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Birthday treat,

Sunday 17,02,1985, I was working in a hotel kitchen in Rugeley at the time and was doing a morning shift,

At 13:00 when my shift ended I went up into a room in the hotel where I had arranged to meet a waitress I was seeing, on the bed was some sexy lingerie and a note saying that she was sorry but had to go home early.

There was a black basque with stockings attached and some skimpy knickers that matched.

I had worn lingerie in the past for my own pleasure and thought fuck it why not! I quickly got changed into the lingerie but there were no shoes! I remembered seeing some large looking woman’s shoes in the lost property box in the cleaner’s cupboard just down the hallway,

I left the room and went to the cupboard and yes! There was a pair of black high heeled shoes that fit me,

So I put them on and walked back to the room, as I had no more plans I put the heels into my bag put my clothes on over the lingerie and went to get a bus home to Lichfield.

While I waited at the bus stop I noticed it was pretty isolated so I took the opportunity and stripped off to my lingerie and put the heels on then I took a small walk about to enjoy the fresh air on my skin.

I could see the bus in the distance so I quickly got ready and caught the bus just in time.

As the bus drove along its route I felt really horny I looked around and believed I couldn’t be seen so I carefully stripped to the lingerie and put the heels on, the feeling of the seats material instead of my trousers was a real turn on so I began stroking my cock through the knickers.

I lost track of where we were in the journey and the bus stopped in a small village where it turned around and went back on itself, but also where the driver would often do a bus check if he was ahead of schedule.

Damn he was leaving his cab area and I was now the only passenger! He headed straight toward me as I was sitting at the back, there wasn’t a thing I could do but watch as this 30+ year old man walked toward me a 16years old TODAY boy in lingerie and heels!

I was so red in the face when he got close to me and looked at the floor first on the empty side of the back seat then straight at my legs and feet! He kept staring at my legs and his eyes worked their way upwards to my crotch.

He then looked me straight in the face and smiled as he moved into the empty seat and dropped his trousers and pants to his ankles revealing his semi hard cock “you know what to do queer boy”.

As I had sucked cock for money in 1984 I did indeed know what to do I stood up revealing the rest of the basque and walked halfway down the bus then turned and walked back to his now rock hard cock, I slowly dropped to my knees and slid my mouth over his shaft and went straight to work fucking my own face in his lap, He responded by holding my head and humping.

Luckily he wasn’t too big and I could handle it without choking a few minutes later I was given my first birthday present!

He looked at his watch and stood up and pulled up his trousers, I moved out of his way and he went back to drive the rest of the way to Lichfield without saying a word.

Once we were moving I put my clothes back on over the lingerie and went to the front of the bus, the driver was on his radio but went quiet when I got near to him.

When we got to Lichfield bus station I got up to leave and heard “go to the toilets” intrigued I said ok and went straight to the open public toilets in the station building.

The toilets was placed so the front door was outside facing straight down the station, as I approached I saw 2 more drivers standing by the door and heard the driver from my bus getting out of his cab.

As I went into the open door I heard the driver off my bus shout “hurry up and get changed in the middle cubicle” I looked back before going in and getting stripped down and putting on the heels.

I put my bag and jacket onto the hook on the back of the door and made sure it locked, I looked about wondering why he wanted me in this cubicle and why I had just done as I was told!, I soon got one answer when I heard the drivers ask who was going first as I saw the holes in the cubicle walls.

I then heard a door close and there was a tap on the right wall I turned towards it and saw a cock pointing at me through the hole, bending at the waist I took the tip into my mouth and ran my tongue around the helmet before taking the whole thing into my mouth,

This time I choked a little as it hit my throat but was ready for it on the next drop, I slid my mouth up and down this shaft for a while when I heard a knock on the other wall! I turned to look and saw a long dark brown cock looking at me, My lucky day I thought as I took it straight down swallowing at the moment I felt it hit my throat and sank right to the balls on my chin.

I was going back and forth between these two cocks until I heard the first guy saying he was going to cum!

Sinking the cock balls deep into my mouth as I felt wads of warm sticky spunk hitting the roof of my mouth,

My back end was now facing directly toward the other hole I moved back a little and felt the tip of a large black cock pressed into my arse hole! I was stuck if I moved forwards I choked on cock and if I moved back I would be impaled on the biggest cock I had ever seen!

Right at that moment the cock in my mouth twitched another jet of cum and bang! It hit just the wrong spot for me and I gagged and moved rapidly backwards POP! That monster cock was now stuck in my ass!

“God damn” I heard from the owner of the black cock as I slid onto his shaft, Fucking OUCH! Was all I was thinking the only thing I had ever had in my ass until now was my friend’s mother’s dildo! I went to move forward and got poked in the eye by another hard cock so I pulled back and this time my cheeks hit the wall I had a 9inch cock buried balls deep in my ass.

