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This is Weenie Tickle Boy. When I was eight years old, and loving a life of gay sex with my lover, 12 year old Rodney, I got horney for my Dad.

It was the summer and school was out. Daddy ran a gas station and I was at work with him. I was wondering about his dick and my tummy was burning. My dick was rock hard in my red shorts and I was desperate for sex. Rodney wasn’t there and if I had been at home in the back yard, he would have already had me bare naked in the shed on that throw rug sucking me hard and then butt fucking the shit out of me like a girl with my legs over his shoulders. So I decided to risk coming on to my Dad.

We were sitting in the office and I was hard in my shorts. He saw that. I asked, “Dad, can I suck your weenie”? He asked calmly, “Where did you learn about doing that”? I replied by telling him, not about Rodney, but about when I was 4 years old when Bobby took me into that garage and made me lay down so that he could pull my shorts down and sucked my dick and then how he made me get naked and on my knees, suck his dick. It was fun and I got my first orgasm from eight year old Bobby when I was four. I called it a weenie tickle.

So my Dad said, “You can suck me Pat, if it is really what you need. I see your weenie sticking up hard under your shorts. But it looks like you need me to do you first”. I was so pleased and happy that he was agreeable and I said, “Yes Daddy. And I swear never to tell mom because she’ll get us into trouble”. We pinky swore on it.

So he closed the station and locked the doors. We went into the supply closet, and he turned on the lights and closed the door. I took hold of his pants and opened them up. Out came a big hard dick! Omg it was giant compared to mine! My mouth went onto it and I sucked him and slurped away on my knees.

Then he took me by the arms and stood me up. He stripped me naked! A bare, prepubucent hairless bodied little boy. First came my shirt. Then he had me stand on a chair. Once I was on the chair, barefooted also, he took hold of my shorts and undies and pulled them down over my knees and to my feet. I stepped out of them and was naked. My long blond hair hung over my shoulders like a girl. When the shorts went off of my weenie, it went down and then sprang back like a spring. It was right in Dad’s face. He looked at my naked body and took pictures of me in girl poses. Omg it was fun. My dick was so fucking hard and my tummy was full of butterflys.

He finally took hold of my butt cheeks and he opened his mouth and gently closed it around my throbbing, desperate weenie. He sucked me for what seemed like an hour. Omg I began to cry as he kept making me cum. Over and over I was crying out loud screaming, “Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle Daddy! Oh fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee!!” I was face fucking my Dad at that point. He wrapped his arms around my waist in an incredible hug with my weenie tickling in orgasm in his throat.

So when I colapsed into his arms he hugged my naked body saying, “Oh I love you baby. I love you so much baby boy. I am so in love with you precious boy.” He picked me up in his arms and I felt so safe, warm and loved.

So I said, “Its my turn to suck you Daddy. But out in the shop”. He said ok. So I ran naked out of the supply room and out into the shop. He followed with his dick sticking out of his pants. He took dozens of pictures of me and I loved it. Then I went to my knees. He came in front of me and I pulled his pants and undies off of him as I giggled in joy. I took that giant hard dick into my mouth and gave suck. I knew what I was doing! I rubbed the bottom of his dick right under the head in the tickle spot. He grunted and moaned as I worked on him! I felt the muscles in his hard on contract! The rim of the head contracted as I sucked hard! He took me by the back of the head and cried, “Oh fuck baby I’m cumming”! A flood of semen filled my mouth! He gagged my throat with the head of his dick and I swallowed pulling sperm down into my stomach. He pulled out so I could breath and cried, “Oh shit here it is again baby”! He squirted again and the load hit my eyes and ran down my lips to mingle with the saliva I had gagged out while he face fucked me. What a wonderful day that was.

After that, we fucked any chance we got! When Mom was gone to visit aunts out of town, I slept with Daddy in bed. We fucked and sucked our brains out! I had sperm all over me! In my face and in my hair. He greased me up and butt fucked me hard like a bitch! I loved it. I actually wore him out that week! I fucked my Dad more than Mom ever did and I intiated all of it!

