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I have tendencies to be an incredibly horny girl. It’s getting unreal. So, I was hanging out with a much older family member quite a bit.. mostly partying.. before I go further I’m gonna say that I am an adult… anyway, while drinking and feeling extraordinarily soaked between my legs I started to have trouble with the snaps on my bodysuit sliding around between my soaking wet pussy lips. He noticed and asked what was wrong so I told him my snaps were bothering me.. he turned kinda red and said why would you wear it if it’s uncomfortable? Just by the look on his face, I knew that he was thinking about my pussy so I asked him with a little smile if he wanted to unsnap me… his jaw dropped and I knew.. I slid my pants down only slightly and he was instantly on me.. he ripped open my snaps and just licked so hard and soft over my clit the exact same way in the exact same places so perfectly for so long I had my first squirt .. watching him lick me up while I just came all over his face and how much he loved it.. I was honestly in tears…I told him to pull out his cock. I wanted to see him stroke it.. to my surprise it was hard! I told him I wanted to feel him rub it all over my pussy, around it, between my lips… just enough of the tip to feel my tightness.. I made him tease me and lick me until he was ready to die… I told him to lay down and I rode his cock for every one of the few minutes he could last before I took his load.. I told him I wanted him to eat it out of me, so he fingered me until I came so hard it all came running out and he gladly licked every drop off of me and out if of my pussy… i obviously know it was wrong. I think that was the part that made it so hot tho…




I have no idea how it all started. I am an 18 year old girl and for 6 years I’ve been seeing this old man a few times a week letting him pretend he was my grandpa. He got off “molesting” me. I suppose he was when it all started. I was only 15 then. He would pay me to wear my school uniform and he would lick me and suck my titties. He’d finger fuck me. He absolutely loves licking my little pussy. He have me play horsey with him and he’d get off stroking his cock between my pussy lips. He loves taking pics of me while I kept telling him I’m only 13. You see I have a really young looking face. I have always looked like a little girl. I’d say this guy is now about 73. Not good looking. Kinda fat. Balding. Always looks scruffy and dirty. But he had a ton of money and always pays me really good. When I was 16 I brought a 14 year old girl I used to mess around with to one of our “dates”. He was in heaven. She was real young looking. Flat chested. Shaved clean. She was small in every way. She might have looked 12 at most.

He used to love pretending we were his grandkids

So time passes. When I’m. 18 he tells me he’s about to be a grandfather again. To another girl. He said it would be so hot if one day we all played. By the time she was a year old he’d have her alone here and there. He’d call me over and we would enjoy that little girl. I loved licking her for him. Anywhere. Everywhere. I’d lick her nipples, her pussy, her lips, you name it. He would sit back and stroke it and watch. I would do almost everything to the baby and he’d watch. One day I took her in hand over to grandpa and put her on his lap. I started jacking him off as he held her on his lap. He was getting real worked up. He started, Finally, rubbing her. I’d been waiting and waiting to see this. He first started under her shirt. Just rubbing and tweaking her nipples. She just giggled.

“Come on grandpa, I know you want to touch her pussy” I goaded him. He slid off her pamper and rested his hand on her tiny mound. He moaned. I started sucking his cock, still with a great view. He started lightly rubbing her little slit. When he started to part her lips my pussy got so wet. He felt her nub and I stopped sucking.

“Let’s give my little sister a bath, grandpa” I began roleplaying.

He got up and handed me the baby and headed straight to the bathroom. He filled up the tub half way and was surprised when I got in first. He put the baby in after me.

“Ok grandpa, start washing her up. Soap up your hands real good and let’s get her real clean” I told him

Excitedly he began soaping up his hands. He started at her collarbones but was at her nipples immediately.

“Grandpa we don’t have to drag it out. Ask her to stand up for you.” I urged him.

He asked the girl to stand up and stared at her wet naked body. He eagerly began rubbing his hands between her legs. Not to rough. Just enough to excite him and she even giggled more.

“Oh you like that, Hu?” I asked her.

She nodded yes and kept giggling. As he stroked her crotch I started licking one of her nipples.

We played like this often.

When she turned 3 he finally asked me.

“Ashley, if I send her alone with you twice a week can you start preparing her for other pleasures and also to start pleasing me? It will mean a lot more money if you do.” He was desperate for a yes.