Having had to brace myself on the cubicle wall I wasn’t able to move as my knees had gone week, the owner of the black cock took the opportunity and began fucking me as hard as he could without pulling all the way out he pummelled my hole as he did I took the cock poking through the other wall in my hand and wanked it until I heard “turn round I’m gonna cum on ya face” I pulled forward and turned to take a load of cum from a big black cock! As the warm sticky cum splashed onto my face I felt the other cock enter my now loose hole and pushed back taking it all in and it instantly twitched and pumped cum into my arse.

At this point there was a lull in activity and the voices disappeared I decided to see if there was anyone else there before I got dressed and left and as I did the toilet attendant walked in, “ so you’re the slut of the day are you” now I was standing in a public toilet at 14:20 in the afternoon with spunk running out of my loose ass hole and splashed across my face I just smiled and said “ it is my birthday” he told me to bend over the sink and pull my cheeks apart! I did as I was told and waited for the inevitable and bam! There it was a thick veiny shaft stuffed into me it wasn’t as long as the black cock but it was thicker a lot thicker!

He began humping and grunting but couldn’t get into a rhythm so he pulled out, I stood up and turned to see what was wrong when he grabbed my cock and began pulling me telling me to go with him.

He headed toward the door to go outside I panicked and tried to pull back so he grabbed my balls instead, the pain was unbearable as he pulled so I had to follow and he led me by the balls outside and then around to the back of the building that backed onto a multi-story car park.

That’s better he said as he turned me around leant me against the wall and rammed himself back into my arse, I couldn’t believe what was happening I was wearing lingerie and heels outdoors in a public place with spunk on my face and a cock in my arse! I loved it as he pounded into me relentlessly.

My knees were beginning to buckle again when a bus driver came around to where we were, “hurry up Ron I want to use it some more” I looked up it was the first driver again he had come back to Lichfield again hoping I would still be there for him to use, Ron pulled out and span me around and squirted his cum onto my face and chest, Ron did up his pants and walked away the driver said “ follow me” and walked toward the car park.

We went up to the third floor and in full view of anyone who looked up at the stairway landing window he stuffed his cock into my face and fucked it like his life depended on it for what seemed like ages until he pumped his load into my mouth again, I swallowed his cum greedily and watched as he walked away and got into his car.

I was now in a carpark stairwell in front of a window covered in cum wearing a black basque stockings and high heels with a walk to get back to the toilets to get my bag!

I managed to get back to my stuff eventually dodging people and hiding from view along the way,

I Heard the bus driver talking to Ron again, I went to the sink to clean the spunk off my face when Ron appeared and said “out” and pushed me out of the door.

Now I was standing in Lichfield bus station with cum covering my face and the lingerie in full view I put my jacket & trousers on and left for home with Ron’s voice ringing in my ears as he shouted “Happy Birthday you fucking slut” and at that moment it actually was the happiest birthday I could remember.

I walked home taking the longest route through the town I could smiling at people as I went with cum dribbling from my arse and covering most of my face with a couple of strings hanging from my chin, I got home and went upstairs as I cleaned my face my mother shouted “come on were going out” with my face clean I put a t-shirt on and went to my uncles house with the lingerie still on and the spunk still running down my legs every time I stood up.

I never got to repeat this event in my life but I would love to do several bits again, like deep throating and taking a big black cock balls deep in my ass, walking around with several loads of cum on my face, being used as a cum dump by several men and being spit roasted.

I have got to wear lingerie several times and been fucked in the face and arse while wearing it since but nowhere near as much YET!





My mother recently had a fall and damaged her spine, so My brother and I take turns looking after her overnight for toilet trips ect.

Well on Thursday last week (18-05-23) I was doing what I enjoy most while she slept, it was only 9pm and she usually sleeps from 8 till midnight so I have a couple of "friends" join me, on this occasion I was wearing some lacy black lingerie as usual and had already sucked and was now being fucked by a large black Labrador who was knotted into my ass while I sucked the owners cock and his brothers at the same time.

I hadn't heard the stair lift or the door open but I certainly knew she was there when she shouted "what the fuck are you doing" I stopped sucking and couldn't answer when they both began spraying cum onto my face as the excitement of being caught was too much for them.

The dog however was knotted into me and took some time before it could pull out of my ruined hole.

My mother watched until they left and before I could move she told me "LICK the floor clean BITCH" and she continued to watch as I licked all the dog cum that had run from my ass off the laminate flooring.