I was careful about it, not wanting to get Dad into trouble. But I wouldn’t let him alone! He didn’t molest me, I molested him! I even fucked him in the shower!

Like when I was ten, Mom was gone again! Dad was in the shower that night. I stripped, got cooking oil and went into the shower with him. We rubbed each other down with crisco oil and made love in the shower. Omg he made me cum hard! I sucked and got a facefull of sperm. At 12 I hit puberty and as my Dad rubbed his giant dick over top of my now larger dick as he lay between my hairless legs, I shot sperm onto my sleek hairless boy belly. I was moaning like the twink I was as Daddy said, “Let it out baby boy. Let the cum out baby doll”. “Oh yes Daddy! Weenie tickle Daddy! Fuck me do the pee pee Daddy! Weenie tickle! Oh I love you Daddy”. As we lay there I knew I was more his wife than Mom was. I was so madly in love with him and we still do it to this day.




When I was twelve years old, and in the seventh grade, my gym coach, Mr Thomas was gay for me. One day, he said he needed to talk to me after school about my P.E. Grade. So after school, I went to the locker room and met him in his office. I was a small petite boy with girlish hips, blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. I was not very athletic and my gym grade was bad. He said as much, and I said that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t make the grade. He said, “Their might be a way, if you can keep a deep secret. If you can, I’ll give you straight a straight A”. I was all in for that and agreed. “I’ll do anything to get an A”.

So he said, “Well, it means that we need to go to the shower and let me take all of your clothes off.” My heart was beating 1000 kph and I didn’t know why I had to be naked. I said so, and he said, “Trust me. It will be fun. Have you ever jacked off”? I was embarrassed but nodded yes. He replied, “Do you get off? Do you get a weenie tickle and shoot sperm”? I was so stunned! I nodded yes and he said, “When you are naked, I will jack you off and make you weenie tickle and shoot sperm. It feels so much better when someone else does it to you.” I couldn’t help it! My dick was rock hard and my tummy was burning with butterflies. I nodded yes, and the fun started.

He made sure all of the doors were locked. Then he took a bottle of baby oil out of his desk. He stood up, walked around the desk, and gently took me by the hand and led me to the shower.

Once in the shower, he turned on all the hot water and steamed up the entire room. I was waiting with a beating heart and a throbbing hard dick.

So now he comes to me and takes hold of my blue T-shirt and pulled it up. I raised my arms and let him pull it over and off of me. He was panting with lust as he messaged by breasts and shoulders. Then, taking me into his arms, he began kissing me like a girl. It was then that his hand went inside of my pants and I felt strong fingers wrapping around my hard weenie. I was putty in his arms.

He then went to his knees and unbuttoned my levis and slowly took them and my undewear down and around my butt to my ankles. My dick popped up stiff and hard like a spring and the next thing I knew, his mouth was on it and sucking. OMG it felt so good. I had gone into early puberty at age ten, and had hair all over my groin. He deep throated me and soon he made me cum freaking hard! I shot puberty sperm down his throat as his tongue rubbed the tickle spot under the head of my circumcised seventh grade weenie! I cried out, “Gimmie weenie tickle! Milk my weenie tickle coach! Fucking weenie tickle”!

The next thing I knew, he had my pants, shoes and socks off of me. He got naked and I saw his huge massive hard dick. “Now it’s your turn Mike. Lets fuck in the hot shower baby dove”.

So he led me into the hot water and I went to my knees. He rubbed the head of his dick over my lips! I opened my mouth and began to suck him. He told me how to use my tongue under the head of his cock, and soon I had him moaning and groaning. I felt the head of his dick expanding and contracting as I sucked! He moaned, grunted and I tasted a mouth full of sperm for the first time. I was jacking off as he came and was burning with butterflies. I was having the best time of my life!