What he didn’t realize is that I would have done it for free. I grew up with grandpa and uncles and daddy molesting me until I was 18 and out of the house. After I was 7 I was no longer a virgin. I also realized I wanted the power and control so I started seeking out younger girls. By the time I was 11 I had about 4 girls under the age of 5 I was diddling. I lived little girls. I still do. I have young cousins ages 2 to 12 that I love molesting. And I love that now that I’m an adult I can tell them I am molesting them. It makes my pussy so wet to say that to a little girl.

“I’ll think about it.” I told him. Knowing I just made the payment increase.

After a week, and deciding on an amount, I agreed.

Once a week I took her from him and we went to my apt.

I told her that there were exams she needed and I would help her with them. I told her it would feel so good and she’d love it. I started of course with her nipples. Feeling them. Sucking on them. Then we got to the point I couldn’t take any longer. I told her we needed to do the oral vaginal exam. I told her this one was the best. She’d love this one most.

I leaned in and smelled her hairless cunt. So sweet. I licked one slow gently lick to her clit. She twitched and tried to close her legs

“ now once I start I cannot stop. I know it tickled just a little but that will go away and it will begin feeling real good” I assured her.

In time she relaxed and I took long slow stroked of her pussy. Then I gently eased the tip of my tongue inside of her.

Eventually I started putting the tip of my finger in her. It took a few tries but I broke her hymen and then stopped for the day. I reported everything to grandpa with a surprise. I video taped it for him.

The next time she came I slowly worked part of a finger in her pussy and I licked a nipple. I was getting so worked up I could stand it. I got her on my leg and started playing horsey w her. I needed to feel her pussy grind into my leg as I played with her clit. It felt real good.

I exposed one of my ample breasts and asked her if she’d like to suck it and see if I had any chocolate milk in them. Eagerly she agreed and took my nipple in her mouth. She sucked away and never stopped even with no chocolate milk. I rubbed over her pussy and slowly started a finger. I slowly, ever so slowly , fingered her 3 year old pussy. She let me.

The next time I had her tribbing with me. I needed that little pussy running against mine. I even rubbed both our clits a bit. I started cumming on her little pussy. When I was done I ate all my cum off her pussy.

Then around then I started teaching her how to do things to please grandpa. I thought her how to grind into his thigh and the palm of his hand. I thought her how to ride the shaft of his cock with just the lips of her pussy while rubbing her own clit. I taught her, which a cucumber, how to jack him off, and of course, how to give him great head. I even taught her to masterbate. Finally I began teaching her how to please me.

I returned her to her grandfather each time with him beaming with excitement.

“Let grandpa molest you baby,” he’d tell her. She would automatically open her legs when he’d say it.

She would spend the afternoons at his house jacking him off and sucking his big dick while I was licking her pussy from behind.

“Play with your pussy for grandpa. Show grandpa how you want him to molest you.” He’d tell her.

She loved masterbating for him. He’d always help. She loved him to lick and finger her pee hole as she furiously rubbed her clit.

He enjoyed watching her suck my nipples lick my pink pussy. But he loved watching us trib the most. He’d get his dick under neath us going between our pussies and we rubbed against eachother. He’d usually rub her clit.

I love watching him bath her. He gets in and washes her three times. First with his hands. Then with his tongue. Then with his dick. He runs one out by rubbing the tip of his dick all over her body. Ending on her lips where she begins licking the tip. He cums immediately.

We haven’t fucked her yet. She’s way too young.

I want a new girl to molest though. I even thought about having a baby w this dude(hopefully a girl) so we could molest her anytime we wanted. Ahhhh dreams.




My boyfriend is 72. His 15 year old granddaughter lives with him. I’m 56. My boyfriend introduced me to meth. He likes to put some in my drink and get me real turned on. One night I was going down on him when he started talking about how hot it would be to see me with a younger girl. I loved the idea. I immediately began to think of his granddaughter. She is medium height. Fit body. She’s a cheerleader and in track. Her boobs look to be a c cup. Not too hippy but a nice bubble butt. After he came I told him I’d get us drinks and be right back. I decided I’d stop in and check on his granddaughter. I was feeling extremely horny and even somewhat aggressive. I was only in a short nightie with no panties. I saw her on her headphones facing the opposite direction. I slide in bed next to her and pulled up her shirt and started licking one of her pretty nipples. I couldn’t stop myself. I started sucking those nipples hard as I kneaded her other breast with my hand. She was shocked and crying and trying to push me off of her. I put my leg over her two legs and started rubbing her pussy over her white cotton panties with Her nipple still being licked and sucked. I felt her pussy start to get wet through the fabric. She didn’t want it but her body was responding. I slid my hand in her panty and started lightly stroking her clit.

