Then he graduated and moved out of the state for college.

Two years went by with me back to “cock shopping” but now through Tinder because Craigslist no longer did personals. Covid hits, and I suddenly come across my old friend, who we'll call "Jerome."

He had to come back home and when I swipped right, we matched. We messaged and he was dtf. I checked with my husband and we made plans to have the kids out of the house for a few days, over at their cousins who were all vaxxed and willing to watch out kids.

Jerome pulled into my driveway around noon on a Thursday and as soon as he was in the house, I was on my knees sucking that huge cock. He wasn't a teen anymore, so all was good. But he was horny, and I barely had time to suck him before he literally picked me up off the ground and carried me to my bed where he fucked me in every way imaginable for hours until we passed out.

I woke him up in the morning with a blow job before he jumped in the shower because he needed to get back to his family and told me he'd see his way out. I was exhausted from the past 12 or so hours of him pounding every hole so I went back to sleep. When I woke up with Jerome's finger rubbing my pussy and his teeth gently pulling on my nipple, I realized it was almost 2:00pm. He whispered for me to come downstairs. I got up and followed him and that’s when I saw the two other guys sitting on my couch.

Jerome tells me not to get mad. He introduces them as his brothers, and he had told them how good I was at sucking big cocks that they wanted to see for themselves. By the time he finished saying that, they had already surrounded me and started playing with my boobs and ass. I was kinda stuck and knew they were both teens, but I was already naked, and they were already touching me. So I spread my legs to give the access to my pussy.

The oldest of the two came behind me, reached around to grab my throat, and growled in my ear, "You’re going to get on your knees and show me your head skills. And you’re going to swallow every drop of cum, then you’re going to do the same with Dante.” All I could do was whimper an agreement and then got on my knees. He came around in front of me and said, “Take my cock out bitch.”

I reached up and undid his pants. His cock was already partially hard and I took it in my mouth withou my hands and swallowed it whole. I sucked until it was hard, then I used my hands to start stroke the shaft while I sucked on his balls. I alternated between those while I felt myself getting wet despite the danger and the obvious issue with their ages.

Once I started deep throating, I felt both my hands being placed on the other two cocks so I started stroking them. Soon the older boy grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock in all the way. He held it there as he flooded my throat with so much cum. Of course I swallowed it all before he let me go.

Dante stepped in front of me and shoved his cock between my lips. It was easily over 9 inches, which was crazy because he was probably only 14, and he pushed until his balls hit my chin. He pumped his cock in my throat, commenting to the others about how much better I was than another woman (or girl) he'd apparently been with. He could have been lying, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

Eventually, he pulled out and shot cum on my face, temporarily blinding me. While I was trying to clear my eyes, I was pushed onto the ottoman and Jerome grabbed my hips and pulled me up, then slid into my pussy. I cleared my eyes at that point and saw that the older boy was ready again, and he started fucking my mouth to keep me from screaming. They went back and forth between my pussy and mouth until I finally caved into being their slut.

Jerome had me climb onto Dante, who was hard again, Jerome slid into my ass. The older one watched and encouraged his little brother, and it became clear that the boy was actually a virgin despite talking a big game about getting a blowjob from someone else. Two of them pounded me hard and eventually the older boy came back "for more head game" and the three of them pounded into me until they filled me up. Not simultaneously, as Dante came sooner than his brothers, but I stayed on top of him until the other two were done.

Then the three just left me there, a mess of cum, in my living room. I was surprised and turned on by the fact they used all of my holes. Whe my phone chirped, I had a missed call from my husband and three messages on tinder from Jerome... they were his and his brother's numbers and he told me that they both wanted to use me again as soon as I needed more cock. When I replied, he commanded me to delete tinder because they had me "handled."

I deleted the app and called my husband to let him know he could come home. As I showered, I texted all three so that we could continue to meet up.

I know I'm going to hell for a lot of different reasons, but at least I have a few years with Dante before I have to start "cock shopping" again.




I am early 50s, white, straight. and above average in appearance. I have fantasies about a sexy middle-aged black woman approaching me and starting a conversation... she likes my blonde hair, my boots, do I know where to find a store, something innocent. We chat comfortably and I ask if she'd like to grab coffee or something sometime and exchange numbers. The next day she texts to see if I'd like to come to her place for a drink, so I go over later on. She greets me at the door in a wrap-dress that shows her beautiful cleavage and curvy hips and legs. We sit across from each other getting acquainted, but she stops and asks "do you find me attractive?" Caught off-guard, I say "of course.... anyone would. " She tells me to go over and stand in front of her, so I set my drink down and do as she says. Once there, she puts her hands on my waist before sliding them up to my breasts and squeezing them together. "I think you're adorable, all buttoned up. and I'm gonna unbutton that proper attitude of yours". I'm shocked into silence as she unbuttons my shirt and pushes the cups of my bra down to expose my nipples that harden in the cool room. "Hmm," she says...."maybe you're not as proper as I thought. " I start to pull back, but she pulls me forward quickly and I stumble, catching myself on her shoulders. She leans forward and captures my nipple gently in her teeth before sweeping her tongue over it. I moan, embarrassed that a woman has exposed me so quickly. "Ah, I've found a horny little slut, haven't I Baby?" I don't answer, enjoying this new sensation, so she squeezes one nipple hard while she sucks the other angrily and I yelp. "I asked you a question Baby.... are you a horny little slut?" "Yes ma'am, " I whisper, embarrassed. "I hoped so when we met Baby.... we're gonna have some fun, you & me."

While still sucking my 38D titties, she slides one hand down and cups me between my legs. "Mmm, someone has a warm pussy..... show Mama your pussy Baby."

I have gone into auto pilot, doing what this sultry woman demands while her full lips suck my nipples and her manicured fingers tickle the crotch of my jeans. Reaching down I unbutton my jeans and push them down to my thighs along with my blue cotton thong, exposing a cleanly shaved mound, now pink with excitement. "Oh sweet Baby girl, you are precious....." as she softly slides a finger between my lips and raises it to my mouth. "Suck your juices off my finger like a good girl." I suck her finger into my mouth, cleaning the slickness off. "Does your pussy taste nice? Do you want some more?" I nod and whisper "yes please".

She releases my breast from her hand and pushes me down to my knees before spreading her luscious thighs. "You've gotta lick up Mama's pussy first baby girl..... show me how much you like pussy juice. "

I lean forward a bit unsteady with my legs constrained together in the half- down jeans, but place a kiss on her neatly trimmed mound. "No teasing Little One", she instructs.... "get that pretty mouth to work". I start licking her lips, bottom to top, stopping to suck quickly on her bright pink clit. I've never eaten pussy before, but hers is beautiful, glistening with want, and I'm afraid of what might happen if I'm no good. So I eat her like I like to be licked, fucking my pointed tongue into her honey pot and drawing out the cream before circling back up to give long, adoring licks over her clit. "Oh yes Baby, you're gonna be Mama's special cunt licker, aren't you?" Looking up at her I nod before using my fingers to spread her lips and expose that stiff button. I whip my tongue over it, feeling her juices running down my chin. "Oh fuck Baby, yes, just like that..... get those fat white fingers in Mama's pussy and fuck me dammit!" I slide 2 fingers in deep, crooking them to find that one spot and finger her pussy while I suddenly suck hard on her clit button. Maybe if she cums good, she'll let me go, but honestly, is that what I want? Mama comes hard, grinding her wet pussy into my face using both hands. "Yes, yes, oh fuck.....oh you fucking secret slut...."

If you like this, say so and I'll write the next part. For now, I've gotta deal with my juicy pussy.