So now he rubbed my entire naked body down with the oil and sqeezed jacked my dick as he did, making me cum a second time! Since he was on his knees and I was standing up, my boy cum shot into his face. The hot shower water washed it down onto his shaved chest.

Then, he handed me the bottle! I oiled him down from head to toe and was jacking his hige circumcised, twelve inch long dick with both hands. I was grinning and giggling and having so much horny fun. My dick was still so hard and sex swollen that I came again, hands free. My load shot onto his belly button and the water washed it down over his nuts.

My legs went weak and I went to the shower floor. He layed on top of me! He started rubbing his entire oily dick across my oily dick! I was still so hard and after five or six minutes of dick to dick sex, I was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck I’m getting another weenie tickle”! He replied gently,”cum now baby boy! Let it go love and cum for me Mike”. I came again hard and my body was quivering with sperm all over my tummy.

Then the next thing I know, he put my small hairless legs up over his shoulders and rolled me back onto mine! That huge dick began pressing into my virgin butt hole. I cried out from the pain as he forced that oily dick up my twelve year old butt! He was soon all the way inside, and then he stopped, to let my spincter muscle get used to penetration. I laid there whimpering, but let him have me. He was panting and could no longer hold back. He began stroking and fucking, fucking and stroking. While I was crying, it made him fuck me harder. My own dick was hard again and then, I came again, hands free! The orgasm made me cry out, “fuck me I’m getting a weenie tickle! Fucking weenie tickle! Oh fuck me do the pee pee! My sperm shot all over my hailess little chest and hit my own mouth! I tasted my own cum for the first time because he had me rolled over onto my shoulders with my naked legs wrapped around hus huge muscular torso! I was his girl bitch and he was like a dog in heat! Just then, coach cried out, “Me too!! Oh you bitch you made me cum”! I felt my butt fill with a crawly flood of semen.

He turned me sideways and we spooned, with his dick still full inside my butt. It didn’t hurt anymore. He messaged my little dick from behind as we lay under the hot running shower water.

A long time later, he let me up as his dick plopped out of my ass. He dried me with a towel and got me dressed. He got dressed and brushed out my hair, kissed me full on the lips and said, “Come over to my house on Saturday for more loving time. I agreed, and as I left the locker room, my butt was sore and so was my dick.

I was at his house the next day by noon, on my bike. As soon as I got inside, he was on me. It was like a whirlwind he was so fast! I was stripped naked, picked up and taken straight to bed. It was a big waterbed. This time, he cut to the chase! He greased up my butt and his dick with vaseline, got me on all fours, and fucked the hell out of me doggy style, all of the while jacking me off with botn hands! Omg he made me cum! I shot sperm down onto the sheets and felt him cumming inside of me.

Then it was the 69. I was under him in the 69 and he drank my semen up in a vacume like suck. I felt butterflies in my tummy as he sucked me! The butterflies went from my tummy down into my balls! Then they shot up the shaft of my dick as he sucked, hitting the head of my throbbing boy cock. When it hit that tickle spot under the head where the top of his tongue was rubbing, I had a huge weenie tickle inside his mouth! My hips were pumping as I mouth fucked him!

Later on he shaved what little public hair I had off, and gave me a deep body message. So for years I was his boyfriend, until I was 17. By then he had a new nine year old boyfriend. I loved being molested and enjoyed every bit of the sex’




I was sucked and fucked by boys from age four and all through childhood. I was a gorgeous little femboy with long golden curly hair and girlish curves. Yet I had a long dick that got quivering orgasms. Boys could not keep their hands off of me and I loved the sex. Getting my first blowjob when I was four and giving it in return to a seven year old boy in a garage was pury horny and I still jack off to the memory.

A preteen dick is the stick of pure joy. I love my little boyfriends now that I am a teenager. You should see the orgasmic face of a ten year old sexy boy when you first slide a vibrating dick sleeve down over a his beautiful hard penis. Davy cummed within a minute last night from it. He was moaning and giggling and kicking his sexy girlish legs; and then his beautiful blue eyes went wide and his girlish face contorted as he came hard in the vibrator. His smile was priceless and he was panting like a bitch in heat; just like I did when I was getting fucked and sucked.

