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I remember probably from the age of 5or6 when we'd play house or anything to do with playing I always wanted to be the girl member him putting his finger in my butt hole when we'd bathe together as I'd fix the water to be hot again cause we would spend so much time in the tub we didn't know what we were doing just harmless fun to us at the time realizing I was always wanted by the men in my family and I was damn good at it to anything fucking skill 100%, sucking skill 1000% moaning like a bitch yess after we stopped probably around 11yrs old and i miss it me and my uncle are about 4yrs apart i moss him like that i remember i know he remembers to it was sexy as kids watch each other get hard and just go with it watch each other play with ourselves or kiss and not a care in the world i wouldnt change my childhood for anything used and abused by family and sitters and even my best friend now im just a cum hingry whore all the time dick dick dick dick mmmm one of my best friends donny took over he had a girthy ass fucking cock and used to force fuck me everyday used to go nice and easy at first but every day after seemed hotter rough and hard was so intense when he'd fuck me rough like pull my hair and fucking rawdog me no spit no condom just pure thick girthy ass cock we asked he stay the night often and he'd wake juring the Night wake with a boner and just fuck me awake ,but you can guarantee I like it just hurt for awhile thick ass cock I took just about twice a day from 11yrs old to about 17 he was always stronger then my female little ass and about 18 I became am escort from then til now I'm transgender pre op male to female always wanted to be a women have nice DD Tits femcock super tight hole and love to used or to use someone but damn most of all this cute pink hairless pussies is got to be the hottest ever and hot cute boy dicks I just get so horny thinking about sucking kids cocks and Horned right the ef up typing this, I'm now 40 smoking a little bit of meth maybe booty bump abit and it drives you intensely horned up the fucking wall , willing to fuck anything I even think about beastiality fucking my dog she watches me play with myself often I wanna put my fem cock in her pussy, were all alittle messed just get so horny I swear I masturbate about 7-8times a day




True story. When I was about 8 years old, a new kid moved in to the house a few doors down. He was a foster kid living with the family that lived there. We became friends. He was about 1-2 years older than me and I was fascinated by the wild stories he would tell about his foster experience. I could not relate. Anyway, one day his foster dad set up a tent in their back yard and the older boy suggested we have a sleep over. My parents said it was fine, as they were only two doors down the street.

Little did I know this would be my first sexual experience. At some point as it was getting dark, the older boy asked me to see my cock. I had never heard the word "cock" before, but somehow I knew what he was referring to because he point at my penis. I told him "no way". Then he said he just wanted to see if it was the same as his. So I told him to show his first. He didn't hesitate and pulled down his pants and started shaking his cock around with his hand like it was a play toy. I stared at his cock for a few seconds, and then I slowly pulled down my pants.

He suddenly got close to my cock with his face and started examining it like he was fascinated by it. I let him get a close look but I had no sexual thought in my head at the time. I was only 8 years old after all. But strangely I was liking the attention. Maybe there was something good about my cock that I didn't know, resulting in him being fascinated by it.

Then after a minute or so of checking out my cock, he looked up at me and asked if he could touch it. I think I shrugged as if to say "I don't care". I'll never forget what happened next. The older boy reached underneath my cock with the palm of his hand turned upward and he slowly tickled my balls with the tips of his fingers. The sensation felt incredible and I felt a chill rush through my whole body.

He traced his fingers around every part of my cock and balls and even around my inner thighs. it felt amazing. He invited me to do the same to him, and I complied. He seemed to enjoy it too. There we were in the tent in the backyard, playing with each other's privates. This carried on for several minutes. I could have stayed there all night doing this.

Then the older boy started to reposition and got me to lay down, and told me to get closer with my face close to his cock. I did, not sure what was going to happen next. He was definitely leading me in this situation. I was just complying. Next thing I know, the older boy asks me if I want to trying licking his cock. I was confused at first...why would I want to do that, I thought. Then he said I would like it and it would make him feel good too. I stared back at his cock, which was now fully hard and seemed very inviting. I could see his cock pulsating, almost calling me to come lick it. So got as close as I could and gave his cock a taste with my tongue. i didn't find it particularly enjoyable as he had promised but he seemed to really enjoy it. He let out a gasp and started to moan, which encouraged me to keep going. I spent the next few minutes trying different ways to stimulate him and get more moans of pleasure out of him. Not knowing what was supposed to happen next, I carried on. Then the older boy asked if I wanted him to do the same thing to me. The way he tickled my balls and cock earlier felt amazing, and he seemed to be acting like the licking & sucking was even better, so I agreed to let him return the favor. It felt amazing! But after only about 30 seconds, we saw the backyard light come on and we heard his foster parents coming to check on us. We quickly covered up I'm sure we had guilty looks on our faces. But I don't the foster parents saw anything or knew anything.

