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I used to live in Niamey, Niger. I was relocated by my firm to help with Niger’s IT infrastructure.

Since I was a “well off white man in my early 30’s” I lived in the outskirts of the nice neighborhood. A couple of houses down lived a single mom with two daughters, 11 and 13. Me and the mom started talking one day. The dad wasn’t around so I said I’d help out around her house. I did the classic man stuff. Putting up a bookshelf, changing tires etc.

The first time I was over to fix the sink I couldn’t help but notice her 13 year old daughter. A very sexy little thing. Cute, small breasts and a great ass. I think the mom noticed the way I was looking at her because she said jokingly “You like her? You marry her, move back together to Europa!”. I laughed but she was sort of semi serious. Anyway, I helped out and when the mom tried to pay me I refused, this will become relevant later.

I helped out more and more over the next couple of weeks, obviously because of the kindness of my own heart, but also so that I could have a look at the 13 year old. She usually wore her school uniform or loose fitting shorts with a tight t-shirt. It always made me hard.

At some point I got my own key. Mostly as a backup in case they misplaced theirs and they got mine too, in case I misplaced mine. Another reason was so that I could come and go as I pleased if something needed to be repaired.

The first time I fucked the 13 year old I was at their house alone fixing some stuff. She came home from school, said hello and went to her room. She had always been nice and the few times we’d talked we had always had fun. But I always wanted to fuck her, and this was my chance. Long story short, I walked into her room, bent her over her desk and fucked her. Her tight little pussy was amazing. She was a bit surprised but she liked it.

The weeks went on and I took every chance I got to go over there and fuck the 13 year old when she was home alone. I’d probably fucked her about 30 times when her mom caught us. I was fucking the 13 year old in her room when her mom came home unexpectedly. I rushed to put clothes on the girl and go back to my “repairs”. I walked out of the girl’s bedroom and the mom saw me. I thought that it was over. But the mom was surprisingly chill with it. She knew what was going on. And she was ok with it.

So instead of having to sneak over every time the 13 year old was home alone, I could just walk over there and fuck her whenever I wanted, haha. And the 13 year old was getting more adventurous. She would moan louder and say dirty things every time I fucked her. Her mom heard us and so did the 11 year old (hint hint). It got to a point where I fucked the 13 year old on the couch while her mom was cleaning, IN THE SAME ROOM. It was the hottest thing ever.

Before I get to how I started fucking the 11 year old, which was a wilder ride, let me get back to the payment of the help I was giving around the house. It became a silent agreement between me and their mom that as long as I got to fuck her daughters, she didn’t have to pay for any of the repairs. Best deal ever.

The 11 year old had heard her sister getting fucked a couple of times and I could tell that she was becoming more curious around me. She was always very shy but very nice. She looked like her sister, just smaller. Same amazing ass.

It sort of started the same way as it did with the 13 year old. I was alone at their house when the 11 year old got dropped off by some ride from school. It was just me and her. She came into the kitchen, I could tell she was nervous. Her sister had probably told her what I did to her sister. This was my chance. I asked if she had ever seen a cock before, she shook her head. I signaled her to come over and then I ordered her on her knees. Which she did. She looked even more nervous but yet very curious. I took out my cock and told her to open her mouth, which she did. I put my cock in her mouth and she started sucking it. The best blow job I’ve ever had and I came in her mouth after just a couple of minutes. She didn’t swallow that time but she would every time after that.

So I was fucking the 11 year old on the regular after that. It even got to the point where she would come over and stay at my apartment for a few days at a time. Again, her mother knew what was going on and she was ok with it.

At my apartment I had a strict rule for the 11 year old, which she followed very well. She wasn't allowed to wear pants or panties in my apartment, and she had to have a buttplug in her ass at all times. The first time she got her ass plugged she wasn’t too happy, haha. Over time though she managed to like having a buttplug and getting assfucked. I just think she was happy making an older man happy since she never knew her father. Cumming in that 11 year old’s ass was my favorite, it felt amazing. The sexiest thing happened with her ass. When I first plugged her butt, her asshole was sort of circular. After about a month or so of being assfucked her “hole” was more like a slit. It was so hot.

The funny thing is that the age of consent in Niger is 11 years old, so ALL of this was legal, haha.




Last night I saw my daughter sleeping her bed and it turned on me. Seeing her all asleep, cute and innocent I couldn't help but have some very bad thoughts. My wife was in our room so while she was occupied I took my cock out and jerked off over and and came on her pillow. I wonder if she noticed it this morning when she woke up.