Boy dicks are just so delicious to lick and to taste. Long little shafts with pink or purple heads. I like to suck them, and then pull off just as my ten year old lover is cumming. The head of his dick and the ridge expand and pulsate. The sperm hole opens wide as he screams like a girl that he is cumming. For the first time last night in bed he shot sperm as he came. It flooded out all over hairless balls, and I licked them clean. His dick hit puberty in my mouth. Then I gagged fucked him in the mouth and came down his throat. The slurping and choking and his saliva soaking his face was so fucking horney, I love him very much.

Little boy dicks are pure pleasure rods and I like to lick them like lolly pops. The best was when Davy and I talked ten other boys, age six through nine into an orgy at the campout. Oh those horny little beautiful dicks. Loving sexy naked blond white boys are what makes the orgasms hard and my sperm showers like a geyser. Sucking their nipples and humping them doggy style one after the other was pure hotness itself.

I loved be rubbed down with oil when I was seven years old by the teen boy who had been my lover since age four. He done things to me every day after school in the shed that not only made me cum, over and over and over, but left me dizzy and laying spread eagle and naked.

My parents let another boy spend the night a lot. His name was Robby. They let us sleep in the same bed. When the lights were out, I got up on my knees and pulled his pjs down. He was taken by suprise. But even so, his cicumcised dick was hard. When I pulled his undies down, his dick sprang back and slapped against his tummy. I did not give him a chance to protest or to move. My mouth was on that sexy shaft so quick and sucking so hard that he just laid there moaning. Next thing he was fucking into my mouth and I felt the head of his tasty yummy joystick expanding between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. He was whimpering, “my weenie tickles! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle!”

“Now you suck mine”, I said. He was a virgin at it, so when I was naked and laying down, I takled Robbie through it and soon he was sucking and slurping me till I came hard. After that I brought oil and rubbed him down so that I could fuck him. I did what I had been taught. I rolled him over and with his legs over my shoulders, I pushed my eager dick up his butt. I rolled him all the way back onto his shoulders, with his knees into his chest, and slowly rode him like a girl till I came. I had not reached puberty yet then, but still had a massive orgasm with pre-cum. I had him doggy fuck me next and he came. Afterwards, I kept up sucking on and licking his dick till he fell asleep. I loved him. Still do. The next morning I had him so sore and tender. He told me that that had been the best night of his life.

The joy of little boy dicks. Love the boy to give him joy and pleasure. Not to harm or hurt him. Just to love him and see his face full of joy when he cums for you the first time.




I confess I like / I love boys. I love to touch them I love when they touch me. I love having sex with 12 and 13 year old boys. I love rubbing my duck all over them. I love swallowing there cum I love it when they swallow mine. I love watching two 11 year old boys fuck. I pay them to do it then I do them




Seven year old boys and girls are so fucking sexy. I see them and burn with passion, just as boys and adult men and women (my teachers, and boyfriends my age) did to me when I was seven, laying me back for glorious oral and anal sex daily.

Someday, the age of consent has to be lowered to at least age six. Then kids can finally be free to enjoy sex without fear, the way all humans have a right to. Kids must someday be able to submit to grooming for romance and sex, and dating with teens and adults like I did when I was that age, without fearing judgement, and the adult not being subject to persecution by bigotted zealots and thrown into prison.

I draw the line at rape. The child must never be hurt, or forced, but give their consent freely, and the older lover must want to give the child lots of genital joy and pleasure, not pain. I was never raped, but submitted happily to be sucked and fucked, and doing the sucking.

Women should feel deep erotic love for little naked boys, as my teacher did to my dick, and to the girls she was in love with. Men should feel deep erotic love for naked little boys (as they did joufully to me by) and girls and want them to enjoy the experience and want more. Like me, every child should have had an orgasm by age four from other boys, and to have been sucked and given suck to adults by age eight, and their dicks and pussies been licked like a popsickle.