No, please stop Imelda, she kept crying.

I was moaning and sucking and pulsating her swollen clit. I slide down her tight body until I was between her legs. I took a long whiff of her pussy through her panty and then licked her with one long stroke. I wanted that pussy. Bad. Real bad. 15 year old pussy was foreign to me. So I had to get the panties off. In a swift movement I got them down to her knees. She cried out

No Imelda. You have to stop. She cried

I yanked them the rest of the way off and got between her legs. I looked lustfully at her small, wet, pink little pussy. How delicious it looked. I opened her lips and leaned in and began licking the sweetest taste I’d ever experienced. Oh god it was good. It made me almost cum. But like I said, I felt aggressive. So I started fingering that tight little pussy. Pretty hard, too. She cried out in pain. It only spurred me into more desire. The more she squealed and whined and cried the harder I thrust my finger into her. I started sucking her nipple again as I rammed my finger in and out. Ooo yes in and out of an underage pussy. I kept exciting myself thinking of how I was molesting an underage girl. How hot it made me. My pussy started to tingle. I climbed over her and pushed my pussy on top of her mouth. Lick me Ashley I told her. Lick me now or I’ll get your grandfather in here to make you. She started licking. She cried out and whined some more. Just then her grandfather did walk in.

What’s wrong sweet pea, are you ok? Her grandfather asked

He walked in and his eyes widened as much as they could. He stood there for half a second before his hand started rubbing his crotch. His dick popped to attention. I guess between viagra and the meth he did and the sight of his granddaughter licking my pussy, his dream was coming true.

He came closer and started stroking Ashley’s nipples.

Ashley you are licking my clit while your grandfather strokes your nipples.

She whimpered. I climbed on gf her face and kissed my boyfriend as she watched horrified. “Taste her, you’ll love her” I told him.

He got a devious grin and went down licking her with a fervor I’d never seen. He sucked and slobbered and licked at her tiny pussy as I sucked her tits. He started jacking off while licking her. I went over and got beside him and took over jacking his cock for him. He took both free hands and started playing with those nice titties as I jacked his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. I felt him building and building, quickly. I went down on him taking his large cock in my mouth. As I brought my lips up and down over his hard shaft I felt the veins bulging and swelling and I knew he was close. He plunged his tongue deep inside her and she cried out. Just then he erupted inside my mouth, spewing cum down my throat. He got up and started sucking on one of her tits.

“You are excited baby, aren’t you?” I asked him.

He grunted and climbed on top of his granddaughter. He lined himself up and thrust his dick inside her virgin pussy. She screamed and it made him delirious with lust. He thrust in and out of her while ducking her tits and even kissing her. I went over and I started kissing her and tweeking her nipples so he could watch as he ruthlessly fucked his granddaughter. I started rubbing my pussy as I sucked her tits. Then I grabbed her hand and put it on my crotch.

“Rub me Ashley. Rub my clit. Make sure I like it.” Slowly she started stroking my clit w one finger. It felt so good. I started cumming before I realized I would. As she rubbed my swollen, aching clit I was humping her hand. As her grandfather watched he began to orgasm. I started kissing her as he spewed his sperm deep inside her underage pussy. When he was done he made her lick the cum off his dick as I watched, one finger in her pussy, one of my fingers inside my own pussy. I came again. Her grandfather came to me and bent me over her. From behind he thrust his again hard cock inside of me. He pumped in and out grunting as he fondled one of her tits.

“Baby you just fucked your granddaughter. Do you realize that? We are molesting your granddaughter babe!”

“Uh, uh, uh” he muttered as his body shook and exploded inside me. After he was done we just walked out of the room. We went back to the bedroom and fucked all night.

I secretly hope she’s pregnant. To molest an underage, pregnant girl pregnant w her grandfathers baby. Ooo. And then once the baby comes we molest them both.




I have an older sister by 8 years. When I was 5 she started playing with my clit. Over the years she would lick and suck my nipples and play with and lick my clit. At age 16 she started fingering my wet pussy. From the beginning she would put her big tits in my mouth and rub her beautiful shaved pussy against mine. Around age 8 she started riding my face so I’d lick her clit and stick my tongue deep inside her. I loved fingering her. She liked rough action so I’d hump her and / or finger her pussy - hard. I loved humping her. She had me put on her strap on dildo when I was 13 and I got to fuck her. It was so good. After I’d fuck her with the dildo she would eat me out till I would cum in her mouth. When I was about 14 daddy walked in on me sucking my sister’s big titties while I fingered her tight, wet pussy. He stood and watched us - shocked.