That was the one and only opportunity I had with the boy. I can't recall exactly what happened to him, but I have a vague memory that he moved pretty quickly. He must have been staying at the foster home as a temporary situation.

I am in my mid 40's now and married with kids. But this first sexual experience seems as clear as day to me all these years later...and still gets me hard.




I sat in the park had a blanket layed out and sketched while blazing doobies, with really no one in the park the isolation is peaceful then, to my surprise I hear an obvious kid's voice asking both what am I drawing and could he smoke the rest of my joint with me...I asked him how old was he and he replied 10 he asked for my age with honesty I told him 31, he wanted to know if I had kids of my own I told him no, the closest I have to kids is being a uncle. He told his name and I told him mine, he asked to hang out with me for a while and I said fuck it. I got ready to go and he was eager to tag along again, I said fuck it, we come across a fieldhouse that happened to have open doors which worked because we both had to piss he locked the door and after he flushes he pulls his pants and boxer briefs down to his knees I get on my knees and while rubbing his soft round ass deepthroating his abnormally long dick. He was an impressive grower seriously because he was kinda short to be 10 based on his height, he looked like he was at least 7yo but he had a good stroke face fucking me and right before he came I dropped my shorts, he pounded my ass in three pumps he exploded, he pulls out and I felt his cum ooze out but very little because I grabbed and pressed him close while he was releasing. He rinses off his dick and I put it back in my mouth though this time I took control and had him stand still while I had the most forbidden tabooed fun the only thing that would of made it better is if was more than one, yes I have a thing for little dingalings I loved getting fucked and when they are able swallowing all of their children. Not necessarily tha boys themselves but sucking a young boy's dick is exciting and gets me off as good as my wife's pussy. Anyway, after he came in my mouth for the second time he just pulled up his shorts and I pulled up mine then gripped my ass we were staring in each other's eyes and he said with all seriousness in his high pitch raspy voice "the is my ass okay", I said okay, he slapped my ass and said he'll never tell anyone he gets head and fucks a grown man in the ass and he's only 10, he said nobody needs to know because he knows I'll get taken away and I'm a lotta fun.

Later tha night around 8:30 he rode his bike to my apartment and he fell asleep with his dick inside and when he woke up he had morning wood, still inside me so, I fucked me immediatedly after his eyes opened. Lied to his mom that he spent the night at his best friend's house.

He's now 14 and still cums in my ass, actually he went back home yesterday I sucked his dick teicw before he left. Funny shit is he has a gf who knows that he fucks me and admitted the only reason she hasn't said anything is because I don't put my dick in his mouth nor his ass, I suck and get fucked and since they fuck all the time at my place she's nonchalant that I watch and sometimes record when he whispers for me to.

He shocked me last week when he asked her to let me eat her pussy, his gf is 15, even more shocking was that she said she wants him to fuck me like I'm her while I do it. He dick was throbbing going in.

I secretly suck little boys dicks specific ages 10-14 and my asshole is their young dicks disneyland.




I am Davy. I am grown now and have never had sex with few girls. Here is why. For as long as I can remember I was the sex toy of men and boys. I can remember as far back as age three and all of those memories are of sex with my Dad. So he was sucking me before I could talk. I was addicted to the feelings of being sucked and messaged by him. My dick was always hard at that age and sometimes it was hard to pee because of my contant or near constant erections. It was that that my wonderful beautiful Dad, as he later told me, that he could not help but take advantage of. I got weenie tickles even when I peed. It was orgasmic and when Dad would suck me off I would shoot pee like sperm. I had creamy white skin and long red hair and as I grew older I developed girlish curves. Sometimes he would dress me as a girl. Mom knew all about it and when it sometimes was uncomfortable at being hard or near hard all of the time, she would use olive oil to masterbate me, and it always worked to get me down a bit. But my little boy dick would later start to itch and get tickly under the head. I learned that if I complained about it, mom or dad or both would give me a good hard jack off secession and some oral sex. I loved it. From age four on, Dad taught me to suck back and so I did and I loved it because I knew how good it felt. My Mom used to spoon me and jack me off in their bed. Yet when I would wake up naked and roll over on my back, my corcumcised weenie would be as hard as ever and Dad took care of it for me.