I wanted sex so bad after that, that I would lure boys and girls my age into the shed and get into their pants. Some resisted, but only until my mouth was sucking them like vacume cleaners.

Virtuual cp should be legal. This is my fantasy as an eighteen year old bi , transsexual pedophile. But since I came of age last year,I never touched any sexy child, for fear of the zealots, nor looked at cp. It is only a crazy fantasy. For me the child must fully enjoy it, get to orgasm, or else I cannot cum with them. I am in love with a seven year old boy that I wish I could marry. Omg what a wedding night.




I am a 35 year old woman, and I love little boys below age ten. I will not fuck some hairy man, but I will and do make love to Beautiful sexy hairless little boys. Those tiny dicks hit my clit just perfect and you should see the look on their precious little freckle faces when they feel my pussy for the first time on that tiny hard little dick. I have groomed through babysitting my preteen boyfriends. Every woman should know the pleasures of a sexy little boy.

My current boyfriend is eight years old, and I started babysitting him when he was five, and i I began fully grooming him to be my lover. His parents drop him off at my house for weekend babysitting all the time.

The first time I really seduced that little dick, was when he was six and playing in the bathtub. This was after I had ran his bathwater and put in bubble bath . He was a bit startled when I came in there at first but I told him I was there to help him feel good in his bath.

I had him stand up , But when he did he had a virtual hen cross over that gorgeous little dick, because he was so very shy, and I absolutely fell in love with him . But I had to forcefully move his hands away from his dick and tell him that I needed to pay special attention to it and to not be afraid . I washed his body down with soap and water from the bubble bath, and I concentrated the washcloth on cleaning his little dick, and as you might expect, it got hard.

That’s when I started tickling him and he was giggling and laughing, and then before he knew it I put my mouth on his stiff and hard little dick and started sucking and he was just calling in surprise and delight. He was totally surprised and to say that he was thoroughly enjoying being given his first blow job by a woman, would have been an understatement. You should’ve seen the look on his freckled face. It was priceless, and he kept telling me that it felt like he had to pee but nothing was coming out. I told him that it was going to feel even better than that for him very soon.

I took him out of the water and rubbed his body down with oil. I lead him by the tiny hand naked into my bedroom, and gave him his first pussy in his life. He kept giggling telling me his PP was tickling. I told him that my PP was tickling because his PP was making mine tickle. The next thing I know a little bit of pee came out but not much, and he just giggled that his PP was feeling so tickly. Davy would not tell anyone because he wanted to have this fun.

I taught him how to lick my clit, and since he is a very small boy, often I had him on all fours on top of me with his little dick in my mouth and him licking my clit. Yes even a little boy without semen can have an orgasm! I gave him his first one the very night I took him out of his bathwater and laid him in my bed. He cums without giving me sticky with semen and he makes me cum harder than any grown man ever has. This woman is the lover of boys and if I could I would fuck every one of them that I could get my hands on. The only sad part will be when my little boyfriend ages into puberty, and I have to break his heart, and find another preteen boy to take into my bed.




When I was four yearss old, a week or so aftercthat eight year old boy had mouth fucked me in the garage, there was another special boy. He was about 6 or 7 years old and was friends with the boy who had laid me down in the garage. We had a large backyard with a fence.

Inside, I had been naked in the bathtub and it was sometime in the afternoon. I got out of the water playing with my weenie which was hard, because I had been thinking about getting sucked that day. My mom saw how tall and hard my dick was but said nothing but to get dressed. I saw no reason to wear clothes. I wanted to be naked already and go to the garage with my boyfriend. I never told her or anyone about the sex, because I knew that if mom found out, she would put a stop to it and there would be no more weenie games.

But I argued with her to let me be naked. She hollered no! So I ran outside with her chasing me, and when I got out the back door, that other little boy was there on the other side of the fence. When he saw me naked, he got the biggest smile on his face ever. I ran to him and my weenie was hard and bouncing up and down. It felt so good being naked out in the sun with him loving everything he could see. But mom grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the house and dressed me in undees, a muscle shirt and red shorts. I had to wear shoes also and so she sent me back outside.