I daydream about being put in a box in the middle of a heavily trafficked area like a big city. Bent almost in half laying on my back with my ass and pussy through a hole in the wall so they’re exposed to the world. High enough so any stranger can so easily stick their fingers inside of me. So they can taste me and make me cum over and over. But low enough for large dogs to be able to lap at my wet pussy. Maybe even fuck it if they get up on their hind legs. I’d love to be left like that. Chained to the inside of the box and fucked my a sea of strangers.Maybe even pissed in/on.




When I was 6 years old, my creepy uncle used to play "tickle" with me a lot. He would reach his hands down to my panties and "tickle" my pussy. It would make me feel so weird and tingly down there. Sometimes I wouldn't be wearing panties and he would rub my little clit. But my favorite was when he would rub my wet cameltoe through my panties. He told me not to tell my daddy about our tickle game. I wish my uncle would have been braver and fucked my bald little pussy. I know it's wrong, but I touch myself to the memory of him molesting me and imagine what it would be like to be fucked by him. Maybe he would have even taken pictures and videos and pimped me out online for everyone to see. I'm 19 now and I wonder if he'd still take my pussy or if I'm too old for him.




I'm a young mom of 2 girls, 3 and 5. I was single before the youngest turned 1. Finding guys to date was never a problem but not having anyone to watch my girls made dating impossible. I finally went to just meeting guys online tohook up. Theyd cum over late when my girls were sleeping and leave after we had sex. The first time something taboo happened it was when my youngest was 15 months old and while having the hottest sex with this guy I had been banging for over a month she woke up wanting me. I knew only way to get her to sleep right away was to nurse her so I told him to just give me a few min while he strokes himself watching porn on his phone behind me. As soon as she was nursing he was watching over my shoulder while rubbing my ass getting me so excited and not able to wait so I told him to fuck me while I was breastfeeding. Omg it felt so hot so dirty and I couldn't stop cumming. After that it became our thing, even if she woke up I'd tell him not to stop and tell her to keep sucking my tata. His wife found out he was straying so things ended with him but the next guy I talked to I admitted what I had done and this guy got so turned on byit that it got me so horny just talking about it. He could only come over during day not night so he'd start rubbing onme with my girls running around playing in the house or even I the living room with us while the girls watched movies. They were much younger still at this point so they didn't notice or care if mommy was fucking or sucking this guy they'd giggle and keep playing. One time he got there after lunch when I just finished rinsing my girls off after a messy lunch and it was such a hot day I didn't dress them at all after the shower. I even let youngest go without a diaper. When he saw omg he was so hard it shocked me but oddly made me so wet. While I was riding his cock totally uncovered with my daughters watching a Disney movie right next to us he motioned for me to look over at my oldest who was touching herself while watching movie. He whispered he wanted to see if she was wet and I didn't say anything, I didn't know what to say because it was getting me wet but I knew it shouldn't, I just moaned and kept riding him. He then reached over and put his fingers between her legs and started rubbing and rubbing her pussy. She literally spread her legs more so I thought at least she like it so it's not that big of a deal. It got to the point after that I would bring one of them to the sofa or bed and strip their pants or diaper off just so he could rub them while fucking me. Things escalated fast, so fast. The entire time though the girls liked it. I started making excuses to leave to need to go to store promising ice cream or treats and would say I'd be back in 20min the most, the store is really close. I didn't want to admit to myself what I wanted but I knew what he wanted. After a few times I just drove around the block 3 times and then came back home.i walked in to him pushing his head I my oldest daughters asshole and instead of yelling and screaming like I thought I would I told him to let me see and not to pull out. Now he's fucking them both and I can't cum without it. I beg him to bring over a friend because I want my girls to be used by more men. I lick them when he's fucking my ass and I suck his cum out every time from their bums when he's done. My youngest still isn't use to it but he is very large. My oldest takes it soooo good. He finally brought his brother and a work friend over and they took turns with me and her




In my dream, Mother/Son incest dream, I feel my Son impregnating me. I've been having the same dream every night, month after month, and each time, it seems so real...

I hear a soft knock on my bathroom door.

I open it slightly; it's my Son wanting to talk with me.

I tell him, "Well, I'm putting on my makeup right now, sweetie... Your Father already left for work, so go finish getting ready so Mommy can drive you to school."