So when I was six, the older boys in the neighborhood began to notice. It was summer and I was in the back yard wearing white boxer shorts only and a girl’s tank top with my long hair loose over my shoulders. A ten year old boy named Scott came over and he saw the buldge in my shorts. He said, “You have a woody don’t you Davy”? I nodded yes and he said, “Can I see it”? I flushed red and said, “But only Dad and Mom see me with a woody”. He smiled and said, “Wow! What does your Dad do to it”? I said , “He sucks it to make me weenie tickle and I do him too. We play weenies”.

That was amazing for him.

So he took me out of the yard to his back yard and into the shed. “Lets play weenies, you and me Davy”. I got a burning in my tummy and my dick now poked out of the boxers. He got horny! Oh my did he ever! He got naked in front of me! He took hold of my boxers and pulled them down to my ankles. My large erect dick shot up like a spring when it became free of the shorts. He was ten, yet my dick was bigger than his and very fat. So we started rubbing them together and kind of humping with the two undersides of our gay dicks rubbing and well he made me weenie tickle in a minute, so sensitive was I at that age and I cried out like a girl. Make dick do that Davy! Please I need you to”.

So I laid the bigger boy down and began sucking him. I sucked him for a long time and rubbed the under side of that sexy dick with my tongue. Then he was face fucking me and cried, “Oh crap I’m getting it! Dick tickle oh fuck me in the weenie I’m cumming”! He had gone into early puberty, and although he didn’t have any hair, my mouth filled with cum and I drank it like I did with my dad’s dick.

So then I stood up and said, “Now you suck mine Scott”. He got on his knees and he began to give me a wonderful blow job and my hard dick needed it. I hugged his head as he loved me and soon he had me cumming hard in his mouth, but without shooting sperm.

So I told him to leave and come back with some oil. Scott got dressed and left me naked in the shed. In a few minutes he came back with crisco. “Get naked with me and lay down”, I said. So when he was naked on the floor, I rubbed oil all over our dicks. We lay there jacking each other off. Then I had a thought. Why not fuck him like Dad fucks Mom. So I told him to get up on all fours. I came around behind him on my knees and pushed my hard woody up his butt. It was heaven as I, a six year old boy had complete control over a ten, almost eleven year old boy. I leaned across his butt and wrapping my small arms around his waist, I grasped his dick in both fists and began jacking my new boyfriend off as I pump fucked him up the butt!! I came hard again and I heard him in an almost whimper saying, “ I’m fucking cumming Davy! Jack me off”! He came in my hands and they were sticky with white semen. We were lovers from then on.

But word got around and the teen boys in the neigborhood were all over me. They always wanted to see the little femboy who always had a woody. I would never turn them down and by the time I was twelve and in puberty, I had been the desired object of many gay gangbangs, sucking and fucking and being left naked and sticky with sperm all over my femboy body, up my butt, down my throat and in my hair. And although I quit fucking mom, sex with dad was a nightly thing. I used love to edge him, bringing him to the brink with my small femboy fingers, and then stopping. It was torture for him and finally I let him cum, I would put the dick that made me into my mouth and suck down hard on the circumcised head and take his load of sperm into my mouth a drink. He would do the same to me and still does. It was a joyful erotic childhood, simply because I always had a woody.




I was seven years old with creamy white skin and short blond hair with ice blue eyes. I was molested into gay sex as a boy by older boys and men who could not keep their hands off my body or their mouths off of my fat circumcised dick. It was so fun and I loved sucking them back all sexy and naked.

Here is how it started. I was in the front yard when this 14 year old boy camme over to play. I knew him well and as it turns out, the reason he always came over was because he was grooming me. He was very careful and slow about it. He became my best friend.

So that day, as he always did, he started to talk about being naked and playing with our dicks. I hadn’t wanted to do that before but that day he finally got me to give in.