That boy was still out there and so I ran to the fence. He said, “Our mom’s won’t let us be naked outside. So we have to hide. Let’s go someplace and take all of your clothes off.” I didn’t get the hint when he said “all of your clothes”, that I was the one that was going to be naked. I was afraid after what mom had done to me. So I shook my head “No”. So then he whispered in my ear, “I know about you in the garage. He told me. We can play weeners to like that, if you are naked”.

I immediatly felt my tiny weenie get hard under my shorts and was all in for it.

So he climbed over the fence and we checked to see if mom was watching. She was not. He took me into the bushes between my house and the next. These were some kind of shrubs and there were no windows for anyone to see us out of.

Once we were safe, I just stood there and so my new playmate slowly undressed me, starting with my shirt. He by the way was a lot taller than me. I was a very petite little blonde boy. Even the other four year olds were taller, stronger, and bigger than me, even their weenies.

So he was so gentle with me as he removed all of my clothes except my shoes. My weenie was sticking straight out and he ran his hands over my entire body. He was not naked, only me but it was ok. I was having the time of my life, having discovered a wonderful thing called sex. I had found out that a weenie, or dick as he called it, was for a lot more than just peeing. He went to his knees and took my joy stick between his hand and was licking it like an icecream cone. I was in weenie tickle heaven. Yes, a boy that young can have an orgasm, even years before puberty.

He was sucking and making slurping noises and just like my garage boyfriend (the 8 yr old) had taught me only a week before, I moaned, “Oh my weenie tickles! Weenie tickle! Weenie tickle”! I did not learn to cry, “I’m cumming”, until years later. Even those beautiful little boys that taught me how to have such joy as oral sex would have not known that word “cum”.

As I weenie tickled to the sucking, I leaned forward and hugged him around the head saying, “I love you.” He wanted to pull away but I was hugging him so tight he couldn’t with my dick still buried in his mouth, hard, throbbing and tickling all up and down and especially in the happy spot just in the middle under the head. (I am circumcised). In fact, it was the rubbing of the top of his tongue on that spot that gave me such a quick orgasm. I wish now that my dick was still that sensetive. My first boyhood orgasms were wonderfully intense. Not even my first orgasm inside a woman at age 18 were that intense. No one but a boy could ever do that for me. Every time that a boy has sucked my dick I have “came”. But only one woman has ever been able to make me cum as an adult.

Now when I let him go, he stood up and kissed me full on the mouth, holding my naked body in one arm while his hand was stroking my weenie. I asked, “B, where did you learn how to play weenies so good”? He replied, “From A, in the garage like you, and from my big brother. Promise never to tell? If you do, your mom will spank you and we’ll never be able to be boyfriends again and play weenies”. So I promised on a pinky swear, and only now, decades later have I revealed my boyhood joys.

So anyway, the next thing we knew, my mom was hollering for me. He was not naked and now I know why. He wanted all of his clothes on in case he had to run away, and run he did. Over the front fence he went and there I was, alone and naked with an erection still wet from his saliva. My mom burst in, and seeing that I was naked again, she whipped my bare butt with a switch, screaming and calling me a “dirty little boy”, for being naked, and for, “playing with your pee-pee”! She dragged me around the house (I was still naked) and through the kitchen door. She threw me into my bedroom and locked me in it for the day. So I knew then that B was right. But I was not going to let her stop me from being naked with those boys and playing weeners. It felt too good and B loved me. He and A made me feel good and never beat me up or hit me with switches.

So all naked games would be secret. I never let her know any of it, but at night I lay in my bed wishing those boys were in it with me, and that I was laying naked between them, safe and warm with their skin touching mine.

