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I am a 45 yo divorced man and I confess that I’m dating a woman I have no interest in because of her beautiful 7 yo son. I have read so many fantasies on her that I hesitate to post a true confession, but here goes. Katie, the girl I met on a dating app is sexy by all conversational standards, she is thin, tanned in shape and oozes sex appeal and while she loves me, I don’t even notice her. Instead I am 100% head over heels with her son, a fact she is aware of and tolerates if not encourages for whatever reason. Her boy Dixon is a gorgeous little thing with blond curls and tanned skin like his mother. I spend almost all of my free time with him and I’m head over heels in love with this boy. I’m obsessed with clothing him in white cotton panties and skimpy sun dresses as he is a very feminine boy. His mother often trusts me to take him for several days at a time which I very much look forward to doing several times a month. We like to go out on what I describe to him as “dates.” Being as feminine as he is and wearing tight dresses, most everyone just assumes that he’s a girl. I enjoy holding his petite little hands in public and maybe when no one is looking, I will kiss him as if he were a woman. Then there are the handful of times we’ve made love. Usually in my car in a mall parking lot or at a cheap by the hour motel. I call him “baby, baby doll, lover, sweet child” and other terms of endearment. He has a spall wiry little body and a well shaped butt that attract all kinds of grown men at the places we hang out. I will often introduce him as my”girlfriend” in public and most people understand that we are involved in a loving sexual relationship. This relationship has been going on for 4 months now and I’m going to ask his mother if he can move in with me. If I have to touch her pussy one more time, I’m going to puke.




when i was younger around 6 my Foster dad introduced me to the shower head in the bath. It would always make me orgasm so hard. He would bath me and hold the shower head on my Clit I till I started shaking.he would asked me to let him know when I had a funny feeling happening in my tummy which now I realised he wanted me to tell him when my orgasm was building. When I started cumming he would shove his middle finger straight up deep inside me and tell me he wanted to feel me dancing and pulsing on his finger! But really he was just checking that I had cum properly because if I hadn’t he would put the shower head back on my Clit and turn the hot water up and give me a Clit punishment but it did feel nice aswell weirdly. Which would make me cum even harder. I never knew what it was at the time but he would cum instantly from watching me and his cum would go all over me and just float around in the bath. After a while he asked me if I wanted to try sticking the hose up inside me so it could feel me up. he told me that’s what big girls do to wash themselves. I agreed because I wanted to please him and it was such a bizarre feeling but I did like it aswell! He would fill me right up and I would push all the water out after. it made me feel like a balloon lol. This eventually moved onto a anal enema which I cried the first time as it didn’t feel great at all but after a few months it got easier. It really used to clear me out and poo would be all in the bath he turned into a regular thing every time I was constipated he would give me one with the shower hose We would both giggle at watching my belly inflate and he would tell me that’s what I’m going to look like one day when he’s put a baby in me which I didn’t really understand being so young. I got absolutely addicted to that man making me cum and would get very excited when I knew it was bath night. I got moved foster placement after 5 years or so and I still carry out our special nightly routines. I’m now 25 and still do all the things he used to do to me in the bath to get myself off. I fantasise about him playing with me even though I know it’s wrong I can’t help it. I would of loved to have a baby with him so we could carry on the fun.




My sister at the time 3 I 12 I was feeling horny when I started rubbing my clit on the couch and saw my little sister sitting in her panties thought maybe I’ll try it on her, I started rubbing her clit through her panties and she liked it a lot, I rubbed her clit while I rubbed mine, after I came I stopped. It happened a month or so later when she asked for me to do it again so I did. I came hard once again, it happened a few more times until she was 5 then I stopped when I realised it was horrible.




Oh Gosh! how do I even describe the best feeling in the world. So I have a neighbor she is a single mother and I am a girl she leaves her 1 year old with me on days she needs to show up to work on weekneds. One such was yesterday and I was at a party hosted by my friend I was drinking when I got a call from the child's mother who asked me to take care of her daughter as she had to run errands. I agreed to keep the child in company, a few minutes later I was at their place we spoke for a minute or two and she left.