So I've known for a while that my older brother has a crush on me. His friends are always telling me about everything he says, and what he wants to do. I didn't believe them, since they are always talking shit about each other "'cause that's how friends do" for them, but I heard from another friend that he had been masturbating to me. I didn't think it was true and moved on until yesterday...

It was a normal day and I walked past his door and noticed a bit of moaning. The door was a little cracked open so I peeked and saw him looking at pictures of me from my social media while kneeling on a pair of my panties. I felt weird but kept watching him and I kinda enjoyed it. Then out of nowhere I saw him grab the panties and rub them on his cock until he came in them. I walked away and pretended not to see, but I later found those same panties on top of mine in the drawer.

I think he wants me to "accidentally" wear them. But I know he came in them, so now I WANT to wear them, but with shorts or something so that he can see I'm wearing them...




My wife and I are horny all the time and fuck whenever we can. We have two young children who catch us sometimesI get real hard and my wife always gushes when it happens. My confession is I get super hard when caught by my daughter. My wife has a hug dump truck ass. You can already tell my daughter will have it and if she looks anything like her mom. I think of how she’ll inevitably see us later and how I’ll react. I read a lot of incest stories and I sometimes fantasize. Doesn’t help that my wife loves to play mommy or slutty daughter in bed.




Well the result of my actions in July have finally landed and my life is ruined.

To explain I am a married crossdressing male and a bit of a slut if the truth be told, well in july I had a conference call booked for 1pm, Having the morning to myself I took the oportunity to dress up, I put on black lacy lingerie My favourite blonde wig did my makeup and was about to put on a loverly pink dress when the phone rang,

It was our neighbour who I have had some great sex with, he was asking as my wife was out did I fancy a good fucking.

Ten minuets later I had his cock balls deep in my throat and as a great bonus his brother was also there and he was thrusting himself into my ass, I lost track of the time and was soon being watched by ten of my work colleagues as I was being spit roasted by two well hung black guys.

I was oblivious to the fact and took two loads of spunk onto my face when I saw my laptop screen and the three people who were still watching, since then I have lost my job my neighbour has moved and my wife now sleeps in a seperate bedroom, he only upside is that I am now earning cash by prostituting myself to my former work mates and have all the cock and cum I can handle.




I was at it for hours and lost time. Mom came home for work and I am in the open at the family computer desk with an open jar of vaseline and my dick up a large vacuum tube designed for penis enlargement. I was caught off guard and so horny I didn't want to stop. Mom was frozen and just stared. And I imagine she was rightfully shocked that her son 15 would be doing this in the middle of the den. I managed to stop and pull my large swollen cock out with one hand on the pump and the other sliding at the base and feeling my swollen veins and onto my large head. Mom said sorry and left the room. I couldn't move and had to finishing rubbing it out while trying to keep the noise down. I didn't care if anyone was watching. Reality struck when I had a large mess of sperm and vaseline to wipe up. Now every-time I pump I think my mom was turned on watching me pump and then how I slowly pulled out and rubbed at the same time with whimpers of pleasure. At first I was embarrassed but not after I realized she wasn't upset or embarrassed so I started thinking she liked it. When she cleans my room what does she think when she sees my pump? I don't feel normal thinking of my mom sometimes but I get horny and do. Now with school I don't have the time masturbate and worry I may shrink.




This happened when I was a 11 year old girl and I was a hyper sexual girl and all I would think about was how I was gonna get myself off. I was also submissive in nature and when I would fantasize about being told to do things it made me feel euphoric about me doing very nasty stuff. I lived in an area where very few people are and my only friend was a girl that was 4 years older than me. She would babysit me when my parents went out.

And one of those times she was a little more aggressive with me and she wanted to play a game named truth or dare. She told me that I had to do what ever the dare is and I had to answer my questions no matter how embarrassing or humiliating the question was and she told me if I didn’t answer her questions she was going to punish me for it and then asked me if I understood what she told me. I told her with a submissive voice that I understood her.

My first question was if I ever had sex with a girl or woman. I told her no. Then my question to her was did she ever had sex with a girl or a woman she told me yes. She asked me if I ever seen a naked woman and who was it.I told her yes and she was my aunt. I asked her what she did with the woman she was with. She said she sucked on her clit and she said she really enjoyed it. Then she asked me if I wanted to suck on hers I told her maybe. She told me she wants me to take my clothes off and stand in front of her because she wants to have a good look at my clitoris. I got up and did exactly what she told me to do. She asked me if I was submissive and liked to be told what to do. I told her yes I do like to be told to do things. She asked me if I would like to be told to do sexual things with her. Yes I told her she can tell me to do anything she wants me to do. She asked me if I will do anything she wants no matter what she wants. I said yes as long as I don’t get hurt. She told me she wanted me to come and suck her pussy and I got down and did it.