So on morning, everyone was still sleeping. I was in my undees with no shirt. It was around dawn. I climbed out my window and ran down the block to B’s house. I went to his window and tapped. He was awake and it blew his mind that I was there. He opened the window and I climbed in. He whispered, “P, what are you doing here”? I said shyly, “To play weenies”.

His face lit up with joy and he took me into his bed and off came my undees. My weenie was hard and bouncing like a spring and this time , he got naked. He layed next to me and said, I am going to love you like my dad does my mom. I spy on them all the time. And so he leaves the bedroom, and comes back with baby oil. I was amazed, wondering why.

So he began kissing me and taught me how to make out. He carressed my entire body with his hands and messaged my muscles rubbing me all over with oil. He then oiled up his dick and said, “Get up on your hands and knees”. I did as he wanted, and the next thing I knew, was that he was putting oil on and in my butt hole. It tickled and I was giggling. He gets behind me and I can feel his weenie between my butt cheeks. Then he wraps his arms around my stomach, and with his oily hands, he begans to really squeeze and to stoke my teenie weenie. “Tell me your happy spot “, he said. “Under the top of my pee-pee,” I cooed. So he works that spot with one hand while cupping and messaging my balls with his other one and the oil made me go into a big weenie tickle. It was totally amazing. But then he did something I had never dreamed of. He grabbed me by the hips, and began pushing his dick up into my butt. It hurt and so he said, “It is ok P, just go down on your elboes and it will be easier, so I can weenie tickle inside you like daddy does mommy every night. It is called sex, and fucking. After that, you get to fuck me”. So I said yes and he worked his way in as I went down on my elboes whimpering.

I took it full and he fucked me hard and when it quit hurting, I felt so tickly all up and down my weenie, it was like I had to pee but nothing was coming out. Wow!! I heard him saying quietly, “Oh weenie tickle! Oh fucking weenie tickle! Weenie”! Then he falls foward on my bare butt and his weigh forced me down onto my belly with his dick still full inside and he moaned, “Oh fuck me do the pee-pee”! That morning I learned three things, anal sex, how to use oil and the saying, “Oh fuck me do the pee-pee”!

Years later when my 7th grade P.E. Coach would lean me in the corner, oiled down in the shower after school, and fuck me on the dick with his, making a flood of new puberty sperm shoot up on him I would cry, “Oh fuck me do the pee-pee”! I loved it.

So amyway, back to that morning in B’s bed. He let me up and then gave me at long last, what I had sneaked out of the house for, a nice long dick sucking and again it felt like I had to pee the entire time. Then finally, I felt a nice warm butterfly feeling in my tummy under my belly button. He was going down on me hard with no hands and making a gagging sound. That feeling moved down into my balls and then right up the bottom of my weenie and hit my happy spot. I felt the entire head of my weenie get stretched and big, and I felt the semen hole open ( although I was to young to shoot any) and I bucked my hips into his head. He was sucking from between my legs and as I came, I sat up and hugged him around his head like before and kept my tickling ween deep in his mouth! I cooed, “Oh fuck me do the pee-pee! Oh fuck me do the pee-pee”! Then I said, “I love you B”.

He was struggling for air and gagging, because when I told him that I loved him, I had pushed my weenie down his throat. He was stronger than me by a mile and pushed my naked shoulders back and my dick out of his mouth. I laid down flat and then he was on top of me. My balls and theighs were wet with his saliva and skick with oil. He spread my legs and butt fucked me again and my legs were wrapped around him like he told me. Again, it felt like I had to pee the entire time and my tummy was full of butterflys! What a morning! I was in love for the first time.

Suddenly when we came again he said, “You better sneak back home before we get caught. I love you to P”.

He rubbed all the oil of of us with a gym towel. So I got my little breifs back on and went out of the window and ran home as fast as I could. But it was hard because my butt hole was very sore. I through the window I went, and silently closed it behind me. I got under the blankets very, very happy and fell asleep. The next thing I knew, the sun was bright and my mom was waking me up saying, “Get up P, it is 10:00 and your friends B and A have come over to play.”