When I walked inside the house, the little girl was watching something on her ipad I usually play fruit ninja with her as soon as I came in I saw her she settled on the carpet and insisted we play the game. Just a few minutes into playing the little girl started to itch between her legs... I saw it once she was wearing a pink underwear and a faded patch was there. I asked her what happened there and she told it was itching her, I called her and lifted her skirt up she giggled at me and pushed her dress down I told I would only check it and leave she agreed.

I was wet when I saw her panties, and obviously not in such a great state of mind I pulled her panties down and stared at her pussy.

Oh gosh! what a joy it was she giggled and I bought my face close to her pussy and smelled, the arousal of her pussy was smelling so good I kissed her pelvic region and asked her to take a seat on my lap and open her legs wide.

She was very shy and closed her feet, I spread her legs on my lap and stared at her pussy she too stared at her pussy and told it was itching again I asked her to suck two of her fingers and rub it on her pussy she immediately felt good and relaxed. Her pussy was hairless and soft I tell you, a pink potent bud and pink folds of her pussy tempted me I removed her hand and lick sucked her fingers she told it felt so good and if she can continue I told I would help her and spat on my two fingers and rubbed it on her small pussy, and massaged her twat her insides were a little pink and a stroke of brown on her labia turned me on. I opened her pussy spreaded it well and she puckered her cunt several times I asked her to suck her fingers once more and rub it on her spread pussy I was so turned on by her wet pussy sounds the arousal could be smelled in the air.

Using my one hand I held her pussy lips apart with my index and middle finger and then asked her to press her clit she pressed it and jumped immediately then laughed about it. I asked her if that felt good and she nodded, I picked her up and placed her on the couch before undoing her dress and her nipples were soft like erasers, I pinched her folded dots on her nipples which didn't develop.

I undressed myself and she looked at my boobs I bought her close to my chest pinching my nipple I slapped my boobs on her face and asked her to suck the nipples she suckled it hard and log. I squeezed her ass and asked her turn away and bend her.

I knelt before the couch and had a view of her butt, I nuzzeled on the brown hole which puckered everytime she breathed. She jolted in fear I spat on her pussy and rubbed it like a lub and asked if her itch was fine and she wouldn't keep her legs open.

I pulled my phone out and clicked close up pictures of her butthole and her saliva coated pussy then sent it to my friends who were still at the party.

They all were so interested in her and asked her to send a picture of her clitoris. I sent them a few erotic dirty pictures of her clit and nipples. Soon they had asked me to video call them and show her puckering tawt as she breathed her pussy puckered and puckered soon she started to cry I massaged her clit and kissed it to soothe her.

My friends arrived at our location seeing them the little girl was clinging to me fearfully. They were patient with her at first but soon I was sucking my friends cock and watched them spank her small ass who reached for me, my friend pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked the little one to suck she shook her head in disagreement. Soon they all pulled out their cock and me and my friends stroked each cock the little girl had stayed by my side refusing to lick their cocks my other friends had lifted her hands up and placed their cock in her armpits and nipples rubbing on it I filmed videos of their cum oozing through her nipples and belly button. Soon they had laid her on couch and opened her legs very wide all fingers were on her slutty pussy she cried and screamed as they all drilled her hole big.

Her pussy was red and they took turns each eating and licking some sucking her clitoris hard until it turned sensitive which left her crying my friends and I shashayed out our breasts at her face, they took her innocence away one fucked her butthole while the other ate her pussy, I clicked such golden moments of tasting her pussy lips they had started to suck her nipples and pushed cum filled fingers in her mouth.

Basically they raped her and I enjoyed watching them take turns and fuck her, she got a double too. They suspended her and fisted her pussy to a point she passed out. We left her quaking by the kitchen.