He went to my sister and slapped her asking how she could be doing this to me. He ordered us to get dressed and said it better not happen again.

Only that night I woke up with daddy in my room masterbating and looking at me. I sleep naked. He must have pulled my covers down. I felt slightly scared at first, but my hormones took over. I started rubbing my swollen clit and he gasped.

He pushed my legs open and started ramming his finger in my juicy little pussy.

“Ohhhhhh yeah. That’s a good, little pussy. You’re so tight baby.”

He kept jacking off.

Then he leaned between my legs and started licking my little wet slit.

“Mmmmm that pussy tastes so good baby. Daddy likes this pussy. Daddy is going to lick you for a while. Have you ever come baby?”

“Yes daddy” I said. “ my sister makes me cum every day” I told him.

“Oh fuck, that’s so fucking hot”

He licked my pussy and jacked off. Once I came he left my room quickly.

A few days later, as my sister and I were jumping and rubbing our pussies together - daddy walked in again.

“Yesssss my girls are so sexy”. He came right over and started grabbing at my sister’s big tits.

“I want to join, girls” he told us.

My sister had me start rubbing her with daddy’s cock inbetween our pussies. He came so fast. Then he left the room with out a word.

Then, that night he had my sister go into my room where he met us. He wanted to watch my sister lick my clit. She spread my legs - wide. She started rubbing my pussy- getting it wet and juicy. She started licking my clit and finger fucking me while daddy jerked on his cock. Then she told dad it was my turn. She got me to sit on her lap as she spread my legs in front of daddy’s face. My knees were drawn up and daddy slipped a finger inside me. When he started licking he would start on my sisters pussy and lick up to mine. It was so sexy. But I think dad wanted my sister. Like really bad. He had me get up and he placed himself between her legs. He grabbed the vibrator laying next to her and he shoved it up inside of her. He was aggressively fucking her with the toy. I couldn’t help it. I had to masterbate as I watched. Finally he slipped his long thick cock up in her tight pussy. He fucked her so hard that he was panting and grunting like an animal. He had her by the hips just thrusting as hard as he could into her.

He didn’t cum. He instead pulled out of her and grabbed me. He threw me on my tummy on the bed and jammed his cock into my virgin pussy. I cried out. In fact I kept crying. He didn’t care. He rammed his cock in and out and viciously grabbed my tits until he unleashed streams of cum into my pussy.

Daddy didn’t come back into my room again after that. At least not for sex. Well not until my sister’s baby was born. When I was 16 my sister gave birth to a baby girl. I was elated. She would always have me babysit, which translated into me molesting that little girl. I was constantly licking and touching her nipples and tiny pussy. I loved to lick her pussy alllllll night when I’d babysit.

One night daddy walked in on me when my head was between the baby’s legs.

“Oh fuck” he muttered.

I didn’t stop. I slowly licked her with long strokes. Daddy came closer and unzipped his pants watching.

“ I like molesting my niece “ I told him. “ I like liking and flicking her nipples with my tongue. But I LOVE licking her clit and stimulating her with my fingers. “

Dad had unzipped his pants. Never moving his eyes from me diddling my niece’s pussy, he started rubbing his hard cock.

“Do you really like this daddy? Me diddling your granddaughter? You like watching me molest her little cunt? You want to help, daddy? Because my sister’s boyfriend watches us diddle her. He loves getting off watching us molest the baby. Do you want to also, daddy? Or do you want to diddle her yourself?”

Daddy stuttered and stammered. I took the baby and held her up, naked, right infront of his face.

“Lick her daddy. Lick this tiny wet pussy. It tasted so goooood. I love licking her pussy. Little girl pussy is amazing daddy. It tastes so fresh and I’ve gotten it used to the tip of my tongue.”

Daddy started licking her pussy. Such a sight to see. Such a beautiful sight. I let him hold her as he molested her little pussy with his tongue. Then I started playing with daddy’s dick.

Fuck it, I thought. I got on my knees and took daddy in my mouth. With daddy licking the baby and me sucking and licking the head of his big cock, he came in just a few minutes.

But the whole thing made me real horny.

“Daddy I know you came, but it’s my turn now. You will need to help me. He looked ecstatic. As daddy got between my legs to lick me, I put the baby over my mouth. Omg I love how she tastes. As I licked her, as daddy licked me - I came in a few moments.

So 10 years have passed. Our family is still the same. Both my sister and I have had a few more kids. All girls. We’ve had 5 total between the two of us. Two girls are daddy’s. We each had one of his children.

