Like many people, my husband lost his job because of the virus. It didnt put much a strain on us as we live pretty simple low budget lives and squirrel away all we can and I still have my job as a semi professional office girl. One day about a month into bis being out of a job, I came home early because I could. I walked in the house and he didn't hear me as he had to t.v. on. As I rounded the corner to the living room bith of got a shock. He from not knowing I was home and me from seeing him sitting on the couch wearing a pair of my stockings and garter belt. On the t.v. was lesbian "incest" porn. He was obviously getting into the action on the screen and his hard on showed it. We both just stared at each other not sure what to do. He had his hand on his cock and his eyes were wide like saucers. I still dont know why but for some reason I just slowly walked over, knelt down in front of him and took his dick in my mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on him I coukd hear him begin to groan. I know he loves to gum on my face even though im not a big fan of it but this time that is exactly what I wanted him to do. I took him out of my mouthand jacked him to finish on my face. I just smiled at him. After we calmed down a bit we sat and talked andhe told me he always loved me in lingerie and the girls in the movies wear it so he wanted to know what it was like. Long story short he now has his own female wardrobe, I love cum on my face and think lesbian incest is the hottest thing possible.

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