And morning we all left before her mother could come.

I just came to know her mother filed a complain against me for rape she has been trying to get the police to arrest me and also my owner to get me out of the apartment and make me homeless I threaded her to leak pictures of her daughters small pussy.

She had been struggling to get me out of the community somehow and all her plans are going vain because the ultimate footage is with me. I did show her how slutty that child's body was put to use and how much cum was drippled over her.

Now everyday I masturbate watching the little girls videos, sometimes I would invite my friends to watch it together and we all would gangbang and have sex.

I even sold a few pictures illegally but that's the best thing I ever witnessed I wish I wasn't drunk that night so I could recall everything but I vaguely remember every sexy things like one of my older male friend spitting on her clitoris and massaging it with his index and thumb asking another friend to suck that wetness out of her pussy, all the boys stacking at her pussy and rubbing their cocks on that spread open pussy while she cried. slapping her face with the cocks, spitting on her butthole, sucking her nipples that it looked like large hickies. I just can't imagine why that day had to end.... I wish we could do that to many more and many often I love that childs pussy smell she was the very few kids who had good arousal smell.




so when I was 8 cps took me away for stuff that are not relevant. anyways, in my 2nd foster home, my foster dad was nice but also quiet and we weren't really close at first. that was, until my foster mom would start to go out more and I needed help with my streches and dances for cheer ( I was 9-10 in 4th & 5th grade )

he would help me stretch then slowly move his hands up my thigh to feel me through my shorts. I'd stop things from escalating, but he only continued.

it would be late in the afternoon when he would come into my room when no one else was home that he would sit on my bed, take off my covers and try to feel me up. When I would resist, he would 'play fight' and use it as an excuse to pin me down and and rub me through my clothes. Then he'd feel my breasts and tell me how Ive grown since moving into their house.

one day, after school, I walk into my room and see my foster parents' room door open and when I look inside, there he is, fully naked. I couldn't help but look at his large cock and we made eye contact before I scurried to help make dinner. but from then on, everyday after school, he'd leave the door open for me to see him fully naked, with his long, thick, hard cock out. It always made me feel butterflies, and I secretly always looked on purpose.

one day, no one was home and he was left to take care of a family members baby. I went into his room and sat on the bed after ge invited me and that's when he started to slowly put his hand inside my pants. He kept the conversation going like normal as he slowly rubbed my wet clit. He began to pull down his pants, but just then, the baby woke up crying and I ran off.

one day I had to go in for surgery in my mouth and when speaking to the doctors, he asked if he could feel the inside of my pants mid surgery to make sure I didn't wet myself. the next day, when we were alone, he told me how I was starting to slowly grow hair down there and how my holes were small but moist.

one day, it was dark out and I was watching TV when he sits next to me. he starts tickling me out of nowhere starts to pull the zipper of my onesie down as he begins to roughly kiss me. he makes his way down to my neck and it feels really, REALLY good. I wrap my legs around him and try to get as much friction as possible and ge kisses my sweet spot more but when I let out a moan, he stops.

he goes to his room and I go to the bathroom and see I have a hickey. I pass by his room and see him jacking off.

I felt disgusting, but now I want nothing more than for a man to pin me down, rape me, use me as a cum dumpster liek the useless slut that I am. I'm addicted to porn, especially taboo and reading these sick stories. I masturbate almost every day getting off to these older men, and even women molesting and raping children. I'm 14 now and a virgin and all I want is an older daddy/mommy to use and spoil me. I know I'm sick but I can't help myself




Some one ask me “If you could get away with anything without consequences what would you like to do?” My thoughts getting to darker corners ever since. Things like rape, mutilations, murder keep returning and it turns me on big time.

I have some underage girls living nearby and im fantasising about abducting, raping and murdering them. After that i would keep the bodies and abuse there corpses.

Think something wrong with me, anyone else have such dark thoughts?