Nothing is hotter than when we pass the girls around. But the hottest is when daddy is molesting one of the daughters he’s had with me and my sister.

Lately I’ve started getting our girls to diddle eachother. I love watching these sisters and cousins performing incest. And my sister, daddy and I all help.

Bath time is my favorite. I love to use the shower head on their little pussies.

My 8 year old daughter started having friends sleep over. I don’t know how or why, but the little girls that come over are usually quite cooperative and let us molest them so so good. My daughter seems to already have lesbian tendencies. She loves loves loves their bodies and private parts. She’s also quite aggressive - which really turns me on. I love to watch her nibble and bite other girls. I realllllly love to watch her finger other girls. She has them play house and she’s the husband/father. She will suck the tits real hard and finger them furiously. She also is very vocal. Saying “you like that. You like my finger in your pussy”. Omg I get so wet hearing her.

My sister enjoys bringing other men over - just to watch. I let them play with me and I suck their dicks while they watch all our little girls being so sexual. I love to make these old perverts cum on the girls’ tits and ass. Then I rub it alllll in to them and I’ll lick my fingers clean.

I have been wanting to find a teen prostitute. A girl. I want to pay her to let me take advantage of her. And I want to pay her to be the babysitter who molests them as I watch. Pay her to let daddy fuck her as hard as he’d like. Maybe even let a strange man watch as she licks and fingers the girls.

The best of the best is when we go to the park. The park nearby has a homeless shelter right next to it. So the park is always filled with bums. I love bums. Dirty unshaven. Sloppy. They are always desperate for anything related to sex. When I see them I start by going up to one and taking one of their hands. I place it on my tit. I start rubbing their hand into me. Then I slide their hand down between my legs.

“Do you like that?” I’ll ask

As soon as they confirm to like it, I surprise them by putting their hand on whatever girl is w me - on her pussy. They will realize immediately that there is no diaper or panty on the girl I’m holding. I love the look they all get. Excited. Mesmerized. Horny. Eager.

I suggest we go for a walk on the trail. It leads to my parked car in a secluded area. Once we get to my car I’ll let them be alone with her in the backseat. I sit in the drivers seat.

“You can lick, suck, and finger. Always gently. But no real penetration” I tell them. And I always tell them”make sure to lick her up reallllllll good, you understand? They always understand.

This last bum that diddled the 6 year old was real eager. He quickly undresses my daughter and started licking her nipples. He immediately started licking and lapping at her pussy and worked the tip of his finger into her wet pussy. I told him “take your dick out. Slide her up and down your shaft. Three or four strokes of my daughter's pussy along his shaft caused him to cum almost immediately. He moaned so loud. I took my daughter back into my arms as he cleaned up.

“Lady thank you” he said

“Oh no problem. I can come back for a replay for you. A different girl. A different age. “

“Holy shit! Are you serious”

“I am” I said and smiled.

I see him now twice a week.




My husband and I have been married for about 15 years. Our sex life was getting a little stale and I was getting frustrated. No matter how much I sucked his cock he never seemed satisfied. I have some girlfriends who get together a couple times a month and one night Jenny said she was having a party. That Friday night I went to her house and there sere several women there. The party was for a woman to come and demonstrate sex toys. I was a little embarrassed but stayed for the presentation. When we were done the presenter packed up and left along with all of the other women. Jenny asked me if I could help her clean up. It seemed innocent enough and said I would help her. We cleaned up everything and she brought a bottle of wine. We drank that bottle and she brought out a second bottle. I was pretty tipsy and couldn't think I was able to drive. Jenny suggested I let my husband know that I was too drunk to drive and would spend the night there. I did and he said it was not a problem.

