I was almost 5 years old the first time I experienced something erotic, and which I remember as a thrilling experience. I was with my great-grandmother in a sleeping compartment on a train. There were bunk beds in the compartment, but my great-grandmother said I could sleep with her. This was in 1971, so I peed in a so-called pee bucket before we went to bed. So did my great-grandmother, who at the time was close to 70 years old and a fantastic lady, and whom I was very fond of. After we finished getting ready for the night, I became aware of how nice, smooth and beautiful the underwear she wore; pinup style. When we had laid down, I lay next to her bottom in a spooning position, and my pee got really stiff. "Do you like great-grandmother that much?" - she asked, while laughing lovingly and patting me on the side of the ass with her free right hand. I confirmed that it felt so good to lie like that. She positioned her ass in such a way that my pee slipped into her butthole, outside her panty fabric. I was naked. This is how I lay and felt this delicious and tickling feeling, and with instinctive jerking movements before I fell asleep. Great grandmother said nothing more, neither then nor later. At another time (I was still 5 years old) I lived for a while with my grandmother's sister (great grandmothers offspring), and while living there I got shingles. She got hold of an ointment from the doctor, which she was supposed to apply to me. I was completely naked when she applied the salve, and when she smeared my crotch my pee got really stiff. She grabbed it and massaged it while she laughed. Her husband was sitting nearby. He laughed too. I remember this as a nice and innocent experience. Later, when I had turned 7 and started school, I became friends with another boy in the class. He showed me porn magazines that his father had. He wanted to do what the people in the magazines did, and we took off our clothes. Suddenly we were in the 69 position and he took my stiff pecker in his mouth. It was so delicious that I started shaking all over. Suddenly he asked if I wanted to suck him too. I saw clear liquid oozing out of his pee and didn't know it was precum at the time. I tasted it and I remember it was just a little salty and smooth. I liked it. But it was hard to concentrate on his pee when it felt so good in my own dick. So we decided to take turns sucking each other. He could really suck that boy. It was so delicious. My whole body shook, and suddenly I almost fainted. Today I know I had my first (dry) orgasm. Afterwards I did as he had done. He also had a dry orgasm. We did this until the third grade. After this I moved to another part of the city I lived in. I was then 9 years old, and lost contact with my sucking and jerking friend. This was my first sexual experience of many. Maybe I'll write more later. Sorry for my limited English. English is not my main language.