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I am a 28 years old divorced woman and live with my German Shepherd. People suggested that a Labrador would be a better choice. Yes, they have bigger dicks and they are easier for training but I prefer German Shephard for his nice shape and appearance. Anyway, he fucks me better than my ex-husband and any boyfriend I have had. I experience multiple orgasms when he fucks me by his 20 cm. dick because he stays knotted with me for 10 minutes or more filling my pussy by his big dick and his magical knot. We have sex at least twice a week. I know how to keep him ready for sex. I give him red meat, fresh water and encourage him to play, run and jump to increase his sexual hormones and libido. At first, I needed female dog scent to attract him to my pussy but after a few days it was no more necessary. We do not have anal sex because it is not long enough to reach any pleasure beyond the pain.




I started staying longer at work and taking extra shifts so my hubby spends more time alone with our teen babysitter. I’ve purposely hosted pool parties so he can see her in two pieces, I’ve seen him try to conceal his hard ons for her around me. She flirts with him and I love it. He drives her home every night at 1am and as soon as they leave I’m furiously rubbing my pussy because I know they’re fucking. He’s tasting her tight teen pussy, he’s getting hard for her, she’s getting manhandled and groomed and manipulated and used for her perfect little body by my grown husband who’s willing to risk it all for that tight forbidden pussy. I found a cum stain in his back seat and as soon as he’s home I suck her sweet juices off of him, I always tell him how good he tastes that night. He never says a word but he always cums fast. Probably because he’s thinking he’s getting away with it and I’m the dumb wife who doesn’t suspect a thing. God I hope he always cums in her. I bet shes so tight. I love this it’s like she’s my own little sex toy and doesn’t even know. She doesn’t know how hard I get fucked if I bring her up in bed. She doesn’t know how hard I cum thinking about my husband using her, or how humiliated and wet I get when I hand money to the whore secretly milking my husbands fat cock, she doesn’t know how bad I want him to fuck her in our marital bed, maybe they already have. She doesn’t know how much she turns me on and she doesn’t even realize my husband is breaking the law just because of her little body and stupid nature. God it’s so hot to me that this is happening.





My father-in-law died when my wife was 10. Her mom, Kathy, became extremely attached to her to the point of needing her to cuddle with at night to get to sleep. Her mom was brilliant and a teacher and became very controlling and domineering.

With in a few weeks she wouldn’t allow PJs in the bed. Eventually to save wear and tear on clothing they removed their clothes upon entering the house and did not put them back on until they left the next day. My wife, Linda, wasn’t allowed to wear underwear while out of the house.

Through this horrible ordeal of losing her dad my wife needed her mom and mom used that desire to please, to change their relationship forever.

I did not find any of this out until many years after we were married. Her mom, 75 at the time, had a medical procedure and needed to stay a while with us to recuperate. Because I snore my wife and I have slept in separate rooms for many years.

I got up to take a pee and heard moaning coming from my MIL’s room. Worried she was in pain I quietly opened her door and there on the floor on her knees was my beautiful wife with her face buried in her mom’s pussy. Her mom was fucking her face and saying all kinds of nasty things to Linda.

Obviously I was totally shocked and stunned. Before I could react my MIL made eye contact with me and in a low slutty voice started reminding my wife what a good little slut she had been since losing her dad.

She started reminiscing about how wonderful it was to have her mouth & fists available anytime her mom needed it. She talked about how horny it made her watching her little girl with the neighbor ladies and especially Rex, their German Shepherd.

She never broke eye contact with me. As she was cumming she asked my wife “hasn’t being my little slut been the most fun?” My wife said, “yes mommy I love doing anything to please you.”

Kathy said then tongue my ass to get it lubed up for Josh’s cock. I was literally mesmerized.

I walked closer to the bed and my MIL pulled the string on my pajama bottoms and let them fall to my feet. She grabbed my already stiff cock and pulled it towards her mouth saying, “I need to lube this up so we can both enjoy my ass fucking.” With that she slipped my cock in her mouth and didn’t stop until I reached the back of her throat. She just held it there in her warm mouth running her tongue all around it.

After a few minutes of me watching my wife drive her tongue in & out of her mom’s ass. Kathy said “now slut put your husband’s cock in your mommy’s ass.” Without hesitation Linda grabbed my cock and guided it into the tightest ass I’ve ever experienced. Kathy instructed Linda to do what she did when Linda’s daddy fucked her ass. Linda immediately slammed her fist up her mom’s cunt and grabbed my cock while it was in Kathy’s ass and started giving me a hand job.

It goes without saying I didn’t last long. After pumping a load of cum into my MIL ass I started to withdraw my cock but Linda wouldn’t let go. Somewhat confused I asked “What’s happening?” My wife said “After you cum in our asses, you have to give us a piss enema.” I was so excited I immediately started pissing which gave Kathy another orgasm.

Upon retraction of my cock from Kathy’s ass, my wife caught all the leakage in her mouth by covering Kathy’s asshole with her lips and just gulped all the cum piss down her throat. The last task Linda performed after her mom’s instructions was to thoroughly clean my cock.