I confess that as a five year old child, a voluptuous, blonde, haired girl, with pigtails, I absolutely enjoyed being molested and licked. Bobby was a horny little eight-year-old boy who took me by the hand into its secluded dark garage and gave me my first oral orgasm.

Are used to play with the boys in the backyard, and I’m on the street of our hometown in Texas, and I did not know what it meant when the boys were squeezing my butt all of the time. I’ll let them touch me and it felt good. I would been over to pick up the ball and Bobby would squeeze my butt and it felt good.

So one day, eight, he took me by the hand and let me through the side door into a dark garage. He asked me if I he could squeeze my butt again, and I said yes, he wrapped his arms around me and squeeze my butt and it felt good; like a muscle massage, and my pussy was tickling. I had long blonde hair with pigtails and ribbons. I was wearing red shorts, extremely short shorts, anything T-shirt tank top and was barefooted.

So then he said, “Lucy, lay down”. I said, “but Bobby , I don’t want to lay down! I always have to take a nap when I lay down please Bobby, I don’t want to lay down.“ He said, “please lay down Lucy, I will lay down with you”. And he said, “please lay down Lucy I want to show you a game called sex”. I said, “I don’t know what sex is”. He said, “ I promise you, it will feel really good, even better than when I squeezed your butt.” But I was afraid, so he quickly locked all the doors where I could not get out and then he was upset because I did not want to lay down. He said, “Lucy! Lay down right now or I’m gonna make you lay down! Get down on that rug to Lucy right now! You are going to have sex, whether you like it or not, just like my brother does to me in here every day! Get down on the floor, Lucy right now! You are going to get fucked right here, where do you like it or not! And you’re going to go out of here, a big girl, instead of a little girl because big girls always fuck! And I like you and want to give you a PP tickle!” “A PP tickle?” I asked. I actually knew a little bit of what he was talking about because my little pussy was already tickling and I could feel my panties getting wet. I did not know at the time, but I was horny for him! I lay down for him. Then he laid beside me, lifted up my shirt, and started rubbing my tummy when he started doing that, I got tingly all over my little body, and my pussy started to get wet and tickle, even though he was not touching it, I said, “that feels really good Bobby. Is this sex? It’s making my PP tickle.” And you are going to make. My boy pee pee get really tickly also, and we need to be naked.” I protested, “but Bobby, I don’t wanna be naked in here.”. He said, “okay, but you’re a PP is going to be naked, Lucy! Your PP is going to be naked, whether you like it or not! It’s the only way you can get a pee pee tickle like the grown-ups, and my boy PP is hard and needs to be naked too!” I started to get up, but he pushed me back down saying, “No Lucy! You’re not going anywhere, and this is our private secret forever!”

The next thing I know he was up on his knees he took hold of the waistband of my shorts and panties with his fingers and around the waistband of my pink panties, and pulled them down around my knees to my feet and then pulled them completely off me, and threw them across the room! I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do, but my PP was naked now and feeling so tickly; and he wasn’t even touching it yet. He was not naked yet, but I could see under his blue gym shorts, something very stiff and hard, making a tit in his pants. I knew it was his boy PP, but I did not understand at that time that a girls pussy is supposed to make a boys dick very hard. I was soon very glad that his dick rockhard as you will see.

“Spread your legs right now, Lucy!” He ordered, so I opened my legs as wide as I could, and the next thing I know I was feeling the most wonderful sensation that I had ever felt in my entire life! He put his head down between my legs, and started licking my pussy! He was licking and sucking, sucking and licking, and I felt wild wonderful sensations all through my body. He sucked hard on my tickle spot(clit)! Bobby put his hands under my butt and lifted me up and my pussy was mashed into his face! The next thing I know, I felt a tongue going up inside of my pussy and darting back-and-forth. It was so freaking wild. Now I know, that it was multiple orgasms that I was experiencing almost from the first time that his tongue touched my pussy, and then I felt a rush and I could not help, but I let loose with a bunch of pee and squirted all over him, and on the rug under us. I was panting and breathing hard saying, “my PP tickle! My PP tickle! Oh Bobby! Oh Bobby! You make my pee pee tickle.!”