He said it's pressing...

"Honey, Mommy isn't dressed right now, can it wait?"

He insisted with, "I know, Mom... please?" He's seen me naked recently before so, after a patient motherly sigh, I invited him in.

While applying some eye liner in the mirror, my Son brought in a step stool and set in down behind me.

Before I could question him about what he was doing, he got up on the stool, grasped my waist, and pressed me from behind.

It was intense and with purpose.

He noticed the shocked wide eyed look on my face in the mirror but he kept advancing on me.

I asked him, "What do you think your doing young man?"

He told me, "I'm ready Mom..." as he grasped my waist tighter and began working his hips back and forth into mine. He began to press his wet rock hard head up against my lips, as if to spread them and get inside of me.

It all seemed so unreal and so sudden... I thought, with his own Mother?

I felt a sudden sexually charged shutter reverberate though my body. The sheer taboo of Mother/Son incest took hold of me.

I was shocked and mortified for my Son wanting this with his own Mother... So much, I just froze. I didn't know what to do.

I stared at my Son in the mirror; the sheer look of sexual trancendence he had on his face was so far beyond reach, he was so far gone out of mind, and so beyond reason. Again, the thought of naughty Mother/Son incest sex taboo racing though him.

All I could feel at this point was the sex my Son wanted with me, so I quickly decided to give into him and let him fuck me.

I told him, "Alright, come on, baby, let's do this," as I bent over the counter to lean on my elbows, spread my legs apart, and arched my back to allow my Son full access.

He asked, "Tell me where, Mom."

"A little lower, baby..."

I felt the head of his hard cock seat inside of me.

I told him, "That's it sweetie, now just push it all the way into me now... balls deep in Mommy"

I heard him moan, "Oh, yes, Mom, I want to be balls deep in you Mommy..."

My Son raised to his toes on the stool as he began taking me from behind; in and out, in and out... thrusting me balls deep.

I watched my Son's face in the mirror for a while as he continued fucking me. I just wanted to make sure this is what he was wanting with his Mother.

Convinced my Son was comfortable in fucking his own Mother, I rest my head on the counter and contunued let him have his way with me.

After a few of minutes more of him taking me, I raised my head to watch my Son in the mirror.

He looked so intense... like he was on a mission to cum in me... impregnate me...

He continued to watch himself fuck me as his thrusts rocked my boobs back and forth over the counter. I knew he always loved my big beautiful boobs; he glances at them all the time.

His hands moved from my waist to my hips in an effort for him to steady steady his blows into me.

He continued on with, "Oh, Mom, you're so sexy... so hot, Mom!"

Suddenly, he began to pulse faster and harder as he slowed his in's and out's of his Mother's pussy.

I knew he was getting close as he stopped to press as deep and hard as he could in me.

I told him, "That's it baby... don't hold back... cum for Mommy!

Oh, sweetie, do it... cum as hard as you can in me... cum in your Mother!"

A few rapid shallow breaths and then a few grunts, and I could feel my Son blowing his huge load of his hot boy cum into his DOM, (dear old Mom)...

Oh God, I could feel him impregnating me... his Mother to his new future brother.

Is it a dream? It seems so real!




I just finished reading some of the confessions abd decided to share my experiences with those who shared theirs on this site.

I am a 68 year old male. I had my first sex and incest experience when I was 12 and lost my virginity to my 19 year old aunt, my mother's sister. Because of our ages alot of people would blame her for child molestation. Not me, I initiated everything.

After that, I have had sex with two of my sisters and niece, the daughter of the younger sister. When I turned 13 about 6 months after my aunt and I began having sex, I convinced my eldest sister 11, 15 months younger than me to start experimenting sexually. With in about a month we were engaging in full blown intercourse.

About a year later a younger sister 9 caught me and the our sister in the act. She just watch from a distance and dint say or do anything that would have alerted us to her presence. A few days after catching us she told me about it and ask me if I would play with her too. I agreed and began having sex with her as well.

My aunt and younger sister have continued our relationships on up till now. My older sister and I stopped when she was 18 when she started dating and got married. My aunt, younger sister and I all got married but continued getting together from time to time.

After 7 years of marriage, my wife and I began swinging. After happily for a few months I nervously told my wife about it. She didn't mind and suggested we invite them to get together with us. I asked them and they agreed to join us when pissible. That's when they learned about each other. Their husband's still don't know and have no idea it's going on.