So we went to the back yard to “play”. My parents were gone and only my teen sister was there. She was inside the house and so it was safe. So we go behind the house and he comes around behind me and puts both of his hands into my pants and begans cupping my entire balls and dick. I got rock hard in his hands and as he squeezed It felt so good and I was in heaven. From then on I was puddy in his arms and I would do anything he wanted to him and would let him do any kind of sex on me.

He took his hand out and then took me into the shed, turned on the light, then closed the door and locked it. My dick was hard under my shorts and I could see a big bulge under his and I knew that his dick was hard and stiff like he had just made mine. “Lay down now”, he said. So I did and as soon as I was down, he knelt beside me on his knees. He took hold of the waist band of my shorts and said, “raise up your butt a little Tim”. So when I did, he slowly pulled my shorts down, and it was pulling my dick down and backwards, which was what Toby wanted. Suddenly my dick popped loose and sprank back, hitting my tummy. He sucked and sucked me till I had my first orgasm! Then he made me suck him and he was in puberty and so shot sperm down my throat. We took turns fucking and sucking and we butt fucked each other. It hurt me at first but I got used to it. He litterly made love to my dick and had me in his full sexual power. I sucked him naked while on my knees and drank his sperm. He had my little naked body sticky with cum and sweat that day. He rode me doggy style and came up my butt while jacking me off from behind. I could not shoot sperm yet, but I had my first multiple orgasms that day from him. I was is little blond boy dick sucker after that for years.




As a single Mother of two boys, it’s taken a lot for me to raise them, not to mention some extra creativity; some a little unorthodox.

Well, a few days ago, I was getting a little unorthodox with my 14 year old Son by giving him a blowjob so he could finish his homework. It may sound a little extreme, but it works.

I had him sit up on the kitchen counter for this so it would be quick and easy for both of us.

About two minutes into blowing him, my Son started to whisper things like, “Oh, Mom…,” and, “You’re gonna do it, Mom…” and, “I can’t hold it much longer, Mom…”

I knew I was going to get him to cum super hard for me… any moment…

With a tight seal, he began to pant and grunt as I sucked him harder and harder.

I wanted to get him completely drained and taken care of for the rest of the day.

Suddenly, my Son went off and I started taking him in.

It was a lot of cum….

You could even call it a, “Mother load!”

After I finished swallowing my Sonny boy alive,

I heard from a short distance ,

“Mom, can you do that to me?”

Being startled, I let out a GASP! I looked over and saw my 11 year old standing in the hallway sucking his thumb in his mouth.

I couldn’t believe my little Tommy just watched me suck off his brother, and so close.

I quickly excused myself from my eldest Son, “Honey, I need to go talk to your brother…”

I left him sitting on the counter with his thoughts. (He needed a few minutes to recover from his blowjob anyway.)

I told my Son, Tommy, “Sweetie, go up to your room and wait for me there. We need to, “Talk…”. Mommy will be right up.”

I took a minute to think about what an 11year old would think they would want after seeing that.

I wasn’t sure, so I went upstairs to see Tommy to find out.

When I entered his room, I didn’t even have to ask…

I knew he wanted me to do what I was doing with his brother… He wanted his Mother to blow him.

He was sitting on the side of his bed, with his pants off, sporting the cutest rager.

I asked Tommy, “Is that for me?”

“Yes, Mommy!” he eagerly replied…

As I began to close his door, my other Son walked by on his way to his room to finish his homework, but not without thanking me first…

“Thanks for doing that for me, Mom…”

I let him a smile with a soft kiss as the door slowly closed on us.

He smiled back, seeming to know what his little brother was in for.

I turned to my youngest to say:

Now, Tommy, let’s just see what we can do about this,, “Pre dick a ment,” you’ve found yourself in…

I kneeled down before my Son to go to work…




This is Weenie Tickle Boy. When I was eight years old, and loving a life of gay sex with my lover, 12 year old Rodney, I got horney for my Dad.

It was the summer and school was out. Daddy ran a gas station and I was at work with him. I was wondering about his dick and my tummy was burning. My dick was rock hard in my red shorts and I was desperate for sex. Rodney wasn’t there and if I had been at home in the back yard, he would have already had me bare naked in the shed on that throw rug sucking me hard and then butt fucking the shit out of me like a girl with my legs over his shoulders. So I decided to risk coming on to my Dad.