He lifted up, his face was wet and he was smiling. I set up, and then he took the whole of my shirt and pull it completely off of me. There I was a naked little five year old girl, enjoying every minute of having her first sexual experience.

He said, now it’s your turn to give me a weenie tickle! You’re a PP is called a pussy, and my PP is called a dick.”. He took his shirt off, and his chest was just as flat as mine was, but then he took off his pants and underwear, and standing naked there in front of me I saw the long, hard wiener, sticking straight out like a stick. He stepped around me with both legs on either side of me, grabbed me by the back of the head and said open your mouth Lucy. “ he put his dick into my mouth, and it actually tasted very good, salty, and I like salt. “ Now Lucy, I want you to suck on it and do not use your teeth! Do not bite my dick! I did not bite your pussy when I gave you a pussy tickle, so do not bite my dick! Just suck it like we do a lollipop!” so I started sucking Bobby’s dick. He told me to wrap my arms around him and hug him around the waist. I did so compliantly. He taught me how to suck, but the rest came natural to me as a girl, because boys dicks are supposed to be in a girls mouth, I know that now. He was moaning and groaning, and I knew I was making him feel very good. The next thing I know he was crying out real loud, “oh, Lucy make me weenie tickle! I’m getting a weenie tickle Lucy!” I felt the muscles of his dick contracting in my mouth, as he was saying it, and I felt red helmet of his dick expanding and contracting between my tongue in the roof of my mouth! He fell to the floor after pulling his dick out of my mouth onto his back with me on my knees beside him! His dick was wet with my saliva, and it was standing up straight, and then bouncing back-and-forth, like a spring! He was panting in breathing hard.

I lay down beside him, and we cuddled against each other naked. We were making a whole lot of noise, and I’m glad that there were no adults around, or anyone else at the time to interfere with our sex. No one heard us and no one came looking for us, and naked five-year-old girl, in a naked eight-year-old boy, having the time of their lives.

So I asked him where he learned about this sex game from, and he said that his brother and sister taught him when he was four years old, and they do it every day; and also, with his dad taught him how to suck dick. We swore to keep it a secret forever and so we have until now 45 years later. More about our incest with our children in a minute.

Our sexual relationship continued between us at every opportunity that we could get. When I was nine years old, I was already going into puberty; early puberty and I already had breasts. That made him even more horny for me, and the hormones pulsing through my body made our daily sexual encounters extremely intense.

In the very same spot, when I was nine years old, he broke my virginity, humping me, doggy style. They’re on that rug in that cosy little garage.

Funny thing, I had gone into early puberty, but he had not come in so his body was still bare and sexy. Two years later, he did going to puberty finally, and as we were fucking missionary style on that rug, he screamed out that he was cumming, and for the first time I felt the warm flow, flood of sperm and semen deep inside my pussy. Right after that, he stood up and I got on my knees, Imogen sucking him hard, and for the first time I felt sperm and semen shooting into my mouth, and I swallowed a heavy load of new cum. It was the best thing I have ever tasted, because it came from the body of the boy that I loved and still love.

By age 14 I was pregnant, I had the baby, and we got married when when I was eighteen. When our son was five, we took him into bed and fucked his brains out so that he would go and find another little girl, just like I was when Bobby shared with me, the joy of sex, and take her into the same garage of joy. We later had three daughters and they were getting licked from the time they were two years old. Not humped or hurt! Just licked. When my husband, Bobby put his dick into our babies mouths, I’m never seen him cum so hard and the babies always swallowed all of the sperm like milk. Like me, all of our daughter were pregnant (from their Dad) by the time they were 14, and all of them had the babies and the tradition continues.