I'm the youngest out of 4 kids, my older brother was 15yo and I was 6yo at the time. My brother and his friends had a club house in the woods. He told me I could join if I sucked their dicks until they squirted cum. There was three of them that day including my brother and I sucked all three of them off. The next day they told me I almost can join if I sucked them all off again and there was five of them including my brother.

As I'm sucking my brother's dick another boy was rubbing my butt and started sticking his finger up my butt hole. Then I felt him rubbing his dick up and down my butt hole. All of a sudden I felt his push his dick in my ass and the pain was sharp. He started pulling his dick out of my butt and plunging it back in all the way down to his balls. It hurt so bad but I didn't say anything because I wanted into the club and didn't want them to call me a sissy.

They all fucked me that day, one after the other, and they all cum in my asshole I remember is leaking out of my asshole when I stood up, and then running down the inside of my legs. The following day they told me I can join but I'm their servant and I'm to service their cocks if I want to join their club.

I became a full fledged member and I serviced their cocks daily and then on the weekends I serviced their cocks several times a day. Then they started bringing other high school boys over and I serviced their cocks too. One day they brought a older man and I serviced his cock like a good boy. Then that guy brought over a couple other guys and they all fucked me.

One day that man asked me if I wanted to go with him to his house and told me he had a swing. When we go to his house there was a whole bunch of men in his house and they all were naked. After I got naked that's when I found out the swing was a sex swing and they soon had me swing. Seven years old and I was in a sex swing being gang banged by at least ten men. They all fucked me more then once that day.

Right now I'm 36yrs old and a gay bottom.

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