We were sitting in the office and I was hard in my shorts. He saw that. I asked, “Dad, can I suck your weenie”? He asked calmly, “Where did you learn about doing that”? I replied by telling him, not about Rodney, but about when I was 4 years old when Bobby took me into that garage and made me lay down so that he could pull my shorts down and sucked my dick and then how he made me get naked and on my knees, suck his dick. It was fun and I got my first orgasm from eight year old Bobby when I was four. I called it a weenie tickle.

So my Dad said, “You can suck me Pat, if it is really what you need. I see your weenie sticking up hard under your shorts. But it looks like you need me to do you first”. I was so pleased and happy that he was agreeable and I said, “Yes Daddy. And I swear never to tell mom because she’ll get us into trouble”. We pinky swore on it.

So he closed the station and locked the doors. We went into the supply closet, and he turned on the lights and closed the door. I took hold of his pants and opened them up. Out came a big hard dick! Omg it was giant compared to mine! My mouth went onto it and I sucked him and slurped away on my knees.

Then he took me by the arms and stood me up. He stripped me naked! A bare, prepubucent hairless bodied little boy. First came my shirt. Then he had me stand on a chair. Once I was on the chair, barefooted also, he took hold of my shorts and undies and pulled them down over my knees and to my feet. I stepped out of them and was naked. My long blond hair hung over my shoulders like a girl. When the shorts went off of my weenie, it went down and then sprang back like a spring. It was right in Dad’s face. He looked at my naked body and took pictures of me in girl poses. Omg it was fun. My dick was so fucking hard and my tummy was full of butterflys.

He finally took hold of my butt cheeks and he opened his mouth and gently closed it around my throbbing, desperate weenie. He sucked me for what seemed like an hour. Omg I began to cry as he kept making me cum. Over and over I was crying out loud screaming, “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle Daddy! Oh fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee!!” I was face fucking my Dad at that point. He wrapped his arms around my waist in an incredible hug with my weenie tickling in orgasm in his throat.

So when I colapsed into his arms he hugged my naked body saying, “Oh I love you baby. I love you so much baby boy. I am so in love with you precious boy.” He picked me up in his arms and I felt so safe, warm and loved.

So I said, “Its my turn to suck you Daddy. But out in the shop”. He said ok. So I ran naked out of the supply room and out into the shop. He followed with his dick sticking out of his pants. He took dozens of pictures of me and I loved it. Then I went to my knees. He came in front of me and I pulled his pants and undies off of him as I giggled in joy. I took that giant hard dick into my mouth and gave suck. I knew what I was doing! I rubbed the bottom of his dick right under the head in the tickle spot. He grunted and moaned as I worked on him! I felt the muscles in his hard on contract! The rim of the head contracted as I sucked hard! He took me by the back of the head and cried, “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming”! A flood of semen filled my mouth! He gagged my throat with the head of his dick and I swallowed pulling sperm down into my stomach. He pulled out so I could breath and cried, “Oh shit here it is again baby”! He squirted again and the load hit my eyes and ran down my lips to mingle with the saliva I had gagged out while he face fucked me. What a wonderful day that was.

After that, we fucked any chance we got! When Mom was gone to visit aunts out of town, I slept with Daddy in bed. We fucked and sucked our brains out! I had sperm all over me! In my face and in my hair. He greased me up and butt fucked me hard like a bitch! I loved it. I actually wore him out that week! I fucked my Dad more than Mom ever did and I intiated all of it!

I was careful about it, not wanting to get Dad into trouble. But I wouldn’t let him alone! He didn’t molest me, I molested him! I even fucked him in the shower!

Like when I was ten, Mom was gone again! Dad was in the shower that night. I stripped, got cooking oil and went into the shower with him. We rubbed each other down with crisco oil and made love in the shower. Omg he made me cum hard! I sucked and got a facefull of sperm. At 12 I hit puberty and as my Dad rubbed his giant dick over top of my now larger dick as he lay between my hairless legs, I shot sperm onto my sleek hairless boy belly. I was moaning like the twink I was as Daddy said, “Let it out baby boy. Let the cum out baby doll”. “Oh yes Daddy! Weenie tickle Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Weenie tickle! Oh I love you Daddy”. As we lay there I knew I was more his wife than Mom was. I was so madly in love with him and we still do it to this day.