Kathy told Linda we’ll explain everything to Josh in the morning and if you’re a good little slut I might let you cum too. We crawled under the covers with my mother-in-law and had a great night’s sleep.

If you want more details and want to swap true stories I look forward to your comments.




Like many people, my husband lost his job because of the virus. It didnt put much a strain on us as we live pretty simple low budget lives and squirrel away all we can and I still have my job as a semi professional office girl. One day about a month into bis being out of a job, I came home early because I could. I walked in the house and he didn't hear me as he had to t.v. on. As I rounded the corner to the living room bith of got a shock. He from not knowing I was home and me from seeing him sitting on the couch wearing a pair of my stockings and garter belt. On the t.v. was lesbian "incest" porn. He was obviously getting into the action on the screen and his hard on showed it. We both just stared at each other not sure what to do. He had his hand on his cock and his eyes were wide like saucers. I still dont know why but for some reason I just slowly walked over, knelt down in front of him and took his dick in my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on him I coukd hear him begin to groan. I know he loves to gum on my face even though im not a big fan of it but this time that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I took him out of my mouthand jacked him to finish on my face. I just smiled at him. After we calmed down a bit we sat and talked andhe told me he always loved me in lingerie and the girls in the movies wear it so he wanted to know what it was like. Long story short he now has his own female wardrobe, I love cum on my face and think lesbian incest is the hottest thing possible.




My name is Debbie. I didn't realize my husband of three years, Terry, was such a pussy when we got married. After about a month of being married he wanted sex less and less. I didn't suspect anything and just thought it was how marriage was supposed to go. I found out about five months ago that I was pregnant. When I really started to show didn't want sex of any kind. Again, I thought it was just married life until the night I caught him looking at gay porn. He didn't know I noticed but I started to take notice more and more. I didn't have a problem with him jerking off when I didn't want sex but had no idea he was thinking about cock instead of my cunt.

I was about eight months pregnant when I walked into the office that night and he was jerking off to gay porn. He finally noticed me and tried to cover up. I told him that I knew he liked two guys sucking each other or fucking each other while he jerked off. He tried to deny it but when I called him a cum-sucking pussy he broke down and finally admitted he jerked off to gay porn. When I asked him if he was gay he denied it at first. But after I pushed him he finally admitted he had thought about it. I have no problem with two gay guys fucking and told him I thought it would be really hot to watch him suck a big cock. He said he didn't believe me at first but after we actually talked about it I told him I loved him no matter who he sucked or fucked as long as he didn't do it behind my back. We were finally communicating with the truth and I game him permission to bring a man home to have sex with while I was pregnant. He doubted me but I finally convinced him that I wanted to see it.

That Friday night we made a plan. We were to go to a gay club and we were to bring a man home for me to watch them. About 11 o'clock that night a big heavy set guy approached us and struck up a conversation. He was divorced and discovered he was gay a few months back. We finally asked him to follow us home to have sex with Terry. He saw my condition and agreed. I called him aside while Terry was in the bathroom and said I really wanted to see my husband suck his cock and take him up the ass. He said he could stay hard for hours and cum multiple times. I was getting wet just talking about it.

We finally got home and Terry was more nervous than either me or John. John finally made the first move and told Terry that he knew that I wanted to see him suck cock and get fucked. They stripped. John was about five inches taller than Terry and at least a hundred pounds heavier. He had a large belly and a medium sized fat cock. Terry looked at me and I nodded in approve. He got on his hands and knees and took John's cock in his mouth. I could see John getting bigger and he was soon hard. He must have been seven inches long and very thick. Terry's cock was hard too. After a bit John looked at me as if to say "I'm gonna cum in his mouth, okay?" I told him to empty himself and he grabbed the back of Terry's head and I could tell he was cumming. He put his entire load in Terry's mouth, then said "Is this your first time?" Terry was pretty drunk and didn't realize I was right there. He told John that it wasn't his first time, but John had the biggest cock he had ever sucked. That surprised me a little, but my pussy was dripping by this time just watching them.

Then John asked me if I wanted him to fuck Terry. I told him that fuck yes I wanted to see him ass fuck my husband. Terry was pretty pliable in his state so when John told him to get on all fours and get ready to be fucked Terry didn't hesitate and got on all fours with his ass sticking in the air. I was surprised that John was still hard and a few drops were oozing out of his cock. He knelt behind Terry and rubbed his slippery cock up and down Terry's ass crack. Then he started to slowly enter T's ass. He was buried to the hilt and terry was moaning, telling him to fuck him now. John started to fuck Terry and within seconds was pounding him hard. T kept saying "Fuck me harder." This lasted for at least 15 minutes and I was sitting in a recliner watching them and finger fucking myself. I was mesmerized by John's cock. Then I thought it would be fantastic to have that big cock in my cunt.