This was going on like this for a few weeks and she was getting more and more sadistic. She was having me humiliate myself for her entertainment and I was starting to really enjoy doing the nasty stuff because it made my euphoria get higher and the nastier she get the higher my euphoria got. She asked my parents if I was able to stay at her house because her parents were going out of town for the weekend and I would keep her company until they get home. I heard my mom tell her I can stay with her and she looked at me with a very sinister smile and told me to get my things and come to her house. I had a very naughty feeling she had something she wanted to do with me.

And I was right about that feeling as soon as she closed the door she demanded that I stripped my clothes off and told me I won’t be needing them for the rest of the weekend because she told me she’s making me her bitch and I’m going to be fucked all weekend. She grabbed my arm and took me out to the garage and pushed me down on a cushioned covered bench and tied my arms and legs to the bench and then she played with my holes until I was so turned on and wet. She got me euphoric by telling me nasty stuff about how my weekend was going to be. Then she told me she’s going to feed and water the animals. Her parents have a small farm with a few pigs a few goats and some chickens and a few dogs . And she told me she’ll be back in a little

while and she put a vibrating dildo in my hole and then she left.

Then I noticed the garage had a very sweet kind of smell and I looked around for where it was coming from and I saw a tv on the work bench and she had a very nasty porn video on. And then the tv got louder and I was able to hear what they were talking about. They had a girl that was in the same situation I was in and there’s a few other people there with her and they were telling her that nobody stays there for free and they are going to show her what her job there is going to be and then they spayed something on her and told her she’s going to appreciate it because where she’s going doesn’t smell to good. The girl asked where they were taking her they told her to meet her new friends. Then I heard the door open and she had a dolly type thing and she told me she’s taking me out to the barn so she can keep an eye on me as she is feeding the animals. Then she said she’s sorry she meant to say to meet my new friends..

As she was taking me out to the barn her dogs are running around me and trying to get at me. For some reason they seemed very excited about something. After a couple of minutes of running around she told them to calm down and don’t worry they will have their turn with me. I asked what she meant by that. She told me she has some very nasty plans for me and thinks I’m gonna really love it and gave me a pet on my head and said I’m gonna be a good girl for her. I told her yes I’ll be a very good girl. She told me I’m such a good bitch.

In the barn she had me in the middle of a large space and was holding a metal hook that had a ball at the end and she was putting the ball end in my butthole the other end had a strap on it that she had put on my forehead to hold my head up so I was looking forward. Then she put a rubber ring in my mouth so I couldn’t close my mouth. She told me it’s so no one got hurt. Then she went to open the door and she told her her boys needed her to give them the attention they need. She told me I’m going to suck them off and I will give them my hole and they can have me all they want. She told me before the weekend is over my hole wouldn’t know what happened to it. I was getting more turned on by the minute but I didn’t want her to know that. I was really enjoying the submissive part I was taking in this. I asked her if it was just the dogs I had to service she told me we’re gonna start with the dogs and she asked me if I ever seen what goats do with a nanny goat. She told me that they take turns on her and she told me she’s seen 2 Billie goats take turns and they were going at her for several hours so she told me she wants me to keep them in mind because she told me I’m going to experience that soon and she told me if there’s time she wants to put me in with the pigs. She also told me about maybe calling a few friends over to see what happens when I’m fucked senseless. I had an orgasm when I heard her say that. So here I am on my back tied to a bench with my legs and mouth wide open a dog jumped up and was going to town in my hole and another dog was trying to get up to get his cock in my mouth I then realized why she put the rubber ring in my mouth so I wouldn’t hurt the dog with my teeth as he was fucking my face. The dog that was in my fuck hole knotted with me and the other one was pumping his load down my throat. And that’s when I heard my mom opened the door and and was watching her daughter with two dogs going at her. She almost fell to the floor. And then I heard my fathers voice and mom told him not to come in. I guess he didn’t hear her because I saw him coming in the barn saying what the fuck is going on here. I couldn’t talk because I had a mouthful of dog cock and I was trying to swallow as fast as I could and the other dog was enjoying blowing his load in my hole and I could feel it oozing out of me and knowing that my father was able to see the dog juice oozing out was a very nasty and humiliating experience that actually got me more excited. And when he saw my eyes roll back and I exploded in my orgasm I heard him saying to my mom that he thinks I was really enjoying the dog fucking I was getting. And just when I came down from the orgasm I felt another one coming on and I think I passed out from that one. And when I opened my eyes I saw mom talking to my friend about what was going on she told mom that it was all my idea and I asked her if she could help me do all of this because she told her I wanted to try having sex with her dogs and wanted to be tied down to do it. My father softly told me that now I’m going to be known as a dog slut