Then she brought out a third bottle and we proceeded to drink more as we watched a movie. About halfway through the movie she went to the bathroom and came back in a see through negligee and sat next to me on the couch. I was tipping between awake and passing out when she put her hand on my thigh. I didn't think too much of it until she moved her hand up to my crotch and turned to kiss me. I was uncomfortable but her kiss was soft and when she stuck her tongue in my mouth I responded. She reached up and unclipped my bra from the front and started to rub her palm on my nipple. I was starting to get turned on a little. I wasn't gay and had never had an encounter with another woman before but I was feeling really good so I let her continue. She massaged my tits a while and moved to my neck to nibble on me. This was more tender than my husband was ever able to do and when she undid my pants and started to pull them down I raised up and let her. She was rubbing my pussy through my panties and I was moaning. We were stil kissing and I was starting to get wet. Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch. She led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. She proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes and I was soon naked. She told me how great my body looked and that I had the perfect tits. She sucked on my nipples for a bit and her hand went down to my pussy. I was pretty wet by this time so she stood up and got undressed. She laid down on top of me and asked if I liked eating pussy. I said that I'd never done it before and she turned and mounted me in a 69 position with her pussy on my mouth and had her mouth on mine. We ate each other out for a good half hour and she turned back around. Her knee was on my pussy pushing against me. That was my first orgasm. She could tell I just came and asked if I really wanted an experience. When I said yes she got off of me and a minute lager she was kneeling between my legs with an eight inch strap-on. She pushed it into my pussy. It was bigger than my husband by at least two inches. She hit all the right spots. I came harder than ever and she pulled out. She straddled my chest and stuck the pussy soaked cock in my mouth. I sucked my juices off of it. She turned back around, and taking the strap-on off mounted me in a 69 again.

I ended up licking her pussy for another half hour until she came and I tasted all of her juices. We fell asleep shortly thereafter. Even though I was drunk I remembered it all in the morning. I must have woke up when she shoved her fingers inside me. She gave me an early morning orgasm and we sucked each other to another orgasm. I finally got dressed and headed home. She said that she really enjoyed the night before and we've been meeting weekly to lick and suck each other. It was the greatest sexual experience of my life and we've been at it for the past year. I really don't give a shit about my husbands orgasms anymore and he doesn't seem to mind. I guess I am a lesbian after all.




I lived and played on palm beach and was accepted as a blue blood even though I had humble beginnings my college and pro tennis career opend many doors never to be seen if I had not ben gifted an develop the skill to compete nationally aaand internationally. I traveled out of ft Lauderdale for pro tennis, went to college in boca raton and became a professional instructor after graduating college. as a professional coach I managed protonate tennis facilities that many palm beaches enjoyed. I pretty much had 120 2 150 women 0n my ladies tennis team yearly program and hhad refrained from sleep wwwith members wives aaaaamd keeeeeeept3e mysellfin good shape.

I, like many took a big hit in stck market amoung other things and was just off a break up when a ladies im1uired about my availability to teach her three daughters at the tennis court on a private estate . I returned her call and confirmed the lessons. she showed up in a paaair og capred with a clear pleasant gaap and puffy lips telling me that her kids haddddddddbt learened very little at sea view. after just a few visits her and I both could feel the sexual tension and remember my hard line on that of not sleeping with a members wife. the owner of the house was getting a divorec ( his paying a whooping 54 million when all was done. it became a gossip spot the city wide elections around corner and the owners so to be next was grooming my millllfs husband to be on the cityt ccity council and they had a lot of private door neeting, staying late my milf esd done. that was a little back to hekp you enjoy thjis book it even got trup himself, and man scandlens around his place that none he directr of bl3ssed.

the place I taught privatively encouraged me to do the blommndr I was teacccch. nobody new we did it more and more things erotic in nature that was encourage by mr markin for sue but I believe her husband had to know oooor even help along. markins tennis court was first class and in the third lesson she was so wet she hardly worn panties and didn't like tennis bloomers amd during ball pick up[ her perfect gauge I did her over the net and on the tennis court. she came fucked a lot had way bigger orgaums and I am did to as long as she talked about during se as oy turmnsme on . the first three years I got her many more days all after 10xc . I am 6 foot 4 inches 215unds an do not nut right away when sticking it into a dinnerr hot milf. grinding ourselves up in the SUV she drove an supper heeo im not but I do lay dow nn34 pipe hard. we got scratches, vrrug burns and made the car smell ddue to her new joy. over the first 3 years every thing rampted up for better and better sexual liberation and passive aggressive stimulating key areas when curving a nonmainstream sex act to be of her most highest desire. if your ngood with hqands smell and observant and great daio .

we went hotel hunting for a hotel total out of anyone she new path a settled on one in lake worth due to high foot traffic and this has been true with most from there, the sluttier, dirty byr clean effect, and the texing or talking all the time be for we went to the designated place. I di some shameful things kind not sure if it was pay back for putting myself on hold for 6 years but four things stand out in this time frame early on in relationship but aaalready critical erotic heat factor. I have noticed the higher clllass ladies get so freaking off using remote controls i9n there pussy or getting it forcibly inserted mmmmmany times I call front desk kinda a room they handed keys out from to say the remote was misiing. it was by then deeply up her wet soaked pussy. 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