I told John not to cum and to come fuck me. Terry was almost out of it and when John pulled out of T's asshold terry collapsed on the floor and just laid there. I got out of my chair and turned around. I got on my knees and bent over the chair and told him to fuck me from behind. My big belly was hanging down and as his big cock entered me I felt fuller than ever. I thought that this beats the fuck out of Terry's five inch cock. I orgasmed almost immediately and he was able to fuck me for another 10 minutes. I nearly passed out as his cock went deeper than anything I ever had inside me. He finally was ready to cum and I told him to not hold back and fill me up. It wasn't a lot since he had already cum but the size of his cock was worth it.




Her name was Mariah and she lived next door to me and my wife Linda. I'd been married to Linda almost 30 years. Although I still get horny a lot Linda wasn't much interested any more. I would often drove my mower over and did Mariah's lawn as well as ours. One afternoon after mowing both of our yards Marian offered me a beer. She had the hottest fucking body I'd ever seen. Pouty lips, nice medium to large tits, ass. I agreed to go in and have a beer with her. After a few more beers she confided that her husband didn't seem to want her anymore. We were sitting on the couch and she put her head on my shoulder and started to weep. She said the he wouldn't satisfy her anymore. I tried to console her but didn't know what to say so I just held her. Then her hand was on my thigh and moved its way up to my crotch.

I was about half drunk and my wife was gone for the weekend. I let her hand rub up and down on my cock through my shorts and she said she really need a cock inside her. I asked if she was sure this what she wanted and she said yes. I slowly undressed her and when I told her to take her bra off my cock nearly creamed when her tits popped out. I asked if she liked a tongue on her body and she said yes. I sucked on her nipples for a while and when my hand felt her pussy she was already wet. I undressed and told her to lay down on the carpet. I proceeded to eat her cunt for the next 15 minutes. She came twice by my tongue. Then I turned around and straddled her so my cock was over her mouth. She eagerly took m y cock into her mouth and got me hard. My cock isn't really large, only about six inches hard but she seemed to like it as long as it was hard. I was as hard as a fucking flag pole when she finally pulled her mouth off and said to fuck her. Her cunt was cleanly shaved and when I knelt between her legs and shoved my cock in her pussy I found that she was so slippery that I slid in and out easily. She kept saying to fuck her harder and I was able to fuck her for at least 10 minutes. She had cum again before I did and as soon as I said I was cumming she let me squirt a few times in her cunt then told me to put my cock in her mouth. I pulled out and quickly straddled her chest. She took my cock in her mouth and finished me off. She said she loved to drink cum and sucked me until I not only finished cumming but sucked me until I came a second time. We laid together just cuddling for a long time before I went home.

A week later she approached me and said that my cock was quite a bit bigger than her husband's and any time I wanted a good blowjob or a good fuck to just let her know. For the next four years I fucked her whenever her husband was out of town. They finally moved away but I'll never forget the sweet cunt Mariah had and neither her husband nor my wife have a clue that we were fucking for years. Man I miss her.




My husband and I had been having trouble in our marriage for a while. He hardly wanted sex anymore and said that after 20 years he didn't need my pussy. to make him happy. Instead he had his beer. Jenny and I were pretty close. She was a bit older than me and we talked a lot about our sex life. She said she had a special friend who she met a couple times a month when her husband was out of town and said I should meet him. She said he really knew how to please her and could do the same for me. I balked at the idea for months and one night we were at her place drinking quite a bit of wine when he showed up.

He was a big black guy but was gorgeous. She said I should stay and be a part of the party. I was a little drunk and when he kissed her I decided to stay and watch. He stripped her, sucked on her nipples, sucked on her pussy and fucked her until she nearly passed out. He said he could go again and Jenny told him to make me happy. I was apprehensive but when he gently took my face in his hands and kissed me I melted. He did pretty much the same thing to me as he did to her. His tongue made me cum two times before he ever fucked me. But when his huge cock entered my wet pussy I nearly passed out. His cock hit spots that had never been touched and I came violently as he came inside me. I was sterile so there was no chance of getting pregnant but it felt so fucking good. When he was ready to leave he gave me a business card and said the next time was on the house.

The next Friday night my husband was passed out by 9:00 from the booze and I thought about Jimmy the guy who fucked me the week before. I was a little drunk and said fuck it and called him. 15 minutes later he knocked on the door. I thought we should go somewhere my husband couldn't see us but he would have none of it. He said that if my husband was passed out he wanted to fuck me in front of him. I was a little scared but it sounded exotic. We stripped in the living room with my husband on the couch and he proceeded to lick my pussy until I came. Then he turned me around on all fours and fucked me like never before. At one point I was nearly screaming and Tom (My husband) opened eyes and asked what was going on. I told him to close his eyes, that I was being fucked by a real man. He rolled over and went back to sleep while I got the fucking of my life.

The next morning Tom came into the kitchen for breakfast. He said he had a really strange dream that I was being fucked by a big black guy while he watched. I told him that it was only a dream and probably because he wished he had a big black cock and could please me. We let it go, but for the next several months when he was drunk I a big black cock in my mouth and in my cunt. We even got to the point I let him fuck me in the ass. It hurt at first but as I got used to it I really enjoyed being fucked not only in the cunt but in the ass as well. What a fucking time we had.